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?/^K.IC iXS: . COMM 

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Special fttrttVi 


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1 r;i« 


SAn yrancisco, April l^th, 1917, 

At a called "ai^ecial meeting'" of the Board 
of Park Commiaslonera held at tholr office, Park Lodge, 
aolden Gate Park, Thursday, April 12th, 1;^17, 
/^recent were: Prea. Curtie !I. Lindley, 

Com, A'. B. 3preckelB, 
Co!n. U» £arl Cumnings. 
Ab8«»nt were; Com. Sigmund Greonebaura, 

Cor.. John A. McGre^jor, 
The ninutea of the previous rneetlnt;, copioa 
of which were sent ♦.o each Corrmiiaoioner, wer^, upon 
rootion duly made, oeconded and carried, adopted ao the 
jrinjteo of th<» meetini; held April Dth, l-U?. 

Upon motion duly made, oeconded and carried 
the followin,; rea'Uution waa adopted: 

J^GOLVHD. That the office of Curator of the Park 
l^er^orial v-uu-iun hold ty Jeo. -. -arrun. be and 
-a' l^V' i ■1?"'*'^ ^^'^^'^^^'i ''^'^^^"t, to'take effect 



tr.e Board of Supervisors 

•« ?i,;u/,-e ^o:i:itt„o of the 

«inei preaent ;. • ..e r;cot- 

'^'i ■ -'arv. 

-'U8J needs of 


-• fi 

'i-lA own,! v 


i t ♦ 

or ne\ 



and the 
such as 



^e, fence at 
Eernal Park. 

Re. cea iioni 

4 t 



which appear in the Budget. The President 
particularly recoxmrended that some recotjnition and 
allowance be t^iven the tjolf players at Lincoln Park 
for which but $40,000. has been asked. 

The President's report appealed to the members 
of the Board as such a very able presentftti on of thoir 
case that upon motion duly made, seconded and carried 


Pres. Lindley was given a vote of thanks. 

T'rom the Southend Di strict Improvement Club 
requettinij that a fence be constructed on the north 
side of PrecitR Avenue, runnlni^ parallel with -Precita 
Park" (Berniil Park) because the street, having no side- 
walk, is dant-erous to children. 

:-^eferred to 3upt. McLaren with recommendation that 
the dan^jer bo reii.oved. 

J^rom Geo, U. I/.cGuire, statinti that if we have 
plai.8 to add 3ea lions to our park attractions, he would 
be glad to subrdt prices. 

The Board aecided that they had no present piano 
in that direction and Secretary instructed to so notify 

From A. Olaen, water locator, stating that he 
will locate underground water courses, sink wells and 
guarantee to deliver water or no pay. 

Secretary inntruuted to inform Lr. Clnen that thP 
Board has no plans in that direction at present. 

J^ron E, W. Hewaon statin,, tmt ^enuine regret 
prompts him to write the Park Oorr^rd asion in reference 
to the suspension of L:r. Geo. H. Barron. Curator of the 

rarK iiuseum and he t 

ruBta that the Loard will 

I, en 


to reinijtate Ur, 


^ead and ordered filed. 




He. Bi,nh&nrj:, 

Report sn 

Jrora the Secretary of the North of Panhandle 
In.proven.entClut, I. U, Peckhain, requeetint^ playt^rounde 
for large boys in the district and that the playgrounde 
now in the Panhandle be enlare?ed, 
deferred to 3upt. licLfiren. 

Frorr the Board of Public Health oubcitting 
analyaia of 3arnpl*8 of nilk and crearn used 4t the Child- 
rene* Quarters, 

deferred to oupt. Taylor. 

There beinj no further bueinesa before the 
hoHvd tr.e /meeting adjourned subject to the call of the 

' J ,1 


..*i K 



'•; ■• ■; *-^^VHf♦ 



Calif tf n$«t&: 

San 7ranciec0f Kay 3rd, 1917. 

At a called raeetin^i of the ioard of Park 
CoinmlBSionera held at their office, Park Lodge, 
Golden 'Jate Park, Thursday, Itey 3rd, 1917 

Preoent were: Prea. Curtis H. Lindley, 

Cora. M. 3arl Curani nga. 
Com, Sigjnund Greenebaum, 
Absent were; Com. A. B. Spreckela, 

Com. John A, McGregor. 
The rainutea of the previous meeting, copies 
of which were sent to the Commissioners, were, upon 
motion duly made, seconded and carried, adopted as the 
minutes of the meeting held April 12th. 1J17. 

Prea. Lindley reported that he was in consul- 
tation Wit. the City Attorney's office to determine 
Whether the strip of land opposite Clay Street thence 
running westerly from Gou.h .treot to tne easterly line 
Of Ocavia Street, if Octavia was continued through 

Lafayette Square, was q part of ciav 3tr«.. 

I- * *. ui Laay otreet or a part of 

Lafayette Square. 

Pr... umuy raported having an intervi., 

wl«.h kr. s«nu.l .;. Murphy who asr.e4 to f.. , . 

"8r.ea to tne turning ov.r 
= f -»«rp.3 ,H„ch to the City an. County o" .^ , 
^„ , -wunty 0^ ban /rancisco 

to b. U3,d for pari pu,T,o„. only. 

dviaed th. acceptance of the off,, 
^«"u-e Of tn,.. advantage It .,... 

•«•• is now in the '-..« i 
''.cor.endatio. .p,„,,,. ^ ^r. Uurphy. 

Com. Cuwiin^u and Acting run.. 

-thori„d to dleo,, . " ^''"'*"" •"• 

"^ any books not 4—-^ 
tor tno V,. -— ..wu oai taoie 

8a.T.u . 

tne jruseu/n to the Pubii^ Hh. 

**^j.i^ Library if 

^«y Will accept 


Square nam«d aftor 



"cs purchaat 

5B With , 

■^ i« 4 


It was moved by Com. Greene baum, seconded 
by Com, Cumminga and carried that the un-named park 
bounded by Taraval, Santiago. 22nd and 24th Avenueo 
be named McCoppin Park in honor of ex-Mayor Prank 

The Secretary, upon motion duly made, aecond- 
ed and carried, was instructed to advertise for a five 
ton motor truck. 

Prom the Board of Supervisors, notice of reo- 
olution #14229 (New Series) which authorizes the Park 
Comraiaaioners and the City and County Treasurer to in- 
vest the sum of |40. 401.79 in United States Bonds and 
to purchase such bonds at the market value thereof. 
All interest on the bonds shall be added to and become 
part Of the Trust Fund known as the Honora Sharp Bequest, 
Ordered filod. 

Prom the West of Plllmore Street Improvement 
Association extending an invitation to the members of 
the Board of Park Commissioners to attend the Plag rais- 
ing cere.^nies at Hamilton Square Playgrounds on Satur- 
di^y, Kay 5th, 1917. 

Ordered filed. 

yrom the American Bonding Co. asking if Geo. 
Barron was still Curator as they are on hie bond. 

Secretary stated that he had answered tne communica- 
tion. stating that Mr. Barron is no longer Curator. 

From the Pacific Coin Lock Co. m answer to a 
request from Secretary ds Sucoa to pay up, whi^h they 
•tats they Will do upon the return of ^r. Phillip, the 
Manager, who is at present absent from ths city. 
Ordered filad. 





1 ''i. 

• ' • » 



Ra. ^ /iitw n 




From the Oceanaida Iraprovament Assn. calling 
attention to the fact that the posts have not bean 
moved from the approach to the Upper Drive opposite 
Judah Street and that it has been used as a runway for 

Referred to Supt. McLaren, 

^rora the Board of Public Health announcing 
the death of Dr. Wathan Rosencrantz, City Physician. 
*nd that the position is being temporarily filled by 
I>r. T.J. McCarthy. 

'^ead and ordered filed, 

Patition from the Park employees signed by 
a Commitf of thrte-.^hao. Schilling, ^eo. Hynes and 
Ja«. UcBUigott. selected by the employees of the Park 
Co..isaion. requesting an increase of fifty cents ($.50) 
per day in their wages on account of tne unprecedented 
raise in prices of all necessaries of life. 
Referred to Supt. McLaren. 

?rora Chief of Poii -^ irv^<«. 

oi foiioe White relative to the 

destruction of «raaa i««r,- u ,. 

«raa, lawn., .hrubb.ry and .at.r hydrant. 

in ■""•field and jsrnai Suuar.. H.,r .art.caar att,.tio.. ,„ ,,, ,^^^^,_ 
Oriered filed. 

-m t.e Haig. and .shbury l.,.ove.ent Xs.n. 
better . t.nunks for the excellent work done in 1 . 

-t the lawns on H„i..... ^°- ^ laying 

P„,. " ^^' ^^^"^^^ on Buena Vista 

H»ad and orJered filed. 

i^roin Mra. Hellie Abbotf 

Park -««. ^ ^on^ratulatinc th- 

*'*rk ^.onira 80 loners on th. ^ ^' 

on the appolT-^ . 

the position of Actin- n 

Actiii.; Curator o^ f 

^rder^xi "lied. 

"^« Aitmann to 

Re. tin a 

at ^upt. 

!^. rata 

in ^Q,n» 



David Wooeter Taylor. Superintendent of the 
Childrene garters, presented a bond in the euip of 
$5000. as superintendent of the Childrena ^uartere from 
tlie Globe Indemnity Co. 

Ordered sent to Mayor Rolph, 

From B. P. Lapachet complaining of rate com- 
ing from the Park Panhandle into the reaidencea on both 
sides of the Panhandle, 

Referred to Supt. McLaren, 

ProiQ the Mayor's office with enclosure from a 
-Patriotic Citizen- relative to the fla^ pole in Union 
Square being without a flag, 

Referred to Supt. McLaren, 

Acting Curator Whi. Altmann receipt to former 
curator (Jeo, Barron for a number of articles, property 
of the Memorial Museum, 
Ordered filed. 

Acting Curator Wm, Altmann to Secretary d« 
Sucoa. receipt for Fifty Dollars ($50,) revolving fund 
also a bunch of keys received from former Curator Barron. 
Ordered filed. 

Inventory of eontente of lar«o ,afe In the 
Office Of and under the control of fomer Curator Barron. 
Ordered filed. 

Petition from residents and property owner, 
iiving in the vicinity of Duboo. Park aaklntj penrdsslon 
for yountf boys to play ball in the Park. 
Heferred to Supt. McLaren. 

?ro,„ Pres. Lindley to former Curator Barron 
r.i.tiv. to c.rtam .xhiblts which are noted as not hav- 
ing b.en returned by hi» to the Museum. I„ . j.^ter 

from Mr. Barron to Prea. Lindley he answer, th- . 

J iiv Munwers tne contents 

! !l 



> ■ 






of the Preeldent'a letter relative to the miaeing 

Ordered filed. 

The following "bida were received for the 
furniahing of 4000 feet of 1" hoae, delivered to the 
Park Lodce, Golden Gate Park; 
i^OOF/SA:^ ^UBBin COiffANY: 

4000» 1- koulded Rubber hoae guaranteed 

for eiiihteen raonthe per foot $ .is 

4000' 1- 4 ply Goodyear Special, guar- 
anteed for 1 year per foot 


4000' l« 4 ply rubber hoae per foot 
4000' 1- triple fabric raoulded hoae 
b-aaranteed for 13 aontha per f Dot 

4000' 1- garden hoae. guarantted 
for one year p„ ^^^^ 

The bid of the aoodyear Rubber Company at 
1.18 per foot with a guarantee of eighteen .ontha. being 

conaiiered th« loweat. bid they .«r. .. . 

la. they were awarded the contract 

The following b.da were received for the fur- 
ni«hlng of liooo cu. ya^. of clav *o b« h ,. 

Clay .0 be delivered at Lin- 
coin i^ark: 





Contri • awaratf4. 

Supt. McLaren's 

repot- ':. 

'Report on m 

Report '.i Actinj 

Curat lir. 

ial Ro&itt, 

D. 0. -TTJ^^^H 10. 

2000 cu. yda. clay 

2000 cu. yds. Clay 

2000 cu. yda. Clay 

per vard 



JtSU „ jJ!*U/ w 

Mi, .Jtm 


D. 0. Church "being the loweat bidder waa 
awarded the contract for furnishing the clay, 

3upt. McLaren's report for the month of 
April, 1917, read and adopted and recommendations 

Report of the Department of Public Health 
on the water used in Park. Report favorable, read 
and ordered filed. 

Report of Acting Curator Altmann read and 
ordered filed. 


Prea. Lindley aubmitted the signed agreement 
between Christine Breon and the Board of Park Commia- 
sionera relative to the Chriatine Breun Memorial Kusenn 
Room, mis agreement was spread in full on the minutes 
of the Board of the meeting held November 9th, 1916 at 
which time Prea. Ketaon waa authorized to aign aarae. 
The matter not being settled at that time the date of 
the instrument remained blank and at thia meeting a aim- 
ilar document was submitted by Pres. Lindley, signed 
and dated April 2eth, 1917, 

The Secretary was authorized to insert the date of 
the agreement in the minutea of November 9th, 1916. 

There being no further busineaa before the 
Board the meeting adjourned subject to the call of the 

Secretary -Park Commisal on#»rM 





» ■ 


** -4^ «-.t. 




San Francisco, IZay 17t,h, 1^17. 

At a called ir.eetirm of the Board of Park 
CcmmiBeionera held at their office, Park Loiige, Golden 
iJate Park, Thurada./, l'.ay 17th, 1J17 

Present were: Pree, Curtis H. Lindley, 

Com, U. Karl C\ximine,B, 
Com, Siipnund Greenebaum, 
Absent werei Coni, A, B. Spreckele, 

Com, John A. KcGregor. 
The minutes of the previoua meetiniS. copies 
of which were aent to the CoroniBBioners. were, upon 
motion d-.l.v rnude. aeconded and carried, adopted as the 
Bilnutes of the meeMnt: held May 3rd. 1917. 

?roin City Attorney Lull to Pres. Lindley; 

" In reeponee to your verbal request I have 
eau«ed an exar^inaUon to be the otalua 

you'B:b.ftt:rtr V^^'^ 'i-^ineated on the ^p' 
you BUbmxtted to me, extendin- westerly from 

J . . «-ex easterly from ^ough street, 

the City una Co^n?y ar d tu'e af"?';"? ""•"'"' 
the owr.ers ther^^and Ir ^h! f-"!! frnlH and 

in as extending frcrth'-^eti'^i^ff ■:'*•" *'"'- 

Str«t oaaterly fro, !oJ^rnre!? °^''"*l! '''"^ 
to ce a portion of Clav '?tr»»f '. *" ^djudKed 
of thla .-it;,- ar.,1 Coun?^. ,„ t. ^'^ " T^^^^ »"•<'-"■ 
»tre.t U deed .;, L.^^op^L '\ 11^ l^r^l^' 

uper\'iuorH tv.« ♦4.,. 7 ^"" "^ ^he 

J3oard of 

traced therei'r 'w^Trv '''" '^^^^ ^ 

^- — '- i"ite^r^pr^:jr^ari^;r"^ °^ 

-uperviuorn. the title tn v , ^^« 
erein will i.. ?t I.!"! 5° ^-« land em- 


- rhe 

to irrp 
/- r^^er 

for •;. 

'•'-e place Vc land ?h« f ^^""^^^ ^^^^^^ 

oni^ssionere and said Po«rH .^'® ^^^'"'^ ^^ 

rove the sar.e as a JorH '^'^ V"''^"^ i^roceed 
^^^i r:.y ^.^e such a°^i °^ I-afayette 
^^- ^e owners n/r'^^^^^^«^^« ^s it Jeems 

c owners 
•'y on Hfa 


. r>.» *^^-*';«'<? property 
^orUon of Cla. .'treet 

the same. 


He. Clay Street. 

" treou. 

Prom Pree. Lindley to City Attorney Lull 
thankints him for his opinion re. Clay Street property. 
Ordered filed. 

Prom Pres, Lindley, copy of letter sent by 
him to Mr. Fremont Cider relative to the otatua of the 
strip of land being the westerly extension of Clay St. 
from Ooujjh Street ai expressed in an opinion received 
by Pres. Lindley from the City Attorney. 
Ordered filed. 

i'rorn Pres. Lindley, copy of letter sent to 
Supt. WcLaren containing extract of the opinion received 
from City and County Attorney Lull relative to the west- 
erly end of Clay Street from Gough Street. 
Ordered filed. 

Prom Pres. Lindley copy of letter sent by him 
to City Attorney Lull relative to Sharp Park which readfi: 

•* The Board of Park 
the view that the Cit 
tender of the Wurphy 
The insertion of the 
the propoued inatrume 
of the Banch for any 
ia no serious drawbac 
crnia would be the r** 
event of a breach of' 
State certainly would 
ing that the interest 

CorrjLisBi oners expressed 
.V should now accept the 
aeed for the Sharp Hanch, 
stipulations contained in 
nt, prohibiting the use 
ot};er than Park purposes, 
k, as the State of Calif. 
fliduary Ici^atee in the 
the Condi tion« and the 
not interfere, consider- 
is only an undivided in- 

may^Lf fh/n?^ ^^'^"^ ^^'"^ acceptance of this deed 
Trir^^l r--^ '^ ^ ^^^^^'^^ position to obtain 

rrTn^M^'hi^iiii^^^ ^-^-- "^ ^>- — :^ wMcr 

Action of President approved. 

i-roin City Attorney Lull relative to claim of 
L'rs. mien Brownleo for the death of ner husband. Rich- 

"•' ::iaaion at the 

time of his death. 
Ordered filed. 

; J 





/A ,>!. 


^ fr.^ 

* I 


^. Brownlm« cfli** From Pres. Lindley, copy of letter in ana- 

wor to the above letter received from City Attorney 
Lull, relative to the claim of Mre. iSllen Brownleo, 
Ordered filed. 

?rora kr. L. C.Kullgardt , copy of a letter 
^ sent oy him to Hon. K. n, de Young, relative to the 

«ppointin*=*nt of a buildinj inspector for the ParJc Uu- 
eexm now in course of conatric tion. The Arcliitoct 
statHs; "I an of the opinion that the work should be 
subject to constant inspection by a competent repre- 
sentative of the own^r*. 

The Park Commission does not consider itself the 
owner jf the buili-n^ and views the expenditure of Park 
F'unds in the err.plo.7ment of a building inspector aa 11- 
-^-6*^1 ani therefore will not appoint one. 

'ror, Juitje ?:oa. ^'. ;raham. Chairman County 
Cour,^ . of Defence, requesting that 'Zoasrs. John and 
Donald VcLaren b^ authorized to use portions of the 
City ^urka to establish and maintain twent.v five to 
thirty ;.Owm: ve<;etable gardens. 

^-''••-' 3upt. i:cLaren with full power to act. 

-.6 car. ^Trancisco Society for the Pre- 
-• - Animals, rel^UvQ tu^mding 
^* ^-ir;:. They have made a 
^t f oun i no cattle ^'^p^a 
Order - ; .H 

-• r j.- 
ventlo:. of -^rue 
•at tie i\ iarje 
tiait t 

:'.ither a' 

- ^o-ine; pemiaslon to play *he 
-•'^- -^ic^, a collection ia to 


1 ■ .> 

^.-.ued to a2j sorts of - 

-'Jtr.euui one 



^^n Lock C 

0. enclouinj check 
"»i '^n en the total ,.•« • . 

Re* grove of Nor- 
wegian Pinda, 



Ordered filed, and money deposited with the 
City Treasurer. 

From his honor, Mayor Rolph, with enclosure 
from Hon. Nila Voll, Norwegian Con«ul , relative to the 
planting of some part of Golden Gate Park with pine 
tre«B of Norwegian origin, to be called the Norwegian 

The Board approved of the suggestion and referred 
th3 details to Supt. TicLaren. 

From Edward Rainey returning bond of D. W, 
Taylor, Superintendent of Childrens ^uart^rs, with the 
approval of the Mayor. 

Ordered sent to Auditor Boyle, 

Prom the Lincoln Park Golf Club submitting a 
number of rules and orders for tha guidance of players 
of golf at the Lincoln Park Golf Links, 

Referred to Com. Cummings and Supt. lAcLaren. 

?roM the Oakland Board of Park Directors ask- 
ing for the total park acreage now owned by the City of 
San Pranciaco not including the Boulevards, 
lef erred to Supt. JicLaren. 

Prorn the Board of Fire Coirjr.iaai oners stating 
that our request for three condemned fire horaeo and one 
buggy had been granted, the requeat for five «ets of 
double harness could not be complied with. 

Secretary ordered to send letter of thanks. 

From the Retail Dry Goods Assn. who petitioned 
the Board of Supervisors to have the present Lincoln 
?u.rk Golf Link, increased from nine to eighteen holes and 
to also establish an eighteen hole course in Golden Gate 

*f -^ 



.* « 





w i a: 

This communication mis referred to the Park Cpm- 
miaalon for attention by the Clerk of the Board of 
Supervioors and by them referred to Com. Cummlngs and 
Supt, McLaren. 

From the Solig Polyscope Company relative to 
making a trade of oome kind for a pair of buffalo. They 
augtieat tradin^i a pair of sacred India cattle or young 

Referred to Supt. McLaren. 

Frojfl the Department of Public Health relative 
to the appointment of Dr. Arthur A. O'Heill ao City 
Phyeician, to fill the vacancy caueod by the death of 
Dr. N. RoBoncrantz. 
Ordered "iled. 

?rom t;.c :;oodyear Rubber Co. forwarding aigned 
contract in duplicate to furniah four thousand feet, one 
inch hoae. The contract bein^ in proper form, was signed 
V Prea. Lindley and Secretary de 3ucca. one copy ordered 
8«nt t. tne Goodyear Rubber Co. and on< 
office of the Co:;jniaalon. 

•^e.^ort ,r 'ZcLurer. relativ 

»e copy kept in the 

or a raioe in 

tion of tne Park laborers f 

from $3.00 to $3.50 per da/ -^r. • 

ve to tae peti- 

*^; oi 

ir '..a^jes 

ed fiat th 

perintendent Bu^j.^eat- 


^^e poll tion be t^rant.aa. 

-■y -T^ade. aen.nded and carried the in- 
--3. .n w.,.. ... ,,,,,,, ^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ 

.-intend..: reported that he had agreed 
■^ ■- -'•'■ ^i^^^ «ort ba!Ta on the weut- 

* ««i^ 


P'^rr:.,^ ti':,a: . .^ ^ 

erly half of l>itoce Park. 

*^A lOi w« 

'M'lor for tn 

a. -J also for 



2*«iad and copj. 

''^f^th of April 

Jrmi 98 loner, 

'B ordered 

aent to 

^e. Be eke 

Ra« mov 


Froni Atty. Hu^h Goodfellow atatintj that Mr, 
Herbert A. Sc}iiaidt, an architect, had prepared a deeitjn 
for a structure for the Becker Memorial which will be 
oubmitted to the Commiaaion at the meeting: to be held 
May 17th. 1917. 

The deaign, ae eubraitted, was approved by the fol- 
lowing members: Prea. Lindley. Comini as i oners Curamin^is, 
and Greenebauin and Supt. Mcl^ren. 

Secretarii instructed to send notice to that effect 
to interested parties, 

Ur, Mouby appeared before the Board asking 
permisBlon to exhibit in the Park I£u8«um, moving pic- 
tures of pioneer scenes and men of the pioneer days, to 
be sold at so much per foot. 

Preo. Lindley informed him that such p proposition 
was against the traditions of the Board who have always 
refused to porrnit the Park to be ueed for commercial 

On motion of Com. Oreonobaun, eoconded by Coir.. 
Cumln^B and carried. F-rank W. Cornyn. ouperintendent 'a 
nierk. was given an increase of ;^10.00 per month in his 
salary to take effect June let, 1.^17. 

The followin^r bids were received on 1300 feot 
more or less of cast iron water pipe, claoa -D- 
AaerUan Cast Iron Pi^.e Co. 9 ^2.415 per foot 

United States Cast Iron Pipe Co. 

i^.49 • 

6f).00 per ton. 

Blair 8c Co. -„ ._ , 

62.50 * ton 

The American Cast Iron Pipe Company being the 

lowest hii<i*i« ♦v.^.. _.^ 

AA-5.^* -i-*G.^ #«r« awarciea tne contract. 

'm. . .- 


»■"■ *«3^ 



! I 

• I 



Bide on motsr truck. The followlriti bide on r five ton motor 

truck were received: 

Sle/ J4otoi.„xruqJk_Co, 

ijt ton truck 
^arford Motor Truck Co, 
Mo re land Motor _T ruck Co. 

net price 
Ke 1 IXJiprin^fie ld Co. 
Locomobile ?ornpanj,' 
Motor Truck Sales Co. 


Aa a demonetration of these trucks ia desired by 
the Superintendent, the matter was referred to Supt. 

There being no further buaineao before the 
Board tr.e meeting adjourned subject to the call of the 
Preai lent. 

Secretary-Park Conimi 




p>* ♦.' 



Called r.eetin^. 

free. Lindl 



San Francieco, Juno 6th, 1917, 

At a called meeting of the Board of Park ('om- 
mjoeionera held at their office, Park Iodide, Golden 
Gate Park, June 6th,, 1917 

Present were: Pres. Curtis ". Lindley, 

(^oic, K, Karl Curriininge, 
Corc. Sigrnund Greenebaum. 
Ab'^ent were; Com, John A. FcGregor, 

Con. A. B. Rpreckels. 
Pres. Lindley atuted that he haa been called 
to Washington by President Wncdrow Wileon to do hi«3 
"bit" in the world'p war and an he would depart for the 
NRMona? Capital Morday. June 12th. to be abeent an in- 
definite length of time, he made a motion that CoirmiB- 
Eioner Si^^und Greenebauni. be elected Prer.j dent of the 
Board to succeed him. L^oticn aeconded by Cfcr.. Cur^minge 
and carried unaniraoue^v. Pres. Oreenebauir. stated that 
he regretted the Ices of Pres. I.indley and after promie- 
in^ to fill the position V he beet of hie ability, he 
moved -.t H vc^e o- thank, ho tendered Pres. lindley fc: 
the very able r^anner ir. which he perfonned th. i.tica of 

The ninute ; • ..e previcun r,eHMrg. copiee of 

which were .i>: ,t the rc'- 

■■-'■■. were, u^ion metjr-n duly 

»<■<!., s.ccr,iM a^.i cnrrlei «iopt«rt .. no -™tes of the 

meetin,i held j;a • ^"^h. ' n'^, 

^•ror. K. B. Glocuiri, retail Vn^nc^r of the V^i te 
Company. Btatlnj that the advertieer.ent for propoenle 
for bids to fumit;h r, ^ve ten rotcr — :^k to the Park 

-.1- i^-ai.^, w0.ri.f,.j nf Corjr.crc© 

ei rue notice 

and therefore he h 

oped the Boa 






•* ^ ^ M^m 

wouli see ita way clear to entertain hi« proposal, 

accoffj)anied a certified check. 

Pres. LJndley answered the letter of the White 

Co, atating that it would not be fair to those whoue 

bide ha'l been proper}./ preDented, 

Check ordered returned to m^iie Co. tind letter 

?ror. L^rs. Genevieve Alien of the San Francis- 
co Center of the California Civic League, nsklng 
eicn for public epenJcing in the Pttrk In connection with 
the neeting arran,-;ed to take place Kay 3l9t, by the War 
Service ^ors/ittee. 

Pr-«. Llndley answered the obove corr.inuni cation 
stating -hat the Board was no* disposed to Bet .rece- 
dents ^^■:■. • -, er-barraHs the Board in the future and 
therefore , ^^eat would h^ve tc be denied, 

^ron t:.o l:.nko- lUU Association asking that 
'-■^ ^oard r,ave tti, u^ual patriotic pro^rair by the Park 
Baai on June 16th, 31*17, 

?ro,t P„.. undlev. ro,y Of !,.,„ „„t secretary 
or th. ?...nk.- -;; AsBoc.ation In which he infonrB the-, 

*"■ ■" ■'"" •--'^■-"t^ nu.t. l^cLarer. to arrange ,1th 

Prof, '^auBat'i for t>-n .ir-.,«i 

•wr u.n aeual progran. 


■ /: r 

»»fJi t ♦ ^r r e he 

.. -ip 

o^rn^? --, 

•r sent .upt. John 

' ' ^ ■ '^ • proerac. 

*" ' ■ "-i ' ' »; *hfit, 
r.emanekv di-rint,- ' ■■ 
" , June 5th, 
that he had inquired 

- cn. / Kton- 
'- i ronioed to send 

-'■ '^0 dfiVB. 



^ 41 

IT ■ 



Re, drillim: at 

Re, cteu. . .^ oi' 
Park flowera. 



' * •Hi* 

From J, Dalziel requcBting permiooion for 
the San Franc iaco Cavalry Troop to drill in the Park 
Stadium, Ab the drilling would ruin the luwns the 
request wao denied. 

Prom Chief of Police White enclosing copy of 
report of Lieut. J. J. O'Mearo, stating that the Park 
flowere had been stolen during the night and Officers 
have been detailed to watch for the offenders. 

The Board tendered their thanks to Chief White 
for his interest in Park affaire. 

Prom the Board of Superfiaore encloeing copy 
of letter from Bureau of Architecture, stating that 
the space in front of the central niche of the Van Neoe 
Avenue vestibule on the n:ain floor of the City Hal] has 
l)een eelected for the permanent placing? of the PVinaton 
V'eraoria] Monument , 

Referred to Com. Cummingo. 

Prom Louia C, Mullgardt eta tint; that as no 
provision haa beer nade for Guperintending the conatruc 
tic.n of the new I'uaeum Building in the customary rr.anner 
work in being carried on without ench inepecticn. 
Ordered filed. 

Prom the Globe Indemnity Co. aoklng that an 
enclosed card be filled out Bhowin^ the correetneaa of 
the accounts of n.w. Taylor, Huperi ntendent Chlldrena 

Gecre^=.-.- irntr-^.ted to not-, the Company that 
2.r. Taylor* « accounie are exper- *. ,e each year 
by the v.pert of the Finance Corr:i I'tee of the Board of 
supervisors and when euch ir.i.Pctior, Is made they will 
be notified o' the result. 








Bonii dST'tifictttei, 

?rom the United Statee Fidality and Guarantee 
Company forww'-ding continuation certificates of Krs, 
Jane Hoffman and Mrs. Josale Ifooke, Mueeum employees, 
for year ending June Ist, 1918. 
Ordered filed, 

?ror, the Industrial Accident Comieeion rela- 
tive to the uNfurd rn»de to Vro . mi on Brownlee in conse- 
quence of the death of her husband Richard BrowrJec. 
who waB killed on tho 25th day of ^Oecer^ber. 1916 while 
ir, the emplc. of the Board of Park ComrnlBBionero. 

The .ward provides for the paw.ent of a total of 
e2700.CC to be paid as foUows: Cash in hand ^.25.00 
thiu bein, the .u. of .eekly pa ..entu for said death 
benefits accrued up to and including the 14th day of 
Kay. ..17. The appueant 13 entitled to a further eu„ 
^^ 3i:... per week, payable weekly m advance beginning 

*'ith the I5t}, day of I/av 1917 ^^. 

«. , iWl'^ .or a period of two hun- 
dred and twe--.- consecutive week« tv, 

*«^1^«. thu, corr^pleting the 

-^•^' 3um of $;i700.00 hern-n «» . . 

• vw, i.cre^n awarded, 

-ecretor/ inntructed to refe^ th. ^ 
,,,, "^^^^^ ^^'" docur^ent to the 

' '. or.d fo;'-* ■ \t*^, 

■'""""■'• '^"-^"1' ^- M. ap, ,„,„,. 

has been reached betweor, the 
--. cf .;an -...iero and Alaroda Coun- 
^^■.'trlct Cou^T- ' r ^ 

--n i-rancisco 

^-'"^^t Council 

■ -■ -rum wage of $5.50 pe. da- , 

*"" au, to take 


and V : 
eha : ' 




"t'king th 


■"■"'■ "=''^«^-.<i carried, the 
-■ - > ■ wau granted, 

Congress of Tothere 
" > -i^-^rviy 

gj» ;!"^ 

Jfark b 

se er 

' r Ju re. 

-^O'l ir I/ieai 


■*• week, 


Re. Nerwe^ittn 

Re . i" u J. ,/ 1 w ij I . . . 1 c 


Prom Nile Vol], Consul of Norway, thanking 
the Board for their intention to plant a grove of Kor- 
weglan trees in Golden Gate Park. 
Ordered filed. 

Prom the Dopt. of Kducution statint; that they 
will allow the Park ComniBDion to draw against Ur. De 
Groot's fund to the extent of Three Hundred Dollard under 
pn agreement between Supt. I/^cLaren and Ur. DeGrcot, Super 
vlBor of Physical Education, who requested Supt. KcLaren 
to do part of the work connected with the arrangenont of 
the Polytechnic High School Athletic Grounde. 
Ordered filed. 

Prom the California Club enclosing copy of a 
letter received frorr Krs. Punston in which she thanks 
the Park Coiranissloners for their appreciation of her 
husband, l/ajor General Frederick Punston. 
Ordered filed. 

Proir the 'Vornens Imp reverent Club of the i;un8et 
District, thnnking the Board for installing lights in 
Go: Jen Gate Park. 

Ordered filed.. 

Pror: the Gellg PolyHcope Ca. Htatin.; that they 
wore anxious to secure u pair of Arr.erican -.uffaloee for 
Which they would trade a pair of .acred Jn-iiu cuMle 
and one young nomel or a pair c " rnTul. 

I^eferred to .iupt. McLarur wi-. r.^ ^ower to act. 

Prom t}.e ^-or.e Industry League ntating tha* the 
Koreland 1/ctor Truck Company of Los nng.].u ic the larg- 
est manufacturers of motor trucks on tho Pacific Coast 
and as their v-f < *« *i. 

bi.l to the ^ark Cornrni uM oncrB was the low- 

ttB 4- r^, , V , 


" wUU 

» they trust th 

e Board will conaj d 

«r same 











Secretary instructed to notify the League that 
the Moreland Co. were awardod the contract for the 

?rojB the Oceanaide Inproverrent Aesn, auj^geat- 
Ing that the fronts of the waitin,; etatlcna maintained 
on Lincoln Way oppooite 4lBt and 40th Avenues be removed 
because concenlmont invites wrongful acts. etc. 

Storetary instructed to notify thrj "nited Railroads 
to reir^ove th<* waiting .nations outalde of the Park limita. 

?rom the -enuinal Steam Navigation Con:pany 
who desire to secure settings of swan and peacock eggs. 
Secret«r/ inatructed to notify the Company that we 
have none to spare at present. 

Corn, nur^irgs reported that rrs. Julia Dunn 
has presented thirty two sketches hv j^.,, .,^ ,, ,^^ 
Park Muse... which Con. Cummin.B recorr^nend. he frarned. 

'Jpon notion duly ,„ade. seconded and carried the 
recorrrendatior was approved. 

fc. -t-H.,. Aiu.ann reiio^-ted ♦ha* Prof, 

Wm. Blunt ie v«r. f«eV^P rr,^ v 

- el-.e and afcBent rruch o' the time 

Referred to ',-r . .mmln^.e. 

^rnrr, the -aight & AsV- "- t,,^_ 

^«T Ifnprcverrcnt hean, 

i*ettueatinis thn* - ». 

^« th-. „. t, ^,^„, ^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^ 

entranc fn ■ , .. 

, , **■ ' « ^' ---uena Vie- 

ta Avenue . HalgV^^ .... . 

'^•jiort or t^. ^ 

'*- • . — c] fl '^or 

•^e - -♦ '^ 

- 1 

'* : card of Put lie 

- ^a. :- on milk and 
^'^ns .uurte-H re-erred tc 



*m 9 f 

;Laren*s Report of Supt. KcLaren for May read and 

approved and recorimendations adopted, 

Supt. UcLaren recommende the purchase of the Kore- 
land Motor Truck as it stood the teat beat and is a 
California made truck and submitted the lowest bid, 

Supt. McLaren also suggested that no one be allowed 
to play Golf on the Lincoln Park Golf links without o 
permit. That any violations of the rules be sufficient 
cause for the cancelation of the permit. The rates to be 
$1.00 x;er rr.onth or $.J?5 per day, 
^ecorriinenda*i one iipproved. 

Heport of Acting Curator Altmann referred to 
Com. Cummings for the purpose of rejecting the undeeir- 
able loans and donations if there be any on the report. 
Report of Supt. ""aylor of the Childrens .quar- 
ters for Kay, 1917 received and copies ordered sent to 
the Commiosionera. 

There being no further business tefcre the 
Board the rcoeting adjourned Du'oject to the en] 1 of the 



»-i<.y^^ i»> Vb..,., 

tary Park 


• ^*m -^a ■ ^m^ 

i3 fi i c np re . 





;.' • 

•♦- I .W » -.T 1 








<HI^ <• ^T ■ 





Call«4 m««ti 

Mo qusrum 

San ?ranci9co, June 2l8t, 1917. 

At a calldd meoting of the Board of Park 
Co|>ral8eloner» held at their office, Park Lodge, Golden 
Gate Park, Thursday. June 21at, 1917 

Present were: Preo. Sigraund (Jreenebaum, 

Com. M. JSarl Cumminga. 
Absent were; Com, A. B. Spreckels, 

Com. Curtis H. Lindloy, 
Com, John A. JlcGregor, 
Mo quorum being present it was moved, seconded 
and carried that the actions of the two members present 
at this meeting shall be confirmed by three members at 
a subsequent meeting of the Board. 

The minutes of the previous meeting, copies of 
which were sent the Commissioners, were, upon motion duly 
ma'e, seconded and carried adopted as the minutes of the 
meetines held June 6th, 1917. 

From Madison & Burke rendering a financial 
statement showing the receipts and dlsbursswents on 
account of the Sharp Hanch during the past sixty one 
months from May 1st, 1912 to Juno let, 1917 at |58.00 
pep month^ total receipts of $3536., expenaes during t}iat 
period amounting to $3048.30. net receipts #48^.20. Half 
the net receipts or 4244. «n wan B»»nf tn n^m a. -r gn^«»v 
els who immediately sent a check for hi a half to the Board 
of Park Commissioners. The other half forwarded to Mr. 
Samuel 0. Murphy has not yet been sent to the Park Commis- 
sioners by Mr. Murnhv. Com. .qnr*^v«i «♦ nh^^v •«. «-j„.,^ 
deposited with the City Treosurer to be placed to the 
credit of the Spreckels-Murphy Special Deposit /und. 












^ .. 


« %% 

Th« aatttr of th« payment of the other half of th« 
receipt! held by Mr. Murphy and not turned oyer to the 
Park CooBlseion vae ordered placed in the hands of the 
City and County Attorney for investigation. 

TroM the Joshua Handy Iron Works stating that 
they would furnish and inatall two electric etandards on 
the new stairway at Buena Vista and Haight Streets for 
the net sum of Two hundred and fire Dollars {#205.) each. 

On the reconwendation of Supt, McLaren that the 
etandards be placed where requested it was so ordered. 
From the Board of Fire Commiaeionera stating 
that ten horses were to be condemned and if the Park Com- 
missioners desired any of them to send in an application 
for the required number. 

Supt. UcLaren reported that he had all the horses he 
could work at present. 

Secretary inatructed to send the thanks of the Park 
Coamieaioners to the 7ire Commisaion. 

From Board of Supervisors with enclosure rela- 
tive to the last Wii: and Teat..«ent of ignatz Steinhart 
deceased, which providea for the building of an aquarium 
in Golden 3at, Park in the vxcinity of the California 
Acadeny of Science Building to be under their control and 
direction,,tary to .ckno.l.dge reclpt of co„„„u„ic.ti„„. 
Fro,., the Unl-.ea Stat,, Army R.cruUlna Station 
r..,uo,tl.n, pe™i„.o„ to u., .uch portion of .ol.on .at. 
P.r. a, .upt. VcLaren .ay .„i,„.,. ,„ ^, ^^^^^^^ ^^ 

Staging certain wmeuvers to be knfl.„ 

T.O oe known as^oham Bat tie s« 
on June i?4th, ini, 

Supt. McUren reported fnat th« v- * , 

* mat the best place r^r, ♦u. 

sham battles to hm vi-i^ 

b. h.ld ,a, ,,„t Of the Chain of La,„ 

b.t,..„ 47 th ana the ,«aln Drlv,. 
Approv.d by Pr... Gre.n.baun. 


He. motor tjfuek. 

Letter of thanka. 

Re. increase m 
laborer's wa^e. 

He. A»i 


from the Home Industry League of California 
thanking the Board fop purchaelng the Moreland motor 
truck, a California product. 
Ordered liled. 

From the Allied Ba«aar, Inc., thanking the 
Board for granting them the use of Union Square for the 
Street Fair and liarket. 
Ordered filed. 

From the Park laborers thanking the Coranie- 
Bion for the fifty cents per day increase in wage to 
take effect June let. 1917, 

Supt. McLaren reported that he had baaed his report 
in favor of the increase on the statement of the Com- 
mitteo representing the laborers, that the Finance Com- 
mittee of the Board of Supervisors would appropriate 
sufficient money to cover the increase. 
Ordered filed. 

From M. B. Gates making application for the 
position of Aseiatant Curator. 

Ordered placed on file, as there is no vacancy at 

From the City and County Attorney stating that 
he considers the award of the Accident Commission of 
♦2700. to Mrs. Sllen Brownlee for the death of her hue- 
band -correct and Justified by the facts". 

Secretary directed to put through demands in accor- 
dance with the award. 

From the United Railroad Company with enclos- 
ure from the Oceanaide Improvement Assn. expressing their 
•rr'"?cl-tisn rc^ the removal of the fronts of the wait- 
ing etatione which were the cause of some complaint. 
Ordered filed. 

( I 



»-^-- -« — am ■■ 





4- ^ 

-i I 





I ^ 

Bt. statu* on 
lit* Oly^us, 




from the Buana Vieta Inprovament Aaeociation 
calling attention to the dilapidated condition of the 
statue on Mt. Olyiajpue and their desire to substitute 
for the present statue the statue of Plather McKlnnon 
where a powerful electric li^t should be put that may 
be seen far out at sea. 
Ordered filed, 

?rom the Army requestintj the use of 
the Swadiura July 4th, 1917 for the purpose of holding 
a public Army and Navy field meet. 
Requeet ijranted. 

Prom. ?.W, Cornyn relative to sale to H. Mol- 
ino of one old ram for 17.50. 

Deposited to credit of Park Tund in City Treasury. 
Prom the Board of Public Works enclosing the 
follewing petition from the Miaoion Promotion Assn.; 

•It lias been brought to our attention that the 
property owners on Dolor4s Street are not prop- 
•rly taking care of the lawns on that street, 
betweon tne sidewalks and the curbing, since 
the Spring Valley Water Company has commenced 
charging meter rates on water. 

We are further informed that the Park Comrnis- 

InlTlr t^ ''\^^^^** '° '^° °^*»^ ^^« mainten. 
.?ft.2 these lawns, provided that they are com- 
pie ted along Dolores Street. 

our .!I ^ "V^ remaining to be done, and oSr 
5au''*! , "f^"^*' ^^ writing you is to request 
?n V, fr l""^ '"''"' ^O'^'Pleted. and to arrange 
to have the Board of Park Comaiissi oners take 
over tne raaintenanco of sane." 

Not having Jurisdiction over said property the' 

Charter prohlbite tv,. oorV 'n-r--'3-^^ 

■^ A .D arx >.osiiMid«i oners iron expending 

its funds on even such worthy propositions. 

Pron Mayor's office with approval of the bond 
of Ito. Altmann, Acting Curator Park Museum. 
Ordered sent to Audi^r^^ tj«..-«„ 

He. musicians* 

He. raise in 

Re. seats at 


M .- 

Prora the Musicians* Union requesting the 
announcement of their picnic on the Golden Gate Park 
prograras each Sunday until July 19th, 1917. 
Request granted. 

Prom D. Ashley, foreman at the Stadium, stat- 
ing that the men under him were willing to lay off ona 
half day each week to help make up the deficiency caused 
by the raise in wages. 
Ordered filed. 

Prom the Oceanside Improvement Assn. request- 
ing that seats be placed along the recently constructed 
Jlsplanade on the Ocean Beach such seats to face eastward 
in a manner somewhat similar to the seats previously so 

Request taken under advisement. 

Irom Mr. G. Moulin giving his ideas as to what 
may be used to advantage in the Park Museum in the way 
of post cards. 

Referred to Com. Cummings and Acting Curator Altmana 
Thtjre beingno further business before the Board 
the meeting adjourned subject to the call of the Presi- 
dent, _ 



/ / 

— ■^- ■■ - 1 


>l ■! ■ li ■ K II . 1 .^ ^, 







^^ f^ 

S T;i^' 


'-*S" f 





I ^ 




I I 



^ A w ^ 

*ti • 






San Francieco, July 12th, 1917. 

At a called meeting of the Board of Park 
Coxraniaeionere heJd at their office, Park Lodge, Golden 
Gate Park, Thursday, July 12th, 1917 

Present were; Pres. Sigmund Greenebaum, 

Com. M. Karl Curomings, 
Con. John A. McGregor. 
Absent were: Com. A. R. Spreckele, 

Com. Curtis H. Lindley. 
On motion duly made, seconded and carried 
the minutes of June 6th, 1917 were approved at this 

Tho minutes of the previous meeting, copies 
of which were sent to each Commisoioner were, upon 
motion duly made, seconded and carried adopted as the 
minutes of the meeting held June 21st, 1917. 

From Board of Trustees of Relief of Red Cross 
Funds. Offering,' as a donation to the Mueeum two scrap 
books containin^i clippings from newspapers all over the 
United States referring to the subscriptions to tho 
li06 /ire and Earthquake Relief Fund and comrr.ents upon 
conditions in San Francisco at that time. 

Secretary Instructed to write acceptar.ce of the 
book With the thanks of the Park Commi Bsioners. 

From City and Co'intv Atfn».r,c r.«n t,,-»t -^ 
lative to the Sharp Ranch which reads as follows: 

2"writi'n/? ^°"'" ^^^°^ °^ ^^« ^^"^ i'^-^^-. I 
of f^^«^%^i"*iey for the East, he had approved 

Uvererto'?/°^ "^ ''"^^ propoeed to be'^del 
Aivereu to th#» m^^r >^,. c„^,.„-. • ,, , 

^in «o! • °°"^«yi"t5 tho Honora 3harp ranch in 
San Mateo County to the City of San Francisco. 

Kr.l^urohv'T?^^^ ^- ^^'•"^ ^^''^^^ Attorney for 
flnnT^^^ i ^^'^^ ^^^^^ ^e«<i ^iaa teen received 
thf ^^'\^^''^ ^nd Mr. Towne is now consider! n*c 
the question of what form of receipt he will ^ 
ask for upon delivery of tr.e deed. 







•i»-— *-*< 

I ::{8 


.^j' . _j ' . 



1 ? 

ThiB do0d is but a partial performance by- 
Mr. Murphy of hi» obligationo in thia mattar. 
einca he ie required to deliver to the City 
in addition $40,000. in caah. He does not, 
however, propoee to close the transaction at 
one time. It is therefore necessary to con- 
sider the form of partial release to be asked 
of the City at this time. I have urged M*'. 
Murphy to deliver the cash as has already been 
dono by Mr. Spreckelo and shall continue to so 
urge the final closing of this matter. * 

The matter was taken under advisement by the Board. 

Prom the Dept. of Public Works relative to 
J. Sullivan, injured Park employe, with enclosure re- 
lative to an orthopedic shoe to overcome a limp in 
one of his limbs at a cost of $27.50. 

The Board decided that they have no funds out of 
which an expenditure of such a nature could be made 
and ordered the communication filed. 

Prom the San Francisco Labor Council asking 
perm^isBion to celetrKte Labor Day at the Stadium. Mon- 
day, September 3rd, 1917 with the Building Trades 

Request cjranted subject to supervision of Supt. 

Prom the United States Fidelity and Guaranty 
Co., forwardinti continuation certificates of krs. Kary 
Walter un-J Wm. G. Blunt, Park l.'useum employees from 
June 1st, 1917 to June lot. 191B. 
Ordered filed. 

Prom the United States Fidelity and Guaranty 
Co.forwardinti bond of Miss Elizabeth Holmes ah Clerk 
in Park Museum. 

Forwarded to L'ayor Holph for approval. 

1 1 

Re, coin lock 

Re. . 
at Alb 


Prom the Pacific Coin Lock Co, enclosing 
chock for $35.09 in payment of commission on recoipte 
from coin locks on the lavatory doors in Golden Gate 
Park, Beach Chalet and Alamo Square, 

Receipt of money acknowledged and ordered deposited 
to credit of Park Fund. 

Prom the Pacific Coin Lock Co. asking permia- 
8ion to remove the coin locks from the men'a toilet* 
at Alamo Square because the doors were wrecked, and the 
locks are not appreciated and not patronised. 
Request ijranted. 

Prom Jos. W. Salz, check for $271,70 covering 
•hipment of twenty six gunnies of wool sold to him. 

Secretary to acknowledge receipt of m.oney and depos- 
It same to credit of Park Fund. 

Secretary was authorized to advertise for the 
delivery of three thousand (3000) cubic yards of clay 
to Lincoln Park, 

The Secretary received from golf fees at the 
Lincoln Park Golf Links $542.45 ell of which has been 
deposited to the credit of the Park Fund. 

Prom Auditor Boyle reporting that the finan- 
cial statement for the past twelve months between the 
Park Office and the Auditor's office is In exact agree- 
oent, as follows: 

'^^\^^ /eceipts $429,663.^4 
uiabursecents 416 .291. 76 

Balance 6/30/17 $ 11,372.40 
Ordered filed. 

Report of Supt. McLaren for the month of 
June, rjl7 read and adopted and recommendations approved. 

deport of supt. Taylor of the Childrens quart- 
ers for the month of June. 1917 read and copies ordered 
Bent each Comiciesi oner. 


M ■ 


■ utut - 






R«port on milk* 



Report of Board of Public Health on analy- 
8l8 of milk and creoni used at Childrene (iuartero, 
read and filed. 

Report of Board of Public Health on analy- 
eie of Park water, read and referred to Supt. licLaren. 

There heina no further butineaa before the 
Board the meeting adjourned eubject to the call of 
the President. 




-"W. ,.»i^ 

.. :/, h. 







4- ^ >m 

i*- :*A.'tL 

^ ^ 

Called iree'vi ,.,^. 

Bid» or. 

iian i?rancieco, July 26tL, 1917. 

At a called meetin^j of the Board of Park 
Commiaeicners to be held Thursday, July 26th, 1917 
there being no quorura present the Acting President 
M. Earl Curanings and Secretary de Succa opened the 
bids on clay and awarded the contract to the J. 
0»Shea Company at $.98 per cubic yard, subject to 
confirmation at the next meeting of the Board. Thin 
action was imperative as the clay was required at 
Lincoln Park at once. 

The Bids were as follows: 

J. P. DO\fLI Nt} Cp_. 

3000 cu. yds of clay 


3000 cu. yds of clay 

3000 cu. yds. of clay 

3000 cu. yds. of clav 

J. o;sH:t;A co. 

3000 cu. yds. of clav 


9 $1.25 per cu.yd. 





The J. O'SHea Corr^pany being the lowest bidder were 
awarded the contmrt^ 


1 I 

! V 




fcretary Park Comirdssi oners. 

m m III! » 

_ - ■1'*- 

fi ■ 












San Pranciaco, August 9th, 1917. 

Call«(l Mating At a called inaetlng of the Park Commlssionars, 

hald in tha of flea of Commi as loner A. B. Sprackala. 
northaaat corner California k Davia atreeta. on Thuraday, 
Auguat 9th, 1917. 

Praaent were: Com. A. B. Spreckela, 

Com. M. Barl Cumminga 

Abaent were: Prea. Curtia H« Lindley, 

Pree. Sigmund Greenebaum, 
Com. J. A, McGregor. 

appoln?er'''*^' ^" ^^* ^^'^'^^^ °^ Prealdent Greenebaum, 

Chairman. Com. Spreckela waa electeu Chairman, pro tem. The Chair- 
man, not obaerving a quorum preaent, atated that tne 
proceedinga would have to be informal and aubject to 
confirmation at a aubaequent meeting when a quorum would 
be preaent. 

Approving the minutea of the meetinga of July 
12th ft 26th were deferred until a quorum will be preaent. 

^^'^ Preaident Lindley. at preaent connected 
with the Law Department of the National Pood Adminiatra- 
tion in Waahington. D.C., who aaid he waa pleaaed to note 
that the City Attorney had obtained Murphey'e deed to the 
Sharp Ranch, he atatea he .eea no chance of returning in 
tha immediate future, declaring he would have to aend in 
hla reaignation aa preaident of the Board. 

The aeoretary waa Inatruotad to inform him that it 
would be uaeleaa for him to reaign aa the resignation 
would not be accepted. That he waa the right man in the 
right place and he could do more good for hie country 
there than in San Pranciaco. The me.„bera preaent. in- 
cluding Superintendent and Secretary, expreaaed a hope 
that Preaident Lindley may aoon be with the membera again. 


H«: CO- 


r^ V 

i. J 




* V. 


' i 

I t 








At ty. Lull 


on 1^ 


Jl:oa City Attorney Lull that he racelred fpoia 
8, G. Murphay and hi. wlfa , thalr daad to thai, Individ- 
ual ona-half intara.t In tha 410 acres of th. 8an Pedro 
Rancho (Sharp-. Park). San Mateo Co.. whloh he had sent 
to the County seat to be reooMed. 

Proa city Attorney Lull with Inclosure of the 
original deed from 8. G. Murphey and Wife, to the City 
and county of San Francisco, a Municipal Corporation, of 
410 acres of land In San Mateo Co..known as -Sharp's Park-, 
reoordsd July 23d; 1917. m Vol. 263 of Deeds,page 475, 
San Mateo Records, copy of deed on page ^' this book. 

This deed was ordered sent to the Board of Super- 
Tl.ors. requesting them to place the Sharp's Park land 
under the Jurisdiction of the Park Commissioners. 

?rom City Attorney Lull in answer to a request 
for an opinion relative to the new per diem law 

upon a dallv r.t- „J ' ^ compensation la baaeu 

mere is no reouiraraant »<♦>, -2<« *""«'**••*.■ 
else data upon which olv^in? I^^?f®v°® ^° ^^« ?'•- 
language was pu^osel? S!? /^*^i ^^ °**^«- ^his 
littirieeway aT?o L«? ?v,^ ""^^^^ *^° P«^i<^ of a 
has arisen Z ySur'SepI^tUn?/*^^ "^^^^^^^ ^"^^^^ 

thoi;: i;ho:^^ji:p%^L?j:„^i- -n only; ^^ -^— to 

payment-. °^P«n8ation Is based on a daily rate of 

X^'lV:X^\nVy\Z i^nt^jr^m.'?? *" '' ^^« ^^^ ^' 
my predaces80?.L?\onf -^a-^-Si'^Jr.'^'r * '"^"th. 
or December 19th, 1914 "thTr'^r^r^ ""« Auaitor under date 
Article III Of the ChiLrt- ^•^'tion I. Chapter ly, 

Of employees of'tS. ^rk co^?"^*^ '"^^ '^* •*^'^^- 
men. must be payablj month?v^H•^°^•!^^•' ^han par diem 
paid twice a month. Wl?SlirsMar^J\S:\i--Jj„^-,., 

Ordered filed. 

1 ■* 


■ ^.■ 



American Assn. 
of Park 

r«: deft 



g^ ^^ ^*"" T^« American Association of Park Super- 

ntion. mtendent. who send an announcement and program of the 
19th Annual Convention of Park Superintendent, to b. 
held in the City of St. Louis. September 11-12-13,1917 
A cordial invitation to attend 1. .ent to all Park Su- 
perintendent.. . Chairman Spreckel. and Com. Gumming, 
urged Superintendent McLaren to attend the Convention, 
granting him a leave of ab.enoe for that purpose. 
Superintendent McLaren said he would consider the in- 
vitation and decide on its acceptance later. 

From Auditor Boyle, who desires to be informed 
of the death of any employee of the Park Comiaission. as 
he has trouble with the demands of city employees who die. 
He state, that an average of ten employee, die each 

Referred to .acretary for attention. 

Prom Mayor* s secretary. Mr. Rainey. with Inclo- 
•ure from Ja.. Hartley, who .ay. he has about a dozen of 
Cyru. Cuneo». drawing, for sale, cost of which would b. 
about #48.00. 

Secretary was instructed to inform Mr. Hartley that 
lack of funds will prevent the purchase of the drawings, 
i^rom Mayor's secretary. kr.Rainey, with inclo- 
Bure from Julian Plnto.Private Fir.t Class quartermasters 
Reserve Corps, who says that -America- 1. really tha 

national antham of Qrma* u^^^a*- --^ - ♦ .^ 

-^^ * -a*'*! t»"u y/iat tne only music 

which is recognized as neces.ary to re.pect 1. -The Star 
Spangled Banner". 

Secretary wa. In.tructad to send copy of letter to 

Profebsor Cassaasa. «n ♦v^* u. _, , . . 

, fc_ -.«»„ ii^ m^^ii^ Aiiv GO ^i.^tikimm tna 

statement q: ^. pinto and act accordingly. 












Mr. Rai ney 

r*! Anorymous 

From Itayor*. ••cretary. Mr. Ralney, with inclo- 
•ura from an anonymou. wrif r who complain, of the charge 
Of #1.00 per month for the privilege of playing golf at 
the Lincoln Oolf Link.. He .ay. a Municipal Golf Link, 
m general, oonrey. the Idea of it. being for the free' 
use and enjoyment of all; no particular cla... no partlc 
ular pereon. not for one who 1. able to pay a dollar, m 
•xclu.lon of one who may not be able to pay. 
Ordered filed. 

«; T.lltL.. """ "^"'' A..t.3.or,tary. Hr. Sh.lby. ,h, 

wi.h.a t, P1.C, M,.. J.„„„ p.,„„„ ,„ ,,, „^.,^ ^^^^ 

th. „.w unit 1. co«pl.t.d. l„ 0... any additional help 
la naedad. 

Applioatlon to ba oonalderad. 

ITo,. Cyril William.., xpart of the Board of Su- 
P.rvl.or.. return of a D.»«„d on th. Tr.aaury for •22.50 
drawn In favor of Mr..,.. ido. of Richard Bro.n- 
1... .ho loat hi. lif. ,M1. in th. ..ploy Of th. Park 

OoiMi.Bian, and .ho., .ido. n. airard.d t-.n» 

""*ra.a t..nty-..v.n hue- 
dr.d (•2,00.00) dollar., which «. to b. paid to h.r at 
th. rat. Of .!.,.„ ,,n.r. and c.nt.(,li.26) 

P" -..^c. It ha. b,.„ h.r.tofor. paid to h.r out of . fund pr„id.d for that purpo.. by th. l,i*.i,i, 

*ud«.t. An amount ag«r,^tin« fi,. hundr.d (•500) dol. 

l«r. ha. alraady b..n paid by th. «nano. oo^nitt.. of 

the Board of Supervlao... mx, 

P.rvi.or.. Th. payo.nt of any futur. aaount 

ha. b..n .topp.d by th. M™.nc. co».itt.. with th. i„. 
x-.r^ation that th.r. wa. no appropriation ..d. for 

Aooldont In.uranc. thi. fi.oal vur ..-w ^ 

'i.oai Bach department i. 

paylnti it. oim danag... „. In.truct.d to obtain th. opinion of 
th. City Attorney a. to th. l.,.iity „f p^,„, ,^„ .„, 
oth.r d««nd. out Of th. Park Pund for aocid.nt b.„efit. 




Prom Department of Public Work., Stating that 


Bd. Public Works 

re; Plane fcr 

conrenierice *^« Board of Public Works directed It. Bureau of Arohl- 


tecture to prepare plans and specification, for the con- 
struction of a convenience station in Buena VI. ta Park, 
»B per request of Superintendent McLaren, under date of 
July 2l8t,1917. 

Ordered filed. 

Oceaneide lap, Prom Oceanside Improveme.*t Association who 


re: sidewelk petition for the laying of a cement sidewalk in front of 

the waiting station in the Park facing Lincoln Way, 
opposite 48th avenue. 16» X 23^' would answer the re- 

Referred to Superintendent. 
V J"^^^^ ^^^^ J- M« O'Brien, manager of H.J.Crocker's 

ranch at Cloverdale, tendering a herd of thirteen deer 
to the Park Comraiseion, on the payment by them of the 
crating and transportation to Golden Gate Park. 

Secretary was instructed to thank Mrs. Crocker for 
the donation; but that we could not accept them at pres- 
ent, as our deer paddock is full. Mr. O'Brien was in- 
formed that, if he put himself in communication with 
Mayor Rolph. he might dispose of the deer to him. 

Prom reeldentb in the vicinity of St Mary's 
Square, who petition that twelve benches be placed in 
said Square. 

Secretary was instructed to inforiL petitioners that 
when benches were in said Square, a petition was received 
that they by removed because of the presence of an unde- 
sirable element who occupied them most of the time, to 
the exclusion of women and children. 

Referred to Superintendent. 

"ft *•! 



i J 



ir^—^f imtA, 


■,j I 








r«: piece land. 


from B. Y. Srenberg, manager of "Log Cablneera" 
*n organisation of boy. and glrla of 18 to 16 yeare of 
•«e, a petition for their uee of a piece of land now 
under the Juri.dictlon of the Park Commieelon. 
deferred to Superintendent McLaren. 

«411 R. Sharkey 

T9i poeltion 

at», from Will r. Sharkey, who highly recoitmende l^r. Blwood 

From hlB Honor, Kayor Rolph, with incloeure 


Gatee for the poaitlon of Aaeietant Curator of the new 

Secretary wa. In.tructed to Inform the sponsor of 
Kr. Gates that no vacancy exists at preeenti but when 
one does exist his application will be considered with 
others then on file. 

M«™ Fro» Ll.ut. J. J. o.L>ara, who .tat,, that the 

Jitney bus eolicitlnB,,. i„ ,„„t of th, Museum 
had been tol. to dl.contlnue the practice, which he pro„- 
leed not to do again. 
Ordered flleo. 

Kro» Th. J. o.Shea Co.pan.. . . contract and bond 
for three hundred and flfty(#350.0< )doUara. The con- 
dlticn Of the foregoing obUgation to ,it= Purnl.h three 
thou.and(3000)cu. yd.. ,f clay. „cre or Xe... to be tajcen 
fro. Parker Avenue, at the rate of nlnety-eleht(#.90) 
cent, per cu. yd.. .„a to deliver the eaid clay to Lin- 
coln Park in loade not more than twenty feet apart, on . 
space Of ground de.lgn.t.a by the Superintendent, to be 

delivered on or bff■'''^— . «'-.-.< 

'-'=*-*w •jojt^ucnioer let, 1917. 

Ordered i.iled. 




^.4^ M* 

^ . 

Request for in- 
crease in salary. 

Re. automobile 

Inoreaae in enl« 



Prom Mrs. Annie O'Meara, attendant at the 
Mission Park convenience station, stating that on 
' account of the high cost of living she would like to 
secure an increase of salary. 
Ordered filed. 

From Auditor Thos. Boyle requesting the re- 
turn of the automobile plata #43468 so that he may 
receive the new 1917 exemption plate $2772 forwarded 
by the state Wotor Vehicle Department. 

Secretary reported that he had attended to the 


The salaries of the following were increased 
subject to approval /the Board; Secretary from #175. 
to 1200.; Accountant fieo. to $176.; Stenographer «100. 
to $115.; Superintendent's Clork fllO. to $125.; 
Chauffeur $125. to $150. per month. 

3upt. McLaren's report was adopted and reoom- 
raendations approved. 

3upt. Taylor-, r.port of recelpte and expen.ll- 
tureo Of the Children. >luarter8 read and copies ordered 
sent each CommiaeionGr, 

Heport of Acting Curator Altmann read and filed 
anJ referred to Com. Cummings. 

Heport Of Board of Public Health on Park water 
referred to Supt. McLaren. 

w ..o *-xchor Dusinesa oefore the Uoard 
the meeting adj earned .object to the call of the Preei- 

^ ». .^. 

Secretary Park Commissi 



K^ » 

• I 


/• - 

Called rae«tin.i, 

Kinutea appr 



^«. bl 


San Pranclsco, August 30 th, 191.7. 

At a called rneetintj of the Board of Park 
CommisBionere held at Com. A. B. Spreckele' office. 
California & Z3avia streets, Thureday, August 30th. 
Preeent were: Prea. Sigmund Greenebaum, 

Com. A. B. Spreckela, 
Com. M. Earl Cumminga, 
Absent were: Com. John McGrefeor, 

Cora. Curtis H. Lindley. 
Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried 
the minutes of the meeting held July I2th. 1317 were 
approved and adopted at this meeting. 

The minutes of the meeting held August 9th, 
at which only CommlesionerB Spreckels and C-ommings wire 
present and transacted the routine business on the Sec 
ratary.a file, subject to confinnation when a quorum 
was present, were upon motion duly .ade. seconded and 
carried adopted and confirmed. 

Bide for clay having been advertised for and 
Placed in the hands of the Secretary, at the urgent ra- 
.uest of the superintendent who needed the clay for so.e 
i^nportant wor.. Com. Cummings ( the only Commi.sioner 

present in the City) asaiat-H v o 

^Wi assisted by Secretary de Succa 

opened the bids and awnyA^A ♦u 

ana awarded the contract to the J. 0«She« 
Company at. ni ««♦■,, _ ,• ., . 

, -- ..1....^ c^^,,^ cents per cubic yard. 

Upon motion duly mndt* o^^^ ^ . 

^^y made, seconded and carried the 

action of Com. Curamin^^fl wo- 

framings waa approved and con firmed. 

?rom W. 3. Birdsall. Expert Accountant for the 
l*^inance Committ«« ,-r *, 

' '"• "'"'' 0^ Super-/la,ora, reporting 

that he had examined tv,. 

„,. "" "="" ^°'"'«. «tc.. relative to 

the recelpte at the rh<-,^ . 

Ta.Ior 1. 3upeMnt,nde '"""" "' ""''' '' *• 

.U „=el t """"■ '" «""- ^'"" ^' round that 

"Cipte co„,.po„d .ith the .ecretar... reoo.d. a. 


! 1 




J 1 1, 








'•-N^-: ^. 







, I 



Re. aaoldsnt 


ehown by vouchors aignad by the City Treaaurer. 
Ordarad filad. 

Prom J. S. Dunnigan. Clerk Board of Super- 
vlaora whl=h reada aa followa: 

•Your attention ia directed that no special 
appropriation for the payment of Accl dint Claims 

the FL'^^c,"c\',;..iJt'e "I :;\h'rBoi^s ?-:^:r?L,'r 

claima be taken car. o" by the SIpartments ou? 
of departmental funds." -apartments out 

Upon receipt of the above the Secretary requdatad 
an opinion from the City Attorney as to whether the Park 
Board could legally pay accident claims out of the Park 
?unda and the fono»ln.i opinion .as rendered: 

unle? thf ,lork:';en?s%°:iS""'f.""^^'<' "^^^"yoe^ 
Ity imposed u..on"mu„icipamiis\v'' '" " '^""^1- 
and I have already advised f! " Sf"«='^l 1»". 
to the Hecorder on ?uly 2nih '1917°'' ?-?" ''"'""I 
tion to the eiaploye,.., If ^lll "''-that compensa- 
er Charlie a.talnst „^h ?f department is a proo- 

pensatlon for induat-la" ^^5?^ f^"'" ^''^ «*iat con- 
ehould be paid out of ?he Park ?*„%;'' """"^ employees 

port"i'on''^"^'^:e';!:rkV\%"r'^^'^ " *= '^"'^^ any 
lent lnsu-.n.-a. By vnt J^V "Penled for Acci- 

ance against liability unde??^"'^ ^f" "'*^" i""'-""- 
aation Act. ^ ^** ''^^'' *ork»en'a Compen- 

olI^rve':ont?:;T^'!,i°r!-" -"»-- th" Charter 

in t:i« City and 



U^e'^Chlk^Wr" "•-" ^"-ncla.. (ArtJilVr.^c: VoT'' 

Under t 

detencl no 

and canno 

or any ot 

313. It 

their dia 

mats obje 


?unda n l 

death or 

in the CO 

■lowb tJiat 

t-i^n inou 

I the 

Corjrjiasi o 

portion o 

1 '.eur-'ince 

■■''-y the power of thn Pa^i, r. 

.the expenditure of park fu°3^^"' ^"e" to 

: be rn:.*..:; •. . "' i^ark funds is n^«r,..-„ 
^;er bo.rd^-ro%%°>'J^« ^^^? ^^j^ ^uporvTe'or. 
^^^^^^W3 that the Pa'i '^oC '.°^'"^''"«' ^• 
'^fetion expend Park fund- r'^ '"''^^ "'^^ i" 
ct connected wi t^ th« " f . f°'' ^"^ legiti- 
. the ^'eneral aw ha^ f ^^^ P*'^^^' Since, 
i*^n^tv to nnv ! **° impoaed upon the Park 
-J^ry to'L^^%. °ft:"ff i-n in the case of 

the Park "orn,- „o ' ®'^^*"^ '^^ such, it fol- * 
-^a,ainst ^u^^r r:?!rr,-^-V ^n thelr^f°c';e. 
refore adv^ue you that ir* 
n conuiiora It n.iv, v. ^'°'^'" Honorable 
^U- Park Pund"?: ^^i«;.J;-?^" ->' "pend a 

v.i«non 8 'compensation 

Or>lcr;3d filed. 

'Curator to - 
eftatsrn Huae ums. 


fn'BaS^a'plrk. ^°" *''« ^-^'S- W C.blneers petitioning 

the Board for the use of a piece of Balboa Park land 
upon which to erect a Log Cabin. 

Referred to Supt. McLaren with full power to oot. 
Re. bathin, pools. p„m H.D. Kllnkcr requesting information rela- 

tive to aalt water bathing pools. As we have only freah 
water bathing pools m the Park, the communication waa 
ordered referred to the Playground Comisslon. 

Frou l*m. Altmann, Acting Curator of the Park 
Museum, requesting a four weeks vacation instead of the 
usual two weeks for the purpose of ,l.lting the great 
Kuaeuras of tho l?aat, 
Hequost tjranted. 

From Mice Ceclle Sobier reconinending IZlaa B. 
Du^tsan as a Jani tress in the New liuse^mi Building. 
Ordered filed for future reference. 

From Cojnmittee on Occupation. New York recom- 
mending that When tennis nets are desired their applica- 
tion to furnish the sar.e be considered as it would 
«BBist the innates of tho Ai^^^ehouoe on Blackwell's la. 
deferred to Supt. Kcl^ren with the recomrr.endation 
that the application be acted upon favorably if posoible. 
From the Haight & Aehbury Irr.^rover.ent Asan. 

calling attention to '-onn^air^f- -, .. 

-omp.amta relative to the practice 

of visitors to the ^ay^\r «,v,« * 

me .ark who strew thoir lunrh refuse 

about the grounds. 

superintendent reported that the ref„e was gather- 
ed up as soon a. possible after . :.c ..o.,.ds are cle„.,d 
or viaitora. „, .t.^.d that the picnic grounds would 

become Trevy unooDulm^ <r 

npopular if women and children fwho ««. ♦v. 

careless ones) were arrested for th. c uffenee The ^^ '"^ 
intendent is doir^ all h. '^'^" 

t all he cor. to ir.iniri^e the evil. 

Se. tennis nets. 





w A 






• * 


i !, 

t'l .• 

I i 



He. Bwi: 

R«. J«ff»reon 


^e. 8a]e of lanba. Prom J. Kyers, check for $171.50 on account 

of the sale of thirty one lamba and ewee. 

Sale approved and check ordered placed to the 
credit of the Park Shind witli the City Treaeurer. 
^i« 'ror^ the California State Board of Health 

requesting that an application be made for the ewiMinfe 
pool in operation at the Stadium. 
Referred to the Secretary, 

The Secretary was instructed to notify the 
Playgrounde Corr^.ioBlon to proceed with the development 
of Jefferson Square Playground along the lineo euggeet- 
ed to Wit; That po-.ion of Jefferoon Square hounded by 
Turk Street on the eouth. Golden Gate Avenue on the north 
and Octavia Street on the eaat if Octavia was extended 
through to Turk Street, being the westerly one half of 
the whole Dlock. 

yroit the Kayor'i, A.alet.nt Secretary etatlr-t 
that the Uayor directed hi,r. to ackr.cwledce the receipt 
or »r.. ..hank -.he Park ic-d for the financial report for 
the fiacal year 1J16-I7. 
Ordered filed. 

?ro,. City Attorney Lull etatina that the re- 
corded deed fro. 3».uel G. Murphy and ,lf. to the City 
for their undlnd.d one half mtereat in the San P.,,ro 
••^..Co. r,„„ „„^„ .-0. (Sharp Park) should .e filed with 
the Clerk of the Board of .up,r..l„.rs eo t^.t it .av he 

kept with the deed fi^ed bv A i^ <^ 

^ "--'« r». enurt T,iine 


The .ai„ ,„, ,„„ ,,,, ^^^^^^^^ ^^_^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^^^ 
a-,t to Ur. .,„,,.„. ,,„, ^^ ^^^ ^^^__^ ^^ suporvlecr.. 

^^, waB instructed to r^Qu^«^ ♦•v,, ^card 

of Super^'leor8 to d^uc*. ♦v^ ^ 

P^ace the eaid San Pedro Rancho (Sharp 

Park) under the iur<i-/<<^» 

.^r.^d.ction of -he Park Co^looioner.. 


* ^ittm 

' -r' 


Ke. Panhandli. 


Mre. i;. 

^ * 1 

s le. 1 

^i* tftre. 

R«« ti-* 



From Wm. H. enclfteing plan of dlvid- 
ing the Park Panhandle into three parks, aellinc the 
land between and using the proceeds from the sale of the 
property for 3an l^ancisco improveir^nte. 

Secretary instructed to notify Mr. Templeman that 
it would be a^alnet the law to sell any part of Golden 
Gate Park of which the Panhandle is a portion. 

From Auducon Park Cor^iseion of New Orleane, 
requesting information a. to charges rr^de for the play, 
ing Of golf, form of application for playing, etc. 
Referred to Secretary. 

lira. M. Foiay tendering her resignation as 
caretaker at the Park l£useun. to take effect August 31. 
1317 and thanking the Board for all past favors. 
Resignation accepted. 

?rorn Supt. D. W. Taylor of the Childrena* 
quarters requeeting an increase of wages for all em- 
Ployees at the Childrens Quarters as fcllcwo; 

65.00 - ^^^'^^ 

M. Nielsen 
T. Kenney 
A. Hell 
C. Jaber 
A. Palas 

K. KeTiney 
L. t^wr.s 










^ t ''5 per dav 

1.75 - ' 

1.''5 • 

1.76 " 
2.00 " 
1.75 •• 
1.50 * 






The requeet for the above increases was granted. 

"""^* ""' *'OAlce White relative to larrbs 

Btolen froin the stadluir: and etating that everj^ effort 
Will be made to recover the Bwne. 
Ordered filed. 

It Mtnn m^„^^ 

*-, oecunaea and carried that the 
increase of BAinv4.« 

or ea.arlea granted the office force at the 

previous meeting at ,hich no ,uoru.. wa. present he 
.Pprovedandoonfir„,a«t th,s.,etln,. 

H « 


1 : :,li 

, I, 

i t L 


f .. ^* ■>■ 


>f M 




i :„: 

I k 


' Supt. lb. 


rt Of 





R8« State inaruance. Tvi« c.^.^^ 

™» •^•er'tarji wao instructed to Inquire rela- 
tive to State insurance against liability by accident 
or death to Park employees. 

Supt. McLaren »ae granted a leave of absence 
to attend the Convention of Park Superintendents wWch 
».ets on September 11-13-and 13th, 1917 in St. Louis. 
All hie expenses are to be allowed. 

?rom John Held. Jr., architect, stating that 
he ha, prepared sketches for a Club House for the tennis 
Players and states that it seems that all provisions 
have been ^^de for the conotructlon of this building. 
Referred to Supt. McLaren with full power to act. 
Report of ChUdrene Quarters received and 
copy ordered sent to each Commissioner. 

!1«port Of the Board of Public Health on water 
received and read and ordered filed. 

There being no further buslnesn before the 
Board the eeetln, adjourned subject to the call of th. 


-4^4^ ** 

*^ '•' 

> ""> 


*^j ^: 

-i Y- 




i -' yfc. 

* .A. 

V^. »«^- 











I » 



f i 

Called ffie 

••' •* •'e^» 

Uinutmu ad-n»^i. 

or Cor 

Absent wer«: 

•an Pranclsco, September 13th, 1917. 

At a called meet ing of the Board of Park 
Commia.lonere held at their office Park Lodge. Golden 
Gate Park, Thursday. September 13th. 1917 

Present were: Pres. Sigmund Greenebaum. 

Com. M, Barl Cummings 
Com. A. B. Spreokels, 
Com. Curtis H. Lindley, 
Com, John A. McGregor. 
The minutes of the previous meeting, cople. 
Of which were sent to the Commissioners, were, upon 
motion duly made, seconded and carried, adopted as 
the minutes of the meeting held August 3eth. 1917. 

From. Hpn. Curtis H. Lindley stating that 
aa he has been called to the service of our Country 
being Chief Counsel to the United State, ^ood Admin- 
iatration witn headquarter, in Washington. B.C.. hi. 

duties require his presence »t fv,- m *. 

A'roBonce at tne National Capital 

during the period of th- »«« «v . 

a 01 tne war. Obviously he will be 

unable to longer serve as a Park Com..issioner and 
therefore he has tendered his resignation to his Honor 
Kayor Holph, 

Co™. Llndl.y expr,.,,. ^„ ,„,, appreciation of 
th. uniform .i„an.„ ^, „„,„^ ,^„^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^ 

"•""" '' "' ="-• -« 3up,ri„ton.,„t.,t... ,„, 

orric. .t.rr a„. „«„t. at t. ,.„,. ,, .„ „„; 

"on. H. ian cu™„in.. ofr,„C th, foxio,i„, r... 

i-hl.f Coun.elor 'or t« S "PPOint.d. to wit; 
Unit.d 3tat„ .i romc'r^'2"".^"^"" "^ ^^' 
1» «f a tamporarv nat .;! ' *«»hington.D.C. 
World., warf »"=h^7t," ^f*"? **» Prea.^i 
pf..«nt yoar. ' teminat. during the 



^« atate insur- 

of ?Sf ^^^"^ " resolved: That m consideration 
cL ?^5??* Tery valuable serTicee rendered by 
?h*; M-^i*^ ^''^^''^ ^^^ membership on this Board, 
that his Honor Mayor Rolph be respectfully asked 

The pe.olution was unanimously carried and the 
Secretary instructed to spread a copy of the r.solu- 
tion on the minutes of this meeting, .end a copy to 
Hon. James Rolph, Jr., Mayor and a copy to Com, C.H. 

From the State of California Compensation 
Insurance Fund Commission stating that their repre- 
sentatire >rould attend the meeting of th. Park Co„. 
mission and thoroughly explain compensation insuranc. 
as issued by their Department of Stat.. Aocerdintly 

Br. H. B. Humphrey attended this meeting and fully 

explained the law to the members. 

Kr. Humphrey stated that on the basis of #300,000. 

minimum for labor per annum the cost at the rate of 

•1.R2 per employe would amount to ♦3660. per annum. 

This would coyer all employee, engaged in all work 

incidental to care and maintenance of the Parks and 


Pres. Greenebaum inquired as to the amount of 
payments that hare already been paid out of the Park 
»und. secretary de Suoca answered that tSei.lP ha, 
!>*.= paid out Of th. Park ^.nd and $1226.08 out of a 
special Pund under th. control of the Finance Co»,it. 
tee Of th. Board of Superrisors. a total of ♦1587.00. 
By an opinion rendered by City Attorney Lull th. 
Park Pund ha, b..n made responsible for an award of 
♦2700. to «r.. men Brownl.e (of which ♦416.2S has been 
**"' "' "" "••*»• »' her husband, Richard Brownl.. 
■hile in the serrlo. of th. Park Commission. 

On motion of com. Spreokels, seconded by Ca. « j 
Cu».>ings. the secretary ... instructed to perfect thi ' 




^ . 



■ I 




r r, 




[1/ i j 


Re. nioo8«. 


ineurance of all park omployeea at a coat of ^660, 
par annum* 

Uneuiiraouely carried. 

From 3x. Park Commlsoioner Vtoi, K. Outzkow 
relative to the long growth of hoofe on the Hoose held 
in captivity in the Park, also relative to the feed of 
the moose. 

Referred to Supt. McLaren, 

Prom the Board of Supervisors extending an 
Invitation to all patriotic citizens to present them- 
selves at the Van Ness Avenue entrance to the City 
Hall at seven o'clock P.M. for service in the parade 
of soldiers who will leave this city for their des- 
tination at American Lake, 

Received too late for participation. 

Prom the Board of Supervisors, invitation 
to attend the California Cowboys Round-up for the 
benefit of the fund of the liew-paper mens- Club of 
San Prancisco. 

Received too late for participation. 

Prom the S.P.s. Log Cabineers thanking the 
Board for their kindness in granting them a piece of 
land in Balboa Park for their cabin and a 
signed agreement as follows: 

?^agre%\"n'i:ifXf:^-^- ^°« Cabineers. here- 
fro/the B^arS of pirk cL°f ^•'^^"^^^ received 
and county "s^n Prlnn?2^^!"'°"*''* °^ ^^« City 
in Balboa Park to r^ni! ?2 f^*°^ * ^""^ "^^'-^ 
from upon relJipt o?^ol?.ri^ ^""^ ^*^^" -^•'•- 
mission that the aoIo« n • f^" ^^« ^*^^ ^°^' 
Park improvernen? pS^P^aes?"""'"^ '" '•^"^^•^ ''^ 

Agreement confirmed by the Board. 

»rom;«rs. Alice 3. Dozier. Modesto, Cal , , 

who desires to know if .v.. - ». 

*now ir she can beg, lease or buy a 

pair of Buffalo for thm ,. d«-i. 

tnelr Park, also any birds that 

this Commission would give them. 
Referred to Supt. McLaren, 



He. Mrs. Folay, 

Re. white 

Re. cream. 

» f 


Prom the Fidelity and Deposit Co., asking 
if Mrs. M* Poley la still in the employ of the Com- 

The Secretary stated that he had answered the 

Prom Carl Elschner offering a white donkey 
for sale. 

Referred to Supt. Taylor, 

Prom the Board of Public Health relative to 
analyaia of cream uaed at the Childrens ^iuartera. 
Referred to Supt. Taylor. 

Report of Supt. Taylor of the Childrena* 
J^uartera for August, read and copies ordered sent to 
each Commissioner, 

There being no further business before the 
Board the meetin^i adjourned subject to the call of 
the President, 

^ i^. 

teciretary-Park Commission, 







I i 


. ' 



' J 







J.: ■ " 









I » 

I h 


C&llod iMeting* 

kinutet Adopted, 

Re, re^ii 
of Co-. ■ 

"<r- -w 


San Francisco, September 27th, 1917» 

At a called meeting of the Board of Park 

CommisBienerB held at their office. Park Lodge, Golden 

Gate Park, THursday, September 27th, 1917 

Preaent were: Pres. Bigmund Greenebaum, 

Com* John A« VcGregor, 

Com* A* B* Spreckels* 

Absent were) Com* V* Sari Cummings, 

Com* Curtis H* Lindley* 

The minutes of the previous meeting, copies 

of which were sent to the Park Commie si oners, were, 

upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, adopted 

as the minutes of the meeting held Sept* 13th, 1S17. 

?rom his Honor, Mayor Rolph with enclosure, 

acknow4.edging receipt of communication from the Park 

Conmission relative to the resignation of Hon* Curtis 

H* Lindley* The enclosure is a copy of a letter from 

Hon, Fayor Rolph declining to accept the resignation 

which reads as follows: 

Hon. Curtis H, Lindley, 

President, Board of Park Commissi oners, 
San Francisco* 

Ky dear Judge Lindley: 

Your many friends and admirers, (of which I 
am one) are proud of the signal honor that has 
been conferred upon you by the National Govern- 
ment, feeling that no better selection could have 
been made, and we are pleased that you have been 
named Chief Counsel of the United States Food 
Administration and of your anticipated appointment 
as head of the law department of the United States 
Fuel Admlnl strut ion* 

But we of San Francisco do not want to lose you, 
and, like the head of the institution who holds the 
position open until the return of the soldier who 
has offered his services in time of war, I hesitate 
to accept your resignation, so gracefully tendered 
in your esteemed letter of September let* 

*„/L^?".^i^^l ^ ^*"* you to continue a member of 

lM^l?^i"i!i''*^^**"* ^°"' P^^«« i" ^^« P*^i^ CommisBlai 
7:t *v ®^*" °" y®"^ retttm, and I beg that you will 
l«t the matter rest as it is* ^ 




- ., ■- -J..- ^ 

i r 



It . 



! i 

'■ if 



Rt» Liberty 



The aljove aentlmenta are ehared fev ut. ir« 
Oregor Prerident of the Coin^8?r?„\M*hf2 

transmitted to me. urcim? bia ««♦ 4.^ ^ 

your r..lg„atlo„. ' iJf ^foJ^eorclu^r'Slr 
tonally requesting thl«. eail«<l, per- 

Comniselonere, and by ^ *" 

Very sincerely yours, 

(signed) JAWSS ROLPH, JR. 


Ordered spread in full on the minutes of th. 

yrom J, K. lynch. Chairman Liberty Luncheon 
General Ix.cutir. Board, inv.ting the members of the 
Commiscion to the lunc.em to be given at the Palace 
Hotel, Konday. October 1st. 1917. 

It was agreed that attendance would be left to 
the discretion of the members. 

From the State of rAHf^»«4 „ 

or California Compensation 

Insurance Fund ff<v<«^ v* j 

nd. giving binder covering for thirty days 

to complete the insurance of the Park ^ . 

"i me Park employees. 
Ordered filed, 

^o„ th. .iseion Promotion Aesn. ,ho d.alr. 
the sanction of the Va.-rv p« . 

in yi. , '° " ^"""^ celebration 

: """" '"" '" ^'*-'"'^. -Pte.ur 30th .hen th. 
Playground, recently inatalle. .ui .e dedicate.. 
H« quest granted. 

; ^'^^^"^ ""■"■'' *-« PO- in ^l..lon Par. 

'".uently ..n .„ and ..,«„,,„^ ,,^^ ^ ^^ " "'' 

•tn.ct.d around th. ed«. „,,,, ^,„^ --•>•-. 
the- be r • ^^ dangermlght / 

Referred to Sunt U/»t- 

"ujji. McLaren wit), fm-i 

'^iii. full power to act. 





Re. convenience sta- 
tion in Unfion Sq. 

Re, conTeniPnce 

He, birds. 

Re. bdr.n^es. 

Prom the California Club Outdoor League 
stating that at the request of many mothers of soldier 
hoys, the League requests that an attendant be malB» 
tained at the Union Square and that the convenience 
Btation be kept open until 2 A.M. 

Request granted, station to remain open until 

From the Board of Public Works with enclosure 
from KlsE Lillian Griff relative to comfort stations 
sue request as the previous one from the California 
Club, which request was granted. 

From Mrs. M. Febster. relative to the sale 
of canaries. 

Secretary Instructed to inform her that the canar- 
ies for Golden Gate Park are donated not purchased. 

Prom the Park Presidio Improvement Assn. 
relative to a previous communication regarding the plac 
ing Of benches on the Main Drive from 14th Avenue to 
Prayer Book Cross. 

Referred to Supt. McLaren. 

Prom W.K. McCausland relative to a previous 
communloation relative to benches in St. Mary's Square 
and enclosing a petition with thirty three names asking 
for the return of the benches formerly In the Square. 
Referred to Supt. McLaren. 

Prom Fidelity and Guarantee Co. a bond in 
favor Of J. p. Herring, Taxldermlit at the Par. L'useum 
for 12500. Referred to his honor. Mayor Rolph. 

There being no further business before the 
Board the meeting adjourned subject to the call of th. 


: ,ii) 




*«?^- r 


. \.i 

» i * 

lit' >*%'^'^" 

■^^ i 



I J 





Called mee^iii^* 

«. y 

San Francisco, October 11th, 1917. 

At a called meeting of the Board of Park 
commissioners held at their office. Park Lodge, Goldm 
Gato Park, Thursday, October 11th, 1917, 

Present were: Pres. Sigmund Greenebaura, 

Com, A, B, Spreckels, 
Com. M. Earl Cummings, 
Absent were: Com. John A. McGregor, 

Com. Curtis H, Lindley, 
The minutes of the previous meeting, copies 
of which were sent to the Commissioners, were, upon 
motion duly made, seconded and carried adopted as the 
minutes of the meeting held Sept. 27th, 1917. 

Proa Com. Curtis H. Lindley with enclosures. 
Sincerely thanking the members of the Park Board for 
the expressions of regard embodied in the re.dlution 
of the Park Commission touching the pending question of 
Ms resignation, com. Lindley encloses copy of letter 
sent to his Honor, Mayor Rolph, relative to his resig- 
nation in Which he states :he will take the matter up 
With the Park Board upon his return to San Francisco the 
latter part of October. 
Ordered filed. 

From Com. John A. McGregor stating that as he 
was leaving for New York Thursday, October 11th, he 
would be unable to attend the meeting of the Board on 
that date. 

Ordered filed. 














; I 


f* M 



R". l0a«« of 
San ?«dro 

Proa A. Delohlaro k Co., relative to rarloua 
arrangements made between Mr. Harry G. McKannay, hie 
attorney and Supt. ycLaren which reads as follows: 

w-!^i^^,*° ^"^^^"^ ^^® various arrangements made 
5^ ?!? ^,^%"*'^ ^- McKannay. our attorney and 
5^^: J°^n I^cLaren. Superintendent of Parks, relat- 
ing to the terms upon which we are to continue 
in possession of the H-nora Sharp Property situa- 
h!« hf^"" ^*^^d? Beach. California, which proper?; 
pa^k'p'urpo:::?'^ "°^^^^' ^^ ^°"^ Commis^ioS fo^ 

It Is understood that we are to hold the place 
for a period of at least five years upon the aver 
age monthly rental of #120.00 payable'^JJr the fir^t 

yelr.'' ifi%^o/°^'°'"- ^"^ *^« ^i"* and sScond 
years, |115.00 per month; for the third vear ftl2n 

per month and for the fourth and f if th yea^s Il2?* 

sire orovidinR howev^^ f^f/?u '* ^"'^^ ^^^ ^^^ 

times free access t° a^y norU^n ^ ^v,*"""" ** "^^ 
you .eeire .or the Pu"Lro?'?„^,'Ic,%X\r! 

Re. Becker Pool 

may b 
to pe 
he to 

portion of 
e utilized 


ranch not 


vou fo. u""* '*"'^®'' cultivation 
disc>-tir,n ':nJr^ ^ ^"""^ purpose as you. in 

ah you - - - • ^ 

a an( 

agree furthermore to 

ou a eanfl>.i« » li «e.^'3« i -irinermore to 

d BhrSf ary"ou'°-a ^If?:'?^' ^^^" ^'^^^ 
m such 9«r4^.:/°- '"*-'' P^'^<=« thereon and 


wage paid 

by your 

Sec-et\r:.- ordered to refar tn- 

10 refer the said arrangements 

* the nuperlnf**.^,^^ - - v. 

'" ■ -^^^^If-.-Kr. John UcLaren. 

Prom the -tJoarrl nr c,,^- 

oard Of Supervisors with enclosures 

from Jules J.ersfeii-r «««♦ .. 

^er. portrait painter, in which he 
ofTers to sell a noT.*- ^^ 

portrait of President Wilson to th« 


The matter hnvin- v- 

''^"Vin. been referred to Co.. Cu™,i„g.. 

•"" '••"<»•«'"« "nf.vo, ,.ui . the .0 .• - 

to eo r. .... ,, , , 


Com. Cumrrings reported the Becker llemorlal 

Pool finished and offered the following- resolution: 

"At a meeting of the Board of Park Comrriissi oners 
held at the Park Lodge. Golden Gate Park. Thurs- 
day, Octoher 11th. 1917 Coir. K. Earl Cununings 
offered the following resolution: 

WHSREAS, the last Will andTestament of Mrs. Maria 
Becker provided a sum in access of Twenty five 
Thousand (125.000.) rollars to be expended in the 
erection of a memorial to her late huaband, Adolph 
Becker, a prominent citizen of San Francisco, and 

WHEREAS, the executors of her estate in their witi- 
doE hit upon the happy decision to build an artis- 
tic pool in the center of the court cf the new Fu- 
seum building now being erected in Golden Gate Park. 

WHEREAS, the said pool has been compl«ted and ten- 
dered to the Board of Park Commissioners for accept- 
ance, *^ 

TFEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Park 
CommisBioners most v/illingly and thankfully accept 

Count'^nJ J''"^ ^^^} ^"^ ^^' P^°P^^ °^ ^« City aSd 
County of San Francisco with profound appreciation 
Of its worth as an added adorrjnent to the magnifi- 

InS J^'^vf v^i'i}^"^ "''^ ^" ^°^^«^ ^^ construction 
and Of which this beautiful pool will constitute 

orL? fi^v^^®^ '^®"^!'' attractions, a proud mem- 
ftrnni/?/^,^''^®''-' °^ ^^'^ "^« °^ Adolph Becker. 
?[e"? of tl^i^^ assemble living people in the hap- 
piest of the sunny hours of life. It will remain 

in t?e dnni' °'/'^i «"^ be.uty%nd reflec? SnSr 
en the donor and credit to the gifted designer and 
the aeep appreciation of the public. 

lutiL^^*'^^^^^^^^' ^^^^ « <=°Py 0^ this reso. 
L-e^o'Ll Fund «.%° ^he^xecutors of the llaria Becker 
t-cmo.i&i iund and Herbert A. Sclirnidt the des^i-r*^ 
an<l spread in full on th. .Inutee of'the Boarif 

rrpflonerr^^?r^^i' f* ^'^^ """^'^ "' «>e Park Com- 
miPBi oners held OctOer 11th 1917." 

From John A. Britton, Chairr^pn Publicity 
committee of the Second Liberty lond Loan, applying 
for penni.sien to place o wooden casing around the 
pillar of the Dewey Lonument in Union Uquare to exhib- 
it clogens calling attention to the Liberty Lea^, 

penclsfiion to ^«4-* ^ «^ . .> 

"->■ -*w«. "^i-wui/ci ±jx,ii to kvth^ 

Request granted. 

* ■«• i jE ,. 


c : 

" » 

>. ^ 


? -i. 













^ 70 



« f 



« If 
t I ■ 

l» III 

> ». 


areciiil Rppro- 

H% to^.jney. 

Ppom the Board of SuperriBora suTanitting 
copy Of Resolution Fo, 14811. New Series which reads 
as follows: 

6o"el?00.?0 ^''^"° G'OundB. Budget Iten, Ho. 

Ordered filed. 

Prom the Fidelity & Deposit Co. requesting 
inforration as to whether Krs. i^arj^ Ifahoney is still 
employed at the Park i:u8euir. as caretaker. 
Referred to Secretery, 

yrom Eugene L. Levy suggesting that a drink- 
ing fountain in the vicinity of stow Lake would be 
appreciated by the public. 

Referred to Supt. L'cLaren. 

Prom the Pacific Coin Lock Co. check for 

17.86 being eerimisBlon on rec*.in+o *-«« 

on receipts from coin locks at 

Golden Gate Park and Beach Chalet. 

Check deposited by the Secretary to the credit of 
tlie Park Fund. 

secretary de Succa reported the receipt of 
» c>.eck ror tl443.e. rro, „er,>ert ,.s.^,, ,, „,„ 
cost Of i.,or .nd ^terial expended ty the Park Co». 

BisMon in the construct. or. .^ .u^ .... . 

w^ Wig ^cci^er i-ool. 

Check depc.ite. to the credit of the Park Pund. 
A -special award- of^eautiful silver cup 
was wen by Golden Gate Park .♦ .u t^.. 
^ ,,, ^^"^^ ^^ ^^« Dahlia Society of 

California exhibit at th« po,„,« .... . 
„- „ ^ ^ "-..— ..uring the month 

of September, 

;-— > i— ted to .rue to .r. T. .. B„„es 
JreGldert of the n«< * 

"- ■ ociety .„a acknowledge reoelpt of oup. 

Re . increase i 


Re. lest labor 

He. Supt 

Prom Supt, Taylor respectfully asking the 
Park Board for an increase of $25.00 per month in his 
salary making it 1175. per month. 
Request granted. 

Mr. Riordan of the firm of Scannell & Riordan 
reported that he had cashed the labor demand of J. Cree- 
dcn, a park employe, in the sum of $37.50. Th^ir safe 
was robbed and the demand stolen anu he therefore re- 
quests that a duplicate be issued so th^t he may recover 
the money advanced. 

Secretary instructed to issue a duplicate at the 
expiration of sixty days. 

Bupt. FcLaren»6 report of his attendance at the 
Convention of American Park Superintendents held at St. 
Loula and his report of data and information gained by 
his visit to the parks of the eastern states was read and 
so fcell thought of that the Secretary was Instructed to 
have the necessarj- number of copies printed in pamphlet 
form and distributed to the rayor and other City offi- 
cials and the Park Superintendents throughout the United 

Supt. I'cLaren's report lor September, 1917 read 
and ordered filed. 

Supt. Taylor »e report for September. 1917 read 
and copies ordered sent the flommisFicnerL. 

Upon r.oticn of Com. Spreckels, seconded by Com. 
Cummlnge and unanimously carried, the Secretary was in- 
etructed to issue a demand in favor of Supt. John McLaren 
for Five hundred ($500.^ dmi..^- ♦« «^ v*„ . — ^^ 













■ t 





i » 


i I 


« f 




Of attendance on the American Park Superintendent s. 

Convention held at St. Louis. 

there being no further bueines. before the 
Board the ineeting adjourned subject to the call of the 



Secretary of Park Coranieslon. 








Called me: 


San Francisco, October Slat, 1917. 

At a called meeting of the Board of Park 
Commissioners held at their office Park Lodge, Golden 
Gate Park Wednesday, October Slst, 1917 

Present were: Pres. Sigmund Greenebaura. 

Com. Curtis H. Lindley, 
Com.. M, Earl Cummings 
Absent were: Con. a. B. Spreckels, 

^om. John A. McGregor. 
The minutes of the preyious meeting, copies 
Of Which were sent to the Connnissioners, were, upon 
"motion duly made, seconded and carried adopted as the 
minutes of the meeting held October 11th. 1917. 

Prom his Honor, Mayor Rolph, referring to 
correspondence exchanged in the matter of the resigna- 
tion Of Hon. Curtis H. Lin.M.y as a member of the Park 
Co..nission. also enclosure from Com. Lindley. Mayor 
Holph states that the resignation has been withdrawn 

and that Cor.. lindley -711] be i r, - y 

^ 'iJ-J be in oan i-rancisco the 

latter part of October. 
Ordered filed. 

Frcn the stat, Conpensation Insurant, ^ni 
for-vardinti* Policv in m-^ 

"=J in-arine against accident and death 
covering every f-nT^,,^ „ . 

/ -.P.oye under the Jurisdiction of the 
Park Commissioners . 

Referred tn r.<*„ .^ 

--WJ' Moturney Lull. 

, , '^°^ '''' "^^-^^ ^^^ -native to Whether 
tne Park labor de..nds issued to employees may be orop- 
erly distributed 4t the office of tn . 
^r ^ ^ , °^ *^® Auditor instead 

of aa foraerlv -iipf^.^v 

--^ -.* ai tne Office of the Park 

:onyniS8ion by the Secr^-..,. 







2he City Attorney adTises that under the Charter 
Park demands may properly be distributed through the 
Audi torts Office and there is no requirement which makes 
It necessary for the Auditor to send a copy of the sig- 
natures of the employees to be filed with the Park Com- 

Ordered filed. 

From H. Westbrooke of the Smith River Club 
asking for three or four females and one male deer if 

Referred to supt. McLaren with full power to act. 
From Branch No. 3 of the Danish Society Dania 
requesting that the Park Band play selections of Danish 
music on Sunday November 13th. 1917 and also the priv- 
ilege Of flying the Danish flag at the Band stand on 
the same occasion. 

secretary instructed to infonn the Danish Society 
that as the tlnit.d .tates is at present engaged in the 
■•orld.3 ^ar the Par. Co..issi,ners dee. it inappropriate 
to have any flag other than the American Flag ware fron, 
any nag .taff within any public park under their Juris- 
diction. The American anthe™, the star Spanned Banner 
ahould be the only patriotic air played to stir the 
fervor of devotion to the American Plag and American in. 
etitutions during the period of the War. 

Pron the Liotliers' Club of Park:,lrte District 

thanking Supt. JtcLaren for hi» <„♦. . , 

n lor his interest in the Varksid. 

Dlstriot. for beautifying McCoppin ^3<,uare and for in- 
.tallin« „tra swings for the a.™se,.-.ent of the children 
Ordered filed. 

^-- F,. :,,Kinney. .arlviUe. m., sending 

a photograph of » Black t«^i.^ rs 

■ti-Lack tailed Deer with forty four 

prongs on its horns, 

secretary instruet.d t, ih.on„ Kr. «cKinney that 
1' ^^ io Willing to donate t.e head th. Park C„™„is. 


I I 


( I 



llfl ■ ■!! ■(— 








I I 



H«. peats at 
Shara P 

sioners will be willing to accept eame. 

Prom the Treasury Department with enclosure 
of a legal notice advising that the property in San 
Mateo known as Sharp Park is infested with ground 
squirrels in violation of the State Law of June 7. 1913. 
Referred to Supt. McLaren. 

Prom the California State Board of Health 
stating that pending a personal inspection at some fu- 
ture data a temporary pernit to operate a swifting pool 
has been granted aollen Gate Park. 

Sec^etar:. reported that the permit had been placed 
at the swimrrdng pool at the Stadium. 

From I'rs. Anna -. Hale making application for 

a position at the new ^'use—r -Rm i ^< ^ 

_u3e^-3 Building when completed. 

Ordered filed. 

^rc:n Ih. Altmann. Acting Curator of the Park 
^use.. in Which he expresses his sincere .hanks and 
appreciation for the leave of absence .ranted hi. to 
vls.t t.e l^useums of the .reat cities of the East for 
.-rpose Of ascertaining wha^ elements of ad^inis- 
-^-n theee .useums have to offer that .ould ,ive hi. 

suggestions for +• « hf^^t-^ * ^ 

- -- Dewtenaent of nu- n<»w ir,,^^,, 

- ■*■- ri«w ikUseuni in 

3ol «- :.ate Park. 

C^rdersd filed. 

^-o' Ur.. I. collett submitting a bill of 
travellin/; ex,i»»n^a, ^^ .,.. 

' ^^^- *'• Alt-nann dur- 

- '° ''^" eastern Museums, a total 
of $191.35. 

t?por; ^r^' i > .^ . . 

• . reclcels, seconded h- rom 
"^anmiiigs ar.i --.-»-:-,■.. 

-- ■ >• ount was allowed ana th« 
err?tarv* in« * - -* > ; ♦ 

i8 3a« a de..and for the Ba;ne 

Upon the Park Pur. I. 

* ^ 


To advert: 
• Vide. 

Supt, McLarer;' 


a tor's Re oar * 


Secretary was instructed to advertise for 
tlds on the construction of the new Tennic Club House 
In Golden Gate Park. 

Supt. McLaren's report for October ,1917 
read and recommendations approved. 

Reports of Acting Curator read and ordered 

The Secretary was instructed to pay a half 
day's wages to all Park employees who participated in 
the Liberty Cay Parade October 24th, 1917, 

There being no further business before the 
Board the meeting adjourned subject to the call of the 




■ V -m. 


$eoTet€iTy Park Commissioners. 








I * 


t t 

I (.1 

San Francisco, November 8tli, 1917, 

Bide for the new Tennis Club House were received and 
considered by Com. Cumaings, Supt, V^cLaten and Secretary de 
Sucoa, as follows: 

Burt T. Owsley 

O.C. Holt 

Bldg, Industries Assn. 

Grace &, Bernieri 

J# Harold Jolinson 

W. D, Henderson 

E,W. 31iot 

Val, Franz i Son 

Anderson & Hingrcse 


Bids were received fro.v. the following but as no certified 
check accompanied s^ne, they were not considered: 
'iarvoy A. Klyce 7371.00 

A. D. Collman 7224.00 

W. C. Duncan 4 Co, q^^o.OO 

the lowest bidof ^7150. far exceeding the amount of 
the appropriation for the construction of the all bl.s 

were rejected subject to con^it- =<■<« v ., 

J ct xo by the n^embers of the 

Board at the next .iieetin^. 






Seoratary Park Corainlsslon. 




aa meet: 

San Francisco, November 22nd, 1917. 

At a called meeting of the Board of Park 
Commissioners held at their office Park Lodge, Golden 
Gate Park, Thursday, November 22nd, 1917 

Present were: Pres. Sigmund Greenebaum, 

Com. Curtis H. Lindley, 
Com. John A. licOregor, 
Com. U. Earl Cummings. 
Absent were: Com. A. B. Spreckels. 

The minutes of the previous meeting, copies 
of which were sent to the Commissioners, were, upon 
motion duly made, sdconded and carried adopted as the 
minutes of the meeting held October 31dt, 1917. 

Fron the City Attorney stating that he has re- 
quested the Tax Collector of San Uateo County to send a 
bill to the Park Commissioners for tne taxes due on the 
San Pedro Rancho (Sharp Park) property. He states that 
the Park Corr^dssion ia liable for the taxea now due whloh 

will become delinquent on December 3, 1917 at six o»clccrk 

Referred to Supt. T'cLaren. 

!^roT-. City Attorney returning policy ,#C31030 
i«sued by the State Compensation Insurance ?und. ::r. 
lull states that he has examined the ..oli.y ao per the 
request of the Park Con^iesion and can fin^l not-n^ Ob- 
Jectionable in its for..^ n^ ...„..._., 

Referred to Secretary for safe keeping. 

l^rom Alpha Neighborhood Club s-ttin^ that the 
Haight . Ashbury Improvement Club is about to advocate 

the opening of a drlv- *x. ,. .,. . . .. 

-----t^* -..w MUi^.i^uaie at Masonic 

Avenue against which they enter t.ei. proteet. 

3eor.tar:- inatruote, to notify t.e ciu. t>.at no ,„„. 

■^ar^^ 3oard 

i It 


'}e -^i 


'•^^' t 





'• reT*licr 


and thmt they will ba notified should the question be 
considered by the Board, 

From Hon. M. H, de Young with enclosure from 
Peter U. Diers relative to a replica of the Jane K. 
Sath'jr Tower* 

The replica has been accepted and is at present on 
display at the Park liuseum, 

From the Chief Engineer of the Water Works 
rilatiTe to the sale of two sets of generators and acoes- 
Bories at the Pumping Station to the Pacific Pipe Co. 
for the sum of $400, 

Secretary reported that the noney has been deposited 
to the credit of the Park Fund in the City Treasure, 
Action approved, 

"rorr, Chief Bnsineer of the Tater '.Vorka relatlT. 
to the oale of six hundred and fifty poande of old lead 
oable at .}.07 per ^ound to the Pa.ifi. Pip. co..,pany a 
tetfi: 5f J4D.50. 

secretary reported .oney deposited in the City Treaa- 
ury. Action approved, 

»ro» supe.-vi-:, vulvlhlll .if. ,neloaure from 
I^". r. 5. .r=«:,..y ,ai.ina application for a poeitlon of 

Ordered filed. 

CityPhyM-.. , --.A. A. o.:,eill relative t, 
J. SuUiv:., i,.,„ed Par. e.pi,^e. rec=...o-, Ung that hi. 

" -^^nt: luei to necexuber Ist, 1917, 

' -• '-i^erintenaent a demand was 
" ^i^A faror t. ^ce:;:ber Ist, 1917. 

■-l^n Promotion ASP- ^-.tion stating 
'' Captain of 1.011^0 ,vri.;ht they 
* '■• ^^^ ..rubbery h. removed froa 

Se» Jefferson Sq, 


ordo- -.1 .nade ^uf- 

th'it nt ' - 

hereV. -.-■•co 

Vles'o- -nrk. 


Prom the Playground ConsmiBsion relative to a 
resolution adopted Nov. 14th. 1917 to proceed at once 
with the development of Jefferson Sq. bounded by Turk, 
Gough and Octavia Streets and Golden Gate Avenue. 
Endorsed by the Park CoramisBioners and filed. 

Applications for the position of Curator of 
the Park Museum were received from H.A. Snow, Worth 
Hyder, M.B. Gates, W.A. Larape and CS, Penez. All 
applications were referred to a committee consisting of 
Pre 3, Greenebaum and Comrs. Cummings and McGregor to 
report at the next meeting. 

While considerins the disposition of these 
applications the Board received a visit from the "god- 
father" of the Golden Gate Park L'useun, Gen. H.H, de 
Younj. He was invited to co-operate with the Comirdttee 
in selecting a Curator of the Museum, 

Report of the Superintendent of Childrens» 
quarters for Octpber, 1917 read and copies ordered sent 
each Commissioner. 

Prom Board of Health, report on water used in 
Golden Jate Park, read and filed. 

Report from the Par^ Iluseum for October. 1917 
read and filed. 

The action of com, Cummine,-a, Supt. "cLaren. 
and secty. de Cucca. ^Tovember 8th, 1917 when oids for 
the construction of the Tenni, Club House were opened 
and rejected was unanimously adopted by the Board, 

The secretary wae instructed to .rite to Architect 
John .eld, Jr,. and request that he modify hie plans to 
conform With the appropriation for the construction of 
this building. 

There belni? na r,,^* , . . . 

-^ — '•-"-■ w^wA.icjo usiQp^ the 

Board the xaeetin,^ adjourned ,uhject to the call of tb. 


cretary Park si oners. 





f • 




i t 






Called jaee 




> Itr .. » 



** T 

San Francieco, December 7th, 1917. 

At a called meeting of the Board of Park 
Co.Tjni8Dioner8 held at their office. Park Lodge, Golden 
Gate Park, Friday, December 7th, 1917 

Present v/ere: Pres. Sigmund Greenebaiin, 

fcorc. John A, iTcGregor. 
Absent were: Com. K, }?arl Cummings, 

Ccm. Curtis H. Lindley, 
Com, A. B, Spreckels, 
There bein^ no quorum present the minutes of 
the previous m.eeting, copies of which were sent to the 
Commi8i.ioners, were, upon motion duly made, seconded 
and carried adopted as the ndnutes of the meeting held 
ITovember 22nd. 1917, subject to confirmation at the next 
meeting at which a quoruir is present. * 

Prori Pres. Greenehaum and Cor^. ^'cGregor, rela- 
tive to their appointment of a Curetor for the L'e.T.oiial 
ITuseum which reads as follows: 

To the T-'onorable Poard 
of Park Comnisfiionera. 

Gen tier en: 

i^ cur co->^i^?^rv?!'''^^'"'^! ''^ ^^' ^^"^ P°^^'^ 'tested 
Curator ?''^r*v! 1-^ ^°^ ^' appoint and select a 
Arl^ frr.: * i^emorial Tufeur. to succeed IT. 
/x. Altmanr you 7.131 please tak^ rnti^. tha* we 
h&ve appointed Charles S -^-ro-- -^ : ^ ^ ' rV^' *'®, 
to take effect the r?L* \.^ ^' - ^ i-pointment 
-^lecL tne first day of L>eceL;ber, 1^27. 

Respectfully yourp., 

Sigmund Greenebaiyp.. 
There being no quorum present, the approval of 
the selection by the Co..,ittee was deferred two weeks. 

^e compensation of the ^ratcr was fixed at ;i75. 

^rom :-p5. I. collett app- in- for th 
Of Aseir tcint Curator. 

Action deferred until t} e next meeting. 

e poslticn , 


I < 

\ I 


^ L 

■f -*•*« 


•jsr' ^ir 


f ^ 





From C. E. ITcLaughlin, attorney at law, to 
Corr. Lindley recomnendlnj the appointment of Mrs. I, 
Co33ett to the position of Assistant Curator of the 
Memorial FuGeum. 

Action deferred until the next meeting. 

Prom Com. Lindley to Prea. Greenetaim, rela- 
tive to the appointment of Vre. Collett as Assistant 
Curator r.t tl.e ::useurr:. in which he says "I am sure that 
during rrs. Collett tg emplcjrr.ent at the !.:u8euir. she has 
thus far given good satisfaction". 

Action deferred until next meeting. 

From P. W. Bohle tc Com. C. H. Lindley to 
whom he makes e personal statement relative to his qual- 
ificaticns for the position of Assistant Curator of the 
I'useur. , 

Action deferred until next meeting. 

Prom Secretary Ed. Rainey with enclosure from 
^'T. R. C. Hall, who applien for a po^iti.n in the i:ew 

Ordered filed. 

Pror the State Co-npensaticn Insurance P^jnd 
request! _. : at the re-adJustment of rates he si^-ned 
and returned ' - e- 

Ordered Limned by Secretary. 

Fron :. p. Herrlr^, 'c^xidermist of the Park 
^^useur, :.., -ve to est^Ui^hing a Natural Hiatcry oh- 

>C* :tuiy :. t- ' public SChoo-'f- nf ^o. t',,....^^ 

'^ 1 next meeting. 

the Point Lobob Improvement Club rela- 

'■-^''^^ ^t the end of California street into 
Lincoln Park, 

■ef errn 

^^^ y. 

r re-ort, 


Prom the Point Lobo£- Improvement Club relative 

to the improvement of i:t. Lal^e Park. Ho money was 

allowed in the Budget for this work although ;;12,000. 
was aiBked fcr. 

Prom the Park Presidio Improvement Club stat- 
ing that 14th Avenue from Lake Street to the Presidio 
Wall, about one hundred and fifty feet, is in a deplor- 
able condition and should be conder.ned and turned over 
to the Park CormiGsion fcr park purposes. 

Secretary instructed to notify the Association that 
the said land must be transferred to the Jurisdiction of 
the Park Commisoion before they can expend any of the 
Park Funds on its im.prcvement. 

Prom the Park ^residio Improvement Assn., rei- 
ative to drirJcini, fountains on the north side of the 
Park between 6th and 12th Avenues. 
Referred to Supt. KcLaren. 

Secretary reported that from inf oma^J on re- 
ceived ^ron Clerk KcGi.nis relative to the transfer of 
Sharp Park tc t:.. Park ^orr^ission. the Board of ^uper- 

' ' " - ■ ■ ..nt t --.o 

- ..r^s Of tr.e A39iBtf,.r.t nity Attor- 
-*y. :-r. I^nglish who at present is dealing with Ilr. C.c. 
Furphey relative to the mono, r ^ttlenent of 
the cace. 

Supt. McLaren's report vac — - r 
er.:: r-corjrendatlons approved. 

Heport cf Supt. Taylor cf the - :]drens» 

quartern read and copies crde- ' •- ^ . ConrinP.. 

^ommins loners. 

The Cyrator ^an inatrur-^ir^ r.r.- -.-, -....^ . 

ir end of 

article out of t^ 

--i.*i. aii 

e Park I' 

u Beun 


f • 

♦ **> 







i • , 


\ ■ 





i 5 





To pi 

eye a. 


The Curator wae giyen permiesion to expend 
18.40 for glass eyes for use of the taxidermist. 

There being no further business before the 
Board the meeting adjourned subject to the call of the 


Sfec^etary Park Commissioners. 


' I 






I**' '^ 


i ; 


I '• 

! » 




t I • 

i » 

Called meeting. 


Curator's "bond. 

Application for 

Re, S wate insur- 

San Francisco, December 20th, 1917. 

At a called meeting of the Board of Park 
CoronlBBionere held at their office. Park Lodge, Golden 
Gate Park, Thursday, Decemher 20th, 1917 

Present were: Pres. Sigmund Greenebaum, 

Com. A* B. Spreckels, 
Com. K. Earl Cummings, 
Com. John A. McGregor, 
Absent: com. Curtis H. Lindley. 

The minutes of the meetings held Korember 
22nd and December 7th, copies of which were sent to the 
commissioners, were, upon motion duly made, seconded 
and carried adopted as the minutes of the meetings held 
Kov. 22nd and Dec/ 7th, 1917. 

Prom Chas. E. Penez submitting his bond in the 
Hew Amsterdam Surety Con^any for $5000. as Curator of 
the Park Memorial Museum. 

Referred to the Mayor for approval. 

Prom Mrs. v. Smith ipaking application for a 
position in the Park Museum. 

Application placed on file. 

Prom the Sta'ce Compensation Insurance Fund 
stating that the State Compensation Fund will not charge 
the additional five per cent. ,*ich it is intended that 
all corporate companies i^embers of the National Worknen 

^ ocnric. Bureau will add to insurance rates 

after Dece.ter zut. 1917 for the reason that the Stat. 
Co.npensation Tund overhead exfenses are less than half 
that of the corporate companies. 
Ordered f*<''«/< 

r ' -r 

-CR^ -^-w 

Re. Presidio Park 

Re, sale of 

He. vandalism 
in small parks. 

Re. water ser- 
vice at Boat 

R«. 43rd Ave. 

^e, position of 
Asst, Curator. 

Prom the Point Lobos Improvement Cluh com- 
plaining of the condition of the roadway along the 
Panhandle between 14th and L3th Avenues leading from 
Golden Gate Park to the Presidio reservation. 

Referred to Supt, McLaren with full power to act. 
Prom Chief Engineer J, Burgett relative to 
the sale of one small upright boiler to the Pacific 
Pipe Co, for |50. 

Secretary reported that same had \>een deposited 
to the credit of the Park Pund in t^e City Treasury. 
Action approved. 

Prom the Chief of Police relative to complaints 
of vandalism in several of the small parks. Police 
Officers have been instructed that when on duty in the 
Vicinity Of these squares particular attention is to be 
given them. 

Ordered filed. 

Prom the Spring Valley Water Co. relative to 
a three queater inch service for the Boat House at Stow. 
I^ke Which Will be installed on the north .ide of the 
road Where it Intersects the north and south Drives in 
the Park. 

Ortered filed. 

Prom the Park Preildio Impr. Club complaining 

that the entrance at sx-m^ « 

ranoe at 43rd Avenue la not particularly in- 
viting and re,ueet.ins that it be i*proyed. 

aeferred to Supt. acLaren with power to act. 

Prom Mr. Saffl. ProiiOiolz filing an application 

for the position of ABnio* 4. « 

^««i«^^nt Curator of the Park Museum 

Mr. Pranholz filed four I-**. ,,, 

i-^w^i.« w^ ^ecoiamenaation for the 

Piled for future reference. 






!»X '•#»!.< 

«f ^ 


^ i 

•• t 

• i 
I ^ 

; r 




ll 1 





R«« application* 

Re* Increaaa 
of salary. 

Re. sale of 

Furator*a report. 

Report of water. 


B. Paesera filed an application for a position 
where no vacancy existed and the petition was ordered 

The salary of Mrs. Ida R. Collett, Secretary 
at the Memorial Museum, was, on motion duly made, sec- 
onded and carried increased to $100. per month. Increase 
to date from December 1st, 1917. 

Upon the report of Supt. John McLaren an old 
second hand automohile was ordered sold hy the Park 
Commissioners for $250. after every effort was made hy 
the Superintendent to secure more. 

Report of Curator read and referred to Com. 

^rom the Board of Public Health on park water 
referred to Supt. :icLi\ren, 

There being no further business before the 
Board the meeting adjourned subject to the call of the 




<>'>■.-«■» I , ^.. 




- -vlW 


■n L m - mm m 




. ,t 

'■^ :" 


« •<• 

C' 1 

Called n^ee* 

inut#8 Rdo 

4- t w . , 

San Francisco, January 11th, 1918. 

At a called meetin^of the Board of Park 
ConmieeionerB held at their office. Park Lodge, Golden 
Gate Park, Friday, January 11th, 1918, 

Present were: Pres. SigmundGreenebauin, 

Com. A. B. Spreckels, 
Com. M. Earl Cuimnings. 
Absent were: Com. John A. McGregor, 

Com. Curtis H. Lindley. 
The minutes of the previous meeting, copies 
*f which were sent to the Conraissioners, were, upon 
motion duly made, eeconded and carried adopted as the 
minutes of the meeting held December 20th. 1917. 

Frcm Kayor Rolph. certificate of re-appoint- 
ment of Hon. r. Earl Currunin.^s as Park Coi^miissioner. 

Ordered spread in full on the minutes of the Board. 
From the Mayor's office advising that the k'ay- 
or was very glad to re-appoint Hon. i^ Sarl Cunanings on 
the Park foard. 

Ordered filed. 

Frto The. p. Boyle. City and County Auditor. 
"Portm, that the accounts or the Par. Accountant and 
th. Auditor., offlc, ^„ „ f„ii„„. 



Ordered filed. 

_ 243^478.11 

From the Western Horse Market notice of sale 
Of eighteen Park horBes, net |535.5C. 

secretary reported receipt of check and deposit o^ 
^^.e in the City Treasury. Action approved. 

^■'*0^ ' 


Re. entrances to 


He. bonds of 
tosc loyees. 

Rela* , -e to bearer 

From the North of Panhandle Improvement Club 
thanking the Board for extra benches placed in the Pan- 
l^ndle and requesting that all entrances from Baker to 
Stanyan Streets be closed and planted with grass plots. 
Referred to Supt. McLaren with full power to act. 
Chas. Clanton and J. D. Edwards, utility men 
employed at the Park lluseuir, filed their bonds in the 
sum of $2000. each. 

Ordered sent to the Mayor for approval. 

From his honor. Mayor Rolph. approving of th, 
bond Of Chas. F.. Penez. Curator of the Park Museum. 
Ordered filed with Auditor Boyle. 

Prom the Taronga Zoological Park Trust. Sydney 
Australia, relative to a female beaver wMch they want 
for their collection. 

Referred to Supt. KcLaren. 

From the Towr. Clerk, irelboume. Australia, 
requesting Infonnation relative to a fungus disease 
popularly known as -Leaf Scorch- .„d if the disease 1. 
known in A.,erica and wh^t treat«,ent has been found ef- 

Referred to Supt. uaiaren. 

From the Board of Supeirlsors with enclocur. 

fro. the Oceanslde»ent Clut who petition th. 

Board Of 3up.rvi.or. to set aside a sufficient su» of 

-oney fro. the returned Stat, Auto^oMle licen.e ruhd 

to h. emended in the pavement and perr,anent improve. 

aent of the lower Dart nf ♦v ^ 

«r part of the Great Highway south of 

Lincoln Way to th« qi«-* t, 

J »'0 me oioat Boulevard, 

The Secretary was instrucfn t. ... . 

of Supervisors that tre Pn^v r« - . 

««^ tr.e Park Commissioners endorse the 

request for a sufficient su» to h. set „id. for the 

purpose Of hltu„i„i.,„, the « Highway fro„ Uncoln 
»ay to the aioat Boulevard. 


I i 



--^ a - . _ 



u f-* 

^ :^ 




J 1 




^ ; ... 



. I .' 



Re. half holi- 
day for par!: gard- 

He# nenc--*.^ bro.:en 
in Precitf - ->. 



Prom the Mayor's Office with enclosure from a 
person signing himself -One of them- asking the Mayor 
to do something for the Park gardeners so that they may 
haye Saturday afternoon off along with the other depart- 
xaents of the City. 

Referred to Supt. McLaren for report. 

From the Chief of Police enclosing report from 
Captain of Police Eugene R. Wall relative to a complaint 
about the destruction of concrete benches in Precita 

Chief vwte Bteteethat he has Instructed the pollc 
Officers to pay strict attention to this Park and to 
»ake erery effort to apprehend the guilty party. 

Ordered filed. 

Report Of aupt. LoLaren for Decet.ter. 1917 
read and a, proved and recoranendatione adopted. 

Report Of supt. Taylor of the Childrens ;iuart- 
ers for December. 1917 read and copie. ordered sent to 
each Conmiseioner. 

supt. Taylor submitted a report of receipts 
-d expend- ture. durin, t..e year 1917. Report read and 
copies ordered sent the Con«issloners. 

Report of Board of Health on water used in 
Park read and filed. 

Report Of curator P.„e^ of the Park Uuseua 
read an> referred to Coc, nu™,i.„. 

yro. rajor H. R. casey, quarterr.^ster Corps, 

Presidio, ii5 whicli he states t>.of .. , 

states that he is in sympathy 

with the SuperlntrtrHo«4. 

P rtntendent regarding th. protection of 

th« beautiful Parv ^ ■».. 

^— --^-^ ABsue instructions 
to the teamsters frr fu^ « ^ 

■frc the Post to take other roads 

that are avail? t^e ard *o u.. 

^^■^ wO keep out of the Park except 

in case of eme:- ency. 
Ordered i " 


</■ . '^,- 


He, Aquariiam. 

rte» work of 






The Secretary was instructed to write to 
the City Attorney and inquire what steps would be 
necessary to be taken by the Park Commissioners to 
have the |20,000. provided for in the Charter for 
the maintenance of the proposed Aquarium placed in 
the Park Fund, 

The construction of the Aquarium will soon be 
commenced and the grounds must be prepared. The 
Park Conanissioners do not think the expense of this 
work should come out of the Park Fund. 

Jos. P. Herring appeared before the Board 
relative to money expended from his private funds 
for material and Hork done in the Natural History 
Department of the Park Museum. 

After due consideration the Board unanimously 
agreed to reimburse Mt. Herring to tne amount of ♦ISO, 
for a deer group ana all materials used and the Sec 
retarj' was instructed to draw up a demand for that 

There being no further business before the 
Board the meeting adjourned subject to the call or the 



Secretary of Park Commission. 


I .4^ \ 



i Mr 

I ' . I' 



1 1 



^•- -A.. 

K*' r- %.t^ 




i S 



Called meetin 




Reposing special confidence in the fidelity and ability 
Of r. EARL CUmKGS. I do by these preeente. by virtue of the 
authority vested in .e by the Charter of the City and County 
Of San Francicco. appoint hi. a Park Con^i.sioner. in and for 
the City and County of San Prancieco. to hold said office for 
the ter. of four years, fro. and after the 6th day of Januax,. 
l^ie. vice himcelf. 

In Testimony whereof, i have signed my 
nane and have caused the seel of my 
Office to be affixed hereto, this 8th 
day of January,', 1918, 

'ImitCB approved. 

He, St 


'•1<^. F, BENEDICT, 
Asst. Secretary, 


,,iK4' X, 



* -C 

San Francisco, January 24th, 1918, 

At a called meeting of the Board of Park 
Cormisaioners held at their office, Park Lodge, Golden 
Gate Park, Thursday, January 24tn, 1918, 

Present were: Prea. Sigmund Greenebaum, 

Com, A. B. Spreckela, 
Com, John A. McGregor, 
Com, )£• Earl Cumminga, 
Absent: Com. Curtis H. Lindley, 

The minutes of %he previous meeting, copies 
of which were aent the Commissioners, were, upon mo- 
tion duly made, seconded and carried adopted as the 
minutes of the meeting held January 11th, 1918. 

The following opinion was received from the 
City andCounty Attorney relative to the Steinhart 

IL!!^V^" receipt of a corj:nunication from your 
Secretary requesting me to advise you what 
Bteps are necessary to be taken by the Park 

YS'lorin"t°''^^J '? ^^^« ^^^ ^20,000. pro- 
If^ t^« ^"^ ^!J® Charter for the maintenance 
of^the proposed Aquarium, placed in the Park 

Su^^^J'"^^'*" ^^ ^®®" P*«««d ^y the Board of 
bupervisors and approved by the Mayor, decJar- 

aporoDri;?i ^ n,^^* ^°^^^ °^ supervisors to 

??? ?he ITn?""''^^^^ "°- ^**«« ^'^^" .■?20,000. 

When th. «f *®?^"^® °^ ^^« Steinhart Aquarium 

accordance w?ti%r"'*^^"*«^ ^"^ completed i^ 
accordance with the provisions of the Steinhart 

uidoubte'Slv^^::!;!^^!;.?!.!^- Will, as you are 
t«yi^-r>«^ " J * ^*^»xueB tnaL tne superin- 

unSer ?L*SlrL°?,*r' "/ *^« Aquariu^n must be 
wSen completed ?? °f the Acadeny of Scienoee. 
an aDDroni?.*?* J* "^^^ ^* questioned whether 
0? the louarlur ^^ """^ ^^^ ^"^ *^« maintenance 
ter toeitoent ioSl%''hr"'f i? ^^1"°'"^ Cl>ar. 
Aoadeny of SoieSn-i JL "'*'*' '*i'«'="y *» the 
could be .Tn!i3"S'.!:..'^?. aPP^Prlation. however. 
ParV '^«m».< ~"'\r' ""*""* -*^*^<s-f 4'iie ©upervieion of the 
AquarrST™, !j?"i although the Control of the 
Aquarium might be under the Academy of Sciences. 

apfrojril?i',Sr-:;??l°L:f ?o"'^"« *^*" -""'"I 



and therefore 
cent provia- 

I; ■■>- 

A ,. 


1^ ^ 





f I 

He. pay lag Paric 
employees tirt.c« 
per ffisnth. 

ion of the Charter (Section 11, Articl* XIV) 

but will be appropriated to the General Fund 

to be expanded under the supervieion of the 
Park CoOTaiBSion." 

A copy of the above opinion was ordered sent to 
Pree. Greenebaum and the matt<9r was referred to him. 

The following opinion was received from the 
City and County Attorney relative to paying Park em- 
ployees twice per month: 

"I am in raceipt of a communication from your 
Secretary relative to the law providing that 
per diem employees be paid twice a month. You 
ask »Doea this law compel the Board to do so?" 
Tne Act in question was approved U&y 27th 1917 
and provides as follows: , ^^±' 

"Sec. 1. The wages of all employees of anv 
county of the first or second class, whose 
compensation is based on a daily rate of payment 

iqu^rin^Si^al^r "'"*'^* "^' "' substantially 

-ec, 2. Any officer, employer or a«ent of anv 

^A°.Ti °^*^* ""* " "«°"^ claeaf'^or 0? an7 
department or inatltutlon thereof, iho fail. 

mentr^/f- r**^"? ** *° """Ply "ith the rejui™- 
pres'rJbed or ?f J '?/2 t" " 'h" P^ymente are 
SiM^neX" =°"*"""» "y 1'1». IB Suilty of a 

d?l*!«^ ?** *'^* *>"« ^" i= mandatory that per 

tt^eTf.r.\'^''^t T''' " "■<"•*-■>• ^1 that 18 re- 
2t^ll £" t*^® P"^ Commieslon to do le tl-at the 

*tr t^l^"^"^'' ?! P^^"* i" the ha^ds Of tSe Auli. 
,-or t.-.ioe a month. If an employee dealrea to =ito- 

u il"^e"'en*: ITt'" '" t"^ ^"^^ of'?L"ludi%oJ'°' 
haaalso be^n nf-, < ""2"*-' "^ ""t^^ » "O""* demand 
llberirto"o so""*'"' *° '''' *"''"" "« l" »t 

Ordered filed. 

from Louis c. Bull^ardt. making the following 
suggestions relative to the new Kueeum building! That 
the electric light jole m front of the entrance to the 
North Gallery of the I.emorlal Jmseum be removed; that 
the copln,- around the "Pool of Enchantment" be lowered 
»o that the eane win not proj.ot more tnan ,lx inch.. 
^oy. u.. e..aoiisned grade; that the grade from the " 
front Of the buildin, to the street be conv.x not con- 
cave and flat as at present. He eubmit. a copy of blu. 
print NO. 34 ohowing grade contour which he suggests for 

ne. coin lock.. 






■ * 




grades, terraces and waUcs to the new structure. He 
al8o suggests that the palm trees in font of the new 
Museum wing be removed. 

Referred to Supt. McLaren. 

Prom the Pacific Coin Locks Co. enclosing 
report of receipts from coin locks at lavatories, 
amounting to $42.95 on which they pay the Park Commis- 
•ioners twenty five per cent. $10.71. 

secretary reported that he had received a check 
for that amount and deposited same to the credit of the 
Park Fund. 

Prom krs. I. b. Simpkins. Napa. California. 
Offering a pair of Amandin l-inehe. to the Parte which 
•he would like to gir. to the Park Aviary. 

secretary reported that Mrs. Simpkins had been 

notified that the Finchea wn.i^ u 

finches would be accepted with thanks. 

Prom Sheriff Thoa •??■!««♦-.«. ^ 

inos. Finn to Supt. McLaren 

thankinc the Park Co^ission for the use of the land be-„ the railroad and .all Builii„,. and Havelock Str..t 
al.o land between bull<li„«s ana Ocean Ave. as far west 
aa the stable.. „. also requests pe^iss.on to use th. 
land back of Jail i;o 2 u. 

1.0. 2. He agrees to remove the fence 

a. suggested by Supt. KcLaren at the flr«t o . 

«v xne first opportunity. 

referred to supt. McLaren with full power to act. 
There being no further business before th. 
Board the meeting adjourned subject to th. ,, 
President. *''' "'' °' ''"' 

ee^etary-Park Commissioner.. 



_ . ^-'^■fj' ' -^ 

^<- % 





,1 ♦•• 

~ ijBM 

.* '. 

i It 

I ( 

' f' 


Sailed meetin 



<e »i 


San Francisco, February 14th 1918. 

At a called meeting of the Board of Park 
commissioners held at their office. Park Lodge. Gol- 
den Gate Park, February 14th, 1918 

Present were: Pres. Sig. Greenebaum, 

Com. Curtis H. Lindley, 
Com. A. B. Spreckels, 
Cora. iT. Earl Cummlngs, 
Absent: Cor.. John A. McGregor. 

The ninutec of the previous meeting, copies 
Of Which were sent to each Comrr.icsioner. were, upon 
n^otion duly :r.ade. seconded and carried, adopted as the 
minutes of the meeting held January 24th. 1918. 

The Budget for the fiscal year 1918-1919 was 

subgiitted by Supt. VcT^rAn ^^a 

y upTi.^ren ana a copy ordered sent to 

each Com.jissioner. 

Fror,-. the Pish and (J«r,e Co-r^desion enolosing 
pen..u, Supt. McLaren to km nine Buffalo 
b"na. an.; to .,ake =uoh dispocitlon of the fle.h as 
mBy be possible, 

Keferred to Superintendent with po^er to aot. 
Pr=r. the Kal^t 4 Aahbury I:.prover.ent Clut 

stating that a coralttee 'rcr tv,^ v . 

iitee .ror, the --bove Assoclfition 

"'" ""''''' '^''^^ *^- ^--'^ at its next meeting rela- 
tive to the openin. of a street through the Panhandle. 

Former Park Conir^iseicner V k -n* l 

oA^ner „.k, .rutzkow and Fugo 

Schunert appeared iefore t-^ p. . 

;; ''"'"" '' ^^-"'^= — through the Panhandle 
after which Car i-n^^- 

J i.c^ec that the request be 
denied, motion seconded bv Pom c, 

bi, Com. Spreckels and carried. 

Pron" t' e '^or-f ^ 

-urx.. of Panhandle Imn-rn^^rr^^* ^■•..v 


»^( reeoluti 

on adopted by tne Club, 

the Panhnndle from J- 

urging t;at 

aker to ct 

anyan Street be closed 


He. vandal i buj 
at Garfield Sq, 

Bawd concerts. 


to vehicles, that all driveways be removed and space 
now occupied by them be sown to grass seed. 
Referred to Supt. McLaren. 

From Chief of Police D.A. White relative to 
the vandalism in Garfield Squaie stating that he has 
detailed an officer on the four to twelve o'clock 
watch and an officer in plain clothes to see that all 
ordinances governing Parks are strictly enforced. 
Ordered filed. 

From Board of Supervisors v.ith enclOEure 
from H.L. Phillips, who desires permiislon to place 
a Singer (at hie expense) as an added attraction with 

Prof. Cassasa.s Band playing in Golden Gate Park on 


Request denied. 

Fro,,, the Panoher Creek Nursery. FreBno.Cal. 
informing Supt. rcLaren that tw.lve Pune- 
^rlB and twelve Kahonia Japonlca plant, would be .ent 
to the Pari: Commissioners gratis m e.chan.e for cut- 
tines and propacatine material reoe.ved fro„ Golden 
Gate Park, 

secretary to aCno^led^e receipt with the thanks 
0- the Par.: Board. 

Pron-. r.iotrict Council of Painters ::o. 8 

;r ""^ -"^"^ "^' -" -- - Si. .onar. (,..00) 
P" ^ay. e.ceptin. the si.n and pictorial p.i„tera. 

Increase in wa«?*.E -"-■• 

'-0. I.H. Rand, colonel -orp. or ..s. «n-in. 

:::;;:"""^"^ ^^^^ - - -« ^ ^-pp^. of „on:a 

grass to oe planted on certain 

°n certain areas on the lower Sac 
rsirentc Ritrer wher.- « . 

"*** w n ii 

operations is incli 

-i^ oy tr.e dredgi 


^ed to be bl 

own intc neighbori 





*■ ^ 




I. *' 

Kim tin. 

;ton Park, 

se. :♦«. 

Request for the grass granted subject to the 
orders and direction of Supt. McLaren, 

Prom Kiss Blythe Wallace, Director of the 
Fairmont School, asking if it would be possible to 
supply a few swings, elides, May poles, teeter boards 
and other playground apparatus in Huntington Park for 
the amusement cf the children. 

Secretary instructed to notify Miss 'A-allace that 
according to the terr.s of the Will of Mrs. Huntington 
the Park can be used for Park purposes only. 

Pres, Sigijiund Greenebaum brought up the 
question of how to properly disburse the $20,000, per 
annun to be appropriated by the Board of Supervisor 
for the maintenance of the Steinhr.rt Aquarium when 
conctructed in Golden Gate Park by t-^ Acaderry of 

Cora. Ilndley expressed a wish to confer with the 
City Attorney on the eubjeet therefore the matter wa. 
referred to hin. A. copy of ,,-r. Ignat. Steinharfa 
Will v/as requested by the Corardbt loner. 

The .■uporintendent eubmitted the revised 
Rule, and Crdinar.oea eoverning the Park. ..nd squares 
Of San Francisco. 

copy ordered sent to eacn CommiBsioner, 

Mr. Hugh Schunert representing Haight 

and Ashburv IniDrovp. «»,+ a 

^TnJro^ e..ent Associc-tion urged the more 

general use of t^e tunnel i««h< 

^""nei leading from the 10th Ave. 

ertrp.ncc to the Band stand on Sundays in the inter- 
eBt Of a greater cafety to t.e public. 

. upi,, -cLaren. 


Re, uond of 


-•t Q. 

. en. 

Report of Supt, 

The bond of H, Trost, Taxidermist at the 
Park Museum, was received from the Fidelity and Deposit 
Co.. and sai::e ordered sent to the Mayor for approval. 

Supt, McLaren's report for January was 
received and considered and recoonendations adopted. 

Report Of Supt. Taylor of the Childrens' 
quarters for January read and copy ordered sent to eacji 

Report of Curator Penez received and referred 
to Cor.. CurarainQs, 

There being no further business before the 
Board the meeting adjourned subject to the call of th. 


•*• X 1^. 

-^ -^^ t_ 

■* ^ 

Secretary Parx Corm.issi 


''^ifbr'H.ff^ P 8 >** ■ "^' '' " ' 



I ' f' 


f < 







Called meeting. 




-.^ipejr-y^ »♦■•* ♦* 

San FranciBCO, February 28th, 1918. 

At a called meeting of the Board of Park 
CommlBsloners held at their office, Park Lodge, 
Golden Gate Park, February 28th, 1918 

Present were: Pree. Sigmund Greenebaum, 

Com. M. Earl Cummings, 
Com. A. B. RpreckelB, 
Com. John A. McGregor. 
Absent: Com. Curtis H. Lindley. 

On motion duly made, seconded and carried 
. M. B. Pairman was appointed Acting Secretary in the 
absence of Secretary James de Succa. absent on account 
of Illness. 

The mlnutee of the meeting held February l4tH, 
oorlee 01 Which were eent to the ComlBtloners. were 
upon motion duly made, aeconded and carried adopted a. 
the minutes of the meeting held February 14th. 1918. 
From the City Federation of Women'. Club, 
eeeking co-operation in compilln« their official Dlrec 
tonr and offering to the Co™,le,io„ to be u.ed 
in other than Federation data. 

A. the Co™.is.lon cannot a. . body contribute or 
.ubecribe to an, book the offer wae declined with t...nic.. 

from ui„ Hannah du Boiu regarding d«na^,. ,„,. 
tained by . p.i„ti„, ,, j,,„ j^_ ^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^ 

Parte Kueeu. and aeicin. relmburaement from the Co»„ 
for the expen.e incurred i. haring it repaired. 

".,u..t granted and Secretary ordered to l..„. „,^„, 

'rom the i>.partment of the Interior .ncloeing 
License 2«o. 437i3o ,« ^^ 

«n39 granting the Park Co»„i,.io„,r, th. 






• I. 

• '1 

J « i 


hi* ( 

i Uk:i 



' J 

t •' 

t 'i 


He. Budgtt. 

Re. }cod Friday-. 


right to purohaee exploelvea. 
Ordered filed. 

The Budget for the fiscal year 1918-1919 
haring been submitted to the CoimniBeionerB, ,,a8 
approved and ordered sent to the Board of Supervisors 
lind the Auditor. 

From Stanislaus A. Riley .f the Young Ken's 
Institute asking for the Co-operation of the Con^nis- 
eion in observing Good Priday by allowing the employ- 
ees Of the Park to absent themselves on Good Friday 
rarch 29th. 1918. between the hours of twelve o'clock 
noon and three o'clock P,i,. to attend the services in 
the several churches throughout the City. 
Requeot granted. 

From rilitary Headquarters of the Presidio 
acknowledging with thanks plans received by them of 
-planting plans- for Infantry Terrace. 
Ordered filed. 

From the Board of Public Corks enclosing 

plan for altering l^arshnn c«„ 

16 .-arshall Square and recornmending 

that tr.e foard of Park- rnrnm^ „ .. 

Park CwnmisBioners consent to and 

approve the prot)os«»rf ,.- w 

proposed re-alignment of the Plaza, in or- 

^er to conronn with the Civic Center plans. 

Proposed pltftrnf •«<^„» 

tixxerations approved, 

Froc. LTayor Jas. Polph's orr4«- 

■^^'^ 8 Office protesting 

an. au..esti„. t., Co«..ealo„er. .,Za. action untU 

Of the Interior wno hoo v 

has been communicated with regarding 
their Pemoval t. Yosemite Park. 

The Boara ^.eciaed that «« a, 
^^ ,^ ^^^ "° disposal would be made 

Of the Buffaloes until Vranklm K t . 

ranjciin K. Lane ie heard froa. 


.. n. 



> ?■ 


-Sb '^ 

He. tapping water 
r..ain at Park 
Police citation. 

Re, telescope. 

1 eture 

— * 

a^> «%<(►.•.. 

■■^j,,-*- 'Jfc'..^«s4 -■; 

7rom the Board of Police Conanissicners 
granting the request of the Park Commissionere to tap 
the Spring Valley Water main leading from Stanyan St. 
to the Police Station in Golden Gate Park for the pur- 
pose of installing a drinking fountain. 

Secretary instructed to send a letter of thanks 
to the Police Commiseion and comr.iunication ordered 

Prom Jas. S. gobs requesting the pplrilege 
of placing a Telescope on the Beach near the Cliff 

Request denied. 

Prom Barton W. Everman of the Academy of 
Sciences, enclosing a draft of a resolution regarding 
the Aquarium matter and suggesting tne Board of Park 
Commissioners might wish to adopt same. 

It v/as decided to de'er action on this matter 
until Com. Lindley could be present. 

Bids on lumber for show cases for the new 
Kuseur. were referred to supt. McLaren with power to 

Mr. Fred S. Robbins appeared before the 
Board seexing permission to take pictures of visitors 
in the Park to be dlapoBed of to them for a nominal 

AS tne P«rk has nerer been used for commercial 
purposeB/ request was unanimously denied. 

There being no further business before the 
Board the meeting adjourned subject to tne call of the 

Acting Secretary. 


I « 

I ! 


I ' I 

i J 



■ I 



.h- '. 




f i 


San Francisco, j.rarch 14t:i, 1918. 

At a called meeting at the office of the 
Board Of Park Com^asioners, Thursday. Karch 14th. 1918 the 
meeting was called to order but as no quorum was present, 
adjourned subject to the call of the Prenident. 

gfeoretery Park ConmisBior.ers. 

H*^ ^f» 

■^f. m' 



mm mmm^ 



• I.I 






i •< 




M * i*i ■ u i<a m r . 


ff^^ ■.: 

<» -v 

C»j.^cd xaeetin-;. 

.tea adapted. 

le« flbsencft of 

San Pranclsoo, March 2l8t, 1918. 

At a called meeting of the Board of Park 
Conimissionere held March 2l8t, 1918 at their office 
Park Lodge, Golden Gate Park, 

Present were: Pres. Sigmund Greenebaum, 

Com, M* Earl Curaminga, 
Com. John A. McGregor. 
Absent were: Com. Curtis H. Lindley, 

Com. A. B. Spreokels. 

The minutes of the previous meeting, copies 
of which were sent to the Commissioners, were, upon 
motion duly made, seconded and carried adopted as the 
minutes of tne meeting held February 28th, 1913, 

Prom Com. C. H*. Lindley notifying the Secre- 
tary that he was learinei for Washington, D.C. to argue 
some cases before tne Supreme Court of the United States 
and therefore would be unable to attend the next meet- 
ing. He requeats that the Secretary present his com- 
pli rents to the members of the Board and Mr. McLaren. 
Ordered filed. 

ij'rom the .^erican Bison Society acicnowledging 
receipt or letter from Secretary. 

The society states that they can point with pride 
to the fact that they assisted in establishing the Mon- 

tana National Rlftnn >>••«'* «-.^ - 

..B*»* a.i*v* uow iieive one nunarea and 

forty three Buffaloes there. They also assisted in es- 
tabllshing and stocking the wind Cave National Park herd 
at Hot Springs, south Dakota where there are sixteen 

head of Buffalo. •!•>,• «•-..*., * * 

— Mv^^myjf are to ijuppxy jjurfaloes 

for the sully.. Hill National Park. They desire that 
the American Bl.on Society be given a bri.t account of 
the work by the Park 3o™„l88ion shoeing the nmaber of 
ani^ale they have bred, the aourc. from which the orlg- 







-fm- ^ 


1 1 ;? 









I r 


,^^ ialoes# 



inal stock was d»riT«d and the number of calves born. 
Referred to Supt. McLaren. 

From the Mayor's office enclosing requests for 
Buffaloes from the Sacramento Chamber of Commerce, for 
their City Parks, from Mr. Jas. McGee, from Carl Laemle 
representing Unireraal City, from Milwaukee and from 
Mr. Burt Crane of Turlock, California. 
Referred to Supt. McLaren. 

From Chief of Police D. A. White forwarding 
copy Of a letter sent by him to the Board of Supervis- 
ore relatiTs to securing the Ingleside Golf Links. 

Secretary instructed to inform the Board of Super- 
visor, that if they will appropriate sufficient funds to 
maintain them in a creditable manner the Park Commission 
Will take immediate steps to acquire the Ingleside Golf 

?rom the Playground CommieBion. adTlalng Supt. 
H=I*ren that he had been appointed to act on a Co»,„ltt.e 
to investigate the acquisition by the Playground Co«,ie. 
3ion Of the Insleeide 3olf Links. 
Ordered filed. 

From the Playground Corailssion notifying- the 
Board Of Par. Co»:„issio„er3 that it .aa voted to close 
the Holly Park Playground and return ,a.e to t.o con- 
trol Of the Park Con„l.slon to .ecce effective ;iarch 
15th, 1918, 

Jurisdiction of the sa„e was accepted by the Park 
Coiiimis Si oners, 

Jrom the ,>part.-,ent of Education relative to 
a Co»:„lttee of teachers ,ho gathered fro» the variou. 

exhibits at the P.p t w 

« i'. P.I.I, much valuable material in th« 

'^ope that t.^. .,u,, ,„,. ,^^ „^^^^^^ ^^ ^ ^^^^^^ ^^ 
..u= ,hlch the Board of B.ucatlon is cataloging. 

The secretary .a. instructed t. invite the „e..era 
*'• '""' '' '""-"- *» the next meeting l„ ,rd,r 









' Jf t 









« ( 


r < 



Letter oi ojia,iAti.d« 

Re. statue of 
Judge ". . 


that more detaile may be given by them relative to 
what they desire. 

Prom Rotary Club thanking Supt, Mo Laren 
for his assistance in making the Creasy Rotary Club 
Children* s Day a complete success by contributing an 
abundance of flowers thereto. 
Ordered filed. 

Prom the Board of Supervisors stating that 
Mr. John Reid, Jr. of the Bureau of Architecture in 
behalf Of the members of the Bar Association has report- 
ed in the matter of a memorial statue to Hon. J, M. 
Seawell to be placed in the City Hall. 
Referred to Com. Cummings. 

Prom the Mayor»s office forwardin^^ bonds of 
J. C. Edwards, chas. cianton and Henry Trost, Kuseum 
employees bearing the Mayor's approval. 

Ordered sent to the Auditor's office. 

Prom the Pacific Coin JarV rrs *■ 

^yjxn i^ocjc Co. forwarding a 

ch.0. for 06.34 being the con^iaaion on the recelota 
fro. the CO.. loclca Install., in p.biic lavatoriee fro. 

I5ecei:."her 3l8+ iqt? +« -n ^ 

^^-. 3917 to February 27th. 1918. as per re- 
port submitted. 

Secreury reported tne check deposited to the credit 
Of the Park Fund. Action approved. 
Upon notion -'ulv r-.-^ 

the Secret M'"' var ^i^.^ 

^. v,a8 inetructed to adver+<e,e f— v^- - 

--.-.^c lux &J.UB lor a 

nev.- auto.otne for use of supt. x,cl.ron. 

com. Cu^inga reported that he had receired . 
re que ft fron. t) p +v,^* 

»■« three mounded eoldlera no. i„ £ar. Iran- 

ci-o. *-^-t the. .e .nowed the uee of ..,. .._, 

Stand, Bunda; 
lecture on t 

. .'nrch 31st. 3918 fo 

r the 

i^e War 

purpose of a 

and the Red c 



ere victims of th 

ese soldiers 

e World's War 

» o^^J'^aving lost his eye 

Re. locker for 
Teimi.n Courts, 

. ' report. 

ir-r. • « t 


eport on wate. , 

Bight, one a leg and the third one ?ye and an arm. 
Request granted. 

The matter of the coin locker for use at the 
Tennis Courts was referred to Supt. McLaren with f\ill 
power to act. 

Supt. McLaren's report for February. 1918 
read and adopted and recommendations approved. 

Supt. Tuylor's report received and copies 
ordered sent the Commissioners. 

Report of Curator Penez read and referred to 
Com. Cuminlngs. 

Report from the Board of Public Health on 
water used in Park, read and referred to Supt. : cLaren. 

There being no further business before the 
Board the meeting adjourned subject to the call of the 


I /. 

1^ / L 

secretary Park Commlsalonera. 






1 1 (J 




} ' 

(• ' 


--. d meeti 

li. , • 


San Francisco, April 4th, 1918, 

At a called meetine, of the Board of Park held at their office Park Lodge, Golden 
Gate Park, April 4th, 1918 

Present were: PRSS. C. H. Lindley, 

Com. Sigmund Greenebaum, 
Com. M. Earl Cummings, 
Com, John A, McGregor, 
Absent: com. a, B. Spreckele. 

The nlnutee of the previouc meetm-, copies 
of which were sent to the CommiaBioners. were, upon 
motion duly made, seconded and carried adopted as the 
minutes Of the meeting held I/arch Slat, 1918. 

com. Sit-mund Greenehaum who was elected Pres- 
ident during the temporary absence of Pres. Lindley 
in V/aehln^ton r.C, requested him to resume the Presi- 
dercy of t.e Board. Pres. Linlley .tated he would 
remain in can Francisco for the present. 

From Joe, Magner of the Liberty Loan Committee frontin. Powell Street directly opposite the St. 
Franeie Hotel, 

Pres. CfpeenebauiL tc »v,«^ ♦, 

^^auiL, to whom tr.e requect has been rade 

■Pereonauy. ,„„-.„ it au^ject to th. conflnnatlon ,y 
tne Board at ite next m.etlng. 

Th. action of Preo. aro.nebau,, wau rp^roved. 

ProB Honakong 4 Shianghai fankln,: Corporation 
''—'^"- i"' Of anl.^i„ for eal, .t Calcutta. 

Th. Offer Of purcha.. was d.cUned nth tnanka. ' 

From the l/'ayor»a nfrin^ «4»v 

yor s office, with enclosure from 

;;" """" " ''•-'' -•". --"--!.. «apa CO.. ae.l„g 
Referred to supt. Koiaren. 

♦ *. 

1 1 s 



»f If 



Secretrr"'- bond. 

".-. trees on 
Ocean shore R.r?, 

Prom Jas. C. Hayburn, receipt for the pay- 
ment of Secretary de Succa»8 bond of $6C00. for the 
year 1918, 

Ordered filed. 

Prom the Oceanshore Railroad granting the 
request of Supt, .'cLaren to plant about a dozen trees 
on the embankment of the railroad inside the fence at 
the northerly end of sharp Park to hamonize with the 
other tree planting contemplated at that location, 
secretary to acknowledge receipt with tKan.^s. 
Prom A.B. Puttelmann offering the skeleton 
Of a Blue Rorqual .male for sale to the Park Con..iesion. 

secretary instructed to refer the communication to 
the California Academy- of Sciencee. 

From S.H. Kent relative to a gravel walk in- 
«i^e the Park curb alon.. stanyan street from Lincoln 
Vay to Oak street. 

deferred to Supt. I-cLaren, 

Prom L-aterial Teamsters Union #216 advising 

thP.t on and after Hay l^t isift +v,* 

^^y i>.t, 1&18 the vacea of teair.sters 

' ;:" '--'=' ^^^"" «"^ ^e increase, nny cent. 
i*'^0) per day. ^,3 ,,3 ,„„ ^^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^_^^^^_^^_ 

ore end teair.ln n-^^ 

1". flrae er.ployl„,- ^...tere of the Building 
.aterlHls Tear>nt»»<.. 

'"" ^'■'^ *"'» ^"^ck rrlver« Unions In 
San Francisco, 

On mo tic*" ('- 1 1- J 

- '^1. ::*de, seconded and carried the in- 
creane was granted. 

'""' '""^ ^'"O or supe^ucre a.vl«ing that 
th« Finance Committei* ^r *u 
..... ...... . ^''^'^ " ^^- ^--^ -^n. on Wednesday. 

. , . ""^ ''•'"' """^i^«^ the Park Commission- 
ere Budget f^r t .e ^ir.., ^aeion 

^ic-cal year 1916-;919. 

He, Huntington 


Prom L'rs. E, s. Leon suggesting that a name 
plate be placed m a conspicuous place in Huntington 
Park bearing also the name of the generous donor of 
that Park to the City and County of san Francisco. 
Referred tc Supt, iHcLaren, 

Pres. Ilndley offered the following resolu- 

«n.fd"^d°f^^"J,?!==^ri«"«" i--avl„6 duly 

following resolution r/as adopted: ' 

"nade by thrwilio? ?>■-?*»*''? Provisions 
should be Ldeef?eotlvei*? ^«"**'' Steinhart 
of the CitrAttorrev H; ' "P''" "'^ ^^''i<" 
fully enterefin'rr^etv-e'eT^h'rAcade^? It '"- 
Sciences and the Board of Park Co^r^^i'ners; 

RESOL'aiD, That the Preeide-t «<- ♦v, - 

fer » 1th the cit" if;!! "^ **^* ^O'lrd con- 

of the Acaderv o' '^'^""^y and the President 

■ Ite Plaf ^f'cloierluorb/'^"' ''-"* ^ ''•^'"- 
Clty Atton.ey anrsubn??,-! f^^"*"^ ^^ «-he 
the Acader:y of^cierces for tn T" ^"""^ *"<> 
and action. "fences for their consideration 

H"ol.tlon unanimously adopted, and copy ordered 
"nt to the California Acad,„,y of Sciences. 

The following bids fn-r « 

fc DIGS for a new automobilt wera 
received and con.sideraH v«, ^ 

n, by Co». Cu„.,ings. Supt. rcLaren 
and Eecty. de Succa trt. 

ucca. After considering all bids, it 

"•as .agreed that the Locooohii. - 

i-ocottoblle car ras the ^o- ..... ..„ 

b«»t perform, the services r.„ , . 

,„>,, required fro„ tne Park auto- 

iBoVlle, therefore their biA _ 

confl^auon by the ll ^"''"' ^"^"^' *" *'■- 



certified check |631.39 

' ^-^•"^^r tourli^g car 48-2 |6313.90 

Allowance on oia car ,n.. 

^ 1,000,00 
Total coat f « v 

f-o.». S.?. «5313.90 


II 9. T 



•( ■ 

I <• : 

• t 

V. M 


i I 


1 ^ 





7 passenger touring car 38-2 
Allowance on old car 
Total cost f.o.b, s.P. 

Certified check $589.66 
7 pasGenJer touring car 
No allowance war tax included. 
Al^A. PAUOCKEH^O. Mannon car. Certified chec. $398.50 
7 passenger touring car $3985.00 
Allowance on old car .^000.00 

Total coet 


EARL C^MiTmm, IXC, Certirs.^ v, , . 

bertified check $423.97 

7 passenger PacJcard touring car $4239.71 

Allowance on old cer ,«^ ^^ 

. 35 0.00 

Total cost 

$3889. '»! 
BON LEE CO. ^ . 

Certified check $308. 

7 paeeenger Cadillnr fni,-«<„ 

«mxiac touring car $3060.00 

AllowAnce on old car 

Totel coLt 

$'^730. 00 
STUrSEBAKEP CAR rn ^ ^* ^^ 

CO. Certified check $159.00 

7 pacsenber touring car 

"^ °^^ $1590.00 

Allowance en old car 


Total cost 

$ 890.00 

Supt. kcX 's 

Supt. Taylor » 


' ear was confl^ea unani^oualy. 


Report of Supt. McLaren for March, 1918 
read and adopted and reconanendationa approved. 

Supt. Taylor's report for March, read and 
copies ordered sent the CommisBioners. 

There heing no further business before the 
Board tne meeting adjourned subject to the call of the 

^ \ ' 

fecretary Park Conanissioners. 




■» • » 

I (I.' 






» ( 


Called mae 

IKQuert a: 

Sen Francieco, April 25th, 1918. 
At a called meeting of the Board of Park 
CoinmisBionere held at their office Park Lodge, Golden 
Gate Park, Thursday April 25th, 1918 

Present werej Pres. Curtis H. i.indley. 

Com, Slgrcund Greenebaum, 
nom. j/r. Earl Curjminga, 
Com. John A, J.^'cGregor. 
Absent: con?. A. B. Spreckels. 

The minutes of the previous meeting, copies 
of which v^erp nent tc the CommiBsioners, were, upon 
motion duly, eeconded and carried adopted as the 
minutes of the meeting held April 4th, 1918. 

L'esBre. I/ulhern, Deasy and Jeremiah Coffey 
representing Hon. Jas. :. phelan, appeared befcre the 
Board and requested :^ , e Park CommiHrioners accept 
a replica of a statue of lobert Kmmet by Jerorre Connor 
the OTUi^m Of Which i. ror in the rational ruseum at 
'.Vashintjton, -^,,-, 

The Statue is z: -if* ^y^,^ '^ar.o*^- ▼ -r. ^, , 

.i ' - -.w... enatcr Jas. P. Phelan 

*° ^'^ ^^ "'' ^'^ -olden Gate Park, the Senator to bear 
t-^e entire e..,.ense of placir.; it on t: m ^c be .e- 

;■ -0.,. 'Ja^..^ings, Sup.. ..cLare.: ,.n. enator 
Phel. 1. ..^c :; return from ^Tashin/rton, -. C. 

--. ^cepted. 
■ • -. P. Rixford LT- -.,-. .-tow atating 

4 ,_ ^ ■ 

'^^^-izenB and old tirrp y,n^rc «-r e«^ 

Franciccc, „ ,30-,,,^,. v«^ 

--re T,. e , .-,: and cUtjger.ted the 

buil Of , ,ircul.r boat .bout six!;- feet m clrour,- 

' ■ i" Golden Gatp Park such as 
was propellc - i .,_„ . 


i rt 

'■ipt, IJcLaren, 

" orrer 

^ ^* i i-t^. I 

n e 

Mr. Geo, F, P.ainm desired to donate a general 
collection of ctiirios from different oountries to the 
Park Memorial ruseum. There would be an expense in 
connection with its classification and freight from 
New York City. 

Coin. Greenebaum said there is no room in the Mu- 
seum at the present time and the offer was declined. 

From the Cirector of the Horticulture Section, 
Giza ITouderieh, Egypt, who desiree to make a collection 
Of Aloes and Yucca, in their plant introduction station, 
and encloces a list and advises that he would be pleased 
to forv..ard any seeds which Supt. FcLaren may require. 
Referred to Supt. McLaren. 

From Director Horticulture Section. Giza.lou- 
derieh. .gypt. st.ting that he .s anxious to make trials 
With ferns /trelr plant introduction station. The Di- 

rector sends eamplee of seeds of rar«4« «'i v 

occub 01 oassla w.'iich may not be 

in our collection. 

Referred *c ':upt. :. claren. 

Fro:. t..e Coldstream Corporation w- desire 

*c introduce rir ■'VpiAot ^^i , .. 

- .celesB drirJ^inc fountain in the Park. 

CrrJered filed. 

yro^. Krs. E.c. Ealdwin. "halman ;.o.^an's Loan 

Comnittet reouef't <r-,- ^^^ ^ 

reque.tin^ penni.cion to erect a small plst- 

fc rm in the certer or tt«<^ 

r-ter Of Union Square on !.ronda. . April 29th 
at WfM rVi y^Aoe. ^'^^j ^ v.ial Ye the principal speak- 
er ir the interest of the sale 
Rtqmept /rranted. 

^-..oardorPuUic,:eain-3en:i. eopyofa 

0^ Liberty Loans. 

^-rs. siFa .;, Lc 

need of a sani 

tary c 

-> convenience ctati 


ry instructed t 

T relative to the 
^n in Huntington Park 

o notify t 

tbmt the 

re are no fund 

e health De^ 



G available to c 

ce stations, 

onbtruct con 



k> »5>-, 



' I 


' I 

I I' 
1 1 

' ) 


! I, ri 


- ■ i — IIIWPK^— #> 



; ji^ 


it /■ - 



> i 


f » 

h . 

I w 



I. • 


R6 • J- *i-., 


Re. -Ol: 
In P r' , 

:i^-^ ^V/««- yrom the State Corapeneation Insurance Fund 

relative to a clain filed ty Robert Paul Staehelin's 
widow for his death claimed to have heen caused by an 
Injury received while in the Park er^ploy one year ago. 
secretary was instructed to refer the document to 
the City Attorney, 

■': ''\. ^'*°^- ^- ^^' ^^«^ stating that the playing of 

the Soar Spangled Banner by the "carrousal" at the 
Beach should be stopped. 

Secre-.ary instructed to refer the matter to the 
Police -epartrent as we have no Juriddiction. 

Fron: ir. ma. C. Hassler of the Department of 

Public Healtl"* 001*- i^ir-fr>- «*■ -»j 

cor..,iciir.ini^ of poison oak in Juena \'ista 


Supt. roLarer. lr.rorir.ed the .loctor that dilieent 

effort teln.- nuide to eradioate Poison Oak ir. all 

t:"-e City Parks but that it ic al^.ost i-npocaible to 

secure , to dig this nuisance out but if there is any 

preventative he v,ould be ,lad to hear rror. their Depart- 

-r-ent. The doctor replied that there is „o rer.e^^ knov.^ 

to prevent tU. poison fron arrackln, sueceptlcle indi- 


be se: 

■^. Te^ster requesting that soir.e pl?^v,f 
- e r .ilippines. 
. ' . - cLaren, 


- United ::tate8 T)epcrtTent 

ture relE.!: 

of .\gricul- 

,->•■■'*■ 4. 


.1 s,'.-i>A 

^ ^0 send plants to Philippines. 
^. t. :'cLaren, 

= i;ned ^:- -.any citizen;; vas re - 

^ l ■ - *v i ... , 

■ - "tril eolofi be 

yed at t 

"£ '"';.. would in 
cioneiT -.^ 

■^^erts in jcI p. 


-ate Park. 

X- -.tiinrrc t) at 
oy.^.cr.^c the Park Corrmis- 

e not in a fi 


nancial poaltion to grrnt th 


He. injects. 

He. coin locks. 


From the United States 3epart...ent of Agri- 
culture relative to insects on plants, 
deferred to Supt. L-'cLaren. 

From the Pacific Coin Lock To, enclosing 
checks for ,>3.2? and 2.48 for percentage of coin lock 

Secretary reported same deposited to the credit of 
the Park i^ind. Action approved. 

The following bids were received on hose: 


6000 ffc3t 1" hose 
200 " l^" " 


6000 feet 1" hose 
200 " 1|" •• 

♦•23^ per foot 
.29 • 

24.13 per C feet 
30,28 * 


6000 feet 1- hose 


.22 per foot 
.29 " 

The powers Rubber Works being th# lowest bidders 
were awarded the contract for the deli wry of hose. 

Report from the Poard of Public Health read 
and orderei f.led. 

Curator .e:ie.»3 report read and referred to 
-om, Cuimnings, 

There being no further bao.ncos before th« 
Board f; ...ejt: . : adjourned subject to t .e ca.l o " the 



To— iasiQ 1, 














i : 



Called meeting. 

"inutes adopted, 

He, Military 
Bands at Park. 

He, case of 

^ohn J, Sullivan, 

He, Rules and 

San Francisco, May 2nd, 1918, 
At a called meeting of the Board of Park 
Commissioners held at their office. Park Lodge, 
Golden Gate Park, Thursday, May 2nd, 1918 

Present were: Pres, Curtis H. Lindley, 

Com. A, B, Spreckels, 
Com, M, Earl Cummings, 
Com. Sigmund Greenebaum, 
Com, John A* McGregor, 
The minutes of the previous meeting, copies 
of which were sent to the Commissioners, were, after 
being corrected at the suggestion of Com. McGregor, 
upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, adopted 
as the minutes of the meeting held April 25th. 1918. 

From Chas, Z, Soule, suggesting that an 
intitatlon Ije extended to the United States Bands, 
Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Marine Corps and Sailors 
to perform at our Band stand in Golden Gate Park. 

Pres. Lindley declared his willingness to look 
into the suggestion and the matter was referred to him. 
Prom the Board of Supervisors and City Attor- 
ney Geo. Lull, transmitting the findings and award of 
the industrial Accident Commission of the State of 
California, in the case of John J. Sullivan, a painter 
in the employ of the Park Commission. By the terms of 
the award Mr. Sullivan is entitled to a balance of 
$131.25 less the sum of ^lo. to be deducted and paid 
to John 0»Donne]l, his attorn«v. 

On motion duly aade, s.oonded and carried, the 
secretary wa, inatructel to i33ue a dnna-.d for the 

Hew rules, regulations and wrdlr»ar^— '-- 
the use. enjoyment, and goTernment of Public Parke, 
squares, Pleasure Grounds and Oren,, Highway w.r. sub- 


— •'j^ 



.•),-,-«,►,■> «ia?MK 


i 2S 










t i- 

n«. contract and 
noil contract. 

Re. Cliau.Ler of 
Coiamerce pamphlet. 

milted fcy the Superintendent, 

The Secretary wae Inetruoted to send a copy of 
the Rules and Ordlnancee to each Conailasioner, 

Kr, Daniel McCabe, contractor, who built the 
concrete in Buena Vleta Park, appeared before the 
Board and e^reBeed a wleh to addre.e the Co^ 
Which was accorded to him. „r. McCabe stated that hie 
had been the lowest of three estimates submitted to 
Supt. L'claren and hie work being satisfactory to the 
superintendent, a demand for $475. was Issued m his 
faror. but now the Auditor will not sien the same be- 
cause it is marked "non-contract". 

The secretary d^lalned that as bids had not been 
advertised for In the official paper, in accordance 
With the provlaiona of the Charter he considered the 
work done by priyate agreement, and he was therefore 
compelled to st«„p the deimnd -non-contract", 

Pres. Lindley expressed the opinion that the low- 
est Of three estimates received by supt, KcLaren to do 
certain work or nirnish certain material was a contract 
Within the meaning of the law i, not strictly within 
the meanlne of the Charter, 

Open motion duly made, seconded and carried the 

Opinion of Pp«fi n-,^i 

ires. Lindley was approved by five 

Of the Board and the Sedretary was then instructed to 
erase the word "non-ccntract" .„ the demand and sta^p 
•contract- thereon Instead, 

^om the San Francisco Oiamber of Co»,erce 
-ery beautiful and valuable pamphlet in connection 
v.AWAi tlicir work dn-».<»,^ m^ 

rk during "Coinmunity Service Week" which 
wae a patriotic duty. 

The Cecret&pv i>o» * 

t.ry was Instructed to acknowledge receipt 
Of eaa« and ex ten-' f« *u 

*"- to the Chamber of co».erc. the thanks 


To purchase 
burlap • 

He. Aquarium, 

of the members of the Park Board for their good work. 

Com. Cumnincjs and Curator Penez v/ere in- 
structed to purchase five hundred and twenty four 
(524) yards of burlap at 27^^ per yard for the Museum, 

Pres, Lindley reported that he had had a 
conference with Messrs. Crocker, Grunsky and Taussig, 
representing the California Academy of Sciences, llr, 
Alexander Lorrison, counsel for the Academy, and Mr. 
George Lull, city Attorney, with a view to the adopt- 
ion of a plan to carry into effect the bequest of the 
late Ignats Steinhart to the California Adademy of 
Sciences for the construction of an Aquarium in Golden 
Gate Park. 

It was unanimously agreed at such conference that 
in order to comply with the terms of the till and pro- 
vide for the maintenance of the Aquariur. through a tax 
levy, as contemplated by the amendment to tne Charter 
adopted m 1916, it would be necessary to have another 
amendment to the Charter passed at the next charter 
election. The matter of preparing such ar.endment, and 
submitting the same to the Supertisors, was referred 
to-Mr. Lull, the City Attorney, and Mr. .Uexander Tor- 
riser, attorney for the Academy of Sciences. 

In the meanwhile, and anticipating fiuch charter 
«endment, the .^tter of preparin.- tentative plans of 
the proposed structure will, as soon as fund, are 
available to the Academy for t,^t purpose, be tr-icen up 
and submitted for consideration by the President cf the 

Academy, the President nr .v.. r, 

i-roBicent of the Pane Comiaoslon, the Su- 

Permtend.nt of Parks, and the of tne Academy 
and recommendations „.de as to the site of the building 

when such plans ar« r<««T-i 

y ans are finally approved. :to final or d«f. 

inite action. howev*.7. « 

. nowever, can be taken, ae to either style 

of structure or site n^+^n 4.1 

r site, until the necesoary charter amend- 

ment is adopted. 




R«. City Cei^etery. pres. Lindley reported that he had talcen up 

the ^ueetlon of the removal of bodies from the old 
City Cemeterj^ now a portion of Lincoln Park. He has 
riad conferences with Doctors Giannini and Caglieri, 
prominent memhers of the Italian Colony and has asked 
their co-operation in securing a satisfactory solution 
of the question. 

Report recei-red as progressive. 

Supt, McLaren's report was read and adopted 
and recoEinendations approved. 

There being no further business before the 
Board the meetinji adjourned subject to the call of the 

Supt. I^cLaren's 


/Secretary Park Conmission. 

'"^•^ "'♦%'■ 

iO' M i II I 

■ III II Ml I ■ 


i t 


I 'dAvo^^ ' 

« i' 

Called meeting. 

Kinutes adopted. 

ne. tnrift and 
war aaTi ng 

Re, aaie 


>3 • 

San Francisco, May 17th, 1913. 
At a called meeting of the Board of Park 
Commissionere held at their office. Park Lodge, Gol- 
den Gate Park, Friday, yimy 17th, 1918 

PTe»ent were: Prea. Curtio H. Lindley, 

Cora. M, Sari Cumraings, 
Com. John A. T^cGregor, 
Com. Sigmund Greenebaum. 
The minutes of the previous meeting, copies 
Of Which were sent to the Ccmmissioners, were, after 
being amended by Pres. Lindley, upon motion duly nade, 
seconded and carried, adopted as the minutes of the 
meeting held May 2nd, 1918, 

From his Honor, Mayor Holph, requesting a 
report of the amouht of thrift stamps and war saving 
certificates held by employees of the Park Department. 
He su5,<eststhat each employee buy a stated quantity 
each month. 

3eor«tary de Sucoa assursd tne Kayor that to his 

Pera.nal knowledge the Park e™,loyees are purchasing 

as liberally of Liberty Bonds, Thrift star^pa and War 

savin, certirioates as their s,nall salaries will per- 

PTor. -yestern Horse Market sending statement 
Of the sale of eleven horses for a total of f592.50 

less commission 159. 05 ^^d ^^^a ^ 

yv'^.-o and feed for eleven horses for 

one day 322, tr^♦^^ -*o, ^-. 

.--^. ^ox.ia, leaving- a balance of $511,25, 

secretary reported tne a^nount deposited to the cred- 
it of the Park Fund. Approved. 

From R. B. Hale, exttoding the thanks of the 
San Franoi 3r>rt o* 4.^^.4. 

- ^--..uwic i^ioerty Loan Committee for per- 
mitting them the use of Tin<rt„ o 

se of Union Square during the Third 

Letter of thanks. 

Re. Red Cross 

He. contracts. 


Liberty Loan drive. 
Ordered filed. 

From Mrs, Ermna C, Baldwin on behalf of the 
Women's Liberty Loan Committee extending their thanks 
for the permission granted them to use Union Square 
where over $40,000. worth of bonds were sold. 
Ordered filed. 

From the Mayor's Office relative to a procla- 
mation issued by the Mayor calling attention to the 
wammouth Red Cross Parade to be held Saturday, May lath 
and requesting employers to allow such employees as so 
desire to take part therein. 
Request granted. 

From Auditor Boyle stating that at a confer- 
ence between Attorney E.F. Haran and Judge Lindley, 
President of the Park 3oard, it was agreed th^t the 
Park commission should comply strictly with the provis- 
ions Of section 4, Article XIV of the Charter which in 
its second paragraph reads as follows: 

"he Ixpenditurfof "^ '"*"'" '"^° authorlzins 

Auditor Boyle encloses a draft of a resolution to 
b. used m the future and signed by four of the Oo«™is. 
slonere which shall authorise the expenditure of money 
under contract as provided In the Charter, or that, sub- 
eequent to the entry into a contract by the Sun»....... 

ent (if such be the case) that four Commissioners shall 
ratify the act of the Superintendent, either of these 
Plans to be executed before the approval of the bi;i.. 
The draft of resolution reads a, follow., 

G™«k,':^?l^=^"". superintendent of aolden 

to hi. by'the Bofrd of'p:"' Z7iT.^'''' delegated 

«i I'arK ^OLiinissioners, entered 


I < ; . 








* (•■ 

• t 





Se« City Cemetery 

• %. -_■ , 

tSe%o??iwf' ^' >rlth the following people for 
the following amounts and upon the dftt«a «nJ 
for the purposes indicated Sp?n their bi Us? 

•— OoO--- 

NOW THERBPORE, it is hereby 

RBSOLVBD by the Board of Park Cornn,<ao4« 

Perinlend^^r?^' ^^^ ^^'^ ^'^^i''" °f said Su- 
perlntendent in entering into such contraota 
is hereby approved and ratified. °°"^^aot« 

Action Of Pres. Lindly approved. 

Prom the Board of Supervisors enclosing copy 
Of ordinance No. 970 (liew series) relative to placing 
the City Cemetery under the exclusive control and Juris- 
diction Of the Board of Par^ Commissioners, which reads 
as follows: 

ers. ^^""^^ion of the Board of Park Comraission- 

0? San^?.?:L^L^o\3^^|oL%^^^ '' ^^^ '''y -^ ^-"ty 

Sf^'san'prlncisc^lnd^^^"^'^^ ^° ^^« ^^^^ -^ 
tery (formerly Golden ^^f-P^"""!" ^f ^^« ^^^y Ceme- 
»8ide and dedica?ed ?o L v^®'"^^^''^^ ^^ ^«^«^y ^^t 
3hall hereafter be unLSf^ ^^^^°^«3. and .aid land 
Jurisdiction 0? the Boar/^? exclusive control and 
^&2l^on2^ The att«n?f^ °^ f?""^ Co.-nmi as i oners. 
c?He7^t^e Board Of PuMl^wn'^'v Assessor, the He- 
Health and the rif^ - ;^ Works, The Board of 

lately.— "rdinanoe shall take effect lamed- 
IVa'Mtol'. '^"P«"i"r8, San Praneleco. Nere^b.r 

ing vote." ' ^^^®" "P and passed by the folio..- 

---»C*,wv4 AX At! a, 

^ro. t.e Pacific Coin i.„e. co. encloein. two 
ceoc, ..ountin. to ,4.„ .ein. our portion of receipt, 
from coin locks inBtoii.j 

Ch.,.. i-^«taU,d at Golden Oat. Park and the 

. - ^-- .-^w.te enclosed. 

Secretary reoortA . «' 
,, ,, „ '"'*'°""''«<«'>P03ited to the credit 
Of t.. Park Fund. Action approred. 

IPIW ^"^ 





Re. business vehi- 
cles crossing Park 

He. telephone 
on Beach. 

'Request for 

^e. Buffaloes, 

Report of oupt. 

Re. Budget. 

t -:£-^V=-A ^.a^K. 

Prom the Park Presidio Merchants Association 
calling attention to the inconvenience being experienced 
by business people of their community by the lack of 
access to the Sunset District; they are unable to dis- 
cern how damage can be effected by light vehicles. 
Request denied. 

Prom the Field Assistant of the United States 
Coast Guard enclosing a saraple copy of a letter request- 
ing that permission be granted to the TJ,S, Coast Guard 
to erect a telephone booth on the Ocean Boulevard about 
one « three quarters mile south of the Coast Guard 
Station NO, 324, San Francisco, on a part of the Golden 
Gate Park reservation. 

Request granted, details referred to supt. McLaren. 
From the Recreation League of San Francisco 
requesting the loan of four hundred benches for use in 
the quad of the Colu^nbia Park Boys who are preparing to 
stage a patriotic pageant on the evening of June 1st. 
Request being impracticable, same was denied. 

several communications were received relative 
to Buffalo Bulls and referred to Supt. McLaren. 

The following persons sent checks for the crat.'ng 
and for^^arding the animals to them: Bert Crane. $25. 
J.F. Weston. $50, 

secretary reported cheeks deposited to the credit 
of the Park Fund. Approred. 

The report of supt. D. v. Taylor of receipts 

and expenditures durimr *v>^ 

«8 auring the montn of April, read and 

copies ordered sent earh ^«^ .i . 

ouu eacn Commissioner, 

copy of the Budget recommendations for 1918 
1910 «p„^ ._ , 

" '"*" ---«*«a placed on file. 

1 1 



*• y 





n \ 


Re, Rules and 

com. Llndley offered the following ordi 



---♦oO— • 
Pursuant to the power Tested in thea by the 
provisions of Section five. Article XIV. of the 
Charter of the city and Co.unty of San Francisco, 
the Park Conmiiasloners do ordain as follows: 
section . ! . Wherever in this ordinance the words 
•Public Parks. Squares or Pleasure Grounds- are 
used, they shall be deeined to include all parks. 
squares, all grounds surrounding public buildings, 
all roadways and avtaues, and including the Great 
Highway and all other areas within the jurisdict- 
ion and under the control of the Park Oo^niseion- 
•ra. as set forth in Section 1 of Article XIV of 
the Charter of the City and County of San Francisco, 
taction 2. It Shall be unlawful for any person to 
10 or co^it. and all persons are hereby prohibited 
and forbidden froa doing or co^ittin^. m or upon 
any of the Public Parks. Squares or Pleasure Ground, 
any Of the following acts, doings or practices, 
nanieiy :-- 

S^Sl^SIL^ NO persons shall lead, turn in or let 

looae anv ^nt + i« , 

" e. uuraee. ?oat8, sheep, swine or 

fowl of any vi,,f4 u„ ^ 

y -ind in or upon any of said Public Park, 

squares, or Pleasure Grounds. 

32=tion_4, HO person having the cars and charge of 
any dog shall sur^.. _,, 

, ^^^.* or permit any such dog 

squares, or Pleasure Grounds, unless said dog i. 
fastened to and led by a Chain or line Of .ultabl. 


<>> idtu^MMi^M^ 


strength and not more than eight (8) feet long. 
Nor shall any person having' the care or charge of 
any dog permit such dog to enter or drink the 
water of &ny lake or pond in any of the Parks, 
Squares, or Pleasure Grounds, except at such place 
or places as may te provided therefor. 
SectiorL.5^ No person shall, in any of said Public 
Parks, squares, or Pleasure Grounds, disturb the 
fish, annoy, strike, chase, snare or set snares for, 
catch, injure or destroy any rabbit, quail, bird or 
wild quadruped, nor injure or maltreat any domestic 
or other anLnal. quail, or bird therein, nor shall 
any person rob. molest or interfere with any bird', 
neet therein. .nd no person shall give or offer op 
attempt to give to any animal within the Public Park, 
squares, or Pleasure Grounds any tobacco or other 
known noxious article, or anythin.-. the giving of 
Which Shall be prohibited by posted notices, 
section^ ,0 person shall cut. break, dig up or 
in a.y rnanner injure any tree, shrub, plant in or 
growing in any of said Public Parka. Squares, or 
Pleasure Grounds, or in any buildin. or structure 
therein situated, 

S£P HpJl Jjt, No person ah«n „^ ^ 

—X. k' r«on Shall remove any tree, wood, 

turf, grass, soil or ro^v n^ 

or rock or anything of like kind 
in or heloncriritr ♦« «_, , _ , 

■" ° " "■^'^ ^blic Parks. Squares, or 

Pleasure Ground., or driveway, or hi,h*ays thereof. 
^smoM^^.. »o person .hall go within any shrubbery 

In any of said Public ParVa 

o^ic Parks, squares, or Pleasure 
Grounds, nor «j^«ii . 

■ """" ""^ »"'''" "K "Pon any ground 

"'" "■"• """" " -^-ches Of trees or shrub. 

""^ ""^" ^'^"' '•-- the .round, nor Shall any 
person walk on the t„ , v ^-^ any 

the turf bordering walk, or driv,, 
•«.Pt to l™.,diat,ly cross the .a.e. 



1 ;is 

I :v,) 



• ♦• 

t ■ 


S S fitio^ 9 . No person shall deposit or dump, or 
••use to be deposited or duaped in or upon any of 
said Public Parke. Squares, or Pleasure Grounds, 
any garbage, refuse, dirt, ash... broken glass, 
croekery. bones, tin cans or like aatter, or any 
dead animals or fowls; nor shall any person leave 
or scatter about on any of .aid Public Parks, 
squares, or Pleasure Srounds, any empty boxes, waste 

paper, remains of lunches, newspapers or rubbish of 

any kind, the sa.,e to be either taken away or depos. 

ited in waste cane or receptacles provided for the 

reception of waste matter. 

''°''°" '"^^ ^'o P"'«n 3hall bathe in the waters of 
any pond. strsa». lake or pool in any of said Pub- 
110 Parks, squares, or Pleasure Grounds, «cept at 
such Places as are set apart for such purposes; and 
no person shall throw into or deposit any dirt, filth 
or foreign matter in the waters of any of said ponds. 
etrea.-„s. l.^es or pools or in any manner pollute th, 

SiSlian^. HO person shall discharge any firea^s. 
flre-crackers, bombs, torpedoes, rockets or other 
fireworks i„ „, ,p,„ ^^ ,^ ,^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^^ 

squares, or Pleasure Orounds. without first having 

the permission o-^ tht* do«v r, 

n o. the Park CoiTimissioners so to do. 

SectionOi.^ No person shall kindla «,. . 

^ittxx Kinaie or cause to be 

-^. ^ or fire of any kind In any of 

said Public Parka <3^„ 

varies. Squares, or Pleasure Grounde, or 

driveways thereof, witho,,* ♦^ 

' ''it>iout the consent of the Park 

Coinraiasioners thereto. 

Section 13. Mf^ 

- snail can.p. lodge, sleep or 

or Pleasure Grounds, 

.ipW ^^ 


jjec^t^on 14^ No person shall distribute, circulate 
or give away in or throw in or deposit in or on any 
of said Public Parks, Squares, or Pleasure Grounds, 
any handbills, circulars, pamphletb. tracts, dodgers, 
or advertiaements, or post or affix to any trecc, 
chrube, plants, fence, building, structure, dome, 
monurent, chair or bench,, roads or drives or anything 
or place situate therein any of said liandbills, cir- 
culars, peinphlets, tracts, dodgers or advertisements. 
Sectlon^j^. No person shall sell, vend, dispose of or 
offer for sale, any goods, wares or merchandise in or 
upon any of said Public Parks, Squares, or Pleasure 
Grounds, /^d no person shall erect or maintain any 
structure, counter, table, tent or other thing in or 
upon any of said Public Parks. Squares or Pleasure 
Grounds, used or intended to be used in the selling 
or e:<posing for sale any ouch goodn. wares or mer- 
chandise; and no person shall drive in or enter upon 
or pass over any part or portion of said Public Parks 
.^quPres, or Pleasure Grounds, .ny cart, wagon or other 
-hide having therein any goods, ware, or merchandise 

take into, upon or over any of said Public Parks, 

Squares, or Pleasure Grounds e^v f nn f 

""-H, p...y fruit, nuts, candy, 

vegetables or ofi-io-.. », 

other ware» or .r.erchandise of any kind 

to be sold or to be offered ^or s-c ■■•' - o.t .■ 

consent of the po-^t, r. 

Park OorKdcsioners first obtained there. 

S£Siic^. HO person or persons shall hold an. pub. 
lie meeting of anv Hv^^ 

t. "i any JClnc or n^-f.*./* •„_ . 
,. ,. *"' ""* ' ^'•^^ ^ny pub- 

lic aiscuEsion or d-v^* 

ar. gathered together for that pur ,ose m o, 

aald Public Parks .■ """" ^"^ 

i'arks. aquarec. or Pleaen,.. ^ 

out first Obtaining th "''' '''*^- 

■ m 


^ li 






1 1 

ill . 

> ( 

k 1. . 

•re thereto. 

££ctloa_ii. HO pT.on .hall, within any of aald 
Public Parke, Squares or Pleaeur. Grounds, set up 
or maintain any exhibition, plaoe of a^uee^ent. 
ehow. Show stand, perfo^ance, concert, concert hall 
-vln. Pictures, «* the taking of moving picture,. ' 
or ««y other kind of amusement, without the consent 
Of the Park Conir.lsBlonere thereto. 

SSCtl.nje, NO person shall ^mtam. expose, exhib- 
it or Play any ga„e of chance. ga»bline table or con- 
trivance or Instrument of ga„i„g or gambling In or 
upon any of said Public Parks. Squares, or Pleasure 
Orounds. .nd all and every species of gaming and 
'^''ling are prohibited m or on any of said ground,. 
And no person shall engage or practice fortune teU- 
i«^ or any like practice therein or thereon. 
SSStlo^S, »o person shall indulge In any riotous 
boisterous or indecent conduct, or engage in any 
nshtins or boxing contest, in any of said Public 

Parke. Squares, or Pleasure Grounds and n. 

viwuuaB, and no person 

•^^ uee pro.ene. Indecent, threatening or violent 
lan^a^e therein; and no drunken, noisy, disorderly 

or puciioly Offensive person shall v.. ,, 

fcifon 8j,all be allowed in or 

upon any of said Public Grounds. 

^.^ -— -aU Play ban. fly ,,,„. 
; " --^-^ or engage in any other ga:.,e or ga^es, 
in or upon any of said Public Parks. Squares .. 
Pleaeure Grounde, exceot «f 

• ''''^^^ ^^ s"°^^ places therein as 
Shall be esDecicn,, ^ 

Poci.liy designated and provided for that 
purpose : nor arnn 

»r.all any person throw any stones or 
other mieslles in a-v ^r 

in a...v Of said Public Perks. s.,„-.. 

or Pleasure Grounds. Baseb»ii» v ' 

^="^"^11 "ay be played at the 

CMldrens Ball Grounds for cnlldren under twelve 

-». Ball Grounds opposite Seventh .venue and game. 
»ay b. pi.y., ,, ,,^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^ « 

■ ■ „ 9^'« 0> ' 



apart and designated by the ParJc Commis si oners, A 
permit must be obtained from the Park Coramiseioners 
when the Stadium is to be used for exhibition gaaes. 
Section 21, No person shall appear in any of said 
Public Parks, Squares, or Pleasure Grounds, clad in 
any athletic costume or attire in which any part of 
the legs, arms or trunk is exposed to view, except 
at such places in said grounds as may be specially 
set apart for athlf^tic shorts for which such costume 
or attire is appropriate, ouch as the Stadium, and 
Ball Grounds and such places as set apart and desig- 
nated by the Park Corani so i oners. 
Se ction 2:^ ^ Any company, society, organization, 
when the number of members thereof shall exceed 
twenty five (25) persons, desiring to re.sort to and 
use any of said Public Grounds for parade, picnicking 
or other pleasurable purposes, shall at least one day 
prior to the proposed parade or picnic or use of said 
Public Grounds, notify t le Superintendent of said 
grounds or the Secretary of the Park Comiosioners of 
their intention so to use said grounds, ana obtain a in writing therefor. 

''''^°" ^^ ^° ^«-°^' ^-ing Charge of any funeral 
procession, hearse, dead wa.on or other vehicle desi.;. 
nated ror or carrying the body of a deceased ,er.on 

for burial or otherwiee n.^n 

i-nerwiee s.iaia enter in or ,0 upon any 

of said Public ParVa c«„ 

Parka, Squares, crPleaBuie .rounds, 

ejtceptini^ on or over thm ♦*« 

over the transverse roadway leading 

across Golden .at. Park between Lincoln .ay at 19th 

Avenue and Pulton street at 24th Ave, 

^fiS^ii'i^-,^. Ho male Der«n. .^.. *.„ , , , , 

- -- * - '*^'- -i len years 

ehall enter any ladies- toilet, roo. or apart.cnt 
witUn any of .aid Public Parks. Squares, or Pleasure 

the walls, door., or any part of said toilet room or 





^ \ 




■ t 











apartnent; and no person shall write, print or 
paint on any part thereof any name, figure, lan- 
gjfige or sign of any kind. 

Sectio n tg. No person shall destroy, mutilate, 
deface, cut or otherwise injure any building, struct- 
ure, dOBje, ironument, chair or fence in, or belonging 
to, any of said Public Park^, Squares, or Pleasure 
Grounds, and no person shall write, paint or cut SiXiy 
figure thereon, or place thereon any writing, painting 
or printinii. or write upon, paint or cut any of said 
property in any manner whatsoever; nor shall any per- 
son cli^nb or go over any of said property in any man- 
ner other than that provided for. 

filiUoiLii^ The buildin. situated in Golden Gate Park 
and known as the -Sharon Puildlne- and the grounds 
around and adjacent to the sa.e, including the grounds 
or. Which they are situated, the swing., spring boards. 
-r:T..o.rcund. cro.uet tennis courts, and the 

srour.dB prepared for V»iie>.,ii .-^ ... 

caBeUia and other sports and such 

"" ^"i«-ted an,i set apart ky the Board of Park 

'""'"'"'" «« her..y d..i,„.,., „, „, ^^^^^ ^, 

-'""" '"•" Playground for ohildr.n -■ v, 

n,. . onildren wno shall visit 

■n» Quarters ^ n^t ci... ^ 

particular d..^ — .v'.rouna, and the 

*er designation o' tv,. 

titled to uu ''''°'" "-'° '"^'^ ^* •- 

«M and er.Jov the sa.^ 

»«^ toEetentB *• . °^ ^^^® occupation 

^ *^lch mny te e«t.-<-j 

--yaeejontrs v^ « . ----^ter by the Park 

ty printed notices. 


', < 


Which .hall t, post. 
'"''•■"' point In or resr ♦>, 

1 ''"=rs T, . " "" ^"1"- 

^*"g the eaid 

Childrene» (iuartei-fc and Playgrourtds- shall conform 
to end obey cuch posted notices and reg^alationc. 
Serticn "? , :io person viEitlns the !!er!iorial Muceum 
i:. V. Golie- Gate Park, -ha! 1 smoke therein or shall 
carrv a cane, unbrella, £^tick or other implerrent that 
iTd^ht be used to deface cr injure the ejchibits, No 
ske tehee r^y bg jj^de, >:odaks carried, or any picturee 
taken of exhibitL ir; said remorial !-\iseuTn. 
S«£liSi2.2Bi_ Ai:' persons are forbidden to walk across 
or upon ^he ifeln ^rive betv^een Seventh ar.d Tenth Aven- 
ues 0" r-or-ert iayc, ^etween the hourc c- 1:30 and 6 
o'clock P.Lt.; and durirg eaid hours nuot pace under 
the Granite -ridge in goin^ to or leavln,: the ccncert 
ground, between these points; ,md proTld.; -rther 
that durln, ^^oi " . - - -ntloned hourr :•: .aid concert 
days, no i.ede.trl..n. ^: e allowed or the pedestrian 



f -jreof, cetv.eer, 7t 

air. Drive, on the couth side 




Avenues or ConoourBe, and 
^8, vehi cleE when gcinc 
nity of concourse to tu:-. : .qt 
Eoad tetwcer */ ^ • ; rive 
n being closed for ■. . ^. , . 


Secticn 2G^ No pedsetrian shall wniv 
path, or ...-• , r-^^.:i,. . .^^^ 
jate l-ar!-, - .■ -q . ■ ' 

Park: , 

-i '* 


'rive or 

eltewhere - on th- re-' 
■ ^o^ir.uf.e} for c-.- 


- -r ^^ ■ , 

*-*' ♦'i^^fc, . qaaren, cr : 

» ride. 




P'' , !> 






f ; 
• i 

t V 


t ■ 


* i 


I .' 



drive or enter thereon any vicious, untroken or 
wild horse, jcule or other animal, or use therein 
OP thereon any "breaking cart or other vehicle 
used in breaking any of eiich animals. 
Secti on 32, No person shall trail any sulky or 
other vehicle through any Public Park, Square, or 
Pleasure Ground. 

Sect io n 53 . No person shall hitch or fasten any 
horse, or other animal within said Public Parks, 
SqufireB, cr Pleasure Grounds, nor shall any auto- 
mobile or notorcycle stand at any place other than 

^ , by signs 

at Buch place as shall be especially designated/and 

provided fcr that purpose; and no person shall ride, 
lead or drive any horse or other animal en any of 
said Public Parks, Squares, or Pleasure Grounds, ex- 
cept on the drives and bridle paths therin. 
2ection_34^ The drivers of horses, teams, horselese 
carriages, notor v;agons, autoniotiles, bicycles, tri- 
cycle£, velocipedes or similar vehicles, when in or 
on eaid Publi. Parks. Squares, or Pleasure Grounds, 
Bhall keep on the right hand side of the road, drive- 
W cr hiehw thereof; ..nd v;here the said roads, 
^rlve^aya or highways encircle or .roup together, the 
^^^^^reaald horses and vehicles shall take the road to 
^"« ri,..t r:^rM thereof. 

"^J^ Those ridin, or driving aniir.als, teams. 
— , ^otor vehicles or other vehicles, when pass- 

,': ' ''^'" '' '^''''^' directions on any road or 
arive»ay in arv n^ 

' °' ""^ P""i<= farka. fquares. or 

0^ the said 

f n -^ r-- 

■0 the right hand side 
-" " driv6v..ay 1,, .uoh ,,ay that each 

^y the ri ' 

>^-SBi>-. all hove the other on th. 

ritht cf the 

^i^ection traveled- 

'"^ ^'^^ein mentioned is to the 

-roviUed. however. 



that when overtaking and passing another vehicle 
going in the same direction it shall be the duty 
Of the overtaking vehicle to pass to the left of the 
one in front. 

section 36^ No dray, truck, wagon, cart or other 
vehicle carrying or regularly employed in carrying 
goods, merchandise, manure, soil or other article 
Of commerce or trade, shall travel upon any of the 
driveways or roads of any of said Public Parks, 
Squares, or Pleasure Grounds, for any other purpose 
than to cross the smne immediately at the regular 
street intersections, nor upon any of the roads or 
driveways of said Public Grounds, except the trans- 
verse road le^din^ across Golden Gate Park between 
Lincoln Way at 19th Ave. and R.lton Street at 24th 
Avenue. Vehicles having deliveries in Park to use 
the nearest entrance to point cr delivery. Trans- 
Pcrtation of garbage i. prohibited upon any road or 

driveway in said Public ParkR o„„ 

uuxic I'arks, oquares, or Pleasure 


S ectio n^ 37^ It shall be unlawful fo. 

unj.awrul for £jny person to, 

and no person shall prooel d-m^^ 

x^i^ropei, drive or operate any 

horseless carrlai-** m«*« 

carria^^e, motor wagon or automobile in or 

upon any of said Public ParVs - 

uuxic Farks, aqunreo or Pleasure 

C>roun.. .elo.«i„, ,, ^aid city .„. county, e.cept 

"Pon the .rive.ays p„nde. .or purpo.o. ,„ 
Golden r,af*i -c^^^. 

" ''• ^"« ^"^li<^ Parke and L'.quares. Lin- 
coln Park, Parkway and Gr«o+ t.. v 

y and ureat Kighr/ay. provided, that 

no aut-.„,Ml.. ho^elese ca^ia.e or .otoroycX. e.aU 
"e allowed, and no per.on shall operate any auoh 

roachinerv -iv, 

^''' ^^^' °f that ground known as the 

Panhandle extend s« * 

•xtend.n,, fro,, Baker to atanyan street, te- 

•een Pell .„, ^a. streets; nor ohall any person 
^rlve. run or operate any auto„ohUe. horseless car- 
I'iage, or notorcvcl#» «« *i 

"^'^^ °" "'^« ^^i^« encircling the ata- 
dium or the drive on ♦>.» 4 

"ive on the inner side of stow Lakt, 




^■-•' T ■ ' 


-■■P7. , ^ 




1. *■ 



) * 

\l : 





1 M 




lo. person shall tkate on any of the park roads or 
foot paths, nor shall any child ride in a play wagon 
unices sacje is driven or drawn by parent or guardian. 
Section 36. Uo vehicle having thereon or attached 
thereto any exposed advertising.; matter, name of owner 
nace of maker, or name of vehicle, or sign shall te 
allowed within any of said Putlic Parks, Squares, or 
Pleasure Grounds, provided, however, that drays, 
trucke, wagons and other vehicles, if not loaded to 
exceed six (6) tons gross, may use the tranpveree 
road leading across Golden Gate Park between Lincoln 
Wa;- at 19th Avenue to Fulton St. at 24th Avenue. 
Action 59j No person owning, driving or having 
charge of any carriage, coach, motor wagon, autono- 
>'ne, or vehicle, let or used for hire or anyone em- 
ployed by such owner, or driver, shall within said 
Public Parks, squares or Pleasure Grounds ftand for 
the purpose of or in any way let or solicit custom 
or paseengerfa fo- the sane, 

^ection^ HO vehicle usually engaged in carrying 
ta,gaee or .erchandiae than the personal ef. 

ects of the ov.ner, driver 

, niotcrman or engineer 

*"•""•' " "'" '" advertising purpoe.a. or with 
"■■y — =r ..el,natl,„ ex.o.ed thereon for .dvertis- 

- ■'-■^«"'- ^-11 >.. or enter upon or .ee any part 
■•- -^I'c Par.e. s,». or Pleasure arounde. 

^-- ■ '-■■ the abcve 
ftllo-.ted en dri^ 

inentioned vehicles are 

•"e<^*-on 37, 

^^es as hereinbefc 

re mentioned in 

-•0 driver 



• '"O-onnan or engineer enall, 

- operate on ^^T^' ^"""" " ^^' ^^^^^ 





Parko, Squares, Pleaoure Grounas and Great Highway, 
any autorcobile, horseless carrinje or motorcycle 
at p great speed than twenty (20) rrilos per hour. 
Within the Golden Gate Park r,-.' Great HiL^hway the 
speed nround the curves on the f:outh Driveway and 
Great Highway betv.een Lincoln Vl'ay and Pulton street 
and around Stow Lake shall not exceed six (6) r.ilee 
per hour; a-id en -cneert days the speed between 6th 
and 11th Avenues betv.een the hours of 1:30 and 5 P.M. 
must net exceed ten (10) rrilee per hour and chal 1 not 
exceed ten (10) miles per hour on all turns and crosa- 
i:..-3J ^tm making eaid turns cr crossings the horn 
must be sounded. M no tire or at any place in r.aid 
Golden Gate Perk or Gre^* "i -..,.. ^ .v.,.^ ^^.. ^__^ 
run or .ci. ^ : _-,- ,^t. - c.eeu as .h.- frighten 
horse. 0^ i-ividualo uein, - •, walks, driveway, and 
eaid Great Highway, ^i: irotormen . nd en, ::.all 
follow an4 co; : .,-'■ i- ^ - i^p n^ fv, 

^^^"*"seB, nules ar.' negulf^tic-.. cf 
eiune.., _ ^.j] j.^,j^^ propel r-n ^ 

- -OS cut ... 

Shoul ■ 

• 4 

01 come to a ": : 

• J^" engineer must slow d07;n 
ttntil the dano-AT. ^ , 

^*°t^°" ■•*' -0 «,ore th,-:n t 

jrope::,^ atr«aot of eech v" 

wit. 1!. '1-p PuV" -• ,. • 

The said ^- ^ : — 

not attached to errh «*v^ 

t-u etcii other, except in 

"••"^ '^^ aeelBt the other, 

.2lction 43. It nVo-n v. 
— ^- JiL i^ BhRU be unla\^ful for n 

1 •? n- - 


I -n or be 
'■' . - ^ ' ed 

" k _ ,4.. , .. . , ^ 

- ':, and 
an acsi- 

^cr&cn tc 

• , 



■— r 









I. ' 




teach or instruct others in the operation or run- 
ning of autooobllee in any of said Public Parke, 
Squares, or Pleasure Grounds. 

Sectio n 44. No person shall ride, propel or oper- 
ate any ticycle, tricycle, yeloclpede or similar 
rehicle in or on any of said Public Parks, Squares 
or Pleasure Grounds, at a greater rate of speed 
than ten (10) miles per hour; and at the crossings 
or junction if any roads or driveways, or at any 
place used as a crossing by persons on foot, at a 
speed to exceed six (6) miles per hour. 
£ection_J5j_ No person shall pipce, propel, ride 
or drive any bicycle, tricycle. Telocipade or aim. 
ilar vehicle on any sidewalk or foot p.ith in or 
around any of said Public Parks. Squares, or Pleas- 
ure Groundn, or in that portion of the Golden Gate 
Park knowr. as -Coneenratorj^ Valley-, or on that 
portion Of said Park adjacent to the L'usic Stand, 
^Pon o: over any of the walks or drives leading- up, 
<^o- or upon .ny part of Strawberry Hill in said 
^-i^. excepting on t.e roads, driveways, .venues 

ftnd niehwaye, eipeciUly provided ar. - . 

•' i'^^^iasd ana aesignated by 

- e i-ark CoiaLiesionere fo^ Vmf .„ 

Au^ L/iat purjjoae, 

fiSction_46. -xcc ■. 

-.^re provision has already 
re^om^ sections relative to 

,0..-. . "'"■'■" ""'^"'^^^tramcu,. 

<- 2. oration of -:o*c- -<»im.^ 
= , " * •^eB other ye- 

■^••'-«i«=. .nd ^.end^ent. tp Vehicle 
-i'-i-ts, rates Of .pees ,„„ ^^.^ ^, 

••'« Legi^if.turc of ti-. c» » 

*^ ;>! tile State of 

■ -^ drives In 
• ^"-", Pleaaure Oroun.e k.,1 

/•. :: t re . 
t-e re 



Section 47, In case of an emergency or where in 
the Judgment of the Superintendent the public in- 
terest demands it, portions of the Public Parks, 
Squares, or Pleasure Grounds may be closed to the 
public, and all persons thereby be excluded there- 
from until permission ie given to return. 
Seotlon 48, No person shall injure, dig or tear 
up any pavement, sidewalk, cross walk, grass plot 
or roadway or any part thereof, in any Public Park, 
Square or Pleasure Ground, without a written permit 
by the Superintendent, signed by him, and counter- 
signed and recorded by the secretary of the Bot.rd 
of Park Commissioners. 

section 49y No person shall dig down toward or to, 
expose, tear up, disconnect or connect with any of 
the water pipes or sewers in or under any Public 
Park, Square or Pleasure Ground, without a written 
permit by the Superintendent, signed by him and 
countersigned ana recorded by th« secretary of the 
Board of Park CorrjnioBioners, 

^^ ■ ^^'^^" 'Q^ .. »° P«"<»n Bhall more alon^. across or 
upon any Public Park, Square, Pleasure Ground or 
areat Hi^^hway any building or other structure, witn- 
out having first obtained pemiesion of the Board 
Of Park Con,aie.ioner. and a certificate thereof 
ign-. „, ,,,e rresiaent and Secretary, and no build- 
int or other etructur. ,hall regain on any Public 
Park, square, or Pleasure Ground, In .ny one part 
thereof, for .ore than fire hours, nor upon any Pub. 
<■ Par!:, ::4^„,,, or i-leaeure around for a period of 
more than twenty four hoars. 

SaSMoTLSl. „o per.on shall build, put up. pla... 
•P.ct. have, keep or .amtain or cause to be built, 
put up. Placed, erected, had, kept or maintained, any 






• t^. 

' *L. 

■v_ , 







. r 



nuieanci or any fence, t>uilding, ttructure, ob- 
struction or other thing which shall in any 
■anner obstruct any of said Putllc Parks, Squares 
or Pleasure Grounds, or which shall in any way 
prevent, hinder or Impair the full and free use 
and enjoyment "by the public thereof. And no per- 
son shall tuild, erect, place, put up or maintain 
any building, structure, monument, dome or other 
thing in or upon any of said Public Grounds with- 
out first obtaining the consent of the Park Com- 
micBioners thereto, to be eridenced by a written signed by the President and countersigned 
and recorded by the Secretary of the Board. 
Sec^icn_58^ No person shall encumber or obstruct 
or eanse to be obstructed or encumbered ^ny Public 
Park, Square, or Pleasure around, or part thereof, 
by placing therein or thereon any buildlnj ir^ater- 
ials or any article or thin^' whatBoerer, without 
first haring obtained a written pennit signed by 
the superintendent and countor.igned and recorded 
•:■■ the ecretftr', 

^^^SilS^ih. under the supervision of the Superin- 
t.r.d.nt .f parl:e the P.r. mu perfo™ any labor 
ir. or ,„ „, ^,,,^ ^^^^_ ^^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^^^^ 

"""*■ '"'' " ^"^'"^ "" -'^ «,Xaoln« sou. ground 
- Pa««nt.. „ructur. = . tree., ...ruba an. th. 
like, and for ♦>-. «-« 

' P^^r.ormance of any work for which 

* ?'^"«^it ie granted to «r" <^^~^-, ,- 

u^i , " -^'^I'^ration or Individ- 

***!. Bald labor en' ^ * 

an. .aterial uoed to be charged to 
•foresaid cororaf<« 

^^oratlon or individuals. 

fi^^^-^^a-^- Wien the oenrit . 

^O^H .nd .1., .,,,, '^"'^ '' ""^^^ ^^« ^^^^. 40th. 
"■'^ •ectlone her-o 

ith one or irore a 

"'Cnt of t ,. 

""tie. eatlsfactory to t.e Pr.ei- 
-• '■"" "^n« "nditiona pre- 



•.."'. ff^ •, 

«-A,j .«-. ^..«k- y^. .,- 


scribed in said permit, including that as to 
time for which granted, shall In all respects 
be complied with, that no injury shall be done 
or happen to any Public Par^, Square, or Pleas- 
ure Ground, or any part thereof, or to tlie trees, 
shrubg, .^raaa, fences or anythin^j thereon, and 
that the Board and its officers shall be fully 
indemnified against and saved harmless from all 
damages and cost which may ensue from any act 
done under such permit j whereupon the Secretary 
shall, if the Board or President thereof or the 
Superintendent, as the case may be, shall direct 
issue a permit stating all the conditions and 
circumstances, and limiting the tim* in whic]i the 
act permitted must be done. Provided: That in 
granting any permit under Sections 48 and 49, 
the Board may, m lieu of such bond, accept from 
the ,.erson receiving dame, a cash deposit in such 
oum as .-nay be desi^-nated by the Preoidant, as se- 
curity that no property of the Board shall suffer 
any injury in consequence of any act done or 
omitted under such pennit. But the acceptance of 
3aid cash de:.03it by said Board sloall m no wise 
affect any right that it may directly or in- 
directly, against the person receiving such permit, 
by Virtue ^.f any bond that he may have given to the 
City of San i?T-an''l 

ll£tio,ua. The secretary of tne Board shall issue 
all permits specified in this Ordinance to be signed 
by him. receive all fas and depoaits tnerefor. and 

keep a record of «n 

* -u^^.^o a,tL4inti thereunder 

and snail from tlrae ♦>« ^^ 

^ riffle to time riport to the Board as 

to the permits granted. 

-nd.r s.ctlona 48. 49, 60. 51 an. 52 of thl, Ordln. 


.. « 

«%■ V . 









I ' 



nance shall leave the ground, site or place with- 
in the Public ParlcB, Squarda and Pleasure Grounds, 
where work has been done Tjy him, in as good con- 
dition in all respects when his permit shall have 
expired, as when the same was granted, and shall 
repair said ground, site or place to the satis- 
faction of the Superintendent of Parks* 
■Section 57. The owner or ovmers, or occupant or 
occupants of any building, or the contractor or 
other person in charge of or superintending or 
directing its re:,ioval, or either or all If them, 
w'lo shall suffer the same to reniain in any park- 
way for any time whatsoever Ioniser than may be 
specified in the permit issued pursuant to this 
Ordinance, or who shall place in or permit to re- 
main in such parkway, any building or structure 
wiViDut such pennit, shall, in addition to the pen- 
alty hereinafter ..rovided, forfeit a penalty, the 
ar.3unt thereof to be specified in the perniit, for 
every twenty four hours or any part thereof the 
Base 3.^11 be continued, 

iiCUon^ea^ Any per. .. ..ving the U3c of any oor- 
t-n or any Public Park, Jquare, or Pleasure Ground, 

'irJlnanoe, .hall cause red lights 
?-«" -n coaopicuoua places in front of and 
" •«>> ". Of th, obstruction or excavation from 

"""* '» -n-l» each such chstruction or ex- 

• - «•— «*in3. 

i:cci^n^5. Power 

the u 

-"i^i delivsr 
die r 

^"3uni8) any j. 

- -r-lty are hereby jiven to 

-endent and ♦-»•■„ 

^"•^ -3 . .e .olics and to any of 

-^^yed in aay of eaid Public Parks, 

-■'d detain 
'""" -"t-'^Ule. (or. in their 

■• ^ 'Tj... jai i Public 

y»0n Or .»>. -,„ , , 

-^ wno ahall in their 



« I ifiii«i« 


_•- -A 


presence violate or offend against any of the 
provisions of this Ordinance or Rules that may 
hereafter be passed or adopted for the regula- 
tion and government of said Public Parks, Squares 
and Pleasure Grounds. 

Section 60 1^ No person shall disobey or violate 
any of the rules and regulations regulating the 
use and enjoyment of any of the buildings and 
structures in said Public Parks. Squares, or 
Pleasure Grounds, -vhich rules and regulations 
shall be posted in some conspicuous place In said 
buildings and strnctures, nor shall any person 
disobey any instruction or any sign in any of said 
Public Grounds; nor shall any person refuse any 
reasonable request of any police officer In any of 
the said Public Parks, Squares, or Pleasure Grounds; 
and the Superintendent of said Park or manager or 
person in charge of said buildings or structures. 
may refuse ad:nis8ion to. and may expel therefrom] 
any person refusing to comply with such rules and 

^Scti^n.ei, NO person shall violate or dlsohey any 
of the terns or requirements of this Ordinance or 
any of the rules and regulations which the Paric Co™, 
".i.sioners shall fro. ti„e to ti^e pass «n , ,ost Or 
otherwise puhlicl. announce for the use. enjoyment 

and government of anv «*•«... v, ,, . . . 

- -* «»j.^ x-uuxic i'arks. Squares, 

or Pleasure GrouniiA «- 

^rounds, or any of the buildings or 

structures therim situated. 

Sj|.ction 62, Worda iks^i^ * j.. . 

-* woras used in thi c Ordinance in the 

present tense includ* f>,« ^..*.._, 

-.- *»*.^*tf ae *exi as the pres- 
ent; words used herein <« *v, 

« nerein In the masculine gender m- 

clud. the fe„inln. and neuter; .nd the sl„«ux., nu:.. 

J i 


■ — 1 ■ I ji 







t i 







! I 







Sae tlon 63 * YiTienever the words "Board of Park Com- 
missioners* or the personal pronoun used in place 
tliereof is used herein, they shall be and are mu- 
tually understood to refer to the "Board of Park 
Comralssionere'' of the City and County of San Pran- 
cisco, State of California, acting directly or 
through properly authorized agents, limited to the 
particular duties entrusted to them. 
Sec t ion 64. ^Al^enever the word "Superintendent" or 
the oereonal pronoun used in place thereof, is used 
herein, it shall be and is understood to refer to 
the Superintendent of Parka and Squares of the City 
and County of San Francisco, State of California, 
acting directly or through properly authorized agents 
limited by the particular duties entrusted to tnem. 
potion 65^ Whenever the word "Secretary" or the 
personal pronoun used in plnce thereof, is used here- 
in, it shall be and is mutually understood to refer 
to the secretary of the Board of Park Commiosioners 
of tne City and County of San Francisco. State of 
Cttlfornia, lirr.ited by the particular duties entrust- 
•4 to hia, 

2S=ii£i^ Thl. OrllnHnc, sHan ta::e effect and 
-• ■»»• in fifteen (15) days fro=. and after Ite 

,j ( .- r. 


^££ii2i-lU AT., vioutxon 

2» tne provisions of this 

Ordinance shall be un' .w^ o 

— - ■»■* • 

^ -'-^ Any P,„„,. ,,„ „ corporation who 

■ noln, t;.. .rovl.ione of thla Ordinance ,hall 
»• deemed guii^ 
.^,.,, ' ^^i8dea«anor .nd upon conviction 

-^^•of. Shall bepunj.H,., _ _ 
19 . . '^u m section 

■ ' ' «e of < r '4. 

fi,, "'^" '^ California. All 

■r ■ . into tne "if '^».^« 

^^'' .reaaury for Park 



Se^ction 69y All ordinances or parts of ordinances 
in conflict with this ordinance are hereby repealed. 

Said ordinance was read at the- meeting and ordered 
engrossed in the minutes. Thereupon Com. Greenebaum 
offered the following Resolution, seconded by Com. 

RESOLVED, That the further conaideration of Ordi-^ 
nance No. 1 ::ew series be postponed until the next 
regular meeting of the Board, which is hereby directed 
to be convened and held on Friday, May 31st, 1918 at 
the hour of 3;30 P.M. 

There being no further business before the 
Board the meeting adjourned subject to meet Friday, 
Hay 31st,. 1913 at 3:30 P.M. as per above resolution. 

Secretary Park Commission. 


I": ! 


;* </* 

*^.- • 

^£i Mmnr: 










■ !■> 



Regular aeetin^* 

l^inutes adopted, 

He, Eunice r Hill 

He, Po^^t.-:. of 
the Past, 

Re, Gleaning 


San PranciBco, May Slat, 1913, 
At a regular meeting of the Board of Park 
Commissioners held at their office Park Lodge, Golden 
Gate Park, M»y Slat, 1918 

Present 'J7ere: Prea. C,H. Lindley, 

Com, A.B.Spreckels, 
Com, John A, McGregor, 
Com, M, 3arl Cumrainga, 
Com, Sigmund Greenebaum, 
The minutes of the previous meeting, copies 
of which were sent to the Cor.iinissioners, were, upon 
motion duly made, seconded and carried, adopted aa the 
minutes of the meeting held Kay 17th, 1913. 

Prom Geo, v;, Caswell announcing the 143d anni- 
versary of the Battle of Bunker Hill which will be com- 
meiaorated on Hoaday, June 17th. He requests that the 
usual patriotic program by the Golden Gate Park Band be 
given. in honor of the occasion. 

Request ^-anted and Secretary instrjcted to notify 
Prof. Cassasa of the action of the Board, 

Prora //illis Polk stating that it would be a 
L-raceful thing if the name of A. Page Brovm, Architect, 
were carved in some appropriate place on the "Portals of 
the Past". 

Secretary instructed to communicate with Lrs. Clinton 
Worden and laarn if ahe has any ob.iection« t.n t... ...„_. 

Prom W. KcDermott submitting at the request jf 
Supt. McLaren the coat of cleaning certain monaments in 
Golden Gate Park and other parka: 

Spreckela n^pi^ y+-.„j 
All granite on Bridges 
The Dewey Llonuraent 
Huntington Park stone 



_ 25. 



^-^-^ ^ n^ i y~^-^m.Lw r^^m 

■ w ^ t- ^-'m^ -r ^'. 







'■ii k^; 


t r>s 




? f 




Re« AquariU2i, 


• '» 






If ICr. UcBtrmott is furnished with wire to connect 
his dTnamo, the eost will be 15% lees or a total of 
about |800. 

On motion duly made, seconded and carried, Supt. 
MoLaren was authorized, upon his recoounendatlon, to 
purchase a sand blasting machine and accompaniments. 

From City Attorney Lull relative to the 
acceptance of the Steinhart bequest of a public aquar- 
ium as follows: 

"By an amendment to the Charter adopted by 
the people on ilovember 7th, 1916, the following 


added to Section 1 of Chapter II of Article 

» Subject to the provisions, limitationa 
and restrictions in this Charter contained, the 
Board of Supervisors shall have power to accept 
iifts of cuildlngs, property and noneys for the 
purpose of establishing and maintaining a pub*- 
fin/S^fi'^.f?^ ^° appropriate from the general 
fund of the -ity and County not less tian $20,000. 
annually for the support and maintenance of a 
public aquariun, "• 

the au^"^^%n^n S?r''^°"^ ^' ^^« Steiniiart Will, 

the ?Sl?o J?« 1^°S- ^' ^^^^"^^ ^^^ bequeathed ti 
i2l :*i^^^^4a Acadeny of Sciences for the erect- 

n aSden°"^ fp^^ 't "" ^^^^^^^'^ ^° oe located 

tendenc 'anTope^aUorif i'.r""-^'"'"'' ^"^^^^^- 
char^e and under' ^^J. f^^'^ aquarium to be in 
Of Sciences. direction of said Academy 

XIV of^?hr^^^J,!f ^^;fi°ns Of section 12 of Art, 

tain in ^.oldfn ?ate o!!?^''^'" ^° ^^^^^ ^"d r^ain- 
siBtins Of one o? o^f't^^^r'^'^^ ^ouildin^- con- • 
necessary for the ^u^;^^! ''f®^' ^^ ^^ may find 
«?^d bulUin • is to S?^^ contemplated, which 
^ity and County o^ 'an lr« ^?' P^operty'of the 
3xclu8i7eiy therea^tt^ jrancisco but to he used 
^•^iences unde^ sue' .! ^^ ^^^ ^^^'^ Acad•I^y of 
?3 .^y ce pr:;cn eV'^fa ?':^^ ^"^ relations 
public and for' !/.!!? f^^«^" oP^n to the 
~— -. ever ce char^ied''."* "" '"'"'"'■' "^ acL-aission fee 

S'^^''^^°'i"t?eVitrt '''' P^^^iBiona of the 

for in his last ^ii^.t^l^^ aquarium as provided 
Acadei.iy Of scia^,! ^^'' ^eatacient. '^ne ^.i^i • 
Of the wm °®^ i^' carryin- m,f *>' -allfornia 

''flc Will occupi,.. -.. f-^.f^ °^' t-ie proviaions 

:i^^08e, ar .r;:r'''' °^ » trustee for 

^nly to': e'^^ ^^^^.aes publi^ ^?nn''^i^ ^'^^^ ^««" 

th-? Will f '^^'-V Of Science^ V^^*^®*^ i" <^^« 

^^ ^-P^'-i3o.a. ^^tltll', tTtlr* """'^'^'^ 

**"t ^0 the provisions 



He. Park Ordi. 

of the amendment to Section 1, Chapter II, Article 
II of the Charter could appropriate from the gen- 
eral fund a sum of not less than $20,000, annually 
for the support and maintenance of the public 
aquarium directly to the California Academy of 
Sciences, I can see no legal objection, however, 
to the Board appropriating annually in the budget 
a sum of hot less than $20,000, a year to the Park 
Commission, which sum of course would be in excess 
of the amount required to be appropriated to the 
Park Commission pursuant to the provisions of 
Section II of Article XIV of the Charter, said sum 
to be expended through the Board of Park Commission- 
ers for the support and maintenance of the Steinhart 
aquariom. This appropriation having been made, the 
Board of Bark Comrais si oners could enter into an 
agreement with the California Academy of Sciences 
by which the Academy would superintend and maintain 
the aquarium, the expense of which would be borne 
by the Park Commission for the appropriation of not 
less than |20,000. made to it annually by the Board 
0. Supervisors. This could be done by direct con- 
tract between the Park Commission and the Academy 
by whicu for the jura appropriated in the budget, the 
Academy would undertake and guarantee the raaintin- 
ance and superintendence of the aquarium. While it 
would be preferable to rake the appropriation di- 
rectly to the Academy of Sciences, treating the 
Academy so far as the aquarium is concernid as a pub- 

cern?n'^;v.i'' ^^^"^ ^^ l^^ language of the Charter con- 
?n V " ^5ie appropriation permitted by the Charter 
to be made for the maintenance of the aquarium le. 
fll ?i^^J^'-Jtles might be encountered. bu?1^4en; 
Itf^l Objections to the scheme outlined above by 
which the appropriation is made to the Board of Park 

emf rscilnces' "fnff '\'^" "^ '' througSthrAc^Jf 

eSc?fofirirb; heM -this year ^?"^,^«f -«"^«nt 

a Charter Amendment on 2?.."^? * ^ ^^"^^^ suggest that 

people b; ^fSh'^t-'mo?^*5L^%'Lro'?^SeIl\'2 ^??- h 
aattar would be afforded." aeallnb witn the 

secretary instructed to acknowledge receipt of the opinion and send copy to Hudolph J. Taussi, of tne 
California Acade,^ of soienoea. also to Alex. P. L'orrison, 
"^ Pro„ Pres. O.H. Llndley. copy of a letter sent 

to City Atty. Lull relative to Park Ordinances: 

■ T 


Of Parka t^It?he re hir^ ^^ ^^^ Superintendent 
In securing conv?«f.;r ^^^l" ^'"^^ difficulty 
for the v?ola??oi oi ?^ ^^ ^""^ °°^^ = - "°"^^« 
commission Which werl ^'^ ojdinances of the Park 
defective provisron%rf^^^ ^" ^^^^' °^^^^^ ^^ 
violationsf ^nrr i''^''^ penalties for such 
ly from the Police Tud^® ?^^' ascertained direct- 
«.^*.4.,^. . . -^"-^ice Judiifes the exact «fafM« ^^ 

frin'ih; Su;trr„tend^nt'' '''! f^^l'-i^-'ouss^tlon. 
If^ourts l.rtTeToT.oUoV'''' ^"""' "^°" "^^=^ 

"iBsion II J^? aTe.lTT'^*''^^ *■"• ^"^ Coa- 
to fix penalties fof tL vHiatfj: '"? ''^ "° """ 

- - -- -int. you^:::ir:--r,-,^- :----. 


t I 




~ ^■ 





m^ 4 



I ' 1 


i> » 





II •• 

t , 

Article XI7 of the Charter, the Conmlssionera 
may adopt ordinances for the regulation, use 
and government of the Parks, etc. This section 
also contains the following clause: 

"Any penon rlolating any of such or- 
dinancea shall he deemed guilty of a mis- 
demeanor, and shall be punished therefor 
on conviction in any court of competent 

The old ordinance was defective in specific- 
ally fixing any punishment. 

Second; As a corollary to the foregoing, it 
has been claimed that the ordinance should be 
approved by the Board of Supervisors, 

At the last meeting of the 
duced a new ordinance, known as 
1 :iew Series, and I an handing 
tnereof, together with the acti 
tnereon so far as it has gone, 
your attention to this Ordinanc 
to r^ve you give me, as Preside 
opinion, calling your attention 
flection 68, which provides: 

Board I intro- 

Park Ordinance ITo, 
you herewith a copy 
on of the Board 

I would invite 
e, zind would like 
nt of the Board, an 

particularly to 

vio^at/t^r"' ^f"" °'' corporation who shall 

t Jeered -uiu3'nf°"' °'/^^^ Ordinance shall 

conviction ^Thereo? «h«t?\'"'^"°^ ^"^ '-^^^^^ 
scribed in sectio^l? ni\^® Punished as pre- 

State of California lii'^f "^^"^^ ??^^ °^ ^^« 

into the City Treas'^v fi/o"*v ^^^^ ^® P^^^ 
-^^y ireasary for Park purijoses," 

Tiolation of 
sdomeanor, is 
the charter, and 
the renainder of the sec- 
is ni!f^'v f ^^^ punishment of 
■■ ^f^'J^'^ in the Penal Code, 
section would seen to fiU a 

.^^ not so sure bu 
..or. : uperfluous 
^••e -iedeaeano^' 
4t the sane tine this 
s^j-, and I wouli liVq 
« fficient 




1 *•♦ 

poTr*.- f„ _. -^:, ^ asaune that by 
't -= • s^ -'*^'^ ordinances can 

''■- - Attorr.o-i.t ^^^' " ^^ pos- 

"'^- ^J'auhle has been 

There is another question which arises, in- 
volved in the resolution adopted by the Board, 
appearing on page nineteen of the ordinance, post- 
poning the further consideration of the ordinances 
until the next "regular" meeting of the Board. 
Under the charter an ordinance cannot be adopted 
at the same session at which it is offered. We 
have no so-called regular meetings; in other words, 
the charter requires us to meet at least twice a 
month, and the dates of these meetings are usually 
fixed by the President on call, and there is no 
standing rule or regulation of the Commission on 
the subject. We find it quite difficult to fix any 
specific dates, owing to the migratory habits of 
the members of the Joard, and as all business other 
than the passing of ordinances may be transacted at 
a called meeting, we have never felt the necessity 
for establishing a regular meeting day. If in your 
judgment, however, it is necessary that such rule 
or regulation should be established, please advise 
me and I will take the matter up. 

You will note that in the 
denominated the meeting of the 
May 31et as a regular meeting, 
to whether the ordinance could 
attacked on the ground that it 

resolution we have 
Board to be held on 

It is a question as 
be collaterally 
was not passed at a 

regular meeting, but at a called meeting. 

Will you kindly send your opinion on the taatter 
herein requested to my office, 604 L'ills Building?" 

Ordered filed. 

From City Atty. Lull in answer to Pres. C,H, 
Lindley, relative to proposed Park Ordinances. 

of the 

"I am in receipt 
enclosinrj a copy 

of your letter of May 18th, 
^ark romrn^«or. °^ ^ proposed new Ordinance 
th« m.hiff Commissioners, for the regulation of 


the Parv p«^^ « • P^^-^'3, etc. is conferred upon 
**.ci.. iiiax section reads: 

th^ reliLt?!!!^''^^^''"®" '^^y' ^^°?^ ordinances for 
said pSta Boiares ^"' government of the afore- 
''onaiatent'wf? f!®' avenues and grounds not in- 
nia or w?th i^? ^^* ^^'^^ °^ ^^« -^^te of Califor- 
wi?n?n nve day^ ^^^^t* . '"^' ordinances shall, 
for ten ^o^^r^^l^Lr^t'U:':.^^^^^' 
^^^^1^11^ llZll -^ol.tin, any of-su;i-;;di. 
shall be punished t?! f ^^*^ °^ ^ misdemeanor, and 
court Of cTailtltf^^'l^''/* °" conviction, in any 
dinances shall bSvi^fi'^'?'''"' *°"" °^ «"^^ or- 
of four Jf ?ii^""^!^^ ^^ receives the vote 
toe passed at [he sJ- "°?f^- ^^^ ordinance shall 

ordinances l^H ?ake efSc t% '■'^^^%^ nieeting. auch 

^aice effect in not less than ten 




■<•■ ■*''*"^ I. — 

* *^ 




i" * 


■itag'^ 'yry -^*^--- 




4 j 




.'I I 

f ' 


, |i M 

1 (>2 

days afttr their adoption, 

1. The effect of this section ia to vest 
in the Board of Park Commissioners legislative 
power to enact ordinances "for the regulation, 
use and government" of theputlic parks, squares, 
avenues and grounds under their Jurisdiction, 
The only limitation imposed "by the Charter is 
that such ordinances must not be inconsistent 
with State laws or the Charter itself, I have 
no doutt that this legislative power can be 
tested in the Park Commissioners by the Charter, 
See in re. Pfahler, 15G Cal. 71, And such power 
having been vested in the Park Commissioners I 
think it is equally clear that when they have 
adopted an ordinance pursuant to Section 5 of 
Article XIV, It is not necessary that such ordi- 
nance receive the approval of the Board of Super- 

2, In my judgment Section 68 of the proposed 
ordinance deftlaring any violation of its provis- 
ions to be a misdemeanor and providing; that any 
person convicted thereunder "shall be Dunished 

as prescribed in Section 19 of ^he Penal Code of 
tne State of California", is sufficient. As you 
sugi^eat, it is probably superfluous in view of 
tne provision of Section 5, Article XIV of the 
cnarter that "any person violating any of such 

arf«v"?rv'^'^^\^® ^^^''^'^ ^^i^*y °^ a misdemeanor 
»nd shall be punished therefor, on conviction, in 
any court of competent jurisdiction". But assum- 
r^^^ ^t"^^ provision in the ordinance to be 

Secu^n 19 .?%f^H'^\*^ *^* -^« reference to 
section 19 of fho Penal Code is sufficient. 


^I-elent'^rt '^^^^J^"^^ question toich you 
^-esent.d to me hps to do with the require- 

^;o'^°L^*°^^°-'^ 5. Article XIV that 

shall be passed--- 



at any other than 

a regular 

Section 4 of Article XIV provides that J 
i^^-B as it may 'deen proper?" "" ^""^ '^'''^^ ^^^*- 

■'■'••- I'e^ulur rreetin^^ 

The ordinpT" •; . 
^3^r i:.eetirr" ic' if '^""veyei >.y the phrase "rer- 

?!■ - 'i-ed time ie?eV'?n?r.* ' '"""'^"^ ^^^^^^ <^°-^^«b 
liBhed rule, ir ^^t'^'''?''^ ^^ advance by sor.e eotab- 

nave beer unable tc' _.. ... „.\v''.. • "ecauee I 

^^a<^ iu^^tic^'J ^ u^y.'y'i -^thcrity on the ore- 

^'^ '^^^ ^^in . I^ I' 1? "f '^^ ^'°^ definite- 
^•c-. ^rere. ^. l.J. ^. ^^'Clined to tellPv^ ^.^_ 

--- ^01 ;;:',;;:^ f^juireirent is that "the 

nous meJr:'-^ ^ -eeUr deef'r'J^f '^^ ^^«" 
:i.- /. . •:.- *.■. ..„:,r^^^^-^ ir:eetinc", and 

fi: • 

<' T' r. ,■' 

'- '^- i-.;ib Charter 

Re. regular rr.eet- 
ing day* 

Re, Park Ordi- 

He. City Cei..e- 

Permit me to suggest, however, out of an 
abundance of caution, the Board of Park Cominia- 
flioners might v/ell adopt a rule establishing reg- 
ular meeting days." 

Ordered placed on file. 

In accordance T7ith the concludints paragraph 
of City Attorney Lull's opinion relative to the estab- 
lishing of a regular meeting day, Pres, Lindley offered 
the following re&olution: — 

RESOLVED, That regular meetings of the Board of 
Park Commissioners be held on the second and fourtl 
Thursdays of each month at 3:30 P,M, Should such meet- 
ing day fall upon a holiday the meeting shall be held 
on the next day following at the same hour. 

On motion duly made, seconded and carried, the res- 
olution was adopted unanimously. 

In conformity v.-ith the adoption of ti e resolu- 
tion further action on the rropoeed Park Ordinances was 
deferred until the next regular meetinii June 13, 1918. 
Prom Prer;. Lindley. copy of a letter sent toy 
him to La Societe. Italiana Di I.:utua Bineficienza on the 
subject of the Italian Cer.etery; 

Mnro!?^ i^ *^^* Intention of the Park comr-is- 
BiorerB at an early date to extend t?e park 
improver, ents in Lincoln Park over tne a^ea 

"^^V^'^i^' ^'^'f ^^ ^"°- a^the uL'tan 
ortvf?/- '^ ^" desirous that the expediency 

t^veE^r^ ;n'?^^'^fv^^' '^'^^ -^^^^^ ^^o«« ^>^-o^« rela. 
tlveE orthl i?t ^^^'" ''^^^ appreciate the mo- 

plans in a kindly spirit; '" '"''"' ' 

rourt G°''thP^if''r^H *^^^ ^^- ^^^"^ ^'^^ 3uprei:e 
bv vour^rit ♦^^^! "^ CalifcnuR. in a Buit brought 
^oaTof ^ni^^^f ^**^^^*^ '^''^^ ^'^^ ordinance of the 
ihat^af ;^^^^^^^^^ Granting burial privilege in 

^^^TZ^'i^^^^ "'''y -' ^°^^- ^ate 

pa68ed°"n^o^;/^^' ^9CS. the Board of Supervisors 
ofttt ;)o4 f "'"S^ ^^^^»^' ^'°^-^^^ '''' ^^^ Grantees 
favftJl"^'''' °^ *^*® ^^^y cemetery to pr(^vlde 

w-i x-emaint interreu therein. 





>^4ai(^ '^■'^ 

-"■r ■*''. TT 







I • 





On NOV, 22n, 1909, Ordinance No. 970, New 
8eri0i)| was paeeed, setting aside and dedicating 
the City or Golden Gate Cemetery to park purposes, 
and placing the aame under the exclusive control 
of the Park commiaoion. 

It seems reasonable to aBsuine that all tliose 
who had relatives buried there, and decired their 
removal of the bodies, have before this effected 
such ren.oval. 

^e are quite convinced tlmt there is no ob- 
etable which ahould stand in the way of the con- 
teriplated Park Iraprcven.entB, but felt that it was 
highly proper tjjat the Park Commiseion nl ould ad- 
vise you of their contemplated action, aekinr your 
gooG officee in explaining to your merabere the sit- 
uation ub ii is presented to us. 

We ao not think it advisable to give publicity 
tc icji intentions of the CoiiinioBion to proceed on 
t.'*e lines xiere indicated. Whatever is done should 
^ dene quietly and decorously'"". 

tbUA and ordered filed. 

From Sullivan, Hullivpn & Theo. J. Roche 

tttcr-eyp i'r.r ♦he La Societo Italiana Di Kutua Benefi- 

:t.'. !• answer to Pres. Lindley'o conii.iunication which 

eferrt- *-. 

.ei.. : 





■your letter of the 7th inet., addressed to 
-6 ^t-^te Italinna Di J,!utua Teneficienza vrb 
rec ^ .'7inde<3 tc us Vy an officer of the Society 
Wti ini tract ions to answer Bei.,e, 

we iitve represented that Society for the 

rin- yearH, piv] riurlnj., that tii..e liave on eev- 

^fcasione protei^ted a^'ainHt any action of the 

- ^i-tl aut.oritieu ri.ich conteir.i.lated interfer- 

V::^ I '* eraves of the dead buried in the old 

'^ -. . nd rounty of iian Frar.cinco 
jcioty iiockB :io£. 9 tc n, inclu- 

designated upon the offl- {.a "City Cer.etery". The 
rant ¥-n. to enaVle tlie Society tc 
fmbPi-L ,, othorr in the ground re- 
■^^^•''* ' :rrint tiie Society 

'" iciiur in.provinj; the 

■ . "ntil :....- year 1897 in- 

' • * ' ■■ Loard of 

wruinancc j tin^c further 
*e'y. t'v.nt or Unance ^id not 

• t cf bodies 
: ■• opinion if it did 

illeijrl, ^ince 
:' CO dies have 

't* *ere made 
' ' '^ -lociet 

latjv»ft «r 

' I 

cen t terv 


Soard of 

in the year 1868. 
by the legislature 

"City Cemetery" was 3r»t aside by the 
Sup'Dx-.'in.^'i ^jy Orli nance 1800, passed 

That ordinance was ratified 
on the 27th day of ?Zarch 


By the terms of the Ordinance the 800 acres 
of land set apart and designated on the map ae a 
cemetery were "absolutely dedicated" for cemetery 
purposes. By reason of the decision of our Su- 
preme Court referred to in your letter, no inter- 
ments '.lave been made in the cemetery during the 
past eighteen years. 

While that decision declared invalid the grant 
made \jy the City to the Society and sustained the 
validity of the ordinance forbiddinj further in- 
terments, tne decision did not declare illegal the 
burial made before the passage of the ordinance. 
In our opinion all interments previously made were 
legal, and all monuments, tombstones and vaults 
erected by the relatives and friends of the dead 
were lawfully placed in position and maintained. 

To preve'^.t the desecration of the ^jravea of 
tho*e buried there, the Society has for several 
years past maintained on the ground a watchijian. 
As the bodies were buried in the cemetery ana the 
im?rovem.-nts were r.iade about tne gravea under law- 
ful authority, we submit the Park Coiaiissioners 
nave not, nor has any other TJunioipal authority 
tne right now to interfere vritn the dead buried 
tne re or to remove the monuments, tombstones, etc. 
erected upon and about the graves. Under the 
Chapter (Chapter 2, Section 1, Subdivision 31) 
the Supervisors have the power "to tranaf-r from 
Ane departTient of the City i^overn.-nent vacant and 

m«':^?- e^^' '' '-^^^ ^i*^' ^^"<i ^-° ■^r.otaer depar?- 
^f:,^x» }^^ ^^ ^f construe the law, they have no 
runt whatever to make a transfer to the Park 
Comrniaai oners of land "abao^ it aV^ ^«^.^ 4. 4« . 

ausli^.f J ?■" 5''^^*? i--' ^^' ce....eteri- under the 
r;?f?^r?? '- '-^e society will rp"' »i'!; ^i -.,^„,,„ 

t'o'dlaint^^ J*^*""'"'^"'^ i'l bringing about 

oonduoted 2y thl^'oi"'r"f"* ^^ *■'" "■■^''-''•y no* 
society iB Dur,?.; i**''^^" ■^^'- •"***° -ounty. Die 
bareiy ei?f?"3 ?„?!°*f^=^*^ organization, -vith 
i^ -i'ancLlly Snablf ?„*v "'fi"' "•"' ^'' *""• -^""^ 

or^;ro"h;r3"au''L?''^: ■ "^ — e" ■.:: ■the•oi;;■ 
t.le bodleo^lu'ie wiwe^." '" disinterment of 

' i 




•j* >'4 


V i 






■ n 





?roa Free, Llndley to uressrs, Sullivan, Sullivan 
and ri»o. J. Rochi, in answer to the foregoing coju- 

■uni cation: 

■I am in receipt of your letter of the 
20th inat., statin_; the attitude of La Societa 
Italiana Di Mutua Beneficienza with regard to 
the proposed action of the Park Comraiesioners 
looking to the extension of improvement for 
park purposes of the area in Lincoln Park known 
aa the "Italian Cemetery*. I also note your 
position as to the legal rights of the Italian 
Society arising out of the ordinances of the 
City of San Francisco, 

It is not my purpose at this juncture to 
discuss the logal phases of the situation. Re- 
gardless of what iaay "be the precise legal status 
of t.: oociety and its memhers whose dead are 
■buriea in the cemetery, I am extremely anxious 
to avoid tailing any action which might offend 
against the natural sensioilities of those whose 
relatives ire still "buried there, however jus- 
tifiable such action r.ijjht he in contemplation 
of law, until at least an effort is made to 
adjust the natter aaical-ly. 

You say in your letter :- 

"The Society -vill heartily co-operate with 
td.e L-unicipal authorities in bringing about the 
diftinter..ont of bodies anl their interment 
in the ce-etery now ooniucted by the Society in 
Sar llateo County. The Society is a purely bene- 
ficial organization, wit--, barely sufficient funds 
to carry o-. its work, and ifi financially unable 

- ^*r : , expense of iisintenaent. If that ex- 
pense i= come by the city or by others, all ob- 

*ai7ed, " 

disinterment of tne bodies will be 

.:^'i:-\Z thic suggestion as a basis of discua- 

^* -■• ^^' ] ^^'^ y^^ to consider and res^^sond to the 
- '-wing inquiries: — 

?ru"''^ ''^'^' •'" power under tne cimrter, 
"-ier actint, tiirough the Board of Super- 
viaors or the ?.-> :ornni33ioners, to ap- 
?:'* - ■ .■ '"31* the purpose of d»- 

"• ■ - J3t 0- ^ ; - .ent? 

•J^ ' ^ A J 

' exT>ena» 

funds to defray 
s detissd either through the 
riv-te cortritutions, 
'^ the re- 

-i'ity take ohar 

■ we. 


at this 

>^9Ct of 

-val is 



not prohibitive, I would feel inclined to in- 
augurate a movement to secure funds by private 

If you will kindly let me have your views 
on the foregoing interrogations, I will be pleased 
to give them prompt consideration. 

From Sullivan, Sullivan & Theo. J, Roche, to 
Pres, Llndley in answer to the above: 

"Receipt of your letter of yesterday is 
acknowledged. During the early part of next week 
we win confer 7/ith the; tives of our 
client. La Societa Italiana Di L'utua lenefirienea 
an:^ after tuch conference will be pleaeed to answer 
t::e interrogations propounded to us in your letter.' 

The question of the City Cemetery was referred 
tc Pres, Lindley, 

There "bcinff ne further business before the 
Board the ireetir.^ adjourned subject tc meeting at the 
next regular date. 


•^ ^ 

X S ^ . ■■«■., >i . . i » t. 



Secretary Park Conimiseionoro. 


"» y 





' i- 




» I 



i f 5S 

San 7rar.ci3C0, June 13th, 1918. 

Regular meeting. At a regular raeeting of the Board of Park 

CoinmisBioners held at their offi-e. Park Lodge, Golden 
-late Pari:, June 13th, 

Present were: Prea. Curtis H. Lindley, 

Cora, M. Earl Curaminss, 
Com, John A. LTcGregor, 
Com, Sigmund Greenebaum, 
Absent: Com. A, B. Spreckels, 

IHnutes approved. "'Vio rr-i^n + ar- «^ 4.^ ^ j 

i'F^wvctt, ,ne minutes oi tne previous ;aeeting, copies 

of which were sent to each Commissioner were, upon 
notion duly made, secon led and carried, adopted as the 
minutes of the meetini^ held :.:ay 31st, 1918. 
Re. Park Ordinances. The Park Ordinances, presented at the pre- 

vious regular meeting- for the re^-alation, use and gov- 
ernment of the Park, uquares. Avenues and Grounds under 
the Jurisdiction of the Park Conrv.ission, not inconsis- 
'■-■' -■- the Zma of the state of California or the 
Charter of the City and County of San ?raKCisco. were 
u..on notion duly ^ade. seconded .nd carried, ado-ed .y 
the followin,: vote: P^ee. Curti. ". -inllyy, ^omrs. 
-' ' ^u. , ._ -^"'.'o aoaum. 
The o«or.t-,ry was in.t.-, = ted to • ,, ^. r,,i„,„,,3 

.. :-.Jl o: ten (lo) days, 3undaya exc^^l, in the 
Official newspaper with a proper certificate for the 
c. - -ions under ^yhic> they were ^ I. 

•^* --L'. . ^ ^or 
' ^ - Paul 


'■' the Industrial A-oileat 


n of the 

■.■^ r-> 

alifornia, relativ '. clai.; :?5399 21na 

• •• • 

■* - , » tAU^,i. 

taenelin and Hoher: 


their duly appol-t-d 
applicants vs. Par^ 



guardian ad lite^ 


County of 

San Franc 

isco, do "en- 

relative t 


te Ind^)^- 

'1 ■; 

^cident Co.j.i^-; 

an award "by 
to the aboTe 




li ii 

. .1. 

( . 


•V* V 







' f 






Rt. driiuiag 

A». Portftla of 

applicants of the sum of Three thousand six hundred 
($3600.) Dollars, 

The Secretary was instructed to refer the commun- 
ication to the City and County Attorney, Geo, Lull, for 
hit opinion as to the le^jality of the pay:aent of the 
said award fro;^ the Park Fund, 

Prom the Central Sunset Improvement Clu'b, re- 
questing that a drinking fountain be placed on the path 
"between the Childrens* Playground and the Park entrance 
^t Ijth Avenue and Lincoln Way, 

Ref - :• - " t " ..p *. . :.:cLaren, 

Fro- '^lint.r \ Worden stating that the letter 
ftddree--i to 'Tb. Clinton S, Worden had been referred to 
Wm tor answer, Ke replys by stating th^t !rrs. 'Torden, 
'r:. Tcwne and he requ-i '--t the proposed en^ravins, 
5r any other earring, be no^ made on the "Portals of the 

^ ^ ■' " ^'^'^ - *as sent to Hr. ,_lli^ . oi:. 

r. r-i:: rcplisi ••I an afraid that !,'r, Worden 
-■e ■--. ttndtrttam ■'. ^oint in iuem:n". 

' ■ ' - '2 .' • --erer, decided t" -? • .- 

^r-lered t;-- ^^ . -unieatiDns filed, 

' :^ri to re- 



r« • T ^ 


a Guret/ "bond 

i.- "emorlal 

' •-^--^^' and carried the >-nnd 

-. ^:.cl03in»: two 

-Cn 0: 


'Id- - 

ft ^c ^ 

Re, conservation 
cf oil. 

He. nev; pay cnecl: 

oupt. LcLi . .-. U 

3upt. Taylor* 8 

Report o.i v.ater. 


Secretary stated that the checks had been depo£;ited 
in the City Treasury to the credit of the Park Fund. 
Action approved, 

Jroir. thA Ur.lted States Fuel Adninls trailer en- 
cloBing- a pledge card to be signed, one to be returned 
to the office of the Fuel Administrfticn and the other 
to hane Uj,: in a prominent place in our Puirjinj, Plant for 
the purpoce of conservin,?; the ojl. 

The Board declared that the Park CormiGsioncrn cculd 
not pledre U e ^Ity of Han Francieco. the Park Tepartrent 
telnc ^)Ut one tranch of a corporation, nejnoly the City 
and County of San Franciaco. The Park Coiranission, how- 
ever, will promise to co-opcr^.u v.ith the Fuel Adminis- 
tration in the conserve tion of fuel oil, 

Pres. Lindley havlrg- invecticated the proposed 
new eyeteo cf payin- t'... Park employee. ,. - _ tc ccnforr: 
tc -:e syster i> effect in the other City J.epartirenta. 
reported V.iz c -proval cf the change and on iroticn duly 
imde. seconded and carried, the Cecretcr;- 'as directed tc 
confer with Kt, Lewio of the Au^ '^ ' r -^4 . 
propooed chan^ve tit ;'-, c ' 
Supt. i.cL/-iren*c repor 
^" " ^" - ^cconin^endation^ a.; roved. 

•! ■ r- * 

r ? perfect 


•i' • 


.^c-"t fcr *' ■■ 

i^ ■ ordered :ert the Com-.\. 
Fro;- ' ■ - \. ... 
- -ark : 

"^-re being no f-;:'t:.vr v. : ■_ 
'- . -:journea tc meet L.t tie r^ - 


'. y>< lea 

\L. ro-. 

' * 





»« - tf- 


-,. 4 


f«*. ^ 



1 7:j T 





#1 « 


III' ' 


♦ '. 

Regular meetin(5. 

Minutes adopted. 

Kent 8 or Sharp 


He. field day 

San PranciBco, June 27th, 1918. 

At a regular meeting of the Board of Park 
CommissionerB held at their office Park Lodge, Golden 
Gate Park, June 27th, 1918 

Present were: Pree. C. H. Lindley, 

Com, M. Earl Cununings, 
Com. John A. L^cGregor, 
Com. Sigmund Greenebaum. 
Absent: Com. A. B. Spreckele. 

The minutes of the previous meeting, copies 
of which were sent to each Commissioner, were, upon 
motion duly made, seconded and carried, adopted as the 
minutes of the meeting held June 13th, 1918, 

From k'adison & Burke enclosing statement of 
account of the rents collected from Sharp Park, San 
Uatec County, from June let, 1917 to July 1st, 1918. 
Prom June 1. 1917 to October 1, 1917 four months at 
#58, per month a total of |232, and from October 1, 1937 
to July 1, 1918. nine months at $116, per month a total 
Of #1036, ir.aking a grand total of $1267, less coi.^.i8sion 
and payment of taxes |588. a balance of $679. 

The Secretary was instructed to deposit the check 
to the credit of the Spreckele-Murphy Spacial Deposit 
Fund, Honora Sharp, Trustee, 

Pron. the Benefit & Entertainment Committee of 
San Prancisco Chapter American H.d Cross, stating that 
the soldiers, sailors and marines desiring to exprese 
appreciation for what the American Red Cross has done 
for them, are planning a field d*v for tH« >^.«e^4* -* 
th. R.d CroBe to be h.ld at the stadiiu. l„ o.ld.n oat. 
Park Sunday, July 2i,t. i,ie. It ». Btat.d that a 
charge w,uld be aade ae an entrance fee. 










. , 

> . 








f f (1 • 


! . 

R«, displfiv of 

He, water In 
c-tow. Lake. 

^e. tridle i-ati; 
eii trance. 



' -- .ale cci :, 

The Board granted the request for the use of the 
Stadlmc on the above date provided no charge be made as 
an entrance fee to said field meet, as it has always 
been the policy of the Park Commissioners not to force 
the public to pay to enter public grounds for any pur- 

Should the meet be held, Supt. McLaren was in- 
structed to co-operate with the Entertainment ComiLittee 
in every way possible. 

Prom the Mayor's office with enclosure from 
Thos, F. Doane relative to the wront, way in which the 
Flag is displayed in many of the City I^partnientB. 

Attention of the Superintendent was directed to 
the contents of the letter. 

?rom Biigene K. Levy relative to the water in 
Stow Lake beings below mark for the past few Sundays. 
Referred to Supt. FcLaren. 

Proa, Gordon J, Smith, of the San Francisco 
Riding school, relative to a bridle path entrance to 

the Park on S.anyan street between Haight and Waller 

Pequest denied as there is an entrance less than 
l^lf a block away opposite Waller Street. 

^roir. n.L. Fhiteaell. Paris. 111., enclosing 
c^-eck for ..25, for a Bull Buffalo. 

secretary reported the shipment of the animal cy 

AdaciB Exprees nn.^ ♦v^* ,.^ . ^ , 

-- -au xie nad deposited the check to 

^""- '*•"" '^^"oy. secretary to the toyor. 
introducing «..,,. . . 

.aenou and Williams of the Y.K.C.A. 
^^^ deRire to con..*...-, 
t^ , "'^"'^ "^^^ •'i^^P a building in the Park 

^' ^e "^«^ " headquarte-B m. ,. 

quarts. B for Boldiers and sailors. 

""''''''' to supt. i^cLaren. 

Re. animals and 

Re. community 

He. liuei clans' 

Application lor 

He. Bidewalk near 
TJnlon oquare. 

Curator' 8 reuort. 


Prom A. B. Hullt representing the Wisconsin 
zoological Park; he desires to secure sea lions and 
wild water fowl for their collection. 
Referred to Supt. McLaren. 

Prom Kiss VAy Slnsheimer, Chairman Ifuslc 
Committee War Camp Community Service, thanking Supt. 
KcLaren for his cheerful co-operation In their Commun- 
ity singing project in Golden Gate Park, June 30, 1918. 
They desire that "all vehicles and automobiles be 
barred from too close proximity with the grand stand". 
Request granted. 

From the Musicians' Union requesting that the 
announcement of their Annual Outing be placed on the 
Park Music programs on the Sundays preceedlng the 18th 
of July, the day of the outing. 
Request granted. 

From Lrs. J. Petersen making application fop 
the position of caretaker in the Museum. 

secretary testructed to Inform l.:re. Petersen that 
no vacancy exists at the present time but that her ap- 
Plication Will be placed on file fcr future reference. 

From the Board of Public works enclosing j>lan 
for re-arranging the sidewalk area on the west side of 
Stockton street between Post and Geary streets. 

The Board disapproves of the proposed change and 
Wile the CommlBsioners concede that they have no Juris- 
diction over the sidewalk, they will strenuously object 
and Will by all possible means prevent any encroachment 
on any portion of the Union Sq^oare grounds. 

Report of curator Penes read and referred to 

Com. CuOTninifs. 




* .. 



'■J^.- ;.■?»-. 













I.: i 






Re. randalisn: at 
Ch, Piaye;round, 

AiiJ ourned. 

Th« Secretary was instructed to write to 
Chief of Police \fhite relative to acts of vandalism 
around the Chlldrens Quarters. The letter to "be 
given to Supt. Taylor for ddiverence to Chief White. 

There being no further business before the 
Board the meetinji adjourned to meet on the next reg*^ 
ular meeting day. 



Sebi^etary Park Corrjniaei oners. 


■ vfflTaBjtJBB,-^ 

■cr** ^f^ 



*fe ^. 




i'l 'i 



, f 



Called r.eeting. 

Minutes adopted, 

Re, cewer con- 

Heslgnatlon of 
Musetu;, employe. 

He. Beptic tank. 

San PranciBco, July 10th, 1918. 

At a called meeting of the Board of Park 
ConaniasionerB held at their office. Park Lodge, Golden 
Gate Park, July 10th, 1918 

Present were: Pres. Curtis H. Lindley, 

Com. A. B. Spreckela, 
Con. M. Earl Cuinnings, 
CoiE. Sigmund Greenebaum. 
Absent: Com. John A. lifcGregor. 

The minutes of the previous meeting copies of 
which were sent to the Commissioners, were, upon motion 
duly made, seconded carried, adopted as the minutes 
of the meeting held June 27th, 1918. 

Prom the Board of Public Health granting the 
Park Conunissioners pemission to make connections with 
the Pulton Street sewer at 44th Avenue and at 30th Ave. 
Supt. McLaren reported that this had been attended 
to and the communication was ordered filed. 

From J. L. Edwards resigning his position as 
general utility man at the L'useur. He gives as his rea- 
aon for his resignation, his inability to support a wife 
and three children on the salaxy of One hundred Lollara 
($100,) per month. 

Resignation accepted/ 

supt. jicLaren reported the digging of a founda- 

tlon Trw o •n»«A4 .X ... 

" """^ "■*"'' " »e Laveaga Dell, thirty feat 

long, ten feet wide and ten feet deep, to be .ullt of con 
Crete to take the sewerage fro» the Chlldrens Quarter.. 
BowllngGreens and tennis courts. 

'-Jtr * « » Bm. 














'^^ m^ 






I, I 



R«, vatAr. 

Supt, Tayior'» 

!•• p«tt0 on 

Report from the Board of Putlic Health on 

the condition of the water used in the Park^« 
Referred to Supt. McLaren. 

Seport of Supt. Taylor showing a gain of 
1981.23 over expenditures for the month of June, re- 
ceived and a copy ordered sent each Comroissioner. 

?rom the Acting Secretary of the Department 
of Agriculture, Mr. C.F. ITarvin, giving notice of a 
quarantine Ho, 32 that two injurious insects (weevils) 
new to and not widely prevalent within the United States 
but existing in Hawaii and Porto Rico, where they attack 
fcananae and sugar cane. 

Referred to Supt. McLaren, 

From the U.S. Department of Agriculture rela- 
tive to a public hearing on the proposed quarantine 
N:alr.Et Eamtoo on account of dar«erou8 plant diseases 
^*lc:. till be held at the Department of Agriculture, 
▼;£tcr., D.c. July 2nd. 1918. 
HeferreU to Supt. McLaren. 

Proir the Board of Public Health relative to 
i-'-'Bcn ivy on a vacant lot on or near the corner of 
-one. ,rA Jackson streets. The Park Commissioners h^v- 
' ' ■' ^"''^^^^^i°n over the said lot, the comr.uni cation 
""' ^^^-^ed tack to the Board of Health. 

Preo. Lindley reported that a request h^d been 
ti^ae to hlo tv Vr t 

^r. -as, Fugazi reorftR^nt intr +>-« t*_-.^-„ 

aq-!^^, " "-iii(3 v**w A wax ^ cut 

- -y 0. ..crth Eeach for pemiosicn to use Washington 
•^quare for tne bene-it of .^ . 

^•e^it of the Italian War Sufferers on 







September 2l8t and 22nd, 1918. 

Permisstn granted unanimously; the preparatione 
In the Square must be subject to the approval of Supt. 
UcLaren . 

There being no further business before the 
Board the meeting adjourned subject to meeting at the 
next regular meeting daj 


Secretary Park CommisBion, 


I 'I 

* ( 

,W '»^ %v 

., v-. 





' I 





■ !. 

1 ; 





Regular meeting. 

Minuted adopted. 

Re. flag flyint,. 

Re. statue 





•J vi»fc..eil n 

San Francisco, July 25, 1918. 

At a regular meeting of the Board of Padc 
CoimnlBeionere held at their office. Park Lodge, Golden 
Gate Park, July 25th, 1918 

Present were: Pres. Curtis H. Lindlev. 

Com, A. E. Spreckels, 
Cora. 1^, Earl Cuiainings, 
Com, John A. rcGregor, 
Absent: Com. Sigmund Greenebaum. 

The minutes of the previous meeting, copies 
of which were sent to the Commissioners, were, upon 
moticD duly made, reconded and carried, adopted as the 
minutee of the meeting held July IGth, 1918. 

Prom Assistant Secretary to the Mayor with 
enclosure fron Thos. H. Dcane. relative to the Improper 
flying of tne flag hy certain Municipal Departments. 
Referred to Supt. McLaren. 

From Secretary to the I'ayor with enclosure 
remtlve to raising funds to donate the statue "Regener- 
:^ticr- vy a. B. Portanova, to San Prancicco. 
Ordered filed. 

^rom secretary to the Mayor with enclosure 
fron H. B. ward. suggesting that asphalt be laid on the 
pathways in Union Square. 

The Soarri (^i»r<^^^ *---^ 

..^t owing to the lack of funds. 

they could not ,rant the request. 

Proir the lndu,trlal Accident CommisMcn of 

the State of CallfornlR t.-i»*< 

i^orniR relative to ciaim #5399 of the 

Staehelln minorn hv ♦v^^. 

" * e^wi-ui&n iiina t.taehelin, appli- 
cants vs. Park Commlasion of fh^ n<* 

Bxon Of the City and County of San 

Franclrco, defendent. 
Ordered filed. 



SS» ■ <■' 

^ *.^^ 


< i 





Ji-j*.^ ti9Je--f*» tt^-m^'m 






• . 


11 I 



St. case of 

^. Sullivan. 



ProBi the Board of Supervisors with enclosure 
from the Industrial Accident CoramlBBion relative to 
Claim #5119, J, Sullivan, applicant vs. City and County 
of San Prancleco, defendant, in which the Secretary of 
the Accident Commission certifies that the attached doc- 
ument is a full and true and correct copy of Decision 
after re-hearing. 

The decision makes an additional allowance to Mr. 
Sullivan of 1831.25, a total disability of $1800., upon 
which payment of |918,75 has been made by the Park Com- 
mission, leaving a balance of ,^881.^.5 due the applicant, 
payable at the rate of 118.76 per week. 

The Secretary reported that a ppyment of $121,26 
had been made to J. Sullivan on May 17th, 1918 and a 
pe— 'T.t of $10. had been made to J. O'Donnell, attorney 
fcr IT. Sullivan on the san-.e date, which amounts have not 
■ceer credited as paid by the Board of Park CommlBBioners. 

'^e Poard directed the Secre^^arj' to pay the amount 
Of t::e award after the proper deductions for previous 
.'ar-renta had been r.ade. 

Petition fror. one hundrid and fifty empioyees 
^y-^ Park commission for an increase in wages of ^.50 
1*' ^^ ^'^ *11 laborers, gardener, and their forezren. 

'■-- '^^^uest is found necessary on account of the extra. 
««inary increase m t,e price of food. 

^^tition rererrea to Lindly and Supt. .cLarer. 
,, .^^^_ ^^ '^^ditor :oy:. certifying that the financial 
^'. "'"!^"/' ''' '''' ^or^Unon fcr the year ending June 
f und In " ''*' ^^^^^ -it>^ the Auditor.a bocks and 

"■• 'he Auditor encloe,. . financial 

He. Ordinance, 

. V, 


■tatement as per his books which reads as follows: 

Received from Taxes 

" per Res. #15285 E. Superv. 
Other receipts 
1916-1917 Balance 




Salariep and wages 
Supplies, material, etc. 


Total Receipts 1917-1918 
" Audits " •• 



Cash in Treasury June 30, 1918 
Less outstanding Audited Demands 






'4 4,346.75 

'4 31,105.62 


Ordered placed on file. 

Prom Board of Supervisors with enclosure of 
draft of an ordinance prohibiting the throwing or depos- 
iting of any rubbi.h. refuse or other material or sub- 
Btance in or upon, or removing or atter.pting to remove 
any fieh from any fountain in any public park or square. 

secretary instructed to notify the Board of Super- 
-laors or tne adopting of an ordinance coverin, the above 

requirements by the Parir Pnm«,< 

^ tne i'ark Conaniasion. June 13, 1918. 

i-T*. the Foreign Preen Pur— - 

■»- «.i ■^v-.v,, * «-4uco L 1 ri(j Home 

•hort article, dealing ,uh the hu»an Interest and «r« or the Bignifieant wor. which th. Par. Department 
1. 4olr.« in the city of San PrancUco. 
Referred to Supt. j.eT^r.. 

» \ 

i j\ 



~ 1 »umm 



ifc in t: 

f » r' 

t s 



/ « 1 

1 4 




t i 

i r 


R9. Italia/, ^ar 


Request for 

UtU' .^ t^^^j 

He, cou loc>B, 

^•. sale 

'•. I, 

Prom Jos. Fugazl, Coimnlttee 20th of September 
extending an invitation to the membere of the Park Com- 
UdsBlon and Secretary to take part in their parade which 
starts from Washington Square, Sunday. September 22nd, 

at 10 A.if, 

Secretary instructed to answer that they would con- 
sider the invitation in-iiTidually and If possible join 
in the parade. 

From Supervisor Jae. 3, t^cSheehy with enclosure ixpoeitlon Golden Gate Valley Improvement Club, ask- 
in. that at least twenty four benches be placed in the ' 
Funston Playground, 

Supt. ?icLaren pro:.i8ed to attend to the request. 

Prom the Convention Board, San PranclUco Adver- 
tising Club, thanking Supt, ..cLaren for the fine work 
^one in the pUntin, of the emble. of the Associated Ad- 
-^ti3ln. eiubs or t::e world in bloomin. flowers on the 
^ivs in 3olien Jate^, 

Ordfr«t fUad, 

rro. t:„ P.ein, coin ,ocK Co.. enclosing 

• ■-^■■"•^^•'--l»tot., creduo. th. Par. ^.nd. 

''O.^o.. 3al3,asantro.-,. s. 

ifta, of fool at H i^R 
- |,. ^^ ^ ^t ^••^5 per pound, check 

• • -'^"Meh tho Secre^a-" ..« . . 
•• credit ^^ . instructed to deposit 

'^ - t^e Pari: ?und. 

•• ■agner ; HiHer for aai « «#• - * 
•^•in ,acks, ,nclo«4 ^ ^^^^^^ 


Report of profits 
of ch, -iuarters. 

Opinion of City 
Attorney re, 
Staehelin case. 

He, police pro- 


Report of the Childrena iuarters for the 
year ending Juno 30th, 1918 showing a total profit of 
$3,631,63, Copy ordered sent each Commissioner, 

Prom City Attorney George Lull giving an 

opinion on the legality of the payment of the Staehelin 

award by the Accident Comraiaaion: 

■Mr. Staehelin died in April, 1918 but the in- 
jury from which his death is claimed to have 
resulted happeded in April 1917. I have exam- 
ined the policy issued to your Board by the 
Compensation Fund and I find that it insures 
against injuries or death for which your Board 
would be liable under the Compensation Act but 
subject to the following provision: 

InJ?!^*^!^ ^""^^ bodily injuries or death are 
suffered as a reault of injuries sustained 
sin*?ii^>.«*^® period beginnincj on the 13th day of 
September, 1917 at noon and ending on the 13tn 
day of September, 1913 at noon. sfanSarr^'lme 
09 other sooner termination of this Policy." ' 

111 in °^®^f ^^^^^ ^^^^ provision that you^ pol- 
icy does not cover death resulting from injur- 
ies suatained prior to Septdmber 13 1917 i 
must therefore nivise you fiat Ut I,* I n ^ 

penoation Fund is not liable -or tJ^* °°?" 
this award." liable .or tne payment of 

Ordered filed. 

Sufficient police protection is not being 
.iven in Golden Gate Park and Pres. Lindley promised to 
call on Chief ;vhite to see what can be done to secure 
nore ;)olioe offioera. 

There being no further buelneea before the 

Board the meetings adinnt.»--^ *^ 

ing adjourned to meet on the next regular 

meeting day. 

Secretary Park Coi/mission. 

.» « 



:^- ■tM,'% "f^m 





1 ss 





' • ■•( 

. I I 


i'li' 1 

I ;■:• 


San Pranolseo, Aug. 8th. 1918. 

ll««ting called. At a pogtdar meeting of the Board of 

Park Connn l8 8 loners , held at their office. Park 
Lodge. Golden Sate Park, A\iguat 8th. 1918. 
Present were Pres. C. H. Llndley 
Com. H, £• Cmmnlngs 
• A. B. Spreokels 
" 8. Greenebaum 
Absent » J. a. McGregor 

■ in^ tea of 

*»ra • Page 
re: rudeness 
from Polioe 


The minutes of the previous meeting, oopiss of 
which were sent to the Commissioners, were, upon notion, 
duly made seconded and carried, adopted as the minutes 
of the meeting held July S5th. 1918. 

lira. Chas. Page appeared before the Board and 
complained about a Police Officer who. presumably obeying 
his instructions from his saperior officer, had been 
rude, and had spoken to her in an ungentlemanly manner. 
Mrs. Page was politely informed that the Park and 
Police Depart. ents had separate functions, and that the 
Park Department had no Jurisdiction over the acts of 
Police Officers and that the Park Department would have 
to refer her to the Police Department, 
r^otare Mise C. Meisner of St. Louis, Misses A Regan 
and 3. Jones. School Directors of the San Francisco 
Public schools, sought the assistance of the Park Com- 
missioners in a movement to establish a Museum to be 
used in promoting education among the children of the 
local Publio Schools. They stated that the Board of 
Education had the nuclus of a collection that would aid 
children in geography, history and botany, and T7ould 
maks their school hours more interesting. They desired 











> it. in m ■ —• 



! > W»» 





? -"• ' 


' ^i(' 

ii !•'!! 


B«: ^^i£reh«a« of 

'.ire fror 

that a 8«t of rooBS be eat aslds In the prasant Mttsauin 
tmllding vbara thty oottld Inatall their present oolleo- 
tlon of 2000 exhibits and olaaslfy the material at 
present on hand. 

The Board requested the ladies to send a oonorete 
statement of their desires, when the Board wonld then 
consider the same. 

Prom 2d Lieut. F. W. Conant, U.S. Beolamation 
Officer, transmitting an extract from a letter of in- 
struct ion 210.1, reoelTed by that officer from the office 
of the Quartermaster General of the Army Conserratlon 
DlTlsion, relative to the purchase of manure from the 
U. S. (rOTeniment. 

Secretary instructed to acknowledge receipt of com- 
munication and place swne on file. 
ice From Chief of Police Thlto stating that the 

stealing of the Fire Extinguishers from the West End 
Stable Is under inyestigation by the Police Department. 
Should they be located and the culprit apprehended, the 
Park Departiaent woidd be promptly advised. Offloera 
on duty in that Ticlnity hare been instruoted to give 
the prenlses particular attention In the future. 

^- 1. J. Birch, of #922 Chestnut St.. Alameda, 
offered to donate a bust of himself, with pedestal, if 
the Board desired to acaept it. 

Secretary Instructed to admowledge offer; but to 
notify -^r. Birch that bust was not desired. 

from layer's Secretary, acknowledging the 
-•oelpt of the e^^^i financial 8taterr.ont of the Park 

Ordered filed. 


Re: Park 
Ordinances . 

Re: Offer to 
lease part 
of Lake . 

' Re: Throwing 
stones In 
fountain at 
Civic Center 

Re: Donation 


from Assistant Secretary to Mayor Rolph, 
acknowledging receipt of Park Ordinanees. 
Ordered filed. 

Prom Oscar Runnela, of Harold Havana & Oo., 
of faring to lease for ten years, at a rental of #86.00 
per year, one -half of the Lake at Salada Beaoh, being 
a part of Sharp's Park, and under the Jxiris diet ion of 
of the Park Department. 

Offer respectfully declined. 

From niisabeth O'Brien complaining that the 
children were allowed to throw stones and sticks into 
the basin of the fountain at the Civic Center, thereby 
killing the fish therein. 

Referred to Police Department. 
°^ ^rom Mrs. 7m. Fraser, offering to donate three 
Peacocks to Golden Gate Park, upon the payment of the 
cost of orating and express charge. 

3y direction of the Super intandent the donation was 
accepted and the donor thanked. 
Action approved. 

From the Women's Park Tennie Club, they desire 
lockers in the small room in the new Club House, for 
whioh a small charge will be made for this convenienoe. 
The money received to be placed in a looker fund to be 
used for providing more and better lockers. 

Referred to Superintendent ilcLaren to report at 
next meeting. 

'3 Superintendent Llc^aren'a report was adopted 
and recommendations approved. 





, ^^y^^^0^ff^^^i**iJ 


I Uli 


















Re: City Cameterj 
Cuts t ion. 

Ri: Hdoort Report of Supt. Taylor wat read and a oopy 

Children 'B 

Qoarters. ordered sent to eaeh ConmlsBioner. 

:e: Plain clothes Pres, Llndley reported that he had seen Chief 

"fl? In 'arlc • 

of Polloe White and that he wotdd send two plain olothee 

laen to the Park, and also Increase the monnteA polloe. 

Reepeotfully reoelTed. 

Pree. Llndley reported that he helleved there 
wotild poBBlhly he a report on the City Cemetery Question 
from Judge Sullivan at the next meeting of the Board. 
Respeotfully reoelTed. 

Curator Penez'e report was referred to Com- 
mlsB loner CtumnlngB. 

There being no further hufllneBS before the 
Board, the meeting adjoumod to meet on the next regular 
meeting day. 

Secretary, Park Commlaslon. 




,- l-:-s^ 

i«» • ~ -^ -Mar •aoa-adllM 

l^.. *<■ 




• •^^ 

■<!;, v"?!^'; 













t IM 

Regular isaatlng* 

Ho quorum 


Re, far ICuaeua, 

^*« Staeheiin 

San Francisco, August 22nd» 1918* 

At the regular meeting of the Board of Park 
Cocmleeloners held at their office. Park Lodge, Golden 
Oate Park, Thursday, August 22nd, 1918 
Present were: Pros, C. H, Llndley, 

Com. Slgmund Greenebaum* 
Absent were: Com. M. Jarl Cumralngs, 

Com, A. B. Spreckels, 
Com, John A, McGregor, 
Ho quorum being present the President declared 
that the actions of the two members present would have to 
be confirmed at a subsequent meeting when a quorum of the 
members would be present. 

The minutes of the preyious meeting, copies of 
which were sent to the Commissioners, were, upon motion 
duly made, seconded and carried, adoJ)ted as the minutes 
of the meeting held August 8th, 1918. 

Prom the Mayor's office with enclosure from 
y. 0. Jones, Biltmore Hotel, suggesting the establish- 
••nent of a pemanent War Museum, to which he will gladly 
donate a collection of twenty four water colore showing 
incidents in tne Civil War period which makes quite an 
•xhibit by themselves, m a secon. letter on the same 
--^^^ot .r. Jones urges so.e speed if we Intend to be 
t- first to start a War .useum as the City of Toronto, 
^^anada. is considering .o.ething of this kind. He sug- 
«-ta starting in , ,,,,, ,^^ ^^ ^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^^^^^^ 
lum Building for tn. .,-..... 

Referred to '^n-, « 

^ ^0 -oo. CuamingB. 

'3t 14th. 

^•>ieldat their Of fi.. 

<X 4. 

Ordered fii,,j 

Re. transfer 
fire horses. 

Sale of old 

Re. C0I9 locks. 

Sale of horses. 

He, Peacocks. 


Re. appropriation 
for Buena Vista 

Prom the Pire Commissioners advising that at 
their meeting the request of the Park Commissioners for 
six dondemned fire horses had been granted. 
Ordered filed. 

Prom P. Smith, Park blaohsmith. Fifteen Dol- 
lars for the sale of old iron. 

Ordered deposited to the credit of the Park Fund. 
From the Pacific Coin Lock Co., check for 
$3.85 commission from coin locks Installed In Golden 
Gate Park. 

Ordered deposited to the credit of the Park Fund. 
From the San Francisco Riding School check 
for $214.65 for the sale of five horses condemned by 
Supt. McLaren. 

Ordered deposited to the credit of the Park Fund. 
From Mrs. Wm. Fraser relative to three Pea- 
cocks offered to the Park. Mrs. Fraser states that she 
had previously promised the birds to Dr. Warren of San 
l^ateo, not hearing from him she offered them to the 
Park. Dr. Warren has since commiinioated with her. 
Should the Doctor not take the birds she will gladly 
forjvard them to Gulden Gate Park, 
Ordered filed. 

From the Board of Supervisors which reads as 

♦ V. r^? Jlnance Committee directs me to advice you 
•iJ V ! ^^ available the sum of |3977, balance in 

i! wllMn^?:;' '^ ^^^^ Property A?caunt-, whlcn U 
of lihi»^ *-o appj-opyi^^^ fgj. continue ^^^ ^^^^ 

^LnlvinL^I'^ elevated sidewalk construction on 
suena vista Av«nn« Ar>«««4*- ^^ 

SIHof Julv%?ir*f*"°'' according to your esti-' 
F^nd." ' provided out of the Park 

TO which the, following answer was sent; 

I J)5 



i n ri 



*.< r*' 







<L ft 

ic. ' 






R«. Music. 

*Tour Ittter has b«en received adrislng this 
Department that you are willing to transfer th 
the Park Fund the eum of |3977, providing the 
Park CommisBion will set aside the sum of MlOO. 

I have consulted Pres. Lindley, the Chatrman 
of the Board, and he agrees to expend this aaount 
to oake the f6000« necessary for the suggested 

Eindly have this sum transferred to the Park 
Tund and we will commence work at once and continue 
as long as we are ahle with the amount at our dis- 

Ordered filed. 

Anonjcmous letter relative to the music played 

in Golden Gate Park on Sundays, ordered filed. 

Be. City Cemetexy. Prom Sullivan, Sullivan & Roche which reads as 

follows : 

"Our delay in answering your letter to us of the 
22nd of Uay last was due to the death of Mr. G, 
Guaraglia, the representative of the Bocieta Ital- 
iana di i^utua Beneficenza, with whom we had several 
conferences in regard to the removal of the bodies 
in the Italian Cemetery. 

Later we took the matter up with another repre- 
sentative of the Society. After an investigation 
he reported to us that the cost of disinterring 
the bodies in the Cemetery in San Francisco, box- 
ing their., removing them to the Italian Cemetery 
in Sa.1 Liateo County and re-interring the bodies in 

^^?n"'nnn'^ ^''^^^ ^"^^^^ ^° ^ ^'^ between $8500. 
^ii '^^^t I?? society is too poor to stand the 
!-Sb?^f;/"^ "^^^ co-operate with the municipal 

to do t>i*^ °v r^ °^^*®^ ^°^y *^^ »ill undertake 
to ao tne work," 

Ordered filed as progressive. 
He. Accident policy ■» 

FTOm the state Compensation Insurance Pund for- 

^arding new policy. Action deferred until next meeting. 

Riport of the Board of Public Health on water 
read and filed. 

There bein^ no further busineus before the I^oard 
the «etir., adjourned, to meet at the next regular meet- 
i"e day, f 

Report on water. 


I -— **— .^..^^.. I 

Secretary Park Conanissicn. 


U { 

' "■ c». 






^-^ -t ^Si 



■.^-1 M.ii>i..if- 

-, -^ 



Kl ^ 

' A 


.' *.V^ 




I ' 





Ssgular meatlnga 


'.e. increase 
9t va^es. 

He. Ctate Con^^en- 
satian Ineuranco, 

He, Z'rji.r 

San yranclBco, Sej^tamber 13th, 1918. 

At a regular meeting of the Board of Paik 
Coandsalonere held at their office, Park Lodge, Golden 
Gate Park, Friday, September 13th, 1918 

Present were: Pres, Curtis H, Lindley, 

Com, Sigraund Greenebaura, 
Com. A. B. Spreckels. 
Absent were: Com. John A. .VcOregor, 

Cora. M. Earl Cumminga. 
/ quorum being present the minutes of the 
meetings hel* August 8th and 22nd, copies of which were 
Bent to the Commissioners, were, upon motion duly made, 
seconded and carried, adopted as the minutes of the 
meetings hcli Auguct 8th and 22nd. being no quorum 
prea--nt at the meetine held August 22nd. 

The Comrnittee appointed to investigate the 
wage increase for Park employees, not being re.dy to 
-a-.e a report, was :;r«nted furtner tLme. 

Action on tho renewal of the Station Comoensa- 
tion inaurance ^nd ,olley ^. deferred until the next 
-etmg. The secretary was instructed to furnish the 

^ozTA With P detailed atate-«nt of ♦• 

^^^ ^ a^ate..ent of tne amount of bene- 

M.n '? '' '^' '°''' °' ^-P^rviaora. the ^ark Con^ls- 
Plan ^nd tne -*o* « 

ancun- . \ '^^"'"'»*"" I—ranc, fund and th, 

amount tiat atm 

the .,»:. , ■■•; "■''■^' ^"^"•''- -- "po- - to 

"'"' ^f reh,it# ♦>,« ^.^ . 
-Uc, „pi,,., 3_ ■-"'"" ''-ll -««i- fro. t., 

oitred tne following 


■eHoi ition: 

^'^•^n.ed to'^H; ^^^^ ^« and ?3 ?^^f °^«3.9-WUrphy 

-■-A3 Special Depocit 


Re. investment of 
Sharp i\ind. 

Re. teamsters* 
wage increase. 

Re. gift of deer. 

Re. Liberty Loan 


Re. poEition in 

tary is hereby directed to notify the City 
and County Treasurer, John E. McDougald and 
the City and County Auditor, Thos. P. Boyle, 
of the change which is to go into effect 

Carried unanimously* 

Com. Sigmund Greenebaum offered the follow- 
ing resolution: 

RESOLVED, That Twenty five Thousand (125,000.) 
Dollars of the "Spreckels Special Deposit Fund* 
now on deposit with the City and County Treas- 
urer John E. McDougald, be and is hereby ordered 
invested in four and a half per cent. (4^^) 
City and County Security Bonds, and that the 
said Treasurer is hereby authorized and directed 
to intest the said sum of Twenty five Thousand 
(^25,000.) Dollars subject to the approval of 
Curtis H. Lindley, President of the Park Commis- 

Carried unanimously and copy ordered sent to the 
City and County Treasurer, JohnE. IScDougald. 

From the LTateria] Teamsters' Union #216 re- 
questing an increaoe of wages to all teamsters of Pifty 
Cents (#.50) per day. 

Referred to Supt. McLaren. 

Prom L. J. Lane offering to donate a Mendo- 
clno County deer. 

Secretary, by order of Supt. McLaren, accepted the 
donation and so notified the donor, with the thanks of 
the Board. 

Prom the San Francisco Liberty Loan Committee 
Of 1000, requesting pemlssion to erect around the Dwwey 
Monument in Union Square, a Liberty Pond sign. 

P.equest granted, subject to approval of Supt. John 

from lu.a Mattle A. I.rry. .r^lng application 
for a position In the Park im..u„. She propose, to 
explain art to th. Ti.Uor, to th. Uuseum. 

Ttoer. being no T„ancy in the JiuseuB at present. 
h.r application «,. placed on fil... 


Cfi^ ^ 



- '^■'♦-"^ 



f I 



■» r 




Rt« rem oral of 

Rent from Sharp 

Re, l.ghte. 

ReeibHatlon of 

^^» fish in 
Civic Center, 

7rom Mrs. Koble T. Biddle, objecting to the 
remoral of her Japanese Collection from the MU8euin» 

The Secretary was InettKated to inform the lady 
that her wlflhee would be conqplied with. 

Jrom ItodlBon k Burke check for rent of Sharp 
Park, f346, lese commlBSlon $2,25, total $342,76, for 
three monthe from a tract of land in Sharp Park. 

Secretary reported money depoolted to credit of 
Park Fund. 

?rom the Lighting Committee of the Board of 
SupenrlBOre which reads as follows: 

■The Power Adniniatre.tor for California, repre- 
senting the United States Government, his sent 
the following request to the Board of Supervis- 
ors: ^ 

••To protect the power requirements of 
the numerous and important war indus- 
tries of Korthern and Central California 
It l8 necessary to conserve to the ut- 
most * * • 

iL?^'^" ^^* *^^ niunlcipal departments and 

re?ue8^^ht^^^^f^ ^S *^^" ''^^ coneervation 
request, the Lighting Committee calls your 

?irl«di^;/"^^^^?* '^ ^^« employes unde? your 
Jurisdiction to tlie above notice. 

iVIil ^r?^'"'^ "^'^ ''^ ^°^"^ «^ y°" to help 

^rneVi^V^^^* ^^^"i"*^ ^^^^ not necessary 
turned^on when not actually needed, helps ?he 


Copy sent to each Department of the Park Commission 
With inetructions to comply wltn the above. 

i-ron: H.J. Trost, tendering his resignation as 
T^xide:^iet at the remorial Museum. 


^"n. the Chief Of Police. D. A. ^Thite. rela- 
- to t,e ,.,,„,,^^„ ^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^^^ 


Re. destruction 
in Union Square, 

Re. sale of 

Sale of Buffalo, 

^o« signs. 

financial State- 



Chief White prcmiees to have the fish protectid 
In the future, 

Prom Acting Chief of Police, D.J. O'Brien 
rilative to stolen flowers and grounds damaged in Union 
. square. The Acting CHlef promises to prevent a repeti- 
tlon of the complaint. 

yrom Poreman D. A. Ashley for the sale of 
lambs $6,50. 

Secretary reported money deposited to the credit 
of the Park Pund. 

Prom Butch Beever. Salinas, #26.00 for sale 
to him of Buffalo Bull, 

Secretary reported money deposited to the credit 
of the Par» Pund. 

Anonymous latter relative to more signs in 
the Park. 

Referred to Supt. McLaren, 

The following financial statement of th. Park 
Accounts was submitted to the Boardi 



Childrens i^uarters 
Beach Chalet 
Golf fees 
Sale of wool 
Sale of grain sacks 
Rent of Boat House 
Sale of post cards 
Pacific Coin Lock Co. 

Balance July let, 1918 













13, 2.'^P4'» 





1 1; 


I! ' 






^- ^wfii 







'-ss- \^ 





^Ttj^^ caB.- 




I ( 




!§• Siiarp Park 

S-pt, IcLaren's 


quarters report, 

Leaye of absence. 


Tha following statement of expenditures made 
from the Sharp Park Tund to August Slst, 1918, was sub- 
altted to the Board and ordered spread in the minutes: 

Krs. A. M. Taylor 







July . 














I 699.50 











Total Expenditure $8,878.45 

Supt. L'cLaren'8 report for AugusU. read and 
adopted and recommendations approved, 

!^eport Of Chlldrens quarters for August, 
received ana copies ordered , ent the Con^nlssioners. 

The foliowine communication was received 
frcr. D. w. Taylor, superintendent of the Chlldrens» 

aUe ^r^l t^^l'^^l^orr to your Honor- 

ir.':efinite durat on I' ?? ^^""'* ^°^ ^^^ 
^-e r.e tc en ^ I ^ *^''' '^^^ s° as to en- 

or enter t..e st^icec^'^"-'"^^^^ occup4tlon 
^cverniient. ^^ce. cf tne United States 

quarters dn»4«^ 

aurino my absence." 

^^q^est granted. 

Re, Llndley 


Mrs, A, M. Taylor was appointed to take 
Charge of the Childrens quarters during the leave of 
absence grafted her husband, v. F. Taylor, to take 
effect October 1st, 1918, 

On motion of Com. A. B. Spreckels, seconded 
^y com. Greenebaum., and carried unanimously, the new 
ineadow situated on the south side of the I^l„ ^rive 
between 23th and 31st Avenues, if such avenues were 
continued throus^ the Park, or bwtween Broom Point and 
the easterly end of the stadium, was named "Llndley 
Keadow- m honor of President iindley. 

There being no further business before the 

Board the meeting adjourned fn m«-+ 

fc «a.ournea to meet again on the next 

regular date. 



\'H • 



Re, manure. 

Re, accident 
1 n 6u ran c e/ 

At a regular meeting of the Board of Park 
CommissionerB held at their office. Park Lodge. Golden 
Gate Park, Thursday. September 26th, 1918 

Present were: Com. Sigriund Greenebaum, 

Com, T^. 5!arl Cumminge, 
Com. John A, McGregor, 
Absent were: Pree. Curtis H. Lindley, 

Com. A. B. Spreckele. 
On motion duly made, seconded and carried 
com. Greenebaum was elected Chairman pro tem. 

The minutes of the previous meeting, copies 
of which were sent to the Commieeioners, were, upon 
motion duly niade, seconded and carried, adopted as the 
minutes of the meeting held September 13th. 1918. 

Prom the quartermaster* s Department. U.S.A.. 
requesting sealed proposals for the removal'of manure,' 
^read, cooked meats and all other garbage from the Post, 
durin, the remainder of the current fiscal year ending 
June 30th, 1919, 

Ordered filed. 

It the request of Pree. Lindley the Secretary 

eubraitted the following account n-p ♦v, 

infe account of the money expended 

for accident Insurance to datej 

Jjuo J. bullivan tsi ok 

''(lncomS::^:)''r^ insurance ^n6 
v-ncompiete} Septeicber 1917-18 

467. rt7 












» • 

I. I 





Refund, approxlaitttelj 




$8,865.00 paid for InBurance— .^6826.24 ^&id for 
accident claimB previous to insurance, Differ- 
ence in faTor of insurance |6,961«24 

Bead and ordered filed. 
Re. State ineurance. from the State Compensation Insurance Fund 

submitting a statement, description of work, pay roll 
premium, etc., as follows: 

P.e, Ir.Eu ranee 

'«• rev: w 


•Ve. . 

Description of Pay Rate Premium Total 
_ Work Hon 



9-13-17 to 11-12-17 
Park Fmployees 50091. 1.22 
Clerical i647 .10 

11-12-17 to 9-13-18 
ai?? Park Employees 226549. 1,18 


8810 Clerical 
5474 Painting 


CcraniioBioners (5) 

Sst, Premiun 
Bal. Prenii'un 

8899, .11 

1204. 4.97 

836. 7.86 

O 1. 

P.erund^on^l9i7^^S.rned Premium (17.5JS 










_ 187.17 
I 425.75 
$ 425,75 

-et Return 

Read anc. ordered filed. 


j^ ■ ■'**** Conpenoatl on Insurance Fund stnt- 

""; ''■"' " "*'"^'"-' "' "»' to W preniu^. hart been 
ailower the f.., ^.^ . 

'^^"■-'^■'•sion to Octoter 13th, 1918. 
/.Cticn Hm<>-«_, . , 

-«*€ireQ two weeks. 
^0^" the Gnrin.7 ^r.^p.. ,.. . ^ 

»5730, case ^842 in the matteer 

Re « payment of 

R®« coin locks. 

Re. invefitir.ent of 

Re. rlanting. 

of water rates to be charged by Company. 
Referred to Supt. McLaren. 

On motion of Com. John A. McGregor, , seconded 
'ty Com. u. Earl Cummin-e, the following reBoKition was 
mnaniffiously adopted; 

msOLVED: That all bill, for supplies purchased 
and delirered to any department Snder the jur- 
isdiction Of the Park Commissioners must be de- 

pirk Com:SL«f«' *' '^" ''^'^' °^ *^« Board o? 
r^l^ CoraraisBioners, properly authenticated be- 
fore the Clerk of the Board of Supe^lsors on 
or before the eviration of thirtrfsordavs 
subsequent to the date of the pu-chase of tL 

|pg 'o;L>i:«'i^"^" °" *^« Mlir ■?he"lo:rd'o? 

who^need the money due therwi1^in'\^^^^L^S:b^e 

Secretary instructed to forward copies of 
the abore Resolution to those firms who are lax in 

rendering bills, 

»ron the Pacific Coin Lock Co.. enclosing 
chec. ror ,4.7, co^iselon on the recipta fro„ coin 
locke in public lavatcrl.a of OoMen Oate Park and th. 
Beach Chalet. . 

Secretar.^ reported check deposited with the Park 

From John 5. McDomjald t^-«« 

^*^^. Treasurer, City and 
County Of san ?rancieoo statins ♦v, * 

■09 stating that according to in- 
ctructions he has imrestsH ♦>,. » 

xs, . , , ^yrfscxeiB .-Dpecial J'eposlt 

^nd in 4i, school Bonds maturing 19,6-27. 

the ab'^ '"""" ^' '""""-^ '' ^"- ^ — - 
the abere Fund for the «,.. , 

., ^ ^ - -* i'*o,u«^.7{s representing 

the principle and A93 ?« „« 

9W0.75 accrued inte^eftt f«* « 

interest for one month. 

From Sheriff Thos v W4 
slon f. ^"" requesting permis- 

sion to use the Inr^^ t^ ^^ *- ^B 

""' '" *^« 'l«l"lty Of the Pranch 

il . if 

Is^ VT 





'%!& ;■ .. 




: ■ 



I I 





Re, Community 

P.e, uee of 

He, plftyhouse 
at Childrene 


Cotrnty Jail (Baltoa Park) for the purpoa« of planting 
potatoes and other regetables* 
Peimission granted. 

From Miss Kay Slneheiner, Chariman of the 
uueic Conoiittee War Cangp Corcrounity Service, requesting 
thflt the words of their songs be printed on the "back of 
the Park programs, Sunday, October 13th, so as to ebtl* 
ate the necessity of two separate programs. 
P.equeat granted. 

ypem the Boy Scouts of .\merlca requesting the 
use of the Stadiun, Golden Gete Park, for drilling pur- 
poses on each Saturday afternoon during the month of 
October, fron 2 to 4:30 o« clock P.M. 
Request granted, 

Trom Mrs. Gerda Wismer Hofmann, submitting a 
proposition to establish a Children8» Playhouse at the 
Childrens Quarters in Golden Gate Park; there are to 
be two matinees a week, Saturday and Sunday afternoons, 
RdniGBion to be nor^inal. The capacity of the theatre le 
to be fifteen hundred; the plays and concerts to be pre- 
ecnted by talented children, prepared for ruDlic per- 
fonrancee, ^oree plays are to be presented during the 
«««'.'^cn. The gtaff la to consist of a Director and an 
ABBiBtaat,. e Business Manager, two electricians, four 
itafce hands, eix rtuslcian. and a Janitor. iTrs. Hofnann 
«ks for the Directorship of the proposed Playhouse. The 

- to l« erected by donations, 
"« ?oar.! ,1, n,,. _,„<,g. ,,_, ^^^^ fe.elbl,. It 1. al- 
•• »«aln.t the settled policy of the Park Oomiaelon. 

- ' -^ ■- i» oppo.e, ,, i„troduclre any addltlcnal form. 
Of a-T''. "A" 



^«'t fr.a* 
■^ to parertg 

vould increase the present irinimum of 

i^ho cc^n- nf-crd to brin.- p. nvjrber 
' cr.ildren to the Par"- • 

'^nen be Rubjected to an in- 


Report on water. 


definite bill of expense for a varied program of cmuibe- 
ment. The present amusement arrangements are considered 
adequate for the childrens* pleasure and are being con- 
ducted at a minimuns of expense Just sufficient to cover 
the cost of maintenance. It is also against th-e Law 
as Illustrated in the case of the Academy of Science 
who, when they desired to erect a building in the Park, 
secured an amendment to the Charter, 

Prom the Board of Public Health submitting 
report on water used in the Park, Ordered filed. 

There being no further tUBlnees before the 
Board the meeting adjourned to meet at the next regular 
meeting date. 


u:=^-j- f,-; /Y/'z. 

Seci^tary Park Commissioners. 


;H 'I 








k \ 



! , 



!!h 1 

!l i 


Regular meeting. 


He. inveetcent 
of Fund, 

Re. Liberty Loan, 


San PranciBco, October 10th, 1918. 

At a regular meeting of the Board of Park 
ConnnisBionere held at their office Park Lodge, Golden 
Gate Park, Thursday, October 10th, 1918: 

Present were: Prea, Curtis H. Lindley, 

Com* Sigmund Greenebauzn, 
Com, M. Karl Cuxmnings, 
Com. A. E. Spreckels, 
Absent: Com. John A. McGregor. 

The minutes of the previous meetintj, copies 
of which were sent to the si oners, were, upon 
motion duly made, seconded and carried, adopted as the 
minutes of the meeting held September 26th, 1918. 

Prom Preb. Lindley to Treas. J. B. KcDougald 
relative to the investment of the $25,000. of the 
Spreckels Special Deposit Fund requesting that It be 
Invested in 4i;t City Eonds maturing 1927 and that they 
be registered so that the interest may be collected by 
him periodically and placed to the credit of the Fund. 
Action approved. 

Prom John A. llcGregor, Che.irman San Francisco 
Liberty Loan Committee of 1000 statln^i that the Fourth 
Liberty Loan drive begins September 28th and clones 
October 19th. The Goverm.,ent • • mlnimuxr. was placed at 
Six Billion Dollars, the bonds bearing interest at the 
rate of ^^ per annurr.. The allotment for the City of 
San Francisco is approximately |108,000,nnn. and the 
•r^Ployeee of the Park are requested to eubacribe quickly 
and tjeneroualy, 

R»eretery report.d that he had notlfl.d all other 
deparfnents of the de.lre of Ch-fr-..- v.«— — 

"■ •''. 







t ,*i^ V » 

* ,rt|l»*"^e 











|! 'I 





^ i ^ 


Re* CosQoanlty 

ne. State 

Re. increaee 
of wa&eo. 

uali.rieL . 

From KiBS May Sinsheimer relative to the 
Conammlty Sing to take place in Golden Gate Park, Sunday 
October 13th, 1918 with the request that the words of 
the Bonge be printed on the reveree side of the programe. 

This permission wae granted provided the expense 
of the printing be asBumed by the War Cacip Community 

The question of the acceptance of the State 
Compeneation Insurance Pund policy was decided adversely 
and the Secretary instructed to return the policy. 

The Committee to whom was referred the request 
of the Park employees for an increase of wages asked 
for futther time. 

Pequest granted. 

From W, Z, Dennis and C. Clanton, general 
utility aen employed at the Park I^useuiii, requesting a 
slight increase in salaries owinc to the increased cost 
of livint. 

On motion duly made, seconded and carried on In- 
creaee of no. or $110. per month allowed them to 
take effect from October let, 1918, 

Brom the Board of Fire Commissi oners advising 
that at their meeting lield September 27th, the request 
or t e Park Comrr.iaBion for eleven (ll) condemned fire 
hCTHet. vae granted. 

Secretary inotructed to thank the Fire Commission. 

FroE the GlftnA rr^A^^^4 4.„ ^^ * *• •• a i.« 

A A..V..C4.-14J. wjf u«j, Htermb tnat tney 

had ieen advi.ed that Supt. D. w. Taylor of the Childrene 
<uar'er. -d dlecontinued hie service. ^Ith the Park Com- 

-issioneiF tne deu^-ir - t. 

--■II'. 1.0 xnow if a successor had been 

Re. coin locks. 

He. poison 

He, new account- 

ir^ syste:... 

He, graus roott;. 


He, jrcejE 

appointed and qualified. 

Secretary reported he had given the de«ired in~ 

Prom the Pacific Coin Lock Co., enclosing 
cheek for $4.86 being the cornr.isslon on receipts at 
Golden Gate Park and Beach Chalet during the month of 

Secretary reported money deposited to credit of 
the Park Pund, 

Prom United States Supply Co, offering for 
sale poisoned barley for killing ground squirrels. 
Referred to Supt, McLaren, 

From the Committee on lOinicipal Accounting 
requesting information in regards to Installing a 
requisition system as part of a new accounting system 
for the City and County of san Francieco which will 
call for filing in the City and County ' Auditor ȣ office 
-of a copy of eacii requisition issued. Pour Inquiries 
are made regarding this change. 

secretary reported having answered the letter. 
Prom City of Hermosa Bench, ealifomla, re- 
questin,: that some sea bent grass be sent to that City 
agreeing to pay all expense!. 

Referred to Supt. McLaren. 

From^rr. Robert Belmont making application 
for a position/the Par. l^useum. On motion duly m^de. 
eeconced and carried, Mr. Belmont was appointed Taxi- 

dermist end trenerai n^-ti-i*,, 

fcenera. utility man at a salary of &llo, 

per month, 

Pro,,, j-oh« I. WBltcT. President of the San 
Pranolsoo Art A„oclatlon. l„ w^,,. ,e state, that it 
Is with great pleasure that >>- v,«^ v 

acceptance by the Pat-v r-^,^^ 

y xne Park CommiesionerG of the collection 


* *! 


-"r t^ \- 

<»1 •*-^^ 





♦ I 

' •' 


» > 


III. 1 


Re. . 

of Greek caste presented to the City ty the Greek 
OoTemment through its Commissioner Vassardarkis* 

yr. Walter desires the collection to remain in 
the Palace of Fine Arts indefinitely to be surrendered 
to the Park Conmissioners upon their request. 

It was decided by the Board to install the collect- 
ion in the new ITuseuiE building and the Secretary was 
instructed to arrange for the Curator to secure the 
collection as soon as conrenidnt. 

The Secretery has delivered the following letter 
to Curator Chas. E. Penez: 

Mr. P.R, L'eybeck, 

Pres, San Francesco Art Assn., 

Lick Building, San i'rancisco, 

Bear Sir: 

Thia r/ill introduce to you Mr. Chas. B. 
Perez, Curator of the Park Memorial Museum, l^ho 
riHB been directed by the Park Conrnissi oners to 
call or. you relative to the Greek statuary now 
in your care. 

At the last meeting of the Board it was 
aecided that the Coraniseion is now in a position 

:L ,f'^"^® ""^ ^^-® ^^°^e i::entioned statuary 
c.nd would appreciate it if you will kindly de- 
liver sai^.e to ILT. Penez as scon as convenient." 

Prom City Attorney Geo. Lull to Pres. Lind- 
ley ir. which he states that he has conferred with Asst. 
City Atty. English with reference to the Murphy matter 
end he ie of tie opinion tliat an action ought to be 
brought agaiHBt Lr. 3a«uel G. t^rph^ to recover the 
MO. 000. retained by him. 

"■'" "^^^^^ '-^^ i«^"t in the care of President 

' *"■ ""■" -^^ropoiitan Art ruseum. Kew York 
rel.t:ve to the issuance of a lluse-ii.: Bulletin. 
Secretary- ir. t 

t: :: e ' 


^ructed tc refer the coi::rauni cation 
°^i Of ::echanicRl Arte, leth and Utah 

Re. water. 

Supt. McLaren »B 

Report of Child- 
rens ijuarters. 

Curator* report, 


Prom the Board of Public Health, report 
on water used in Park. 

Referred to Supt. McLaren. 

Report of Supt. McLaren for the month of 
September, adopted and recommendations approved. 

Report of Supt. A. M. Taylor for the month 
af Septec;ber read and copies ordered sent to each 

Report of Curator Penez for September read 
and referred to Com. M. Earl Cummin^s. 

There being no further business before the 
Board the meeting adjourned subject to meeting at the 
next regular date. 

Seci-etarj' Park Coianiasi 


















' ! 



' 'i 



I >i 





• . I 


I' :■ 

' i 

Regular meetin.i. 


He, nev; music. 

He, Mexican sword. 

Re. c 

' ^ i i '-* 'j^ s 

iian Francisco, October 24th, 1918, 

At a regular meetirit^ of the Board of Park 
Commissioners held at their office. Park Lodge, Golden 
Gate Park, Thursday, October 24th, 1918 

Present were: Pres. Curtis H. Lindley, 

Com, John A, McGregor, 
Com. Sigmund Greenebaum, 
Absent were: Com, H, 3arl Guznmings, 

Com, A, B, Spreckels, 
The minutes of the previous meeting, copies 
of which were sent to the Commissioners, were, upon 
motion duly made, seconded and carried, adopted as 
the minutes of the meeting held October 10th, 1918. 

The bill of Prof. Chas. H, Cassasa for new 
music purchased without a purc:iase order was signed 
by the Commissioners. The Secretary was instructed 
to notify the Professor that a purchase order niust be 
made out before purchasing any new music. 

Prom Mayor Rolph witii enclosure from Mr. J, 
D. Murray 2ailey, offering for sale an old i...xican 

secretary instructed to return tne correspondence 
relative to t.e history of the sword to Mayor Holph. 
wltn the information that lack of funds prevent the 
Board from acquiring the valuable relic at this time. 
Proin Treasurer John 2, McDougall stating 

that the purchase of ^spr n<^n -^ -,-* _ . 

» — ,^.^^^^, vx -i^;}, Scnooi Bonds as 

an inveat^ent for the Spreckels Specie.! deposit Fund 
hae been consu.™ated and the securities registered 
as requested. 

Secretary inat-r^^^^mA *. ^^*.- - 

' -.-- .^ notiiy Treasurer McDou/jald 

to keep the bonds -in vi-{« 

Donas in his possession until further or- 
ders of the Board. 


! l'i'<^ 





H /' 






•-J . 




. 4 


• t i 


III! ill 


21 S 

R«. wage in- 
crease for 

Re, Lanasaape 

Xacav donnted. 



Prora the Material Teamsters Union #216 re- 
spectfully urging the Park Commissioners to consider 
their request and grant the increase of wates to the 
Teamsters so as to conform with the action of other 

Request granted. 

From Galloway Bros. <Sc Co, reooraraending Kt. 
SchieTO as a landscape designer having a number of 
years experience. They are anxious to place him to 
she their appreciation for his past services. 

Secretary instructed to notify Galloway Bros, 
that the Park Commissioners are diocharging men at 
this time. 

Prom G. L. stradley. u.S,.S, Brutus, offer- 
ing to donate a I'acaw to the Park. 

3y order of 3upt, McLaren +na -m ,,i 

^f^, .£cxriren tne bird was accented 

with thanks. 

Prom D. A. White, chief of Police, stating 
that the vandals who broke into the tool house and 
Btole 3o.e -^r Savin, stamps in Buena Vista Park, have 
^-n a..eated and the property recovered. All officers 
- ^^ty i. ,,e Vicinity of this .ark have been inotruc4. 

'■*- to visit the saia- as oft«« 

*""" as Often as possible. 

Ordered filed. 

-a,o. 8 Office enclosing- bond of -ra 
'"" -• Taylor for ^.^ nnn 

'^' ^^- ^" superintendent of the Child- 

^. --aoa nas been approved by the liayor. 

secretary insf.,,..,. .. ... 

..u uu :ixe 8a;ne with Auditor. 
Pro-, JoQ^ ^y _ 

21iot W-. " enclosure from Chas. W. 

,... ■" '""""''' ''-^ the ri-n,^: Of 

citieo, to — 


■ o* 

villa ;f»g i 

^^^ivate wealth 



playgrounds to 
a one Of the best ways of 
-'^•' uaea and at the same 
•orials to persons whose 


R*?, concrete 
stairway in 
front of Conser- 

He, sale of 



Re, flower to for 
Rea Croas, 

services or virtues the donors desire to coramemorate. 
The United States putting a large army quickly in the 
field has demonstrated the great need of Improving the 
physical training of the youth of the whole country. 

The Secretary Was instructed to send a copy of the 
letter to each of the newspapers so as to btlng its 
wortliy suggestions before the generous public. 

The recommendation to build a concrete stair- 
way in front of the Conservatory made in Supt. McLaren's 
report having been approved by the Board, the Superin- 
tendent instructed the Secretary to advertise for bide 
to do the work. 

The Secretary stated that the bids would be In his 
hands by Saturday. October asth. Prea. Lindley was 
authCized to open the bids and award the contract to 
the lowest bidder, aubject to the approval of the Board 

at the next meeting. 

Pron, the Western Horse Market, relative to the 
sale Of thirteen old horses for a total of ♦897.,0. Isss 
co.»ission an. feed ,n41.75, net J755.76 which the Sec- 
retary reported was deposited to the credit of the Park 


The Co,..itt,e to who, was referred the jetl- 
tlon fro. the foremen, gardeners and laborers .„pioyed 

oy Park Commissioners f«>. 

toners, for an increase of $.50 per 
day in their wa^aa 

icxr wages, reported favorabi-j- fv,^ * 
^ , -^avoraoi/ tne increase to 

take effect November let. 19i8. 

The donation of fio^.e to the Red Cross to 
'' -^^ 'y ^^^^ ror the benefit of the Red Cross ^nd 
was referred to Com. John A. McGregor. 







221 i 





I : i 

iiinr r; 




I- . 




iiiiiii' ' 

R«. grounds sur- 
rounding Red Croaa 

^. band mustc 

Re, Greek stat- 

-tned , 

Ths question of thft improTemont of the 
grounds surrounding the Red Cross Building in the Civic 
Center was referred to Com. McGregor. 

Ppon Dr. Haasler recoromending the discontinu- 
ance of :nu8ic by the Park 3and during the prevalence of 
the Spanish Influenza epidemic. Secretary so notified 
Prof. Cassasa and there was no concert October 20, 1918, 
By order of Pres. Lindley the following letter 
was placed in the hands of chas. E. Penez, Curator of 
the Park L'uoeum to be delivered by him to Mr. Maybeck: 

iir. B. R. Maybeck, 

Pres. 3an ?rancisco Art Assn.. 

LiCiC Building, San Francisco. 


In vm.i^ Zit tindl/ deliver tne Sreel: oasts now 
o^trATill'elV' *- ^^-- ^- ^— , Cur"a?or 

these works^o5^\S?^l%%^!"^^? ^^^^^ <i«oided tl^t 
orial Huse-L!^ Properly belon, in the new Mem- 

tor wllfllnier^rl^''^ ''^''tt^^ ''^^ ^^^ ^^« ^ura- 
ca3t3. will J 3uf?Ji-nt^°^-^° transfer of the 
liver the casle ?a hi^'"' ^^^--^^^ity for you to de- 

^ediate^I??ei?fonrri^-«^*^ '^'^ ^^^^'^ ^°^^ ^^' 

,^^,^ ^ '"""^ '^''-^^ --^^ f'^'ther business before the 
-°-^ ^- .enm, a.j.urned to neet on the next regular 


I Secretary Park COiamisai 


He. bids for 

Sam Francisco, October 26th, 1918. 

The following bide for the construction of 
a concrete stairway in front of the Conservatory, 
Golden Gate Park, were opened by Pres. C. H. Lindley, 
as per the action of the Board at their meeting hold 
October 24th, 1918: 

G, A. Love & Sons 
R. Trost 

-las. L. McLaughlin 
P. O'Donnell 
Richard J. H. Forbes 
Barrett k Hilp 
Martin H. Carrlck 
A. H, Vogt 
S. A. Chase 


S. A. Chase being the lowest bidder was awarded 
the contract, 

A few days later he called on 3upt. McLaren and 
declared t:mt he had made a mistake in his bid and 
wished to be released from the award. 

The Secretary communicated with Pres. Lindley 
and was inatracted to re-advertise for bids, which 
order the Secretary has complied with-the new bids 
to be in the hands of the Secretary, November 13, 1913, 

Secretary Park 'commissioners. 




Re. opQ.iiriij, of 
firot oils. 

Re, aVfttA^ V 

contradt of 



San Francisco, November 14th, 1918. 

At a regular ineeting of the Board of Park 
Co. inlssionerB held at their office, Parle Lodge, Golden 
Gate Pari:, Nove^nber 14th, 1913 

Present were: Pres, Curtis H. Lindley, 

Com, A, B. Spreckels, 
Com, Sigjnund Greene"baurn, 
Corn, M, Earl Cujranings, 
Com, John A, McGregor. 
The .-ninutee of the previous meeting, copies 
of which were sent to the Commissioners, were, upon 
motion duly made, seconded and carried, adopted as the 
minutes of the meeting held October 24th, 1913, 

Pursuant to authority given Pres, Lindley at 
the meeting of October 24th, 1918 to open all bids for 
the construction of a concrete stairway in front of the 
Conservatory, a report of which was submitted to the 
Board, it was r.oved, seconded and carried that the action 
of the President be and is hereby approved. 

Mr, 3. A. Chase was awarded the contract for 
the building the concrete stairway in front of the Con, 
oervatory at the opening of the first bids October 26th 
but when he was declared to be the lowest bid'er. !.:r. 
-' '.o as'^ed to be released from the said contract de- 
claring- that he had made a serious mistake ar ^ ' ,o re- 
quested the return of his certified chec". for .)82.00. 
The secretary was instructed to return the check 
to L'r. ChaG9, lean .^9.40 the cost of advertising for 
the bids, and to release him fro... }An ccv-^. 

From the Industrial Accident Cor^.iasion rela- 

tive to the reaui «■ a r ^.u 

result of tne re-hearin,j of the can- o- Paul 

*, deceased. t>i« *•<-„* 

a. The first award gave ::r. Stahhelin's 




,— --■ " «ti^^ 




I : ' . 

•■1.' ■ 

1 , ' 


I ■ i. 

.u ,. 

J . 


I I » 


re, iriBurance 


widow 13600, because the said injury proximately 
resulted in the death of the said Paul Staehelin. Upon 
an appeal of the Park Comtnissioners for a re-hearing 
the Accident Commission revers*'d the award and decided 
that the death of Mr, Staehelin was not proximately 
caused by the said injury and that the defendant, the 
Board of Park commissioners be released and discharged 
from any liability to the applicant, by reason of the 
claim asserted in the document. 

From the State Compensation Insurance Fund 
aubmittlnga "Dill for Two hundred and ninety seven 05/100 
($297,05) Dollars, pro rata amount due for binder note 
for thirty days, insurance pending the acceptance of an 
annual policy. The oolicy not having been accepted the 
Secretar;^' was instructed to pay the bill for the pro rata 
binder note. 

From City Treasurer John 3. I-cDoujald, stating 
that he will hold the 3chool Bonds purchased by order of 
the Parle Commissioners, until further orders of the 
Board, He also encloocd certificate showing proper reg- 
istration of .bonds. 
Ordered filed. 

From Percy L. Henderson, Secretary Grand Jury, 
enclosing copy of resolution adopted, urgint^ the adopt- 
ion of a proposed constitutional ajnen:1ment IIo. 67 and 
number seven on the ballet, relative tc Loo Angeles 

"-»8. . . ^. Lii.a^ey re^.orted that the Ar.endaent 
. Ordered filed. 

i:as V.een carried. 

?rorr, Department of Public Health pennitting 
open air concertr ^ 

r masks. 

hf t 

C r i e ■ 


• -20. hirb}, re.ret^ei.tintj the Outdoor 
California Club, re .ueatir.; that the 

Re. use of golf 
course for War 


Re, increaee of 

He, i^Toi 
Hed Cro. 

Flag bo flown daily on Telegraph Hill for the duration 
of the War. 

Referred tc Lupt. HrLaren, 

From United War V.'ork Campaign Golf Activities 
asking that the Lincoln Park Golf Course be formally 
closed on Saturday, November 16th, 1918 and opened only 
tp persons v/ho agree to pay an entrance fee and thus 
benefit the Fund, L'r, R. i:. Eyre, Chairman of the 
Golf Activities Committee, was notified that it is 
against the policy of the Par. Conrr.iesion to permit any 
charge to be fcade as an entrance fee tc any public Park 
as they were dedicated to the enjoyment and free uae of 
t;^:e people. 

Bequest denied. 

From L'rs. H. Walter, an employee of the L'emor- 
iel LuseuD. during; the past ten years, askin/r for an in- 
creare cf : alary. 

On motion duly irade, seconded and carried Urs. li, 
Walter and Lrs. I. collc^. werf- civen an increase of 
^;2E,CC per mon^ :: take effect December let, 1918. 

From the San Francisco Chapter, American Red 
rroso, relative to pariring the grounds surrounding their 
T-uilr'ir.c in the Civic Center. 

Referred to Supt, KcLaren vdth directicrc thrt he 
co:..^l- v^t.. the requent. 

San Francisco 1. trict :e:,v,; Society request- 
in.- the use of a sr^n potion of Union o^u.rc -o hold 

an Open eir ijeet-'r;^ ■Pr\». +■ 

*- — *•-"'- ^' cii *ui uir.ji cer- 

tiiin methods on tl e mro r>^ 4.u 

XI. e care o. the mou' ^rinij the present 

aerioLfe ir:i:uen2a epidemic. 
Request denied. 

From L.J. LanA e - . ■ 

Deer v-dch } c had proml 
hap r ti-f yed 

**c r-e.ieves the 

3ed to dor u to Golcen G^te Park. 

ftJ^d been kill 

M an he han not been abl 





! i,7f« 




— "■!••«■»»- 



m I 








'i - 
t I' f 




, I 



I i 





• r i 

He. insurance 

Sida on concrete 

Contract awari^d. 

to find her. 

Ordered filed, 

A fire insurance policy covering the painting 
"The Return of the Flock" having expired, the Secretary' 
desired to toiow if the same was to "be renewed. 

The Board decided not to renew the insurance. 

The following "bide for the construction of a 
concrete stairway in front of the Conservatory were 
received and opened: 

P. O'Donnell $1350,00 

'^1. Bruse 1350.00 

Barrett & Hilp 1249,00 

LCartin F. Carrick 1200,00 

A. H. Vogt 1172,00 

IT. Carrick* D Vid was not considered as check had not 
"been certified, 

Mr, A. K, Vo(rt, "being the lowest bidder, was awarded 
the contract, 

Pron. tlie Imperial Co, sugGesting that the en- 
tire curface of the Dewey ronv "nt, after it has been 
clen-es, he tre&ted v.ith their;:anerene Water proofing 
ard at the eai-ie tine point vsp those joints which have 
teen croken off ry the sand-hiasting, with th*ir l.:aner- 
-r.c flastik thu. preventing the water froir pen- 
e'^'*-.' the surface end ellowinc it to become disin- 
tegrated r.nj iiccolored, 

Pef«»r'^fif' *r - -r 

"^'-^-ec .c .^ . -Laren 
fror. r. . , 

r«»*- ■ ^ %.* 

^^•••' .^-'iir ».er;- rec 


t ^^ower to ^ ct, 
.. T_^ lor, Superintendent Cl.ild- 
; :.:. in< rer;e of v-a^^es ae 

-^« -eil: or 
'• Kenney 

.-roa §1X6. r to 
70. to 


per r.'.o. 

• '• Pere? 

2, to 

^ AmtW 

per day 

A. T.-=i^-.„ 

. ?-5 to 



A, He 

-• 'ernon 


i* to 


' . to 

:.75 to 



He , n ev.' r:u sic. 




le, Sunday 



On motion duly made, seconded and carried unani- 
■ously, the increasea were allowed to take effect Dec- 
eniber 1st, 1913, 

The Secretary was instructed to' set aside for 
the year 1919 bud-jet fund of $240. to the credit of Prof. 
Chas .H. Cassasa to be drawn against by him for the pur- 
chase of new music when required, purcaases not to ex- 
ceed the bud-et amount and bills for expenditures to be 
presented quarterly. 

The Secretary was instructed to notify Prof. 
Cassasa to hold a concert in Golden Gate Park, Thanks- 
giving Da;-, .'ov ember 28th, 1918, 

Supt, McLaren was ^^iven authority to decide 
^vhen there shall he music at the ]:uaio Tenple; he shall 
have full po'-er to deterrrdne w:aat constitutes a doubt- 
ful day -:i .v^cn '- ieclares the day doubtful as to the 
weather conditions, no concert shall be held, 

Re^.ort or Supt. McLaren for October read and 
adopted and reco.nrnendations approved. 

Report 2- .. ..^. Taylo- --r October, 1913 read 
and copies ordered sent t:.e Corir.iosioners, 

Re ort of supt. Taylor of receipts and expen- 
ditures during the year from July 1st to October 31st. 
read an<^ copies oMered sent t::e Coi::missioher3. The re- 
port shows a .-aln to date of $1388.98. 

The Financial Report of the Park Fund ohowinj 

a balance on hand o^ ^263 oap 7' »« • 

v^oj,od-i.7x received .ind copies 

ordered ,.^nt the Coririiasione-s. 

The Secretary reported the iea^ - John Day. 
park employee, which it i, claimed was caused by v^eks 
fro^ the donkeys at the Park arables. 






-, • '• 




^m ^ tJ 

I *m 

•■■sra^^mmtt Ji,^* 







As the accident report states that Mr, Ite,y was 
injured on the 13th of October, the date of the expir- 
ation of the State Insurance policy, the Secretary was 
Instmcted to ascertain whether it occttred before or 
after noon. 

There being no further business before the 
Eoard the neeting adjourned, subject to meeting on the 
next regular date. 

Secretary Park Commission. 






) I 










c At the regular meeting of the Board of Park 
Coiranisgl oners held at their office Park Lodge, Golden 
Gate Park, November 29th, 1918 

Present were: Com, Slgmund Greenebamn, 

Con. ?/, Earl Cuimnings, 
Com. A, B. Spreckela. 
Preo. Curtis H. Lindley, 
Con. John A, KcGregor. 
A letter was received from Pres. Lindley 
stating that in consequence of having to attend an 
importsnt meeting, he would be unable to preside at 
the meeting of the Park Board Friday, Nov, 29th, 1918. 

On notion duly made, seconded and carried, 
Com. Greenetaum was elected Chairmian pro ten. 

The minutes of the previous n.eetinti, copies 
of which were forwarded to the CommisBioners, were, 
after bein,; corrected by Prea. Lindley relative to a 
ludtet of *240, to be drawn against by Prof, Chaa. H. 
Casoab-, qun^'terly durin,, the year 1919, approved and 
adopted as minuter of the meetinij held Hov. 14th, 
Fro- the San Francisco United Y^ar Work ^am- 
: -e apprecifition and thanks for 
'''"'"' ParK ("orrjT.ieri oners during 

He. Sp re eke Is 


liov, 2Cth Totn] Receipts 

* 20th Audits 
Oct. 31st Cos: . Treas, 
Lenp audits in ITovenber 

n crease 

: " ir ^ atte:/. ^on 

.' ■■: '1 :', 
urchnne o :'ednllion 


36.393.5 1 



I 8,751,13 
Ordered filed. 

Fro. District Council of Painters ::o.e 

relc^tive to an increase of wa,:eB for Painters to 
#7. CO per day. 

Incre«.«<« rranted. 

Prom t e Pacific Coin Lock Co 
$5.37 Vej;. ♦, e r- • -■ - ,, ^, 

' -^J'? ^' .UDiic lavatories i: 
Park and the Beach Chalet, 

secretary reported check deoouited to credit of 
Park Fund. 




'he '^ororer'e ofrj,. .p o^t of Coron^rt 

^he caee of the death of j 


The T 





eald deceiioed cam^ ti 





It was moved, seconded and carried that the 
Secretary purchase one Victory Medallion for the 
Park Museum. 

Prom A. H. Vo^t, si&ned contract wherein 
he agrees to construct a concrete Gtairv,-ay in front 
of the Conservatory according to plans and specifi- 
cations, to the entire satisfaction of the Superin- 
tendent of Parke, 

Ordered filed. 

^ron Auditor Thcc. F. Pcyle, statement of 
financial condition of the Spreckels Special Deposit 







At I regular meeting of the Board of Park 
Corr.irr-cnerp, hold at their office, i-nr]: Loi^^e, 
Golden G:.^:' .ark, Decer:ber 12th, I'dia 

Present were: :PreB, Curtic H. Lindley, 

Cor. A, 1. :_j,r6ckelB, 
Com. :'. 7:crl CuHBTiiners, 
Cor. John A. jrcGre^'or, 
Com. Sigmund Greenebaun, 

The minuteti of the previous meeting, ccpies 

of whic >... ^. . ^ - ^ _,..,, ^ 

^ ^ .J . _ . . _v ^ v;erp, upon 

aotion lu^y rude, a e con-led and carried, adopted ns 

' .■ r^inutes of the rroetir.; --^ '^ovemter 29th, 1918, 

Pron lUiBkinB Sc oelln, certified public 

aceountantB, enolcei.-^ ^^py of report ae follcwa: 

"In accordan-^e wi- ^ .^,uest I have 
au.^tc . -^ nooks accour.tK of David •.". 
Taylor. _ perlntendent of the Child^en^' 
Pleycrousd at "olden Gate Park, fro- Pet. 
ruery 1, ine (the date of Hr. Taylor M 

^ .esult ti.ereof report afl follows: 

The total cash -ecei^te aa rec--ded in fv,* 
cash book vere veri^in- v^Vr ;.cf . 5?® 

= en. ^."it' °',t>"^« Vi^ricue con- 

The total rec-lptP for t,.e ^eriod 
- - ' . . Cf this a:..ount ^ir 

reaeurer o** * e ^•♦•■ 
-anciocc, at ; lenced^hy 


an ! Count 

"balance o 
^y actual 

TrT CO" ^ i ,• 

.V- caai* u,j,flcur3crrrtn* 
incidental iten^o, " ' "r-.-d- --r-r. 
fund and rll vou^ :. t::f t^^^ 
menti e- .n^: ;°^«^i"S 

CeaiiniaBi.r. ^■' ^^'^^^^y ^"^P^o:- 

on G — *- • er ^' - ^ Vr* °^ ^-'^ 

- -V ' " w , count. 

e i'ark 
^"i fund 
.. ^ . ' . 00 




£ m 


1 1 f ' 

I*' li 



"S- ' 


I ; 




i ^' 

; ^ ■ 




lil'iir. i 


%e. teeacozM on 


I HEHiSBY CERTIFY that everythinb' pertaining 
to the cash during; the period under review was 
found to be In order and in agreement v/ith the 
books and records," 

Ordered placed on file,. 

Prom the war Department, U,S, 2ntSineerB 
Cffice, enclosing blue print showing style of Datum 
reacor: . hi ch they desire to erect alont^ the Great 
Highway rcuth of Golden Gate Pa*k for use in orient- 
ing ran^e findinjj; inctrur^ents which form a. part cf 
the "orct Deferr- r^-ste. of thia harbor. 

He que it granted, ^.roNrlded the definite position 
. t •.:-■■:. it is proposed to place the beacons v/ill ireet 
with the approval of Supt. John TcLaren. 

?ror. Lladiaor Sc Burke enclocinc check for 
151.32, rent for Sharp Park, as per stuterient as fol- 
lows : 

ro?. ^st Firat InstalljMnt Redwood 


City Taxes 1918-19, 
CeiTicec rendered attending 

tc pnyr^ent of Taxes 


"OT. ]at 
Don. let 


; 303. 66 



\-' \.*ed to the 
^T.cloriure fro." ::-. r, ', 
tc ee;- "enale Zol Icn 

Letter of thanks. 



Secretary instructed to inform the gentleman that 
our cages are filled and that a lack of funds would 
not permit the purchase of the bird. 

Frorr: the Women's Land Army of America express- 
ins thanks for the ^^reens to lecorate their Land Army 
Booth on Liberty Lean Day. 
Ordered filed. 

He, Buffalo census. ■^'•^.»^»^ ♦i,^ » ^ - 

' ^^®" ^^® /Jnerican Bison Society who are now 

taking the Annual Censu. of all pur^ blooded American 
Bison enclOEinL: card to be filled out relative tc the 
herd cf Buffalo in Golden uate Park, 
Referred to Supt. L'cLaren. 

^rom 7:r. s. " '. ^ineor relative to his son 
': . into a cictem and he Jumping in to save hi», 
dai^aging his new suit cf clotheo, an; ais son's clothes 
to the <-xtent cf C32.00, 

Or. -. .. duly made, seconded and r-o.rried it was 
unanin;ou3ly agreed t>.* >ia claim ^ : ,. the Cecre. 
; out of the RevolTln,.- T^m'J. 

Report Cf supt. rcLaren for the month of Kov- 
•n^er, : :s re., .nd adopted an. reco„:.,endr-tiona n,prcv. 

R«. -- ^ Curator Pene^ for the mnn^" 0^ "or 
•fcber. II. -..,,„, r,,^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^ 

^epo.- of 3^^.^ ^. ^ Tavio- -■: . .. 

He. child fallint, 
into Park Cistei?i. 

-«• -• 




Board t 

-•. :-!£ read and copier orden 

"Jc/ort on water used in p- 



f I 

■>^«re belnr no further buEir.- 
"i adjourned to rc/>* /-^ 

before th( 



'L .n M 1^..^. 

.3«Gretary Park C; 

1 1 




* ■>■' 


•—- -• ■- rtn 

At a rea^lar meeting: of the Park Commissi on- 
ers held at their office, Park Lodge, -olden Jate Park, 
Decer.l-er 26 th, ]ra8 

Present wer^; Pies. Curtio F. Lindley, 

Com, K, Earl Cummin js. 
Com, Sigrrund Greenebaurri, 
Com, John A, 'cGresor, 
Corr, A. B, Spreckels, 
The minutes of the i^revious rr^eetin^s, copies 
of which were sent to the Commissior.erB, were, upon 
motion duly made, seconded and carried, adop-.ed an the 
arinutee of the meeting: held Tecerber IZ, 1918. 

The bonds of Jennie Peterson and Annie 
Hugheo, employeen of the Park iruseuir., received and 
ordered ; -r.t to the Mayor for approval. 

Prom Chief of Police ^-hite stating ^hat the 
orficerc or. :-,- in t}:e neighborhood of Fairmont Park 
on .errloc /treet.. have been instructed to make pasnin^ 
callB in and around thlo Park, as often as . ...ible to 
prevent vandal, cuttir 'v.-n ' e trees. 
Ordered filed, 

- ■■ the Board of Cuporvlsoro c^nin atten- 
tion to the l.w requirln: an invent.r ■ of a: ^^ ^e 

l-elon^-lnt; to the oi vv on Eecerr.ler .-52: •, ■ 
Ir.ventoi-y to .. .....;e ,n .nlfom eh.. ■ ' . ' 

ir.6 a t... inc.. r.ur^in on left hand edjo 
inargin on the other edges m order ' - -^.- 

.r - 


pt. Taylor cf tn 

^ ^ i ii J, 


JT-iitted his report 


or !;oven;' 

I'UP. Bh 

of |731,13 d 

a lose 

u« to the Infl 

i^enza e^i 

watt practlcajl 

'C V o PL 


y closed for 

i: teor. 

>py ordered 




x^~ -;Ci 


iff V 'ff''i 



b; .^,^'' 


I : 





( -* 



Ra. check for 

He. reports. 

ire relicB 

sent to each Comniseioner, 

Fron Henry Cowell Lime & Cement Co., check 
for $825. for one hull and two cow buffaloes, 

secretary reported check would he deposited to 
the credit of the Park nind upon order of Superintend- 

Profii the United Statey Department of Agri- 
culture requesting as many of the Park Heporte ae can 
be spared, 

Referred to Secretary. 

Curator Penez wae inetructed to return all 
donations received frorr. the Exempt Firemen's Associa- 
tion of Stockton, wno through their President, Peter 
Smith and Secretary, 7rank Ssbach. were instructed to 
request the return o .• t.eee relics. The said donation 
iB to be returned at the expense of the Exem.,t Fire- 
aen'o Association. 

On motion of -om. Cummin^s. I.ass Eleanor 
I^^^ns Of the Museun .a. ,iven an increase of $15.00«s and "ew Year's .Jreetin^e contain- 

' eautiful c 

firms: Kni ->* 


•^ we.^e received from the following: 

• -ing Co., Geo, a. -^uddy 
-ic .M^ cr -0., raker &. Hamilton 
^'•. . P. Fuller 1- '^o.. Palace "ard. 


•'-^:- ^-..orted relative to a 

nffice, att,ei;aou by Zn-or J.-cn 
' ' "^ - -en, Judi^e r.I. 

.*iC J. i C^. i. Ci 


i-Coe cf 

^■■'•^ e:;-*r,>. 

T the 

rernovin^^ frorr the Ital- 


*• T 



hundred (8C0) bodies interred therein. It was eug- 
eested that the cost of their removal be raised by 
means yet to be devised. 

There being no further Uifiineas before the 
Beard the meeting adjourned to meet on next regular 
meetintT day. 


\ ' i 


ecretary Park Commission, 









. *•-■ II. 


U f ' 



Regular meetingi 

Coa, Greenibaum 
president oro -. . 


He, Sharp Park 

San Francisco, January 9th, 1919. 

At a regular meeting of the Park ConnniB- 
Blonere, held at their office. Park Lodge, Golden 
Gate Park, Thursday, January 9th, 1919: 

Present were: Com. Sigmund Greenebaum, 

Com, If. Earl Cumnings, 
com, A. B. Spreckela, 
Absent were: Com, John A. McGregor, 

Pres. Curtis H. Lindley. 
Owing to the absence of Pres, Lindley it 
was moved, seconded and carried that Com. Sigmund 
Greenebaum be elected Chairman, pro tern. 

The minutes of the previous ir-eeting. copies 
of which were sent to the Conjaissiners, were, .pon 
motion duly made, seconded and carried, adopted aa 
the minutes of the meeting held December 26, 1918. 

Prom Samuel G. I.furphey to A. B. Spreckele 
dated ::ew York. Liarch 14th. 1916 acknowledging receipt 
Of letter from Mr. Spreckele dated the 7th inst., and 
thanking him for the sa^r^e. He states that he Is'send. 
ing by same mail «a request to i^r. Percy E. Towne to 
confer wit. vr. Spreckele about completing the gift 
as Offered to t.e City nearly a year ago". 
Ordered filed. 

From Mayor Rolph with enclosure fro.^ th. 

Chief of Police d a •j^4. 

ice, D. A, White, in which the Chief asks 

the k'ayor to take « ^^,.0.^., . . 

- ^-.— ,.cax interent in the a:.plira- 

tion Of the .anage.ent of the stables at 634 .tanyan 
Street for a bridle entrance to the Park directly 
opposite the Stables. 

Mayor Rolph i -, . i.**.^ , 

^--vvc* %Q tne ioard says " X 

a matter careful thought and 

- 12:. your Views, as Park Conmiscion- 

truet you win ( 
the pron.^.tactior 



( r 


i li 

! I: 


1 ifc ■ 

V V -^ 

"^ J 






irtX: -UM 






^e, use of 
Stadiur: trac^. 

Re, request for 
increase of sal- 

Rt« insr«a§e of 

satioa of 

ers dictate'* 

Referred to Supt. McLaren. 

Prom B. Peixotto stating that equestrians 
are not permitted to use the Stadium track, end asks 
■is it possible for the Park Comraissioners to so mod- 
ify the rule that equestrians will have the use of 
the track except when in use for race meetings when 
equesttians could be precluded therefrom". 
Request granted. 

Prom curator Chas. 2. Penez aMking for an 
increase of salary owin^i to changed conditions. 

On motion duly made, seconded and carried the 
request was deferred for the present. 

On motion duly made, seconded and carried 
the compensation of Mrs. C.K. Uillmore, manager of 
the Eeach Chalet, was fixed at One hundred ($100.) 
Dollars per ironth commencing January 1st, 1919. 

The resi^-nation of Mrs. A. M. Taylor as 
Superintendent of the Childrene quarters was received 
to take effect February let, 1919. 
Resignation accepted. 

D. W. Taylor made verbal application to fill 
tU vacancy made by the resi.jnation of Mrs. A. 1£. Tay- 
lor. On motion duly made, seconded and carried i^r. 

^' ^^' *^^^^°'' *^« appointed to the position of Super- 

intendent o^ thA p'^^i-^- 

tne Cuildrens garters to take effect 

7etruar>' let, isi9. 

Curator Penez, in hie report, states that 

nere U a general complaint about the lack of heat. 
WJd the pcoBi* A 

P^e do not reu^in long within the Building-. 

deferred to sut^t -^t 

Cor.. Cum, . .. ,. „ , ^ . . , . 

-- ^j.*Gii luxx power to e»- 
cnan^e a Buffalo >,- ^ ^ 

-falo head for an Antelcpe head. 

Re. opening new 
l£us eum. 

Re, office work. 

•^-i't. 2-cLaren*s 

Report Childress 

Curator's report. 


At the request of Pres. Lindley the question 
of dedicating the opening of the new Museum was refer- 
red to com. Cutfminge and Supt. McLaren. President 
Lindley being added to the Committee of Arrangements 
for the opening which is to take place in about two 

On motion of Com. Cummings, seconded and 

carried, the stenographer at the Museum was requested 

to assist in the work at the Park Lodge in the absence 

of the regular stenographer whenever requested to do 

Report for the month of December, lylo was 
submitted by Supt. ITcLaren and adopted and recommend- 
ations approved. 

Report of Supt. A. H. Taylor of the Child- 
rena quatterc received and copies ordered sent to the 

Report of Curator of Museum received, read 
and referred to Com. Cummings. 

There being no further business before the 
Board t e meeting- adjourned subject to meet on the 
next regular meeting day. 

■4 ■» ■' -tm 

^kJretary Park Coiriir.ission. 




! 1 1. 


• Jlli 



■ tmt 


* • 


r ^, *fe <fe*ij ^^:y^"»' 




L * J!^'- ^' 



i f 

Hegular ineetintj, 


Sigrc »nd Grcene< 
e ;. 

■if-- n\ 'ir 'I 



San Francisco, January 23rd, 1919, 

At a regular meeting of the Board of Park 
CoirjnisEionere held at their office. Park Lodge, Golden 
Gate Park, Thursday, January 23rd, 1919 
Present were: Pres. C, H. Lindley, 

Com. A. E. Spreckels, 
Com. M. Sari Curmings, 
Com. Sigmund Greenebauin. 
Absent: Com. John A, McGregor. 

The minutes of the previous meeting, copies 
of which were ser.t to the COMmisBioners, were, upon 
motion duly made, seconded and carried, adopted as 
the minutes of the meeting held January 9th, 1919. 

Fror. the I^ayor's office, certificate of re- 
appointment of Park ConuniBEicner Sigmund Greenebaum 
for a terns of four years. 

Certificate ordered L-prend on the minutes. 

Fron. E. h. Holladay, et ale., a petition to 
construct at their own expense, an underground sewer 
for serving the properties of petitioners, said sewer 
to run eacterly along Clay street connecting with the 
main eewer at the Junction of Clay and Gou,:. . treetu. 
The petitioners also desire to lay along Clay rt. 
at their own expense, water pipes to connect with the 
I^unicipal water supply also conduits for electric .vires. 
Alao. at tnelr own e.^^^ense. to construct a winding con- 
-rete roadway com..encin. at the Junction of Clay and 
Octavia streets an. running thence ea.teMy along .aid 
Clay street to the Junction of Clay and Cough rts. 

rne petitionera, m large numbers, were represented 

by UT. Hon.,.. ^, ,,^,^^^ ,^^^ ^^^^^ ^. ^^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^ 

the petltloB, 

epoke on behalf of the protefitanti 






J. "i^. 

■it,, •' 










IK! 1 1- 

lli ■: 


24 ^ 

Re, i.'iprove 
of Sreat ' : 


declaring that it would destroy, without any benefit 

being derived therefrom, 

Prea. lindley said that a legal question was in- 
Tolved in the grantin^^ of the request of the petition- 
ers and therefore he believed it to be the duty of the 
Park Coimission to submit the matter to the City And 
County Attorney. 

The question was then referred to the President, 
who. after receiving a report from the City Attorney 
may refer the matter to Supt. McLaren for report. 

Prom the Dept. of Public Works n to ting that 
the Board of Supervisors by Resolution 16428, new series 
approved Januarj- 22nd. 1919, made available the sum of 
$70,000. fror. the County Road fund for the paving and 
lmprover„ent of the Great Highway. Therefore by Resolu- 
tion 61139, second series approved January 22n, 1919 
the oard of Public V^orks re,,uested permission of the 
Pari' CorrinisBion, In whom the jurisdiction of the Great 
Highway 1. ve.ted, to perform this work in accordance 
vith t:-.e plans prepared by the City Kngineer. K. M. 

On :.otion duly made, seconded and carried, the 
• ^ufiic ..orks f.e ^lesolution 61139. second 
' ••- rented pennlBsion to perform the work of 
in.provin; t:.e Great Kijhway in accordance 
-i-Le>., 3 .u.,j.icate of which is on 
'^® " -rk Co;-.iQBlon. 

"'U-.ea states shipping Corpn., rela- 
' ' » t^ decorat»» the grounds 

■^'^ ^^ house the workraen e;n- 


•1 n 

♦■ i -1 


- •' I r 

p jv.-er 

Re, case of John 
M* Day, deceased. 

Re, increase. 

Re, increase of 

-r I^. 

.^ W >». Mt 

- • ♦ 

Prom Prank A, V/Hkie, who, on behalf of the 
widow of John ::. Day, makes application for death 
benefits due her under the provisions of the Workniens 
Compensation, Insurance and Safety Acts, 

Prom H, L, \7hite, Secretary Industrial Accident 
Commission, stating: "We are informed that Mrs. Day, 
the widow of John M, Day claims death benefits under 
the workmen's Compensation Act on account of the death 
of her husband which resulted from an industrial injury 
arising out of his employment. Mrs. Day claims that he 
was earning $3.50 per day and working six days per 
week. Assuiiiing this to be correct, she would be entit- 
led to death benefits amounting to ^13. 13 per week for 
a period of two hundred and forty weeks, a total of 

The 3oard decided to take this question under 


Prom the I^aterial Teamsters Union #216 re- 
questing an increase of $.50 per day for teamsters in 
the Park to take effect April let, 1919, 
Action deferred. 

Prom the International Union of Steam and 
Operatin : :^ngineers stating that Chief 3ngineers of 
pumping stations shall receive not less than ^200. per 
month .vith an eight hour day and one day off per week. 
It was r.oved, seconded and carried that t;ae Chief 

....... =u ^i,o. pe, „o„^j, ^^ cottage to live 

in and t:iat the assistant be Inoreaaed to $153. per 

Pron the .^acific Coin Lock Co, enclosing a 

Cht*c> «'<->« As n0 ' 

. awW i^C 

iWlaslon due fro- 

n coin locks 


I t i 





^*1tm (*•■* 

if(i . '^''/.-i^^piA.,:. 







illHtti' ; r 


Letter of thaniu . 




Installed in the public lavatories at the Beach Chalet 
and in Golden ^ate Park, 

Secretary reported check deposited to credit of 
Park Fund, Action approved. 

From Prof, L. S, Sargent thanking Supt, Mc 
Laren for three plants of Juniperua Chinensis and 
Korean seeds. 

Ordered filed, 

Prora Robert Belmont, surety bond as Taxider- 
mist at the Park IlUseuai, 

Ordered sent to the !£ayor for approval. 

Prom "jiyor's office, bonds of Jennie Peterson 
and Annie Huglieo, approved, 

BondR ordered sent to Auditor's office. 

Com. Cumwinjs brought up the question of a 
ter^iporary decoration of the Civic Center in the form of 
a Liberty Tower for which ^5,000, was to be appropriated 
^y tas Board of Supervisors. A permanent statue haa 

een 3U;J2ested, '.^hen the plans liave been approved the 
$5000. is to be turned over to the Park Coirjiisgioaers 
to carry out tie adopted plan, . 

Prom Chas. L. trotter, U,S, Department of 
r._.;ie''rc, statiii^^ tliat he is unable to furnish copy 
of specificati V13 for the construction of bitumen road- 
-j- ^U concrete base. Letter referred to Tonstrict- 
^ "' — — ort ..ason, 6an Prancloco, 

' ' ' no further bueiness before the 

Board *he -so^i ^ - r,^■■. 

O ' ' -^ *- ^r* ^ 

next re^lar raeetla^ day. 


^**^ -u* ^_^^«^. 


r'a. r. 

ii jSi o.^ers, 



Reposinr special confidence in the fidelity and 
ability of SIGMUIOD GREElCEBAlJli! . I do by these presents, by 
virtue of the authority vested in me by the Charter of th« 
City and County of Gan Prancioco, appoint him a P.^RK 
C0:i:i2£I0:>ffiR, in and for the tenn of four years from and 
after the Sth day of January, 1919, vice himtelf. 

IL' TESTI}.'0:rir V/HSP^OF, I have eisned 
iny name and caused the seal of my 
office to be affixed hereto, this 
6th day of January, 1919, 




^rUARB RAIir3Y, 









Ih lint 'itH III 







■ (■ 

» I 




! ' 




San Francisco, Peby. 13th, l;n9. 

flagular meeting. 


H#, Ho. ,y 

t7* - % I 

H . 

At a regular ;xeeting of theBoard of Park 
CommiBBionera held at their office Park Lod^je, Golden 
'Jate Park, February 13th, 1919 

Preeont were: Pres. Curtis H. Lindle^^ 

Com, A. h, v^precltels, 
Cora, M, Earl Cur.anin.ja, 
Absent were: Com. John A. McGregor, 

Com, Sigmund Greenebaun, 
The rDinutea of the previous eetinc, co.iea 
Of -.vhicv were sent to the CommiBsionera. were, upon 
motion duly made, seconded and carried, adopted as the 
minutes of the meetimj held January 23rd, 1319. 

No action was taken on the Holladay petition, 
?reo, Lindley reported that f.e decision of the City 
Attorney has been prepared and is awaiting his signature 
Preo. Lindloy promised a report on the John L'. 
Bay case at the o-ti,. 

Fro • o:,.i or SuperviHors, copy of Hesolu- 
. 16401 (^.ew series) which reads as follows: 
Rii30L72D, That L-, accordant*. w<-^v, ♦• 
A. McG-f^so'- ^!^.r.^^f "^^°-' "^on. John 

ninety ,, ,---cin, January 41^1^19 
i^n .0 leave the at-ite! 


»J 4. ■- -^. 

CO, Ja: 

-ioari of 

/Uuervisors , 

"i '. 


1 n.i.: 

iupe TV : ' 

' -a - '. ..:.? year : Jij.oc ■ 

"*'"*^*"^^^ on or before vam 
deferred to S#cr4t:iry. 

. Jud- 

^'S'i w: t t,,e 

r I 




'•^jIT"'^' ■ 











; ( 

• I 



\ • 

I 1 

r fit < H 

R«. Budget* 

He* statement 
of Park Puna. 

Financ- . 


Budget of the Park Comralssion for the fiscal 

year 1919-1920 was submitted and action deferred for 

two weeks so that the meinhers of the Board may have an 

opportunity to consider it at their leisure* 

»roin Auditor Boyle which reads as follows: 

" This is to advise that I have checked up 
tne financial statement of the Park ?und for 
trie six months endinr^ Deceniher 31st, 1913 and 

fh?f n?^? ^^'® accounts of your bookkeeper and 
this office aaree as follows: 

Balance brot fwd. from 1917-13 

Resolution, Buena Vista Park 
Receipts, Childrens» ^uart^'^s 

" Bead. Chalet 

" Golf fees 

I'iscellaneous receipts 


Disbursement 8 

i 4,346.75 






, 2.7 42.35 


_ 211 , 66,3 -^9 

*217 , j.jC . 56 

Ordered filed. 

The financial statement of the Park Pund 

ending Pebruarv "'ft i ii c 

craary ..t, IjI-^, was submitted to the Board: 


Hesolation Buena Vista ?k. 
^J'liurens -^uartera recLUs 
^^fj^ Chalet -eceipte ' * 
Golf fees 

^ent 2 Oat I'ouse 

^•ent Jap. Tea Jarden 

oaj.e of horaea 

^ale of iar..b8 

n n °; ':^ain ;ack8 

^a.e of anin;als 
,_ of Euf-,ine3 
-.ale of r 




'^in Lock Co, 

"ate Insu''a'^'-'« 

•- * k» i. e j_ . -J »- rt . 

■J ' ■'.•.■ 




ox rsn. 








-140,, 420. 43 

Re. Great High- 

Re. Civic Cen- 

Re. Slaehelin case. From City Attorney Geo. Lull enclosing a 

bill from Dr. W. B. Coffey for $50. for services as 
medical expert in the case of Elna Staehelin, widow 
of Paul Staehelin, deceased. 

Bill ordered paid. 

From Supervisor Ralph !£cLeran recommending 
a concrete base for the roadway of the Great Highway 
instead of the smooth surface asphalt dressing. 

Referred to Supt. McLaren, 

From the Board of Supervisors advising that 
the Parkways along the recently constructed sidewalks 
through the Civic Center Esplanade (PultDn Street) 
have been completed; and it is the desire of the Bof-rd 
of Supervisors to transfer said permanent parkways to 
the supervision of the Park Commissioners* The Board 
will pass a resolution authorizing the 8ame;and it ia 
f-arther request - e Park Commissioners plant 

en 1 ,;arde^, *'.e blocK in the Civic Center bounded by 
Gr'-ve, I^r.'Cin, P-alton and Hyde Streets until the prop- 
erty is rc-uired ae a site for the erection of a pub 

t »•* ' ' 

— ^ — i;^ • 

The Board --^ferred the natter to fupt, "-' -rr. 

* ' ^ *he work. The ParV- c: . 
will ftgree ' - o *he work provided the necep-'-r;- -t 

■ i rarX 7x1 nn* 

4 ■^, 


r ^f r 

*i «% c -. ,- 

From Chi'3f '•,'hl^^ 
ism 1- ^ : - ;: .uare, " ,. 
every effort be made b" * ' 
prevent further damage to 
Crdered filed* 


e beat to 



I < 

• : 





*— ' — !«J.l!lll!«*ll"im 

;.« . . 







U ■'■ i 

* r#i 

1 a.' t ' 


f « 



Re. taking rnovin^- 
flctures in Park, 

Re, parii:.. 0. 


Re, Eooiogical 

Bid» OR 

. • 

I. . 

Irom the Belle Benn^t Picture Corpn. r.pkinc 
application for a permit to "shoot" pictures in Gol- 
den Gate Park, 

Appllcaticn denied, 

Pron Percy S, Tovme relative to parking 
automoliles in the Park. He asks thyt the rules he 
relaxed so that autos may he given more parking privi- 

Referred to Supt. I'cLaren, 

Prom KilY/aukee Zooloj^-ical Gardens relative 
to animals and birds for educaticnal purpoeen. 
He f erred to Supt, KcLaren, 

?.' direction of Supt. !:cl^rei. the Secretary 
•ised for bids for four thousand (4000) cubic 
i-ards of elay to 1- -^-ivcred to Lindley Keador, 

Action of tU« superintendent approved an : as the 
'- ■ ■ '^'-c' ur to and not later th-.n rocn 
■ ^ 17t:^. 1.919 the President was, on 



, reecniod and carried, authorised to 

-^ ^''-" ' *' t v loveet cid 'er, 

' ' ^ e Board - .- -qUo^.:, 

R*^?) — * 

* . '.cLaren 

'anuary, 191 j 

■ • " ■■■' . . roved. 

pt. T-ylor f'r 


i f»en' t:!e ' 





He, Victory 


Com, H, Ilarl Cii3fanin.:B, 

The Victory Heda3 1icn ordered by the Board 
received and the 3ecretp,ry v^-as instructed to forv/ard 
seine to Curator Penez of the Park Fuseum, 

There being no furthetr business before the 
Board the meetin. ndjourned subject to rneetinj; on the 
next regular date, 



^V, 4vf//-Ay 


'.: Gor^:lsci oners, 


!■- i :ii 




« i< 


am^ *««M¥ 






lit HI 


Regular meeting* 

Minutes , 

Re. Holladay 

San Preuiciaoo, Febniary 27tii, 1919« 

At a regular meeting of the Board of Park 
CoiamiBBloners held at their office Park Lodge, Golden 
Gate Park, Thursday, February 27th, 1919 
Present were: Pree. C. H. Lindley, 

Com. Sigmund Greenebaum, 
Com. M. Sari Cumnings, 
Com. A. 6. Spreckels* 
Absent: Com. John A. McGregor. 

The minutes of the previous meeting, copies 
of which were sent to the Commissi oners, were upon 
mition duly made, seconded and carried, adopted as 
the minutes of the meeting held February 13, 1919, 

From City Attorney Geo, Lull in answer to a 
request from Pres. Lindley for an opinion on the peti- 
tion of 0. C. 0. Holladay, et als. which is as follows 

"Owing to the many questions involved and their 
importance I have been unable to answer your com- 
munication within the time requested. As you are 
aware the titles to the lands in question have 
been frequently in litigation, extending back to 
the beginning of gan Francisco, 

The firjt question presented by your coramuni- 
vf P?" ^%^^«J^^ef^the land embraced in what would 
be Clay ^.treet, if Extended between aough and 
Octavia Streets, is a part of Lafayette SqSare. 

In an opinion rendered to the Board of Park 
Lo'^^^ir*""? ""^ -ypredecessoiHonorabre Percy V. 
- r^ Tl li^''"*^'' ^'^ ''-' cornmunicatlon^th; 
pornts indtclt.r f""^' ^^^ ^^"«^' between \he 
Sart Of ?ff^vl??: i^ "°^ a public street, but is a 
A??o%^^y^^SL%%^: lT^:\,,\f^ °^^"^- °^ ^^ty 

to tSt opinion? '''"'' ^on^unlcation with reference 

Atto^efanrJlusion'i '" f '? °^^"^°" ^' ^^« ^^^X 
City has d«L«i . ^^ °^^« ^° ^^e ^act that the 

aJd d^cr?bing^he^?;:r''^e"'''"^ °" ^^^^ ^'P-- 
iu,* ,« ,i t,® ^"® ^ines as the lines of nia^ Qt 

you"aikea%o^bi advi'sed^to ''V'l dedicated-; *a^ci*' 

-yances by the f^^rLwc:^, ^v^:^i:t 


1 1 

1 i 












< t ♦ 



I I 


4. . .Si 

boundary amounted to a dedication* But no deeda 
passed from the City and County of SsLn Francisco 
concerning this land. The title of the original 
grantors of the property abutting on this strip 
was founded entirely upon possession. Therefore 
the premise upon which your question is predicated 
does not exist in fact* 

The petition of the property owners referred 
to in your communication requests permission to 
construct underground sewers with appropriate 
laterals and to construct a concrete spiral road- 
way extending from Gough Street into the Park as 
far as the East line of Octavia Street. 

As I understand the matter, the property own- 
ers have offered to pay the expenses of construct- 
ing the spiral roadway as well as the sewers and 
tne question presented is "Has the Park Board iur- 

inJiS P"*i° ^'??! the privileges which are set 
forth in the petitionf" 

The Charter gives to the Board of Park Comis- 
sioners complete Jurisdiction of all the public 
parks and under Section 5 of Article XIV the Board 
has the exclusive right to erect and to superin- 
fw^n ®j;!°*i°" °^ buildings and structui-es 
th! Po2v J^! ^°^^^ "^iSht. If it desired, out of 
^e Park Funds, construct a concrete spl^l road- 
Mo J5 ^?« character mentioned in the petition en- 
closed with your communication. On the other hand 
iwn^s If"". ^^Y?"^^Se of the oifer of the prop ^?y' 
8 0? Irticirxiv'o?'?.* °;[^c.onstruction under Section 

Article IIV of the Chatter, which provides that: 

and'Io^oraUons'^an'd'?'''' ^^^^^tions from persons 
the i^^«,, ? ^"^ legacies and bequests for 

and grounds It?" ''^'^^^^^^' «^^^^««' ^^^i^^es 
such dona^r^n. \ "°'-*^' *^^^ '"^^ ^« derived from 

otheri Be Jrovidid^bv'th.''?' ^'^^^'^ ^^^^^' '^"^^^^ 
acy or bem •.! v ^ ^^® *®"°« ^f such gift, leg- 
City Ind^cunti tl ?*^°^^^!^ i" ^he treafury'of the 
The'^saSe ^ay be w^thn! '"^^^^ "^ *^^ ^^^^ ^""<i- 
in the saSe raannri^ff'^ therefrom and paid out 

Of moneys legaUya^oro^.fTi^?^ ^""^ ^^« P^^^^"* 

grounds," sucn parks, squares, avenues and 

8i^oul5'JeciJe'tr-i«nf^??'"^ ""^ ^*^^ Commissioners 
owners couli donate ?o th! If^'^^"' ^^* property 
"«^«Bsary to compete the wo rkf "'°^"' '' "°""^ 

Of a concretrL??i? l^ J«ference to the construction 
to the conatraaion of 7*^ applies with equal force 
^*«i>rxate laterals t„ ^T!:.*?!""^"^ sewers with ap- 
opinion that p.^^i' ,J" addition to this, I am of the 
^rty owners theSe?vi« """^'^ ^^ granted to the prop- 
Board mlg^t lay ioil^'; '-^P^" s^oh conditions as the 

y 3own, to construct underground sewers 

in this strip* Such use does not interfere with 
the uses of the Park for which it was dedicated and 
is not inconsistent therewith. In fact such a use 
may properly be considered as quasi public since 
sewer drainage concerns the public health. 

You call my attention to the fact that compar- 
atively recently the Board *f Public Works allowed 
the property owners abutting on Gough Street to 
bulkhead the space of what would be Clay Street, if 
extended between Gough and Octavia Streets, upon 
the theory, as you say, that it was a plblic street 
and within the jurisdiction of the Board of Public 
Works. It is only necessary to refer to the opin- 
ion given by Mr. Long to the effect that Clay Street 
between said points is not a public street, and 
tnerefore, the Board of Public Works had no power 
or authority to allow the construction of bulkheads 
or to exercise any other control over the space. 

Ycur next question is whether the Board of Park 
Coinmissioners has the power to grant permission to 
the petitioners to use the space for the purposes 

lifi'^Jt^^ f^'i f^''®°° ^° ^^ ^^°^ ^^^ private prop- 
erty. It not bein,; a dedication for a public uur- 
P03e but really being an easement over Park llnd 
for the benefit of private land owners* 

If the Board of Park Commissioners concluded to 
ITrlnf' '?: joncrete spiral roadway the benefit 
thereof would inure to the entire people of the 
City and County of San Francisco as well as to tn« 
property owners and in no sense would it II a prf! 
vate easement. Therefore it wonin >!* ., ^ 
forthe Board of Park Co.^issioLrs to gran^Jo"??^ 
abuttin,; property owners any spicial rilh? oJ in 
gress or egress. v-'-j.o.x rignt or in- 


to colJs'tL^tlhf roadSly^fs fb^ °^^^^^^^ ^^ ^•<^id« 
niy opinion tha^ the Board " Pa^k^o^^if ^' '^ ^» 
not the Dower t.^ ..-r^r,^ f? o^.-P^f^ -o^iasioners has 

tirely inconoiaten with ?he publlT' "°^' ' ^^ ^"- 
of the Park and wouli be enti?^?, V^*^ ^"^ Purposes 
words, there would be 2?a^?iJ''?i^ Private. In other 
that which would be denf^ f? .° ^^^^^te individuals 
restin.j upon no leLl rllht k l^'tJ^^^^^^ in .jeneral. 
Park Coii^niiasion. ^ ^^^ ^"^ ^^« ^^^e favor of the 

Oi course ^^ f\ 
owner* now possess th?'.''^o^^*' °^ ^^"^ *^« property 
Btrip in qu;«?i*r :?e-.^*T"^ °^ in.:reas over th^ 
the Park Cor^issr*inM'%!^t^?v,^* "° necessity for ' 
owners claim in their oettfi. t ""f*^'^' '^^^ Property 
eommissioners that ae f^ti^" ^° ^''^ "^^^''^ ^^ ^^^k 
«^ats. but I am of Jhe ^^4 ?' °^ ^^^ ^''^' ^^^^^ 
erroneous. The land S^eS i%\^^\.^^**^'" ^^^^^^ i« 
botn sides Of what woulS h«'?/^^ Petitioners, on 
aa well as the landl^iontln ^^ .^'^^"'' '' extended. 

lands-T^^ntlnronX;:^^^,:: «°^^-^/wio";iir^e 

«ugn street many years ago. The 

'1. 1 



( ! 






H '■ < 

1 1 




i. I 

• . •»». 

Btrip of liind of what would "be Clay Street, If 
extended, was never owned by Holladay or his 
grantors. Prior to his sale of the portion of 
his lands fronting on Gough Street he had the 
right of ingress and egress to and from the lands 
now owned hy the petitioners, who now seek the 
right of ingress a.nd egress thereto over the lands 
now fronting on Gough Street, by virtue of his 
ownership, of the whole of the tracts of land. Ap- 
parently, since it has never been asserted, when 
selling the portion of these lands fronting on 
Gough Street he did not reserve rights of way to 
the remaining lands over the portions sold, nor 
would it seem under the familiar rule so well 
stated in the case of United States v, Rindge, et 
al., 208 fed, 611 (at 620) that after parting with 
the title to the lands fronting on Gough Street a 
way of necessity existed in favor of the remaining 
portions. It need only to be stated that there is 
no rule of law which gives a way of necessity over 
lands not owned by a grantor by lands, which by 
reason of the voluntary act of the owner, have been 
cut off from ingress and egress thereto and there^ 

Your next question concerns the opening of a 
street from the '.Vest line of Gough to the East line 
of Octavia Street, along the lines of what would be 
i*L f®®*' ^^ extended and to take said land out 
Of the jurisdiction of the Park Board and turn it 
over to the Board of Public Works. 

A similar question was passed upon in an opln- 

Honor^Jii f'^B^^ ^° 3^^ Board of lark Commissioners by 
Honorable Percy v. Long. (See Opinions of the ^itv 

Ptooses ?1 in. r^^^^^y devoting the land to park 

an- 0- fh« 2 J^* ''^''" ^^^ ^8« f<5r such purposes I 

^0 t;an8fer*i"iS"/''?.' '' '' ''^^^i" ^^"^ ^'^^^ 
PortloS 8:?f'??J„t%o^%f ^'^ Of supervisors a 
^ ent Of the nnn??? ."^ ^^^ "^^^ "^ another depart- 
ui tne municipal sovernment." 

diviB?on^3r°^^^^^f°^ ^if^^ ^°^i°" i« ^«""d in Sub- 
°f the Charter wm i°" ^' Chapter II, Article II 
ouperviro^rsLT^^S Provided that the Board of 

department o-'tie ^7 ^^''^ "^^ transfer from one 
lots of lan-^*tn ! ty Government vacant and unused 
■Lan. to another department.* 

^t would hft <« 4.I. 

Conrnissioners to adonf ^°^®'' "^ ^^« ^^ard of Park 
^o^-^ci Of Supe-^Loro^* a resolution requeatin,; the 
used land frorV ton^n ^-^nsfer the vacant and un- 
corks ana aftA/^,^^^ t^^^^"^®"* ^^ the Board of Public 
ora have th^'iy^"^^" ^^^ ^oard of Supervis- 
^P^tlic street o' ItTnA^ ^*'^^^® ^^« ^^^^ to be 
^i8co. Ther^..-^.: .f ^^^^ ^"d County of San Fran- 

provemenu thereon 'ortv.^^?' ^"^ expense of any im- 

or therein would be a charge 













*► ^ JT .;.'7^ -■<"■■;.«'-' 



against the private property abutting on the same. 

You are therefore advised as follows: 

First: That the land embraced within the lines 
of wnat would be Clay Street, if extended, between 
Gough and Octavia Streets is not a public street and 
is under the Jurisdiction aad control of the Board of 
Park Contnissioners: -f^ax-a oi 

Second: That the City and County of San Fran- 
cisco did not deed the private property referred to 
nl«^f ^•H*^''" ^"^ obviously, there can be no 
2S??i'Jro?'cia^ iTrliu '^^^^^^^^'^ °^ -^^ ^-d as a 

» A '^il^- That the Board of Park Commissioners 
under the Charter, may build the sewerTand concrete 
^iral roadway out of money donated by petitioners 
fhf i^J Pi^^POse or may grant to the private owners 
the right to construct the sewers themselves, bSt 
not the spiral roadway; ' 


Fourth: That the Board of Public Works had 
power or authority to allow the property o^^s 
abutting on Gough Street to bulkhead the llSd in 
question, the same not being a public stree?; 

not fJ^ni '^^^ ^^* ^°^^^ °f Pa^^ commissioners has 
not the power to grant permission to th« ««*?+f« 

for the private eaaernent of ingress inde^rii^?«'''L 

io-?d^^^-- rrrr^^indfsf ^^-^^ -^ 

if exI^^Sid. '?f nJf a J?u"a\?J I'^ltTlt ^ '.'^' '''''' 
es, may be transferred from th^^u^fJ? ♦f''^ purpos- 
Board of Park Co.nmissionirs to tnat n^^^^*^°" ^^ *^« 
Public works by the Bo^t^h ^^ f ^^^^ ^^ ^"^^ Board of 

after be opinsj as VpubUc'sfrSe^''^^'' ^""^ ^''''''' 

oeventh: That the petitioners dn „«+ 
and never have possessed any ri^h? nr ? P0«8es« 
egress u^.on their private^rnni!* ^ Ingress to or 
of Lafayette Sqmre or o? th2^?'^J ^V^^^^ portion 
Clay Street if extended/- ^ ^^ ""^^ ''^^^^ ^« 

President Lindley presented his report a^>^ >.-^o^-e-d 

atlons in the matter of thm T^-♦4 4.^ 

^^f>r or the petition of G.C.O. Holladay, 

et ale, which reads aa fmi«w.. 

tions"'ln"hrmat?:r%'f tS ""'^T ""' — ^nenda- 
day, E. B. Holladay. H H L'Ji*'"" '' "^•''•'^- "^l^^" 
Trust Coapany. ' ' "* ^o^^« and .'Mercantile 




-jMafc.:' ■ M 





I!- ;^il 




■ If III' 





. J0 

I j jp j r i .- 


Petitioners are the owners of four fifty vara 
lota abutting on Lafayette Square, two on the 
north side and two on the south side of Clay Street 
If the same were extended Into Lafayette Square 
The lots on the North side are Improred and have 
thereon a dwelling occupied by Petitioner Holladav 
Those on the South side are unimproved. The only 
present accesB to thses lots Is by means of a drive- 
way in the Sqjiare extending as a part of park im- 
provement from the North line of Sacramento Street 
into the Square. This driveway is to some extent 
coincident with the line of Octavia Street if that 
street were extended into the square, but it is not 
a public street, Is not necessarily permanent, and 
forms a part of the square subject to the exclusive 
Jurisdiction and control of the Park Conmission. 
It may be closed at any time. 

: Petitioners ask the following privileges:^^f'^' At their own coat to construct an under- 
to run JT"" :^i^\approprlate laterals, the sewer 
S?ree? iJ^'fh.^t' Sasterly line of what'would be Clay 
til -h ^^""^ °*"^* ^®^« extended westerly into 

tie Wu;n'n/?1*° '°?"^^' '^^^^ ^« ^^in sewer at 
waLi n?ni- ^ ^^?^ ^"*^ ^°^e^ streets; also to lay 

:;rco^nJsns°?s?%i^sf,rc^i,^s:/-^- ^^^^^- ^-^^^^^ 

windf^^^rnl "^2 construct at their own expense a 

Of ci^ anrSctivrrstrLr""??^'"^ ^' ^^« j--*i°" 

extended intnfJIc ^^^^^^s, if such streets were 
ly along Jl"ay S^ree'^^f ?'/?'' T?"^"^ *^^"^« ^^^^«^- 
of Clay^^nou^rstreots! "''^' '° '^" Junction 

Stref?'ie^°^t^^^^^«"*;^hat the proposed road on Clay 
to as -Clay 3tree?'Ext^n^.;:'i^ ?^ hereafter referred"^ 
complete enjoyment of th.J^ ' ^' necessary to the 
Petitioners al^o claim thit ?^°P^^*i«« ^^ petitioners, 
ingress to the 3a?ri nl */^®^' "°'' ^^« » ^^S^^t of 
tension. In oLer 1^^^^!^^®^ ^^°"S Clay Street Ix- 
to the at" to IL Ht^\^^^y ^«««^t that the title 
an easement or rl!h? «? question is encumbered with 

owned by them. ''^^ ^® appurtenant to the lands 

It is 

If*the^rLhr"/i?^* ^^°""^ ^^^i« easement is 
II tne rignt of ingress and e«re9« «v^r fh« 

Claimed, If the rL^r".''^^* ground this easement is 
ts. thereof « nn ^"^""^^^ ^"^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^ the 

Of Park Po^. ."^-•^'^^y ^^^ * P«"^it from 
•^A raru Comnissioners. 

strip exin 

the Board o^'y'"?''® ^^ "° necess 
""^ of Park Comnissioners. 


rd tiat ni^o„-^*°r5^ ^8 given }ils opinion to the 

^e to recognize li*^V*K^^^' ^'^^^ ^^^^^ must de- 
prensT.-^ ?- •^''» until Buch timp oa «•♦ < f -i r,r,ii^« 

' ««ov/xui,e ana not subject to 
way or privileges of ingress or 
•a not conaider the granting of 


ciine to recognize iJ^^'VI^^^^' ^^'^^^ ^^^^^ must de- 
are prepared to oan;:* i^P^^^ ''^^^^ time as petitioners 

-oncede that the title of the City to 
^n is absolute and not subject to 
3 Of way or D^^v^^«.,»» ^^ 1 ._ 

t'-,-, — ** ^w cone 

tile area <« -^^i*- 

"• '"• Board Should 


\ l^<l I 'i'*n I I •• j. 


% ' 


any privileges which might be construed as a recog- 
nition of the asserted right. 

As the result of years of litigation with the 
City, petitioners find themselves practically ex- 
cluded from access to tne public streets, sewers, 
water mains and electric lit^ht conduits. This is 
their misfortune and not the fault of the City. 

Clay Soreet Extension into the Square is a part 
of Lafayette Square and under the exclusive juris- 
diction of the Park Commissioners, While the Board 
of Public Works has granted to abutting lot owners 
fronting on aough Street thi privilege of construct- 
ing a bulkhead and of planting a portion of the area 
into lawn, such privilege cannot be treated as in any 
manner limiting or circumscribing the jurisdiction 
of the Park Coaralssioners over it, 

■4.^.^f,A° **'^® privilege of maklnt,^ proper connection 
with City sewer mains, water and electric light con- 
duits in the adjoining streets, this would tend to 
promote the public welfare, and as such connections 
would be necessarily underground and not interfere 

nio« r^i*"^^^ ?L^*! surface, I would recomiiiend that 
upon filing with the Board their full and complete 
recognition of the City's title and control over the 
area, Petitioners should be granted the privilege of 

«n'?°ofi'°v.^?^v,?^''®".*"^ laterals, laying ivater pipes 
and establishing underground connection with lines 
in the public streets transmitting electrical curr*.r.+ 
Application should he made to the BoarSfJr this pr^vl 

^i?'^^'*?^''^?^^"^®'^ ^^ P^'"^^ '"''^ epeclflcatlons exhib- 
iting the character of structures, the particular 
property the connections are to sirve, ?ndtlie minner 
01 such service. Upon the approval by the Board of 
eucn plane, ccnt^truct: on n.-cy proceed under th« a,.^f " 
Tision of the Park Board co^cperlun.r ;^i?h the Bo^rJ" 
Of Public works and furnishing such'adequate ia?^ - 
ties as may be detenr.ined bv the Tinar-n «? ♦ guara^.- 
for the authorized work! ^ *° Payment 

As to construction 
it ic quite obvious th^ 
the property owners abu 
i.iinus would Ve the line 
line would be coinciden 
Octavia Street if exten 
30 extended. The prese 
from Sacramento Street, 
is in no sense a public 
at anv tirr** on,^ *^ -.± 

future boards. 

0. the concrete spiral roadway, 
t this roadway wili serve only 
ttlng on it. Its v/fc^tern terl 

Of tne Square, yrnile this 
; ^ith the Westerly line of 
aed that street has r.c,t Leen 
^^ friveyf&y enterln,- the Jquare 
While open to use by trie public 
otreet. It may be abandoned 
i.reiy subject to the action of 

this^Eoard'to'plelsu'j'^eM^'^ ''"''^^' ^^ ^''''^' °^ 

ori.-inally opened it ':arno?conr''^' ""' ''"^'^ '' ^" 
mar.Pr.f cr^„.l **^ "°t contempla 

manent affait. 

See Proceedinj^ci #;f 

ere l,ay 10, '1912, 


to be 


♦ V. _ — . 

ox i'ark Conrnission^ 






m.'<' ■ 





t } 



f..- (.• 


I ! 



■' )' 

■ V 


M'i U 



In effect the permit to construct this spilral 
roadway would amount to an eaetntnt in favor of 
private property owners. It would terminate in a 
eul-de-sao, and the general putlic would have no 
occaeion to use it# If constructed, although the 
cost of construction would be paid by the property 
owners, its maintenance for future years would fall 
upon the Park Commissioners. The Board would then 
find itself compelled to maintain out of public park 
fundi an area primarily park property but utilized 
solely for the benefit of abutting private property 
•wners. Any succeeding Board might revoke the permit 
and force the restoration of the status quo . 

At first glance a refusal to grant a permit for 
the construction of the spiral roadway would seem to 
work a serious hardship to the private property owners 
and that they shottld be entitled to some relief at 
the hands of the Board, But the difficulty lies in 
the historic fact that through years of bitter liti- 
gation with the City the property owners who are thus 
excluded from access to the public streets failed to 
obtain any court decree reserving any easements or 
privileges over the -property awarded to the City, and 
failed in covenanoe* made by the original private 
owners to make such reservations over oroperty con- 
veyed by them abutting on the public streets, which 
would have given them a right of access. 

The Board of Park Comiss loners have not the power 
.r/nSS^ *^?®? ?«ficiencies in title. Its functions 
tr%r ! J' adininistrative, and the limit of its power 
is found in the Charter. It cannot grant private 
easeir.ents nor encumber in any way the title of the 
t-it-y of deaicttted park areas, 

an^ rw^'t^^f^'^''^..^^ ^^"^ ^ eolution of the problem 
TiT^ if I ^^'^ petitioners measurably what they dt^ 

the ChArtL V ^^^""^ roadway ;.ould run, might under 
area fn ouLtf "T^''**^ ^"^° ^ P"^^i<^ street. As the 
it L «n^ !r^!" ^^ "•^^^ ^«e" improved as a park, as 
ird naJedlr""^'"' ^J'*^^ ^^ ^^"°^ reasonably be^o-' 
it would sieV't'^ rational scher.e of Park development, 
Charter the ?o35f.r2*^ *^® P°^«^ contained in the 
proval Of thfSiard nrT ^^"'^i^^i^^e", with the ap- 
diction Of the °^f Supervisors, might cede juris- 

seotlon With «!„;®°^ H"® °^ °°^e^^ Street to the inter 
Street irevt!rl!7°^i? ^« ^^« Sast line of Octavia 
public street «I^, ^^® ^^®^ ^°^^'^ ^^en ^e declared a 
Board cr FuliiP LSi''"^**^.""'^®^ ^^® Jurisdiction of the 
ft public stree? wo,nH*. ^?* ^""'^ °'^ opening it up as 
ty owners. ^^!«, ^^^"^ ^'® ^°^"« ^^ the abutting proper- 
^« "-'-^ the T accepted by the City, it would 
whose duty u w"-tT^^""f°" ""^ ^^® ^°^^^ ^^ Public Works 
ie purcued. the r^r* ^"'^intain it. If this course 

pipes and condui?e ^orelir"^'^ T*^^^' ^''^yi"^? °^ ''***'• 
ceed in an ordeti electrical current oould pro- 
Buc] Board. ' ^'^""er under the supervision of 

Prom the Opinion of the City Attorney rendered 
to this Board, it appears that this course is 
tlcal and legal. 


Re. John H, Day 

-^ S'ih.ft^.m^'^ 

I would recommend that upon receiving a petition 
in that behalf from the abutting property owners, 
the Board of .-ark Commissioners take such steps as 
may be necessary and as are outlined in the City 
Attorney's opinion, to surrender Jurisdiction over 
the area in question, that it may be declared a pub- 
lic street by the proper municipal authorities, 

** *P^^ i° ^ Judgment is the only rational solution 
tf the embarrassing problem," 

Recotaiendations adopted and ordered spread in full 
on the minutes as well as the City Attorney's opinion. 

Prom Pres. Lindley to City Attorney Geo, Lull 
relative to compensating the widow of the late John i:. 
Day who died October 20th, 1918 while in the employ of 
the Park Commission, 

Prom City Attorney Geo. Lull, opinion on the John 
M. Day case in answer to the request from Pres. Undley 
for his opinion, which reads as follows: 

i : '.h'f 

"You state 
assigned to 


October 15th, 1 
bruises on his 
body, whicn res 
and thAt the on 
his death consi 
hio vsife in whi 
knocked down by 
ask to be advis 

in your communication that Mr. Day 
Qi^^%u*f*u°^ doniceys in the park on 
yio, that he received a number of 
head and face and other parts of his 
ulted in his death on October 20th 
ly direct evidence as to the cause of 
°u^°^*^*^**^" declarations made to 
ch he informed her that he had been 

tne donkeys and trampled upon. You 
ed in the following particulars: 

' f 


^imirtrLcro?^?^^ r^-^,^:--„po- to 
TrirsrrVrr.iT.rr: -' ^^^ -cea^is\oni%- 

Of l'^lV4l'279'll^^^^^^^^ Act, Statutes 

in Section 7?athe?eSf? *^* following provision 

thereby ehal/be governeS Sv tJf ''"^ ^'^^^'^ appointed 
of practice and p?SIIJuJe LonJL^v^ ""^ ^^ ^^« ^^•^ 
and in th# rnn^n^t ♦•^"^®' «<3opted by the Co:.iai:.Eion 

any member UJ^^ilf ^ol'i;" "father the Commission nor 
shall be bound v th*i t.!X f*^?^** aipointed thereby 

y the technical rules of evidence," 

Acting under thi * nvv%»4 ^ 

fent CO,: l.Bion'asel%rtJi 'i?' J^%r'"^''^"^ A^^^ 
into evidence and act nr^lfl , ^^ ^^® ^^"^^^ to 
as to the cause Of an ln?u ^^^^^''^tions of a decedent 
In hie death. ^../" ..^''^^^ "^i^h afterwards rmaulfL 
bretson v. Industrial "^AcML^rT ^" ^''^ ^*«® °^ ^njii^ 
P. 793 held that Se sofoill^n ^°''^^^«^°". 1^0 Cal.^ 

•o-c»lied hearsay rule was not a 





iiiiiri _pj p.i^ 


itr f u«r -a' 









f J 






technical rule of evidence within the meaning of 
Section 77a of the Compensation Act above quoted 
but that it wae a subetantlal rule of evidence* * 
and in that case they annulled an award based upon 
auch hearsay evidence. Thereafter, in 1915 the 
Legislature amended this Section 77a (Statutes 1915 
page 1079, at p. 1102) so as to include the follow-' 
ing language: 

"Nor shall any order, award, rule or regulation 
be invalidated because of the admission Into the 
record and use as proof of any fact in dispute in 
the discretion of the Comralseion of any hearsay or 
testiir.ony not competent to be admitted in a trial in 
court; provided that such hearsay or testimony be 
or refer to the statements written or oral, of a per- 
son who Is dead or who cannot after diligent search 
be found and relate directly to the injury in ques- 

T.^ The Supreme Court held in the case of \7estem 

i?4'Si%?r^???t'':J"^^'^'J^^ Accident commission. 
ni\- ?• V:^^ ^^^^ provision for the admission 

tLrtJ^'< te8tiir.ony was constitutional. Thereafter 
JSl^n^^?^^^"""*.^" ^^^'^ repealed Section 77a of the ' 
ln^n^o^^^°'' ^^! ^"^ substituted therefor the follow- 
in^^provision which 1b found in Section 60a of the 

ner ?f\l^ll^fl^l^ ^" ^l proceeding or in any man- 
^llilL ^^ testimony shall invalidate any order 
or con?i"kerhv'tr'? °" regulation, ma def approved 
aiard t^! n^ the Commission;, nor shall an? order, 
the adri^Bion in^tf ^?'''" ''^ invalidated bemuse of' 

unde;^?he said ?o,^on^^"^ evidence not admissible 
dence Ind prJceSu!^!? ''' statutory rules or evi- 

the Ita?f^1"?^!"T r\^««i6"«d. as I am Informed, by 
^as SendeJ to h^^^fJ^'^^^i Accident Commission aid ^ 
creaBinr?heir .SSIr ^-%.«^^«^^ ^^ «till further In- 
which would te Cdl/".i('^ admission of evidence 
la*. However It ^I■i^'^^i^^" ^" ordinary court of 
r^« this effect o^whetver i^f doubtful whether It 
In t;..e position w.i^h t ^^ ^^^'^ "°^ ^"^ ^^^^ ^^^ 

'decision of the J^nif^vlll^ "^^^ ^^' ^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^f the 
^r.e .-nfclebretson case, above referred to. 

referred to .... 
Co'Jrt UDon .;*" '*avance of 
take to adTiee :'°f ^^'* matter I wou 
'^ent Co;.anis8ior ■ ^V *^^«^^«'' the 
to laake ar. award t^ ^^'* 

wit .in ♦^ e '^ ^* 

the decisii 

t-reby be d^^^na:'." '''' "^^^^ 

on of the 
to under- 
Industrial Acc:- 
power. under the present Act 

ded^^^f^*^ evidence. However 
aewermined by the Supreme Court 



set at 

You furt'A». 

^"ri.,er asJc to be 


tne question will 

a^Jvieed as follows: 

public bodies. 8uch 

Cona,.i8aier ^'''^ ^^^^ 

iOn ana '^etennination or ? v*" official Investl- 

" «f liability by the Accident 

Board before public funds may be paid out for com- 

This is a matter which lies to a large extent 
within the discretion of yjur Commission. In many 
cases the liability, under the Workmen's Compensa- 
tion Act, will be so clear that your Commission 
would undoubtedly be Justified in paying compensa- 
tion upon your own investigation. In doubtful 
cases, it is my opinion that it would be more advis- 
able for your Commission to submit them to the In- 
dustrial Accident Commission. However, so many 
factors enter into eacn case that I would consider 
it inadvisable to attempt to lay down any hard and 
fact rule, 

3, You ask t6 be advised 4s to whether your 
Board could compromise with the widow by paying a 
less sum than she otherwise might be entitled to 
without the consent of the Accident Commission. 

Section 27b of the Y/orkmen»s Compensation Act 
provides that : -No release of liability or com- 
promise agreement shall be valid unless it provide 
Iffv^u P^^®"^ °^ full compensation, in accordance 
with the provisions of this act. or unless it shall 
be a.^proved by the Comrnisoion". 

Under this provision it is clear that your Com- 

?i!%?L''^""°^^v°^''°^'^^® ^^ P^yi'^ * 1«*8 eum than 
the ,.-idow would be entitled to under the compensation 
act. unless tne approval of the Industrial Accident 
Co:fml88ion is secured," , /i^-ciaenx 

The following Resolution offered by Prea. Llndley 
was unanimously adopted: 

"R2S0LVED: That the matter of the aoollc^tiftn 
for adjustment of claim of the widow of jJhn Day 
a park employee, be referred to the C±t^r AffrZ^' 
with the request that he represent tniLJ^v'^S^' 

rounding the deat;- of said n.v «,« l ^^"^ "U^" 
upon tne coming in of IyI r^LTi ^f. °^d«- ^^-^t 
tne result of such ?nves?i«at?on ^L^'''^^ ^°^^^ °^ 
taken up for fina? dilpca f?on "' '""^ "^''"^ '''^^ 


From L'. H. de Young. Deed of Trust to Park 
commissioners wnich reads as follows: 

ASD SDUCATIO.; T'^Jh nvvr* n- ««„ 

...I.. DK2D Oj trust IS MAKE i:; TliE YiiAR 



• » M« H, de Vofin ' rt ^ i - ^. . 
San Francisco, State'^iTcalVL::^."^ ""'" ^'°""^y ^^ 
my deep love and af feeling /^' *^ ^ ^°**" ®^ 

■ •■\M 

t ' 

■ ( 

» ««I»H 1^ I 








els memberB of and constltmtlng the Board of Park 
CoiniisBionerB of the City and county of San Fran- 
cisco State of California and to their BuccesBor* 
in office forever, all of my right, title and inter- 
aBt in and to that certain building known as the new 
Memorial Museum, which I have caused to be erected 
in Golden Gate Park, in said City and County, and to 
each every and all of the contents in this and Other 
attached buildings, consisting of various and sundry 
pil paintin&B, water colors, statuary,, European and 
Oriental antiques and handicraft of all Ipinds, in- 
cluding various ceramics, armors and textile fabrics, 
also silver and gold exhibits, precious stones, coins 
and medals, which I liave caused to be placed and in- 
stalled in said building. 

TO HAVE A^TD TO HOLD the same in trust, neverthe- 
less, for the uses and purposes and with the powers 
hereinafter mentioned, namely: 

FIRST: To keep, insure and maintain the said 
building and the said contents therein as a museum 
for the free use, benefit and enjoyment of the people, 

SECOND; If by any change in the laws the juris- 
diction or control of the said Curtis H. Lindley, 
John A. McGregor, M. Earl Cummings, Sigmund Greene- 
tauin and A. B. opreckels, or their successors, as 
Eembers of the said Board of Park Commissioners, over 
said Golden Gate Park shall pass to any other board 
or body or J)ersons, to execute aily instrument and do 
any act necessary or requisite to transfer aaid build- 
ing and said contents therein to said other board or 
body or persons, in trust, for like uses and purposes 
and with like powers. 

THIRD: The principal condition being that all 
my gifts are to be for all time maintained in this 
and connecti->'i buildings in Golden Gate Park. That 
tiiey are not to be removed or loaned. The building 
is to be openea every day of tne year.- There shall 
be no charge for admission. 

Any deviation from the conditions of this Deed 
of Trust enall act as a forfeiture, and all the prop- 
erty 80 jiven shall revert t« me or my heirs and 

I" nrsi^^ WH£RBOF, I yia^e hereunto set my hand 
seal thic T\venty Second day of February, A.D. 1919 

JIGieD, SEALED (signed) M. H. de YOUNG, (SEAL) 

A::r isli'/2R2: i : ?h3 
PH2.::.:C2 o? 

(Biened) P3^cY S. TO'WIE. 
Pres. Lindley recoirjnended that the Board express 

f in the n^atter of tne Deed of Trust presented for 

osn8i;=.eration c- y >■ ^t ^ ,. 

'^'i r, ., , r^, de Young which reads as follows 

"The new extensioh of the Museum was built upon 
Park property, is a fixture and part of the real 
estate in which Mr. de Young in legal contemplation 
does not have and never had had any interest. It it 
imposBible for him to impsae upon the Board of Park 
commissioners any terms or conditions which would in 
any way restrict or embarrass the full and free ad- 
ministration of the building by the Board as it is 
at present constituted, or as it may be constituted 
in the future. The powers of the Board over City 
property dedicated to Park purposes are defined by 
the Charter. They cannot be limited by any act of 
private individuals. If Mr. de Young had owned the 
real estate upon which the building is constructed, 
and was by his deed of trust vesting for the first 
time title in the City, with conditions attached. th« 
situation would be different. It could then be de- 
termined whether the City would accept or not. But 
extension of permanent improvements to Park prooertv 
by public spirited individuals, with the approval 
or the Board does not confer wpon them the right to 
impose conditions as to the manner in which the prop- 
erty should be administered. ^ 

The deed of trust requires that the buildin^- and 

of the City to insure any of its property. In the 
pa.t valuable exhibits accepted as a loan and installed 
temporarily m thejuseum have at times been injured" 
loss. If any. payable to tr.e owner. But the Board 

tlZ "%V^tr''^ *r\^e^** donated outright to the Mu- 
seum. If the contributions to the exhibits in the 

lutT^iff t„'?.^'"^?' ^°^"^ ^^« intended as an absc 
i^ ^^i^^ ^° ^^® ^^^y* ^^®y '^ill not be insured Th« 

ation on administrative control, such allnhth^t^^i 
^^. ana t^? ^^erl'i^lilM'- Ke%^V 



While these limitations and ^nh^>^^♦^^ 
line with tne past practic« o? ti .^*^°"° ^" ^^ 

the Board should noftind Jtself or'°"V'?'''^^"''°"' 
itself and its successorR l^r : ^f -ttempt to bind 
th^ surrender oran'o? its L^f^T\^* instrument to 
tives as defined by the r]^r?^^"^5\^^*^^" preroga- 
arise in the future lelu^^^ .^'..^''^^^''''^^^ "^y 
policies and practical? ^ modification of present 

The Board of Parv nf\,r^* ^ 
administration n/!..i?i^\°^ioner8 is engaged in the 

apply to this"ai;inist;:;u%!'7S'- ^* ^^ '^^ <i"ty to 
proper park practice so t?/?! recognized rules of 
V acxice, so that the public shall derive 




• *r» 



);■■* —i 


r - > -■ 


" r - ( , • 


1 ! 




He. ;.... 
for French so 

^ '♦'A S y L « 

from It the highest and beat advantage b. Parti ee 
desiring to add to the value and attractiveneae of 
the IfUBeun, by contributions to its exhibits, should 
be satisfied with the assurance that the Board of Park 
CoDsnlssl oners will in the future, as it has attempted 
in the past, fulfill its duties to the public in the 
spirit contemplated by the Charter. 

While highly commending and fully appreciating 
the public spirit and patriotic motive which Induced 
Kr. dc Young to construct the extension to the IZuseum 
and contribute so many valuable exhibits for the edu- 
cation and enjoyment of the public, the Board does 
not feel that It would be Justified in accepting and 
being bound by the limitations and inhibitions ex- 
pressed and implied in the trust deed as presented. 

We are quite sure that Mr. de Young will appre- 
ciate the attitude of the Board in this behalf, will 
withdraw his request for formal acceptance of the 
Trust Deed, and make the donation of exhibits Uncon- 
ditional. The new building is already an integral 
part of the City park property, and no conveyance 
from Mr. de Young is essential. 

The Board cannot see its way clear to accept the 
so-called deed of trust in form as presented," 

The foregoing communications were unanimously 
adopted and the President authorized to confer with Mr. ' 
de Yo;ng on the subject. 

Prom Jos. D. Redding, relative to a benefit for 
French invalid soldiers on the 20th, 2l8t, and 22nd of 
February, 1919 and requesting the privilege of entering 
Golden 3p.te Park for the purpose of disposing of tags 
during the above mentioned days. 

Prom Pres. Lindley in reply to Mr. Redding: 

in Ve^lTnA?"" ^^''°'' °^ ^®^^ i"^^" requesting 
f"r the Lri-.H'® con>raitt4e engaged -n raisincifunds 
tl e nrwn ^^°' ^^'^ ^^«"^^'' invalid soldiers, 
Park^oi pib^%n^ disposing of tags in Golden G^te 
r^TK. on Feb. 20, 21 and 22nd. 

it. ^-in^i!/'-^^^^^' sympathetic with the movement. 
Our Mnhm ;,n^^°r°^^^! ^'°^ ^^® permit to be granted. 
Park for^'rf^^! ^l "°^ ^° Banc ti on the use of the 
l^in^ fcr inv^nn! °^ soliciting contributions of any 
ty us dSrini f rpose. This is the course followed 
thereto *nd vM•,®^ f '''^'' period, as well as prior 
to rr^^t wit? ^v ! ^ ""^^^^ ^^'^ efforts of the committee 

clear to relax t'lrLir-^^^' ^ """^""^ ^^® "^ ""^ 

Action 01 *va 1 1 ^ 

-i^e -^resident unanimously approved. 

^ . ., "^SSnfS) 

Re. Civic Center. 

^.e. auto race. 


-^ df 

Prom the Board of Supervisors, copy of 

Resolution 10456 which reads as follows: 

"RESOLVED, That the sum of five thousand 
dollars be and the same is hereby set aside 
appropriated and authorized to be expended out 
of GENERAL FUND, 1.^18-1919 for decoration of 
the Civic Center in honor of returning soldiers 
To be expended under tYt- direction of tho Park 
Conjnission, " 

This money has been transferred from the General 
Fund to the Park Fund. Ordered filed. 

From the Motor Car Dealers Association rela- 
tive to a proposed road race on the Ocean Boulevard 
of San Francisco provided permission can be obtained 
frcm the Park Commissioners. The Association proposes 
to use both the Upper and Lower roads from Lincoln V/ay 
to Sloat Boulevard for the race. This would oe a 
yearly event. The Association rill erect seats on pri- 
vate property on the east side of the Great Tligiiway and 
char^je the public for viewing tie race. The Committee 

reprec.3ntin, the Association stated thnt they will spend 

A-,= r.^r. °^ *^® first race, 

f75,000. at once and part of the profits,/ if any, wi^l 

be spent to i:riprove the Gre;^t Ili^iway. 
-Application taken under advieament. 

It was moved, seconded and carried tliat the 

demand withdrawing; )240. from the Treasury be cancelled 

anu/uxll for new music bepaid by Park Fund demand to 

the extent of $240. per annum. 

Prom Mrs. A. O'UeHra requestin.- an increase 
of salary from $90. to |G0. per month. 

On motion duly made, seconded and carrle.. .e was 
allowed an increase to )50. per ;.onth. 

The bids on clay for Lindley L'eadow were re- 
ceived and opened by Pres. Lindley, au follows: 








1 f •; 








Regular oeetlng* 


:ie. .C;.n8 tQ 

Sam Francisco, March 13th, 1919. 

At a regular meeting of the Board of Park 
ConmiBBloners held at their office Park Lodge, Golden 
Gate Park, Thursday, March 13th, 1919 

Present were; Pres, Curtis H« Lindley, 

Com, Sigmtmd Greenebaum, 
Com, A, B, Spreckele, 
Com. K. Earl Cuinmings, 
Atsent were: Cora. John A. McGregor. 

The minutes of the previous meeting, copies 
of which were sent to the Commissioners, were, upon 
motion duly made, seconded and carried adopted as 
amended ty Pres, Lindley, as the rdnutee of the meet- 
ing held February 27th, 1919, 

The following action was taken by Pres. 

lindley and Comrr.issi oners Cuinnings and Greenebaum which 

reads as follows: 

"Owint; to immediate action being required to 
secure a magnificent sn.all loan collection from 
Kr, Heineman of the Palace Hotel, who is leaving 
to return to the Orient to secure more collections 
and that Mr. de Young has been negotiating;; for 
Bome time to ^ret a collection from this young man, 
and nad agreed to put it in the I'useuin, we the 
undereigned Park CommisKloners desire to make an 
exception in this case an.: agree to suspend the 
ru.e against accepting loan exhibits." 

Unanin-ou&ly approved. 

Fro-, the Board of Public Works Btatjn; thnt 
' -' -G^- 1 *.ion 61516, second series, adopted March 5th, 
^■- of Public Works accepts the offer of 

^^-.isiioners to pay their Poard tr.e oujr of 

fiftv centr, (i Kn^ 

^ U.GOJ per cubic yard for all clay removed 

■^(^ in connection with the improvement 


the F;,r"- 


c uweei 

ter ^tr 

;ooe*s avenue and 


C( t 

'H^ainin,; le-^ tL;- 

t;.irty per cent, nand 


m Gold 

en Gate Pairk be twee 

n ::4th 



Re. Scanlon 


le, St. Patrick's 



and 36th Avenues, 

From the Mayor's office with enclosure from 
the Board of Supervisors of Resolution 16535, new 
series, calling attention to the serious accident which 
occurred on December 25, 1918 when a five ton pump 
wagon of the San Francisco Fire nepartment crushed and 
badly ^-.aimed Hiss Hary Scanlon for whom a benefit will 
be given at the Exposition Auditorium, the proceeds 
to be presented to Kiss Scanlon, 

The Board agreed to cooperate in making the benefit 
a success. 

From the St. Patrick's Day Convention request- 
ing that all employees of the Park Department of Irish 
tirth or extraction, be permitted to absent themselves 
from their work on St. Patrick's Day, 
Request granted. 

From Kadiaon & Burke, receipt of check for 
three months rent, February, March and April, 1919: 
C345. less comiriiasion ^2.25, balance ^342,75. 

Secretary reported check deposited to credit of 
the Spreckels Special Deposit Fund, Action approved. 

At the request of Auditor Boyle the Board 
instructed t..e Secretary to notify Madison & Burke 
to. in the future, send their check for the full anount 

of the rent c^tler^A/i ^^.t ♦• 

---^lec.ed and tnem ..ake out a demand on the 

•preckels Special Deposit Fund f«^ 

i^wBit ioina for commtoaiOi*, *-. 

»ro:r, the California oaf-.. „..^ .. 
^or 30^ or ,3.e0. th, g„»e amount in tHe at 
the Tennlo Courts, 

S-reta.y atat.a the «.cu„t haC been dep03ited to 

* i>/( 

e PaiJc Fund 

• Action 



'^/tf0^ "*^T^ 


f iMf iM JfT- 


'^'^'^ ujft' I ■•*'*^- ■ JP* 

■sSf' "r ■*:„■ 


f M 


1 \ • 
5 ! 




Re. J. Day case. 

Re. electricity 
for Academy of 

Re, peacocks. 

Re. lecturei 



From the Industrial Accident Conanission, 
notice of hearing in John Day oaie* 

Ordered forwarded to City Attorney, 

From the California Academy of Sciences, re- 
lative to electric lights being obtained at city rates 
in the imseum Building of the Academy. This may be 
obtained if the Park Commissioners will order the ser- 
vice from the Pacific Gae & Electric Co, 

The Secretary was instructed to notify the Pacific 
Gas & Electric Co. to install the service, receive the 
bills if sent to the Park office and forward them to 
the Academy of Sciences for payment. 

Prom rr, Chas. Dougherty offering to donate 
twenty peaccckB to the Park. 

The Secretary was instructed to accept the donation 
with the thanks of the Park Commission, 

Prom the San Francisco Club who respectfully 
ask permission to ^ive free lectures on art in the de 
Younj unit of t};e Memorial Museum. Also if they may 
have a reception to Mrs. Preon in the Breon Room of 
Bald Unit. 

Both requests granted. 

Prom W. H, Edwards, Commissioner of Revenue 
and Finance of the '^ity of Oakland, requesting data on 
ie cost Of the convenience station at the Jun-tion of 
•^i'-t . oulcvrd and Great Highway, aleo a copy cf 
t'.e plan of eaire. 

^ferrei t.c b3c-etary. 

Proi- J. 7. Tienry relative to the safe arrival 
fruo Bull at Los Ollvos, 
Ordered fUed, 

of the 

Re. Cyclopedia, 

Re. Funoton 3q, 

. ecretyar's 



, i^.' ^ 

Prom the Hcl/illan Co., offering for sale 
a copy of the Bailey's Cyclopedia of Horticulture for 

Supt, McLaren reported that he has a cyclopedia 
of this kind. Ordered filed. 

Prom the Mayor's office stating that complaints 
had been received by them relative to the lack of a 
lavatory and hand ball courts in Pundston Square, 

Secretary instructed to inform then that under date 
of Kovember 23, 1916 the Park Commissioners transferred 
the Jurisdiction of the Square to the Playground Commis- 
sion who have not yet formally accepted same. The Park 
Board does not feel inclined to expend money from the 
Park Fund on this Square if same is to be taken care of 
by the Playground CoramiBsion; the matter ie still in 

Prom Jas. C. Haybum Co., receipt for payment 
of Secretary's bond. 
Ordered filed. 

On motion duly made, seconded and carried the 
contract for clay to be delivered to Lindley Meadow, 
Golden Gate Park, wae awarded to J, P. Holland for $.74 
per cubic yard, the lowest bidder. 

Information wae received from Sdw. Rainey, 
secretary to the Mayor, and representing the -otor "ar 
Dealers Assn.. that the Association desired to withdraw 
their application for permiesion to hold a race meetla« 
during the year 1919, 

Request to .ithdra, application, granted. 

Jupt. KoLaren'. r.port for F.truary, 1919 
«.. Sup.rlnt.„d.nt»end, that that portion of th. 
ground, occupi.d by an ola building and u=.d by th, 
Y.M.C.A., h, Tacat.d and the .pace graded and . tennl. 


I I 


* Tl 


!|«l. -^ 



I \ 

I ^fl 



I I 



riil ii 


.|i=!^i' V 

Supt, TaJ?lor*s 

Curator's report. 

Report on water. 

Re, Pood sicjns. 

court built on the apace now occupied Ijy this building. 
Recoinmendations adopted and report filed. 

Report of receipts and expenditures for the 
month of February, 1919 was submitted by Supt, Taylor 
of the Childrens Quarters and copies ordered sent the 

Curator Chas. E. Penez submitted his report 
for February, 1919, Referred to Com. Cumminiis. 

Report of the Board of Public Health on 
water, recisived and referred to the Superintendent, 

It was mored, seconded and carried that the 
Food Administration sign near the Museum and the one 
in Union Square be removed. 

Referred to Supt, McLaren. 

LATER: President Lindley was notified that 
it was the wien of Mayor James Rolph that the signs 
ce allowed to renain as Welcome Haane signs to our re- 
turning soldiers. 

The order to remove the signs was rescinded. 

By request or "Sdw. Raincy, Secretary to tne 
Mayor, permission to dedicate a group of Eucal^-ptus 
trees near the Chain of Lakes in honor of Giuseppe 
CadenasEO, the -.rtist who recently died and who used 
the trees in many of his paintings. 
Request eranted. 

There ^ei • ^^o further busineos before the 
-oard tr.e r.eetini: adjourned subject to meet at the 
Park Lodge on the ncxt^.regular meeting day. 


3^cry Park Commission. 





I i 

I I 




.^i rrt . 



,v - *—.--•- ._ ►, 



y Mi — ji 






I' ■ ■ 










"tegular meeting. 

Com« Greenebaum 

C.;air; pro tei... 


San Francisco, March 27th, 1919, 

At a regular meeting of the Board of Park 
Coimnissloners held at their office, Park Lodge, Golden 
Gate Park, Thursday, Inarch 27th, 1919 

Present were: Com. Sigmund Greenebaum, 

Com. A. B. SpreckelB, 
Com. M. 3arl Cumninjs . 
A"bs?nt were: Prea. C. H. Lindley, 

Com. John A. McGrecor. 
On motion of Cor.. Spreckels, seconded by 
Com. Cummings a.n^ carried Co:r., ffreenebaum was elected 
Chairman pro tern. 

The minutes of the previous raeetini^, copies 
of which were sent to the ConraiBsioners, were, upon 
notion duly made, seconded and carried, adopted as 
the .r.inutes of the meetinj held ilarch 13, 1919. 

T'rom mi ton T. Clark relative to the Salva- 
tion Amy Dri7« for "275,000. to be devoted strictly 

'-"' theirAumanitarian work ar.d requesting that the 

Bo • ^e.-mit ,-i prOiiran to be presented in Golden "rate 
Park in conn ■ *n the band concerts on Sundays, 

March 23rd -md :',cth, same to be of a literary character. 

'- • '-^ :ul:Ject to the following 

"■^ reefer t 
tatisns : 

'ne 3'Jnd; 

'iJire ate. 
- "-- arean. 

. ■ -^ selected by the Comrnitttjc 
^ .-.. rate Park. 
V vo linitod to half hour in the 

^n of funds to be permitted in 


rL^-"^'" ■''■ '" '^-''-'^ COTOnlttee will call upon 
cLaren and ' :■. Caesasa to a--ar-r .l.^t-!^^. 

;'. c^: and carrle " * ne 
tHl to request his Honor, ::oyor 


m iarj 

"p of absence granted Con, 
IJ for a further period 

n ao 


Re. building occu- 
pied by Y.ld.C.A. 

Re. increase of 

R«. increase of 

immediate return. 

"Prom the Y.I'.C.A. In response to the request 
of the Park commission that they vacate the building 
they now occupy on the tennis courte and stating that 
they will attend to this matter at once. 

The followinj corrunication was received from 
Pres, Lindley relative to increase of wages: 

"Your Committee appointed by your Honorable 
Board at the meetin^ held January 23, 1919, 
to consider the request of the Llaterial Team- 
stera Union for an increase of wac'es, would 
re contend that the reque.-t be granted provided 
the teomsters agree to have their teams on the 
Job nt eiai t o'clock A.i:. sharp and rerrain on 
the work until five o'clock P.M. 

V/e would also recomrrend that the wutes of the 
laborers, foreir.en, t^ardeners, etc., be as fonows: 

Porerr,en, Golden Gate Park $5.f^0 per day 

" 5.00 •• 

" small parks 

Blacksir.j tii 







Carried unanirnnu: :-, 

'Jpon r.c^^ . .f r-op.. Gpreckele, seconded by 

Com. nuiriminrB, the -....e.-intendent ' s Clerk, ^.W. Cornyn 

wes --' ,^ed a-, ir-rease cf salary f rr. . .:i25. ': . :i50. 

. - ronth 6a::.e to take . - April 1st, 1919. 

From vieo. w, Patterson donating to the Park 
ruce,- coov of t '•> " z^-, i tJcv -^ -.ix « 

• - ' ■ - 1892. 

Accented and Curator ir-*r^,^^„^ .„ , , 

■ • 

necret/ry de 3ucca inforrr ' ' 
'''''''■' ~ ■ ,.-.■-. "rom the Cal 1 '•n*-* -• ■ • ",.• '- 
9^e bein^ 30f? of the receipts at ' 

Bepooited to t- e credit o ' - a 

*• ^ '-■'- ' -— • '■. Approved 

The Secretary wan in;;tructe1 'i .;• , 

four ^ 1-, j- fif 

one 3 nc/i 



foot Iftngths 



n'eeil for 







^- - - 

.• r^.-^i?-.*^- 

•- >■ 


-^jR- ■*«if>-««?lKrr- 

••w««-^- ■-'^^jr '■*'*^'*^^ 



f !? 


n ' 



; V 


i i 


Regular meeting. 

Uimxtea • 

extension of 

::c iregsr. 

San Prajiciaco, April 10th, 1919. 
At a regular meeting of the Board of Park 
ComiaisBioners held at their office Park LotLge, Golden 
Gate Park, Thursday, April 10th, 1919 

Present were: Pres, Curtis H. Lindley, 

Com. M. Earl Cununings, 
Com. A. B. Spreckels, 
Absent were: Com. Sigmund Greenehaura, 

Com. John A. Mcfiregor* 
The minutes of the previous meeting, copies 
of which were sent to the Commissioners, wcr4, upon 
motion duly made, seconded and carried, adopted as 
the minutes of the meetint^ held Ilarch 27th, 1919. 

The following Resolution was received from 
the Board of Supervisors: 

"Resolution No. 1660 (New Series) as follows: 
Resolved, That in accordance with the recommend- 
ation of his Honor, Ralph McLeran, Acting ::ayor 
of the City and County., Hon. John A. McGregor, 
Park Co:nini3sionsr of the City and County if here- 
by granted a leave of absence of six months from 
ana after April 1st, 1919, with permission to 
leave the state," 

Ordered filed. 

Froni Hennan Schussler donating to the Park 
I^uaeiim a unique collection of Zoological and Ethnolo- 
gical specimens collGcted in the interior of Africa 

also a collection of .iouth Sea Island and Alaskan im- 

I>onatlon accepted and Secretary instructed to thank 
~r, Cchuasler, 

as foliowt: 

•0;.. Ht, 3, B, Holladay, et als. which reads 

"'e. Lafayette Sq. 

^0 the Honorable Board of Park Commissionere 
of the City and County of San Francisco: 

The petition of G. C. 0. Holladay, E. B. 
Holladay, H. H. Noble and tfercantile Trust Com- 
pany of San Franciico respectfully shows: 

That your petitioners are the owners of four 
fifty vara lots of land abutting on Lafayette 
Square in the City and County of San Francisco, 
tne same being situated two on the north a^ie and 
two on the south side of Clay Street if the same 
were extended through Lafayette Square; 

That on the 22nd day of January, 1919, your 
petitioners filed with the Clerk of this Board 
a petition asking for the consent of this Board 
to constnact a sewer and to lay water pipes and 
electric conduits, and to construct a concrete 
roadway westerly along Clay Street, If extended, 
from the westerly line of Oough Street to the 
asterly line of Octatia Street, if extended; 

That acting upon the opinion of the City 
Attorney of the said City and County and upon 
the recommendations of the President of your 
Honorable Board, it was resolved by your Hon- 
orable Board that upon receiving a petition 
in that behalf from abutting property owners 
the said Board take such step? as ^y blnecis- 
IV^ 2 °Jff^«"d«r Jurisdiction over the strip 

?nti% /^^f^ ''^"^^ ^« ^^*y Street if extended 
into Lafayette Square as far as what would be 
the easterly line of Octavia street were said 

?n o^d.r^tr:'..'^''""*" '^^^^«^ Lafa;et?e tjuare 
i?r«J? L^?^ ^^^ °^® "^y ^* declared a public 
street by the proper municipal authoritiej. 

WH3RBF0RE, your petitioners pray that vour 
Honorable Board take the necessary stepS to sur 
render Jurisdiction over the •aid'^B?r?p of la^' 
hereinabove described in order that th. -Ll 
be declared a oublic street b J f^^ «! *°* '^^^ 
ipal authoritiis.i ^^ *^' ^"I'*'" °-^"ic- 

Copy ordered sent to the Board of Supenrisore. 

The following cormiunication was presented to 
the Board of Pres. C. H. Lindley relatlte to the Holla- 
day matter. Unanimously approved and Secretary instruct- 
•d to forward same to the Board of Supervisor., which 
re Ads as followe: 

To the Honorable Board of qiJT.«^4 
th. city and Count/t/iJrrrZlllli:' 

Gentlemen : 

You are hereby advL.d th«* 

-Dwara or Pa.-rlt n#%T««,<--j ' '" '•*'*-..-.. 

ing held on that day dulv-^rf f t '^^^^'^ "'^ 
resolution:— ^ ^^ adopted the following 

►v.-*, J "^^'^•rs at a regular m#i<»t- 
that day dulv uAr^^^^A ^v.^?,™.™***- 

' i miUI 


4 d(r: 

•■**»■»• ••W"*f^«<»^ 




1,11 , 



•WHBRKAS, that certain pjLaca of land eitua- 
t€d la the City and county of San yrancisoo, form- 
ing a part of Lafayette Square deeeribed as fol- 

The tract embraced within the lines of ClcQr 
Street if that street were extended westerly 
from the westerly line if Gough Street to its 
intersection with the easterly line of Oct«tla 
Street %t that Street were extended westerly 

is at present within the jurisdiction and control 
of the Board of Park Commissioners of said City 
and County; 

AND WHEREAS, said piece of land has neyer 
been improyed or utilized as a park and is so 
situated that it cannot be made a part of econom- 
ic park developinent; 

AND WH3REAS, within the exterior boundariee 
of said Lafayette Square and abutting on the 
piece of land above described there are four fifty 
vara lots so situated that access therefrom to 
the public streets cannot be had without passing 
over parts of said Square, dedicated to park pur- 
poses; and it appears to said Board of Park Com- 
missioners that the piece of land above described 
should be eliminated from said Square and dedica- 
ted as a public street in order that the property 
owners and the general public may have access to 
•aid fifty vara lots; 

AND WHERBAS, » petition signed by the owners 
of said four fifty vara lots has been filed with 
the Board of Park Corrmiss loners requesting that 
said Board cede Jurisdiction over said piece of 
land to the Board of Supervisors of said City 
and County in order that such disposal thereof 
may be made as said Supervisors may determine, 

1^0 W T:-iERa?ORE BS IT RESOLVED: That the Board 
of Park Coiajniseioners cede, transfer and surrender 
4nd by these presents said Board does hereby cede, 
^ranRfer and surrender unto the Board of Supervis- 
ors of the City and County of San Francisco, all 
jurisdiction over aind control of aald piece of 
land hereinbefore described in order that sAld 
iioard of Supervlsore may, if it be so advised, dis- 
pose of the sane as contemplated by Subdlwision 31 
01 bsction 1, Chapter II of the Charter of said 
City and County," 

»niA I^* Circumstances inducing the passage of 
u^i ♦ *°^ ^^^°" are disclosed in copies of doc- 
unentu accompanying this communication as follows: 

Btai^*'^^^^'^" °^ 'roperty owners for permit to In- 
Lb.A^'0^T^^ connections and other conduits over 
on "our- ^<l^^r« tc connect with public utilities 
ove« tvl '^ret^t and to construct a spiral roadway 
u Dort' ft/n?''^ ^" Laf'iyette Square which would form 
frV, fvo ' 3treet if that Street were extended 
Square*. '^^^^^^^^ line of Gough Street into the 


2* Opinion of the City Attorney to the Board 
of Park Commissioners concerning the power of 
said Board in the premises. 

3. Reconmendations of the President of the 
Board as to action which should be taken in 

the light of said opinion, which recommendations 
were adopted by said Board, 

4, Petition of property owners asking that jur- 
isdiction and control over said area be ceded by 
the Board of Park Commissioners to the Board tff 
Supervisors in order that said area may be de- 
clared a public street. 

The Board of Park Commissioners will be pleased 
to be advised by your Honorable Body of its accept- 
ance of this transfer and cession of Jurisdiction." 

He, new iruaeum, 

Pres. Llndley offered the following Resolu- 


^e. Victor 


"RESOLVED: That the Park Commissioners of 
the City and County of San Francisco extend their 
felicitations to Kr. M, H. de Young on the com- 
pletion and dedication of the first wing of the 
New MuseuA in Golden Gate Park. The Coramlssion- 
ors take this method of expressing their appre- 
ciation of the public spirit shown by Mr, De Young 
in not only securing the construction and orna- 
mentation of the new building, but for his great 
and continuing interest in acquiring and inatall- 
ing important and useful exhibits, thus increas- 
ing the educational and recreational value of the 
Museum, which become recognired as one of the im- 
portant institutions of the City. Mr, De Young's 
contribution to this beneficent cause is commended 
as an example for other public spirited citizens 
to follow," 

Adopted unanimously and copy ordered sent to LIr. 
Urn H. de Young. 

From the San Francisco Liberty Loan Committee 
asking co-operation in the forthcoming Victory Loan by 
granting them permission to erect a Victory aie^n on the 
Victory IZonumont in 'Jnion Square, 
lequeat granted. 

From the ?iission Promotion Association sub- 
mitting for the approval of the Park Commiseion the 
following resolution: 










^^^MiMMMg^y-'i'diiEr; :"-^*^ 



1 'ML. 



^ ir^ H 



. ■ '' m 



^m i i>'^ ' 

■' *■ ^ 


W \ 





I : . 



' 'I 






Re. reacr. pla^ 

b re una. 


•RBS0LV3D: That the Mission Promotion Aaso- 
clation favors the inanediate development of a 
playground at the southern part of the Ocean 
Beach, near the Junction of Sloat Boulevard and 
the Great Highway, for the reason that this par- 
ticular section of the Ocean Beach has become 
increasingly popular since the time, several 
years ago, when the street cars were first opera- 
ted, at the suggestion of the Mission Promotion 
Association, from the lasslon dietrict to the 
Junction of Sloat Boulevard and the Great Hichwav 
and because this section of the beach is best 
adapted for playground purposes; 

this resolution be sent to the Board of Supervle- 
prs, the Park Conimission and to the Playground Corr- 

rfiisaiori.** ^o wju 

The Lccretary was instructed to notify the Associa- 
tion ^hat the Park Commissioners are heartily in sympathy 
with the plan and will be glad to co-operate witl: them 
in every way possible. 

Prom the Playground Commission relative to a 
Reeolution adopted by them April 2nd, which reads as 

■riSRSAS, The San Francisco Chronicle lo advo- 
cating the locating and equipping of an open air 
playground for children of the Mission, Vestern 

flloil i«V/''"^f Districts, at the Junction of 
Bloat Boulevard and -reat Highway, and 

purpj^f^^^' *^ ^^^^ ^^ Ideally situated for such 
Therefore be it 

-ar ?^^?ii^^' !^*^ *^^^ Playground CommisGion of 
^oid r^'S^r; ^°«s heartily approve and endorse 

viuo^^?n^:„ Vf^/'^ request the Board of Super- 
•25 o'c on^rrJ?^ £°'* ^ special f.ppropriation of 
to Bt.rt ?nJ?.^?^ ^"'^^^^ allowance of Iyl9.19i30 
^^3 'e it !rirther''°''^ """ *^^^^ proposed playground 

the ff^l^\ "^^^ "^^ a'^i^ the co-operation of 
r. nora.^,i38lon in thio laudable tbject.- 

-ccretary instructed to inform tlie Playground Coo- 

^•■i^^cion tlat the Pari- rnr^i * 

« iHTL nor.x.issioners will gladly co-cper- 

^te ^i'. t..f.. ,, . . 

- ui t^aa worthy project and would be pleased 

copy Of the plans of the proposed playaround 

Re. Robert 
Emmet statue. 

Re. construct- 
ion of new 

Re, iiiportation 
f nursery stock. 





Prom C. E. Gottschalk submitting plans of 
the pedestal base and platform for the Robert Smmet 
statue as proposed fop Golden Gate Park by Senator ' 
James D. Phelan. also plat Hhowing the location of 

The site proposed was unanimously approved by 
the Board and details referred to Supt. McLaren. 

Prom the K. E. Parker Company who have been 
awarded the contract to b^Uld the extensions to th« 
Memorial Museum, requesting that the site be cleared 
of all trees and shrubs as soon as convenient. They 
also ask permission to have a business telephone in 
their Superintendent's office. 

Requests granted and details referred to Supt. 

Ppom the United States Department of Agricul- 
ture relative to rules nnd regulations governing the 
importation of nursery stock into the United States. 
Referred to Supt. McLaren. 

supt, McLaren's report for March was received 
m which he suggests that a concrete stairway be con- 
stnicted m Lincoln Park at the end of California Street 
With two flights Of steps With a landing and artificial 
stone steps at the top of the first flight, also that a 
foot path be laid out leading from the top step, to the 
first golf green a distance of one thousand feet, 
P* commendations approved and report filed. 

^^^Pt. Taylor presented his report of receipts 

and expenditures during th* ,r««*v, -. 

auring the month of March, 39J9; copy 

ordered sent to each Commlesloner. 

Report Of Curator Penez for the ^onth of Larch 
read and referred to Corn. Cumrings. 

Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried. 
the sal.., «r ,.^. ,,,,, ^ Chauffeur, wee Increased from 







v>i««», « • 

/ :•-: 








T — 








.» ■ 

J I 



♦ 1 V 


Regular r^eetlnt;^* 




San Francisco, April 24, 1919, 

At a regular meeting of the Board of Park 

Comiriasionera held at their office Park Lodge, Golden 

Gate Park, Thursday, April 24, 1919 

Present were; Pres, Curtis H. Lindley, 

Cora. A, B. Spreckels, 

Com. Sigxsund Greenebaum, 

Com, M. Earl Cumminga, 

Absent: Com. John A, McGregor. 

The iTiinutes of the previous meeting, copies 

of which were eent to the CommiBsioners, vere, upon 

motion duly made, Peconded and cartied, adopted as 

tne minutes of the meeting held April 10, 1919. 

From the City Attorney, Geo. Lull, relative 

to the case of John M. Day, which reads as foil own: 

"This is to advise you that on April 9th 
the Industrial Accident Commission made an 
award in the case of Jennie L. Pay v. Park 
Coirr.issionerB of $3,112.20, payable $12.97 
per week, together with $100. for burial 
expenses and cost of medical attention to be 
later determined. 

In this case the only testimony as to the 
manner in w}dch the applicant's husband, John 
^. I^y. received his death was hearsay evidence 
01 s-oteinents made by said John H. Day to the 
applicant, his wife, and to a friend. I am 
^ariyea tnat the question of the power of the 
i-nias.riai Accident Co;.jniS8ion to make an award 
e„! '-"'^^ hfta-say tentiirony is now before the 
^ ?rir.^°'''"^ ^^'^ decision. For this reason 
Mb ?? !^ ^' "^^ "^"^y ^° aa^ ^^^e Accident Com- 
ot(.-i .. "' ^'-^ ^ re-hearirifc in this case, in 

^ielLi v""""'^ ^-^'^^ *^°i"* ^n*-il the question is 
-ec.ded by our Supreme Court". 

*'-*!;. instructed to -equest the City Attorney 

° """ '''^" *' ^^;^^* ^yrtiH H. Mnnley the earliest in- 
r-. • nn ov* -^^l ^^® Supreme Court 

• mable/reLttive to this matter. 


""Or. tne Liayor»8 office with enclOLure from 
-^^-wive to a position for Fred A. Potter, 

Bonds of employees 

Re. coin locks. 

Re. quarantine. 

To a^ertl 

motor triic. 



Jr., at the Aquarium. 

Referred to the California Academy of Sciences, 

From the New Amsterdj.r. Casualty Co., enclos- 
ing surety bonds of A. Lee and F. Williams, employees 
at the IrTUseum. 

Ordered sent to the Mayor for approval. 

From the Pacific Coin Lock Co., payment hy 
check of$4.42 bein^ 25f. comr.ission on $17.70 receipts 
from coin locks. 

Secretary reported the air:Ount deposited to the 
credit of the Park Fund. Action approved. 

From the U. S. Department of Agriculture 
relative to a plant quarantine act of Aug, 20, 1912, 
Referred to 8upt. McLaren. 

On motion of Com. Spreckels, seconded by 
Com. Cuianings and carried, the Sscretarj' was instructed 
to advertise for a new five (5) ton motor truck chassis 
propoaa] to be predicated on an equitable allowance for 
the old truck (Lewis) now in use. 

There being no further businesi before the 
Board the meeting adjourned subject to meeting on the 
next rejTular meeting day. 



cretary Park Conir^lsoionors, 

I ! ^ 


I "mm 




» m i l , -* i i M 

■ a' . ' 



*>'nw>, — sEii 





I. . 



Ret; nieetm^. 

San "^rHnciaco, May 8th, 1919, 

At a regular mcetinj of thp "''"oard of Park 
CommiGsioners held at theii- office Purk Lod^e, iolden 
■^ate Park, Thursday, I'ay 8th, 1919 

Present were: Pres. '^ , . ' indie y. 

Cop. \. ", opreckels. 
Com, Sigr.und Greeneba^im, 
noiTi. ' . :.,rl Currjnin^s, 
Absent: Com, Jonn . . Greicor, 

?h'. ...liUtQc of t..^ ^, -erloua mee*''' ;, copies 
of whlc^ were sent to the Comriseion . , wer«, u;)On 
motion duly - ;de, seconut . carried, adopted as the 

Jiiirutes of the mee in : -eld April '44, 151^, 

Pr . lindley reported that i:tb. '". a, Bvnd- 
state , .- **Fenting an organisation Imown as "Mothers 
n^^d Kin " ' ■" ervic '• , -^ '»or#d "by the "'Var 

" - " " " , . ' '0 hiin for permis- 

1 fun-tion • •.( ' ssic ijtand 
'^ '^'' ■ ■ '^ ■ ■ . "* moor, • ;- 1U-. , with 

' ' ■. . pl^priate rnuaic il 
^ • ■ ' ■ • ,0 l--rv Band, 

■' •■ ■ " *he request , : ■ ca 


cenefit of 



f ' -- ;"o im^ortan' 
pose un • ' * 

V - ::,r.l l30^- . 


ces of o''**j 



























m\i M-^ 


Re. electricity 
bills for Acadeiiiy 
of Sciences, 

In the .Tetter of arran^ans for the payment 
In the first instance hy the Park CorrdsQi^ners of the 
monthly bills for electric current supplied to the 
Academy of Sciences hy the Pacific Gas Sc 31ectricCo. 
reirabursenent to h? -.ade by the ACrtdemy to the Park 
Com: issioners, the President reported that he had 
taken the natter ^ with the City Auditor, who gave 
hi3 sanotlvi to the plan. The S^c-'etary of t-e Park 
Coiffisis3ioncrg should be requested to call on the Au-l- 
i-r :,nd obtain from him instructions as to the "-!'«''. 
ers to be furnished showing reimburs^Jment by deposit 
in the :ity Treasury. 

r ^?cretary -j-^ the 2oard should be instructed 
to notify the Pacific Gas i 31ectri Co., to ^nnlide 
uy separ-ite U- : : the current monthly Park l;ills the 
char^? for ser-i - r-ndered the Academy durin. the cor- 
- 1-. month, \7nen the Academ^^ reimburses the Park 

Coamls; . .. '- -:ecret^ry ti^l deposit the ar r^^ to 

■ " -' :;cardance ;vith the su,;- 
"- -" t :. Auditor, ?:.- ._ ;-i :f :- •■,; Jo-— ia-i--- 

' t disc 

n.n or-;. 

'f - ' 

- jf - . 

Day for compensation for trie death of her husband, 
resulting from injury in the course of his employment 
the President reported -.::.t he had taken the matter 
up with Ci-y Attcriiey Lull who had filed a peition 
for - ■ ^arln.j before t':-^ "ominission. A-f'ter a pnins- 
takin: investigation of the facts and circumstances 
sir- -/lading the accident and d-aat , • _e President fur- 
ther report sd Vtm,% he had b«e©«# convinced that th« 
deaf. : " ::r. Jay was proxlmat \j caused by" an accident 
happening ' " ■a'? of his employment, and that the 
award made hy t' e Accident Commission was just and 
s%.^,T^ '■" --r^pted ani ,i' : . due course. 

''^^'- -• recormnended the followin;^ rea- 

, fc i::ru^T.nAL ACC0]nN7 co::issio.; 

the matter of the application of the widow o** 
CT I!, DAY, a former employee of this Poard fo^ 
ipensation for th^ d-ath Of said DAY, has fonv,^ 
ieterrined tmt : dent: of said DAY 'vaa 

s'H -•- : .-.te' ,- oy accident happening in the 


^'■""^ l '• ' -; x-ioyrcent, and has adjudjjed that 

3oard of Park nomnlssionere pau to the widow 

or eaU deceased ■ aum of #3112.20 tn install- 

.„„«.. - ' . ' ■■ — '^ '- ^'-il^ '^nd complete 

^ J' rcoiastancea surrounlint; the 

?4li';^'% "''T%V^ ^- ""'^^ ^^» ^8 become aatin- 
fled tMt Ban TAT Tan ^--ured in the cou-r- -• 

' • • injuries were 
- ^ ;oath) 

_ . - - - - ' - ^ hereby 

■ ' ' - i ^.'i pali 

- - IjDU.. • 


'^ -^T' 

-->.*'„.•*, .-—j^^-f 


is hereby requent 
dismi ?r ^-" 3i9#- ! ♦ 


the '^s *■■ 


'.w.lD, in or 









< . 'fwi#f*f, 







itti ♦ ,- ■ • 


j Utl 

He, statues in 


Resolution unanimously approved and copy ordered 

eent to Vtb, Prank Wilkie, City Attorney Lull and t .r? 

Accident COTninisGion. 

From tlie California Club statins that the 

foliov/ins resolution had been adopted; 

'.ynSRSAS, T::e ^jeople of the United 3 tat e 3 
realize the necessity of a broader Ar.erican- 
ization, and 

'.^'H^HiAS, our public buildineis and squares 
nay be nade of great educational value in this 
respect, therefore be it 

RE30LV3D, That the 3an "r-mciaco District of 
the California Federation of Woifiena' Clubs, in 
Convention asse-.bled, endorse this reaolutlon 

"■-"''■ '^ ' -it-Mtues 'if not^/i/le men and women 
whicl. erect3d as works of art, should be 

preferably thos* of ILLUCTI'JOUS .A::2HIC.iLT3, 

In vlev,'in.j the Llollen .).' te Park, this is the 
statUriry which we find: 

Gene - ••alleck, General Grant, Pre3. Gar'ield, 
Start- ::i :, -.neia 3cott Key, Ball Player (Do j- 

lao Til 

no Press (Clark), ;3tory of Vine 

iOustay. -^, on ^^uixcte (Jon. T:ora) , Hobert 

^urne (;fO t Pcoi of Snchant:nent (Arthur 
' ' ■ • . , ■^^ntra-iC'^ lates at Geary 3tree' '. . ui|, 

/ » 

Jonwervat^ry) , Junipero aerra, 

"'verty, Beethoven ri;l 

1 :•,- -^ i ' 


:idlni; ic: r 

. :• . - to 



Re, safety locka. 


Curat. ;•' 

of Gutro Forest nnd clo.-r.# to Lacuna ^Tonda Station, 

Secretary instructed to rep:y that they had no 
8u*..3rity ^n purchn?-: ^ - nnd ao that function was 
vested in the 5oari of Super-^iaors, he should commun- 
icate wj th them, 

Fror.. the California, Gafety Locke'- '"0,, c'.ieck 
for #3,43 ordered ic^^asited to ore lit c" t'-e Sa.rk, Fund, 

Report of Supt. McLaren for April received 
and recoTimendatlons approved and report adopted. 

S-. ' . Taylor lubmltted hie rep ^ -he 

rece.. - and expend! turee ^ ■ e ffhildrena* « - 



''-r t-o monV. 0^ -Wril, Copies were ordered - to 

issioner, • 

Curator Penez aubr-ittei "i. .v,_-* - -• 'i^ 

•^f erred to Coirv^ Cu'r^jr^.^s, 
^artntendent was inetr^icted to purchase 


- ■ ^o1 '^ Lixijio, Lincoln Park, 

eolf bn . ' and retail the? 

V,.* T 


•. ,» ^ . 





41 ' 








I ! 

J' . 




'f. I' 

• |i II': 







Special Bieetin^^, 

* * * ^ I. €" : « 

He, motor 

San ypanclBCO, May 27th, 1919, 

At a speoial meeting of the Board of Park 
CommlBBioners held at their office. Park Lodge. Golden 
Gate Park, Tuesday, Kay 27th, 1919, by order by Pres. 

Present were; Pres. C, H, Llndley, 

Cob, a, E. Spreckele, 
Com, L', Earl CuinminiiB, 
Absent were: Com, Slgmund Greenebaun, 

Com. John A, McGregor. 
The minutes of the previous meeting, copies 
of which were sent to the ConmioBicners, were, upon 
motion duly made, seconded and carried, adopted as the 
minutes of the ineetinti held May 8th, 1919. 

The selection of the Pierce-Arrow motor truck 
cnassis by Com. Cummings and Supt. L'cLaren, wae approved 
by tne Board. 

Financial statement of the Park Fund showed a 
balance of <>120.610.64 on L!ay let. 1919. 
Ordered filed. 

From the Board of Supervisors. Resolution IIo. 
(iJew Series) which declares that the present munic- 
Pal :Olf un.:s are much too small and requesting the 

-..ission to provide additional golf links so that 

r.c to play the game may have an opportunity to 
do so, 

' ard 0! Par Corr...i8Bioner8 declared there is n. 
money avaiia>-ia „. 

^a.le at present for this purpo ai. 

^-rorr. 'ity Attorney Geo, Lull stating that he 
has this day fn-H 

" with the Industrial Aceident CorLr.iseion 

Re. Day case • 


nar Tax, 


a formal diamisBal of the petition for re-hearing here- 
tofore filed in the caee of Jennie L, Day vb, the Park 
CommlBBion. He agrees with the Park Board that there is 
sufficient evidence to warrant the concluaion that Mr. 
Day met his death in the course of his employment. 
Ordered filed. 

Prom the Industrial Accident CommlBsion ac- 
knowledging receipt of letter from the Secretary of the 
Park ConmiBsion requesting that the rehearin^ in the case 
of Jennie L, Day vs. Park Commladion be dismisBed. 

They inform this Board that if City Attorney Lull 
will dismiss the proceedint/ the case can be at once dis- 
posed of. 

Ordered filed. 

From the Unitsd States Treasury Department in 
answer to information requested relative to the V,ar Tax 
on motor truck chassis purchased by the Park Commission 
for the use of a municipal department. The Collector 
advises that the municipality and departments thereof 
are exempt from the payment of any tax levied under the 
Internal Pcvenue laws. 
Ordered filed. 

From the Playground Commission informing the 
Park roard that up to the present time plans for t..e 
proposed playground at the Junction of the Bloat Boule- 
v.rd anu Great Highway have not been prepared. However, 
if there should be an appropriation made for this play- 
ground Site, they will inform us and seek our co-opera- 
tion in preparing plans. 
Ordered filed. 

Prom the Bunker Hill Association, asking that 

the Park Coamlflfl <««-».= 

- "-*- «*^«4*ee i/ie usual program on 

Jun. 17th. 19X9 to con»e.orat. the Pattl. or BunXer Hill. 













V ^^, 


1 .1 ' 






Re. Spanleh- 
American War 


Re. cannon. 



Requeat granted and Prof, CaBsasa notified to 
arrange his program in honor of the occasion; details 
referred to Supt. McLaren, 

Prom the Board of Supervisors with enclosure 
from "Veterans of all Ware Political Club" who adopted 
a resolution asking the Board of Supervisors to clean 
the monument at Van Ness Avenue and Market Street before 
May 30, 1919, 

Referred to Supt . McLaren with the request that he 
have same cleaned. 

Prom the Board of Supervisors with enclosure 
from the Veterans of all Wars Political Club who adopted 
a resolution calling attention to the fact that the two 
cannon presented to the City by Gen. Shafter are not 
located in proper places and suggest that they be placed 
properly mounted with the other pieces in front of the 
Park l^useuin. 

Referred to Curator Penez, 

From Chief of Police VThite enclosinii report 
Of Police Officer star #918, in which he states that at 
5 ;,^y 15th, 1 19 a monster whale, seventy feet long, 
dead, drifted ashore on the Ocean Beach, 

Supt. l^cLaren reported that the Whale was being 
^eparti^entf ^^® ''''" l^rancisco Fire Department and Park 

?rom the Stationary Fireman Local Union 86 
ca lin^,- attention to two members of that Union employed 
y tne Park Commission at the Water \7ork8. The comi.-mni- 
« stetes that these two men should have received an 
'«a« in pay over one year ago. Their schedule of 

""'" '" ''''-"'' i3 514C. per month. 

Kei6''T»Qf' A. , 

" 10 oupt. ::cLar«n for inveeti^iation. 

er.ioyeeQ of tne Park Lruse'om requesting 
an increase of wa-er a . 

ttonth wu 



t...c/ utility men and/women attendants. 


Cojn lock 

He. electricity 

10 r Academy of 

He, Grove of 

• McKlniion 

• ■ 

Prom the Pacific Coin Lock Co,, enclosing 
check for |6.38 commission on receipts of coin locks. 
Ordered deposited to credit of Park Fund. 

From Pacific Gas & Electric Co. acknowledging 
receipt of letter from Sccty. de Succa relative to the 
payment of electric service being supplied to the Acad- 
emy of Sciences and agreeing to the conditions required 
by the Park Commissi oners. 
Ordered filed. 

From Henry M. Owens, Secretary of the Grove 
of Heroes Committee, requesting that that portion of 
Golden Gate Park bounded by 14th and 16th Avenues, the 
Main Drive and Fulton Street be set aside for the pur- 
pose Of planting a Memorial Grove of trees in honor and 
to perpetuate the memory of the heroic dead of all 
branches of the service of our Country and that the Park 
Band be allowed the Cornr.ittee on the 30th of May, 1919 
during the ceremonies, 

Pres. Lindley appointed a Committee consisting of 
Comrs. Spreckels and Cui.nmings and Supt, McLaren who are 
to co-operate with the Grove Com.^.ittee in carrying; out 
t:.e details. 

Prom J. L, voung relative to a re-considera- 
tion Of the -card. a refusal to accept the Father McKin- 
non monument. 

Ordered filed, 

Prom J. Giiiett recommending a convenience 
station at the Beach playgrounds. 
Referred to supt, KcJ^ren. 

From the Industrial Accident Cor^;i«„ion, e.n 

order of dismissal of the n-fi*<« ^ 

tiie petition for re-hearin,: in 

the J. L. Day case, dated Hay 22n. 1919. 
Ordered filed. 











. »^ 

I !? 



Application for 

^pert on water. 

2ids on tennis 

i^fl^Ci . 

From L Lundqui 8 t, landscape gardener, West- 
buty, L.I., seeking a position at his profession. 
Referred to Supt, licLaren. 

Prom the Board of Public Health, report on 
water used in Park, 

Referred to Supt, McLaren. 

The following bids were received for the 
laying of thirty thousand square feet, more or less, of 
Utunen or asphalt on the tennis courts, Golden Gate Park 



$.09 sq. ft. 

.0469 • 

.04769 " 

.055 • 

.056 • 

.045 • 

.037 ' " 

.13 • 

CLARK & K'h:neRY &. CO. 

The Raisch Improvement Co. being the lowest 
"bidders the contract was awarded them and details 
of work referred to oupt. rcLaren. 

There teing no further business before the 
2oard the meetint^ adjourned. 


Jecretary-Park Conunission. 

San Francisco, June 12th, 1919. 

There beinj no quorun of the members of the 
Park Conmisslon present, no neetin^ was held but 
a special T.eettn/;; called for June 19th, 1919. 

» 4 ^ mit 

■^M ^ < ■ > <h ^ -^ ■ ■ ^m 

Secrotary Pari: Corjrdcslonera, 





I * 





fS '£^ 

^.•_ ■«.. lit lilt.. .Ill I 


if . 





I, s 

t : i 






If '■ 


Called iieetine. 



th of 

San Francisco, June 19th, 1919. 

At a special meeting; of the Board of Park 

ComnisBioners held at their office, Park Lodge, 

Golden Gate Park, Thursday, June 19th, called by 

order of Pres. Lindley, 

Present v/ere: Prds, C, H, Lindley, 

Com, A, E. SpreckelB, 

Absent v/ere: Con, John A. L'cGregor, 

Com, M, Sari Cumrnings, 

The r.inutea of the previous meeting, copies 

of Wiiic-'i were sent to the Cornnissioners, were, upon 

notion duly made, seconded and carried, adopted as 

the r.inutes of the meeting held l/Tay 27th. 1519, 

President Lindley sorrowfully reported the 

death of Park CoiDinissioner Sig: und Greenebauin which 

occurred since the previous meetint; of the Board and 

offered the followine resolution which was ordered 

spread upon the minutes of the Board and a copy there:f 

sent to tx.e fa.lly of the late Coi.anisaioner: 

It is with profound sorrow that the 
"Board of Park Corn:.,ia si oners is called upon 
to note upon the records the passing of 
Corr-v.isoioner Si,^, Greenebaur.,* who entered 
into rest on June 16th of this year. His 
..resence at the future rneetings of the Board 
v/ill be sadly :nissed. His untiring devotion 
to the Parks of our City, his faithful attena- 

• <! upon the rncetintiS, his eymcathetic and 
cunGtructive parti cii^ation in all prohleras in- 
voived^in par^ admini strati o n, as -.veil as the 
no Dili ty -f his character and broad iiuman sym- 
^ • if.-: endeared him to all his associates and 
wo^C*" '^^^"^^^ i^ daily contact with him in civic 
In ♦ ^^ ^^^^^ ''^^''' ^'^^ '^''■'■^'^' friends in extend- 
In fC? *"'^° bereaved family our profound sjcnpathy 
--i3 tne hour of their fereat bereavement. 

-wion oarri 

^ • 

^-'3-., AsHi^Lunt Secretary to the liav^r enclos- 



•' • ^ •, v> •> il , 



n Gate Park, He requests 




(- . .f:" 

Hero 3 


Re, park statues. 

He, information 
for Supervisors, 

Re, war relics. 

Re, Curator's 

Pro.a Assistant Secretary to the liayor with 
enclosure from California Club relative to the statues 
in Golden Gate Park. 

Secretary to acknowledge receipt and state tliat 
communication was filed for future reference. 

From the Board of Supervisors relative to in- 
formation required from the different depart.aents while 
they are in session. 
Ordered filod. 

From Dr. Ilorrio Herzstein relative to a col- 
lection of war relics. About twenty cases of material 
have alread/ reached the United States v;-. i ■"-; he wishes 
to donate tD the ISuseum, 

Referred to Corn, Curnninjs, 

From Chas, 3, Penez, Curator Park lluoeJin, 
stating he will attend the I^useum Curators -md 
Directors Convention at Pasadena and therefore will 
not be able to attend the next meeti^ of tne Board, 
Orierol filed, 

?ro.;. Chief dT Police X-iite relative to van- 
d: " - ".nrfieli Square, 
i filed. 
Fro;. R.c, FoGt-ir relative to a "I'ade in 
■-a" 2l^:. m to educate tb-,people to trade at 

3ecr,5t.iry t; acknowledge receipt of co.-.i.unl ::atiDn 
••■■'" "• •-•■'■•• ^.,^ the subject -tt-- „■: e 

.^a...e iii.^l ,-e same is futthe- ■_ .._. 

Fr- :eD, A. Hill to 3upt. ::cL-r- *:iting 
-e ;;a3 no red . ade for 


■e regrets thai 

a ^air of spotted dee; 

Referred to 

3upt. 'icLare; 





- — \u 





L^L. _*u 




f i 






ti ^1 




Re* epecial police 

Rento from Sharp 

Receipt G from 


Re. coin locke. 

Prom Chief of Police White relative to the 
appointment of four special police officers to be 
detailed to Lincoln Park. 

Referred to Supt. !tcLaren, 

Proni Hadieon 3: Burke with check for 3345, 
being three months' rent of a portion of Sharp's Park, 
Ordered deposited to the credit of the Spreckels 
Special Deposit Fund* 

From the California Safety Locker Co., con- 
miselon of |4,95 in lockers. 

Ordered deposited to credit of Park Fund. 

Fro:n the Pacific Coin Lock Co., cojsnission 
of 35«13 froT coin locks. 

Ordered deposited to credit of Parkii\ind. 

Receipts showing that the prernium on the 
bonds of the following Lruseum ernploycca have Ijeen paid 
were received: Mrs. Jessie Hooke, Mrs. Jane Hoffman, 
¥i3s 3, Holmes, ... -:, Dennis, Chaa. Clan ton. 
Ordered filed. 

From the 3an Jrancisco Chamber of Co.'Tu.isrce 
•>•••' ^ ^nclosui'^ fro;. Lieut, Col. L. V. Hdntosh -.vho 
desires a field two thousand feet square suitable for 
■ 2u^ Le "avil.xn I .^lane?) carrying eight ir.en, jnust be 

\- one wires, buildin^^e and must be level. 
rranje ''or the accommodation of eitsht 
approximately five hundred gallons of 
'y ; tilons of "obile oil to "■■e . " ' ' 

su. , 


to noti" 

:aniber jf -o^* 

..ler: tands that the 'it;' 

. ■'. --:; thit 

iltible for a land. .^, ^he 
T^x . jL- 1 - :not furnish 
- .. "^:;oandoil» 

jupt. Mcl^re 

— — t. 

Re. use of Stadiuifl, From H, Van Den Berg of the San Francisco 

Riding School requesting the use of the inside Stadium 
Friday nii^ht to feature a small exhibition. 
Referred to Supt. ::cLaren. 
Re. briile entrance. From Chas, H. Bentley to President Lindley 

with enclosures from R. F, EcLeod, A, J, Fry and P. 
Ferro k Co., a. dressed to s. L. Goldstein and forwarded 
by him to ::r, 2entley, on the subject of the necessity 
of an entrance into the Park opposite the San Francisco 
Riding School on Stanyan Street. 
Referred ti Supt. ITcLaren, 

The rejort of Supt. McLaren for May read 
and adopted and his reconr.iendation that the thanka of 
the Par]. Cormnissioners be sent to j;ie Honor, J^ayor 
Rolph and the Finance Coirjni ttee of tlie 2oard of Super- 
visors for settin^; aside the money necessary for the 
pavin.j of the Great iitiiiway, was unaniraouBly approved. 
Referred to Secretary. 

?ne Superintendent rex.orted >iavint; sent a bid 
' '■' 'Jnitel '\'itQ lovernment at the Presidio fDr mim- 
ure at Fifty Cents per '.orse gev month. 
Bid approved j t\e "o-.i-i, 

Tne reojTi of rupt, Taylor for the -lonth of 
^^j ..--.:■ i iai. of J125;2.10. Copies ordered aent to 
. ;3ioner8. 

The r-. -t of Curator ?enex for 
-'•' ^efer.-ei to flo:;., :x . 

V, i. t .e request of irrf.. .^. ^. . :,,.n ^o 
Pres. Linilcy. . KcL.^ren was i.. m to riave a 

suitable tablet placed on th- 'ree planted i • 
to tne meriory of our r:.artyred President, •^. -cKinley. 

sr ' Urs. 



> . 


The Supenntendant was instructed to sonfe; 

ialiwin and learn what au 

.jeation she lias to offer. 




*^ *r^ 


t- VJ 

% ^ 

^A^jl^Jar*^ -y,^ 

'iv Jit 

LA..^^ *.. 


V. ■ 







^,. *^«^-. 

t'L. V 







^ . 









RetiUi;tr f.*-: tin .. 

of Herbert 

San S'rancisco, July 10th, 1919, 
At a rei^lar meeting of the Board of Park 
ConnnissionerB held at their office Park Lodge, Golden 
Gate Park, Thursday, July 10th, 1919 

Present were: Com. IT. Earl Curanings, 

Com. A. B, Spreckels, 
Com. Herbert Pleishhacker 
Absent were: Pres, C. H. Lindley, 

Corn. John A. I'cGregor. 

Hon. James, Mayor, having appointed 
Hon. Herbert Fleichhacker a Park Connnissioner, vice 
Signiunu Greenebaujn, deceased, the certificate received 
at the Park Lodge and the Oath of Office subscribed to, 
the new Coi'irfiissicner took his seat and received the 
con&ra'.ulations of Conjnlss loners Sprickels and Cumnings 
who expressed their pleasure ot the ajpointrrent of one 
v.'.orr. tney knew would becojie a valuable and efficient 

^on:. expressed his admiration for 
Golden Jate Par/ ..i Baid he would do all he could to 
: ' .': ^. e ;.<-:-, t attractiveneos by renderint; his 
e towards that end, 
^^- " " '.' made, r> econded anu carried 

'..-iirrMn pro tern in the 
' ^^- '^ -ren. Lindley, 

'" ■ •• ^^" • - :.-r:: ,,_ . of the 

■ '■ ich no qu -as present, co^^les 

\'iere sent to the norrjniu si oners, were, upon 

■^ • ■"'' ed and carried, adopted as the 

"ay C7th and June I J, iJlS. 

Re, death of Sig- 
;.iund Greeneoau:;., 

Re, death of 
Mrs. Outsiiow, 

'Re. deatn of 
Wm, J, Bi,iuit« 

He. tridle 

A card was received from the family of for- 
mer Commissioner Greenebaum, acknowledging with grate- 
ful appreciation the kind expressions of sympathy from 
the members of the Park Commission, 
Ordered filed. 

Prom forraer Park Commiosioner Wn. K. Gutzkow 
acknowledging the kind expressions of sympathy from the 
Park Conmlc si oners upon the death of his Kother, 
Ordered filed. 

The Secretary announced the death of 'A"m. G, 
21unt, Curator of the Natural History Departrr.ent of 
the Park Kuseuirj on June 25tij, 1919. L'r. Hunt had held 
this position since 1j07, 
Report ordered filed. 

Prom his Honor, Mayor Rolph, relative to 
the construction of an entrance into the Park oppoeite 
the Hiding School on .Jtanyan Btreet between Haight ejid 
Y-'aller "treets. 

Referred to Supt, L'cLaren. 

Fro;:, the !:ayor»s office witn enclosure from 
Geo. . ■ '-Udell relative to three hundred and r:eventy 
six wa*er-c 1-- ;:aiT,tin,;s of .linericfn and V.est Indian 
flowerc r. trees, offe e.: for sale on behalf of hrs. 
Kills Rowan of l^elbourne, Australia, 

Se- • :y inntructe-1 tc noUfy Vv, :;e a ■ ; -nat 
v.e haft no roney availPble for the purchase o^ the 

Fror. -r. I/orrie Herzeteir — ^utive to the do- 
nation of a collection of relics of t : r frorr. 
Hon. Julius Kahn /ir.d r. u^^-o*.-,, .- ■ 
Memorial Museum, 

Accepted witn the tnanks of the Board. Curator 
Penez to send letter of t; 


t I 



■• ' 


^» ^*T-1-. l 


^-.- ^ ■fc.A,^^ 







' JK^a^ '.prfw«*Twr'»rTj- 

31 S 




I JMtlitlM 


IHfff I Hi 


, I, 

* • 

Re, Native Sons' 

Re, Buffaloea, 

Re, increaae o 

JTom the Finance Comniittee of the Board if 
SupervlBore relative to installing a new service pip- 
ing In the Native Sons' Fountain, Market and Maaon Sta. 
Peferred to Supt, McLaren. 

Proir. the Commerce Mining & Royalty Co.. rela- 
tive to obtaining one male and two female Buffaloes 
for propagation purposes. 

Referred to Supt. McLaren. 

Prom the District Council of Painters IJo. 8 
advising the Park Board that on and after July 28th, 1919 
the wat-es of all painters, decorators and paper-han^^erB 
ir. £an vrancisco and vicinity, will be .?.8.00 per day aa 
agreed between the Master Painters Association and the 
District Council of Painters. 

^.eferred to Supt. McLaren with full pov/er to act. 
From the California Safety Locker Co., mailing 
payment of $3.90 as coonioslon on lockers at tennis 

Secretary reported money deposited to credit of 
Park Fund, 

Fror. the California Academy of Sciences en- 
c-ck in payment of electric current for May, 
■ '^o ;|2l,60. 
^ecrctar, reported check deposited to credit of 




From t;.e .'pring valley Water Co, encloeing 
• '=.'^6. - .s refund covers all charges col- 
- nue ..e^.te.'.ber 2'th, 1-^3 8 when the new rates 
" - "6 the jr.eter rea-i-.^s 
-^:.-.-..i . .'^ed in : iaoion Park. Lafayette 
- " "ena Vi..ta Park. 
reported checJr -iepouited to credit of 


ttler calling -ttention to the 

Re. litem*!: re. 


urgent need of a booklet containing a map showing all 
special features of interest, and an interesting hist- 
ory of the Park with photographs and how to reach aame 
from all parts of the City. 

The Board decided there are no funds available 
to carry out the sUfi.jestions. 

Prom the Woman's Irish Educational League 
requesting permicsicn to distribute literature by hund 
or from a table nt the Stadium on July 4th, 1919, 

The secretary notified the League by telephone 
their request was accainst the rules of the Park Comrrds- 

Ordered filed, 

Supt. McLaren'., report for the month of June 
was read and adopted and recor.j.endat ions approved. 

Report Of cupt. Taylor received for the month 
Of June. 1519 and copy ordered sent to t.:e Coi.ialeoicnere. 

Report of curator Penez for t-;e mont;. of June 
re- i referred to Com. CUOTnlngs. 

There bein- no further busineso before the 
Poard the meeting adjourned. 

•aecretory Pa 



I'V '•' 





I ')* 



— ,-t 

■. J 



■' I 




•ill' ••;!>. 




Ho qaoruiii. 

San Francleco, July 24th J919, 

No quorum of the member c of the Board 
of Park CoraniSBionerB lein., present, no meeting 
w&b hfild on this, the re.Tular meetinii day, July 
84 th, 3 919. 


• \ 





edretary--Park Coxariiaoioners, 




1^ »i 1 1 ^1 














San i'ranolsoo, Augiist 14th, 1919. 

■y oallg^. At a re^lar meeting of the Board of Park Cora- 

mleeloners. held at their of floe. Prrk Lodge. Golden Gate 
Park, Thursday, August 14th, 1919. 

Present Trem Com. lU 2. Cuinminga 
Absent: Pres. C. H. Lindley 
Com. A. B. Spreokels 
" H. Fleishhaoker 
* J. A. :.:oGregor 
Comriiiss loner ::. E. CujTi::.lngs decldefl to put through 
the order of b-oslness on the Calendar; suLjeat to confirnatlon 
at the r.ext regular meeting of the Board. 
• *^" "^^ nlnutes of the meeting held May E7th, 1919, were 

laid over for approval at the next regular meeting of the Board, 

Froru ComlBsioner ::o'}T9^or to -resldont Lindley. ex- 
pressing his pleasure at receiving copies of the Minutos.rrhioh 
:^ept l,in in touch with Park activities and rer.lnded him of his 
pleasant aseoclation ^Ith the Llembors of the Board. He desired 
hla leav3 of absence, -.hich expires October let. eztended for 
ft further period. 

^ila will be attended to. 

Conaslssionor . v:re,-or also sent President Linaiey a 
'Gw or 9x - ,ng profound sorrow at the death of Comr.lssloner 

'- -t is hard to realize that he shall not 


the •] 

>roenelr. : . vig ritum to San Jrar.clsco. 

— - -tters 79re ordered sent to the Com- 

'..0 letter of sii.cere Byraoathy upon 
i-^ -.-a sent (.o ..- . :';rand ^-reenebaum. 



J - 






From the Academy of Soiences, Check for "^5.40, 
in pajTnent of electric current for June. 

Secretary reported cheok deposited to credit of Park Fund. 

From Local Vnlon,::o.l51, Electrical 'Torkers, notice 
that ::. J. Sullivan, the en;:-lneer nt the Children 'n Quarters, 
was receiving but "^135. CO per month which is |15.00 less than 
the Union scale of wages. 

Referred to Superintendent LIcLaren. 
*c- From Ilorth Beach "'romoticn Association requesting the 
improvement of the Convenience Stations in '.7a3hlng:ton and 
Portsmouth Squares. 

Referred to Superintendent IJcLaren. 
rhey also request that these stations remain open day end nlpht 

This request was denied; Park funds not being available 
for that purpose. 

FroB B. cFllinp; attention to repairs needed 
on the Park bridle path. 

Referred tc Super inter, dent l.loLartn, 

FroD Department of "--z.eree, stating that Adr.lral 
Rodrwin, of the Pac " - ?^eet, requeste-l the Bureau of Ll.t-ht- 
i.ouses tc estebllsh r^;..^e -n-'Ts on the Srr; ?r' ;.'^i«oo sidfl.that 
may bo used by the vesnels when pas'^lng through the Bonita 
Channftl . 

Referred ' .rlnter^der." ' •■ ren with power to act. 

Board of Supsrviecr^, .- request of his, . r 
: ■ . -•.c derir^n t Irnow the nuj.ber of pa3SO:.gor ct-rs 1 : 
depurtraents of t" ^ ?.',. 

Hef'irre^ to oocretary. 








n-j-k. - J. Ai 

3: .-■* '/ 


v?E!W5" jfy^ 




i, 'i!i 









: J if 




Opinion froR 
City . 

From City Attorney Geo. Lull: 

July 17th, 1919. 

Subject: Pumiehlng Supplies to the 

Park Coar.iss loners under Annual Contracts. 


I an In racoipt of your oomnunlcation of the 7th 
Inst, as follows: 

"All contractors holding city contracts to furnish 
alfalfa, etc., to city departmonts, liave this day refused 
to furnlEh the Park De;artrnont TTlth an order for alfalfa 
decl.-rin^ that this Department Is not included In the 
contract awarded "by the Board of Suoorvisors. 

I have "been dirocted to obtain from you an opinion 
ae to their responsibility and liability on their bonds 
for refusing to furnish alfalfa to this Department hav- 
ing boen 'a^Ttrded the contract to furnish suorlles for 
use of the public institutions pnd departments of the 
City and County of San rrejicisco' as per recomniendations 
of the Supjlles Con. Ittee, the prices for same having 
been approved by the Board of Super vIp ore". 

OPIilOL' : 

The Board of Supervisors, in calling for proposcls 

for t:;e current fiscal year. Issued to urosoective bidr'ars r 

set z" rou^r^i ccaflltlons under which bids should be reo i 

' r ."^ h 17 of said Conditions contains this lang'oage: 

"All articles In this schedule shall bo furnishad 
"'' ^J-i-^'Od, • - .ra-it x>rice. fcr the use of 

^J.-J-'"'"' -'f^'ico, uuroau, coiv.issicn, board or publio 
.^.Itut .f tiie City tnd CoiUitv of San i"raric:sco,sav9 

Mid 0-0 ; tl . thi following, vie: Tho Board of Public 

*| . - -he proso-jutlon of the work en the Iletch ::e' chy 
^■^eot, the ?lre Depart: ent , the 3o&rd of E -u-atlon.the 
Park Cor.: 13 a loners, the Play^-round Ooli-Ieb loners . the 
- ;'rtnont of Sleet Ions nn^ the ?ubllo Library". 

■5 ~ -^ - 

rlc of f 

* rocglved rji-i contre^^tg for t/.o fur- 
t.rl' 1 to tho various departmonts 
''*'-: -^m-nont, ellr:lnatlner fyoi: '" • operf- 

. . to ,.M.ike aellvo:-;03 
r ' ' .'.iuoted above, :v3 t/.a 
10 rio' " liveries ui-dar 
said > - ■■ - . 



ra ; .i"UfauiUL. 


San Francisco Labor Comicil, on behalf of the Joint 
Labor Day GoLnlttees, aek permisRlon to use the Stadium for 
the Labor Day celebration to he held September 1st, 191 9. 
It Is intended to have athletic contoets, horse rrces and 
literary exercises. 

Heouest granted, 
niullc From 3oard of Public -Jorka jiving notice of Reso- 
kution #62, 848, Second Series .which reads as follows: 

RiiSOLYED, that the Board of Prr* Coiur isslunora be and 
is hereby grantod permission to excavate Pulton street at 
Thirty-ninth avenue anl to con:',ect an outlet sewer from 
the Got den Gate Park with the concrete sewer In Pulton street 

Adopted July 9,1919, by the following votes: 
A^-es : Conmirplonors Eraser air'' Rearlon. 

Referred to Superintendent *.4aLferen, 

From Police Department informing the Park Com- 
missioners that tneir re^iaert fcr additional police protection 
at night in Golden Gate Park had be .n referred to the Chief of 
Police for his ifj:9liute a " -tlor. 
Ordered filed. 

Fror: the ?iro Ifcrehf : rop..rtine' his investigation of 

Courts which he believee was caused 
_- hted cigarette. 

the fire rt th- 
by the throwing dew 
Ordered filed . 
Fron Stat- 
ed c:^a,.ter 
aad ope rati 

- r -in-- 

•a by tho state h 

rd of tiot^th relatlTa to the provisions 
Ifttlnp and jtvernlng the -'onstruet^. r. 
oubliT s-^lmmlng pools and ap. urtenri;^i9 , adept- 
r* ..(iaith at Sacramonto or A.., .: t 

Referr'jd t . -erintenclent ...jL^ren. 

Frwi^ L'. .^ .th, Purk :3lac..smith, for t" o 
8»r6i -:-- . :: T buc of ;;2C.OO. 

Sacretary r .rto2 .noy deposited to - - ' ■ *: 

of rh Fund. 











* ■ Jli 


f— - 

A y* 






r 1 

( ■ 






8&lo of leiabs 


3e19 Of Lrjib. Frosi D. Ashley, Porenum In oharge of Stadliun, the 

stun of |6.00 for sale of one lam'b. 

Secretary reported money deposited to credit of Park Przhd. 
ProE J. Meyers & Co., the sian of $219. for the 
purchase of 29 lamhs and 10 ewes. 

Secretary reported money deposited to credit of Park Fund. 
Prom Jos. ^. Salz, the stun of $341.25 for the purcha« 
of 31 bags of wool . 

Secretary report money deposited to credit of Park PunJ. 
)T Prom Cal. Safoty Looker Co., a conmisaion of ;?3.99. 

Secretary reported money deposited to credit of Park Pond. 
Prom Llrs. Abtie 2. ./ilkius, representing the Pedera- 
tion of 1omn*8 wlals, who deriree pomissicn to plant a tree 
in raenjorr of Alice A. Fredericks who gave her lifg working 
amonp the poorer olasses of this city during the epiden;le of 
Influenza, fhe tree to "be planted Jovenh-T i:th, 1919, on 
Ariniotiee Day. 

Ponnlssion franted. ::;Qtail8 referred to Supt ."-^tAy^s . 

rrcr. 3!ir, Pranclsoo Sxamlner, -rho deelros to sponsor 

fc -^a^ie reg-atta In Stow Lake on Sunday, :;oTen;ter llt1i,1919. 

Superintendent UcLaren to Investigate end report at neirt 

Conmm.ication to Itayor Rolph from 31ty of Bostoc, 
tnrou ■ . .. . . ta.Ohalrisim- Park & Recreation Dept.. ro 

tograph of the seated Hudlenae at 
^^- - ..^.dstend. 
Superintendent i:oL r ' ^ ' 

-i of TTHler '. 







Report of Curator Penez. 
Referred to Commissioner Cuimnings 

ting adjourned. There being no further business the Board 


I ' ' A ^ A J 

— ^.- ; y 

Seqfretary, Park Conmisslon. 

Ho , 

f^an ranclBco, Auguat £eth, 1919, 

NO quorum of the ^.^ber. of the Poard of 

^ present, no meeting wa« 
held en *' le ♦)>• ^.«. ■» 

l«. tJ,e r gaar meetine; day. 2fith. 

1919, ' • 



023131881 or*-*-- 











>l ' 

■ ' 

t ' I '. 




I • 

I I 


"^ec^ular rreetin^. 


^ (3 

San Francisco, September 11th, 1919, 

At a regular meeting of the Board of Park 
Conimissioners held at their office. Park Lod.;e, Golden 
Gate Park, Thursday, September 11th, 191S 
Present were: Com. H. Pleishhacker, 

Cora, F. Earl Curaminge, 
Absent were; Prea. Curtis H. Lindley, 

Com, A. E. SpreckelE, 
Com, John A. HcGregor. 
It was duly moved, seconded and carried that 
Com. Pleishhacker preside as Chairman of the meeting in 
the absence of Pres. Lindley and Com, Spreckels on 
account of illness. 

Chainnan 71eishJiacker 0>:serTlnG that a quorun 
of the Board was not present ordered the approval of the 
minutes of the previous meeting and of the meeting held 
J^ay 27th, postponed until a regular meeting is held and 
a quo;— Z-: tue 2oard present. 

From the ra^r's office, acknowledging receipt 
°' ■' ■——- 'eport Of the Park Conmisoioners. 
Ordered fjlnd, 

^rcr the Departrror.t of Public -.Torks informin;? 
''' ^^^ Comr':i:..ion that t.ey may obtain any parts and 
Of ty.eir Lewi,, yotor truck that may be on hand 
' ■ rd that ,. Park Department may re- 
ir ^ ! "^pwir tr- ■^:c. 
^cknov.'ied,*ed wh tv *• 

.,-. '^f,,.. '-Q^^ vritten con- 
• "■• Taylor, :'Uporln- 
' "''^'*' , for ' r delivery of 
rons ,U' r^Tn et the rate 

ten :e. 

^ r ♦ 

• -" 'H in bulk f r 
, 192C, This contract enall 


' tf ■ 

He, tennis 

ne, alburn. 



not terminate at the end of this term but shall be 
extended for one year thereafter unless one of the 
porting shall notify the other that said contract 
shall terminate at the end 01 the term thereof. 

This contract was obtained by request of Pros, 
Lindley to Gecty. de Succa. Ordered filed. 

From ::, U, Prandensteln favoring the build- 
ing of tennis courts at Lafayette Square, 

Pef erred to Supt, FcLaren ritii power to act. 

Prom August Hinrichs offering an album con- 
taining the autographs of sucxi worlri renowned actoro 
and actresses as Sdwin Booth, Lawrence Barrett, Henry 
Irvin^, Fanny Tavenport, 3arah Bernhard and others. 
The price of the alnum is OlOO. 

Secretary instructed to notify tiie gentleman that 
the Board has no fundH available for this purpo^. 

From "The :^ulletin'' furthering : .. enterprise 
of inotalling lights ir. the tennis courtn in Golden (iate 
Park th??t the player ..ave an opportunity of using 
tit te....i;. courts at night. 

'deferred to Supt, ItcLaren with power to act, 
'"■-.-' foil' ^ checks were received: 

Pacific noin Lock Co, 

California oafety Loc:.-r "0, 

:adi80 urke, rent of Sharp 

i 1.24 


California Acade:..y of Sciences 

Secretar, ■ reported all checki deposited to the 
Park Fund, Action approved, 

The request for an increase of wages fmn. 
the Laterlil Teamatera Union f^216 ren,: ;t the last 
meeting and referred to Supt. !.'cLaren, was not acted 
u on tnere being no quorum pre.ent. The Superintendent 

' . ) 

I I 







Vl « 








x^ 1 

.,i J 

'^^.^' 1 


ri • '^•r 




1 1 

■ m 





•^e, bird .mouses 

He. WasMii^ton 
• lavatory. 

■1e, BhajTp ., 
and Sutro Ir. 

made no report. 

Action deferred until next meeting. 

Prom the Halght & Ashhury Improvement Asbo ela- 
tion thanking the Park CommlBBlonerB for the great ajnount 
of Improvements made recently at the tennio courts. They 
also state that the Bojt Scouts have offered to make a 
large number of tird houses provided the Board will per- 
mlt them feeing placed in the Park. 
Permission granted. 

From the IJorth Beach Promotion Association 
sending a second letter of complaint relative to the 
offensive condition of the convenience station at Tash- 
ington Square, 

Referred to 3upt. LTcLaren for investl^^ation. 

Prom the Sutro Heii^I-its Improvement Glut rela- 
tive to an interview with L'ayor ^olph respecting the 
acceptance by the City of .San Francisco of the offer of 
Br. llmma S. Merritt for the sale of the sutro lands and 
baths on the northAYesterly point of the peninsula. The 
Mayor Bvgcented th.t the Club to the ?arh Connnis- the conni deration of an exchange of the "onora 

Siiarpe fee -,^4. r-. ^ 

■ "• ''-° '^utro lands^ in the hope that 

t" -^ . ■: - 4. 

""" ^^^^^^ an openin,; that would lead to desir- 
able reoultp, 

-■ -cted to requeat the City ■Vttorney 
' ' -' ^'-'-- l'?:?'lit:' of such an exr ■ e. 

' -kside Diytrlct Club askin^j for 
- .^.'Jrway c-e- tie overhead drive 
Tamv .; tr^et or a tunnel unde- v - rive. 
' ^e.trirtns ray ren- -:9 beach without ' ■ "- 
' f :-ac: ines eo often found on 


. Kcl^rer. 


Re. poison, 

Re. map of Park* 

Re. freak lar.o. 

Re, railroad 
aero a 8 Park. 

Re. mafccota 
of 21yth 

3 up t , 

- f 

Prom the Dow Cheraical Co., relative to 
Magneoiuffi Arsenate which they believe to be super- 
ior to any known poison for the deetructlon of leaf- 
eating pests. 

Referred to Supt. McLaren* 

From Mrs. E. I.. Sears suggesting that a 
pamphlet be published containing a map of Golden 
Gate Park that would direct persons to any partic- 
ular given point. 

Secretary reported that he had sent the lady 
one of our 1910 reports which contains such a map. 

Prom J.M. Arburua offering to donate a 
lamb with six legs, to the Park. 
Offer declined. 

Prom Ura. A. If. Gushing to Com* Cummlngs, 
protesting against another attempt to run a railroad 
through the Park* 

Receipt of communication acknowledged and filed 
for future reference. 

Prom Capt. J, P. Kerper with letter from the 
Hayor»B assistant Secretary W. P. Benedict, on behalf 
of the men of the 319th Enf^ineers who wish to present 
to the City of Sam Francisco the black bear and mon- 
key 8m.uggled to France and brought back to the United 
States as the Regiment's mascots. 
Accepted with thanki. 

Supt. McLaren* 8 reports for July and August 
were read and adopted and recornmendations approved* 

Supt. Taylor' » report for July received and 
copy ordered sent each CommlsBloner. 








I Sr^ 






:m 'v: 

♦ 1 










; f i 



► f 

« ^a 


Curator's report* 

Increase of 



Curator Penez'e report for the month of 
July read and referred to Com, CummlngB. 

Upon the motion of Com* Cummings, the 
salary of Mies E. Holmee, clerk at the Park Museuiri, 
was Increaeed from $100. to $125. per month to take 
effect Septem"ber Ist, 1919, 

There being no further buaineas before the 
Board the meeting ^^wtjTJWMjed. 

Regular neetlng. 

•A ' 

Safcr^tary Park Coranieoion. 

Com. Fleian^iacker 
ChairiBan pro tea. 



4*^ r#, 

San PranciBco, September 25, 1919, 

At a regular meetintl of the Board of 

Park Coinraiaaionera held at their office Park 

Lodge, Golden Oate Park, ocpteraber 25, 1919: 

Preaant were: Con. Herbert Flaiahhacker 

Com. M. Earl Cunroinga, 

Com. A. B. Gpreckela 

Abaent were: Prea, Curtis H. Lindley, 

Com. John A. McGregor, 

On motion of Com, Spreckela, aeconded by 

Com. CumningB and carried, Coair.iaaioner Plelaliliacker 

was elected Chairman of th*» neetin^. 

The rainutea of the previoua .meeting and 

of Auguat 14th, copiea of which were aent to the 

Coramisalonera, were, upon motion duly made, aeconded 

and carried, adopted aa the .-ninutea of the meeting 

held ScptemLer 11th and Auguat 14t}i, 1919. 

The followin.i opinion waa received fzt^a 

City Attorney l»en.-,;e Lull relative to the exchange 

of Sharp Park for the Sutro property: 

■Section 9 of Chapter II, Article II 
of the "harter, adopted Noven;' »'- 5, 1907, ana 
approved by t.ue Legislature lOTsmber 23, 
1907, provides that the ^ity and County 
of San 7ranci8co shall have power to aell 
all lan<Jj owned by the Zity and County 
between llinth Street and .Eighteenth Street, 
lying in what waa forr.erly l?iaeion Creek 

playgrounds, and the oard 
of Supervisors may, by ordinance, deterraine 
tnat the pucli^ interest or necessity ienianda 
tne sale of such lands so owned and neld .-■ 
tne City and County. 

"The land a«quired by t.,« 'itv un.-i*.- 
y^ donora Sharpe bequest, if not acquired 
for the purposes of a park, square or child- 
ren's playground, may be sold by the City 
under and in pursuance of an ordinance adopted 
oy tne Board of Superviaors under the proTis- 
siona Of Section 9. The Charter does not pre- 
Tide for an exchange of landa c-ned by the 
City and those owned by private parties," 









_ ■-, Jii^ 

.Jk: .. 

•*•% # 




' ! 

1 1 



I 5 


Ra. railroad 
across Park/ 

Opinion read and ordered filed. 

Prom Mrs. J, M. Gushing to Commiasioner 
A, B. Spreckels, encloaintj copy of a letter sent to 
the Olmoted Bros, fron Elihu Root opposing the plac- 
ing of the Botanic Garden in Rock Creek Park because 
many years of conllict for the preservation of Cen- 
tral Park against all sorts of incursions have shown 
him that the only safety is in beating back every in- 

Some of the projects for the invasion are: 
A street railway (in the park), tents for cltcussos, 
a steamboat and full rigged ship, a cemetery for 
distinguished dead, houses of worship of all denAmin- 
ations, a great central People's Cathedral, buildings 
for display of samples of goods for sale in the city, 
a regimental drill ground, an exposition building 
(1880), Gen. Grant's tomb (1885), speedway inside of 
western wall (1892), Acaden/ of Design building (139i) 
revived in 1909, rental of spate chairs (1901), dutting 
up into building lots (R.3. Roosevelt 1904), taking a 
90 foot strip fron east side and adding it to 5th Ave., 
(1905), opera house (Aborn Opera Co., 1910), swiixaing 
Datn (1910), out-door theatre to hold 25,000 persona 
'Frohrnan and Maude Adaas, 1911), central fire depart- 
ment building, (1910-11), :5everal museums on reser- 
^oiT site (191:), transfer of Lenox Library (1912), 

.-, t 

^^^i-ir- (Jaineo E. oullivan 1912), and a Marionette 
Tr.^atTs (Anna Held 1914). 

-ecretiry instructed to acknowledge receipt of 

letter -^ni *^*'r-- 

-' ^ -n.or ra. Cus:iing that the enclosures 

•-^« =^een fued for reference. 

He. seeds and 
plants for 
^rursery stock. 

•'.e. collision 
-tween U.K. H. 
c&r and ^ark ^ 

Re. Iiiiiian 

ri iiee. 



inr p r- 

Prom the United Suatee Department of Agri- 
culture enclosing blanks for application for special 
permits to import nursery dtock and other plants and 

Referred to 3upt, McLamn. 

Prom the United Railroads relative to one 
of their cars damaging one of the Park wagons and 
Injuring one of our teamsters, J, McKenna. 
Referred to Supt, McLaren. 

Prorc the North Beach Proraot'j> Associr4f 
whose attention had been called to the unsightly and 
discreditable conditicn of the old Italian Cemetery 
by iiupt, !.^cLaren. 

They prAirlsc to lo all they can to secure the 
r*: cvtl of the reir.alnint. I'.odies r.o that Supt. :.:cLnren 
may improve it as a Park. 
Plnced on file.. 

Pro:, the AsrociHted Charities Cjl .. ,.y ^cb- 
mittee ot/.tint: that if the Board "will sand in a 
check payatle to the Associated Charities ahead of 
tiir,e your nsce will te taken frcrr. the cards end due 
acknovkledgir.ent riide of your kindneso." 
Ordered filed. 

Frorr. the Pacific Coin Lock Co., 
a check for $11.97 bein^' comission on the receiits 
fror. t:,o coin locks installed in the public lav;.tcr- 
iee in Goller. Gate Park and the ieach Chalet during 
the tzonihB of June, Jul - and August as per enclo.^.ed 

of the Park Fund. 

From the Tllssion Proir.otior. Asscciatior. in- 
forming the Board that a protest was lodged by the 
Rev. D.O. Crowley to the serious point of danger on 





r w 



4 . 




'! i 


• i «■«! 

< I 




II . 

W< |i 


He. sale of 

3*pt. Tavlor's 

19th and Church Streets, "by having no danger light 
shoving the flight of steps and which caused the 
recent fatal autoiaobile accident. 

Referred to Supt. McLaren who instructed the 
Secretary to send a copy of the conar.uni cation to 
Supervisor Chas. A. Nelson, Chairman of the Lighting 

The sum of Sixty Dollars ($60.) was received 
from Ira B. Balziel on account of the sale of an old 
Park wagon to him. 

Secretary reported check depoeited to credit of 
Park Fund, 

Report of Supt. Taylor of the Childrens* 
^iuarters for the month of August. 1919 read £tnd copies 
ordered sent thd Comir.isaioners. 

There being no further business before the 
Loard the meetin,; adjourned. 

I rf la 1 *^a ^*^'4 

secretary— Park CorariisBion, 

■■I .lifc ifi 





4^ > 







■ W" m' •la 

. ^^.-J 















• 'r 


I.* n 

!?egular auceting. 

38 ©f 

* • d#| 

San Francisco, October 9th, 1919, 
At a regular meeting of the Board of Park 
CoinmiBsioners held at their office Park Lodge, C-olden 
Gate Par--:, October atli, 1919 

Present were: Con. U. 3arl Cuinrnings, 

com. A, B. SpreckelB, 
Absent were: Pres. Curtie H. Lindley, 

Com, Herbert iJ'leishhacker 
Com. John A. KcGret^-or, 
In the absence of Pres. Lindley, Com, Cum- 
.. in^vS was appointed Chairman pro ter.. 

There bein^i no quorum present the actions 
of Co:.-jnis8ionere CujniAin^-s and Spreclceis are su' Ject 
to the approval of the Board at the next meetinj. 

President Lindley. while it will be some 
time before he : g able tD leave his roor., proal8»8 
that he will soon be able to make up for lost time. 
At the President's request the iecretary employs this 
^***^i ^ :3iv^in^ hla oa.^linenta to the raenbers 
*--.p Board and Sapt. I'cLar'^n, 
Ordered filed, 

7r .-en. Linllcy with •r. - -re frcr. 
. ■- John :. jpvie of Oaklun., requesting a liit of 

' . ■ . .' . equi. .'. . t 

"•'^ • - ■• -.--... i;ot havi.i;^ ;... ."- 

■ *' - ' ' * iteno . -• ' '^4 

■? A ,, -, , ^ 

1^ ♦■ 

. i j: the »;0ard .ui.. aen- — .- 

> - f » ,» 

> J 1^ ^ 





e>i.w»ner8 w 
approfriat . 
" jperriao 
i n ^, 











1894 Huntinc^ton ^lls 
1894 Alvord Lake 
1893 DeLavea-a Dell 
1899 Spreckela Tenple 

of Liusic 
1904 Gateway, Hai.iht 

3t, entr.iice 

1904 Stadium 

1905 riurphy Tinimill 
1905 Sharp Park, San 

Mateo 30, and 
$80,000. cash 
1905 Art Room, 'iuseura 
1905 ConTenience sta- 
tion, '.Vashintjton 
1908 Gateway, 3th Ave, 

and Ailton St, 
1914 Bay View Park 
1914 Gateway, Ist Ave. 

1914 Fountains, '^usic 


1915 Huntington park 

1916 Hercorial miaoum 
1919 ?rejn loo:n " 

1917 ?o 1 of 3nc;iant- 

1917 Aquarix-n 







Jaa. A, iarfisld 

'ren, Halleck 
Francis Ccott Key 
.jtarr Kinj 
3al] Thrower 

ra^'er ook Cross 

Dewey 'lonument 
Joe t he-Schiller 
' . VcKinley 
-• w, Grint 


3un ^ial 
Bronze lion nt* 

inipero Serra 
Robert ^\xTn% 

G. P, Huntington 

v.'ra, Alvord, Park Co:m.iiasioner 

Jos^ V, deLaveaja 2stato 

Claua Jpreckela 

Mrs. Jennie .McCauley 

Part x)Opular subscription and 

part from Park j'und 
Samuel G. Murp^iy 

Honor- Sharpe oequest 
■2. Walter bequest 450,000. 

Capt. Jaa. IlcDonald 

Susanna 3rown 

Crocker batata 

lira. Crawford 'larke 

Mrs. Chas. Pa^^e 

lira, C, P. Huntington 

M. 3. A« Toun, . 

lira. Christine jsreon, $15,000. 

lira, !/aria pecker, $25,000, 
$3SOjOOO, oeiueat of Ignatz 
Stelnhart to be conatrudtad 
in Golden Jate Park under tne 
Jurisdiction of the Jalifornia 
Academy of Science a. 

Garfield Monument Committee 
ilaj. Gen, G,w. Callum 
Jamea Lick 

Starr 'Cin • —Jnument Cooiaittee 
Kr. 3rowr . . ?ilden, sculptor 
Geo, f. Chi Ida, Philadelphia 
Purchased ^^ VL, H, de Young 
and IZiiwlnter Fair "'^- ission- 
era from the Prenc . .-iaaion 
and preaented to Golden ;at^ I'k 
Bewey Monument Co-qrilrte*? 
Committee of citizens 
tfcKinley Monument Committee 
Committee of citizens. Con, 
O'Connor, ohalrtfian 
Colonial Dames of Aiterica 



^ i ~ ■" 



ohreve -<. Conmny 
Jaa. D. Phelan 
Scotch citizen- . John 

_ ^ , *ic Gilvr-^v. "TBXi 

Portala Of t..e Past Clinton Ji „orien 

olo;p Gjoa 

H. . Lloyd 


Lo^ Cabin 
S, Verdi 

lAidwi^ von Bee- 
!£nrble benches 
The thinker 

Capt, Hoald A.Jin48?n 
^phael ^eill 

^•3, A, Ordnance Dept, 
Italian Citize-=, ^ttore 
Patri^zi, chfe. 

3e'''^ --.fen :iaennerchor 

^r. .'larence "nrd 

!• J, Molera ,J, Cebrlan 

^8. A. B. 3preekela 









' 4*> 





!! 1 








!< i 

I ! 

< ! 






! 11 • 

I ( 



III if 

He, I'ailroad 
across Park. 


^ oara. 

srs Q. 

1919 Robert 3nmiett 
Rpbt, Louis 
Stevenson at 
portaaouth 3q. 

Cannon at Colum- 
bia Square 

Jas. D« Phelan 
CojTunittee of Citizens 
\fm, R. Hearst 

• i 

Action approved. 

Prom Prea. Lindley enclosing letter fron 
IZrs. A, V, "U3hing and iSlihu Root relative to a rail- 
road across the Park, 

Ordered filed for future reference. 

Profrt Com, McGregor, now in Japan, in which 
he sutjjests that ^ohotographs of the Goiamissioners, 
particularly those who are no lon-er witli us, be ob- 
tained and appropriately framed and hun,i on the walla 
of the Board room. Com. McGregor particularly mentions 
l^r. 3i(5iiund Greonebau.-., Prea. Lindley. Com. A. B, 
Spreckals and ::r. r, '{. Hetson. 

On motion of -loin. Jpreckels the matter was taken 
under a-ivla-nent. The 3ecretar:/ forwarded copies of 
com. IZcGregar'3 letter to Prea. Lindley and Cojq. Fliiah- 
hacker ^er^. not present at the meeting. 

^'rom Ma:' .^ .^olph relative to the extension of 
- --:iV9 ^f- ir3f?n,?e requested for Com. John A. ?.*cjreg)r 
-ne .:ayor quotes the Chart -jr wliich seems to prohibit 
' -: .wien-e exceedin-i sixty days. This may be 
aa ofte- 3.15 requested, 
^rl^red filed. 

■■-"3.. :ayor'3 office ^vit:': enclo-ure fron. ..:. 
• --^-ivj to prospectinr for oil in the Park as he 

3 : .-* o^e of the lakes and in 

• " "^ 




I - 


,M *-h 

1 enclosure fro 


offeriix; a bronze jroup 

Re, janitor's 





entitled "Indian Bear Hunt", in return ""or a position 
in the employ of the City. 

3y request tne matter was referred to Com. Ciunmintjs 
From the Janitor's protective Union enclosinti 
a copy of their wage scale, which calls for a salary of 
$125. per ...onth for janitors and jani tresses e;nployed 
in hotels and in LUiliintsa under the control of the 
City of San 7ranci3co, The letter concludes v/ith 
"However, we do not expect the Park Commissioners to 
confom strictly to our wasi scale in this case, but 
we ask as a natter of co.imon justice t:iat this lady 
(Mrs. 0»:,:?ar'i)be given a reasonaMe living wage". Mrs. 
O'Mear.H receives ^50, per Month. 
Referred to Jupt. L'cT.iren, 

7ro.-n W.A. Jo-mson enclosing photograph of 
a track marking machine. 

Referred to :upt. l^cLaren. 

Prom the .. jr..ia Acade.-.v o? Jciencea 
en>: i .- check for $16.20 in payment for electtio 
current iurin. t ;e month or* August, 1J19. 

di-t- ' r -ported check depo.iited to credit of 
Park ?uni. 

"' ^ -^ -— -,r, ^^ :afety Locker Co., pay- 
ment of $5.46 commission on locker receipts at the 
're.*.;i3 courts, 

>ec.vtir reported sane deposited to credit of 
Park Fund, 

, repjrt on 

7rc;. t'V- lioiri of Public Healt 
water used m Park. Referred to iupt. -/c 

Supt. ^^cLaren'8 report for September read 
and approved and reco^'«n^-,-».4. ^- ... 

Supt. D, 
of 3.3:.te..ber, reai 

'. Taylor r 

report r 

.e montii 


'^ples ordered 

■■3ent the Co- 





Ik ^ 


't"'- '' . •''^*ii^''i*. 


. * 

> i 





i; U 




He. Honroe School, Prom J. Ringrose, check for $250, for the 

iraprovement of the grounda surrounding Monroe School, 

Secretary reported the check deposited to the 
credit of the Park Fund, 

Adjourned. There being no further buaineaa before t] 

Board the meeting adjourned. 


Secretfe,r:.' Park Commissioners, 


" i*"^ > ^im 










mki w 




» f 



■ / 




i i^»1 

Regular meetin^. 

no:. . 


San Francisco, October 23rd, 1919, 

At a regular meeting of the Board of Park 
Coi.jaiaoJonerB held at their office Park lodge, Golden 
Gate Park, Octoter 23rd, 191 J 

Present were: Cora. Her'bert ^leiBlihacker, 

Com. M» !5arl Cuinmings, 
Com. ■-. ?. nprec/re]n. 
Absent were: Prec, '.^urtis 'f, Lindley, 

., :'cGrebor, 

Com, John 

In tiie abnence of Prea, Lindley, r'o:.,, ", 
Fleishhacker waa un^inimously appointed cliain;^.; ,^ro ten^ 

The ;:,inutes of the previouG meeting, October 
9th, copies of vi'iic . were sent to the Cornrais si oners as 
"ere a "■ the ininutefi f the r.eetin^- held Sep". -th, 
vere unanimously approved. 

.From his Honor, l.'ayor Rolph, v^ith enclosure 
"f petition fror. \. .). Kazebeer , containin^^ one und- 
red .'n .-i-.ty seven aijnatures, to t".. • haver from the 
merha2-,t;. of the Hai:iht and Ashbury :^ii5trict for t::e 
ope '^ " asonic Avenue throu^ih tiie Pamiitr- 

".■e petitioners s ate that t ere Is r.o crooDin,- 
" ' Tehiflep between I-aker . . ..ta;]j''an Streets, a 
••- "■'^ '^"^ ^1 V. locKF n .d as a result the fichhti ..■— - 

''■ * ' ^- mounts to a ' o su:. " 

"he jet- 


*• r, 

Y/ere represented cy a Cors.ittee 
;.tated th t the opcr:" cf 

■ -^ -r ■;-. V ■ to the .'""■- 

■~ ; ■ . *: ".' n oppobition > !-•• 
... I t •: openir. , : \^ cec: 
"■ ' carried ■^ ' -^ ii« w"® 

i3 deferred until 

):ird. - . -^ the 


. c? a * 


Comrnlttee requented that th« Secretary learn when 
Preo. Lindley will be able to meet a oonu.ittee frora 
the petitioners. The secret. .. ^vas instructed to 
communicate wit): the President. 

From A. i, Kazebeer encloaino a copy of the 
petition relative to the opening of hasonic Avenue 
throU(;h the ?an}iandle, the oritjinril of which was sent 
to the Park Comrr i ^- - ^ Honor, Hayor ^olph. 

Ordered filed, 

?rom rcr; President "■. ■\ He toon stating 
that he deeply appreciates the kind sympathy upon the 
deat.-. 0' 1. •ot:.-- • expressed by the beautiful 
flower: .- from t^ Park. 

Ordered filed. 

From the Santa ^rux Park COteLdaeionerH ajreeing 

^-uy all expenses connecte.. .. . t . t e catci,-.,., crat- 

^^^ "^' '-■'■' '" - -■■ '""ch of Blaek Tail i^eer, 

Wal3obie Far. i a*1 -p**?- .-v-i - ,,, ♦ ■ t 

* «^i- - eer . .ii ^ . .,upt. . cL- ren 

had stfite \ - "'.'.? spared. 

^eferre •_ .pt. cLare:. w^t}. full power to nrt. 
"^r^m hi^^B --r • • . ^^arker, Chainan of 
t .0 Praye; k ^ro.r. aerrlne Committee, requesting; ,:cr. 

■ * " * " ■ * '" ' '^^" ^ ook '"'rn:": -• -e 

"^338 'n .unlay, IJove..ber 2n., . :, 

Perr..losion t;^T-'L\ 

■•To;:, : rs. 

f '~aA 



'utdoor Art Le 




--^-ted the fcllowint; resolu- 





* , V 

^ " 



i iijiiHi 





^^e , coin loc. c, 





HS30L\'ED: That if there mjist "be a 
railroad in the GOLDEII SATS PARK, that 
it should "be underground and not a 
surface railroad. 

Ordered filed for future reference. 

Prom the Pacific Coin Lock Co., forwardini; 

check for $6,33 coininiBBion on the receipts from locks 

in the Park and leiich Chalet, 

secretary reported same deposited to credit of 

the Park 7und, 

Prom the Municipal Railroads of "an Prancisco 

for the construction of a stairway, etc. at California 

Street ■ nd Lincoln Park at 34ti2 Ave., $2208,45, 

Secretary reported checic deposited to credit of 

Park Pund, 

?roj!i I'artin Hettig encloain^j photographic 

r-'-. ^-'. .! ■^, ■ -i 0? a pa^'ntlnj by t'lc late 7Tn<- Ju-eneck- 

It i3 the face -ini head of an aged man and can be pur- 

chtid«l ;or >1600, 

^cllned ^ . ^ ^anda. 

Prcn "'.^ U.C. Dept. of A^sricilture relative 

to explana. [i-lOSJ cf regulatio i as amended under 

vi-a.-a ... .V 37, it i \ it'?i t". .t in exce^.f iv" ■^no'js 

^ • i iportai ■ no/eltieu (ne^7 vurieties) ;nay be 

^- '- "--^ .'? .o- -vut lot f^r "i:e. 


■ ±n 

• n ■ f>n 

"ounriil 3f 

t the scale of -vajes 

^ - 

■1 ...\<i: 

i''*3'^ .*, 

'1^ ---./ 

^e. Italian 





R2S0LV3D: That in accordance with the 
recommendation of liia Honor, the liayor, 
Hon. Jo-'in A, ^^cGregor, a rneraber of the 
Park GO-'.-uniaaion, is hereby liranted a leave 
of absence for a period of sixty days, com- 
mencing October 1, l.^l'} ■.-■t.; permission to 
leave t'-.e State, 

Ordered filed. 

Corn, Fie is". had:' r reported that he had 
secured illowance o^ 37500, to : e set aside "by 

the Pinanoe '"or-j'.ittee for t ie r9'::oval of the bodies 
:.: the Italian Jonetery 3 that the ground may be i,n 
proved :^^v joif purposes. 

The Board tendered Com, Pleis .Viaeker a vote of 

Report of Curator ^qt^^z for the ;nont:i of 
^Qy- >/, 1919 read -furred i. ' ■ ;:. :- .. . .o. 

There beinj no "urthor ' uainess before the 
Board th« iMetln.j ' j i. 


taiy Parai Conrnisaioner^, 





■ ^-k, 



t ! 








• In 




- 1 
















II ^ 

I fc 


'I I 

) %:> 

M««ting called 

Minutea of pre- 
TlouB Meeting 

"'res. Llndley 
re; detained on 

Mayor •a Office 
re: croBslng 
In "^anhandle . 

San yranoiaoo. HoTember 13th, 1919. 

At a regular meeting of the Board of Park 
CoBimisBionerB, held at their office. Park Lodge. 
Golden Sate Park, Hovember 13th, 1919: 
Preaent were: Con. H. Fleiahhacker 

" A. B. Spreokela 
" M. E. CusBDlngt 
Abaent: Pres C. H. Lindley 
Com. J. ▲. MoGregor 
In the absence of President Lindley, Conniesioner 
H. rieishhacker was unanimously elected Chairman. Pro -t em. 

The minutes of the previous meeting, copies of 
which were sent to the Commissioners, were, upon motion 
duly made seconded and carried, adopted as the minutes 
of the meeting held October £3d, 1919. 

From President C. H. Lindley. a telegram dated 
Salt Lake City, Uovember 6,1919. In which the President 
informs the Secretary that professional engagements be- 
fore the Federal Courts there, will detain him for prob- 
ably three weeks. He will be glad to meet the Masonic 
Avenue Committee upon his return. 

The secretary stated that he had so notified the 

From the Mayor's Office, relative to the request 
of tha Haight & Ashbury Improvement Aseooiatjon that a 
crossing for vehicles be made at Masonic Avenue through 
the Panhandle. 

This matter was referred to President Lindley. 



:» -s, 

4 :■«' 



.^ayu /'%.. 









1 1 

h I ' 

Mayor's Offlo« 
re: wagoe of 

Bd. SiiperviBors 
re : aooeptanoe 
of IZoKlnnon 
Monument . 

re: Matting 
with Free. 

United Railroads 
re: olaln of 
Park Commission. 

Health Offiotr 
Hasaler, re: 
rsBoval of 
bodies f roc- 
City 2omet«ry. 

yrom the Mayor's Office, with snolosure from 
•n anonyaoiM writer who oomplalns to the Mayor about 
the inadequaoy of waf«« paid Park laborara. 
Ordarad filed. 

Prom the Board of SuparTlaora, Reaolutlon 
#17286 fNew Series) as followa: ReaolTaB, That the 
Board of SuperTlsor* reeanMnd to the Honorable Part 
Oofflffllsslon the aooeptanoe of tha Chaplain MoKlnnon 
Monument, and that a sultabla slta be aeleotad for 
placing same. 
ApproTed San Pranclsoo, Norembar 1.1919. 

Orderad filed. 

From ▲. G, EiaEebar, acknowledging reoelpt 
of Information from the secretary ralatlre to a Meet- 
ing between President Llndley and the Coamlttee of the 
Ashbury & Haight Street Improrement Club, regarding th« 
opening of Masonloe ATetoua through tha Panhandle. 

Ordered filed. 

Prom United Rallroada of San Franolaco, rel- 
atlre to a claim put In by Park Commission for damages 
to the Park wagon and employee on Septembar 18,1919. 
The claim agent states he Is oompletlng an InTestigatlon 
of the facts of this oeeurrenoa. 

Ordered filed. 

Prom Health Officer, Wra. C. Hasslar, to Super- 
inte.dent licTAren recommending Mr. Jos. Hagen. the City 
undertaker, aa the proper peraon to remove the bodies 
from the old city cemetery as he la equipped for the 
handling of thla type of work and understand, the rules 
of the Health d-««-«— *-* 

R«f«rred to Superintendent. 


Board of 

Asst. Secty. 

to Mayor 

re : apace for 


7ater "^orks 
Supple Co. 
re: Swiisalag 

From Board of Health, relatire to the sama 
subject matters aa the preceding latter. 

Ordered filed. 

From Assistant Secretary to Moyor Rolph. with 
enclosure from Hon. Ceo S. RomanoTsky, consul of Russia, 
requesting permission to place "four man-eating Tigers 
in a oaga where a small black bear is now plaoed**. 

Superintendent McLaren has declined to provide a 
place for the tigers and his action was approved by the 

From Water Works Supply Co., announcing that 
they have established a ''Water Purification Dept." es- 
pecially for awimming pools, and suggesting that their 
Engineer, Mr. Eaton, be consulted regarding same. 
Referred to Superintendent McLaren. 

From Park Tennia Court players, with two pe- 

Park Teiinis Court 


re: THumlnat- titiona requeatlng the illumination of one or mora Park 

ing Courts. 


Dept. of Health 
re? water In 

Courta ao that the same may be used for evening tannls . 

Superintendent inotructed to have one court illumi- 
nated for trial. 

From A. W. Robinson, fl4.60 for the purchaae 
of 43 Guinea Pigs and 3 Rabbits; Cal. Safety Locker Co.. 
oommiaaion. .t4.23; California Academy of Sciences. tlS. 00 
refund of gaa bill for September; State Compenaatlon In- 
surance Fund, dividend of 1265.39 -making a total refund 
of 1691.14; Pacific Coin Look Co. .ooramlasion of |4.73; 
•11 of which the Secretary reported deposited to tha 
credit of Park Fund. 

Department of Publlo Health, analysis of water 
in the Park. 

laf erred to Superintendent McLaren. 










f^ J^ 

*r -^ ^^ 


w,.-*'^ » 





? r 1 

-■ ■* 



\n\' m 





yi u 

Snpt. McLer«n'8 

Supt. Taylor's 
Report . 

Report of 
Curator ^enez 

Letter to 
Hon.Jullua Kahn. 



Eeport of Superintendent McLaren for the 
month of Ootoher. 

Adopted and reoonmendatlons approved. 

Report of Supt. Taylor for Ootoher reoelved 
and a oopy ordered sent to each Coionlssloner. 

Report of Curator Penes for the month of 
October received and referred to Comnissloner Cunnings. 

The Secretary was instructed to send the fol- 
lowing letter to Hon. Julius £ahn: 

Hovemher 15th, 1919. 

Hon. Julius Kahn, 
TTashlngt on , 

D. C. 

Dear Sir: 

The Board of Supervisors In their Budget 
set aside #12,000 for the Improvement of Mt.Lake 

There Is an old broken down wall that 
divides the lands of the Presidio and Mt. Lake Park. 
If you oould possibly arrange with the Department to 
allow us to take this wall down. It will greatly 
help In the adornment of this Park. This fenoe la 
an obstruction and em eye sore to the grounds sur- 
rotodlng this beautiful Park. 

Yours very truly. 

There being no further business the Board 


^\ ' 


S^0T(at&T7, Park Commission. 










( ta- 

i 'I 

» ! 



San Pranolsoo, Deoamber 11th, 1919. 

Meeting called. 

Minutes adopted 


Mayor's Offloa 
re: CoUectlon 
of watohes. 

re : leave of ab 
aenoe to Com. 

It • r»gttl«r Beating of th« Board of Park 
Oo»,i«elon.r.. h.ld at offlo.. Park Lodg,. Ooll.n 
Gate Park, December 11th, 1919. 

Present were Cob. M. E. Cumnings 

" A. B, Spreokels 
Absent Pres. C. H. Llndlej 

Coo. H, Flelshhaoker 
* J. A. McGregor 
The minutes of the meeting held November 13th. 
copies of Which were sent tc the Commissioners, were upon 
motion duly made, seconded and carried, adopted as the 
minutes of the meeting held Bovember 13th. 1919. 

The regular meeting that should have been held 
Thursday, November 27th fThanksgiving Day) was postponed 
to December 11th. 

In th. of Pr.al4.nt Llndl.y. anj of a q„om.. 
OormlaBlon.r Cumlngs was by Oomla.lon.r Spr.ok.l 
to tak, the Ohalr. and th. ord.r of buelnea. ». oarrl.d 
through eubjeot to confirmation at th, next meeting .hould 
a quorum be present. 

Jro. Mayor'. Offlo.. ,ith enelo.nre froB Jo.eph 
Tlasek, Who ha. a eoll.otlon of w»oh.. at hie home l„ 
Lo. Angel... He de.ire. that tonrl.t. b. glv.n hi, addr... 
BO that th.y may t1.w his ooll.otlon, 

Referred to Curator Peoet. 

?ron Board of Sup.rvl.or., r.latlr. to H..olutlon 
#17387 ,hloh extend, th. 1..t. of of John i.lloOregor 
for .Irty daya from and after Ti.A.™k-> ,.* ,„•,„ ,.^. 
mlsslon to leave the atata. 








< . 


■ \ fc ♦. ■ 


,-^t«>.«»"- j,-v .•.'^-♦"ii)(«- 






w o 

1 t 



I -■r, 1 


nn * 




'' ri. 



r% i 


Bd. Supervisors From Board of Supervisors, relative to ResolntiA* 

re. appropriation unon 

for Lincoln #17316. appropriating #7600.00 to bo expended out of th« 

Park . 

General Fund, under the direction of the Board of Park Com- 
missi oners, for the Improvement of Ilnolon Park by the re- 
moval of the bodies from that portion of Lincoln Park known 
as the Italian Cemetery. 

From Mr. Harold E. Turner, submitting for anprovtl 

Mr .Harold E. Turner 
re: publication. 

a publication to be called "The Park Program & Guide". 

"To give a batter idea what our "^ark Program & Guide" 
will contain, the following will clearly show what an in- 
teresting and valuable asset to the Park and San Pranoieoo 
our publication will be: 

l«t. History, and all data pertaining to some point of Inter- 
est or feature of Golden Gate Park. 

2nl. Musical Program. 

3rd. All points of Interest In San Pranoisco and vioinlty, 
showing that San Francisco is the central point in Calif- 

4th. Map showing where all points of interest are located 
in Golden Gate Park. 

6th. Trafiic Rules and Regulations relating to Golden Gate 
Park and Parks of San Francisco. 

6th. Dates and subjects of lectures in Academy of Soienoes. 
7th. Lost and found column. 

?!h ^i*" ®^ sporting and other eventa taking place in 
Golden Gate Park, and where located. 

9th. Car lines to and from the Park. 

T^^.n'T T^ s^^nilt the above for your consideration and ap- 
+ i.?Z *' ^"* request that permission be granted us to dis- 
xribute same in Golden Gate Park, free of charge to the 
ill ana County of San Pranoisco, and to the public; and 
in coroiuaion - we promise that If permission be granted 
««uo^^^'*?! °^^ publication an Interesting and valuable 
th« L ° V^^ ^*^^' ®^^ *r« willing, at any time, to aeslet 
will + ^^ Conmissioners and receive their advice. Also, we 
wixi n&KQ care of all debris caused by our publication. 

Respectfully yours, 
fsismad) Hnrol'l ^. Tu'^-^r, 

""523-7th Ave." 

Action deferred until a quorum of the Board ie preeent. 
Mr. Turner was instructed to submit a sample of his in- 
tended publioatlon. 





Chief !Thlte 
re: Gate Post 
at Stadium. 

Anton Duroek 
re: Colcrod 

Miss Pawke 

re: Resignation, 

Edith S.McPike 
re: Return of 

re : Hew fence 
at oioneer 

Joa. Giannini 
re: Reoeiot of 
Bref t . 


From Chief of Police Thlte. who received a re- 
port from an oft ice of his department that Private O.R. 
Geyer of the Presidio destroyed a Gate Post at Stadium. 
Eeferre-l to Superintendent. 

From Anton Durpek, of the CEechoslovak Republic, 
who says he is Interested in the modem cultivation of 
flowers, and desires an album cf colored views of Golden 
Gate Park. 

Referred to Secretary. 

From Miss Mabel M. Fawke , her resignation aa 
•tenographer and Bookkeeper to take effect Kovember 15, 
1919, thanking the Members of the Board for the court- 
esies shown her during the past ten years. 
Resignation accepted. 

From Edith E. McPike , requesting the return to 
her of a Piano which was her property before her father 
made a gift of it to the Park Museum. 

It was agreed that the piano be returned to the lady. 
From H. A. Lafler, relative to the purchase by 
him of 50 vara Lot # 1486-Block #61. one side of this Lot 
for a distance of 137'5" borders on Pioneer Park. Telegraph 
Hill. "The fence between my lot and the Park is in very 
poor condition. I would like to know If the Park Com- 
missioners would Join with me In the construction of a new 
fence; the expense to be borne equally." 

Referred to Superintendent McLaren with power to act. 
From Mr. Jos. Gianninl . of the Italian Bank, 
relative to the receipt of a draft from Genova. covering 
a shipment of cannon to the order of Mrs. Jullua Kahn. 
Referred to Curator Penes, 



I A 



/ " 




.^ Ai. 4i 

' A 





:l I'lf 

I : » 






Moneye received 
and deposited. 

LIueeujE employees 
pe : Increase of 

Calif .Academy 
Scioncee re : 
Bird Exhibit. 

ilr.l^'ht ar 

Printing Co. 
re; ' npr-inti^ent . 


atone wa^l. 


?rom California Academy of Solenoee, enclosing 
check for $18.00 in payment of the Gas & Electric bill 
for the month of October. From Madison & Burke, $360. 00 
for rent of a portion of Sharp's Park for months of No- 
vember & December 1919 to January 1,1920. Prom W.H.Hord 
& Son, sale of six horses $178,50 net. Prom United Rail- 
roads of San Francisco, $109. 99 payment of a claim arising 
from an accident that occurred on September 18, 1919, when 
a street car ran into a Park wagon, damaging it and in- 
juring the teamster. 

All of which moneys the secretary reported deposited 
to the credit of the Park Pund; excepting the rent of 
Sharp's Park which was credited to the Spreckel's Special 
Deposit Pund. 

Prom Memorial Museum, Golden Gate Park, a pe- 
tition signed by C. Clanton, R. Belmont and 7. E.Dennis, 
applying for an increase of wages in order that they may 
be able to meet the high cost of living. 
Referred to Commissioner Cumminge. 

ProTT. California Academy of Sciences, requesting 
that permission be granted to Curator and his assistants 
to procure for a bird exhibit in their Museum, specimene 
of birds known to occur in Golden Gate ^ark; to be artis- 
tically mounted and installed in a long case divided into 

Hequest granted. 

Prom Knight -Counlhan Printing Co., containing 
information of the appointment of llr.Emil Brisacher es 
Advertising .^^nglneer- -Supervising art work and printing. 
Piled for future reference. 

'-CTT. r:.C.Karehall, Jr., Brig. General U.S.A., to 
Hon. Julius Eahn, relative to the removal of a portion of 

atone wall near fountain Lake Park. It will be neces- 
sary to take this matter up with the Department Quarter- 


U.S.Dept .Agriculture 
re: Insoeotion & 
entry of plants. 

''ark "res idle Tmn. 
Assn. re: Light 
at 8th Ave. & 


Mrs. C.Millberg 
re: Shelter. 

bright 4 Dltson 
re: Golf Balls. 

Superintendent ' s 

Supt. Taylor's 

Curator's Report 

Mteting Adjourned 

master for his approval. 

Thli letter was referred by Julius Kahn to Super- 
intendent McLaren, in whose hands it was allowed to 
remain for settlement. 

Prom U. 3. Department of Agriculture, instrao- 
tions relative to inspection and entry of plants under 
Regulation 3, Quarantine # 37. 

Referred to Superintendent McLaren. 

Prom Park Presidio Improvement Aasoolatlon, 
requesting that a light be placed at 8th Avenue and 
Pulton Street. 

Referred to Board of Supervisors. 

From Mrs. C. Millberg. requesting that a shelter 
"be placed at Moraga Streot and Lincoln v^ay. 
Referred to Board of 'Torks. 

Prom Wright 4 Dltson, submitting a price list 
for Golf Balls to be sold at Linooln Park Golf Links. 
Referred to Superintendent McLaren. 

Report of Superintendent LtcLaren. 
Adopted and recommendations approved. 
Report of Superintendent Taylor. 
Copy to be sent to each Conmlssioner. 

Report of Curator Penes. 
Referred to Commissioner Cunmingt. 

There being no further business the Meeting 

/ Secretary. 


Park Commission. 







r^ .-»/-' 






n.ii t 







Meeting called. 


Minutes adopted 

Con. ::oGregor 
re Receipt of 
Itlnutea and 
extension of 

Fron ':a7or*B Cff 
re: letter from 


San Pranolsoo, Cal., December 26,1919. 

At a regular meeting of the Board of Park 
CommlBBlonerB. held at their office. Park Lodge. Golden 
Gate Park, ?riaay, December 26, 1919. 
Present were: Prea. C. H. Lindley 

Com. A. 3. SpreokelB 
" M. E. Cumnlngs 
" H. PlelBhhaoker 
Abaent " j, x, McGregor 

The minutes of the previoua meeting, and of the 
meeting held Novomber 13. 1919. copies of which were sent 
to the ConmlBSionerB. were, upon motion duly made seconded 
•nd carried, adopted as the minutes of those respective 
meetings . 

From -onni38 loner !.:cGregor. who reports receiving 
the minutes regularly, enjoys them for the information 
they contain, and. because for the time being at least, he 
Is brought back in spirit to the Park we all love so well. 
Comnlse loner McGregor appreciates the extension of his 
leave of absence, and extends to the Members of the Board, 
superintendent McLaren, the Secretary and Employees. his 
Tery best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

From the ilayor's Offioe. acknowledging receipt 
of a letter from Secretary de Succa relative to the expi- 
ration of the official term, of President 0. H. Lindley 
and CommiMioner A. 3. Spreckels . 

From Hon. Julius Kahn and Dr. Morrli Herzstein, 
relatlTt to a ooUeoticn of war rellos and trophies froa 
the Italian Government for the Park Museum as an addition 
to the Kahn-Heristein e:.hibit. 

Seorstary instructed to express the gratefta appre- 


A. fiiK^fe* ^«»» '^i^. 








I • 

( ! 

I I • 




' hi )»iM 





Mre. Bogge 
re: aift of 

Auditor Boyle 
TO : Taxes on 
Sharp oark 

B4. T>ubiiQ Vcrka 
re: .=?helter at 
■a 4 Sreet 



olatlon of the Members of the Board to Hon. Julius Kahn 
and Dr. Herzetein for their kindly Interest In the Park 
Memorial Museuin. 

From Mrs. Mae Helene Bacon Boggs, relative to 
her oolleotlon of Indian Baskets, eto.,whloh has been ex- 
hibited as a loan in the Park Muaeuin; but whloh she now 
desires to make a gift to the oltlzens of San Pranoisoo. 
and to continue to be known as the "Mae Helene Baoon 

Secretary Instructed to acknowledge receipt of her 
letter announcing her valuable gift, tendering the grate- 
ful appreciation of the Members of the Park CommieBion. 
and accepting her kind gift , which they hope others will 
emulate . 

Prom Auditor Boyla. advising that the second 
Installment of taxes on the Sharp Park property be paid 
by demand signed by the Park Commissioners drawn on the 
Spreokels Special Deposit Fund, in favor of A. McSweeney. 
Tax Collector of San Mateo County, whloh he will transmit 
to him direct. 

Referred to President Lindley. 

Prom Board of Publlo ^orks. stating that a pe- 
tition for a shelter at Moraga and the Great Highway, at 
the stopping place of the Munlolpal Bus Line whloh had 
been referred to them, would be glren attention. 


Prom the Paclflo Coin & Looker Co.. receipt of 

check for *4 oc 

^ .^.^is, commission on looks at Boaoh Chalet. 

•oretary stated money was deposited to credit of 
Park Pund. 

Supt. Taylor 
re: T?enting 
. nartors. 

Slight -Counihan 
Printing Co. 
re: appointment 

Business re : 
Permit to 
in Park. 

He: Show cases 
for new MuseoB 


Increase of 
salary of 
at Museum. 

B4» Health 
'■•: Brlnklng 
^•ter in Park. 



Superlntendent Taylcr of the Children's 
Quarters submitted a proposition to rent the Children's 

This propoaltlon wa* oonoia.r.d . ooneeeslon, which 
la agamet the polioy of th. pr.e.nt Board, it wae not 
looi.a upon favorably; r.auatlne m the withdrawal of th. 
propoBltlon ty Sapt. Taylor. 

From Enight-Oomihan Printing Co.. r.latir. to 
th. appolntn!.nt of B»ll Brlaaoh.r. adT.rti.lng .n«in..r. 

Dnd.r th. ord.r of nnflnlah.d bualn.ea, th. 
wtt.r Of th. p,n»lt to H. E. Turner to dl.trlbut. . 
publloatlon to b. oall.d "Park Progra» * Quid.-, fr.. to 
th. public and to th. Park Ooan.a.lon.r. wa. oonsid.r.d. 
Pr.ald.nt Lindl.y vLw.a th. propo.ltion as a oon- 
o...ion-on. p.r»Itting th. Park to b. oo».roiali..d by 
prlTat. p.raon.; which 1. again.t th. policy of th. Board 
«.«. If grant.d. would op.n th. door for r.,«..t, ror ,on- 
o.aalons of all aorta. 

lotion d.f.rr.d two w..ks. 

Ih. ,u.,tlon Of proTldlng .how oa... for th. 
n«r »h...u» Building wa. raferr.d to Co«l,.ioner Cu«.i„g. 
for a report. 

4« lnar.a.. of »e.00 p.r .onth in th. .alary 

Of th. aix ,ar.-t.k.r. at th. Hua.u. .m. .p^ „„,,.„ 

*«ly -a. ..oond.d ^» oarriad. all.^.d to t.k. .ff.,t on 

January 1, 19S0. 

trcm th. Board of H.alth. a r.port on th. con- 
dition of th. drinking wat., m th. Park. 

•• -- -»*j.»4.*j*»,exiaeiit McLaren. 

There being no further bualn... the Board ad- 

■* /) 

S«or.^ary. Park Oomni.Bion. 



nt until 

a i ^a x 


:^'<min<'^ •Tt 









i ' 


I , 




• 1." 



San Francisco, Cal. January 8th, 1930 

Meetin^^^^alled^ At a regular m.atin., of the Board of Park 

CommisBionerB. held at their office, Park Lodge. Golden 
Gat« Park, Thursday January 8th, 1920, 

Present were: Prea.C.H. Lindley 

Com. A,B, SpreckelB 
K«K, Cuniinings 
" H. Pleishhacker 

Absent: • J. A. McGregor 

The meeting was called tc order by Pres. Lindley 
at 4 P.M., all members being present except Com. J. a. 
McGregor who la in Japan. 

C/uetitB at 

a dopt ed 

The BomberB were honored ty the presence of Hie 
Honor Hayor Jae. Rolph. Jr., Urs. 4l„a Spreckels. Supervie„ 
Ralph McLeran. Ur. Oeorse Applegarth. Assistant to Henri 
Oulllaune, Designer of the building to be known «a Th. 
Caiifornia Palace of the Legion of Honor" to be donated to 
the Citizens of San Franclnco by Con. A.B.Spreckel. and 
Alma Spreckels, his wife. 

The r.inute£ of the previous meeting (copies of 
Which were sent to the Co^i.sioners) were, upon motion 
duly ,„ade. aeconded and carried, adopted as the minute. 
of the meeting held Eeoer.ber 26th, 1919. 

Con:. Spreckels hnnded in a communication, which 

i^^^^ldlLJ' '"'"" '° ''''-' '•'»" ''■' «-"•" Of the Board, read. 

Ing as follows: 

"0-. A. B. 


^ ' ^1 


■-» 'Ci|% ^*'*>*'- 















* ««|3W •» a* 

January 5,1920 

To the Honoratle Board of Park Commiaoioners 

of tae City and County of San PranclsJo 
State of California, 


Per some tima past we have had under 
coneideration the purpose o. making a con- 
tribution to the beautificaticn of our native 

o+- *v. * lu ^^J seenied desirable and appropri- 
ate that the object of thie purpose might be 
something not only beautiful in itself, but 
aloo something which might be devoted to patri- 
H«Jf ^"^/seful ends: somethings which might be 
dedicated as a suitable memorial to our brave 

of art and historical treasures, to promoting 

e«L^?^'f' ^" ^"'^ "^'^^"^^ ^^ °"^ Citizens, ^d 
especially tne rising and coming generations. 

nfr^y, -.♦f^^^' *^^^ purpose in view, we now 
?n fvl ^ r'^"* approval, to erect on a site 

in the park known as Alta Plaza, to be selected 
tL^klAd\?^r^^^.^ tuildin,,. which, except for 

mkde i2l«; ^^J^'^lri "^^^' ^'"^ «lig^* variatione 
^e necessary by the topography of the park, 

?S? Lerlor r/l^"'' °^/^^ celebrated Palace of 
tne Legion of Honor of Paris, Prance. 

as von Vnn3^^^ beautiful and monumental building, 
^lIlTrtls ll ilrllT'"'' °"' °' '^^ architectf' 

one-etcrv nnH ^"^i'^f"^ ^° ^e erected will be a 
cluJinSTv! r ^^f^ ba8e..ent. building, and. in- 

?ee^^;r^''?..^\^"^5 '"^y ^^° hundred ^md twenty (220) 
Crete J .![• \f! constructdd of reinforced con- 
the ri -w^.*^^^ plastic Caen stone, and be of 
r.i^hebt type of workmanship. It is intended 

- Page 3 « 

It is understood that the buiiri^^r 

o?'?hr?i°tv'' f ?'' ""' ^^« -^-^^^' Propei?^' 
?Lt fo^J^ ^""^ ^°""^y °^ San Pranciscof sub- 
Ject to the control of the Board of Park roml 
missi oners, and their successors. "^ 

♦V « ^* suggest the buildin*^ be mn-^ 
the Ca.irornla Palace of the Lig?on%rHonor. 

thereupon deo03it*ln'fh„'u^' ""j''^ "« ""1 
Bank of San Pranci^co in ?v""'"* national 
qr-^«.v,»i ^«. » ^" ^^-e name of A- E 

'^e"rutu.'J'"t\^ ?f"e" -^ Jo>„,^D/i=Kee, 
Thousand 'vthl^H «?.ofoo'?fr%o""^'-S.^r-?oJ"'"'^ 

^?ch*°.iL=re\iii ■r^iri^^s,-'^* ^"'^«"«= 

cost3 on d^aft. tho^^n'dr::* tlVT'lltlT. 
or, in case of hi « riA^f> « L^^ ' ^' Spreckels; 

other two trJt^^;/:f?,:^u^^^i;^^?^^J.:^• 

: After the re,.din,ti of 
as follows: 

Very respectfully, 
(Si,:nftd) A.-. Spreckels 

Alma Spreckels < 

the communication. Mayor Rolph 


"juat '^e'r^rr^Vl^ll^t'l^ |/ew remarks . J .... 
where I was for the third tlm^%?^'*? ^J Supervisors 
Of Presiding Officer S^^he Boa id nr'l^ ^"^° *^^'« °^^lce 
Virtue of having le.-n reelert^H u ^^ »"P«rvjEor8 by 
presided at the^nau"ural moeti,^^?%°^ ^" FrancLco. I 
Conuaaeicner Fleioh>xacker left «« i^^* ^^''^'^ ^"^' ^^th 
could to attend the -etiA/^PthiM^arS: "' ^°'''''^ 



-» -j'rpn - T% 

«-. A 







, -..W«l 

lilif^ ' ■ 'li 


I » 

» ^ 



! I 



Pres, Llndley'e 



- Page 4 - 

Tf Po^ r delighted with the great generosity 
of Commissioner and Mrs. Spreckela. Thig ..til 

TJi^f^?^ ^ *^54^ °£ J°y through the" hearts Of 
the citizens of San Pranciaco. This splendid 
etructure to be known as the "California Palace of 
the Legion of Honor", coming after the Music qt«nJ 

of%he'^ri"f S^.r" r' y°^^ brother John ispreck;i8 
?he 2asf Slf??^irf enterprise from San olego to '' 
tne flast. Gifts of every description have comZ -r^L 
you.Commissioner Spreckele, but^his onrcrowns^U L 
«ni:i ^°^^^'^« «^°^^ld appear on this building - 
surely a staggering gift. May I express the fhanka 
of the whole people of San Franciqco fat ^am^ 
gift, ijz-a.ici.ico lor your generous 

It is indeed a pleasure for me to reaT>ni»n + 


■ It is a pleasure for all of us to have ^ood an 

pointinents made on the Board, but the wonlerfu? im? 
i:7lTt^l TA J" .'^' appearance of the Park weir all 
L^ren l^^-?^!^ i^''^ management of Superintendent Mc 
^ V\e -o^;d t ^ Conomissioner Spreokels. who has been 

aSaist the l^rr^r^'?^ ^^^'^"^' '^^^^ su.;.,e3tiona greatl/ 
Msist tne buperintendent in planning new const^ctive 

and Mra^^'^i^nv^'"^'''^ Pleasure will come to Commissioner 
a..a Mrs. opreckela from their generous gift. • 

or P-eiMenrJndi^i'''''^ ^^"^ "^^°'* ^^^ ^''^ reaojointment 
ir-.en.ient Lindley and Commissioner Spreckels." 

the</rea"*^?nt'"^''i^^^: "^^^ pleasure is all mine, as 
upl; my"ai;.t.^iatrSti:?n?-'"''^ acceptance reflect credit 

Super-zisor McLer n spoke in hi,^ praise of the 
work djne by Mra . Spreckels during the World War. He 
•aid he greatly ad:nired the idea of a -California 
Palace of the Legion of Honor" building, he added: 

-if' t.*^"^ to express my pleasure at tnia 
' ' i^^en* fl ^^V\t^ ^'"^ Fra/icisc. I will suG.'Sst 
'TfHn :^^ -barter hy the next Le.jialature to 

^0 tho^allowance to the Park Corraniariion from 
/^n cents m that t -ii Board may be 
ike jro-jer care of t.-xis Historic 
Valuable co a tent a." 


Vote of 

McLe ran 

Mrs Sprekels, 

re: aifts of 
Art . 


1 a 


e» In 

- Page 5 - 

A vote of thanks was tendered to Supervisor McLeran 
as Chairman of the Finance Committee of the Board of 
supervisors for having had placed to the credit of the 
Park Commission the sum of |7. 500.00 to defray the ex- 
pense of removing the bodies from the Italian Cemetery- 
now Lincoln Park. 

Mrs Alma de Brettvllle announced her in- 
.: tention of inotalim^' in one .f the U.aorlal Halls her 
ooUeetion of tne works of Rodin, the 'World's greatest 
Boulptor, al30 a colleotao., of the works of th. CHiifornl. 
Sculptor Artijir Putnam. 

n is believed that Sepresentatlves of tne Brenoh 
Oovern:»ent will .e present at the dedication of the ne,, 

Upon motion duly aade -.nd seceded the application 

^ Of Co:^,isai.,.,er Sprecksls and Alaa Spreckels, hi, wife, to 

':e pe fitted to erect on . site m the Park known a. Alta 

Plaza, to be seleote . , : ., p.^k 3o..a,isslo„. a «..,orlal 

B^n^'.ns, a replica of ■.... .p,iace of the Le.,io.. of Honor" 

Of Paris, France. Motion c-: • I unaalaously. 

Ser^ Sonistel, r.- -i- m,« .__„ 

■ • -■'••• -he Array, requasted 

•■ P"^ ;=-■ • , ; .ve •,.,•; ; ; ■ ,,.« i„ tj,, p^^^^ 
-an -.:.« vl..,.ity Of t,,» Onlldren's Quarters. The «o«ts and 
donk.yo coul . .e uu„l . . , p^,„;, ^^^^ „„,, ^^^ ,_^^ .^^^ 


. rac 

These pict ires wou. ; : -^ ghown to - 

t'^ "n 

people, so tnat -.-..y -. ■,, i,„„ ,,„, ^,„^^ ^^^ ^^^,^ ^^^^^__ 
weather. Piot.res to be .x..= .ited without c,..r ... to the 
public. This pemlssion was granted and Superintendent 
McLaren was requested to extend every courtesy. 







«* t 











to distrlDute 

Guide" in Park 
ie lied 

llfction of 

%r relics; 




- Page 6 0- 
«>. application of «,. T^^er to dlstrlbut, . 

;rrT ^" ""•" " "• ^"^' -- --' a.i„„.„, 

t., last „e,tln«. ca.e up ro, ^naX action. Upon 
»otlo„ .ul. ^.e. „co...e. an, ca„l,.. ,,, ,„,,,,,,„ 
waa d.„ie.. ,,,,, „„,,^^^ .^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^ ^^ 

ye.ra pa«t - with the ilea or ,eepln« the Park f„e 
from all commercial purposes, 

upon motion duly made, seconded and carried una,!- 
-Sly, President Undley was reelect.d President or 

appointed Supe^-int^ n^«r,+ j * 

P -inte..dent and James de Succa. Secretary. 

Prom Honoraole Julius Kahn re- »sr .»i< 

• "• •^'^ relics - ordered 

"■rox Dr. Hernzstein re- »=, 

i-em, re. War relics . ordered riied 

'"'" '• *' '•■'=^'-^«' ■•«•• -^i- Claim to a Wood Carv- 
ln« in Uuaeu... . referrel to Curator Penez. 

From Anderson 4 Rm^^rose. cheol. ror «350.00 for 
^--ovi,., ,„„„,, ,,^„„^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ _ ^^^^^^^^^^ ^^ 

credit of Park Tuhd. 

Jn 6o"" f""'""^'' ^'=-^--=^ ^f science, check for 
electric current .-nonth of November 1919 . 
<»-P-'!ted to credit of Park Fund. 

-^^..1.. o..ety Locker Co.. $4.65 - coin- 

"^^^ • ■ ■ or: locks. ,• , ^- , ' '' ^ 

■'-'--- . V , / " 

■^^•'- -Park, Rangoon, an offer 

4n two 3uria.u ^HeZ-m^o 

^^e,...tnt8 - no funds available. 

• . New 

■t in Pe 


t-o U. H. de Younfcj, relative to 
^3 3l.i Sn.;ine "Ki nckerbocker #5 *, 

' - acce^.ted. 

*-- sec 


ion ciuizah, E. 


,ypt, relitive 

1 f-- 

plants - referred to Supt. 

Taxes on 

War tax on 
Au to ju .rQ : 

Lighting in 
tennis courts: 

r ..<■ 


fc>-pw. m-^j^uV's :.* B 


- Page 7 - 

Prom Auditor Boyle relative to payroent of the 
second installnent of taxes on Sharps Park : Secre- 
tary instructed to comply with the Auditor's request. 

Prom Preo. Lindley advising Secretary to pay 
$24.20 War Tax on automobile purchase, rendered sub- 
sequent to the original purchase. 

The Superintendent was instructed to accept the 
proposition of the ISlectric Light Co. to install in 
the tennis courts ei^-^xit poles, wires and switches; 
the Board to supply the lamps - ei^ht in number - at 
a cost of $5.00 each. Recommendation of the Super- 
intendent approved cy the Board. 

Plans for the new convenience station at the 
B«ach, "oetwoen C and D Streets, were submitted hy 
the City "Sngineer and approved of. It will be :uilt 
by the Boird of Public Works without ex.^ense to this 
Board - except maintenance, which will be approximately 
$175.00 per month. Tnis was also approved by the 

Superinttrrte .t ]£cL«ren»a report wis adopted and 

recomrnenslationa approved. 

Curator Penez' report was referred to Co..-;.i3ai . iwr 

3ach Comraiaai .,er received a co,jy of Superintendent 
Taylor's report. 

There bein.^ no Vasineaa before the .:o i*l 
the meeting adjoujuied. 








• I 

'III ' i 


'• ^Ifjf'*' 



! "I I? 

*if' ...ikiiik 


To all to whom these preaenta shall come: Greeting 
Reposing special confidence in the fidelity and ability of 
Curtis H. Lindl ey 

I do, by these presents, by virtue of the anthoriy 
Tested in me y xne Charter of the City and County of San 
Prancisc), appoint him 

A Park Conmissloner 

in and for the City and County of San Prancisco, he to hold 

said office for the term 

of four years 

from and after the 8th 
"^ice himself » term expiredj 

day of January 


IN T'^'-zm Y WH3'^30P, I have signed iny name and 
havd caused the seal of my office to be affixed 
hereto this .,8th day of January 1920 


Sd wari H-.iae ; y ^ 
*^cretary to the liayor. 

James Rolph.Jr, 


; « J^ 


To all to whom these presents shall come:Greeting: 
Reposing special confidence in the fidelity and ability of 

A. 3. SPR?:C]C^3 

I do, by these presents, bu virtue of the authority veuted in 
me y the Charter of the City and County of San Francisco, appoint 

.____ . a Park Corar.iaaio n erg 

in and for t..e City and County of San Pranciscc, he to holl said 
office for the term of 

'our year.-} 

fro.Ti and after the 8th day of Janu ary 1920 

vice himBelf ^ ter;.. expired. 

IN TS3TIM0:rf "CW^SOP, I have signed ...j name 
and have caused the seal of my office to be affixed 
hereto tiis 8th day af Junuanr 1920, 


gdward Rainey 

Sec ret try to the Mayor. 

Jajflej Rolph Jr. 











.r ■_*¥%, 









K < 

^M.W € ^ . 


San Francisco, Calif., Pe';.13, 1980 

At a regular meeting of the Board of Park 

Corar.iBDicners, held at their office, Par„ Lodge, 

Golden Gate Park, Friday February 13th, 19P.0 : 

Present were: Pre^. C.H. Lindley 

Cob, K.E, Ourrjr.ines 

Ab8er4t : 

H. PleislJiacker 
A.3, Spreckels 
J. A, McGre{v;or 

iiiere ^ein,^ no quoru- 
transacted was subject to the ^proval of the Board 
at the following meeting, : , -orun • e ■"''-"r.t, 

ReceiTed from Mayor Bolph Cert if icf. tea of 
.^ment - ^re^ident ". K. I.inuley nd Commlor- 
ion<»r «. 1. -as aa Park Co^iscionere for a 

term of fou? years. Copies of • Certificates were 


■^enent ehowlnj receipts and 
' :•-- - ^^19-19202 

'' '^^ - year: 



Bal. t 





•M- i* 



Pron Atty.P-rcy 
3. Toyme : re 
Cninese carving 
In It j ueeurii 

From W»F. j 
re: ? 

Vtui ^e Crothara 

- Page 2 - 

^roni Atty. Percy E. Towne, relative 
to a carving, the ownership of w.:ich is in 
controveray. It i3 a valuable carvin- at present 
in the ICemorial Huseuin. 

Secretary instructed to notify Mr. Towne the Board would retain possession of thia 
Chinese Carving if possi^ole. 

Prom W.?,, relative to a portrait 
of forner Con^jreaaman T.G. Phelps, 

It was tha)ikfully received and v/ill be 
exiiibitec^ in the Park Art Museum. 

Pro- Judjr? ^ro*i^-- , ^ restraining order, 
et-., issued against the Board of Superv^' aors of the 
City and Co. of San Prancis^o, state of Call for ■'-, 
. '^. loyle, Audi^ - -^ ' -^-y and County, 

Park "O'n^- : - 4-%^ gj^i.j r-i^-y .^^ 

" -tv, T >• 3. licDougaid, fre ^ \ . 

• ty, Defu:id;.-^c, in favor jf Mary S, Lr^":, 

Plaint jf 

' o?aai 3 si one ri 


J ."i "■' 

^ :„.\ -^ ' 

^*>ving the bodl- 



1 1 .nown as 

^' 0/ t::is nr.l ■ 

.: '. ^ -3 

. : ref e • 

- . 

1. A-'Lr^. :. 


» Jf 



nt of "T'v 

4- 1 

. P. and 3n: 


■ ciie-'-i a Concession, jer- 

Proa Ua-or'iD 
o-'-iae, re: re- 
moval 01" cui.-.on 
• 3i%'io Ce.-.ter 

#2,19 Pac.Coin 
Lock Co, 

- Pa^je 3 . 

Prom ICayor Holph'a Secretary witii onolosure 
from W, A. Cau u, relative to removAng Cannon 
now standing ^ the Ifcirahall Mon-o^nffnt at -^ivi^^ Center, 
to be placed b«Bid- p •. - :■ - ,,. ,^,, . ,^^^ g„^ 
trance ' > Mueeu- • ;ol4#n ; . i -v. 

On mc- . .- -n^. ^u— iHiia t^iia requeat 
was 3rant«4« 

Pre. . TTaftV f 0, . «-h-^v — v.-ini^ 

-o;~i — ^vi - $C.n. Depotlte. .: ,rk Tand. 

Trom Santa Ci-as Portland Sairwnt -^o. : Ji.eck 

I'or 1127.50 "0" 13 undlts o^ 
Park l^inil, 

Proja Cr. \ . 

-epoal ted 



Vf ■ 

— . • •> . .. , ^ 


e World War. Ho ;jc 

- Dattght .^r^ ' ;h© 
. 1 nt -\ Redwood 
th« Kt«b«r« who 

* " .ted - d" ' ■ 



'^r*rt-r»p»^ ^n^ 




8 a 



Par;-: Fund. 


a nl 

-i' - 

o, a 

d with 

- in 

>olden ; 

taree long 




H- ^ 

^ ■ - M II 






r-'f ' 









Fro:.. 2oj Gardens 
iUflsterdrjn, offe y, 
for st.le le 

on 1:0 I 

t ^ . ,•- 


t , 


- Page 4 - 

tables to acco^nodate the increased nLunber of players 
who play cprds and checkers in the Park; - Referred 
to Supt, McLareji with pov/er to act, 

ProiTi Zoo Gardens, Atnst'^rdaT., Holland, offer- 
ins to sell • '3rnale Hipjopotaniua for the sum of 
$3,::50.00:- Declined o-,7inj to lacj: of funds. 

It was ...oved, seconded and c: rried that the 
Secretary he instr.icted to advertise for 6000 ft. of 
l** rubeer ' i.^e rma 100 ft. of l^" rubber , jo 

for a two ton auto truck, 

Supt. McLaren* 3 re^jort was read, \. nd 

reconmendationii a, ^.roved. 

He su; ;e3ta that the 2oard visit thr- ,;r3'ini 
t: determine wha^ .: ; le Jo-- -"out the Goet le 

" '■ ' ".lument. The queo'io-. o.' itc re ") 

' - - r .:.te, if founu .leceGr- --. -^n p .-o-^- ---j •■- 
Preai lent T v, 

A copy o; o-jt, Tnylor'c re^o-t ^^ be 
""Omrii ; '^r, 

~ " i- ^ '^ ^ .* "^ - • 

• t» ".-»■« >.^ 

' n 




. ' ract, 
$ 2,666. 


i.ll Co, av/H-.vied contract. 


4 imf. 


J » 


mt V ' TtT' 




I ' 



ti ,m i^ /mr < ^. . 



iL .'t 




'I I 

( f^imilill 



ifffffiH-;' ) 


?l ( ifi 


i 1 


I ' 

San Franciscc, Cal. Feb. 26,1920 

UecziUf.^ Ccilled : At a reg..l.„r iteuting of the Bo^^rd cf Park 

Coir^iseioners, held at office, park Lodge. Golden 
Gate Park, Thursday, Febriaary 26th, I92O: 



Pres. C. H» L. r:dlt;y 
Com. M. E. Cuni3:ings 
" H. Fleisnhacker 



A. B, Spreckcls 
J. A. LrcGre(.:cr 

President Lindlcy of fervid th. following res- 
Oluti wl Rebolved ^hat all acts and proceedings cf this 
Boara i._ ^na t^ken a^ its rrc^tin^s h«id on J^u, i, 152: 
- ---. 1;., 1^£C, a. -._ s-n© &j^..^r in the minutca cf 
said aeetlnt;., ^^ ..n. th. 8as.e are hereby adopted, a .roved 
aad oonfl3Pa#d aaa declared valid* Oa motloa cf Ceiffiissi 
rieishhackar, sec .1 Conunissicngr Cum:rinrr, the 

"- -^-icn iro.s un.».niiicusly adopted. 

Frc... . i , Benedict, -Asuist-.nt Secty. tc "-ycr 
tiOli^, wit ..olciure frcm ths Expositicn Pern. tei la- 
^--^ - c. ?^rl3. -V .:,, o-Uni.v _ pi.: - ■ the 

^ ' •• ^-tftrimtlonal Ex^^ositicn of .. ..rrmanant 

-•■ i^c. ..roaotli^ Inter joa^erci^l relational 

c_..-^ aeciaca it ._^ ,,c juxicaicticn cvjr ::. - ., ^^t 

^ ^hc ^^crjoi^ry to return oauxuni- 

'fom Ad.. 

7. Trcivoury Es^l t; , 

* -. i Ox 

-. ... ^Vc 14U; 



^ ,i^ ..CV-. 





, { ■ 

4. ' •" 



- Page 2 - 

FroiE P. I. .li- 

Kan,rw:iiri u 

iH.i:5iL_.:£c^rt^_jof his Brighton .c^ch Property, 3-* aor.. or Lake and 

From P. T. H«,naigan, vvho desires tc dispose 

ce^cn, incxuaiag the 3atQ Hcuae. .... .• i:r, n/cmjnts 

for s^S,30C. - c^6h:- Referrc. _ Commissi .„r Cumaiings. 

From C.A. "irtningtcn, c 

. . ''C^ll",rcl..tive 

. irtbf 
Ingccn, re: 

ImsHTS-Hunt: tc . treasure Hunt ( = i,ht or ten i^. ,.ld pleoaa hi.:aen In 

■ -r. to hunt icr z':,^ .7.cney ith aid 

-r,- trc.oare i£ hidde..; Supt. 
en, xattcr it Mc^e referral tc Pr^io. 
- Jeot * ^^^ervi«lon of £-pt. McLaren: 

"ec cr,r_: 

the Pc^rk) fcr l 
of .^t- gi^in^" clue 
McLaren a. . ^^ c 
Llndley, who ^ .c. 
Action a. _ r'.vea. 

Froa A. J. -^uckwr, complctining about steamers 
.a«« duir^ing thilr refuse cix into the ocean, oil being ira.hed 
upwn the Beach, .ti^ki^ , th. fe.t o: visitors to the 
Beach: The £oc.rd deoi... :..^- t; ^ "Oce > 
01 -.-iiyiiii" it is ;.ot unaer ,. ir Juris- 

From C. i, £^ offering' for sa. 
.01 ^ i._-^ w. 7^ .f. .' ^,^ i402*i^;^: Oiier ^jj i.,.,, no 

From £. .. Lewi. ,. .^ v.j. , d. firing to knc •; if 
in^ e-'-ercus of Mr. ana . r. Spreckcls tc tuila a 
•Palace c: ...c Legion c. Hcncr" *^_ ^ _ :_ 
Park Co R^ferr^^a tc Cecrctary. 

Fro;r. .,.r. ... ,. , ;. . _ , ^ 

■"-> -- --I '-ii-' * , -^c: c : " r 

..- -u-.. 

— . . ~. w i. 

r *■ 

^ A 



■J Sati6f..kv;t rily. 


--. -wa it., tna.'iks, 
Frorr r. Prc^..^^, r : -^ive tc th 

^ Buck De^r:- . : „. . 
frcn: E. U.. Levy, au -^tir.. 1 
i»'ic Center Plaza: Referrea 

* — . * w • 


M^ ^ m I 

'I. i 








tiiiiiiiiii'i' ■ 





. . ( 

E.p, Fredericks 

- Page 3 - 

From D.P. Fradericka requesting a permit 


Park lor Golf ? use a strip of sodded space tc deincnstrate to his u ile 

golf shots: Requebt dc..ied. 
-' • • ■ -^- FroiE O.w. Carlson, relative to change cf r*rale 



JL-At, U ^ ii-k C C u 

-.: Willard Strict, betvveen Frederick and Stanyan Ct::. on 
thi tcutnerly line of Golden Gate Piirk: Referrsi to 
Sut.erintendent LicLaren. 
Frcrr ^*.^.L«i.t. From U.T. Department of Agriculture, relative to 

of - ^xtUTc 

rg: I-ibcct ;a dangerous insect:- Referriia tc £u erintendent. 

Received frrrr. Pac. Coin Lock Co., t5.0S,coinr.i8dicn 
on recci. t_ ci Coin Lock in Lavatcr/ for mcat^ of Jj.nuc.ry: 
Depc-ii^-.j. to ore, It ci Park Funa, 

. roi 



Fron. Sheriff ThCo. F. ^innj statia^r th^ . r= has _,t ^y tr.^ „o-.r^ c: ?UL:^ij crks tc ^^.y & 
pipa from the well i^; b^ioo^ P^rk j.:::^^ inotali a ^,^il^ :c ^uxp 
water . ..c ..._ ^.^..zj r^^ .hen th. ..^'.^r i. -o: 
n«5c-. .■ : i.-.rk i-orposes:- Referrea to Superi at indent 

Fron. Cur-tcr P^ncz, re . .i.. l-..v .sence fcr 

- -• ^..r.. , J _...y, tc vi^it z:.^ ..-_=-^ cf P^ris, 

Fr»ao«:- Tcfctrrcd tc Ccn:j2:ib.^i .. . r rl^ibhhack-r. 

Pr.o. Lx . ,, c. w^:. :... c- ^-::.^ i..;^r^ .^4 in- 
-'- - :-, .. _ .._ V :.i . J . .• ^^. ^l^e 

r.. .__^. •: 0- ... . r J ... 
^- - V -■ ■ :"i :, ;- -^Lcnt, I ^- ^ ^ 


- Page 4 - 

-i^o r..d' 

C.P. riele 

— *«.^fe en iiCod! 


— -<*-■ 

#2,5Sp. C.N. "Weaver Co. 
3,200. " (Eq.ip^ed; 

;^.3cc. - ' * *^ - 

f^^ F? 1^ ^°- 3.200. " Eq.ip^ed) 
L.,.. Fields ^,3CC. « (. ,h.r tid 

r , ^^^^}H ^^^""^^ 2,873. Acascn TruckCo. ^ ^/^. 

^.''i^?^^ ^'^V^^ Co.3,53S.93 Hewet- (Ralston Iron Wka.) 2 3/2 50 

Doune ^o. Truck Co. ^,7:^0. Th.^ 'hise Llctcr Co. 3 398 

Autocar S^les Co. (llo check) 7he Denoy Truck Co. 3 O3O 


All iDias referred to Superintendent McLaren. 

I - ' 
Rc.^ubllc RubFer"~Cc. 1# hose 
" ■ " li" » 

26# per foot 
33f " 

Goody e-.r Rubber Co. 1" 
PlcA«c;r Rub&er Co. 1" 

■ H 2" 




" (: 

Ic f2) 

21^^ » 

36^ " 
42^ » 




. .- V- 

All Bids referred to Superlnt -nt VLchs^c-:., 

The Seer.; r inatrueted tc uivcrtid;.- .or 
1-yl c: 30,000 sq. ft. .xre cr le^is, of Bttuaen or, c- i „;. tr.ick, en t;hreg courts: one ir. ;:,^.. ^-^^ 
L^kc P^rk, c-^- i.v Funstc. Square ai.d one i:. L^f^ytjtte Square. 

There beint . .^z..,r to-dln©«8 before the Board 

the me^t... w-.^ ,irr_ . . 


*. e c r w « .. r y ( 





^ \ 

■■f^% r »i r0 p \ w^. - -nr' 




I s[^ 


San Fr^ 

i.^, X'-JCU 


•i-- c the B' ,■ ^ : '^ rk 
ir office, P^r'. Lc , .., ^c: 

liar oh 11 


u Thtf mir.u 

February v^ott, * . . 
Coautiftal . .:, . 

■ H. Fl^ifchhacker 
" A . " . Cpreckols 

revlcufi aid^t. 



... J., .i. 



> .» > 

rU Fro.:. 

^.^ia, Fr- . • 

i - 





ru . 





• .V 






♦ i-- 


» ►.1 

', I 


















- Page 2 - 

I.i iiiiorming yc 

thi.i cur aoti 


I ^ *'^ '-'= i^ ex"r^33in. to ycu our tha-V- 
tor yc.r crt.^y in ^iviq; ;;hc ricncrs cf the 
mcnum.nt * vcio.^ in th^ s^^lection o. the nav^ite 
ana icr ena..ii;, ti... to 3...ct ao s^tHf - ^J !' 
site. -y a 

\<-*y -r-di^cv: CiU^xy yours, 
(Signed) r.c. Pribur 

Seer t^-j oi* Metfti:;-:. ■ 

utrw^ct'ia tc 

c i..- 



-Ott of 

R«3f«M«d to Su,-;irist«rid«nt ICoLa. . . 

.^■vi^c rnc rtf....v-.l c g;.c un^ont to Couo^rt V 

frc... . L. Ltj.i^ th-^nkiog the Seer 
letttti- of InforiBati r.^iitlve •_ :he ^i 

'«* ii>^ a^kln^ lor piesur#» - .l^er 
-. ^. ;. A, ijlegarth. Architect. 
From Jii/ Siash^lmi^r tfc i ... Liaulty for 

4. - ^. 

. -■■..ittlng the t. : . Co ity Sorvlcc :.- 
-.ii -.* S^iua-rs 101- u. i. Promenade Cccert: 


, Pri; 

:- t;h« UB: : 

rmnt Schrl, 

Seorc;..ry i 

• ck for ciasB i 
.ri= R«port, 

t^ Bi 



to i 

c^. . 



- Pa.f > 3 - 

u^e .... ./ ziiLc - . . 


Tsom Pl-ygrouna ?c i 
Misalcn Ktrchunts As _:i 
■frc: :.. i4.i*on . .r«« .^x.. 
appointment f aa attende: , 
•^it^x &xire« ?«M« - .. i ; 

^- - -'- -- r.i _sd. 

frg,. . ». i V 

: 1 




CUciVea A QCffiKUnicatlOtt 

* - -he 

-> - V -D ' 



in» tr.=.c 



aoti. i 
ex tne 
tfc« Oil 





thea, Th- 



lif 'r- 

t i; i 


r I 

» : 

'I I 

1 1;' 




.1 • 'Ml • Mf 

"^ From A.J.Galia,- 

ghcir,rc:"' -: riDn- 
ll^^in^^^^^^^bafcre .::u Ecura Soking permission tc hola i^^, 

cerejcni\^s i.. ncncr .. 

i-y appeared 

quest i..j^- z. 

the mmcry oi Robert Emn-et .na r=- 

co^.r^wic.. cf ; ?^rk Band: - the 

Concert the Robert Emu.^z 


V • A^ w 

' W i— . >... O O 


7*M • 

(^•ra-ij t,£;u.. 

Fron. Su -:■ i :, jpi. :^cL« ,.: r.lativ- :;c .. .onWc^ot 

i.t by the Ecara _ .'„_i, orks for th l^yi ; 

irc;r. sn. .vc.. In ^Iboa Park an., in.t^llin ^ ^rr 

the purpc . c. ........i:-. .,... ,.,-- ; . ^„^^,y j^^, ^^^, ,, ,^_ 

Th'.- ^ rd of SuperviBorB requestB . •: _ Permit os grants 

sever ;.^drtfd aolia. 
..cLa,r«^r. . 

it ir. _. a -/i 

;o the "i- 

Raferr ... 

i - 

Oo. 1 . . . .■ - ^. iishhacker repcrte^ ^"»- .„ ^^ 
i:^ ■ vi i,ij^ ^_ g, xor the iffi^jrcvyaent 
Ola It.,iiia C^m^tery plaiagd in th^ ^i ■ .r. .^ 


- - I 

^ ! - »• -^ •■! 


.h the t 

. LinjLi 

1 . : .' 

C ,, f 

i • tice, r..^t 

It ..1- ,. ^.. ■ ■ 


:ivun z 

Ssjcr-.t ry 



- Pa^u p - 

r«: i-riv..t,ii 

-:^-^ch ^rc^j-f gy : City Attcrn 

© of the 


adach t-COi-v* 

prop»rt •, . ,212 max . 

,: abe«. . i . ^, ^rltfc 

tht; ijri.. i.,.. . ^. . 

o «aa.bii^ hi; 

i i . 
. t i- 

i i'. 


\J - J^ A.i t 




le C£ 

roi jsr 


;S W'l^ 4 

ind Cur.. 


k W W '. 

iro*i. wh . 1 ^11 sy 4 D©ii©sit 

iO <;0: 



. i 

J. ^ C J. . 


:. skmr Ccn. ^ 



i .-^ 

i. X. 


- /. s - 




« ' 










:'^ ^Ji|^'3**v^ji^^|p!p58|Kp«^i 


»* ^ 

-,. I 



1 'I 


1 1 





1 »S 

l> < 




n !i 

■ I ! 
Ill ' 

1 1 ' ' » 



t • 


y 1 


- p 

AgjC O - 


- . roved. 

■ 2':. "z .1 i- '..r. 

Curator Penez' report vas referred tc Co:... 



9 w ^ S Q ,> •. 


1 < 

^ J^^CW 



w wCi:^ u C.« 



i table 


-i Iw^' 

- 1 /^ ^ #» T' 

* •- 1 ■ -■• 

^ ^^ , u^ 


.... /- 


, ( 








»"/*' ' * 

p ri 1.11 > I I , _ ^ »u, ..». 

^'^ t^'t^'*' 



.,•.., ^-- 










iL ■ 






'I ii 







\ ;' 

1 1 .. ' 1' 




San Franolsoo, llaron 25th, 1920 

Meeting CalUd: It a regrulap meeting of the Board of Park 

Coititlielonere, held at their office. Park Lodge, Oolden 
Oate Park, Thuraday Karch 25th, I92O! 

Preeent Trere: 

Free. C. I. Llndley, 
OoB. A. B. Spraokele, 
* H. FlelBhbaoker 
M. £. Cuaminge 

Minutes adc;jted t 

Re; Budget ! 

^^"'^*- ■ J. A. MoOregor 

The mlnutee of the previoua meeting, held 
March 11th, iq?o, copleo of rniofc .:ere eent to each 
Comr,l8r.lnnt.r ^are, upon moticn duly made, eeconded and 
carried, adopted aa the mlnat«o of the meexiag held 
March 11th, 1920, 

The Budgot for tht; fleoui year I9 20/1921 was 
Bubmltted to President Llndley, signed and one oopy 
ordered eent t: the Boc.rd of eupervlaore and cne tc the 

From thu Department of Eduoatlcn relative to 
gold muduiu .awarded to the Putilc Bchooio of San Fran- 
cisco Ur work they hare displayed In Huticnax and Inter- 
nati':;na Exposlticna, .the daelreg thu madala placed in tis 
I^rk Museum. - Accepted with thanke. 

Froa Pacific Coin ana Look Co.; Comaiaelcn ca 
Icuke Installed in Golden O&te Park, month of February 
$6.04. - De, 0£ltt.d tc credit of Park Fund. 

FrcB t .0 Itci_ltiji pttj.jrs, oll].i-ine-i» rdativo to 
n. 1.I0 , .idh.-d r«i;,»raing the removal of monuaunts fros 
the It..a.a. Cumetery. - Ordert-d filed. 

.. ., ^'^^^ Diiitrlct Council .;f Pamtcra requeeti.g 

inwi^:,acs lu w.>Ke iH.n inor. 

*"' '^ * K«s for painters of 50# per day. -Pei'-eit 

From Ba. of Ld- 
P:<icir^ ,rise 

^ed~*ia Au *!aBeinr,' 

J^*"^" It l^n 
ne.iei,^,.v.rB, x^\ 


01 *'*int«rh: r 

FroB Interact *1. 
Union of Steam 
Fitters & Engi- 
neers, re: in- In w^^^a^ei In 
salaries : 

- Page 2 - 

From the International Dnin 0/ Steam Fitters 
% Inglnsera, requenting an Inoredae of wages for ths 
Chief Engineer and his Asalitant: 

(Sildf Engineer Inoreased to |200. psr mo. 

Asat. • • e ^^^^ , , 

On motion duly mads, saoonded and oarrlsd 
the following Inoreaaeo in salaries were allowsdi 

S.P. 8!Blth, Chauffeur, 

Ohaa. Clan ton, Carpenter ausoum. 

increase $10. ^r mO. 
15. •• • 

Above inore^aoa to talie sffsot from Ifetrch 1st, I920. 
Ths following Inoreaaee ¥sro allowed, to take effect 
April 1st, I92O: 



Ox4)t.»e Clerk 


forsman Oardensrs 



Inorsaca of $25. per mo. 
■ ■ 2n. • • 




■ ■ 

30^ per day 

50^ ■ • 

Fro* the ParV Presidio Merchants* Assooiaticn 

Frorr the Purk 
Prealdic Marchanta 

WnlSnic'*L?icn '•^^^^^^ ^"^ * convenience atatlor. at Park Prealdic fay 

i^nd Strc;ct Laat; tat Lu-he St. and ths lighting of a strs.t lamp at 8th Ave, 

• Haf erred »^ Superintendent. 

FroT the Board of Bsalth relative to qiiSJlty 

From Bd. of 

Hsaith, rsi fJater 

JB P*J^>^ I of the water In the Park. 

Curator Penes 
given permlaaion 
to vlalt £ast ■ 

Prea. llntlay: 
»•: Brighton 

Curator Panes waa granted peritlaalon to vlalt the 
principal cities of ths East, to oollsct information and 
ideas thut .ti^i asalat him in his official dutiea at ths 
Park Mussum - his salary t.: contlnus during hla absencs. 

Free. Llndley reported that bo would aommunioats 
with City Attorney Ooc. Lull rsiatlve to the purohaee of 
the Brlgbton Bsaoh property out of the f^reckels ^soial 
Deposit Fund. 



! I 







H^^^K' V' f y>4r 

Ri^^^^' '- 

.1 ';.,'. ' 

i : 













1 • 





fiida on 
Asplialt AAd 

Th» following bl(U wore rooolred on Asphalt 
and Olay; 


1 - Satcn & 8»ith 

2 - Ooo* £. MoHugh 

3 - J.?. Holland 

4 - CnA». 1«. Htirne/ 
'j - X.i. Siottitt Co* 

6 - T. ». Siicato Co. 

7 - Fay Imp. Co. 

8 - Raisoii I^p. Co. 

9 - 8. F. kotcr Drayaga Co. 

9# per cm. ft. 


♦1.17 Lincoln Pk. 

1.3^ 0. 0. Pk. 

2.10 "A Lino. 

1.63 • Pk. 
1.75 Lincoln Pk. 

«# ■ 


• ■ 

l.U 0.f5. ^k. 
.96 Lincoln Pk. 

AfeiMiic*lt • 

RaUoi.' Imp. o'o. wera awarded the ccntr^ct for 

Tiie olay Mdd t^re referred to the Superintendent. 
There ccln.-^ no further bu? naet before the Board 
the B«^eting adjr.urjie^y 

. Ill r. ■ 







'ikW ._■«* 

. — — ,.>> 

^■' « 


t« 'ft «* 

It » 











T . 

San Frc^nci&co, Calif .April S, 

: At a regular mcwting of the Board cf Park 

ComiLisBionyrs, held at tneir ofiice Park LodKo, Golden 
Gate Park, Thursday April Sth, 1920: 


Pre^tnt /.'wre:- 

Pre 8. C. H. Linciley 

Com. A. B. Spreclels 

Com. M. E, Cu2r„T:inK8 
" H. Fleiohhacker 

J. A. UcGrefcjor 
Thcix-c fcuiL^' no quoruir. present the minutes of the 
previous mettiafe- ana al. business transactea by th« Uo 
merr.bere ^resent will be subject to conf irrraticn and 
approval by thu Boara at the follo'.vin^< re^^'ular meeting. 
From Pret^. Lindley - copie'i of three letters 
rscnt tc hirr. by May Sir.sheimer relative to rec^ular out- 
:cf-acor concerts, planned by the :«!u8ic Conirr.ittcc cf the 
f^. F. ConuEunity Service Recre-.tion League, to be f:iven 
in Union Square Saturday, April 3ra, ^...^ other City ^dkB 
in the future. The request includes the givi:.. of ccncertt 
by txi. Bolaen Gate P..rk Band in Unic.n Square Saturday 
aitwrnoo;. :\.c the ber.efii of our ni^ht inaustrial vcrkere. 
Prec. Lin-l.y u.navvered the three comrcunicaticns, assuring 
the i^jy thct "It vcula be cut of thu lUtSdtion to move thi 
Parr. B«r^ arouna for tn entertainment of indivi^iUal 
lc-^.itic3, .n. it io likewise irnpcoeitle for the Board of 
-■^■. ~^.. .1 . /_ t-c ao more than they u,re no-. Icin^: in 
'-....«c.i .. J. t., this c^a ^ if service". 

• - ^i «..w i^rc^iaerit ^. . rcvea. 
i'-c... tr.c C^^iioriiia Pacific Title Inc-rance Co. : 


C . 


•»— "I .*i;ow 

.±-L^ to th-t cert-^ir. ^arcel 
.. ..... bounty of C^i, l/-t-c, rti-te 

jrii^^u. v.s follo'.'.s:- c-ntitl--, nobcrt '"-It^r 

Page 2 - 

Inches, pia.uiiT, ve. Griffith James, et al, 
aefe;.a....t8, N0.S7O, Tv^lfth District Ccurt, San 
Mateo Ccunty, State cf C^ . 1 crni., descrijed ae foll- 

Iv. Com..._-..oi,.,: »t a at^.;e marked Nc . . and runninp- 
th.nce Uast ^£.42 chains to thu shore cf the Pacific 
Oce^.n, to a st^ke m.^rkc^ IIo. ^i thc;ioe North 7° East 
ixo' ^^^^■- ^0 a^ :i.arkjd No. 10; thei.c- North 
?r , ^^ T'^"" ^°-'^o ch^inu „ ^ st^ke m^.rked No. S in 
Vc^lxey; thuncc South 23. 2p en. ins to the 
and Lcunaed en the north oy lands fcrmwrly of laaTelle 
beiiicuni, on tn.- ea.t cy iunus no^ cr fcrmeriy of J. 
bulilvan, on the scutn by lanua no* or fcrm-riy of 

D :i-. t^'' '^^^ Hcoora Siiarp, am on the west by the 
Pacitic Ocean. ' 


■'^ ^ ^ ii. 

title vestea l^rcn l6.1;2 Qj_ in :- 
PEHCY T. HA :.:TfiA:: 

"Suoject tc:- 

■ Firut. Ta^es for 1920-21, a lien Lut net r t payabiw. 

■ County t-^xea for l:.l>^-20. First half 
delinquent ir. the aui; of i'^.23 ,,1ub 1 v' penalty 
•«Cond half a lien ^na Jiayaile i. zh _x of $.0.23. 

^ro. ?he^5JsuiYiLrEetitf ColCiny'^^ '^'T'tK^'^^'^ 
Ocean Shore Rail w.,' Co. ..-, a'ccr " l^t^-'* ^^?,, 
th-t grantee ehai: .n t vu ye *r • - •• ^ .. 

^r'wl%l:'^i^''^^^ c"^ -'^i^^ el.atrl. tr.:;.o byt=r«^n 
S^n Francisco ana Santa Cruz. 

^^ru:, . A E-:cd cf Trust from Bri 

ana Art :8e -^at Co:r:. ^ny, A Caiifrrni 
Merc - . . , Tr^st Co.v.. an/ of Su , Fr 

.. Beaoh tattl 

• 'l^n, tc^:;i:u, ac.t«a Ootco-r ..1 - ^rr-i«i i.^^h 

7. IVi6 in Volume SI ef 'ort:a.:.s^t ,.fe;e^l65 . ° 
•eoure the >.^ym^ut of a -ci irju- rf^^n -c ' , 
October 1. 193S. T ^ ^ . , . . vwu,ws,u..w i*.../,..xe 

foii.o,vi..^- ue.:crlued ,rc,.crty- 

" That cert-. _ itn«••«^ <^ ^w- m 

Q. . ?. ^!"^*' ^1. Ca.i.orni^, bounded aa follo«ra-i 
©n tn- hortn bv ClaremAn r/s'.4 .,., .- . S:^'^?^®' 

Q^ • ;. ^z t ^^■'■^^orniA, Dounded aa follo«ra'- 

©n tn^ hortn oy Clarenaon Roid ani on tru lait f^I 
Nortneast by Laic -.side Avenue, aa the Same J^ shl'n o? 
the "iu^ CI Suudivisi.n No. I cf Btl.-hton B^tch" ?i ' 
in the of: ice of tn County Recorder ^^l Co';:; 

Marcn x:.. IVO7 in Volume 6 of Uai^e a* ---^^o Coun.y, 

South oy t:. . ,aas formerly of Honor! T: ,. ^ ' " ^'j^ 

s?risrNi^^r^^:ra':^?^.^^r i^'c^r .'' r^^<^^ 

files ox U..U 12tn riar..i^. ^ .^^""^i. ^\ ^^0 en the 
St.te Of Califor.i.)r.n;\. .nl ...r" "^ ' ^'i^' 

h*.ve nc^._.y J ccrtifyi'i,' tc ■ '' ^^ *' aearch. we 
At the ti:7.. r.: the exec -V- n""^ . \' -urvey. 

haa no record title - ^ ^7" ^ L r ^ ^^^^-^^ Cot. any 

-"^-ie -c. Tnere i« of record a deed 






.U .^L^Li 




\ V| 


if I!,, 



n •• • 

• j . 1 


M fl 







If 'il 


1 .'I 

f - A 


"from Percy T. Hannigan and Maude Gertrude Hanm--^^ 
hl3 wife, to Brighton Beach Land and Amusemen?" ' 

ihe riShy"" ??fi^^^ 01 De.ds at page 2C2, ccr.veyJng^i^aU 
the right title and Interedt of Ocean Shore Realty 
Syndicate" a cori^oration, in ana to the land under 
aearcn. Tne Ocean Shore Rea.ty Syndicate had conveyed 
the ii^rnc to Percy T. Hannigan by deed dctcd May Hxh 

at a^eVr^'^^"*'^ '^^'^ ^°' ^^"^"^ ^"^ Volume IS} cf Be.da 

" Fitth. A Beed of Trust frcm Percy T. Hannig. ' and 

Mau^e Gertruae Hannigan, his vife, to Herbert W. " 
Erakine a.ia iZorse Erekine, ad trusteed for Alexander D 
Kcyes aatcd April 2S, ic^l^ ana recorded June 2?, 1919 
in Vol-ome 24 cf Trucit Deeds ct page 230, «iven ti 
ff^;^** i?*^ payin^^nt of t.vo prorrdsscry notes atr^-reKatHe 
of'reccrd)^^ i^^thcr advances ( copy of not? Lfsholi 

Conveys the 8a.Tie property as that deacrioed in 
i-xceptiC'U i^o . 4 above. 

A notice of sulc under said Deed of Trust for non- 
paym^int of ir.terecit, dated February 9, 1920 .vas reccrded 
February 11, 192O ir. Volume 26 of Trust De^as at page 
450. ^ 

■ Sixth. For ncn-payic-nt of coruoratlcn tax the 
wecr.t^ry of State of Caiifcrnla aeclared ftrfeited thy 
cB&rter of Brighton Beac^. Land and Amus^s^int Cos: any 
^4-rch d, 191s, the an^ount deiin-:|uunt bei . - ^55.00. 

^•^ ao not insure againbt adverse pousessi-n. Ycu 
«u,.^l\ a-tisfy yourself th^t no one: i. in adv--r3e 
poaaeadioa of any part of th-j pro^^erty -.n. a 
survey iB:*ae i, necessary. " 

Fron-. Pre. . Lin .ley, co^y of letter tc City Atty. 

Lull, Ui^cn receipt of abatract from Title Insarance Co. The 

Pi • ■ i 

iriiorir.u,ti a u^^on t: 


1. C;.^.*^ ;,..^ bo^r. of Si.;.w-rvi.;cr8 -at;, -i^c 
the puroh^jc c: tnis . .na in tne n..:..- cf 
the Ci'y .. ,..v c^ r_ Frai.oisc: , to 

be deaic-^wuu for P„r -.-.^obcs and as 
f--rt 01 tnu hcrijtufcrc ^^aicatuj ?n.*rp*e 

;hu B..ecial S^reckels Fun- rw- 

-' . ^-7 ^r. ^ the Bo^r . (Urk 

- , - ^ne pure- price, 

. • ■ Ix^ .. b8>.rv , ... i^TCC.GC? 



Lin xu/,c 

1 - O O i A »- 

C* 5 
i. J.- 

' I, ^ - * *• 



- 4 - 

From Board cf Supervisors fixint: the charge to 
- be collected for advertising after April 1,1920 at 35^ a 
square . Ref errea tc Secretary. 

FroT. dv-..a R..i;.jy, Secretary tc I^aycr Rolph 
relative tc tne dis.^^csition of the wnich nung 
In tac lietherlcind Blaf> ana ^ere ; rci..tii tc the 
City and County of Saa Francisco at tne close of the 
Exposition: Sect/, dj Succc. re^.ortu^ he h-.-. referred the 
matter to Curator Pencz .-ho deciared he had ao use for 
then, thw/ w^Tc ta.n referred to Suj-t. Taylor 0: tne 
Chilar^n's Pi-ygrounds. 

From £. S. Lev/is, ..:. . . . .xioua tc iecure 
plans aaa pictures of ta, P^I^Oj c: tac Lc i c r H a.r. 

S-jQret&wfy sent cc. tter tc ir /. 

Fror Civij '. ., cf I-crcvesient Clubt with 
enclosure c^ ^ co.T:.'.uniOA ,1 .. . .■ .... Le^. . : •,.-,?• Bd» 
of Superviacrd relative tc the Budget of 1920/1921/ 

Ordered li^ea. 

Frorr. C-.^if. Sci.uty Lccker Co., ^',11 en 
lockers in Ttaais Courts #2.70. 

Du,.c„itea tc Orealt •■ : . 

C^.i:. AcadeK/ ... , • .• . q^^ & 
.^_.. -.r.. _!.. . Januar.- .... February C-^.^0. 

T-.' It-, t cr^^dit cf Park Fund. 

FroiL Feaer^ii board of Vosatir ;^U La--^:^ .., 
re^^ative tc a vl it : :■ : ^r^ivtiV J^„: :. -iowsfi tc r. F. in 

se-^rBh 01 ^,rj,v;tig^* cx, ^ri_a., . . - In 

r crw8tr/,etG. 

Ref err t. 




/•. c . . 

;o re- 


•k rep^ 





» 'j 

> ( 



' K-. i 


r1 ' 



I 1 
• I 



1 • 

^^^^^^^^V ■ 

^^^^^^^^^^■z N ■ , 

^^H^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Hk'^-'^^Bl'l! 1 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Hf^ ^B'rf 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^■Ili<i .^■:rr 


mmm^^mm^^m^mmm: mm.' . 


" .\ 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^m? jt x'MM 


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B^'' XV. ^m 




- 5 - 

i.portl- Report of Supt. McLaren adopted and recomm^ndationa 


Report of Curator Penez referred to Commlssicner ' 

i There being no further business before the Board 

the nseetiii,-, adjourned. 

■W , i :, 

I* I - *• r * ' "• ■ ^^ 


mmm^i^ mi I ^i i 


. 4 



'if' ' ' 


I '■'«:■ , 

I .1 r I'n I I \ i I 

fffr h 



( ; 

illiir . 



* . ■ 


ill m 





i f 

: t 


Minuter Approved ! 

Extension of Leave 
of Abgenoe 

San Franoleoo, Calif, 
April 22nd, I920 

At a regular meeting of the Board of Park 
OooBBiaeioners, held at their office. Park Lodge. Golden 
fllkte Park, Thursday, April 22nd, 1920 

Present were: 

Pres. C.H. Liniley 
Com. A.B. ^reokela 

* M«£. Ounmings 

* H. Fleishhaoker 

Absent! • j.a. MoOregor 

There being a quorum present, on motion duly sade, 
seconded and carried, the minutes of the previous meeting! 
held April Sth, and March 25th, copies of which were sent 
to each Commissioner, were adopted as the minutes of those 
respective meetings. 

From the Bot^rd of Supervisors - copy of 
R«soluticn #177«9 ( Kaw Series) extending the leave of 
absence of Commissioner J. A. MoOregor for a period of 
60 days commencing April 1st, I920, with permission to 
leave the State. Ordered filed. 

From President Lindley, with enclosure from 

From Pree.Linaley 
re: Give 01 R*^hael 

:Rai.hael Weill & Co., enclosing copy of a letter signed 

by Pres. Lindley addressed to the Hon. Collaotor of 
Customs of San Francisco, certifying that as beneficiary 
the Park Commissi oner 3 have accepted, or are prepared to 
accept, upon behalf of Raphael Weill a certain work of 
art, viz: A marble bust of Victor Bugb, an original 
sculpture by Rodin - and more fully described in Consular 
Invoice #3456, dated Paris, Francs, ItBruary 6th, 1920. 
Action of the President approved. 

From P.T.Hannigan, 
re: Brighton Beach 

From Pres. Lindley From Pres. Lindley with enclosure fro« Ikl. Rainey 

re: Mot i on Pictures : ' 

Mayor Rolph's Secretary, relative to securing for a Mr. 
CosMlly a one day permit to make a motion picture in tht 
Park: It having been the establiahed rule of the Board 
to refuse such permits, the Board could not see its way 
clear to make an exception in this case. Request denied. 

Ii?"S:;^5u?Ion°re, ''°" '•^"°'*^ ^"^**"' Daughters of the American 

Tatlerin pfrk'"''"'? Revolution, asking permission to place a bronze tablet in 

G. 0. Park, to mark a line of trees planted by the Chapter 
on October 19th, 1896. Permission grantsd. 

.From P,T. Hannigan, who offered to sell 32i acree 
; of lake and beach land with improvements, at Brighton Beioh 
adjoining Sharp Park tir-flafr llateo Co., requeetlng an early 
reply either accepting or rejecting his offer to sell. 

Secretary was instructed to notify Mr. Hannigan 
that the Board was ^waiting an opinion from the City and 
County Attorney, George Lull, as to the authority •< the 
Park CommiBBlon to make the purchase of the said land out 
of the Bpreckels' Special Deposit Fund provided tha title 
is founa clear. 

From liele Yell, Consul of lorway, who stntoe that 
the sloop "Ojoa" has been examined by Mr. Phillip R. Thayer, 
Marine Surveyor, who rejorts a number of placee in the deck 
and rail decayed, and more of the rotten timber is hiddsn by 
the coats of paint applied for purposs of preeervation. He 
advises against any attempt at heavy repairs as In all prob- 
ability the attempt would result in the necessity of co»- 
plstely rebuilding the stern of the vessel. Ordered filed. 

From Niels Boll, re: 
81ocp.*G-i9 a.» 





\ \ 



lA 1 

,. — X— w- 



7 . : 

^5^ M 

L* Ml 

l: i ' 


t '»l 


.'1! , 



\i' . ■: 


froB Bd. of Sup¥* 
r«: Orfioial a(L- 

From W. £. Dennis, 
rt: Sal ary inoreaaa ? 

- 3 - 

From the Board of Supervlsore, relative to Re,. 
olutlon #177B6 (lew Serle.) announcing the award of the 

oontraot for doing the official adrertleing for th« Citj 
and County of 8. F. to the Ohronlole Publl.hlng Company for 
one year from April let, I92O. to and inoluding April l.t, 
1921, at 2St P9r square of 6 point type. Ordered filed. 

From W. I. Dennle, applying for an increase in 
hie wages, On motion of Conmilssioner Oummings, seconded by 
Commissioner Flelahhaoker and carried, an increase of |10. 
par nonth waa granted. The motion also allows R. Belaont, 
the Taxldermiet an Increase of #10. per month. 

From Playground Comm. with encloeure from Freak 

From Playground 

Coma, re: Protest 

a«alaat gpyr Trao^ , l. Or.,ta,,entlnK property om.r. In the vlolnltr 

*rom Curator 
Penez rei tri . 

of Balboa Park, proteating againet a spur traok for the 
purpose of eetabliehing an asphalt plant on Arago St. 
Referred to Superintendnet. 

From Curator Penes who states he is visiting all 
the principal Mueeume on Southern route and now enjoying the 
worlerful Metropolitan - thanking the Board for the trip. 
Ordered filed. 

From acting Mayor MdLeran relative to opening 

FromRc^lph VoLjran 
r«: Optnln;^ U^*aonio 

— . _: Masonic Ave through the Panhandle.- Taken under advisement. 

Inord^gfcs in 
allo*anc9 for 
Btalntenmnco of 

Acting Mayor MoLeran says that Board of Supr. till 
present a Charter Amendment authorising the allowance of ten 
oents per |100. Instead of eeven oents, as at present, for 
the maintenance of Parks. 

Pros. Lindley submitted the following renolutlfg: 


Countv f.f 1^***,*^® Board of Supervlaore of the City ao* 
•uhmit ? Francisco be and it ie hereby requested to 
w""-iL:'^ ^"? electore at the oominK general election In 
Chartir 7" ^^rioment to Section 11, Article 1^, oi to* 
ialrt Sf.?f '^'* ^^*y ^^ County of San Franoieco, 00 tUAt 
•aid Section ah^Lll read as follows:- 


"8eo. II. The Supervleore shall provide all neoeesa^ tr.oney 
for the maintenance, preeervation and Improvement of maid 
P^rke. squaree, avenuee and grounde, and to that end shall 
annually levy a tax on all property in the City amd Oouaty 
not eiempt from taxation, which ahall not be less than 
seven oents nor more than ten oente upon each one hundred 
dollars asiieeeed valuation of said property." 

Adopted unanlmouely* 

Request for permit A committee of ladies repreeentlng the I.D.O.W. 

to exhibit relioe 

in Museum by N.D.G. desired a portion of a room In the Museum building to exhibit 

W3 : 

relioe of great value, reflecting the glory of the great 

State of California. - Referred to ComBlssioner Cunnings. 

From E.J.Malateeta, From I.J. Malateeta requeeting the payment of 

requesting the pay- 
ment of |oO. toffarda|60. for the removal expeneee of hie father and nephew who 
ooet of removing 
bodiee ^eere buried in the Italian Cemetery. - Referred to Supt. 


Supt. Taylor &s 

Meeting adjcurntfd ; 

l/^*"^ -Junk on old auto truck. |10.00 - sale 
of an old ram. |60.C0 - Commieeion from uoin locke in 

Deposited to credit of Park Fund. 

Copy of Supt. Taylor *e report mailed to each 

There being no further bueineee before the Board 
the meeting s4journed. 










mtt ^^m m mmmtmi^mJ^JimtU 

^■^^■^**- « i i«Wi i ii -» «a. .^^ 

■II fmam ay 

A .. 




1 ', ■ r 


,te P-rji, xnu. 

X J.c;u 

jf litft 




A. B, Spr 


The mi; 


* 4 II 

1 ** ¥• iM 

H^ vX U« ^^£. 


be a^ri.. 


'w'«k« A ^ 




*** C *j »• -T , , 





, ^*W" ' H» «"* € -*^ 




. ,; , 


'I i 

I'H = 




^ 1 


- 2 - 

From J. W. PauBcn enclo^in^- c. i^cititicn con- 
tw-inint; forty 3i^;naturee cf , er,. .._ ,.• _re -vil]^ 
O.QX Qii o. QoazLix>%^^ en the Lir.ccin P rk Gcll Tji''e *>.a 
con^ittte to -."tfu-r ^ Daage to aasist them t- . ::f orce :;:-=; 
rules for thu cc:...^rvaticn c. ... Lin.- in Park Gclf Links: 

The 3oarcL agreed it nc.a nc authority ^o confer 

police '.o-neru / ,iti...._ by .l vi-- , • i - - 

to c^r ,..,.. • • .-ity i -. Li:—: in Parli cr :i:.y _ ::;er 

Park - thv-re:. -., r^.i;.c_' ^anled. 

Frcr.. ::. ;-, . L^-ri^r .vith -noloftiire of u, .ij. cr 
• ,j*', f.-.w-ii^xl 'r. ■ 00.. ^ L. -* wire iu..c^ 1_^7»> ^-' in 
lui.^-:i, Dgtwe. : vara lot on South.- jo-faer 
"'- ■ ■ ntgci ..•• :r : ..._ Pioneer P^rk: 

Ia« jjoara BCifiAvlng autijcrlsed thi ^ . . 
• '— ' ^ - t reociTiiEe &r. • xi .. . ^ . - 

b A w ^ _ . 

aymtf&t to 
From JouJpn or«ei 








■^u-ervi. r r 


2-- yello.v i>inc tre. ne ^e 

pines: Ordere^ jd, 

• • A. 

.Services .uct.a 
held Suuoay ^y d^SQ. at 2: . . : 
Froffl i:. . :..._, rela: 
.-. i.. .. Suuw,re: Ord«r 
foliec : 

*^o.wU, Ee . _ credit 

From Haij-^t S / h' r" : 

:r.' t - 
. .. t 
a of 

^^ : --ing spaos in front 
er Square for Me-rcri:-! 

• • • a 

:on granted. 

V V,' . r :. 

dcciatlon r.- 






rkft and 



W^^^^^^mf r* ' 

^^^^B9F[ f 1 ' 

^^Rf Ut\ ] i ' 

anHiW ' B- ' 4 ' ■ 

'If R ^ 1 ■ '" '* ' 

! ' y > *^ 



t .' 

f i 




-. of H©&ith,re: 

- ^ - 

Su^vt. iicLciruii • 8 Tc .or:: 
anl recommendatj .2 u, .roved. 

Su.;>t. I^cLaren rti^.trt. 
Spreckel's dona-ticn. In I919 c 
- . . . va: 

Sale c ;■ • . : 

A vot^ . t, V 

fcr iiitt gdnercua gift. 

r,- .. ' - 

eaoto Con,, i . . j . 

oeing read -.vas adopted 

1 : ewee and 1 r_rr. ^s 
July 1919 *!, 31^7.^9 


■•'^ report crdc 


u i. .T. 

^ <:. ?^** 

r.^ . 

^ to Supt. vcLaren. 

.: ^r^..--a SU^C. UohSkSBu to 

Urn of Mjp. :-^i^te8ta for ft60. 

i w ^ i. 1- 



plj-y at 




*_.. ,-. A 






* ■ 

■ ti 
■' ^ 

Li- * 


.i w ^ l ■ ^ < 



<» t 



J^itmTf ^brKT. 






(I ' ; 

if. I 

I . 

4 « 




San Francisco, May 27,1920 

At a regular meeting of the Board of Park 
Comniissioners held at their office ?ark Lodge, Colden 
Gate Park, Thureday May 27th, I92O: 
Present were: 


Pres. C.H. Linaley 

Com. M,E. Cummings 

" A.B. Spreckels 

• H. Fleiahiiacker 

■ J. A. McGregor 

Minutes aaopted: 

From J.W.Pc^uson, re: 
Noti ce cf xee'ing: _ 

From M. Sato, re: 

Froit Filln-.ore St. 
Imp. C.u^, rerCity 

From ?^c. Coin 
Lock Co._- $7.87 : 

From C.£. P r.ez, 
aetj.iicQ report cf 
Eaa teru trij. ; 

Fr'. ... I, 
Brc ' . 
r w : Vi'/.rs, 
ir.crj^je : 

The minutes of the pre/ious meeting held May 
13th, 192c, copies of -vhlch were sent to each Comrriesioner, 
were, upon motion made, seconded and carried, adopted 
as the minutes of thj meeting held May 13th, I92O. 

From J. W. Pauson requeatii^,^ to be notified of 
the date of the Board's next meeting: Referred to Secty. 

From M. Sato who desired to introduce an illuminat- 
ing aquarium: Referred to Calif. Academy of Sciences. 

From Fillmore St. Improvement Association .vith en- 
closure cf copy of letter sent to Mayor Rolph relative to 
City planning activities duri:.^- the year: Filed. 

From Pacific Coin Lock Co. enclosing check for 
$7»S7 - Commission on receipts from cci.. locks: D posited 
to creait of Park Fund. 

From C. E. Pv^nez, detailed report of his visit 
through the Museums cf the Eastern States: Copy ordered sent 
to eacn . 

From Inter:. ^tic.^l Brotherhood of Electrical 
■.VcrKera req.esti:^; ^. increase of wages, from $135- P'^^ ^°' 
to .Jx-c. ,.,jr mc, for the engineer of the Merry-gc-rcund: 
Tne Board agreed to i..:rj.,3e his w^ges to 01^5. which, '^l^h 
nia lunc;.jc.. fre^, is equivalent to $l60. per month - *he 
amount asked for. 

- 2 . 

Froo Ooof F. 8oh<farx roportlnts th« raault of 

From 0«o« F. Soh t^r^. 

Report Oil books of 

Cfi^>.run>tt Qyt. — ^|a invaetlgutlou of tnc books of tho Ohlldroni. Play 

gpound •howinn r»oul, tu and ox endltiiroo foy tbo f^x 
undiog April 30th. X920t Copy ordorod a«nt to oiuili 
Oommiaaionox. Roport ahova ,.roflt of $7,036,64 for yoar, 
lSITi^Ro^o^'ST''^ ''^^ ^''^ Attorney Oeo, Lull relatUa to th« 

^g?;:;L^Li:;^^g!^j :,^^"^'^ ^' ^^^ ^^^ ^^-^-^-^ sharp Pa,k, copy cf 

opinion requo.tod by Praa. Lindlay ao that he aay oontlnua 
the aubjttot aatter tlth eoamlaalo .up Sk>reokela and City 
Ittopnuy L»ll. 

Score t ry Inatruoted to write Mr, Hojinlgan th % 
the Board la aaaklng uvory effort tomirda bPinglng tha 
purohaae of the land by the Park Conalaelon to a aatlnfaotory 

City Attorney Lull's ru, ort la aa folio-rat 

• X ana In reouipt of your oonuKunloatlon vith 
refcronoo tc the ofiep of P. T. Hoi .Ig oi to aoll to 
t^o C.ty and County of aui FPanolnoo ys^ uorea Ad- 
joining: thu ShixTp Park In San Mateo County. T u 
atatud In y . ur oowaunlo .tion that It la tho doalra 
of the Park CoaiilaBicn If legally poraloaable to 
Piirohaoe tho y^^ aoroa out of the "Spreoktila Fund* 
wnloh now a^proxlautes fJO.CXX), 

■ Tho 01rouaat.*aoea aurroun-ilng thlu fund .ir% aa 
follo<*at • •• 

Tk ?»,?«o^»^«*" ii*^. 1>16. Mr. A.B. SpraoK^ola aent 
the following oonfflunloatlon to Honor. ble Jaaoa Roloh 
Jr., Miiyori" •»w*^i», 

■ I Mn aendlnf^. horeath oheok for 143. 86 5. -^ 
belnc «F portion of th« Gh<.rp Inhorltanoi.Thla 
^oney tue Intunlod for Improveraenta on tho Share 
Park, or othur P.rka, »vnd X 7,lah you Touli ao 
arr.nga the depoult of thla money that the Park 
Oommlaalonera oan acalnat it, at any tUe. 
ior mioH neoded Irrj roveaanta." * 

• Thla money j.h thore^tftar dapoalte.! ^ith the 
Tre.Kuror In u fund de- igmaed aa tho -Spreokela- 
Murphy Speolal Dopoalt Fund," oH«^o«.oia- 





■im i^^^>,^ 


1 1 n 








•3 - 

■ Th« question arises *rhethor undor the terms of 
the gift as set out by Mr. Spreokels In his letter 
of Deoomber 11th, 1916, aaj portion of the fund ofin 
be used to uoqulre property us sn improvement of 
ths 8he.rp Pork in Sew Ifcitoo County. The terms of 
the gift are very meager and you vfll^tioe this 
langua«ei •Thia money was intended for improvorr.onts 

fft, the Sharp Park or other Parke". Had the »rord •of" 
oen uoed, I &m of the opinion that the aoqulslton 
•f lands thloh wore dealfnod ae v.n im .rovem«nt of 
the Park ^ould oone Trlthln the purriew of the gift. 
The word ■jja» however has a oomewhat different 
aignifloanoe and Z am unable to say -aq i matter of 
oonatruotloniKhethor the donor, Mr. Spreokels, In- 
tended that the money should be uaed for what In the 
ordinary sense ir> oonsldored as improvement a ^. 
property or whether it was used in the brouder sense 
of anything that tould tend to improve the property. 
■I other itordo, .me it intended that •im rovoments 
on" the pro I or tv ehoul) oonniat of the oonatruotion 
of buililingo, planting of shrubbery, laying out of 
drivea and improverrinta of like oh/^raoter, or Tore 
the Tords inten.led to ombrao* anything designed to 
improve the oharaoter or niwttire of the Parks* 

■ Z im of the opinion that the gift being oora, lets, 
Mr. SprtioVelo h^io no control over it at thl « time 
-nd that thu City is confined in thu sxeoution of the 
^ilt to the terms of the letter of December ll,19i6. 
Mr. Spreokels therefore ooald not at thla time br( aian 
or oii^nfe the terms of hla gift. Ho^tever, in vlev of 
thu unoert.lnty of the 1 vn^uiige uaed md thu rxoptr 
con. tr otl .. to bo {jlvon fehorc to, Z ^m oi the opinion 
that it In oorajjotent for Mr. Spr^jokele at thle tlao, 
solely tor th . purpooe of ildlng in the oonBtrtiClon 
<t thu 1 .nf:uf^':e, to deoliro vhat wis Intended by him 
by th . language uaod. If Mr. Sprookele 1b billing to 
place li', irltlnf: hie o^m Inter rat itlcn of tho 1 n.-u^gf 
I viii then bo ublu to fully vdvlse your Honorable 
Bo-trd hothur or a- t tf.ia mrney oun be uaed for the 1;.. rovument ot 3h;\r^ P.i.rk, xn.l I therefore 

- ugroBt to yc. .r H< norable Bo.rd that the queetlcn be 
put to Mr. Sprookele whether ho Intor.ded the trrds 

1: r( verrjatu en the Sharp Pvrk" to be ocnaldered In 
the narrow sense of iir.irovor.unte o|^ existing 
,rot.erty, or -hethor he Intei.ded in a broafer Be^ee 
mythli^- that .caid tu.-.d to iiti'rovs the ohar-icter or 
nature r.f the Park. 

■ Zf his rerly oh uirt be th'it he intended It In the 
*orraur j., ..r»„, J ah .ad B./ that the oonptfuotlon ^9 
ohciui I plaoo in the gift nhcuid be ontrolled by the 

Huroh^itfo ol 1 mds adjacent to the Shars P^^rk 
*iVi . nt th^reoi • • 






ffuge Inorexss 
at ChildrunU 

Puroh^ee of Zriuh 
Te . truuH \ 

• 4 - 

At the requeot of Bupt. Taylor of the OhlidrenU 
Playgrounds, H. Quentln, th Utility wma^ waa given n in- 
crease of 110. pur month. The Board also agreed to ad« 
I^SAoe the SHiary of Supt. T.ylor to 0190. por month. The 
female help at the Children •« Quarterfl it.-re granted in in- 
creuce of 50# per day to oorroej ond ?lth the sohodule of 
wages paid the lubor in th City. 

8upt. MoL vren rsported the purolwse of three ZrlHh 
let trees to be placed la front of the He Uuaoum Building. 
As the Superintendent paid ^VjQ. out of his private funds 
for the treofl the Secretary fuH ln»truated to rulxbiirns 
the SUi^erintendent out of the Rov.Dfim: fund. 

Mr. Ogllvle, ropreaentlng the Order of Druids re- 
«u«sted iormlaelon to eruot a drl.iklnf: fount In In the P^rk 
to oom.7.umor^te the members of th t Order »ho loat their 
lives In tht. 1.4ta World's l.r. The guntlemvn . vb requested 
to submit II denign of the fountain to be erected -hioh he 
profiieed to do^ 

^ru"!ry''for Pont ^ '''''"^*' ' ''"'"■"' ''''' '^^'^ P'^^^'ty omer. near 

A,SMtiiilSi 1 the otrner of Poat A Sutt r I't.u, reiue^ted a donation of 

cifejht pleocfi of .aubbery to «^ke thu said piece of liind 

trtlMtioi Roferr.d to Superintendent. 

Prtieldei.t Llnley da. ired t. Budget sht I g 

reoel te .i»d eXi endlturee at Bs ioh Chalet and other I^*rk 

a.ctl¥lLlcu to be ru,ared for e.ioh meeting^ 

There being no furtJjor buainesu before the Board 
the me tl««^ adj< urned. ' 


Ireotl n ol drii.kln. 
fountain oy Order of 


Prou. Llndley 
re p.ootj. Bu K' t 
en Boajh Ch Jet, 

ctir>,^ .^^,j. ^in^^at 

'seoiPui ryT 

1 J 

I 'i 


X /.* . 

'■- Ji 




1 1 

I : 




1 » 

r • • . 



^^-j-Mi'' m^ 


San Francieco, Calif . J'^nt.- 17,'20 

At a regular meeting of the Board of Park 
Cominisaicners n^lj at their office P..rk Lodge, Golden 
Gate Park, Thursday June 10th, 1920 

Prettciii. .vere: 

Com. M.E.^a 

" A.B. Sprec'els 

Pree. d;. Lindley 

Com. H. Fleishnackur 

■ J. A. McGre^;cr 


In th. a.b8e:.ce cf President Lii.^ley Comrr.iasicner 
CmjningB acted cb Cr.„irffi..n. 

There bei:.r nc quorum preser.t tn. xinutce of 
the previous meeting as well as All business transacted 
at this meeting-- are subject to confirmation and acic^:i:.n 
<^t u. suQtieq^unt ae^tiriL v. qucrua will be i.resjr.t. 

The Boa,rd was hcncred oy an ttnefflel«l visit 
from C.zj L .. i.,ccr U,ll, O'ShcLu^^nnesBy ^na Mr. :■^irc.u^ 
Itfcthrop. The City Entinecr eaia he hcted *:.. . i.err.bera 

the Beard wcu*^ ^ 

De at.e tc in£. e-t the Hetch 

Hetchy ifater syatei. 

Frorr. the Mayor's Office vitb enclosure from 

H. F. H^..tocr. relative zo tr.o salt^ cf ^ painting of the 
stone Pioneer Scnccl H.-se :fr.t;re t e l^te ^,j .. F. Fun^ en 
td., ht SChCCl ir, lt.^£: ^._ l^■:^. T- ;■; -; .a.tlr.,- 
is ^iOGC.w.. 

Th- ..jret^ry r^,, i;.str.ctei t, .. tify the 

' ••* "- "cxmlaai . .b nc .:. .> , ^^ 

. Tex^u r^^tiwe tc 8cCarii.(: ^n I..-; . . :'^;:y:- 


Referred to Cur^.or Penez. 






t J 


t — ^'- 



I' •III 



i [}\ 

I. t 


- 2 - 

From Maycr'8 Office with enclosure froin May 
jSinsheiraer relative tc promcting the love of music in 
the Park by encouraging Saturdc./ afternocn concerts 
by Professor Ca83a8a»8 band in Golden Gate Park - at 
iscet through the month8 if it canr.ot be rr.ade 
^ puxa.^nent institution:- The Secreti^ry was instructed 
to notify the lady that no fund8 are available for 
sue:: c'!nent8. 

Petition ruceiveu from prci^erty cvners ^ro- 
testinr against tne loccxtiou o. the Public Cc.venifc.xe 
Station in the Park on L^ke Stret^t between 12th and 13th 
Avenues, ^nd requesting that it be removed tc the east.rly 
en. of the o^rk where it would be screer^ed by shrub, ery: 
Referred to Supt. McLaraw 

From J. "'. ^c-uson statin?; that Chief oi Pclice 
White haa promised to detail an officer at Lincoln Golf 
Links:- Ordered filed. 

From Calif. Safety Locker Co. Coirjnissicn en 
receiL.ts - $4.29:- Orderea dei-csitei :7ith Treuurer. 

FroE Madison & Burke, rent for portl .n ci 
Sn.r, p^rk - C36O.GQ - three rncnths May, June an- July:- 
Order.-. _ ^n,^ ^^^^ Tre<x-.urer. 

From Caxi fornix Acc^demy of Sciences - check :-. 
.- . .. O^d & Electricity for April:- Oraersi 

Attorney H.G. MGKenn-.y,^^..iinr» 
- . orti ,a 01 Sharp P...'> t : k 

. -i.-l-tia^ tr,^t tne ^ell ,. ; i.,:... 
■ -- *t 1.. .^t 3 . -*. f,-. ^-. p^rk we:" 

V ^i. . OC 

1 *^ 

i .'it erf 


- 3 - 

close tholr trell or furnish t:.e Park ^dT..T.is3icner8 
with a. sufficient supply ^f water irotr. their well for 
Park purposes, at the option cf the P..rk Commission: - 
The Board gra.ited the Permit requested on tha ccriditions 
Btiwulated in the letter signed by the lessee. 

Mr. Belmont, Taxidermist at tr.« LTuseum, asked 
permis6i;n for wrecks vlt:. full , .. .' in adaition tc his 
regular vacaticxi of t.c weuks tne object being a hunting 
and collecting expeai:..r.. Specia^i.« ooUected tc belong 
to the Natural History Departrrcnt. p^^rk CoT.misBicn to 
•upply equipment I'cr this work, said bul lied not to 
exceea 0200.00:- Secretajpy instructed tc notify ^ 
tha.t no funds are available and ther«forc his propcslt. 
was declined. 

From Curatcr Fen«s recommending :;. Sw^iary 
of Lliss ?.. L/...C, r...ver, m raised to #100.00:- 
Raco:: -tlon approved. 

Mr. Butler, re: rtser. ...., t;. ; K- •:ricij.r.o, V^ 
tnat the wages of Mr. Suli.ivan, Engineer : ^ ^ .. .e:,«s 
Q^rterb, ou ir.creasea tc flaC. per month and that h u, 
«.Xi.o*ea *. . z ..■ : ale luncheon wnere uti pl«§,se»s 

Aeticr. dcferrtfd untii. next meeting of the Board. 
Re: crt f .-a r ^ referred to Commissi ..-r. 
Cumsiri. «• 

Co; y _. 8-,*-. 7-/.^-'« report ordure. .t to 
•aon Commies. 

S'opt. McLaren's report was adopted and r-^cc.T uu 

There being-ii^ further busines Ctf. r. : ^ „- .^n 

41 {) 


wne seetij 


-/-• J , 









V ' 








rJ" ■ 



• i * 





San Francisco, Jun. 24th, 1920 

At u regular rr.eetin of the Board of Park 
Conur:i8si.:.er8 h.l.. .t tnelr Of.i... Park Lo„ge, Golden 
Gate Purk, TnurBd../ June 2-^th, 192O: 

Present verc: 

Com. H. Fleishhaci'er, 
A. . . Spr«^ckela 
M. E, Cu ."Inge 

Pres.C. H. Lirolay 

Com. J. A. McGregor 

In ;.... ^.6.:.ce of Prcs. Lindlcy Corr .Flelshhacker 
was elected Chc^irman ;.rc -er: •- 

On aiotl n ...- made, caconded and carried It 
was ueciarea that all acta ama ..rcceedir.,.8 of the Board 
n^ -nd taken at the a#etin|p J^.. ,oth .n : J;^e 24th, 
1^20, ^o t.;c 8^e at; ©ai-8 ..e minutea of oaid m9m%im'n 

^' '■'■ ^^'-^ "- --.eDy r^tifiea, ccafirmed and decl^rea 


Fron. the Boar. ,f r._rvi..r3. eneloslng 

,.:?o \rte. ...i.^j ..1^. utates that Ken, J, A. 
McGregor is nereoy granted a leave of absence for a period 

of oixty iays, .oxrrer :„y 5., i^^^c, witn er.iasi^r. to 

leave -•. ;^ta^u:-Aacpted June 7t,h, 1^20, 

From Preeiaent LlMlfc, Supt. HeU..,. i; 

he ^ ..„ ,1-^. 

Sunk . • : 

tc* .. 



? ^ 

■ to be 
■ •-- . feeautlci.^ ^re 
r water su; I 1 , 

*■• .:=:- Fiiea. 

Frott City Ally. j^o. L... ^c ^'c 
:with refers. • *; , 1 . ^ - ,. ., 

'-- •■■- recember uth, l^ig^ ^,^ , . 

■^y^r>:. .. euic.t.iH:.inr a f 

IE. A.B.spreckeli 

- City Atty.LuI, 

-rc.;.!^^^ to n 

ftV'J .. lull 

report as t 


g^^ity of the in 

■ e i i u S d 

u next xeeti 

Hfa or 

— ae of the 

ioard:- Filed. 


« • 

/■< . 












- 2 - 


^ Edward's abstract of bo-ondcry of Sutro property 

recently purcr.ased by the City and County of San Francisco 
also boundary of property deeded to the City and County of 
San Francisco oy G.W. and E. L. Merritt's gift:- Filed. 

From Auditor Boyle aavisinfj that he has dc.ositd 
^ith the Treasurer demand #331-'^90 drau-n in favor of the 
Park Corrmission in the sum of $i+?.CO payable out of Board 
of Public --orks Funa for work performed und.r tne direction 
Ci cue P^rk Commission in the Civic Center:- Filed. 

..I itt- ^""^"^ ^^^ ^^^^' Prcmction AssGciuticn c-.iing 

:• ift'^attc^nicn tc the neglect ol ::he Park Comrtissicn to 
eetat^.ish im,.rove.r.ents in the Bay Viuw Park:- Referred 
to Su^t. UcLaren. 

From the Churoh of Jesus Christ of Latter D^y 
Saints, requesting permission tc use ^ small portion of th« 
Wttet ena o: the baaeDall grounds for the purpose of holding 

watr.. :ic,^rd.m and outing on the i-th of July - no 
religious services to be hc-'d:- Permi^^ion granttd. 

Frorr ^^^ r of Puolic Works -vith enclocure frc:r 
Park ?rt: . . I, . Ass'n. rvl^-:ive tc £c.nd clo.m on the 
>^-^t Highway:- Rct.r.^a co Fup^. McLaren. 
_ Frorr. Mrs. :". F. Gr..y8cn of Stockton offering 

^ii^n.:.. ^cvca :"^. - ^^ Beclinea i- '- :Vb 

c --.-:^' ns. 
Fro;.. :.., A. .ricu;. Legion, r- , -i - . : 
■'•^-s Tcr a te....iG t'.r..i-ent evt^nt or; ''.r.l&f 
> - ^■-.- Kc^u.,t gr^i.tjd. 
, ^^- 7. Ohta, Con^ui Gen. of Ja,.ctn, vtnc d>:^irei 

■•^ive to ?^r^^r --ticn^l, St^te ^i.^ ....... 



From rr. Everman who st-tes that at the request 
of the Park Commission he h-s hu.d un interview with Mr. 
Sato rdc^tive to his aquarium pat.r.t:- Filed. 

From H. U, O^pens, Chlirm^i. oi' the ■M-tn cf July 

: Liter-ry Co;:.mittce, requec>tiag the U8« of :he Band Stand 
and/the P.^rk Band be requested to ceo. eratf with the 

Chairman of the Committee:- Re.^.ct i;ra..ted. Secret-.ry to 
notify Prof ee -or Cas^ea. 

Froi Golfer's Magasine, published in Cnicay'O, r^ 
questing some uhctogra. hs cf cur Golf Liuks '-..i.n tn^y 
ifish tc ,,ubiisxi in tnelr Au .. : : r^r isa....:- Re- 
ferred tc Com. OumL'.ing6 witr. iastructieaa to obt-in ecpe 
photographs ot the Oc-^rae. 

: Froa "The fcrk I;.'- .m . -^^ i-nal", . li h i in 
Washi. •:.,?. C, 30lioitl. - s .oscri^tion:- Sect;/, in- 
structed, zc icrwird the eubsc. . . . n ^ - 
one yea.r. 

From Pac. Coin & Lock Co., ec.'r„T:ie8lon en icckn 

^■- — -•■■■-■■' r.^ ■ -' . • , .',:-'-■ oeited 

tc credit cf P.. 
waste i4kper, . :- Or 


- *. w . . i 

ittiiAay, Ijurcaae- 
•4te. ♦ . . 









^ ' 




". * 



W I' 






1 1 • 

r • 




I ' 

I'. T. 



At .. r ;gui.6,i" 
Commissi on^^r ... „ 
G«*t^' P^rk, Thur ■ . 
Present were: 

San JT^ , C. .. 
July 6th, r^2Q, 

.lie Bq^A ©f Park 
•-.- ir c:.i,c, R.rk Lodge, Golden 

Pres. C.K. Lindlcy 
Com. H. Fielahhacker 
A. H. ?urecV-il8 
''. E. Currrrin^'s 



The xin 

of the iget . . ;. ^ Thure^^ '. 
Yro.. Free. Li 

-Alno of ti. 
oi uii ^i^ tt.c.- ^i' K.^k " . 

■ ■■ ■ x^nths":- Tnu Tecrtft .■ 

*' ■ rt Att 

pare aae . - , , „ i : r 

" J. A. !icGr-ror 
the previrua ??!feti , coplea of 
- " ■^ - -r, oTv, upc ■ ' . n 


. - ure f fom Ite, 

le ©xt'ecta.ney 

ralttlnp the 


■ -i .' c u I" I 




• ri t- 1 




♦ ■ 





-r »-» ■¥— 

n>> ■• »-»— i lh, j. 



>V IW^. 





^. '^#-. 





> IHI 

NU • 


C i 

-r .• li 

- 2 - 

Committee of ladlea from the Bay View Improvement 
Club pleading that sorr.d lrr,.rovement be made In the 
appearance of Bay Vie;v Park:- Th. Board promised tc ha^e 
the Superintendent report on the requirements of that 

From Dr. Herzstein with encloBure from liajor 
:Malye, Director cf the Bureau of Information, tc Hon. 
Julius Kahn informing him that h. had i . t revived from 
the French Kinibter ; Finance a decree authcrlzinr^ the 
Par .:^,.cri... ; tc kee.. th^ collection definitely. 
Congressman Kchn, in b.h.lf of th. City of San Francisco 
waa itt. citizens, th^aked the; French Goverument fcr the 
8|.l«adid cci.ectic. c: ;var relics:- The Secretary was 
instr^ctc. . z..^.k Er. Hcr^stcin ^nl the French G«v.rr. 
S^rc- :. :^ajox I^^lye. for the interuatin^^ collection. 

Calif. C^.oty Lcc>jr Co. - Cor' . ."• - . 7 ■ . 

C i:. Acaa. of Science -Ga.^ & Elec.-LL.y - $2.. :. 

Report of Cur^:cr Penez - Reierrc. tc Com.Cu". i.. : . 


:rt...r bu.-iness befrr 


- xctftm -.ij urnod. 

4 — *— 






* HT 






-•■-^*-, -^ 






' —f # ■ 


r ki 




► *i» i >< f 



i( rU 

!!•! f;|lfi 




I ; 

I ' J 





« ( 





^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ffiL. ''*;' * ^^^1 


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^■^''^ ^^^1 








^^It -^4 



i -I til f ■ ■ 





J|^B^H^^|^H|^^^H)^dB' ^ 




San Franciaoo, Cal, 
August 26th, 1920 

At a regular meeting of the Board of Park ComiriesicnrrB 
held at their office, Park Lodge, Golden Gate Park, Thursday 
Aufc-ust 26th, 192c:- 

Present were:- 


Pres. C. H. Lindley 
Com. M« E. Cumrr.lnga 
" H. Fleiehhacker 

" A. B, Spreckels 
■ J. A. McGregor 

The minutes of the previous meeting, copies of which 
were seat to each Commissioner, were, upon ir.ction duly made, 
eeconded anu carried, adopted as the minutes of the meetinj^ 
held July Sth, I920. 

From City Attorney Geo. Lull relative to the purchase of 
}2'^ fc»,cre3 at Brighten Beach, known as the Hannlgan Tract, ir. 
which he says, "I am of the opinion that the Spreckels Special 
Deposit Fund cia.n be used for the purpose of purchasing the 
Hannigan Tract aa an Improvement to the Sharp Park Tract, pro- 
vided, h. -.ever, thut the Board of Supervisors authorize the 
purcna,t,e of the eume". 


Frc;:. Pre. . Lin lley, copy cf letter instructing the Secty. 
to requect thu Hcnoraole Boara of Supervisors to take the 
-c_... recorr-T.cnuca uy City Atty. Lull in hie letter tc the 
P^rk Co:rjr.i8eici., co^y at >achea, 1:. order zh'^t the Tlaot :TAf 
w- , ^rj....^dk ... _:, ^-..iticn to Sharp Park under the ccntrcl ci 
the P.. ■0lfir^8wl; ;., tc De dealcu.tea exclusively to Park 
y^^. -. t.,1^ Tract to be ,..c*la for out of the Spreckeli 
^eci .. Trust Fua^, establiahed by Mr, A.R. Spreckel^ 

■---•■ -o^rj. of E-i^ as per instructioni of 
Presiciejit Lin. ley. 

Feety.ia ^00* 

r. : ii . . - tc 
:z.. -i^.a.; Tract 


- I - 

From Seoty. de Succa to Bd. of Superviicra copy of a 
letter received frcm the California Title Insurance Co. in 
which they make their report on the title tc the property 
adjoining Sharp Park. Sent to the Supervisors to aid them 
In authorizing the purchase of the land. 

From Secty. de Succa to Mr. T. P. Hannigan, o-.7ner of the 
Brlghtoa Bench property, n. .ilyini,- ^It. that the purchase 
of his l^nd hud been submitted to the Board of Supervisors 
and by that Board submittea t- tn. Com.T.ittee on Parka and 
Playgrounds. As soon as Secty. receives Coaitlt tee's report 
Mr. Hannigan will be advised. 

Supv. LlcLeran brought a petition (which he did not file) 
in favcr or o>.^iii^ Masonic Ave tarcygh the Panhanoje anj .ke 
in favcr of the openin(j. 

Pres. Li.. ...y l;^cr:r.e:L th-- rupver^icr that there was a 
very aericuu leg., object! .r tc th- request. From hlsjpolnt of 
view on the .;„..:^..., .._ .t^.. o nvlnotd th t z:.c : ^n.. is 
dedicated tc ?4*rk purposes ^xolumitmly, ^n placed under the 
Jurii^^ictlon of the Board ef Park Co.'nmlBalcners, It c _ n^t 
be, by them, aurr»;r.derea for ooms.erslal u««. 

Supv. McLeran ^.remised that there would be a large 
delegation of oualneae aken at the &ext meet in, to urge the^ 01 l!ar ;.l Ave, 

Frcm bhe Boa*^ ^i wUj^eniisorto, res. #1 ^ »;, (Re-s eeri^s) 
relative tc a G. W. Merrett and Ea-a L. Herret'., rig 
wife, tc a tra. land, kncm a« Sutrc 4..,..^, «t-;i.^ that 
these laaas are hereby annexed tc Lincoln Park, sJt aside for 
Park i.ur.csee and tra..i»f«red aad aesigned tc the omtTw. ani 
direct. . cf the Park Comalsslcn - as set forth In the said 
Reaolutl r. on file * „• office of the Bcax. .. Park Co»- 





mik ^•— 




■I - 

\^ \. 











; I 







^ : 

cf Pai 



Fr ' ■ 



W V V ^ 

- 3 - 

Thii transfer und aeeignment has been accepted by the 
Park Coznrr.isslcn. 

The wreaking of the old bulldinga on land with full 
power to act placed In the hands of Supt. McLaren. 

From the Board of Public Works, relative to the poor 
conaltici- that the Poadiray had be^jn left In at ' the Junction 
of Lincoln Way and the Great Hlt;hvv«iy,by.the Raisch Iinp.Co. 


FrcrE Diatrlct Council of Painters, requesting un Increase 
:c.f 30 cents per d^y in the.- '.vugea of their members. 

Granted - to take effect September 1st, 1920. 

From International Brotherhood of Fire.-en & 011^^X8, re- 
M^wotir.^- :hc-.t th-^ pay of their members be incre::.3ed to J''l65. 
^er month. 

Granted - to take effect September 1, 1920. 
y. From Llayor'b Sect/, vith enclosure from Officer H.J.Pyle, 
^ asking for a pcslti.i^.or :.n ol... lady, in the Museum. 

Filed for future refereice. 

From Ba. of Public Works, relative to side sever tc be 
■ •instcklled clz Clay v La^^unn Sts.,t& connect -^izr. lavatory 
now to^in,, ..i.t in Lc.:^yett^ C^-^^^re, st^tln^ the ccct ^111 
be ...r.,.. u^cr. t:.„ Purk^lon. 

Fi... . 

Froji. th-, Amerlcu.n Asscclatlcn of Park Su^^erintendents 

r . .Uve tc ecnventlcn tc be held Sept. 9,10,11 - 11;20. 

* -i. o » 1 ^ 

■ , --J . 

-- -- "-^ licLaren. 

-• ■ ".vrclin- Parry, relative tc her child '^c tas 
* ----.^ off ,. merry-ejo-rGund horse. Havint; a report 
'.r that the injury • .s due to the neglect of 
^-*-- -y it^ ...^, the Boara. ieclied 
■■^--- -. respcnei'^iie for the accident. 

From P 

: Or. .a 

- 4 

From R. Payne tc Cor„. Flelshhacker relative to soourlng, 
by purchase or exchange, a pair of buffalo and a small number 
of birds. 

Referred to Su^^t. L'cLaren. 

From Board of Public Works, relative to ..:. ornamental 
structure to be maintainea In the public str^ct^^n tTestircod 

Referred to Supt. L'cLaren. 

From Pacific Coin Lock Co. enclosing blanks to be slened 
OV the Secretary for the renewal of a five year lease to 
maint41n their locks in the lavatgries, agreeing to pay 5C^ 
of the gross receipts. 

Secret-ry authorized to sitrn for 

ne~ Icse. 


> Frois the American Red Cross thanking the Park 00.7-1.1681 en 
"Tor the pleasant reception given :. :..-. Russian ehlldren at 
tr.= Ci.iiaren'.B Playgrcuna. 


From Mr. hi., ^r.icf L..^ineer c: the Haruor Commieaicn, 
^ho desired to sec-re a . . tne Standard Oil Tanker Model 
called "Richmon." t ce ex..i.l;c^ ^t the State Fair at 

Grant ed . 

Fro-^ Harriet S. Cochras who says she sever -ly „^r^ir.ed her 
ankle by ateM-lnc iut.c ^ ncle i. ^.-vement in front of the 
entrance v, :.. ,...., lie lavatory opposite the Sana Stana, She 
has been ^nacle :. ^t; :. ..:r es^plcyment ana feels she la 
entitled to some damages for lose of time as v." .g Doctor 

Ci-i::. referrea tc City Atty. Lull. 



i 1 

1 1 

1 1 








ill - ■ 

iiliill" H'i ,• ■ - ir 








) • 


;■ - 

'■ ! 


; i 

. 1 

1 ; 






-I ! 





I , 

r . 



• VI 



ii f 



- 5 - 

Mrt. OTonnoll; 

C. i 

-- • V 



From Mrs O'Donnell, presenting a bill for |S.GC 
Jer two windows that \vere broken in her home, near . 
Lincoln Park, by Golf Balls. 

Referred to Superintendent McLaren, 

From the Federation of Italian Societies requeeting 
:that thoy be permitted to hold ^ thre^- day c-^lebration in 
Waahiagtcn Square Septen.ber I7-I&-I9, 

Request granted. Dett.iis cf ar range, r.ents to be sub- 
mitted tc Superiiitendent McLaren for approval. 

Acknowledgment of recei^.t of expressicns cf sympathy 
extei.led to the families of the late F.?\ Cornyn and Jcseph 
"right by employees of. the Park Comirission. 

From Mr. P. ^'. Hurnaall vho desires tc build a s.-xiling 
: model of Mr. Hamfys yi^cht "Westward". Ke desires to get the 
meat-urerLsntB for the drawings froir. the a.odel vhich now in the nautical room of the 'wfuseum. 

•Gru:.ted provided Mr. Iiamf/u Cwnsunt is obtained. 

Report of Supt. Taylor for June dhcwing a g^in of 1933.29 
a nu fcr the xcnth of July eho^Ting a gain cf *2, 360.95. 

Oratircu fi.ea. Copy sent tc each Coramlssicner. 

Report c: Supt. McLaren for the month cf July ado..tea ai^ 
reccffiirenuati .... apt^rcveu. 

Report . Car;;.tGr ?e..ez for July refex-r :. tc Cor..Cumn:ing3. 



D r_vort en water referred tc Supt. "cLarc:.. 

'. "-.rther tutiii'.ess befcre the Scare, the 







t*- f\ 


N' ; 





■;, i 

I. ■•■'|. 



I I ( 


li . 

I . 

» V 

1 if ; iTT 

i I 

' <> 

I'! \ 

San Franclsoo, Cal. 
Septe.T.ber 10, 1920, 

At a re,_:ular metJtin^_; ol" the Board of Park Com- 
miesioners, hdl^ at thjlr office. Park Ledge Golden Gate 
Park, Friday Septe:;.ber 10th, I92O 

Present .vere:- 

PXvio. C.H. Lindley 

Cor.. i|«£, Cujrjrlnp-B 

" A.E. Spreokela 

" H. Fleiehhacker 

■ J. A. McGret'cr 

There not being a quorum present it was agreed 
u>.on that :hc acts of the t vc members pres-nt v;?ould have 
:o cv cL^^Tovaa anu ccniirmed at a t^absequ-nt meeting 
when a qucrun; v-ul . be^jnt. 

Tht= minutes of the previcus mectinci, copies of 
which were mailed zo eac".. Co;.. ..i^. i ,:.cir, verc, u,.cn KCtlon 
duly made, sec.-.dea and carrier, adopted a* thj .xinutas 
of -...c meeting held Aotjust 26th, 1^-20. 

From Presia.e2*t Lindlwy - copy of Icfter ,;hich 
;he Preaiwie^.t audressed to hie Honor, !4.yor J.... Rolph.Jr., 
in ..r.3 :^r z: i\ com;..unicaticn from the I.i<*yor :- t::.. ard 

'''- 'f-^ iGoicn-cirs r.^a*.ive z the openin., of :.'.iScnic 

Avcauu ...r , .. th .. Panhwsdle. The Preaidant outlined the 
'^^'^ - "- :..-:;.Lor3 of the Board, ..^ exi^res^t; sevjral 

i .-:.' ;.o . tc have . : ■-' --t.-r 

■" — ■- - ■ inutej i.b folicrs:- 

" ^,-- - - -■' l'^2C 

• * 

. ^ Sm"- ^ b 

i.n under 


c^rj. vi^i nOi 

^ U Ai 

£^ w w w * .- *• 

- 2 - 

again Scpte.r.ber ICth, and nc formal action 
can be taken until that time. The 8ul:1ect, ho.vever. 
has been tncrouf-ly aiscusaed by the Board many 
times and from many angles, and I am in a position 

IZ.^i^'' r^^' ^ ^^^^^* ^^ outline of the views of 
the Bo:.rd ex^reased on several occasUns when the 
matter was fully discusoed, althou^,'h informally, in 
presence of ger.tlemen urging, .a you nc.r urge, 
favoracle action on the proposed etteet openlAg, 

hv I.K.. ^^f obyicus pur. ose to be acecmpliehed 
oy twls opuninj- is succinctly stated in your 
letter as foLo-vs:- 

■ I believe the City has cut- htiV s -vadu ^ 1 .-i^; do thee, <xna 
the two great dlBtricta, :he T^nset 
and Rionmond, between Baker Gtreet 
and Stanyan, arc separated by a 
stretch of t'orx: th^.. a mile, an a 
the necessity of closer ccmmunlcaticn 
fcctvye.-n one aietrict una the other 
req .ires accesb across the P-mh ,n ilc". 

Thw ifTLrrt^nt queati .na ralsea oy th« petl- 
ticns presented by yo. an.i referred -- m your^^"r 
".re thubc: ' ^^ - -.-r 

tc the r»>'^\'l P^rv "Panhc^naie- havlnc teen dedicated 
S^J^P.^^r^^ ^'''' ^-''- y^rpoH^^^ hae the Board ol 

Park Co ,;r.i3t,i 

-:.^; :-o.ter tc 'han^te the use of 

any pu.rt cf the area from "park r aea 
public atrc.t, ir.'v led -- be uaca wr.'^ 
mercial purpcae£3? 

If the Hoar:, has net s^ch - v -j 
the change cf use be acc^ linhcd? 

*:c a 
for com- 

ot' Gcluer. Oatj P.-, in- 

Thd dedina- 
c Ir.^ ie n ■ .... u -.a the ■,n .le"' waa 
acccj,.li8h.a th. .. vhut id kncvn as Ordinance 
.<o. 5wC, gener...y Cc.Uea the "V;- :Jeso Orilnr-nce". 

ri. r . ^° ocmi^xny 1th Mr. 0»Shau€hnea^y, the 
01./ i.ngiae«r, I h^ve »/cnc thrr u.-h the re--rda o* 
tne dedlcu.ti;,n, .:. It 1 - ... "",.. ^ * .^ 
th^t tnere never .. .:.y ir't^-.^icn en the uart of"' 
tne city aut.iorltiec at that time t<- .>x-end ^nv 
<Jtrc t. t-r.^h the "Pai^hanlie". Th 3tl-n of 
alviil:.,; in, city iaf. two ae^reg^.teu . rtu -y 
r^as.n rf c^rvln r .t the Park areaa wad c :.^iiured 
ty t^.^• Com.i.itte. • the Bo^rd of S.^e^vl.r,^a navl;^ 
.'..-rge of the matter, ^nd puclic conveni ce 1- 

':;"^^w;^^^ 'It"" ^-^-^^-^^"^ to t.. apply pronged :cr 
^ ll-Titing the eaet bc^ndary ;■ the main Park to 
Stanyan Street, 

Im 1^ tT^ti t.\at lev a n'umuer c* v 
tne puu^ic crcB.;ed the P^nh^^r^Ue at v\ri -ue 
of street l-.terbic: .' :. during i c: I'.. 

av.-..^efei uf 

<^t'l.- * WU.C . 

.verc c.oaed, ueln 

lift J 

I . 



.^«iv I 



., J 








I ' 

•' i I 

I ' I 

' {;, 



r .'i 

i' ■■ 

: ( 



^ riii^--' 


' r 


Cole Street in 191^, and the entire area has 
Bince been devoted exclusively tc ths purposes 
for whic:, tt was dedicated. IJcne of these In- 
tersecting; areas were ever dedicated ae public 
streets, and the street dCi-artment never' had 
^r)y jurisdiction whatever over them, 

" If the grc Yth of the City and ito 
wejtward expc^n.^icn ncv derriunds the exteiisicn 
of any cf these streets across the Panhj.ndle 
for comrcercial purposes, the change of use can 
only be accomplished through an amendment to 
the charter. You will recall that charter 
amendments vere required tc enable the city to 
erect the fire ^larm ttati'-n in Jefferson Square 
c*na to permit the Acade.r.y of Sciences to cuild 
in Ccxdeii Gc.te Park. While there is a differ- 
ence Ddt'.veen the cnaracter of tnesc structures 
u.nd a public street, uhere la no difference in 
principle, as ul. of tnem involve a change from 
tne ori, Inal dedicated use. 

Th.r.j is and tr.ure could be no plausiDle 
i.rct'-nse that the desired extens on Is necescary 
in or:. -J r tc ^.revile accesa tc tr.e park cr tc cn- 
aole the pu-llc to enjoy the park privileges. To 
are aaked tc practicully cut the Panhunile in tTO 
in order tc enable resiients on one side tc ob- 
tain access to t:.e oth<.r for the purpose of ex- 
pediting or facilitating traffic ^n.. travel be- 
tween the Sections cf the City, the Sunset 
and the Richmond Districts. In other Tords, the 
Par/. Commission Is req^ejted aa tc thi^trip to 
ohajige the ori-;inal purj.oae of the deal Cc.t ion for 
i.ark pur,.oses to that of a public street. 

_ I ^ai clearly of the opini'-n th..t the 

^4 Com:r.ls3ien has no Buch po.ter under the 
aedlc?. : r. the charter. 

^- is a fundament .. r^l that the i.over 
0. uuch a commisGicn iu limited tc c ^r.ting'and^inin ■ edlcutea areau for "park .urposud" 
onxy, ^ • ' 


C ... 

To quote fr a: a rei 

■^ ••■hi* 

■^ -t Appeals In the f'-^t^ of ;:c v Y rk Invclv- 
Central P^rk:- 

'■'•■ ill in that 

Central i'e.rk s;., ^ia oe kept cuen 
ua^a ^j.rk oi^ht tc be and 
•'•■-t tc be turned over by the Com- 
JnisMi .lier cf Parks to c'h.r uues. It 
f^.ic.t ^e k^^t free from Intrusion 
'^^ ^-v. r- kind ^vhich ^-ulu inter- 
' i^^ ■-■■ ' -jrjj ,1 ih its com- 

Wllllams V3.a,.l:^^in, J.:^^..,l^^ 

1 . ::. . 1^1. 

. ..u. lie hl-h- :' .^cr :■ 
.' the oomaser^tal i-urpose 

- 4 - 

of affcruing faci.iti^s fcr traffic betv?een tTTO 
secticnj of the city is not a "park puriose". 
This prlnci le ie clow^rly stated by the Second 
District C.:^t cf Ap,.eal of California In the 
case cf Muivey v. Wange.uielm, d} Cal. App.268. 
I q-cte fr.n; the syllaw^s: 

" "Whw-re iand has been dedloateu aclv^-y 
fcr the i^ur cs^e of u uolic park, the 
extensicn of a public street across it 
constitutes a divcrui;n cf the i^nu from 
the uses to xhich it has been dedicated, 
and is in vi latior. of the trusts u on 
which it ib held, and ma/ be enjoined at 
the i'i tunce of :*n abatting owner '.-hcse 
property '-ill thrreb y be d.^nafreu. 
ITh^re a gr-.nt is made for .. specif led, 
limited u;.,; definite purj.cse, the subject 
cf the gr.^nt can.'.ct be used for n- ''h-er 
and a different purpose." 

" Thl Case cit=e ^ita a^^ruvk^vr. f.x.C'S 
a dscialon oi the Sutreme Ccurt of Illinois, 210 III. 
3:6, 71 N. }.. -tCS. 


.c q..'. 

. r m the Illinois o*.*» a'b'^ve 

the ccn- 

* Tii^: e viUcCe _ ' .!_ ; ;ee 

c 1 usi en that thj e" . n of irest~Xven'ue 

ve r^ this i^arV. .rill 'e a ^.er ve r.ii'.n cf the 
use icr .vhich the t rer.irie# er.^r:ieed in th e 
^^arr. .v^re r'ri^d rally de d^ic^ .^t jiu. i TTey .ror e 


o ri^:inally ueuic>te^ icr the^ j^ urposee 

.ark. an J r.ot for toe ^ ur^ oscij oi a. ir.ivel- 
";:tt- .■ - * — "*-■ — r; — . ..<. \.:. 

1 -i X' 

/&rtb . 

t .0 

_ ^^ 1 — • w> ^ -»■ - - ^ -. r -0>^ re J _ XT O 4 

the ,.u.. li':'?'o"rucre--. '^i ,n. ^i-"l^n . . l^.ht'">* ** 
tt refcsuTts t?.-.t the vTIl.-i-e c>-r.Txt "^ 

em^.l oy tr.ese [^re rr.'lpe'e ^ o r any per* l or, of 

't^e'?.. ■ or any ad1;l tTcrioT" ^ ur 0^ . . su fch a 

btr ^ctlun cl si'j.c:r J. hi^r.'.T ajr"^'"~ "T ":T r~"' 

net .^ev .'An^ 

, ..c 6>*.'.'.e 


.scfl of a 

w .0 1 c r> c 

ar ud-;i:e_..t^^ j^^_*_-i-J ^' ^j 

sTc?. a 

ry :g toe arV. 

'TT to 
,h ether v:^jlus.\vq 

aeol ^na tcj.__^____ ;. .h.. o r plat or ?r.t!^. " 
•wne loliolng caset- ar^: to the eame effect: 

Pric V. ^ .., .;bl 

Coa:; . . Crocker, 2^ L.-.A. ^t? 

*'cor^ .» Educ 

♦ ?,•»• 

n V. Detr- it, ^' 

"4 ,V 

- i - . 



A:' r :h->-8tive aearco :. 
Inu no ii83e..t ^ rem th r^lo above atatod. 


' An ther suggeeticr. ; 

uncturc. If 'M.u ..i. Avenue, 

oc ^e extw 

-uhanale, the ir. 

acr^ee to 

be under :r.e jurieiictlon ur. 

c. .J. 'J .one. farx I unas cu.. 

oe Uw-.. . cr openiut' .-nu mi».int . 

• i...cse 

* • 4 


«gr»t not *,' 







imiagin ■ 

v^ ' » 




•*,::; i^ "»^# 






J ' 

hi j 

if «.» »» 







I,. I 

■ 1 

I . 



; 1 


'I I "\ ' 


• ,t 






- 5 - 

#hich are in no sense intended to be used for 
"park purposes". The aurrencler of jurisdicticn 
by the Park Board to the Board of Public Works 
would obviously nullify and destroy the purpose 
of park deaication, ani is therefore beyond 
the power of the Park Board, as clearly shewn 
in the Court decisions above cited. 

" As heretofore observed. Golden Gate 
Park, ir.clu^ing the Pj.nhana.le, was dedicated out 
of the City's TOutside) lan-is as a Park under 
tj>e Van Noss Ordinance No. SCO. It .vas not a 
private donation, but the .. rinoiple of the ad- 
judicates cases, as pointed out in the above 
cited one from New York (Willic^rns V. Gallatin) 
applies in matters of this kind equally in 
cabes 01 dedication by the puDlic itself. 


As I understana it, the difference 
n areas ..rivatciy donated for park pur- 
poses o.nd thoi^e dedicated for such ivur^^obes cy 
a municipality itself ov/nin,: the 1-xnds is this: 
Where a park is created by private dcnaticn, no 
change rr^ay be made in the use tt which the area 
is dedicated vithout the consent of the donor 

interest. In the case of 
a municipality owning the 
n:ade the deal cat icn may 
the use, provided the ne^ 

or hi^ successcra in 
public dedication :-y 
land thi- peer -.vhich 
change the n^^ture of 

use is i>uclic in its nature, Thio iuiiCticn cannot 
be exercioed Ly a mer.. administrative board, '>ut 
mufct ce, under our eAiutinj; form of municipal 
government, through charter amcnament, ,vhich 1>- a 
methoa ■:: ex,. resting legislative po .cr. 

" I think you vill c^gree .-.'ith r... i,. . rir.- 
ciple :. _. ;i:i. istru-tive uoa. ^r. 
merely exev-tive fun;.^ti.ns oh ^la oe ..crmitted to 
ucnvsrt ucaicated pu.rk .*r-w.b to street pur.^Cocd, 

vfhere such otre..ts are cnfeeje 
intcued lor exclusively "p«ark 



Hau.nic Av , itnout a mandate 

le, o.~ . . ., .i.ere resolution 
jrcd^ the Panhandle, 


ctutsx ^wre^^t 
ri..ittcr, no ,.Um 
-- i.T.n-.^n.: frorr. 
dirwCt. from the 
f 'he Park Eoar^ 
c . ^very 
Stanyan. For th^t 


w't'Veen Ba/i r & >. wuti/iM^i.^* ^v^. ui<w«h 
lie p..rk or square in the city ^culd 
. poe^iu:..e invafcicn if the pover is 

^.:.inic,trutive board, vhich n^icjht c 

^ -• ejected to influences of a loc-.l 
i •-'— t 2cr.sultin;: the jlectcrate at 
which has an abidin^; interest in ey^ry one 

T V 

.-ct in this 




i tr..tive r 


r .■ :r.i it x 



It i 

. .- • ^ i. juas thic . h-.-i© 
..^ema^^ t: -J -h..v 
r in -.. • ,c t .ke the 

- 6 - 

If in ,... Oi^inion of oht*i.e;e or uae from park 

. ,j City At .( rnt-y 

b. '- . — -— *-— - " -w ^Lxlo street may 
e r,ade cy charter c.-r.enament, I tr ■ t that such 
amenomeat vfill oe fravc^d so .s to make the ex- 
tension of the street oy name manuatcry, leavia*? 
no discretionary ,.o.ver in any Hoard. If the ^ 
eiecturs of Saz. Frur.ciooo approve of the ^Ittn and 

:?ni ^ y^^ Attcrne/ thinks thct auch a plan 
in^h . ri??;"* ^^.2^^^^ '^ii- ^-v. any discretion 
JL 'h^*'? '^w^' ^""^ J^^e.-onsiDiiity will rest it! 
the people, where it ^.rcpcrly b.longu. 

A charter 
power, and Icsave it 
ereticn cf ^ome one 
fieli of discusfii :. 
agitated i'arin(: th'^ 


-i;Lc...i.T.wnt vhich mif^-ht gr-.nt 
to be cxereioed in 'the dis- 
-i the Boards, would rcic f^r a 
hlch has been t ■ r 
r«Hi't TV, .f^, " 4^^^* ^^" years, and .vitho-t 
lr^tA.^^^^''''^i ^"^ fr.'..lnc -.ny charter amendment 
it .Tcula be ex,>eaient :.. ^,^ty of c- enin-. 
of th. street by nar.e ma..aat.ry. Thi^ u!d pr"^ 
sent :he q^estl^n squarely to the elec-^ rate, vhc 
tiat ^^f^^f'O^ i^ Erectly and with fuli kn^ ledre 
^r^'T '" ■' ^"^ ^''^^ - *^« ^ 

ever i:, -h . 
Works or Bo^/ 

-nu excr idir.j; ^x.-udlv. ■'..riu ic*i 
ce^lOdf:ed vith the Board" of Puollr- 
' '^ n&cFE, n t the Park 

I cannot close tnis 
expreeainc the a^- -l- .tu r.- - 

ty ax . of us, not ;. • r 

thid gre.^t city. "•. 

Etr.ctivc vork aecorv-^i- . ■ • 

inaivi .uci ii.l iai^ive 

of: Ice. You have :nc .. 

' ne of ua, IncI i . 

fe^iings tevf&ra y^w : 

express th« regret - 

upon^iollit - t- I . ji • 1:, 

Its ParXd tki. t aw^i ^ ;■ ^ ■ 

Cti^jiiu, to y.u. r '* ' 

think I ^vc 1. :j 
tn--. 'hi;.', y. ea.rneetly .i ir^ 

plead for may „^ ^c rr "1 -. .. 

.1 Men: wi • ;.out 
;• .8 ycu 

-•- ..^ • '- i' cf 
Aa grtJ r.— 

' •■ .tcr;;.^ f 

. ^ . . . r e - 
ittr^-iicn cf 
-^ from ac- 

1 dta'.^-e. I 

• 1:. i::h 

C .r.e _. 

ox cni 
Mayer , 

P X -■ ^ for 

"■ - ■ i-* t."-atime> 



-. y 



.0 ;h- .:. 


* -—. 















i rU 






\^ ^Pk 


> :.' 

I < 



! I 

f , ^ 

I ■-' 




- 7 - 

Frcffi Pre, . Lin .ley 

From Pre&ident LinJ-ley ennlcslng copy of letter 
L:'. A.. ;-i^'.-r... received by him from City Attorney Lull also copy of 
Ch^- . A .J. n t the City Attorney' b proposed Amendment to the Charter 
A .. .y which is to provide for the openini^ of Ashbury Street 

Pa^.Ao..* ^u 

jtnrough the Panhanale. 

City Attcrney Lull's let ier reals as follows: 

September 7th, 1920. 

" Honorable Curtis H. Lindl.^y. 
Mills Bldg., 

Dear Sir:- 

Mayor Rolph ha;5 referred to me 
your ccnan:unicaticn to him datea Sjpt ember 4th 
relative t:c the s::!:eni;icn cf Ashburv Street 
acrosb th-; P^nh:,n-le. 

Wirh the 6uggei;tions made by you 
^^-. -c :h^ necedtiity for d Ch..rter An.en;...7.dnt, I 
have i^rep^recl an amenoment to Article XIV, copy 
cf .r.ijh I enclose to ycu» 

I culd be pliiL.sed to receive any 
»Ugt'- i ne ycj may make as to th. sam-. 

Vury nr. y :■ -re, 

(Signca)Gworge Lull 

Citv An:. .-...; 

■^ w^>OwSJiX C' 

. c^.c 'b:- 


.:t no. 

" rhsc.-i I : ^ ..I.,. . . TH A r: . ;;?flL to the 

tJALiFi :, ". ,r OP xjp CITY 'rrr cou!*ty of 


Y -Y ^rri": thfi^'to a new secti'^ : to be 
■ " :: :"^::atee as sectio:; ik pinTAiNriG 


e.^ct rs r.f s.i ("ity ani Co-;. ' the 

- V j...^ar 

'***''" '*^--^-'-rt"^r-4t^ J. prcpoa^l t' - na Article 
^..r^^r ci sala City -*n.. ..-.rity, Ly 
- ne 8- . to be kno ?n an- • - 

xa ^ 

- s - 

. . - "Seoticn 1^. A ..ubllc street sixty- 
eight feet an., nin. inches in vidth i& hereby 
?i^^'tt \ ^^? aeaicatei to public use acrcss 
the "PanhanUe- of Golden Gate P.rk. as a ccn- 
tlnuation ana extensi-n of Ashur-/ Str^.-t.The 
Board of Putlic Works ia hereby aGtr.crized c.nd 
directed tc improve and keep in repair said 

prcyed sh^ll te removed from the jurisaictirn 
I ?^\ ""^ Com:nis;ii uera -na for all .urpcses 
shall be conbider. I ae an op^n public street. " 

xxEjEUlxKxxxtmsxxiyx Order c^ filc^. 
From Mr. an. J^^rs. A. B. Scree els relative to 
ca-...^iny the aite .or i;ne War Uymori:. 

The Seoty. .. inetr .- . 

». a apoci-.! n.^-etin^, cf ;:he Boar., : 
woula be ocntoidered and disposed of. 

From ia.ycr Roli.h'.. c-c.-.: 
Ch. R.. hael P.^yrt -, f .•: . 

Secty. i;. r •: : . .., , 
hav; nc m - ■ a.vaii4i.i.- r th- ^ re. 

From (tadlf. Tltl- :. . .rar.c. 
or net the tr^..dacti n r -iv 

I. ■, 1- 

.e President to c-11 
vim .. qu#6* 




"c . in.irint; ' hetftar 

*■ -v 

* »- f» 


r» r. 

liannigaa Tr^ot ib 

tc isbuc ^ ^o.i;/ :._r ... 

Secretary •tat»a . 

Fro Pacific Coin 4 
Icwkse r r five 'r .r_ 


if they ape 

* * V . . 

Secret r ■ i . tr 
Frou. notv-r_; c. ^ 

:;3i - agr . 
. .>er mentr. . 

i.-n nev 1. 

r • 

C 44 X ^ AA W - 


Se^.t. 1 



T . 

From J. J". Berw. o: 

i. t> wt !.> e re** 

bir-.:.a-y. : . . .,.-y .J, 1^21, 
Pcmdosl r. granted. 


^ipT^ *^ 




.»^' ^^ 





From Ciiitfi of 
Pclic^, re: 
Gc.r^ i ^ . Sv4. 


From Chief of Police White premising better 
: police protection in Garfi.^ld Square. 

From C. J. Maranto complaining of the distructlcn 
of tresis, 0/ ^.y.-,in Bay View Park. 

Sacty. to notify Cuief of Police. 

From Cogs'veli Polytechnic Schocl requ.tting the 
U3e of thci Stadi-on: on the mornin._- of October 2, I52O. 

Req^es- granted, 
• : Thv following; payn3„'nts were received: Academy of 
Sciences ^12.-1-2 - Cali.'. Safety Lcckor Co., corr.r^isfi n :*''.2C - 
rent of a .orticn of Sharps Park for three'hs .f36C. 

Ordered de..Q>.ited tc credit of Pari- f-ond. 

From ^res. Lindley with enclosure of a Rescluticn 
: relative to the sale of Schocl Bonds. 

ordered placed upon the-, Calendar to be acted u on 
at the Si>ecial meeting called Tor Tuesday Sssptcmbcr lt%r.,l^-0. 

From 3oar.. of Suptrviacrs - He^cluticr. #1217' - 
_:.(M©w S-.rics) relative t grafting Com. J. A. licGrctjcr 1 .vc 
of ^w-iicwCc fr ;; :.d State for sixty d-ys. 


From E. H. 3a.rtelmayer, r.cty. Pa.rk CoDtir.iDc. n, St. 
Lc^is, aikinw; for the plans una specificat, o: cur Cos- 

d^rv^w.r/ ^n.M S^.r^c/ . e ' ; .. Ct„nd. 

Fr- ".^. r ..I. of Ai;riculture,aui;'ing for ap- 

7^';_ the mcvsisent of pUsti 

■ u ^ 


■~ o: -:.- Dijtric- c:' CclunAia. 

■ to S'^i't . I^IcLuren. 
Frc;: ■■ t'b office - ^ L.ctiticn in favcr of 
- ..ic Ave i__ ,, h '-he P^nhun-le. 

-^r^ ^f lie... th 

- report on water. 

- c. „»-^^,, 




- 10 - 

Supt. !ZcLarcn'a report for thu x-n-.h cf August 
read ti.aa aacpted :xti. rwcomir-naations a.w.roved. 

Curator Penez- r.. .rt referred to Com. Comminga. 

Pre^. LinUey 3t.-:.a ^:.^z _ ,;. . ht it ri|-ht 
^^^i... ^ro^,er tc increase the wa^jeu of the laborers employed 
by the Park Ccmmiaai.n jC^ p^r day - rtukin their present 
*agea $^.CL p.r aay. 

On -:tl n a ..- ..a^e, aeccnaed and carried, the 
increase wa.. allcvea. 

il There ceing no further business before the Board 

the meeting adjcurned. 

jeor tary. 





. ^ . . :- - » — 


,,^ ^" 




lii'M 'i-l: 

t A 






•tk - X 



San Franciacc, Cttl, 
September 1^,19.-0. 

At a special meotin^ of the Board cf Park Com- 
alasicn^Tc, hel.. In tr. cfflce of th^» "card. Park Lodge, 
Golcien Gate Purk, Tuesday, Septeir.ber l4tn, 1930 

Pre- ..- .vure: 

Pr..-.. C.H.Lindicy 
Com. I-.E.Cu]T.r;;lnt^B 
" A.E.8preokel« 

» H. Fleishhacker 
Absent: ■ J. A. McGregor 

The follcvTintj reeoiutlon was ad', ..:cd:- 
REPOLVKI Thit . _ .ot» and prcceedlnt:a of thle 

: Hoard hu-d ta/en at Its meeti...; n..^^ Friday, 
IQth, 15^0, au t:.u 8a,n;c ^. ..r In the minutes cf tald meeting- 
be ana the 8i.aiti are hereby ratified, api, roved, ccnflrmed and 
declared va^id. 

From Coa.. A. P. Cpreckels ani Use, ©pr«okyl§, hia 
wife, a corr.!r.unic:^ti -n *iiioh rea^s as fcllcva: 

" ' . t ember 1,1 '. 

To t ^ ::u..^rw... Ow.r^ cf 
Park CcmmisciTi r^j cf th. City 
and Ccun*;y c- ranciscc. 
State of C .. :• .id. 

Gent lei men: 

On J«r<.A-r 

^ * 

Honeraul^ Sc^r^, of 
ty . in the park knc 

tC DC .iubSt 

- of Piirie, France. 

. . cite 
Icza, - ffiemcri^ 


:jratu^ Palace cf 

" Tn^re^rtcr. . .ting c.' y .r H r&ble Boar a, 

on J^nui..ry 5,1^^0 . .■ luticn .fuu a^^..:ei, acce " 
offer an.- gru...tir.f_ . . ^•.Issicr. to , rect thlb - 
buil.inj in Altj. Plaza Park, en a site t l. 
the Bcara. Since that timti, Mrs. Sr.rec)' .3 ^ 
aeric.-ly ccn.iaerin th^ dettlrinillty cf Alt 


-n . ncwVc cTOw tc 

a site for th^ mc 

that Llncc:Ln Park .vt^al ^ re ^ j 

beautiful site fcr thio ...l_in,. T:. 
In Lincoln Park u, :^t. ^;.i._.. - a.',... 
aerixrio.! :.. genera.,;- ,.i.,cribed a 

tne i.-rk aaj^ ; .,t •■ - ^n ^; Lincc 

fl-t rlc .t.-.. .. 

'l:iza as 
:n ^iuiitn 

1 ^ t - - n „ :; r e 
rticalar oite 

to er-"* -he 















P I 

! ill! (!!?•; 

(I 'ill : i 

III ■ ! '■ 

I 1(1 H ' * ' 

1 i 



' 1 2 




f [ \ 


; :., > 





1 I 

nM\ . 

- 2 - 

* Tilt reasons for the change in the site.&re 
briefly these: 

• 1. LinooXn Park, overlooking as It does the Oolden 
Qate ahd the Paolf io Ocean, is a site of far greater 
grandeur than that of Alta Plasa, and is more hafutine 
as a looation for a memorial and museum* 

■ 2. It is both adTisable and necessary that a muteus 
be situated at a dietanoe from the business 03nter of 
the oity in order to protect it from the dust and smoke 
which necessarily exists within the city itself. 

■ 3. The museum should be located upon a site whlob 
will remain unaffected by any change in the character of 
the neighborhood surrounding it, and the enoroaohaents 
whioh ordinarily arise in connection vrith the expansion 
and growth of a city. Alta Plasa is a comparatiTSly 
small park, while Lincoln Park is far larger, more re- 
mote from the business center and less likely to be 
affected by changes in the neighborhood surrounding It. 
The latter is peirtioularly true in riow of the fact that 
twc sides are absolutely protected from the growth and 
expansion of the city. 

■ We therefore respectfully request, for the foregoing 
reascne, that your Honorable Board amend the resolution 
previously adopted so as to permit us to ereot the 
Memorial in Lincoln Park on the site above indicated, 
instead of in Alta Plasa. 

Respectfully youra, 

(Signed) Mr. & urs.A.B. Spreokeli." 

Upon motion of Com. Fleishhaoker, seconded by Com.Cummings, the 

request for permission to change the site of the proposed 

■Palace of the Legion of Honor" from Alta Plaza to Lincoln Park 

was granted, the motion being carried by the following vote: 

ComBissiO&ers Fleishhaoker, Cummings and Lindley* 
Not voting:- 

Commissioner A. B. Spreckels. 

Absent :- 

Ccmzniaaloner J. A. McGregor. 

Pres^ Lindley offered the following resolution: 

■ ftg SOLVED, that tha City Treasurer beji and ho is hereby 
authorized a ;d requested to sell 00 many of the SCHOOL 
Bonds in his posLSsslon and control, purchased by him at tw 
request of the Board of Pa-rk Commissioners out of the 
speoial fund under control of said Board, knovro as the 

?^*a- ^° Shari^ts p^^k Fund, as n'ill realize the net amount 
or^5S5QC.OC. iTacn so sold said Treasurer is authorised 
flii^^'''i'*^v^^^ ^° P^^o« «ald amount to the credit of said 
inS « II ^®®^ ^y "^icl Board for the purpose of purchai- 
•r^ntr^ofS °^ ^^^^ adjoining Sharp's Park, known as the 
f^annigan* or «B^lo•btr^r> n«o«K m-^m^'t-m Qoi<± rMjrnhafle li 

autnorlzed by Reeoiution No I "lii 69 'passed by the Board of 
Supervisors, and approved by the Mayor September 8,1920-' 

- 3 - 

^im a^- .rn 

Com. Fleishnackcr ...Lvea chat the Re.clution be 
adopted - Beccnded oy Ccm. Cuimnlnga ..nd carried aiianlrriouely 
an- the Secretary ^fad i...-^ci^^ to forward the Resolution 
to the City anu County Treab^rer E. 'icDcogAld. 

There bein^ r*c further business befcre the Board 

the meriting adjourned. 

^ ^ 1 ■ « ■ « 111 J 


if ^ 




. %. 

« I. I mmmim'^^m 

• m ■— ■ <» - 









■ I ^^^itmmm^m*^ 

Mf^ "■•"f 



t. i -..J.*'- 


» > 



I! ? ' ' 


1 •• : 

'!',:ir. ■ 


♦ I- 


- 2 - 

In the meanwhile, hp -ever, proviui.r. must oe 
made for payment to thu Internal Revenue Collectcr of 
the amc-ont of taxes thus far collacted, 

Thereu,.>on the following rescluticn was offered 

and unttnlmouaiy adc. ted: 

p^« , , ^^ r^^^^g | actincj under the dlrectin cf th- 

nvf^ii: I '"t,."^'"' -card, the Sup o-rir.te -.dent of the 
Chilaren'.. Playground haw collected from patrr n- 3 
the at;ent of th;; United States Qcvern-i^nt!^ inc^Je "" 
'f:?.J!?_^r.^^:r^f- ^^^ dri.. 3..I.B. ina^on'sales 

of merry-^o-rcmd tickets, 
Icc ere....;, ^ux Soft Lrl nk^ . 

Jan. ., , 1^.1.65 

F« i2c^,75 

Mar. 177. c^3 

A^r. ^01.35 

2£c.y 004.J2 

June 411,11 

wuiy 4^^,SC 

A'o^. . 421. Gi| 

TOTAL c ?677.C7 

-i.u folic "s: 


A..r. ms.4i 

May 1 C.71 

June 13?. eg 

July 172. 2>t 

iOi.flL v7*^»4^ 

"ti^'V.rt* t^'';:p^^^^ t^.^3.50, •!! ef which hM b«to 

.ctl^ ir. r :h-. City Tre..c..ry; 




IS. uai. 

_j i" .ant cf the U:ll,ren»6 
- A-s . a.Je, cr iii about "c «^ke, his 3P©t\irn tc 

.■t. r or Inturnal Revenue, she • inj th 

-- .ivi ccllccti. HB, fcui there is t,w.^.: r-j 
:'acle tc ..i^ Ccllectcr the gaii a^^ic^^te 

. ,, .- — .:_ ._,, be i: Hyc^LVrr, that ths 

.^--.t»ry Of t;ni^ Poar. be, i.n.. hu io h;.reby a, 

^' ■ --^-^--ernal Revenue, ^n.. ;. ;,._^ ...... ^. . 

■ • cesu^ ■ _ „Dt^in ir b the Ci'-v A"aitcr 
■ - - :.e Uit / Tr -. , , 

" - ^ — Jr cf Int.. 





i' : * I ,' 


. ii.dlwy 
Sale f 

- 3 - 


The Pr . 1 .enc of th^ :xard rej^orted that he had 
been adv^iBiU \y :..„ Ci:, Treasur / . . acccrdanoe -ith 

the rc^...ution c: -.i. :-^ :.^... ^.^xd. tc the Mercautila 

Truet Con., c.ny ten ,-^ City S^:: . Bcs^b cf the dencmii, r. 

of $1000.00 eaj:., ..._ r . i^.-^ ^'-fr-f r^r, *: . ^^:. . r 
Thousand ThXw- HunOr^d , : . ua Cp/ . ' .. ), 

and accrued interest fro« Sept. 1, 1> , . aa.te of delivery. 

As taiu a are r«gi»t«r«^ ii. th- ^ cf 

Sireckeld Speci . .ojit Fyna. .. n«o»»s«ry that this 

Board, a. t... : .■ .:>. i: . : _:_, - * saia MER- 

-"' - . at tor ',-. ... it to 

secure registrar : . i-. i . . .■ -.r ^-i- , j. 

Thareauoii the feliowi^ Rtteolutlon was offered 
-n^ nanlaseu^ . . : 


L _ i 



Of at- 

c^ ■ . 



1:., : 


- ii-jares ;c*»o«- 


y it» Tr 

' ,» f^ V ^ 1 a C, rt „ 4 ,, t 


, -Uld •.. 1 

I * laA y m to* . < 'W * w . 

ay virtue 

.ii^ff V 

of s 

■-*-•—■••-■"'-» * ^ • - • 


t ran 







p 45<; 






f . 


' . , ^ 




***** >« A 

Clip lap r«; 



- 6 - 

Cllpplrn: relattwe tc Amen:im^nt #43 prcvi.i:;^ f.j. 
•xtensl .. .f -. .,ic Av= t:..- ^ the Panhandle/ 

o r_.i-iv8 -c Afflciiumcnt ^3^ prcvliiag fjj. 



Cli.. n 
incroasd ir. . Park ap 

e.:^ — ^ - . ass . _ Y_. 

The i.r. -^^1 ^-,at 

f r :ha ae«»8ci*y .r thi« Inorej^-- 
i-'^*- - - "- referred ^c ComiRlssl- . 

Fro:^ Audit or Tfcyle . .^„ ,1 . 
- - ^arJc Aocouats. 


Frc . ^ -:. T. ■: -r 


. laiicc for Pij^ 


^ S^ '. 

— /s, tc 

. t 

■-^-^ -to. U-„s: 

- 7 - 

to Mr. La^dr, r. 

permit at ^hc u.. u.. . ■. 

- - ^ -neent 

cf the Board. 

Frcz At rij.n . :^. ■ ' ■ •, .,i^^3 r.queating 

:-^' •* ^ -..-ir I^u3i:.l Festival an. _ - printed en 

-- - Park . : . . ' , . 

rv;.^,ie«t - .i^d 

From } . -. :jacrmlok with en . . jre froa- :. . crq.a, 

retary Iriatructed tc ::'::/. j' 

. rcmlaing better 




s au^ 

. V' 

V y* =^ 








Ik • 









■ t 




' f" 


:'. ' .< 



f I ■ 

h. ' 




!■[•• !■ 

8&n rrancltoo, Cal, 
Ootober llfth, 1920, 

At ft regular meeting of the Board of Park Coa- 
■ieeloners, held at the office of the Board, Park Lodge, 
Golden Gate Park, Thureday October m-th, 1920 

Preeent were: Pree. C.H.Llndley 

Com. A.B.Spreokels 

" M.I.CusuclngB 

■ H. rielehhacker 

* J. A. McGregor 

Minutes adopted; The minutes of the previcue meeting, copies of which 

were sent to each Commi sal oner, were, upon motion duly made, 
seconded and carried, adopted as the minutes of the meeting 
held September 23th, 1920. 

From Pree. Lindley to Board of Supervisors requesting 
that such action be taken as may be deemed necessary and 
requisite to transfer six thousand (ISOOOO dollars, appropriated 
in the Budget for the improvement of the Presidio Parkway, froa 
the General Fund to the Park Fund to enable the Board to pro- 
ceed with the improvement of the Parkway. 

Action approved. Money transferred to Park Fund, 
from Pree. Lindley to City Attorney Lull relative to 

Prib.Llnaley, re 
Preblaic Parkw ay: 

Pree.Llnaley, re 

fhcre lands con- 

tiguous to Linccln shore lands contiguous to Lincoln Park. Assuming that theee 

lands belong to the City by virtue of the grant froir the 
Government the President recommended an ordinance or reeclutlon 
be passed by the Board of Sujervisors dedicating theee areas 
to park purposes and adding them to Lincoln Park. 

FroB City Attorney Lull to Pres. Lindley relative to tte 

-^:*cre iande con- 

tl^ucus tc Linccln ihore lands contiguous to Lincoln Park: The City Attorney 

•tates he is in favor of having thsse lands dedicated to park 
purposes and will prepare a reeolution, to be adopted by the 
Board of A^it>#rtri«4^r« m«#44««*-4.%— 4.^4 „ a-as *- -at.*- - 

and placing it under the jurisdicition of the Board of Park 

Oommiss loners. 

Action approved. 





0. ri^ 



•k • 





t ( 



I • 


City Atty. Pt, 

Hannigan Tr>ot ; 

Mayor 'eOf lice 
IgjPar k_Rei .or t : 

Ralativ* to the purohaee of the Hannigan Traot 
City Attorney Lull says that aa there waa a miaunderitanding 
at to the deeorlption of the land deeired by the Park Com- 
■iaaion and that offered for sale by Mr. Hannigan, it waa 
neoeeaary to have another resolution adopted by the Board 
of Superviaora authorizing the purchaae of the land aa 
deworibed by Mr. Hannigan. The said de&orlption reada aa 

■ All that certain lot, piece or 
parcel of land situate in the County 
of San Mateo, State of California, and 
bounded and deaorlbed aa followa. to- 

■ Thirty-two and one-half acrea more 
or leaa bounded on the South by laoda 
now or formerly of C.S. Sharp and Honora 
Sharp, on the West by the Pacific ©oean 
on the North by Clarendon Road and on 
the Northeast and Eaat by Lakeside 
Avenue as t^e eaid Road and Avenue are 
delineated and marked upon that certain 
map entitled "Map of Subdivision No. 2 
of Brighton Beach, San Mateo County", 
California, txecorded in the office of the 
County Recorder of aaid County on the 
ISth day of March, 1908, in Map Book No. 
o at page i|, and being a portion of Tract 
Bo, 2 set apart to C. D. 0« Sullivan in 
the partition suit entitled "Robert Walter 
Inohea, plaintiff, vs. Griffith Jamee et 
al., defendanta, ■ No. 870, Twelfth Dlatrict 
Court, San Mateo County, State of Ca ifornia"." 

From the Mayor < a Secretary acknowledging receipt of 
Park Commla8ionera» Annual Report for the flacal year ending 
June 30th, 1920, 


BlI. for^Frint- ^^^^ Board of Supervleora enclosing bill for I85.OO 

~^ ' '°^ printing argument in favor of Charter Amendment #39- 

Ordered paid. 
Supt, D.v, .Taylor »« « *o Prea.LlndlBy 

P=- War Tax . ^^ ^^^^ ' Taylor of tJie Children'a Quart era/relativt 

to the method of paying the Ooternment'a demand for war tax 
on ice cream, etc. 

- 3 - 

From Ooeanalde Community Council requeating pep- 

Ooeanside Commun- 
ity Cruncll, re 

Clnaerelia Pag- mlaalon to hold a Cinderella Pageant in Oolden Gate Park on 

ean h x 

Sunday October 31at. 

N.C.Sud re, va- 
cating prtifflises 
on Cliff Ave 

Permiaaicn granted. Detaila aubjeof ^t'o^^Sit^^MoLaren. 
From N. C. Sud, occupying the premiaea known as the 
: "Fruit Kiosh", Cliff Avenue, asking the conaent of the Board 
to remain in the aaid building for a few months longer aa he 
had been put to considerable expenae by the requlrementa *f 
the Board of Health. 

Mr. Sud and other tenant a were given permiaaicn to 
remain until January 1, 1921, 

From H. T. Measer, real eatate aaalatant to the Mayor, 

N.T.Meseer, re 
C^ifl Ave tenants ! 

requesting Secretary de Sucoa to ask the City Attorney to pre- 

Ma/cr's Office 
ris, Cn. Raphael 
Petr '8 statue 
"American Warrior " 


pare ■Notices to Vacate" to be served on the tenants of the City 
now occupying property recently acquired by the City from the 
Sutro Estate. 

Request complied with. 

Froa Mayor's Office with enclosure from Ch. Raphael 
Petre, offering for sale a statue of the "American Warrior" for 

Lincoln Park 
Golf Club, re, 
"Lcfc'icn of 
Honor* Bldg. 

secretary Instructed to notify the gentleman that 
lack of funds prevents its purchase.. 

A oonnittee from the Lincoln Park Oolf Club appeared 
before the Board to complain about the lack of police pro- 
tection against vlaltora who perelat in walking all over the 
the Golf Course. The Committee atated that they feared an 
added attraction In Lincoln Park would aggravate the inter- 
ruptlona now auffered by the playera. 

Referred to Com. rielahhackerind Supt. McLaren. 
Com. Flelahhacker promised he would aecure more police pro- 
tection and probably make a change in the location of the 
seventh holes 










ill '» « 

%' 'f. 

'i - ' ■ 



I ' 


II : ' i > 
if . 

t! • 


r i-. 


- i^ - 

from J. R. Wilding to Pret. Llndley asking per- 

J.R. Wilding to 
Pres.Llnaley, re 

Photos of Stat- BlBtlon to take a few photographs of the statuary in th« 
uary In Museum : ' *"' 

Park Muse\im. 

Free. Llndley replied that as It le a rule in all 
Museums to prohibit cameras he could not see his way clear 
to sanction a Tlolatlon of a rule that would Inevitably be 
Invoked by others and that the safer way Is to adhere to the 
rule. The President therefore declined to grant the request. 

JSrrSo^^lsm^, '"°" '^^ Industrial Welfare Commission, requesting 

re_Par_k Pay holi:that the pay roll of the Park Commission be corrected, making 

the pay roll conform to the scale fixed by the enclosed 
order so that the women enqployees may receive the equivalent 
pf the wage fixed by the State, which 1» |16. per week or 
approximately $65. per month. 

The Secretary reported there were but four women 
receiving less than $65. per month: Mrs. 0meara,Mr8.Franchl, 
Mrs. Deach and Mrs. Glampollnl, who receive $60. per month. 

On motion duly made, seconded and carried, the 
Secretary was Instructed to Increase the pay of these four 
women to $65. per month to take effect October 1st, 1920. 

Chief .\hite,re In answer to a complitot that the Park garage had 

Police prctecticn e e> 

given Park^Looge: been broken into and a quantity of gasoline stolen Chief of 

Police White promises better police protection for the Park 

under the supervision of Lieutenant Fred. P. Qreen who is 

in command of the Park Police District. 

Ordered filed. 

The following collections were mads: Calif. Safety 
Locker Co. $5.1^3 . caiif . Academy of Sciences $16.56 - Pac- 
ific Coin aiia Lock Co. #13.5^. 

Ordered deposited to credit of l«k Park fund. 



- 5 - 


From City fluid County Treasurer relatlvs to 

Resignation of 
Ida Collet t -Pf af 1 

Treasurer John 


on'^sfle of ichool**^"*^^^''^ ^^"^ ""^ °^ 19.33^.80. representing the sals 

BoMs 9f lO-i+i School Bonds of 1926, netting 19,306.05 and 

accrued Interest of I28.75, 

o?Tcki-J^r?o '"' secretary was instructed to Issue a de.and 

c^ ver DindlnK : ^or I5.OO in favor of Hicke-Judd Com. any for binding blue 


From Mrs. Ida Collet t-Pfaff. tendering her 
"resignation as Beorstary of the Park Museum, same to take 
effect October 31, 1920, and thanking the Commissioners for 
thstr courtesies extending over a period of eleven years of 

lesignation accepted. 

Report of Curator Penez In which he asks peralselon 
of the Board to appoint Miss Genevieve Kerwin to do general 
typing and office work at a salary of |100. per month. This 
permission was granted. 

Report referred to Com. Cumminge. 

Supt. McLaren's report adopt ecj. stid recomTen-lations 
approved. ^' 

Copy of Supt. Taylor •# Report ordered sent to each 
Commissioner. ,^^f^ 
Me etinK ad . iourn jgd; There being "no further business before the Board 

the Meeting adjourned* 


Supt. McLarea's 
Report : 

5upt. Taylor's 
Report : 





**. , 

* •, 



A K 


' ill ^^w»'f||ij 










! : 


II m>i' 















San Francisco, Cal, 
October 2gth, I92O, 

At a regular meeting of the Board of Park 
Commiesloners, held at the office of the Beard, Park 
Lodt;e, Golden Gate Park 

Present were: 


Com. H. Flelshhacker 

■ M. E. Cumir.ings 

■ A. B. Spreckela 

" J. A. McGregor 

Pres.C. H. Lindley 

Minutes aact^ted : 

The minutes of the previous meeting, copies #f 
which were sent to each Commissioner, .vere, upon mcticn 
duly made, seconded and carried, aaopted as the minutes of 
the meeting held October l^th, I92O. 

Mer^ r^t"'Ai^. ^^^'^ ^*'^ Presidio iferchants» Associati n stating 

rw^A.;.a..^ ui.t - ; )2 :that the propoeed Amendment #39, relative to the increasing 

of the Park apprcprlaticn, had been unanlrr.cuely eniorsed by 

the Aascciaticn. 

Secretary instructed tc send letter of thanks. 

From the Sa:. Francisco Development Asscciatim 

• i^t t;.cy had api-roved ana endorsed Amendment #39 • 

Secretary instructed to thank the Asaociatim. 

FrciT. Aasietant Secretary to Mayor Rolph with en- 

- L. K. Siverson relative tc the deploraMe con- 
he and 
:r.t "Gjoa". Mr. Siverson states that/ the "-r-egian 

S.F. tev icpxent 
Ast'n. rr.Axtn-- 

m c n b 


A*aycr'a office, 

re, "3 oa" 

closure f 
-iticn cr 


r.ece^ . :• - 

-a thci vessel en October 12th, 1^20, anu are 
* • ' --— - i- .Touia cost $3,000.00 tc make the 
:^nent repairs. 
Hitfer.-^^ -0 Supt. McLaren and Mr. Tynan. 
Fron. Pret. Lin^ley, copy of a letter a-uressed by 
the Preaiaent t City Attorney George Lull relative tc the 



t ri ••• >- 

Ora . , 

i r^ct 


- 2 - 

From Assistant Secretary to Mayer Rclph with en- 

Mayer's Oftice, 

r_-,/tatue "Liberty 

*"" Cefenaers" c.losure from Miss Clarice ae la Fen:, relative tc a statue 

"liberty and Defenders". 

Referred to Commissi oner Cumrrdngs. 

From J. Meyers & Co. $204.00 for the sale to them 
of 4S sheep. 

Ordered deposited tu credit of Park Fund. 

From Council of Social and Health Agencies request- 

J. Meyers & Cc- 
v204. for sheet. : 

9c unci! of Social 
cci . „;, Ageiicies, 
req^^^ti^^ou^atea Ing the Park Co:nmissicn tc send three delegates to 

represent the Beard in tne Cc.r.jil. 

Com. Commlnga and Supt. McLaren ncvc elected as 

Petition for 

1^ -r .:,_ in 
- -- .ark 

■r^. »at>;f in Park 

*aaison .^rke, 
Taxee. oa Snarp 

From Roy FelloT. and otr.era petitioning tc have a 
playgrcund i.. Dubcce Park. 

Referred tc Playj:rouad Commiasion. 
From Board of Health relative tc ::., i.^rity of 
water Ir. *; ..• Park. 

Referred tc Su^-t. McLar;;n. 

Frcrr; Madison & E.rk- with enclosure fr-a. thr Tax 
CoUectcr of San Mateo Co. relative to a tax bill on the 
Sharp Park property. 

Refurred tc Supt. McLaren who 1 • - . - obtain 
A red-4Cti :. in the amount. 
""' \, ' '-^^-^^ Th« Board gra:.ted Curatcr Penez* requjet thct he 

be purxlttc^ . .:• ase ne-* .. . ■ r hie offlcij. 
Referred to Com. Comminge. 
Mg^tin^ aa^ ur^^ud: There belnt; ..c buaineas before t: 2oA?d 

the ::._-...., _-. .rned. ^ 

I ** « ifc i 


- ilea, 

— ^« ■• 



* V ♦ "%_ * .^. 

f.-..- m^.i' 








'♦ « V 


, I 


» t 

( . i; 


!■ » 

,1 l! :• 





t' < 

! ' 



I- 1 












San Francisco, Cal . 
Noverr.bur 1?, 1920. 

At a regjlar maetln* cf thu Board cf Park Com- 
miaalonera, held at the office of the Board, Park Lodge 
Golden Gate Park, Friaay November 12th, 192O 

Present were: Com. H. Fleiahhacker 

■ A.H.Si.reckeli 
" J. A. McGregor 

^^«^^^* " M.^. Cu.Tjr.ini/« 

Prea. C.H. Llndley 

On motion auly made, seconded ana carried, Cora- 

mis8icn«r Fldic^h-cker waa elected Chairman pro-tdrc. 

Minulds adG,.ted: The minutee cf the prevlr.a meeting', copies of 

which were se.-.t to the Co-rr.l^ 1 .n ra, were, upon motion 

duly made, 3ec:,r.ded and carrl-d, adopted aa the minutes of 

the meotin^ hej.:i Ccxofcer 36th, I92O. 

Frorr. th'j P.oard cf Supervisors «lth encloaure frcn 

3a. of fcupv,,r'j: 
Permit to U.S. 

Treasury De^ the U.S. Treaa.r/ Department making applloati-r. to lav unde* 
lay uiidergrcund w x-* / 

°*^^-^^^ igroond cables in -he vicinity cf Point Loboa to a point on 

the ^luff overlook ing the Golden Gate - belo^? Lookout Station 

Supt. McLaren reported that he cc^'^ see no ob- 
Sections to laying these oaDlea. 

^-on action -— y r!a^le, ^eo ..^^^ ..n . carri^id the 
perrr.iaslcn waa granted. 

Fro.T. thu Fre8;.c Park Coamlssicn with •noioaure fr;.m 

Frsano Park Com.i. . 

rc:Deifctn of buffa.c 

■--■* ship, ed t :;hem K. E. Wintl.-;.ha.rr., of the Freano Veterinarian Hoa ital 

-/ U6 : 

giving thu autopey .. r v. "ufial: Ccv, which was shipped fro« 

here, ai. . .v:.l :h ^\ ^ ^ 

. cc 

Reeding Park, Freb-.- , 

r-,, ^ 

T:.l '^jTfjL o Cow and a Buffalo Bull were soli -.o 
the Frear.c Park Co.-smissl'.n for |425,CC ^m i as r. -r*!- rf 
this a.:ount has been paid the Beard decl-. 
dead cow is paia lor ^^ will not ol.:. . ..._:; .. •_ take her 
place-ah -" ^ thu/ aek for one. 




J ^^. ^- 






1 ' 

ii'# ■ 


l! ^- . ' 

'' It. I 






li 1.' 


11 I 




» t 






I . 

- 2 - 

Supt. McLaren 
re: Exchange of 
a ^alr of 
buffalo for 

Supt.UoLaren requested pern.ission to exchange 
a pair of buffalo for a pair of white RusBlan deer. 
Permiaeicn granted. 
From k're. Beardslee representing a lady who de- 

Poara of Supv. 
re:Lighting of 
Park a..u Pan- 


re: A 

lln:'y''VlntT.k''''' '' ''-^'' ^•^'^^'^ ^- ^ ««--i-l in Golden Gate Parle. 
for a Memorial _: Secretary de Succa referred th. letter to Supt. 

Mclaren who in turn instructed the Secretary to con:m^^icate 
with Mrs. Beardalee sag^-esting that she have an interview 
with Superintendent McLaren, which the Secretary did. 
Action api>roved. 

Fro.T. Jas. E. Power, Chairman of the Lighting Com- 
mittet^f the Boara of Su,.ervi3ora, who aeslres to know if it 
la in the province of tho Lighting Co:r.rr.itt je of the Board 
of Suj.ervisore to designate the location of the lights in 
Golden Gate Park, ana especially those in the PanhanUe.Mr. 
Po.ver Btatea that if it ruota .Uth th Park Board he would 
gladly confer .vith Superintendent MoLaran relative to new 

Referred to Supt. McLaren. 

Fro;r. Frank Henretty who deairea that the awiaming 
pool near the Stadium be filled as it has b.en kept dry for 
^h'- ^.ast t.vo yeara. 

Taken under adviecment. 

From M-. ' r'a Offi;., -i^.y, enc" r.- relative t- the 
■" '^" ^b'-i-'*- plac.-i o?i th,i calendar by request of 
- -. ■ . :^cLarc:. ,vho aeslre. the inapecti^n cf the veasel be rt&ie 
-y Cc:n«.:;cara^or. 

Coma. McGregor mgreed to inspect the vcaael. 

Frank Kenrcity, 
fc-Sta^l on; 
gwlxaii.. ^ P onl- 


. i je 

- 3 - 

Froir. Acting Chief of Police D.J.0»3rlen relative 

Acting Chief of 

Police rerKiliing 

of geeae in Gtow to orders civ.»n hv m™ ♦■^ >,4- v. 

Lake : °^'^'"'® ^iv-a 0/ him to nis auboralnate regarciinf: the 

killing of geese Ir. Stow Lake, 
Ordered filed. 

-s'rviSf ?"'l"ecl ^"" "-'^ ''^•':'"«" '^^^^""■'^ ^X" '>■- Board of 
tf »:.«" fan^'etc^"' CoaT.lssl.ner. .hoald .er.d a oo^.,.nlo.tlc.„ to the 
la^C^v^Statlcn.a^ Pacific Gas 4 Electric Co. along the foUo.ln,- line.:- 

The City la complnting the ccnatr-otl-a cf a 
Convenience Station at the Beach near the end 
of Cabrillo Street. The aervloe conneotlono 
are being provlied, and I weald akk that year 
Ccini.any kindly ccnaiier this aa forfsal author- 
ity to present tilla agalnat the Park Co.Tjciaa- 
lon icr the electric current consumed In po-ver 
a..u ii^htlng incident to c^.eratlng the Stati-.n. ■ 

By request this letter wao referred tc 
Walsh of the Pacific Gaa & Electric Cc. 

Poll got lona: 

Boliectea xroa Calif. Safety Looker Co. 
AcadeT.y cf Sciences 
Pac.Ccln & Lock Co. 

12. o3 

Orderec ae^.calted to credit of Park Fund. 
Supt. McLaren reccm.-r.ended in his r-.. ort '.^.at a 

Sui,t. McLaren, re 

^^^^ trlit^ .''^-'''^'' ^^ '-^- -" --■•- Coc^ittee of the Board 

Of S^perviacra regariir^ the »ld«iag of the Up^er Drive at 
the Beach ly tituaenising an addl:i -i .:■ *• at least 
twenty feet. 

Recoas.endaticn a>.^roved and the folic tin. ' 

^^^i^l ^/^: ^* ;^^ fi^annt: of the .^nd dune, along 
the Great nl^hvay has c. .ned u. 'ear vl«w of the 
oaean^fcr a ^ cf ftne anu -.rc-half -illea, hv 
widening the pcatelnle roadway arua frc« twentylfive to 

A ^ r« 

" » 

Tdi^n^r^IL ^^ .t rusolved thoit u conference ce u^j^^ -vi'h 
Supervisor R^.,n McLerun. Cnalrn^an cf h. Finance C^I 
mittee of the "- - of ^ vlaora, • n ., .;.'''^. ' "^ 

t... adiltlonal width of twenty feet, that it may be uaed 

. -'• ■ . - 1 : at once. 

Referred to Coxalasl oners Fleiahhacker. 



>■!, ■ 

-<►-,' '-f^-i^* 









4r^ *i 







San Franciacc, C^l. 
December cfi.a, 1^20 

MeetinK c a l led: At cin ad^curncci rufc-ulur meeUrife .1 . 

Park Comnisai-ntirs, h^la at the cffioe cf :h. noird, P.rk 
Loifew, Goidtfii Gate Park, Tbursday December .?nd, r^ 20 


Com. H. Jlciahhackur 
" A. l;. £|.recVrfi8 
" M. E. Cu... iri^a 


Com . H . P lei ehhccker 

£iecj, e a_Pri3_id fej^._t : 

aii^t^ii, Cc2.. 

■ W, J, Hu;:.i,hr = y 
" J. A, licGrcgor 
*. i-:i CI Com. Spruckels, aeccnded y Corr;. Caa:- 

.'J.:. J- ,. .^ :ci::inuted for P:\,^. ;-:;-: : n^i 

t:-^ v>^ c^uaca .y " hu ae ., . rj.ident Linaley. 

Co.T-. FxciauLackar riomiriated Com. Sprsotels he rc- 

Tne Sygrctary tn u put; th« crlgiml moti n ..... a i; .: 
was earn, a ..ia.. .^.y. 

0ertiiica^.e „i 

Cott.W.f aiuica,rg^;o^ Coa. . r. Hu. ,,nr.y. 

-I u ~ • » i i» 

— ^*»-i' ^>* 

"•"•>» k"- 

■^ ~ i. _i «,.w 


/ o 


-12L ^>i;- 

— i-^_w -.J a. 

-O... i.. . . 

i _ 1 ', 

- t>- 

•ji ...,.x 

f w ^ ^ ^ 

. ._.c..r,., 



U.W _ 

■« \A *«^4 

X- ...A^ 

P.i.rk Co...;...^o 



- 2 - 

RESOLVJi,L, Timt ^ i .1-.. ^. cui^ ior ^ .hat the 
Board cr ~.;r '^c. ia^ionar:. la called ':e tnc - ... 1 tnla : _r the ^.a!..; .^ ^i 
Preai..vil Curtia ... :...,. ...tervi. in.': rest 
en ..cvwffiawr ^igti yl i ,. . .. His duv.ti:;. , ,he 
Parke, hla •ys|.athetlu . ._ c.^tri-otivia parti. . Un 
in^^.. ^robleme Involved in Park aasinli trati...*. ^3 
we^l aa the nci.i., .... oharactcr. ...a et.aear.d 
hi^ cc .11 of x.1. __.... ::. _ ^^,^. clwi.^en - 
^trP *^^J«^^ - -'- - v-rnmc;.:. In ^is 

01 nia pasrictic ciU^ie..., .r;^ State c: ^ xl- 
r&rnio. -ix; iliu»tJ?ica» ai-:. ; r "'• -k 

C&...riatloa a ao«t ^ . ^, _ .r, . « ;- 

ta.ens was - . - i :he puullj a'rvico. 

The irti.T.Derii 
i::. ..-_ ... 

'_ *. W.J ..C^i'a 
..:'it!n.du i;. ... 

- i*«i«t S^^ati.^ 


1 - to ■, 

the heu 

Qurti.^ 1.. ijl;.^i;,y. 

-. uajcatng 

^ :.t. 

-rtis Liadlcy, Jr. 

.;ij,;, /in._ tht . oard 

for sya.pathy extend- o. ... 

-g^Gx. accwuat of tac 

.* wf Lid fd.t:.c ri oa *«. 

■ -o .^ . .. .... iaiacualy ado,tsd* 

Frott Curt. -»y,Jr., :., 

' • '- ..... . .l»«icn«r« :. 






T> „ 1. /^ . 

^ris Co;, ml a. i 

-^ .^ J- -1. Cow : 

iroa. Fr .,... P»rk Ccoal.. 

agf«e ia 


W ..r W • 

.» - - 1 ij 

' g . t n w c_t i 1^: 1 4 ec ^ y ; 

L, b ■ 

* w *A 4 









I ^ ■■ 




h ' *«^ 

1^ ' 





• M 


' ' . 

■■pi;- S"':'' i 

>i - 

' 1 ,1 1 


?. i i 

im^' ■ 

,%m u-^ 


- ^ - 

re, Lights en 
i-eli St. ; 

I. K. Gutzkc^, fcrmer P^irk, .7ae 
prescat to advocate n.^r^ eights on Fell Pt., 
Refer;-. Z: S^pt. UcLiiren. 

Jcr.a Pfanlin^er, «arBer,mtn, cf £ :. irunc, aade 

John Pfeninger, 

re,d.acraing atrectd 

ffith tretig : a, pld.. I'cr the aAornffi'jnt c: stre-ts vi-.^. tre-js. 

Park : 

Refer.', w. .^ ^ -,-t .'McLaren. 

ay recoaciendatloil ©f Gu:-t. licLaren, .vhc is re- 

.,.^:cj. ,. ^c cert - wi'i. _.t, o-..-;.. ._ ;he year -t 

££,arp Park, th^ following: Pei^clutloa was adopted: 

RLGOLViLD, That the City Tr^^s^rer be, a;;a he ia 
hereby autacrized and re.^.^eotea to sc_. :ive (j) 
of tne Scn-cl :=cnda in hit, poa^eajicii -..^ c^r.trcl, 
i-urc:;..«cw. by r.ia at the rci^^est of the Beard cf 
Park Go!:i5;i 3- loners ouu or t:.= u^^tici^l f^^ unaer ^ ci saia Board, knc^n as the S^-reckelg 
Shayp Park F^a. '":.■.. dQ ^old suia Treasurer ia 

- re^aciitwd ic p^ace as^cunt realizdvi 
: the cr^ai: .f a-i-. X^i. 

.i 1 zv_ 

Board of Public 

ork, re 

^ -^t , AcLarc;! • s 

-. 02 .lealth, 

o^ '..infe o£ J«48ciAic Ave. 


C-r. L- r .'unes* re^-ort referred tc Ccsi. Cu.T.a:lne;3. 

.. nations 


Mc^tirii. ti 

^ the 

„ -r..„a. 

-^«— ^ — : 

^ I'U i m j 





Heposlag spe. _.^ 

» t „ . J .. 



, r t • ■ 

.; Qr^atlng 

'* -^ • 

».ri«r Qi 


g:tld of 



■ ^^ ^« 


-^.^v.^. » 

hav« . 


' I 






^ — T-m^ 

-^ ♦ 

■■ im 





..♦ / 

r».j > 



f.Ki 1 


^ I S i 1 

ill : 

I • J 

II! MJNf ^ 








I I 




\ \\ 

Ifii':-- ' 

l;l ; 


i H.: 


- 2 - 

At the re.,i,e;:t 

Injury to M. _ 

ilonB.:i-^n. Dy auto- " - - • .^... . ~i>.-ii.j<,.-- '.- -,n :..*^^;jg^ 

mobile arivcn oy :.. ... _«; ^i^ytin^, ::e .v;.5 sc li-tified -ut f - - 

Tba Injury :;c IZ. Monchan, a Pari: employee ■- •> 

-i-i'i o'" w^a rjft;r.--d tr 


Dedication of 
nev ulueiurn 

Or* 2io- 
Taw Park -.^. „. 
- . - Cc... : . 

Change of day 
of uleetig^ ; 

.-^j ^..*- ^ ,^ ..^ „ ,l;^ ^^r.-: :.,^ the 
... ^... .j„ ^c president .:' ; ^ -. 

.■:-i,oaiti::. w 

-he da,^- 
.h« a«xt 


i ara, 

Playgrcana in 
PortB.T.cath Sq ; 




r-^efii', .J. 
from v.. 

w - ^ j« 

UQii&ren . 

- - w . • 



•er.^z »-.■ it:y, 



afuM cf 




::.. -:f 

- 3 - 

L. Bocci & Sons 

r'-., - 

re:Parciia.oc of 

^idCcirdea mcM- ci-. 


crialB in Lincoln 

Pc^rk : 


..inooln Park. 



Bd. 0-. -Pu^ . rks 
re: Coajpiu;^^! .u of 
Cca'/. Stuti-n at 


O.I, Wheeler,. c 
View of Golden 

^^ate ?a 


Jocumant re: 

of School 

and by Rod. #67,, ^ (aeccnd aerlt 
of -^ rk ^.: 1 _ nera, : ; . 

\% th:-t th€ • .. 

> -k «> 

that the 








.13 =-> t- 

3 . 



■-..■t ; 


, *S^9rf^ 

.V .^l 




# I. 


I 'f- m i 



■ .<M«MI''. 






* ^ 




8an FranoiBoo, Cal. 
Janxaary 6th, 1921, 

yeetinB oalled t At a called meeting of the Board of Park Co»^ 

miseionere, held at the office of the Board,Bapk Lodge, 
Golden Gate Park, Thursday, January 5th, 1921 

Present zvere: 

Pres. H. rielahhacker 
Com. M. £. Cummings 
J. A. McGregor 
A. B. Spreckele 


* W. r. Humphrey 
^inules.e,acaed: The mlnutea of the previous meeting, copies of 

which vrere sent to each of the Commissioners, were, upon 
motion duly made, seconded and carried, adopted as the 
minutes of the meeting held December 22nd, 1920. 

There were present: Ir. C. E. Grunsky, President 
of the Calif. Academy of Sciences - Dr. Everman, Director 
of the Academy of Sciences Museum - Mr. Walter and Mr. 
Lilienthal, executors of the will of Ignitz Stelnhart - 
and Mr. L.P.Hobart, Architect of the proposed Aquarium 

President Fleishhaoker Invited these visiting 
gentlemen to express their views in the matter. 

President Grunsky said: "Thi Directors of the 
Academy of Sciences will find themselves in great diffi- 
culty in their efforts to establish an Aquarium equal to 
the best to be found any where in the world, which was the 
desire of the generous donor, in consequence of the present 
increased cost of materials and labor. Every Aquarium of 
ing^ortance has been visited during the past twc years, and 
it would seem that the best cannot be duplicated with the 
money at present available." 

Dr. Everman said: ■We would like to include an 
auditorium where lectur«« «-,.•» ^ >,- ~4««, ,- *%^ -j.— r»* 

is inadequate to accomodate the public. Sufficient land 

- 2 - 

should be included in the Aquarium location to permit of 
tts erection. Said location should be adjacent to the 
present Academy of Science Building. That is as far as 
the axecutors have gone into the matter, ■ 

Mr. Hobart submitted several plans of the pro- 
posed Aquarium, on which he has been engaged for almost 
two years. The plan must be changed unless a site is 
selected to fit the present plan. 

On Motion of Com. Cummings, seconded by Com 
Hunqphrey, Supt. McLaren was appointed to confer with the 
Directors of the ACademy of Sciences for the purpose of 
■electing a site, subject, however, to the approval of the 
Board of P ark Commissi oners. 

Motion carried unanimously. 

Supervisor Ralph McLeran and City Engineer M. M 

Imprcvement of 
Grtat Highway 4- 

C liff Road : O'Shaughnessey being present for a special visit to the 

Sfeetin ad- 

jcurned ; 

Great Highway and Cliff Road with the members of the Board 
of Park Commissioners, President Fleiehhacker, without 
further consideration of the regular order of business ad- 
journed the meeting, eubjeot to the call of the Chair. 

The purpose of the visit to the Great Highway and 
Cliff Road was to devise the beet method of improving the 
said Roadway and to obtain an estimate of the probable cost 
of the conteaqplated improvement which has been promised by 
Supervisor McLeran, Chairman of the Finance Committee of 
the Board of Supervisors. 





*v 1 

••••- t 

-▼-*••„ ' 



-. ..-iv 





.i- r 


!,'!!!'* ■' 


I I 


worn. AcGro^or 

San Franclsoo, Cal. 
January 19i;h,1921. 

Me;;tln> qai^^d: At a called meeting of the Board of Park Coa- 

alaaionere, held at the offioe of the Board. Park Lodge, 

Golden Gate Park, Wednesday, January 19th, 1921 

Present were: Prea. H. Fleighhacker 

Com. M. E. Cummings 

■ W. F. Hxiffiphrey 

■ A. B. SpreckelB 

■ J. A. McGregor 

MLnuces_a,lo,iiad: The minutes of the previous meeting-, copies of 

^hlch vrere sent to each Commissioner, were, upon motion 
duly made, seconded and carried, adopted as the minutes 
of the meeting heli January 5th, 1921. 

Reappointment of From Mayor Rolph, Certificate of Reappointment of 

Com. J. A. McGregor for a term of four years, from the 
eighth day of January, 192I, to the eighth day of January, 1925, 
vice himself - term expired. 

Certificate received and ordered spread on the 
records of this Board. 

The dedication of the New Museum took place in front 
of the Museum building, Sunday January 2, 19':?lf The ceremonies 
were participated in by members of the Board, Supt. McLaren, 
Secty. dc Sucoa a.nd ten thousan '. visitors. 

Pres. Herbert Fleishhacker addressed the immense 
concourse of people, concluding his appropriate remarks by 
addressing the donor, M. H. de Young, as follows: - This Musewn 
k''ill stand as a monument to your public spirit and your 
affection :or San Francisco. May the pleasure you give to 
your fellow citizens be so actively realized that it will ?ive 
you full compensation for /our generosity, 

Pres. Fleishhacker then introduced Com. W. F. Humphrey 
as Chairman of the day. 

eaicfetion of 
.•e.v Museum 

,<»■'- . 





•^ i ln- 



' ; 







- 2 - 

ChaiPinan Humphrey In an eloqimnt address voloed 
the gratitude of the oltlzent generally to the donor for 
hla philanthropy:- Generation after generation of our 
people, as they admire the beauties of Golden Gate Park 
and tee, day after day, it. wonders and study and reoelTe 
inspiration from the marvelous Museum presented to us 
today, will have an ever growing conviction that philan- 
thropy is as boundless as humanity itself. 

To General de Young, he said:- Sunk deep in the 
hearts of the citizens of San Francisco is an undying 
gratit;ide that shall never grow less until} it is lost in 
the Ooea,:; of Eternity, 

Mayor Rolph as the City's official representative 
formally accepted the Museum gift: "For the love of Mike* 
he said, he was there to carry out the privilege of ac- 
cepting the Museum and to express personal and official 
reoognltlon of Mr. de Young's invaluable services to San 

Then followed W.H. McCarthy and S.M. Shortrldge 
with apprcpriate addresses. 

Gen. n. H. de Youn^ then presented to the City 
of San Francisco the newly completed Memorial Museuit Bldg., • 
ereot-^d jy him. He said: "I give to the City ef San Franciico 
this baildint; and all it contains, with only one condition 
attached - That it shall never be closed and that no ad- 
rals9lo-x shall ever be charged." Great applause followed. 

Com. Humphrey offered the following Resolution: 

" MiER£AS, Mr. M. H. de Young has erected In 

Golden Gate Park in the City and County of San Franoiicc 
y,,?^^*®^'" ^^iiiing known as the M. H. de Young Memorial 
^fl S"^^ ^'^^ ^^* installed therein numerous works of art 
as^wcjii as many useful and important educational exbiblti; 

WHEREAS, being desirous of seciiling for all tia< 
-h/et ^''^P^'' o' the City and County of San Franclsoo 
-aj ire«5 ^.n^ oo -I'^-icjis utze and cn"'c"sent of *:^^'' bul*^ing 01 the exhibits installed'thereln^asa'perBanent 

- 3 - 

■usexim, Mr. de Young has offered to the Park 
CommisBloners of the City and County of San 
Franoisoo a deed wheroby he undertakes to transfer 

t^^*?^*/.^'^^?^®*^ ^^ ^^^ ^0 *^«"« valuable properties 
to the Commlsaioners to be administered by them as 
a public museum under and pursuant to the powers and 

J^tJ«?.*'v?;°''^?*^^°' *^«^^ official conduct in 

I^« ^^.^^• °^ *^® Charter of the City and County 
Of San Franoisoo; now therefore 

♦K- n<. ®! F RESOLVED; That the Park Commissi oners/tf 
the City and County of San Francisco accept the said 
deed and the said property, and undertake on behalf of 
themselves and their successors in office to ad- 
minister the same as a public museum under and pursuant 
to tha powers and duties prescrioed by law for their 
official conduct as aforesaid; and 

Commissioners of the City and County of San Francisco 
hereby express to Mr. de Young on behalf of themselves 
and on behalf of the people of the City ^nd C-junty of 
San Francisco, their appreciation of his spirit of 
active and unselfish endeavor to enrich and beautify 
the City, a spirit which has borne fruit in the con - 
struotlon, ornamentation and equipment of a bulldir^ 
which wili serve an increa8int:ly important pur:ioae in 
affording to all an opportunity for education, ' rroreat ion 
and the a^. rooiaui on of the arts, a spirit Those ri^ard 
ie ;hat moat lasting of all monum.ints, ths wail les^rvai 
gratitude of a body of oitizei.a, not fornthe present 
merely, but for all time, a spirit which will ever serve 
as a guide and inspiration to all truly public solrltcd 
citizens in the years to come; suad 

BE IT FURTHER i^SOLVED: That thla resolution 
and preamble be spread upon the minutes .f ;his 
meeting and that a copy of the same be presented to Mr, 
M. H. de Young. 

Park Comsilaal oners ol the City auid 
County of San Francisco, ■ 

On motion of Com. Humphrey, seconded by Com. McGregor, 

the res utlon was carried unanimously and ordered spread upon 

the ainutes and an engrossea copy ordered to be presented to 

Gen. M. H. de Young. 

Pres. Flel^hhacj^er 


from Pres. Flelshhackar to Mr. M.H. de Young: 

■ Janu£?ry 17.1921 

General Young, 
San Francisco, Ca^lf . 

My dear General de Young: - 

You were good enough last week to state that 
you wo-ld waive some of the provialcns in your original 
deed of trust, In which was emooUed a few ccnlltlons 
o.^.oaeu oy tnt- late Jud«e Llndley, the eama P-lnts b^ln^- 
opposed by the present Counsel or the Park Commission. 





I 11 



-^rajfcan ■<#»■ 







ii ' I 

1 .' 





i . » > . 




miiuu. . 



- i^ - 

" These conditions considered as a whoi« .,.- 

«rell calculated to impress the reader as relooJlble 
provisions to secure to the public for all time ?h! 
free and properly regulated use and enjoymeat of *L 
museum and its contents. Nevertheless, hov^aver 
reasonable they may in themselves be. and howeier 
much we may personally admire your piudence anlL.. 
sight in suggesting them, these condmoni^o In a 
legal sense qualify that complete and exclusive con- 
trol of tne parks and of the memorials o- worka nf 
art erected or placed therein, which ?s in olnadLn 
S^yf'«'!ii!ar?-o:r''"' Provisions of Artiole^nvlf'??? 

* We are fully confident that neither we nor 

our successors in office are over likelv tc fin^ «J» 
conflict between official dut^^d the JxecutiSn IV 
your suggestions according to their spirit. On the 
contrary, we feel that we are to be congratulated upon 
having prepared for our guidance a body of ^ligpestioni 
conceived and expressed with such wisdom and earnest 

■ In approaching the duty of calling to your 

attention the fact that the Charter compels us to re- 
gard the conaitions sugfjested by you as advisory aerely 
?? a-re relieved from much embarassment by the realization 
tnat the earnest and sincere desire ivhlch we all entertain 
to do everything in our power to anrlch and beautify 
our City and to provide for its inhabitants the widest 
possible opportunity to appreciate both She fine and uaef--! 
urts, rnakes any misunderstanding impossible. 

We feel that some •zprstslon from you to the 
effect that you regard the ccnaitlcns as teing in fact 
merely advisory will enable us to accept the deed con- 
sistently with the puolic trust which we asstoed upon 
taking our oath of office; and therefore take the liberty 
of cakint you to execute and return the . 

. i. w O -• * to < 

I am very anxious to have the resolution, of 
which I sent you a copy Saturday, passed by the Hoard at 
its spealal meeting which I have called for that purpoee 
Wednesday afternoon the 19th. 

Ycurs very truly, 

- 5 « 
Februarv 22 fofr^K^^^^ ^^^" ^°^" ^^ *^e deed of 

.Ccunty of San Franol.oo and tn ?hff, '■^^ *"'' 

office, ha. ooo.aititrknrl2LiltilnlTo''r'o'J'B'.lr<,. 

of the City ?ha«'er l^l^V" P'°''^*^°°» ot Artlol. XIV 

the ab.r , t. .^r! *'^J?i'> "i-oo you and your »».oolato» 

ow'mi^orlS^ "°.orirof"arr' °' ''/'''' P"^' "* 
ther.,on. In order thlJv^.L" e"o«i or placed 

th'srtoo'Hh^ir'^'oi ? TiVfif r/iiro" vh.'"" 

exoett Insofar as t?e° »r1-lr ■*■ L u "**'* *''** 

to hold theae proper?!.; JnLu'.TfoJ^fh^'" ?"* ''"^'^ 
public muaeum, each and aU of -e cnn^^rr^^^' ^' ' 

th^:r* iri^.-t5'':na"t¥ Lv^'"--7-er^e.%:-:e*r'^ 

Witness ^•^^ sincerely yours. 

Geo.T.Can^ercn (Signed) «. H. de Ycung 

-eta 01 -tvAticuic 



(81gned)Hertert --.Ishharksr ^ 
PrtE.I-card ci Park Ccii. 


Letter approved and endorsed by the Board. 

FroiE Gen. U. H. de Young to Pres. Fleishhacker In 

-..e President's letter: 

January 17.1921 


Huroert Flelshhaoker.Esq., 

Prcelaent i^oaru cf Park Cornalssicners, 

Sun Francibco, Caxif, 

^ear Sir: 

I am happy to acknowledge receipt cf your 
reccr.t letter concernirw.- the New Memorial Mu8=;urr. in 
-.-.-. w.«.^t. r,^j:ti, Ana tne various oxuiLi^m ...--•■ '..,««, 
tiir.e to time I have had the pleasure of installint therein 

On motion of Com. MCGregcr. seconded by Com .Cum- 
mings, the deed dated February 22 1919, conveying these 
properties to the Park Comrr.issicn, waving clauses of said 
deecL^ designated therein as "First* ana "T.lrd-. is hereby 
accepted and approved. 

Carried unaiiifficusly. 
.r..Hu^hr.y, From Com. Ku:.phr.y enclosing duplicate original 
:grant for i^t School 5,niB. nuniberin.- 701 to 7O5 inclusive, 
ana con«Ututir« the purchaser, the Comir.lssicr.eris Attorney. 
to assign and transfer all or any part cf said bonds. Tnis 
form iB made necessary in view of the fact that the bonds 
are registered ir. the name of the Board of Pa«k 
Ordered filed. 
=o..Hi.,hrey.^^^^ ,rom Oo». Hu.,,hrey, relative tc the clal. of P.T. 
.i£_^._ru^nj^ : Hannlgan tK a refund of |60.a8 taxe. pal. by his on the tract 

Of land in San llatec County r.oer.tly purcha.ed by th. City 
of San Franol.oo ana placed under the Jurl.dlotlon of th. Park 




i\i 4 




■"■ tl 


^■j* I 






f , 

I ki 

1 1 

i,i I 

I t 

Kir,. I 

> . 

: V 




- 6 - 

Oomffllssion for Park purposes. 

Upon the advice of City Attorney Lull the 
claim was referred to the Board of Supervisors. 
Action approved. 
re-mror^ I» ^^e matter of the partial distribution of the 

Jchjianne Augusta estate of Johanne Agusta Emily Marx, Com. Humphrey reported 
Eml ^ y iiii&rx i 

that a representative from hie office appeared in behalf 
of tha Park Commission tt San Francisco at the hearing in 
Napa. When the distribution would be made the Park CcmitiBslon 
would receive the $5,000. bequest provided for in the will. 

Report received and approved. 

From the North Beach Promotion Association relatlre 
to the improvement of Pionetir Park (Telegraph Hill), 

Secretary instructed to inform the Asscoiatlon 
that the Park Commission has no funds available to improve 
Plcneer Park, but would endeavor to obtain a special ap- 
propriation of $25,000. out of the next year's taxes to im- 
prove said Park. 

The changing of the regular meeting day has been 
dropped and the 2nd and i^-th Thursday in each month will con- 
tinue to be the regular meeting days as per Resolution 
adopted May 31, 191s. 


From Mayor Rolph who says: •! respectfully ask 

i-cEfciich Imp, 
AsB'n. re: 

Piwricer Park : 

Met; tin y day : 

M^ycr .-olf h 
re: Incxu 

c^-'ci^kerb*'^**''^^ ^°^^ serious consideration of granting an increaee of wagei 

tomthe Museum caretakers who receive but $65. per month. I •■ 
deeply in sympathy with the desire of the Museum janltreeeei 
to secure more compensation and would appreciate any action 
taken towards that end." 

Referred to Com. Cummings. 

* % 

Curator Penez 
re: iV ages of 
Museum Care- 
takers : 

Coast Guard, 

- 7 - 

From Curator Penez recommending that the Museum 
caretakers be paid $3. 00 per day instead of $65. per month. 
He said that paying the caretakers by the day will enable 
the Museum to have at least a right number of caretakers 
necessary always present. 

Com. Cummings, to whom the Curator's proposition 
and the Mayor's request were referred reported favorably but 
the question was again referred to Com. Cummings and Supt. 

The Secretary report ea that he had already put 
the new system into effect, taking it for granted that 
Com. Cummings' report wcula be approved. The Secretary's 
action was disapproved of and he then gave notice that he 
would return to the old system of $65. per month - limiting 
the amount cc be received by each caretaker for January to 
$65. per month as previously. 

From Andre Fourshy, Field Assistant Coast Guard 

r. : .vir.g 

ifeiikukJLt±ticn: who states that the Department cctemplates Abandoning the 

present lookout on the hill and erecting a new lookout 

building about twenty-five feet northerly from the U.R.R. 

tracks, near Point Lotos, on property now owned by the City 

of San Francisco but under the Jurisdiction of the Park 


Referred to Supt. McLaren for investigation and 
report . 

From the State Compensation Insurance Fund receipt 

'ivldciM-. from 
i^i^ CofLi-en- 
6^t^... Ino-rance of a final dividend check lor $101?'.. 21 which adaeci to 

dividends previously received totals $1709.35 again added 

to benefits paid by State Compensation Insurance Fund, during 

the year of our insurance 1917, totals $1079.^1 returned cut 

of the premium of $3723 •^7» paid in 1917. 

Secretary reported the check deposited to the 

credit of the Park Fund. 







t H', 
1 4 

■ ■ fc 












h I 

ft'' ^ 



t I 

i -'. 







Supt. Taylor '8 
report on ?.'ar 

Tax collected! 

- g - 

From Supt. Taylor of the Playgrounda, report 
of War Tax collected by him on Ice cream, etc. at che 
Playgrounds amounting to $1061.51. 

The following resolution, authorizing a demand 
drawn for said amount, was adopted: 

1 WHEREAS, acting under the direction of the 

President of the Board, the Superintendent of the 
Children* 'Playground has collected from oatrons as the 
agent of the United States Government, income (iar tax) 
taxes on ice cream and soft drink sales, and on salea of 
merry-go-round tickets, as follows: 

Ice Or earn and Soft D r inks 





1^25 ~ 






Making an aggregate of $106l.51 all of which has been paid 
into the City Treasury; and 

WHEREAS, said Superintendent of the Children«i 
Playgrounds has made, or is about to make, hie return tc 
the Collector of Internal Revenue, showing the source and 
amount of said coliecticna, and there is therefore r.c?r cue 
and payable to said Collector the said aggregate suit, of 
#1061 • 31 

NOW THEREFORE, be it RESOLVED, that the Secretary 
01 this Board be, and he is hereby authorized and directed 
to make ana verify a demand for s41d sum on the City Treasurfr 
in ;he name of JUSTUS H. WARDELL, Collector of Internal Revenue 
, and to take such action as may be necessary to obtain 
from the City Auditor a warrant on the City Treasurer for said 
sum, payable to said Collector of Internal Revenue. 

demand . 

A copy of this Resolution shall be attached to said 


I, JAIZES DE SUCCA, Secretary of the Board cf Park 
rjr.ieei oners of the City and County of San Francisco, hereby 
certify that the foregoing is a full, true and correct copy 
of a resolution of said Board, duly passed at a called meeting 
o. said Board held at its office on January 6th, 1921. 

Secretar/, Board of P&t\ 
Commissioners of the City ^ 

and County of San Francisco. 

From Westwood Park Association approving of the 

proposition to estaclish a :.iunicipal Golf Course in Balboa 

Park ana c^avising the purchase of a block of land across and ^....s^,, same wo iJaiooa i'ark. 

Secretary instructed to notify the associati 


that this block of land must be purchased by the Board of 

Supervise rs. 


It ^ '- 


; ■- " 





r - 

f •• 


y * 










■* f 


re: Sacrea 


Frcir Majestic 
ijottiing Co. 
re; : 

Ttii'iants on 

' . Hof f mau, re 
jolf Links 

^. H, talcot 

Tw, _ of 

- » « « JL^ wC t ! 

^ofcs**a,r.;, re 


- 9 - 

From Dr. T.M.Neal who desires to sell a pair of 
Sacred Cattle fcr |1G00. 

Secretary instructed. to Inform him that no funds 
are available for the said purchase. 

From Ma;jestic Bottling Co. soliciting trade. 

Referred to Supt. Taylor. 

At President's request, relative tc tenants on 
Sutro property. Supt. McLaren advised that they be permitted 
to remain durir^g the rainy weather. 

The superintendent was instructed tc obtain bids 
for wrecking the building when vacated by tenants. 

From S. Hoffman relative to Golf Link 
In the lastern cities. 

Ordered filed. 

From W. H. Talbot, executor cf the last will of 
F.C. Talbot, advisir^ that he hopes tc be able at an early 
date tc make at least a partial, if not a fall c^i.trlbutlon 
of the legacy to the Board of Park Comrriseicners prcvlded 
for under the provisicna cf the will of F.C. Taltot. 

Secretary instructed to ao.a;cwieage receipt and 
tc tharik him for ir.terost in behalf of the Park. 

Mr. R. Robaara appeared before the Board and 
asked for a conoesslcn on the Ocean Beach. 

He was informed that it ia against the policy 
of the Board to grant any ccncesslcns. 

Com. Humphrey reported that Mr. M. Mcncban, the 
injured employee, wcul . have to go to the State Accident 
Ccmmiesic;, ana present his case there. 

President Flelshhacker reported that three extra 

^ --'useiir: 

policeman would be detailed at the Park Museum on Sunday 

afternoons and two on Saturday afternoons. 

«. . i -sS^'-*!;-*-^ 







^ * 










t 'v 


1 * 






^^■. 1 

•*i V.I 



- 10 - 

Curator Chaa. E. Penez was given a vote of th&nka 

InoreaBc in salary 

? ranted Curator 
-Inez ._: and an increase of salary to $225. per month for his 

Heatin»; Museuas : 

f..r Police ; 

efficiency in the management of the Memorial Museum. 

In reference to Installing a heating plant In the 
Museum the Superintendent reported that Mr. Mulgardt, the 
architect, had moved from the city and had left no heating 
plans for the Museum building. Ke was advised to confer with 
City Ingineer O'Shaughnessfy. 

It was moved, seconded and carried that the 814)- 
•rintendent advertise for bids for two automobiles for the 
Police Dept. Subsequently the President set aside the order. 
From Mrs. H. M. Mitchell complaining about the 


agM-inat lavw>tcri e s : 

Savageries in the Park. 

wUi-t. UcLtiren'e 


Referred to Supt. McLaren. 

Report of Supt. McLaren was adopted and reooamendatlciis 


Curat or ' b P.Q^ort : 

Su^t. Taylor* 8 
'■•<dt.'CT x : 

-d. of .le^ii^th's 


fir -... :. 

Curator's Report referred to Com. Cumirings. 

A copy of Supt. Taylor's Report was ordered sent 
to each Commissi cner* . 

Board of Health's Report on water referred to 
Supt. McLaren, 

The Superintendent reccmr-ended delay in estab- 
: lishlng a Chinese Children's Playgrounds in Porterr.outh 
Square as the Chinese merchants are considering the pur- 
chase of a block of land for that purpose two blocks 
west of Portsmouth Square. 
.^l'^^' There being no further busineas tefrre the 

Ecard the meeting adjourned. 

\ ^^m » ^> • 




To all to Whom these pre^enta shal : come: 

Reposing speciax confidence in the fidelity 
and aoiiity of 

. _ ■■J OHN A JfeORirnOR 

I do,Cy these presents, by virtue of the 
authority veutea in ms by the Charter of the City and 
County of San Fruncibco, appoint him 

. A PARK C0M1ZIS5^.T£^?£FRQ 

in and for the City and County of San Francisco, ^o 
hold said office for the term 

gpding Ja nua ry_ g t h , 1 1^ 2 s 

vice himself 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have signed my nams and 
have caused the ssal of my office to be affixed hereto 
this jra day of January I921, 

.J ameB Roli.h. Jr . 


Edvrard Puiiiey 

Secretary to the Mayor. 


^^^^*-"^. ^^ 







ij .. i f 

I I I'll 

1. i 


"111: , 

'r|'' V 




Sad franelecc, Cd 
rebru&ry 10,1921 

Meeting paUed!^ At a rtgular Metinl of tke Board of Park Oc*- 

Misalonaxa* litld at tke off ice of the Board, Park Lodge, 

Coldan Gate Park, February lOtk.l^^l 

Present were Ooa. J. A. McGregor 

" A. 6. I^reekele 

Prea.H. Plelobkaolrer 
CoK. W. r. Huvpkre/ 
* M. £. Cunsinga 

A q;aonut of the Benbers not being present It waa 
decided to txtu.BL t the t\.iflneBi on the ealendJir, aubjeot 
to oonflr»atlon and approral at a aubeequtnt aaeting wk«a a 
quorun would be present* 

In the abeenoe of President rieiskkaoker Cos. 
^rsokels moTsd that Cob* MeOregor aet as ChairM&« 
luction sarrisd. 

Ik* adoption of the Binutes of the prevlcue meeting 
was deferred until the next meeting. 

FroB Ourti» Lindley, Jt,, a splendid photoixa] a 
of his late father, former President Curtis H. Lindlsy. On 
behalf of bis faaily Mr. Lindley, Jr., thanks the asBbers of 
the Board for their thrughtful conaideratlcr. In this regard 
he says he knows of nc place where tho Stuf.ily »cu*c rather 
see their father "e ilcture dlajlayec than at the Park Lodge. 
The lecretary was instructed to thank Ui , Lindloy 
for the photo aitd advice hln. that the franir^ cf sr ,; tad been 
referred to CoB.CuzrAings* 
Leave of Atser.ce: FroB the Boara of Supervisors relative tc leave cf 

absence fror. the State granted Cob. Cuirjcln£s > fen days« 
Pres. Flsishhaoker and Cna. HuBphrsy - sixty days. 

Adoption cf 
Mlnuttse deft»rred: 

Photograph of 
the lat.t- Ourtlkj 









i V. 





H : 





I 'i 



: X 




. 2 * 

Laying of the 
CcrnerBtciie of 
the "Palace of 
the Legion of 
Kcncr" j 

L^^i^'of'Sorneretone °"- ^'•^•'' ''^^^^^^ *^^ >^^«^«-- ^^ ^^^ Board 

Legion "ricnorSf '"^^ '" ^" ^""^' *' '^' oeramcnle. of the laying of th* 
l.B.%ftcylu ^^': ^^''^^'^^^^^ ^' ^^« "Teinple of the Legion of Honor" 

at Lincoln Park, Beturday, February 19th, 1921, at 

2130 P.M. 

Invitations were sent to the Secretary of each 
City CoBmlaslon with Inatructlone that they Invite the 
member e to attend the ceremonies* 

On Saturday, February 19, 1921, In the presence 

of a most distinguished aseemtlege of nctatle men end 

wocen - Gov, W. D.sttphaiM representing the State of Cailf., 

liayor Jas. Rclph, Jr., repreeer-tlnii the r.ity of Swi Frarclscc, 

Major General Hunter liggett, representing the Amy, lAslral 

Alexander Haletead, the Havy, Brigadier General Gee. Earnett, 

the Marine Corps, ranking officers of the three arms of 

Bttrvlce, Jullen C, Kettner, Ccneul Gener&l for France, Leon 

French, Chairman of the County Conjilttee of the Airerlcfin 

Legion, who placed a wreath on the Conner et one In tribute tc 

the fallen herees of the war, Geo. A. Applegarth, the architect 

pf the new Tenple, Kenry GulilauiJe, Architect cf the Parle 

-et^'le, Kaicr ntche:. cf the fighting 363rd Infant, $Ut 

Clvlsion, who presented Mrs. A. »• Spreokele with a beautiful 
silk American flag, Alexander F. Morrison, who delivered the 
address of the day, J. D. B^reckels from Ban Ciego, M. F. 
Tarpey from Fresno, Captain F. W. McOraw, representing the 
Mf leers of the World's Far, Pcbti K, Llssauer, Bev. J. L» 
Gordon, Rev, Joseph P. McQuald, Park Coirn^.l6eicr.ero - J. *• 
McGregor, A. B. Spreokels, M. I, Cummlngs (Pres. Flelshhacker 
and Com. W. F. Humphrey were unavoidably absent being In *^« 
Ee-etern States), Eupt^ McLaren and thousands of eltlzent of 
the city and state gathered at Lincoln Park to witness the 

Mayor' 8 office 
rrrAraiy Nurse 


-3 - 

laying of the cornerstone of the "California Palace of 
the Legion of Honor", gift of Mr. and Mrs A. E. S^reckels 
to the City of San Franoieoc, a replica of the Palaoe of 
the same name In Paris. 

Ths struotare will serve as a Memorial to those 
who IT ought In the World's Far. 

The ground was broken >y A. B. Sj^reckels, Jr. 

Mrs. A. B. %reokels and others aselsted In 
laying the cornerstone. 

The ceremonies were ccncluded with the einglnc 
of "The Star epangied Banner", 

From the Mayor's Office relative to a prccla«>. 
atlon regarding "Army lurse Day". Sunday January 3Cth,1521. 

The Secretary cocmuricated with Prcfesecr Caseasa 
and the program was Mrranged satisfactorily 


From Miss Elizabeth Penthcrne relative to the 
•return of a loan to the Museum which had been listed as a 

Curator Penes advised Its return and it was so 

From South of Army Bt. Inprcvement Aseociatlcn 
r(:l£»tlvc to the coping around Holly Park* 

Secretary ix.etructea to tr.tlfy the Asscclatlcn 
that no funds are available at x resent tc • coplste the 

AssociateJ Clute From the Assoolatec Clubs cf Bernal Helahts 

ot Ecrr^l Kcighte •^ 

exter.dlr^ invlta -.1. inviting the members of the Park Cor.rletfcr. U te 

present at a Mass Meeting to be held at Kcliy Park on 
Dwnoayi. February 13th, I921, for the purpose of promoting 
a ball park and general playgrounds In the said district. 

Miss E, Kbn theme 
re: Lean to 


So . of Arcy St . 










d. f 

i^T^f^if ,^. 

» •». 





.«.r ^ 


' ! i i » ' ' : !J 


" 'I 





!' . 





t: (I j 

» I 




8an FranclBoo, Oal, 
February 24th, 1921, 

MeeUry- oalled; At a regular meeting of the Park Commies ion, held 

In the office of the Board, Park Lodge, Golden Gate Park, 
Thureday, February 24th, 1921 

Present were: 

Pres. H. Fleiahhacker 

Com. A. 6. Spreokels 

M. £. Cummings 

J« A. MoGregor 

W. F. Humphrey 

BuBinesd of 
i^revicuu me^Jtlng 
ratified, .c.firxed 
ani aecu-axtfyi vaiij: 

Minu tes adapted I 

The following Resolution was imanimously adopted: 

RESOLVED, That all the aots and proceedings of 

*iii8 Board had and taken at its meeting held 

February 10,1921, by Com. MoGregor and Com.Spreckels, 
as the same appear in the minutes of said meeting, 
be and the same are hereby ratified, oonfirned and 
declared valid • 

The minutes of the previous meeting, copies of which 
were sent to the Commiaai oners, were, upon motion duly made, 
seconded and carried, adopted as the minutes of the meeting 
held February 24th, 1921 • 

From Board of Supervisors, Copy of Resolution #186^^9 

Bd. of Sa,.er- 
viecrs, re: 

buo^Let estimate; requesting heads of all Dtpartmenta to file Budget estimates 

for the year 1921/1922, on or before March 15th, 1921, with 
Board of Sufffvisors and Auditor. 

Referred to Supt. McLaren. 

From M. F. Tarpey a telegram from Fr#ho informing 

M. F. Tar^yy, 
Aocej>tint5 in- 
laying * 7^^^' ^^®^»^^*ok«' that he would accept his invitation to 

•tone of "Pa4..c^ attend the laying of the cornerstone of the"California Palace 
-i I..C _,egi ,.^ of 

M2iiii£ _:of the Legion of Honor" on Saturday, February 19,1921, in 

Lincoln Park. 


From E. M. Levy, requesting that a flag pole be 
placed on the Boat House at Stow Lake. 

Referred to Supt. MoLaren. 

'■•M.Levy, re: 



Of V 

Of H 


^ ^ ''*o» M. P. Ragan accepting In the nama of the Play- 
ground Coamission an invitation to attend the laying of the 

oorneratone of the "California Palace of the Legion of Honor" 
on Saturday, February 19,1921, in Lincoln Park. 

- 2 - 

Supt. McLaren 
re: "Save the 

Hedwwods" : 

3d. of Saper- 
visors re: 
Golf Links in 

iialboa Par.'. : 

From Supt. MoLaren, a letter to all ■ember* of 
the Calif. Legislature requesting them to favor the bill 
of Aesemblyman /Gumming a providing for an appropriation 
of 1300,000. to protect the redwoods that are being 
devastated by the lumbermen. 

Further assistance will be rendered by Free. 
Flelshhacker, Com. MoGregor and the members of the Board. 

Supt. McLaren's letter approved. 

From the Board of Supervleors, Resolution #15633, 
relative to eetabllshlng Jolf Links at Balboa Park. 

Referred to Pree. Flelshhacker. 

From H. B. Blackmar to Prea. Flelshhacker, accepting 

Accej-ting In- 

vltaticn tc aet an invitation to act as one of the Official Honorary Committee 
en Coi£2;ittee 

f r laying of participating in the layin;: of the cornerstone of the "Call- 

ccrnerBtone of 

"Palace of the fornia Palace of the Legion of Honor". 

LefCit , n of Honor* ! .- 


M-H. Hicks, re From M. H. Hicks, requesting permission to present 

Ptif.ea:.^ in a.G. 

Park Ma.r3G 6, 1-j.^l : a pageant in Golden Gate Park at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon 

March 6th, I92I, under the auspices of the Citizens' Committee 

of 1000 at which time Mayor Holph will speak. 

Request granted - details referred to f^upt .McLaren. 

L.H.Coff in,re: From L. H. Coffin requesting a transcript of the 

-ra.-.aoript of 

jsiueeti tra.r^a- proceedings of the Board's action at each meeting for the 

Jtea At J ark 
"o.-ui.ission purpose of publication In the Municipal Record. 
aie^tint^s tc be 

; -:--Ll8hed in Referred to Com. Hvimphrey. 

I^,niclpAl Bejora: 

Nc. Beacri Promotion 
Aaa'n. re:Picneer 

Horth Beach Promotion Aseociation endorsing plan of 
:S'apt. McLaren for the improvement of Pioneer Park and re- 
questing that at least some unit of the plan be etarted during 
the present fiscal year. 






'■ II I <e— »^ir«< 







'. 11 







ih ! 



i I 


- 3 - 

From I. A. Toprey and D. C. Brown relatlye to 

E. A. Torrey & 
r. C. Brown,re: 

Foot path in ■aintftlnlng a foot path In Balboa Park between the lall 
Balboa Park ! ' J*** 

and Idna 8t« 

H.D. Rewhouse,re 
Painting to be 
exhibited In 
liuseiiffl : 

Referred to Supt. MoLaren. 

From H. p. Vewhouee relative to a painting belonging 
to the eetate of Tammany, painted by Otto Wolff. Subject "Ophelia" 
The purpoee is to hang it in the Mueeum to that certain partlet 
may become intereeted in buying it and presenting it to the 

Secretary was instructed to advise Mr. Newhouee 

that the Board would be pleased to grant his request providtd 

the picture be allowed to remain in the Museum for three 

years and that no sign of any kind, stating that the pictwe 

is for sale will be permitted. 

Reboluticn of it was moved, seconded and carried that the thanks 

tQAius to be 

sent tc llr. and of the members of the Board be expressed to Mr. and Mrs. A.B. 
lira. A.B.S i^reckalfti 

Spreckels, for their generous gift of the "California Palace 

of the Legion of Honor", in a set of engrossed resolutions. 

Referred to Com. Humphrey. 

MeeUnK_.adj-urnedt There being._no further business before the Boar* tht 

meeting adjourned. 








■» % 


:^C -Xi • -l^P,'' 






mil P 

1 1 ' 

'■ ' 

'ii I 

t ( !• 


I..1 l! 

.) ^^ 




• ^^a''\ 


San Franolaco, Cal, 
March 10th, 1921, 

Meeting ca lledi At a regular meeting of the Board of Park Co.- 

mlsBlonere held at the office of the Board, Park Lodge, 

Golden Gate Park, Thursday, March 10,1931 

Present werefc- Pres, H. Flelshhaoker 

Comt A.B. Spreokeli 
* M, E , CuimnlngB 
■ J. A. McGregor 
" W. F, Humphrey 

Mlnutce ado^.ted : The alnutes of the previous meeting, coplee of 

which were sent to the Commissioners, were, upon motion 
duly made, seconded and carried, adopted as the mlnutoi of 
the meeting held March 10th, I921, 

thc^Redwood"^ °^- ^ number of communl oat ions vere received from 

Assemblymen and State Senators, Governor Stephene and Lieut, 
Gov. Young, relative to the circular sent to all rnembers cf 
the Legislature regarding the preservation of the Redwoodi 
of Califcrnia. 

Ordered filed, 

^U^^ P^olic Board of Public Works with enclosure of Rea. #68689 

horkti, re: Sidewalk 

Columoia^S^^ : (second series) adopted March 7th,1921, recommending the P»rk 

Commlsaioners abandon the sidewalk on the West side of ColustU 
Square and extend a grass plot In a gentle slope to meet th% 
existing curb. 

Referred to Supt. McLaren, 

Mrs.M. Colmar.r^ From Mrs Mary Colmar relative to the gift of a 

*^«-,.^let "In the 

^olden_Gate__^_ark||^: pamphlet entitled "In the Golden Gate Park" as a slight token 

of her admiration of the work done by the Park Coinaieslonen 
and their predecessors and J. McLaren. Her idea is to sell tli» 
pamphlet as a a-ouvenie to the visitors tc the Park by whiofc 
a fund Slight be accumulated to be spent on the erection of * 
fountain in front of the Conservatory. 

Seor^-tHT.,, jr.3truc*ed. t'^ thank th*^ ladv and Infow 
thctt the subject matter of the letter wculd be taken under 


- 2 - 

Mayor's Office, re From Mayer's Office with enclosure from Mr. 
Shieiue c)l the 

family cf ae Port¥la; B. Carrlo Riue, Barcelona, Spain, who desires to sell 

two ghislds pertaining to the family of de Portola, who he 
understands founded the city of San Francisco. 

Secretary inatructed tc inform the gentleman that 
there are no funds available tc rnake the purchase of the 
shields, Prom. From North Beach Prorcotion Association relative to 


^**-£iE : a Resolution requesting that provision be made in the 

Budget for a water supply for Pioneer Park and tc acquire, by 
purchase, certain lots north of the said Park to be Included 

Secretary Instructed to nrtify the Association the 
purchase of the aforesaid lota comes under the Jurisdiction 
of the Board of Supervisors, when the said purchase has been 
made the Park Commieslonere will attend to the water supply. 

From C. C. Garland, Old Town, Maine, who desires to 
purchase one Grizzly Bear, 

Secretary instructed to inforrr. hl.r that he can have 
one f:.r $?50. 

From Miami Copper Co. thankln^i the Board fcr some 

CCGarla-na, re; 
Parcna-sj of wear: 

M.azr.i Qopjper Co., 
TnaiiKS for Sea- 
be f.t tcrass 

Collect ions: 


: sacks of Sea-bent grass. 

Calif. Safety LcckerCo. |7.02 - Calif. Academy of 
Sciences |3?«19 - Rents from Sutro property fllb.g^ - Rents 
from Sharp Park f 375. 

Secretary reported collections d". sited In City 

Free. Flelshhaoker handed the Secretary a check from 

,-^v.w. De4uaa.m- 
t-: :^ark uy F.C. 
. Taioot xhe F. C. Talbot estate for"|lQ,000. for Park Museum ". The 

President desired to learn from the City Attorney If the money 

could be used for "Park Purposes* outside of the Museum. The 

Check ira,s returned tc the Pres. pendirig receipt of the City 
Attorney's opinion. 





I ' 


-- *■■ 111 I 

'^ .. 








I C' 


il !l 


'Mill fWf 


'•i ■ . 

■ I 1 I 

I ''hi 

t , 






« • 



Gen.M. H. de 


fTsa J 

new C 

- d c ^ 

- 3 - 

rro« Q,„. M. H. d. Toung to Oo». Cu«.lng. ^„„^^ 
that he be giy,„ .ome apparent len, euoh a. .Honomy 
Director, or -Honorary Curator of the Ue-orlal «u.,u», G,ld« 
Gat© Park", 

Referred to Prea. Fleiahhaoker. 
Later Prea. Fleiahhaoker aent the secretary a copy 
of the letter aent to Gen. de Tcung. which reads as follow.: 

CJenereil M.H. de Young Mar. 11,1921 

Chronicle 31lg. 
San Franc i SCO. 

Dear General de Ycaag: 

Tour letter of Ifcirch Sth to Mr. Cu-t.-niagi 
came oefore the Boari of Park Conaiaaicnera 

"hfJ''f?^V^^!''''°-'''^^"^ ^ -'^''^ Pleaa'^e in atatlng 
.nat the Board vraa ^-xad to authorize you to represent 
th<r M. J. de Tcung Memorial Muaeun aa Honorary 
v.ura.^'r at the Annual Convention of the Amerioan 
Aaaoclation of Muaeuma, to be held at Cleveland, 
Ohio, in May of this year. I wiah alao to aay that 
-ne far^ CorrafilQaionera feel honored at having you 
represent the Muaeua, 

T.-.e -ther xatter mentioned in your letter 
naa Oe»n held for further cone ide rat ion by the Board, 

With kindest peraonal regards, I am 

Very truly yo^^a, 



of San Fran: 13 CO 

In the presence cf the happiest oro^rd of children In 

"~^^~^^— ^' -^-^*-— -'^^•'^ ''^*-' *^« foraial presentation was made of the ne.r caxoua«l 

in Golden Gate Park - gift of Preaident H. Fleiahhaoker of 
the Parir Cominiaaion, in memory of hi 3 father-in-lat, Slgarond 
^reineba^aiE, fcrzer President of the Park Corrj.iaaion. 

Alien Fleiahhaoker, the aeven year old eon of Pres. 

" ^ Mi,hv« V /^t^resented his father 
•• *-ij...ia..K-r,/,Thc Tiraa unavoidably abaent, presented Cos, 

W. F. Humphrey »ith a deed turning over to the city the 

gorgeoualy a;.pcinted new .-nerry-go-round and "Kiddy Coaster 

dcr.ated at a cost of $10,000.00. 

a . 

- 4 - 

Com. Humphrey in accepting the gift on behalf 
of the city apoke in part aa followa: 

"wM* * Cjacioua thing to bring joy to the life of 
children. Slgmund Greenebaum, in vrhoae memory ao 
many tota will make merry through yeara to come, 
filla the aame niche in local child life that Jamea 
Whitcomb Riley did with the children of Lockerbia 
atreet,,He Underetood the amall heart; he knew the 
queer twiata and turna in that trail of the younr 
imagination where ao few adulta may penetrate; he 

J?^!J 5J!.^^''* ^°'' ^^®'" * ilfe-long service and 
no more fitting monument to hie memory could be 
erected than a gift to little children. ■ 

^- ?^l?cmrtr*°'' ^'^^'^ ^f ^ °^ Supervisora. relative to the 
re. ««!is.cme tc planned 

C..icaf;o rj^r^3untcttives_:, welcomeAo be given to the 35 Alderasn from the 


City Council cf Chicago, to arrive in San Franciaco Monday 
March 14th for the purpoae of atudylnc the transportation 
and traffic conditions in San Franciaco. 

The Oommittee require the use of all the C|ty 
automobiles to help entertain the vieitora. 
Referred to Su,,t. McLaren. 
Bud^^i^t esiixater Supt . McLaren presented hie Budget estimate for 

the fiscal year I92I-I522, a copy of which waa ordered aent 
to each Commlaaioner. 

Supt. McLaren* a report adopted and recommendatlona 
approved t 

Supt. Taylor* a report submitted and a copy ordered 
sent to each Commlaaioner. 

Curator Penez* report referred to Com. Cumxlnga. 

Supt. McLaren' 8 

. Tayicr»a 


Curator P^nez' 

Meeting adj^Airned: There being no further buaineaa before the Board the 

Beating adjourned* 





■», ' 











San Franc la CO, Oftl» 
l^rch 2^th, 192X. 

Ba. oX orktt,rt5 
Maacn ig Ave 

( t, 


Me^tln^ o^UHdj. At « reguUr ireetlnf of the Park CoTrrlsslcn held 

In the office of th« Board. Park Lclge, Goidan Gat« Park. 
Thursday, March 2h» I'JSI 

• rrea. m. Flelahhacker 

Com . U . E , Cum.T. i ng» 

■ A. B.fl^reckeli 

■ W. r.Hu.;.:hrey 
J. A, McGregor 

Mii^te. ..,,^^edL The minutes cf tne prevlcue meeting, copies cf 

which were sent to the Co^nlaalOMF,. #ure ., n motion 
duly nuxde. seconded an: cc.rrled. adopted as tht* Tinute-. of 
the mot^tlni,, hela Uarc.'- 10. , I;.., 

From Board of Works relative tc Resolution §S660C^ 
a^Oi^ted :Xarch i£. lyHi^ renctrirenalng that the Supe^rvlacr. 
mai:e available for use cf tha Park Corr.xlaslcn. the s'art cf 
I70G. tc be used tonrarda %hm U: - -rent cf Maacnlc Ave 
acr^na th- Panhanale frcs fell tc 0<.k »tFeet. ^Msh weuld 
be made available iatt-r • • aavlce cf Si^^v. llcLer*^. 

Under dat-^ f February 28.1921, tfce - , :. ©f Street. 
esti-iitau tctii co«t .. ::. a^cve l-r. r-ve-^ta as fcUc^a:- 



• - - 





. McLarfn, 

Cwu, .;i: ^i,.y r.j-r' ad,ju aut .1 j^n* 


: • '.e Boara. in Ueaccr 

Li... •, \..e signed .y the aembers of th- --ari 
tenue-it UijLaren a • • Secretary, an ' 

late President r'^rtie H. 


Coafnlseloi. ^.x.Tlngs fcr de.lvary 


f'r-^i :or.t. 







■ "•m^^ 




- 2 - 




] , 


1 < 

! I 


I i 



1 •- 




Mayor's Office 
re:Hecee8 on 

Gocd .Ft ltiay_ ! 

J. V, de Ryance 
reiPurchabe of 
j^i ctux cB 

From Mayor's Off ice relative to Res. #16712 pro- 
viding for a recess from 12 M to 3 P.M. good Friday to Park 

Request granted. 

From J. V. de Ryance, relative to the purohaee, by 
: the Park Coaimlssicn, of pioturea by the late artist Hon. 0. 
Caotiglione. Money for said purchase to be drawn out of the 
"Talbot Bequest* fuhd. 

Taken \inder consideration. 

A^s'I^^refpci^on '''°'" ^^ ^^^"^ Promotion Asaociation relative tc the 

^^ rpoison oak grcTrin^- in Bay View Park. 

Referred tc Supt. McLaren. 

li^rrv''. Jrr^?®H ^''°''' ^'i«9io^ Terrace Improvement Club relative to the 

rej^ltca Park — :3c called deplorable condition cf the playground in Balboa Park. 

.'. ^«. ..Oj^.-ur, re: 
Photc it , Tinted 



Chief . r Police 

J^a . of . , , , re : 
i-ifints in P44nh>;^i.;i i rt • 

•^ :<, i. 

Referred to Su;>t. McLaren. 

From H. N, Wagner relative to a couple of printed 
documents in the Pioneer Room of the Memorial auseuff., of 
which he would like to secure photograohs. 

Referred tc Com. CuTjcings with power tc act. 

From Chief of Police relative to the action he 
has taken to arrest the degenerates -ffho invest Union Square 
aurin^ ,.^1 hours cf the day. 


From Board cf Fu. ervieors relative to lights in 
Park P.^nhandle. 

Referred to Supt. McLaren. 

Fron •:. ■. ^e Young to Com. Cumjr.ines:- 

" Mar.%::n 

'^' r, }^6h CI • t, 
-car :,!r. C I 1 -a» 

lave be<sn thinking over c 




6 t> 

the- ougfe;est 

T-ds *i*^ 


• ^ ' ■ ' yi 

position, and in accordance fith your request 
r.n^.J^tJ^'^^^ 3ugge8tlQns aloHg that line it 
occurred tc rr.e that it xlght be in thlB form: 

Honorary Director 

Ilcncrary Curator 

of the Memorial Museum, Golden Gate Park, 

acce^'Ja'ce ^f ' Hff^*^'^'^ ''^^ '^' installation and 
acceptance of gifts, and subiect to all Vb tmI^- . 

instructions o? the Park Cox^issiin. " 

a d 

nuf JL, v^^ ^® a very pleasant thlnr tc have this 
put thrcufTh ae early as i-ossible, as there%ili he 
HQ annual convention cf the Arr.crlcan A8«r^ ^M^^^f 
MuBC-^B helc thla year at Cleveland in Sa^ in! I 
Zl'tlf "^^ '? ^^'^'^^ ^'-^^ have acme stan^ltn^ a'- tMs 
meetinKln the IntereKta 6f the Museum with reference 
to Ita uevelopaant. iciorence 


til '"' 'Kf^u^i"^ * clrcilar with reference tc ^m, 

thanking you in advance for anv ^r'-u'-la vm ^,.^ 

Tours very tr^ly, 
(Sigr.jd) y. H. LF. TOUSG ' • 
From Pres. Fieidh;.acker tc ^en. U. H. le Y-um;': 

March 11,1^21 

dsaeral M.H. ^e Y^ixny 

Chr :;icl^ ^lig" 

Dear General ae Y;_r.^^: 

H.^ ^ r^ *n^'^T t if^'*''^ *-^ -^ **^- Cummlnge can^e 
befcr:. the Board of Park Coartlssicners yesterday 
afternn-.n, and I ta" e pleasure in statin^.- that the 
Board was fcjlad tc authorize you tc represent »he 
: 1: ^t ^cunt- Memorial Museum as Hcncrary Curator 
at h. Annual Convention of the Axurican Assoc lat In 
of Museums, to be hel.^ at Cleveland, Ohl:, In Mav of tM« 
year. I wish also to say that the pirk Ccimlssr^ners f iel 
honored at having ycu represent the Museum. ^*'''"^'^* ^®^^ 

The other matter mentioned in ycur -- ■ i.. 
oee:. hexd for further consideration by the Board.' 

Wit' kJ'iieat personal regards^ I aa 

Very tr ly y<.ara, 

(S^ned) HFir^rp" "LKISHHACKER 

Oi w^ 



'^W *'^. 








'Mfl l'i'*'-f' 

\M' \\ 

t' I 

' 1 

(■ ' 



i t 

ill * ' } . 
Ill ■ » < 

1 r 




Oom.Huiiiphrey, re: 
Talbot Bequest 

l&saranoe of 
Blags, or oon- 

b V 

investment of 

Hetitia.: aystem 
for Mua-JUffi 

- n- 

OOB. Humphrey offered the foUowlng Resolution: 

lo repreaaiited by oheok of William H. Talbot ai' 

Fj:aer?L°C 'tI.IT 'f '^ '^"'i testament of siid' 
ireaeriolc C. Talbot, deoeaaed, dated March 1 loai 
in favor of Oolden Gate Park Sluaeum for ^Sat'aJouJ' 
t?« \.^ neoesBary that said money be TeBevvtlTor' 
It deo-:ifntf °"''''^ ="* '"" "^""-^ '1^^- 0? 

Park Commlasion of San rranclsco gratefuilj acr'pt 

?h3"--S'^^^°^/''- hereby create a f.on.l tc be kn^Jn as 
tns *all^ot Bequest"; ana be it further 

RESOLVED, that the Secretary of this Coa- 
ml33lon, in the name of the Corrjnisai on, endorse said 
check ana deposit it with the Treasurer of the City 
anu County cf San Franciaco to the credit of the 
Pari Commission in an account to be deaignated the 

Taloot Bequeath to be subject to the farther order 
or the Board cf Park Commias loners of the Cltv and 
Co-onty of San Francisco, 

Adopted unanlmoualy. 

The Secr-tary re.. orted the money depceited to the 

credit of th^; "Talbot" f^oni as per order of the Boari. 

The Secretary was inatructad to obtain an opinion 

from the City and County Attorney relative to the right of the 

.: Pai'^ Co.w.laaion to insure buildings or contents of buildlngfl 

under the control and nianageir.ent cf the said Park Corrjnisairn, 

„_ 'i'o tht^ President ras referred the quest icr. of investing 

t - "Talbot Bequest" in City and Ccuiity Bonds. 

The question cf heatln^ the I/ercorial ?Za8eua was 

. Fleiahhaoker 7ho promised tc get an opini'^n 



frox C. C, Sioore, 

"•^■^w i or :ioae: 

■ . -'- iueet o 

^^'- ■• . q: :iealth relative 

f S^^t.-cLar^n bids for Rubber Hose ««« 

*r -urit^^ of water in ^i-^' 


F .. t . licLaren, 
There bein^^ n> further business before the Bear- • 



-Ha-*^'*^ ..../ , I, , Ai..^ - <-' c r e t a r y 




' -^^ 




f 't*[ 


* \ I 







fi 1, 11 

lilt • • ' 



8aji FranoiaoOfO&l. 
April l^f, 1921 

Mgi^tinf- uaii^g; At a regular meeting of the Board of Park Cow- 

■ieilonora, held In the office of tho Board. Park Lodge 
ThuTBday, April l^i-th, 1^21 

Present v»erej prea. H. Flelahhaoker 

Cora. A. B, Spreokela 

■ U. £• CumiLlnga 

■ J. A. MoOragor 
• W» F. Rumphray 

MlnutuB adg..t.d ; The mlnutea of the prevloua rae«tlnK, ooplea of «hioh 

were sent to the Commlsalcnyrs, wore, upon motion duly mdf, 

•eoonded ana oarrled, adopted aa tho minutes of the meeting 

held Maroh -^th, 1921. 

From Comnjloalonur A. B. a-nd Mr a. Alma. Spraokela,Da§d 
of Gift, ao folio Ts:- 



!7ITN^'S ^TH! 

Deed ot Qlit 
frorr. Com. A. 3, 

Spree}- ■.;! 13 ana 

That ^e, A. B. Spreckols and Alnfi Spraokels, 
of thu City and County of San Frajiolaoo, State of Cal- 
if ornliv, in tok'jn of our deep love and affoctlcn for 
thla City and Ito people, do huroby give cvnd grant, a- 
lion an.! Qonflrm unto HERBERT FL'^I'^HHACKER, A. B. 
F. HUL'Pim^Y, membttru of an., ooiistltutln^: tho Board of 
Park Coi.n:l88ioner« of thu City and County of San Fran- 
olaoo. Statu of C^jifcrnla, and to thuir auooaaaors In 
oflloe forever, aix of our right, tltl-j ana interdot 
In and to that certain bulliing to i>3 knctn »a the ■CAIr 
eruQ^vlnc lii LlnocUn Park In aai City uni County, and 
to each, every an: ail f urril.;hlnga, .orka of art or 
other proi,-irty to bo plnoud or Inatraicd In s^li DulUin« 
ror itu aacrnmant anl beaut If lout ion ana to j.ntribute 
tc Its 3li;nlflo.uioo and usefolneas aa a m mori^l of tht 
Great Sacriiioe nkida by tho patriotic Bona '^nd mcinatB 
Of our buicvcci City daring thu late ^arj 

iU HOLD the same. In trust, nov-*- 

the loae, for the uaea and purpoaoa hereinafter o^ntlonoa, 

- 2 - 

♦ • 

* FIRST. For all tine to keopypreeorve and main* 
tain thu said bullciing aad ita oontenta in the din- 
ner and with that dignity ithioh ahall be beat fitted 
to give expreaalon to th«ae aentin<inta of honor, 
nobility and patriotiem thiun the building la design- 
ed to oommtimorato* 

* S£COND. If by any ohange in the lawa the 
powera and dutlea of aala HERBERT FLEinmiACKEH, A. B, 
LIAM F. HUUPHREY, or thoir auooeasora, as membera of 
the said Board of Park Corrjtiaalcn -ra, over said Lin- 
coln Park, ahall paaa to any other Board or body of 
peraona, to execute any iiietrument and Ao any aot 
naeeaaary or reiulalto to tranafer aaid builalng and 
•aid contenta therein oontainud to a^ld other Bo*ird 

or body of peruono. In trust for like uaea and puri^oaea. 
forever. * 

■ IN WITHES'^ WHEREOF, •» have hereunto aev.jral- 
ly act our h.nda an.; affixed cur aeala thla 2^'th day 
of Maroh A.D. one t ouaand nine huiiired and tweitty-one. 

(Bit^ned) ALMA SPREOKKLfl 
(Signed) A. B. gpn£CT:EI^q 


Bignod, aealed and delivdred In the 
preae.'ioc of JAii'- S MASON (Ql. -nod) 

Cily At ty. Lull, 

re; 'Taloct £3^ ,ut«ot" 

Fro!r City Attorney Lull • oplnl opoB the dls- 

poaltion of Talbot Be<)ueut: 

* Maroh I3U.I 

SUBJECT: Diupoaitlon or Taioot Bequeat. 


I an; in reoeint of y.ur oommualoation of Maroh 11, 
19^1, oallini: my attention to the bequeat in the vill of 
Fredariok C. Talbot daoeaaed, thioh reada aa folio «a: 

" "I hereuy ^ive and bequeath to the Golden Gate 
P-ark MuaeiuB altuated in Golden Gate Park, San Frmltoiaoo, 
the eun of |1U,OOC«" 

■You re jueat .ty oplnlcn on tfiu folio InK queationai 

(a) la thu Park CoaytlKuicn pormitted t4 uae the 
•ala sum for any purpoae exoept for tho Oolian Gate 
Purk MuaeumT 

(l) If tnld fund nnaat be uaod for tho Muajum Bii.y 
the Park Comrr.laiion authoriae expendlturaa for tha pur- 
ohaae of vorka of art for inataiiatlon in tba MuaeumT 

(c) Ifety thw Park Comitiaalcn da celt thla aaount 
to ito aooount in aono tank there it will earn intereat, 
or niuat It be do, oalted In tho Treaaury In the City and 
County of Sui Franolsoo and if ao in my particular fund? 

* (^INICM 

h-^.j^K^Jj "*?• o^;**!/ ^he intention of the teatator to 
bequifth thin fuaa for ihe purpoaea of the Golden Gate Pa 

••<••- ^ 

-v *:•*- 

< ; 









51 S 

51 J) 



! ' 

! r 

* . 2 


- 5 - 

•llu«eiui. When the amount la tum«d oTor to your Co.. 
■AaBion, It will b« held in truot by the Gom^?.., 
for the purpose, doelgnatod In the bwuStt S u°' 
not b; uaed for any other purpoao tha?for th. «!i?*' 
CMiktd Park Uuaauffl. »'-r»'w.« *n*^ior t&a Qolden 

ui^ Jnr"t?^ ^^t f^^^" opinion that the 4um my b. 
used for the purohaae of \torka of art for inTtuVf.?? 
In the Muaeutt. The toatutor did not deaJena?! tii^^^'° 
partloular uae to .hloh the monorwaato^Stfut other 
thatMt ^taa for the Ooldon Qate Park Muaeua S.J! J i 

the Commlaalon In Ita dlaoretJon'^ii^y ^r?SlB^Sj:i"*» ' 
for any purpose qooneoted t^ith the Muaetui. ^ 

■(o) In anew to your third queatlon, I ©all your 
attention to Section 8 of Article l^f Sf the ChlJSr 
which roada aa follows: ^^nartor 

«-. ^"Seotion « The Board may receive dcnationa froa 
peraona and corporatlonu an-i lacaolaa and bequestt for 

?fS^ • '^^^ moneys that may be derived from luoh donaticni 
legaolea and bequoota ahall, unleHo othervrlat provldtd 

?n V^l iS'°'" °^ "iJ°^ «^^*' legacy or bequeat. be deposited 
Jk S J'5**«^y^^^ tihe City and Co.nty to thi credit cf 
tne Park Fund. The same may be vtlthdravm therefroa and 
paid out In tha same manner aa la provided for tho payaent 
or monoya legally appropriated for tho aupport and Im- 
provement of auoh parka, squares, avonuo8,..nci grcundg. If tht 
noneya derived from auoh glfta. bequeats or lagaolei 
anall at any time oxoe-jd in amovuit tha aun nooeaaary for 
IrrjTjedlata ex^ondlturea, on said parko, aquarea, avenues 
and grounds, tho Board sh-ill Inveat all or a part of the 
sa.T.e In Int-^reot-boarlng bonds of the Oalted Statoa, or of 
the State cf California, or of any municipality thereof t" , 

■Puraucint to this Section, the money ahv uli be dapoalted 
to the credit of thw Park Fund and the account ohould be 
dealynated aa the "Taluot B^^uwat" ao that the monjy asay 
be kept In tact to bo used for the puTfiOcos deai{jnated 
In tho bequoat. Pursuant to tlilu aeotion, y:ur Board 
ponding Ita final diapoaltlon Bfiy Invout thla socnoy In 
Interest bearinj; bonde of the United Gtatca or of the»ito 
Of Caliiornla, or of any :auilolpallty thoroof but It 
oaniiot be do: oalted In a bank aa omrreeted In your oos- 


(Si ned) OEOROE LULL , 

01*- 7 Attorney 

From Mayor Roljph urging that the "O^jnaue Blanka" o»ll- 

li^ycr'b Olflco, 
rctPdp.uion Ce.ibua 

"^^"^^^ — 'i>^: for atatlBtlcal Information from all perj-ns uxployed in 

tho Pa.rk Departrrent vho aro entitled to corau under the benefit! 

of the retirement la^. 

Referred to Secretary, 

L . C • Mulgara t , ro : 
HuuL laK Muaovun 

- 2^ - 

From Oea.M.H.da Youuk, From 4en. M. H. da Young a copy of an angroaaad 

^iit^Toaaod act of 

Reaolutione ru: sat of Rsaolutiona, accepting No\t Muaoum, adopted by ths 
Aoogj-tance of Muaeum ! 

Board of Park Coraalauionura to ba kept In the offtoe o^tba 


Saoratary Inatructad to plaoa tha s44d oopy In 
the office vau],t« 

Copy of telegriwn aant to Architect Louis C. ilul(^ardt 
In Honolulu relative to the hoatlmr oyatere Intended to ba 
Inatalled by him In the Ve-t Uomorl'^ Uuueum. Replyinf: bp 
latter Mr. Uulgardt aaya; 

■ Provlelon haa been mado throughout tho Muaeum for 
the In. taiiatlon of an under-the-floor ayatam of piping. 
Tho conorote ocniulta r.^ro deal.'tnod to raoaive ^hatarar 
heating; method might be aeolaol u, n,» «h«ther ateaBi,hct 
wat ^r or gaa. 

■ I oonaidiir It ad\rla:iblo th it, ynur Board <5ngt^;e the 
aervloea of a prcfeaolon 1 heatin^t entwine. r to Inveatigate 
and report tiio oeat icathcd cf hsatln^;^ the Muaeum. * 

Secretary Inatruoted to thmk *.h writer for hla 

Taluaole Information. 

Tr. , auujjc: .r«tter i*aa ruferrod to Supt. McLaren* 

Pw».rk Com- FroiE Taos. 8. Martin, Seoty. Falrmount Park, Phll- 

mladlon Phix^aul- 

phlsfc, re Pjcrk adel. itla, roplyln.^ t. a lottur of ln<iulry frorr. Seoty. de Suoo**t- 
ia,na in ^nuthur 

0. bUfity : • "Tlie City of PhllifcdelplilH o^tie a amall tract of land 

in Do la .or ti Ccunuy, p trt of Oobb*3 Cruuk Park, MPon 
Ttnloh no taxes are paid* 

Cc^lSa of tnla letter irere aent to tha San Matao 
County offialala flth a view of having: thsR exempt Sharp Park 
land from taxation. 

Referred t^. Uu.wt. McLaren* 

Frore Health Officer Baanler declaring that tho prsm- 

Bd. of Heai 

Condumnin(; pram- 

Itoua ^t ■: J.' ?'.. lata dealf^nated aa 8^^ Point Loboa Avenue fra oondetned In I917 

LcuoM ; 

a . th t the (Holding la unaanltary, la j iiucted In a filthy 

manner and suat be ut out cf buuinaas. 

Referred to Com. HuTihrey* 

Frore ItiyorU Office approving he bon^ia of M*E. Rosa - 

|*^ycr»B Otflos, 
Bcnag ot Uuueum 

Ordered fllod* 






H ■ "v' 


>. ' 

3 m : 

t «. 




*• 3 ** 

ODeervatory Btaticm 


Playground Comm* 

Bond of Seoty, 
Je Suoca. 

From Lidut. Oomt.H. Fl«ur - Request for u„ of 
,t ob.olot« ObBTTatory Station off La.Ki. End for •duoational 
purpose, ana training in the line of radio telegraphy and tak- 
ing oofflpaas bearings. 

Supt. MolATen Informed the Lieut, to subalt his plQ 
to th. Board of Park Commi.alonora for study and oon.ld.raticn. 
froB Playground Coramiaaion -rlth enolosurt froa 
■ Umbaen & Co. relative to the breaking: of a plate gUaa windo., 
alxe 6 X g, by a golf ball and imkinc olain against tha Park 
Ooamlaaion for payment of aanie. 

n^t^TTQ^ to Com. Humphrey -rhn anatered against tho 
payment of the olaim as f oilova: 

■It aeezce to me that the liabilitv If anv 4a «« «-h« 

S:yTon'?hf SI? ''% ^'^ t^-^h"?he'.?Sd';/f„riJ' 
/Stloir:i nr^J^ HcTever, by Seotion 19, Chapter 1, 

Wrd o? Q, ° ^;" Franolaoo ehrul i be prSaentod to the 

Amclf 2 fn^""^?"?*' ^^^' ^^ Soot ion e Chaptur 2 of 

af ter U irwe-" """^^ ^"^ J^reaented vtithin lix monthe 

QoH^,*?"?"^ ''^''*^" ciroumata;.oea it if::uli aoerL thu Park 
Conmlaelon my net oonaider thla olaim. 

A reoel t ahoirlng a payment of $12.50 by Saoretary 
do Suooa I:, ^.^y^nwiit for the rancml of hia .^5000. bond, wai 
reforrud to Com. Ba-Bphrey. Deoauae of the laok of evidanof 
of the oontlnuanoa of tho bond in foroo, without a oertlfloatf 
to that effect, a (joiiiruunioation haa beun addrea led to thi 
*Hi«nt for information. 

From Board of Saperviaora fith dnoloaure from Porry 
Evano, Atcornuy i or P. T. Hanai-an. a ol.U.c for $6o.2S b0ii« 
pro-rata of taxea on lu.ndo purohaaed froa him for Park furpoMi 
in aui Mato<. Co. 

Ti*.; Flrtfwioe Cominitt<ie baliuvea thi^i an adiui 009t of 
''" ^^'-"3- ore payable by t;hu P.trk Co.T,-ri88loil. 

»rred to Com, Homphrey rho anaferod th^j ohxim »• 

thu iand 

Loaa of 137-15 
a>t Ch. Qrta. 

Salu of dooklata 

- 6 - 

■The olaia of Poroy T. Hanal(5an for r<ibate of 
taxea, «aa rafarred to City o-ha County Attorney 
for an opinion. Ho advlaea tfto Conolaaion that 
the rebate ahouid bu paid out of the general 
fund 01 tne City unci Coi^ty or San franolaoo. 
He holds that a rebato for taxea is not part of 
the purohaao nrioe. The ol^lm was returned to 
Board of Sui'tsrvlaora. 

A raport having been RAde by Supt. Taylor tluA 

♦^/•15» contained in a bag, «ua misaing, it ^rae referred 

to Commiealonur Humphrey who ro. orted the lose to Chief 

of Police O'Brivin for inveatlRation. 

Saoty, de Buooa rooalved tho folio fin^j letter of 

inatruction.* from Proa, Flelahftaoker and Coa. Humphreyi- 

■ Arpll ninth, 19n 

In reply to your lot tor of April 7th, 19^1, 
relative to tho aale of bookleto propiirt$d bv Oenaral 
M. H. de Tounc leaon tlve of the Manorial kuaeum, 
I eiah to atatt: moot ura^.hAtioally that no Park employee 
ahould bo pi*r:t:itted to aeli ouoka or i>ii«phleta belong* 
log to or on behalf of any private individual. 

* In order tg aouora to General da Toung the 
oourta.iy of porrtittln^ tho aale of thu bookleta above 
mentioned, I »uuid auf; eat that a lot of 500 be i ur- 
oli-ibod L.y thu Park Coitn:ia»ilwn piiraa^xnt to a reaoiution 
of the Board authorising suoh pxirohaee. Ternu of payaent 
oould be Ar:a.4;od I ^rotoot thu ?tt.rti Corrniaaion in the 
event that a leas number th-<n tho total of 500 is sold. 
The books ooul i then be plaoea on aale and the prooooda 
depoaited imrauant to Seotion 17 of Artlola l6 of the 
City Chi^rtcr, ana when the first lot of 50C la exhauated 
a aeoona lot ooul t be purohaaed on aimlXar tsrma, and ao 
on indoilnltely. * 

from Curator Ch^^a. E. Penes atatin^' that in conae« 


Iiaave cI Abaenoe 

^^r Curator Panes, 

Klaa E.Uolsds quenoe cX thci orltioil oonditlon of his vifa be finda be muat 

aix^ointed Au-.lxi«; 

Curutcr ; leave at onoo for th. East and reoosbcenda the appAlntBont 

of Mlaa I. Holmwe Aoting Curator* 

in motion duly made aeoonded and oarried the Curator 

eaa granted a leave of abeenoa for 60 daya and Xlaa Holaaa eaa 

appointed Aotint*: Curator and her pay inoraaaed I25.OO p«r Mon%h. 
Com. (^Malaga to notify Haa Holjsea* 
Froa the Dudluy St^nu Parents Teaohura Aao*n. aaklng 

tha.t thu dynao un lorgrotytb of ahruboery in Buena Vlata Park be 

out aMiy ae aaa« afforda « refuge for degeuarate aan la their 
aaaaulta on glrla. 

Refarred to Supt.Iloliax«n« 

^nruuDory in 
gum^^ Vlfat^ Parkt 











I' , 



• il 



ri?l 1; 





Purohuutt of/ Bonds 
cut 01 "Tu-iuot 
Bwqueet* : 

- 7 - 

The following Raaolution waa unanimously adoptadi 
•REGOLl^ED, That $10,690.28 of 
the "Talbot BocjuoBtf, now on deposit with the eittr 
and County Traaeuror John E. MoDouglll be and i«^ 
hereby oraerod Invsotud In City and Cointy sShool 
Bonds, subjeot to the approval of Herbert »ifv!K: .. 
President of the Park cSLlBsion.- ^ Flolahhaokw. 

On motion of Com. MoOregor, oeoonded by Com. Ku..phriy, 

Uae ol Union Sq, 

[^rant«1 i^cy C'ccuto 

tcT At;ru ^ni'fa ttnd oarrl«d, tn. Boy Soouta Tor« granted the u.e of Unlca 

Half doors in 

Qiineao Chdimber 
of Coin:r.uroe,rc: 
Pl&ygr .unds In 
Portu:.. uth 84. * 

i^yor'a Offloo 

^w•:T^i4ii.OS.*i ol 

Square Saturday. April 23, 19:^1, at } P.M. 

On motion duly made, seconded and oarried Supt. 
McLaren mxa Inatruoted So put half-doors in all lavatorlu. 
where doamed naoeaoary. 

From Chinese ©lamber of Coraraeroe thanklnc the Board 
for .that had alroauy been done for them and requeatia- that 
^ s^lnga, 2 alidea, 2 soe-aa-te and 3 snnd boxes bo installfd 
In Portamouth Squaru. 

Requoat granted and referred to Supt. McLaren • 
Froai Mayor* a Oiiioe vith unoloaurs from Welmar, 
Germany, rolatlve to there he onuld dispose of ^.^r aturial. 
Referred to Beorutary, 
From A. B. Pluraon rolatlro to the sale of a ooUeotlon 

•ale ol Chi'.utuQ 

" ''^-"^" :of gcnulxie CUiu^. Pcrool^ln. 

3»1. of Grant 

Seocy. inatruutod to notify Mr. Pleracn that no funis 
are not available, tha"Talbot Bdqu*58t" liavln,. been invajt^i in 
Sohocl Bonlp. 

From W. R. Leaoh vlio de.,ireB to Hell a mala Orant 
Zebra for #y[50. - ho #oul i aooept a roUe Oriz;ay 3tf-»r as p*rt 

Offer aeollnod. 

Fro: .. H. n. raijue who desires the use of Oarflttd 

, to St ge a UAf S»r 

-"' ■ '^ ^ y Quu^. 
Requw^i granted. 


iiitw^a*^''^ "^, ^* S*t'-^clay, %,rll 5.:th, in thu afternoon 


.^^t w 

r w r" — 



.Vi «h 

- • 

Use of City i^i-uja 
for open .^ir meet- 

From Board of 8up<irvljjora .»ith enoloours from the 
Pr°!^^n2:i'coS;lt?*!'"^' Propuga:^ Committer for th. unemployed, who a.k for 
for th,. t|r^^.x^loydd : the uss of plat of City ground eu ,t cf Larkln ^ 

South of Fulton Streets for the pur, oae of hoi ilng o.u«,n aU 
meetinf^e that they proi-cse to ooniuot J :innly »ith Indoor 
■ee tings* 

Request refused. 
Mission Terr^oe from Mission Terraco Improveaont Club who ask p^r^ 

Amp. v>i.UQf rti. TT. 

to? S.^^':^v''''/"f^f*'^°" *^ '■*'• ^'-^^^ ^*^^ grr.unis for a plonlo on 9uaday.»iy 

Tst, Iv^l, fcr th. kiddies. Th«y ask that a W%'/ Polo be ereoted 
for them fcr that day. 

Request granted. Details referred tc 9u- t. McLaren. 

t^'b^aiert^S^by" ^^^ ^^"' ^* ^'^'^' ^^^"^ •loiojurs of speoirioati.r.s 

IXiiiiiS J for MjHJorlal Fountaia to be pl&oed ia the &*ll Field, 

Auto Men* 

use of Stadium ! 

arid nwti;'ied to that efteot. 

Rflferrad tO C<Mi, Curnr lii(js , 

The* folio ii)^ aollDutiona «sre aads by %%$ ttioiPstarFt 

a^iif. Safuty Luoktof Co. lie. 04 

3^-ir. Aot^... .:sy o: S^^ienoes 28.7? 

Paj. Coin A Look Co, M,96 

Rent ^utro Prop, II6.83 

Deposited to credit of Park fund. 

Auto Men's Asd*n. granted the use of the Stall^i 

Golf C arse in 
Balboa Park S 

StAtUtt of Su^t. 
John McLaren ! 

The juootign oi a Golf Ocurse In Balboa Park «aa 
referred to Pres.* Fie ishhaoker «hu ^ili try tu obtain a 
of acjci.*i;4,. property, 

Cos.. Spreokels stated th. t ho dsslrsd to present the 
City and County of San Fr *aoisoo «ith a life slsed status of 
Supt. John lM92«aryn, Tbtf statue nmm un^uilmonsly aoosptsd^ eith 
appropriate addrssa ty (^m, f , F. Hut, hxny «hc spoke Mi tho 
•st.sK In ^hioh 8u t. McLaren le nul i b; th«» asmbers of the 
Park Com.tlssl n ^d sxpresoed api-reoiation and adalratloa 
of tne 0(;u^arlntendoat*o gsoluo as tho orsator of our boautlful 
Golden Gate Park, 

The rtatue le th4 #ork of (^a, M. E. CuHsii^a, f OJT 
etgbteea fsars artist/ i!f!*ft?| Bo^d of P^rk CoMiosionero, 

% • 


i:. --. . 

i ,:**v* 

(r» » 

•M. '* 




li; 524 

- 9 - 

Bide on Hoa« ; 

Tha folio Tlae bl<J« on hoao ware rooalvid: 

0. 8. Rub?:3r Co. 

_ I — 


Ropubllo Rubber Co. 1" 


Cxandluy Rubuer Co. !■ 
Affldrloftn Rubber Mf(>.Co.l» 

if log 






Plonoor RubDor Co. 




S. t. Taylor' 



Cur iter Pcnaa* 

Plonuor Rubb«r Co. belnf: tho loirost bldd.r ^s 
award Jd tha oontract. 

3upt. UoLardn»a raport ado tad and reoOa-,n:endatloat 
appro /4|d« 

Supt. Taylor "a ropcrt - ,-:cpy ©rdored sort tc tach 

CuTo-tor PoiW2» report ruforrod to Cora. Cur-lnfjo. 

Budfiijt hBarlnf^ s p-^^i, ConL.laaion au.lfe-Jt Mtai'ing Thund^y April,21, 

1921, at 3:3c P.M. 
iuwtiiy ad^Durneds Thara b*ilni? nv furthar buolneaa bofcre th« Board 

the moot in- odjwurnod. 




L -a <p: w^ ' 






—— *— !■ 


-. *~*.«ji* ■ •» .<«JHk 






» ;. 

M- , i.- 



i M. til 


*v " ^ A*i 




San Franc iscc, Cal, 
April 2Sth, I521 

At a reg^ular meeting of the Board of Park Com- 
miasion^rs hel. in the office of the Bcar.l, Par>, Lodge. 
Thursday, April 2S, l^il 

Present were: Pres. H. Fleishhacker 

Com. M.E, Cu!r.';;;8 
■ A.B. Sprecl^els 
" W, F. Kmaip^rey 
J. A. McGregor 

The minutes of the previous meet in.-, copies of 
which were sent to tu Comr^ were, upon motion 
duly made, seconded and carried, adopted as the minutes 
of the meeting held April 14th, I92I, 

From Miiyor Rolph relative to t e painting of the 
Victory Monument in the Civic Center Sq^mre. 

Com. Ciimmings submit :ed a bid he had received froc 
Geo. Wagner -.vho would ao the painting for ,*38C. 

It was duly .-r.cved, seconded a...?, carried that the 
bid be accepted an^ the work ordered done. 

A recei^.t from City and County Treasurer Jchr. E. 
.^'cEc^ala to th«; Ane:lo & London Paris Nati-nal Bank for 
BC....O ^urchc.8ed out of the "Talbot Bequest" by oraer cf the 
Bcaru cf Park Cocxiisaicners. 

From C. C. Garland who is unxl"u3 tc cctain a 
^ear f ..r l^js^, than i^loQ, .quoted tc him. 
Th- 'xv^ refused tc reduce the price. 
From Gr^na Grove of the U.A.O.D. relative tc 
Referred to Com. Cummlngs. 
F" 'M. Coon relative to Black Base in -r. • Park 

Gr i i: / 1 y 



>^u-::Q ' 

^Ct or :^i 

aered feasii:! 
--■r i^ CO... ^r 

e exce 

,t in th.- "Ch4in of 

.ively deep, 




- 2 - 

A demand in favor of City and County Treasurer 
John E. MoDougald in the sum of Eight thc.s^nd, eight hundred 
and sixty fcur uollare and nine cents (S&S-^^.OSO beinp fcr the 
P'orchase cf ten(lC) One thousand dollar (^1 :.) denom- 
inati-n, :;os. 3UI/311C - City unl Couaty of San Francisco 
4i',. School Bonds, dated liarcr. 1, I^^IS, due llarch 1, 1940 
price es,S64.09 am acjru^d interest from March let to April 
15 (1 n:cnth and 1m- days - too*) 

Payment approved ty the Par)' Commisoi-n. 

President Fieishhacker offers; th-? folloTing 
Resoluzii^n: - 


. That a de.:,un.i fcr One Hundred an: twe ty five 

Wl25.vw) be drav., wkgc.inst the Park "on^ fcr 
the ^^.'jhase of 5CC bcoks at a coat of 2j# each - 
descriptive of the liertoria. ^aeum - t. be aold tc 
the general ^u^llc 07 the; Uusium rfn.,loyeea a.t coat 
^rice cf ^^ each, th^i reoei,. ts tnercfr^m to be de- 
posited tc t:, ■ .-redit c^f t;.- Park Funa in %%m Citv 

Carried unaaimcudly. 

From Prof. J. Met a (rtio dtsires permlggloa to 

practice Gra^.n^.ogi at the Cliff .• uae or th.- ieAoh. 
Referred to Su. t . .'^cLartjn, 

Frc... Henry Ct..Tell, che;:k : r ... fcr -.he purchase 
of t.TC -.k. 

Sal J a^^^roved. 

Frorc : - v.-^ of C^.jrf ia.ra .tlth enelosurt f^^i latloaal 
. Pr.^ .t,-t .la Co.Lmitt.. l^r •. . uneng^loyed relative tc ;.", ^ ua ; cf 
.- . . a .th 0. : library ^tiding, Ci 1 "er.t-r, t 

♦ Vv 

-.ii*^ ^u**^ WvJii. 

From Jttd. C. Hayburn tgCom. iiur. nrey relative tc the 
Secretary's .■,..^, iir. Hayo^n etatea that the ucua -cntinues In 

**» '^a0 4 

of ..tne 

Ordered filed, 


-^ jk 



M Jw 

•IT' ^^'r^-i 







»/ ^ t 






i if 

, n'l 

[! 1 I 'f ' ■ j 

Rr •' ii ' ' ' ■ . ■ ' 


;;.,(. I 

! ; 

• ! , 



C . 

- 3 - 

rrom Mary H., Assistant Probation Officer 
, enclosing a check for $23-75 on account of da^nages done in ' 
Mission P..rk last Au^^ust by four boys in her care. 

Secretary reported, the c eck deposited to credit 
of Park Fund. 

From Chief of Police O-BrLn nM. to Co«. Hu.phr., 
^relauve to the loss of 037.15. This ..atter n.s referred to 
Capt. U. Andersoa of G.O. Park Polloe Station. 

Capt. Anderson reported to aotlng Ohlef of Police 
John Mooney v,h= states that the matter m.y be further Inveeti- 
gated ana h« has referred the matter to t.e DeteotUe Bureau. 


Com. Humphrey reported progress towards securing 
_ Sprint' Valley ian,.s for Golf purposes. 

• There being no further business before the Board 

the meeting adj.arned. 


— ?e 

cretary ' 

■«• *f 



' I 


't r 









Mil 4«f 

1 J 

i ' 




I ' 

f f 












- 2 - 

On the statement made by Supt. McLaren that he 
would not be ready to improve the grounds until July ut^ 
1921, the lady ',vas granted until ~.hat time tc vacate^ 

From S. F. Club announcing the postponenient of 
the iuncheon that .va,: to be given in honor of the Park 
Cornmid3ion on IJay S^th,1921. Postponement due tc absence 
irom the City of some of thu members on the date set for 
the luncheon. 

Ordered filed. 

From President o:' Internatina Ass'n. of Park 
CommisBior.ers of the Pacific Coast, extending an invitaticn 
to the S, F. Park Corr.missi'^ners to become members of that 
Aaaociation ^nd asking that a representative fron: this City 
attenu the next Convention in Portland durinj.' June. 

Secty. ordered tc e>:,.re8o tiie thanks cf the 
Board for the invitation .na to atato that .c n-.err.ber of the 
Bcara wi^x oe able to atterj. th.* ncnve;.ticn yhis year. 

From 'A'rn. Blaok relative ... a:^ injury received by 
I^s. 31ack, 227-13th Ave, as ehe aza^^^^ cff th- I'erry-go- 
rcun^, Llay ,^,1^21. 

Referred to Com. Humphrey y, 

Fro:r. J-^hn Reid, Jr., City Arcnitect, relative to 
heati:.^ liuaeum ^lag., v;.., .-t^^ju t.;-.t th. ^y.::ix use^ in 
Seating the achoola -vcula oj u^turl-/ ^. ..jd in tho liuse-o.-:., 





J . ,-.4. J. only ^e a-- 



: :-i-\. 

' *: ^.\- inLtr.ctewi tc thank ^ir. H^ia. 

- ..'.wjicn Terrace In-.i^rcvc -nt C^-- ^--^^-ivd -c 

^i-^ . / . :ia.ieL3 in Balboa Park. 
^--. -.. ...lie;. 

I ." 


- 3 - 

Froa. Sutrc Heights Improvement C.^u relativa to 
the reu.ovc.1 cf ■. .aaigntly *n^ alL^.i^ated shacks on the 
$utro property, 

Secrj^ar/ lr;.tr.c:c!a tc n :i; • - ^^ tnat the 
buildine;fi vill ue vseckea after July 1 lb?21. 

Cli^.wia,- i^laced on oAlenaar ^y crdjr cf Free. 
Fleiahaacker rexativr z, the a^i^cintment of Al r. .^.incda, 
vitn Milton Curry as hi ...iatctnt, as 2cl: In-tr;otcr ^t 
L-iuocin Park, tc duccer^ . ite 3cd Lnger, 

The Dcard aleci. . rcte. . . . . .rjtaents and 

have rudcrvea t .cir ri - •: to ma.a^e the Ocif Uiiks as »eU 
as the Park. 

The Board v -.;.. . .-_- . fjc -.: be pail"by 

^° ^- • ' name* ©f ^pli^nts.for 

tas positic. .. Instructor, wete 8'?5?ritt«d »*n! r-f-rr-4 

tc Co;i:. rieisn-.acksir, Humphrtjr '. ingj th . -^ 

/ijit lilnooln park Golf Llnk«, licnday.^y l6th at }:% P..'. 
*I . "^'"' • -• I. ^.' -• i,.-. iuspec new FAlrw*y: 

. Lock 







4. »«mpl« sh««t of tli« new 
. .*:, as '^oa. Cuor-ings r.aa rc- 
•aae th« aatter vas referr 

"-ra ." Pdiiez, .-.avifig returned i 

■ • *. id the Ccnwly . 

.itir.. :.i;. aix:y i .ys leave of abs 

.:' '- i. . 

7..U .;,^«4,:':r stated that * 
i ilvs in ar . 1 • 

■ , -tt«nd- 
ir kl nine it 

.1 * r- 

on aco oat 


tc reut a 


- c .< ' 8 i^e c 

Ilk and he iealr^i that hii 


•"-'■ -^v 

„ a_ 



.'• •> -' 



■* J 



IM . 


I N 

, *• ^ -^ 

C ^isc" ^ 

w I 

- i^ - 

Th3 Board decided to hole th. request in abe;;ance 
for the present. 

Mr. W.H.Plall, former Supt. of Golden Gate Park, 

being prescsnt stated that he desired to read a history of the 

Park oinoe lS67.but as this ..'culd probably mean an all night 

ees^icn the Board very kindly informed lir. Hall that he irculd 

have to read th. history to Com/Huir^.hrey .rhic. hr very 

gener usiy agreed to do, making an appointm.nt tc aia.t Com. 

Hum,.hrey at his office Saturday, I^y Uth, l^ii, .t icj^c A.M. 

Calif. Acadersy of Science $30.70 
Bacific C6in & Lock Co. 9,55 

Report of Su^t. McLaren adopted anl reccmrnenaaticns 

Copy of Supt. Taylor's report ordered sent to each 

Report of Ci-iratcr Penez referred to OoB. Cux=lnge. 

■' There beins/ no further bus! -ess bef :re the Board the 

meetinji e^^ij urned. 


* *<^. 




■"*«■- ^- 

.-«^ f^ 



'■' \ 



• i 



I I 



\.^ » 

Iv w ■» A .»» 


siv-A. 4. wvii 

San i-dnciscc, Cal. 
June 2, 1921 

At a called ^eetln. of the B^.r^f p„, Co«.l„i„.„ 
hala 1.-. th. ofiloe of tne Board, Park Lodge, Golden Sate P„l. ' 
Thursday, June 2, I92I 
Preaent were: 




Free. H. Flelshhac>.r 

Com. A. 3. Spreckels 

J. A. McGr-*gcr 

W, F, Hun.-hrey 

M. E. 

The minutes -f tha ^^revi is maating, copies cf 

which w^re s^nt to each Commlssicn/ havi... .c^n coreected 

vrere, upon mcti . . ly male, sec .1 and carriea, £dc;tei 
as the ttinutes cf the ae-jtin^- hci>i :,:uy 12, I921. 

Pres, Fl;.'ishhacker, Chairmiin of the Coicmittee ap- 
x-cintcu at thi previcua meiti..^. .. „ a Gelt" "" -r 

for Li...:ia Park Golf Li:ihs, rrfportea thctt the Comrr.lttee 
had selectea Ilr. Hcxrold Sampson for th ^ ^^osltl^n. 

U, voticn auly .Lade 07 Com.*::, t,Jo: ded 
ay . ^oGr«j:cr and carried, ::r. Kar _ . Sarepscn fdi dp- 

i^Ointcu oirici^l r^cif Ii^ttructcr «.t Li. ■_ ?arv . 

'r. r.K. 'radl-;fy, meaiber of th^ Lincoln Park CJclf 
C,uc, -^^j ...^ . l-.^ n behalf of th .. . ointrr. : f 
• A. . .^pincsa ^o Golf Instractcr, c.. -. . -tter.ticn 

-•- ■ '^ ^ -: x ^riviticn 0.- fil • 1;, ■ - • ' ■*'. " iicsa. 
Prea. Pleioaaackcr ... Core. Rure -hrty Inforwel Mr. 

•i^. - 

-i: i. 

^ • ' ' .-J ■_ .. i.* , .liiX"'. ^ 






- 2 - 

" We arejrrlting to Mk your honorable Beard 
xc extenu i:hc i^rivileg-a rf *he LI ^ark "-If 

..inx:3 zo our prof esc-ional* aocve a- :;i - ■• •'-.■'■' 
tne purpn)6^ :f ^ivir.. 1 . trustloa* %n ' ' "' 


" Aft«ir careful ^r'nflld*r&ti 
prea J .:'«a Are o ndi 


ate y;jjr co-Oper&U n ^n . an early rsply. ' ''■^--'^ 

y^ry res, tfOtfuUy 


MewberB ©f th 
Beard pret^ - '. no 
Qiidorse- . letter 
Dr. ""^y.r 1 r 

rr. . . . ; 

l) p . .:. 

^ w w ^ V va« y 

Pre*. Flelehaacker 


llr. P.". ?ct:er, ^ 

The Li Park 1 

San Francis ' , C . 

D«»r Sir: 

hove l«tt«r aa 

- ^21 

I ^ 

your at 






**n4 s.«.. 


at ore. 



S^ w ^ w w « . 

orKa i 







' ^1 

f*, ;^ 

• • ',» 






, '-m^ 


I', i r 


I -I 

■ 1 



» 1 V 


• 1 .) f^ 










,1, ij 



Pa,fk olf From Predident Fleiehhackir to Lln:cln Park 

.: : Golf Club: 


Ma ■ 

Linooiin Park Golf Club, " •"'"^^^ 

Sa,n Francisco, 


Gentlemen: - 

■ In pursuance :f its ,.'lan inuicdtcd 

in n:y recent Iw-tt^r, the Board of Park CC)rr.n:ia5lrnsr8 
has ap^..oirited Harclci W, Sampson to act as tjclf ii- 
owr^otcr and prcfessicnal u^.on the links aituatt-d in 
Linccln Pj.rk. Th.; l-carcl, at thi sa-e tirR'^, :l^t;:!rrined 
that the inter- t:. . •:.._ ^^ ic uli beu: ,. -.rved 
by oonf erring u.^on it a ^^.^.ointe exclusive priviltjges 
in trii;3 ocniiecti- n, 

• Mr. Sampson's cviii. :. , rcjcri .xb a 

^Clfer will ds-^ro^ • - :• .i .^% hi • to 

every a^vutuj 

j_^^.i^, ^.. 


T V 

i ric%Vw nc 

;hat he 

fill u en •:;. linka, frrx yur :i;ercbcrs as -ell &s 
f^ou. . .ic t^. .^r- . •, jvery exprassici] -nat 

cordiality which so .-Larka thj true s crt.^ .. -v<.-r/, 
ana ^.urtio^l^.rly, I a:i; ha- - -:-. s^v, -iti.i.. -.r. Citv's 

V-rv flincLrdl;,' y ,.rd, 

~Precia.'?n: Board of Park CojBttisBics^rg . 

From Iferold w, 8«.a;pBC' 

■.iicksr -naklng 

»-» . -• i 

.-.I l. 

Ifciy ^4th,. 

^«.r rir:- 

-isnuac: jT, 

-'C ,;r,i3ai ., . - 

^ 1. 

ao:eptea, ' i.. 

1 - 


■ ^» - - "^ / 

!lr. Samp 8 on tt oi* 


Condition f 


- .1 *, i V c- 

- 4 - 

FrciE !Xiyc .■ ' ^ 
Secrw'-ary Ic .- .,, ... 
of the Victory ''cnuEent . 

Secrijt . . - . :_^ . ; 

orser h-.a been ^l*c . , -no Bta-t 

out en ^; .„. - , J ^^-^v -.:• . i. 

hu_ b.- ■ . J . . ■ :,. 

Sii« Oivlc ^ lar, 

*'J - '■.alder 

From Coffi,\- :■ 
by I^ra. 



U*. I&njar, 

' f ^ ^. ^ . J ^ ( 

. r -^hd-s an 


ibsrt w, 




Claim ^.. , 

him tha- "; 

.wr*te tiitt IttttEa &f hl« 

Uliiw fli9 

J. .. 

- 1 t - c . . 

Pre a. Fl«lBhhaek«r 


4|;! ? F. Schccl Pcndi, 

t "<-•*•-■» 




^ * i --. * 

Ptt.rk 3ai.w. - ccmmeBoraticr. cf the I-'Attli of Bunker Hill 

aJP*tor P«n«a. 







1 I 


!"i f 

Ml 't 

• r * : 





p- 1 -■ ' 

' i i - 

• I- 





I I 



- 5 - 

Applictttiona f .r x^ositlon as Golf Tnatructcr 
^t Hinooxn Park v«r« reoeivea from th- folio ving: 

i-rn^st Uurtln, Loe An^elea. an;, t, R. Kollanl Santd Cru:. 

secretary instructed to n-.tlfy th. gentleman 
that there ie . vacancy. 

Frorri Leah Hopkins r.^iative to allcwin£- singing at 
the Spreckels' ;^u3ic Stand on Sundaya in o-./.j^ncUcn v th the 
Park 3cina« 

Bear J. doc idea it could not make satisfactory 

From Actinr Chief of ^clioe Jchn Ilconsv relative 
:tc the diatruction of Park proi'-^rty in Carfiel ■ ^^v.:re. He 
a.-^ys three ycung men have b-v:;n u.- . ,i j unlahe-. 

He aiac advises uhttt h^ will se.- tc it zn^t ... . .rtner 
daiia^e ia done. 

Ordfc. .^ed. 

From Eanah Aiken and Leon trench, PrestOf the 
An;erican Lctjion, ran -asti;.^ :■:.: use cl' .ni .: St;uar- .^ .r-^.: 

.-rl that he 

:'.: t:ij .;^ ,• Voters lay Coromittoe, tht; eve.::, 
",:a-lir. Freac:-*s premise . 
■ -- . '.-^.v. ^. extra aet : . ^ -i'^i aesi t : • " ' 

8c _-^ ... . .7.C., request -m.:. i^ 

TroiL t;. ^ reaid=!nts ' , - ^^istri.^" j.iaoert tc 

;- '-.ri: recomrcendintj :;. appolntm«nt o: Mi' 
r - : '.c. n r , : pub c c e Pet r k . 

Refer .r, , _,- , :„'cLarc;n. 

frcRi L.G. Read _;e.^ire3 - v:: "' 


c ^ c • 

ft -- 


- unaa tiVcii ,4*ole . 

r-^-f-it l.ti/ "--P 

- ' i- 


V z.l 

r^o^iv^^ i 

-r r'^:" 





>.•♦ ■ <^--«N 


. A- -"r 


i ■• 


i* < 


1, I 


I ;VM 


- 6 - 

c. '^ 

I 1 

— • ^ From 0. Clanton, Museum employee, vho desires 

_ _^ :tQ be i^iven a "r&tlng" fitting tc hiii duties, 

Referred to Com. Cun3mlng;8. 

From Dr. Hertsstcin and/Juliua Kahn who desire 

a receii^t, 8lt;ned by the members of the Par> CoTTiaai n 
rnisenw: . •••■ oex *., 

For war iLaterial >reaented by the Ita^icin Government to 
the City of Sun Francisco. 

A letter acknowledging^ recQi..t ci the Trar 
mitterictls and thanking the Itaii^r. Gcver.jr.ent fcr eaaie 
waj oiftTied by the members of the Roard and the seal 
of the Purk Co.ijiiisdi on attached theretc. ?ucretary in- 
a:r^oted to icrwcird same tc Tr. Hert;:Gtein. 

£u^jt, I^IcLarcn vas - --"ructed t: label all trees 
and plciuts in Golden Gate Park, -ivin^: the common name as 
■vveli C.3 the ootanicw.1 v.'ui=A^isVsr i^osttiblel. 

Com. Mumijhrey rei^crted pro^jreea tCvvarda the ac- 
quiditicn ci" d^ acrea of Spring V. ./ ..;.. 

* , X ^ ^ A * 

CoiliiOti: .'.ri- Putrc 


:aroh Clio. 85 

Inde^jade..t ^a.. j :■ -^ - .'aj 

Dear;:, f -lealth'i? r_..crt en water referred to 
S ap t , .'Jc Lar <.*. n . 

Curat...- 'enez* r„,.crt referr>j-; tc '"err.. " -. in^S' 







_. - -• y 






• v.- 

! ( 






« if I • 







I 544 




San Franoieoo, C3al, 
June 23rd, 1921. 

MeiUn^callMl. At a regular meeting of the Board o. Pax. Co^ 

«1.8lonera. held In the office of the Board, Park Lodge 
Oolden Oate Park. Thureday. June 2}rd, 1921 

Present .ere: Prea. H. Flelahhaoker 

Com, If, F. Humphrey 

J J. A. McGregor 

^ A. B, Spreokela 

M» E. Cumminge 

^^^mie^^^c^: The minutes of the previous meeting, copies of 

Which were sent to each Commissioner, were, upon motion 
duly made, seconded and carried, adopted as the minute, 
of the meeting held Thureday June 2nd, 192I, 

re0fi!rff'?oan ^""^"^ Mayor's Office with enclosure from Lieut. 

^f^^^^J^^^^ «^^t- C. Vasey, U.S.N., relative to loaning the municipality 

old Spanish Cannon now in stock at Mare Island, Calif. 

Referred to Com. Cummings. 
City Attorney vy,^„ -..^ .^ 

Lulx, re: Con.- ^^ ^^^^ Attorney Lull advising that "All clalaa 

^Hiio^it^r, Claim^f or compensation for injuries received by employees of the 

Park Commission should be paid out of the Park Fund, as it 
ia the £ 01 icy of the administration to require each De- 
partment to take care of its own employees in this respect-. 
Com. Hunjf.hrey declared that as City Attorney L»ll 
Bimply states "it is the policy of the administration" without 
giving his opinion as to what is the law in question, he, 
com. Humi-hrey, would not be bound by the advice. 

However, to relieve a distressing necessity for 

financial relief, required by Mr. M. Monahan, Com. Humphrey 

adviaeri /thf ^r^o "^^^^''^^^aclter to order 

aavised/the payment of the claim of Mr. Monahan, amounting to 

IIS6.IO. and Mr. Gaiio^v . , ^. out of the Park Fund, 

, iiu JU-. Gallagher's claim of |if2. 32/ but declared 

that th^ Board should arrange. If possible, in the future to 
— v« ^^on clairr.8 paid out of the General Fund of the City and 
County instead of the Park Fund. 

^. Monahan'8 and Mr. Gallagher's claims ordered 

- 2 - 

N.S.G.W. Res- From H.8.O.W. with enclosure of Resolutions ex- 

olutic.'is, re: 

l^.H. d e Y- /^"4'. : pressing gratitude to and admiration of M.H. de Toung for 

his life's achievement, the Memorial Museum, with the hop* 

that ha may be granted many years tc enjoy the contemplation 

of a labor which will continue to bear fruit for succeeding 


Ordered filed. 

Nw. ccajxi Prom. Froy North Beach Prcmotion Association inquiring 

Ase'n. rerPioneer 

Park ^whether any money has been set aside for the irtprcvcEent of 

Pioneer Park. 

* Ey direction of President Fleiehhacker the Secretary 

replied that the Board hoped the work in question would b« 

done this coming jrwar* 

City Lnt^ineer re: From City Engineer M.M. 0*Shi:kUghne8eey relative to 

tlec.rrpair i 

''on^.Statiwft, : electrical repairs at Great Highway Convenience Station. 

Referred to Supt. McLaren. 

•. ...i.Gxi., .e: From A. J. Knoll who desires an engage-tent at Golden 

'^ . :.ct aclC tit 

. ^..^y .ci^certB :Bate Park concerts as cornetist. 

Referred to Prof. Cassasa. 

From Board of Public Works with enclosure from Hri 
W.J. Peterson relative to the dar.gercus trail between Land's End 
Station u.ia the Cliff House, from which he rscentlF rescued 
a woman* 

Taken under consideration* 

From Boara of Health relative to the unsanitary con- 
dition of the premises at fl^92 Point Lobes Ave. 

Ictified premises would bs vacated on or about July 
1. 1921. 

-r . cl Puo. 
' uiv. to , Tel raii^er— 
^s triiij. tit 
La. .a ' s ti.d : 


Bd. of Health,:* 
fe:>t: P' i * '.' ■ d 

.^ . f^^ 


ore, re: 

From Boar J of Supervisors informing the Board of 
.Park Comciissi oners that in the future the Park Corr.missicn 
would be required tc pay for the lighting of the Park roads. 

Referred to Prss. Flsishhaoksr. 

From W.L. Crews requesting permission to aaintain and 

: operate a paseor^er carrying devioe on Oosan Beach, frc» 
Olympic Pier to Inglsslde Terminal - the device to consist of 

^ % 



* ■* 



•■■», .,^.' -it 

-■'■■-■: Jc^ 



V, 'i 



I » I -' ft 


11. 'I 






r ■ I ' 

I :•:' 


Iti ■• . 

Li. : 





I [.'I tic 

' K 


t 't 



Curator Penez, 


• 3 - 

tractor and two trailera carrying twenty pa.eeager. each. 

Request denied, it being against the policy of the 
Board to grant any kind of a oonoession. 

rro« Curator Chae. E. Penez stating that the Curator., 
c c....e.tlc n to^ Cottage having been condemned he would ask that an aquiment 

oompensation be granted him to cover his present expenditure 
for house rent, which is now #75. per month. 

Upon motion duly made seconded and carried an in- 
crease of #25.00 per month was granted him. making hl8 .alary 
total $250.00 per month. 

Com. Cummings to inform Curator Penez. 

On motion duly made seconded and carried, Supt.Mclaren 

Curator 'd Ccttagc 
praerjd '.vrecKed 

Col 1 " 

C^"' d^ 


was directed to wreck the residence in the Park occupied In the 

past by former Curators, as said dwelling has becoEe unsanitary. 

Pac. Coin & Lock Co. Comm. IS.56 
Deichianl, 3 mo. rent Sharp 

Park 375. 

Calif. Safety Locker Coma:. 9,75 

■ Academy of Science I9.SO 

": Secretary de Succa reports collecting and depositing 

a total collection of $117,^^0.59 d-uring the last fiscal year. 

Deposited as follows: Park Fund $104,912.41 

Sprecktls'F^iecial Depcsi: 1,^57.90 
■Talbot Bequest" 10^6;^ 

Report received |117, '♦60.59 

The demand fcr $k2.46, in favcr of M. Mcnahan, for 

accident compensation wae ordered paid. 

Supt. McLaren was empowered to do all present neotii»?T 

painting in -iie Park. 

On motion duly made, sec -nded and earned, Mr. Harcli 
Saspson, Oclf Instructor at Linccln Park, whc pays a fee of 
130. per 2:::;:h - t:.. Park Comniissicn fcr prlfilege cf isstr.:*- 
Ing, was re-casea f rem payment of said fee fcr three !^*Ji« " 

t.^U4t cik..^ 


X ^ 






- 4 - 

AnuUsxl Ra^.c-rt 


cf Swadiuo: : 

Tennis C'urta 
JIt.Lake P&rk 


1 :cr ti 

skHU hu.:.aCa.^ 

'^card of Health 

re^j^rt ca wutusr: 

Mr. Clay M. Green was appointed by the Board 
to oorBi-ile the Park Annual Report, Mr. Green to have the 
assistance of Com. Humyhrey. 

Com. Humphrey recommended the improvement of 
the Staciium, stating that a grandstand is required. 
Referred tc Superintendent. 

A Mrs. Roche appeared before the Board and com- 
plained of the inadequacy of tr.e present tennis courts in 
Mountain Lake Park. 

Referred to Sui^t. McLaren. 
£1®* President Fleishhacker reported progress in the 

negotiatlcristo acquire thirty or forty acres of Spring Va.iey 
land for Golf pur,.oees. 
-} Secretary de gucca wae 1: atructed to advertise for 

bids to lay oituman cr asphalt on one tennl« court In McCoppln 
Square ana on handball courts in Golden Gate Park. 

Boara ci Health's report on drinking water in the 

: . McLar -•,. • s 

Park during the month of May referred to Supt. McLaren. 

Suft. McLaren's report adopted and recomaendatlone 



^■S'M,' There being no farther business before the Boar<ythe 

meetin<; adjourned. _ 




- ^^^^ 



^f ^^ 

i I r ' ' . 

.!t 'f :' 

H 1 


I . 





: .^ . 



F : Li ** 


;' • 



mti ' 


\ I 


vd 'iil. 



PA R K l-O D O C 

54 ;j 



TBUePMONE* ( •ACIKc 1641 

or THE 





The regular .T.eetin^; of the Park Commission to be 
held Thursday, July 2£, 192I, was postponed on ao- 
c.:^it of the lack of a quorum. 

t«,.«,.HON.. ( :ic,.;c ,m^. 

°^'''<="^ ^"^^^o^SS^ OF TH 






The regulcir maetlnf- c: F^urk Corr.rr.luBloiJ, to be 

htilu rhursday, Aufc-uat ^ith, 1> 1, -.taa i.cot. -■••^ ■ 
order of Prealaent Flsiahhacker on accc .ut :* *. • -^ 
death of J. D. Spreokels, Jr. In a actor car ac- 



*1ll P " - 



.i) .Jh>"' 








■. • 

» ! 






■ * >■>■ 

Meetiiij^ oaiiea; 

San Franciico, Cal. 
July 14th, 1921 

At a regular meeting of thd Board of Park Comrrlgaloncrt 
held in the office of the Boara, Park Lod^e, Golden Gate Park, 
Thuraday, ^Juiy li*.th, l':^21 

Present were: 


Ccm. J.A.J^cGregor 
" A.B.Spreckels 
* M.E.CuTirr.inga 

" W.F.Hxiaphrey 
Prea. H.Fleishnacker 

at cf 

Ba^paon icr 
^i.rcQ n.Qiitna 

Owing to Pres. Fleiahhacker'a abaence, due to hla 
beinti a-my from the City, it waa oved, aeccnded and carried 
that Cotr.. licGregor act as ehalrman of the meeting, 
M inut-J8 ai o^^^sed; The minutes cf the prevloua meeting, copiea cf which 

were aej.t tc aaon Com.xieaioner, were, upcn action duly made, 
aeccnded arw carried, adcpted as the ainutea of the meeting 
held Thuraday, JuM» c^rd, 1921. 

From Prea. Fleiehhacker, copy of letter aent to Mr, 
Harold Saxpaon, Gclf Instructor at Lincoln Park, infortrlng him 
that the Board had decided to wave the fee paid by him for three 
montha - July, Au^et and September, 

From Mrs. Wm.T, Garrett relative to placing a flag 
_jjlven oy the City of S. F. to Baae Hoapital #4/. in the Memorial 
Muaeuaii Bai.d i itig to oe kept unaur glaaa . 

The Board aiaa,>,.rcved expenaing Park funaa to enoloae 
a te.-nporiiry ^aan, aa the flag and glaaa caae would be withdrawn 
In a anirt time to be exhibited in Mueeum bulluxng. 

From Nat T. llaaaer advising that he had, on June 3tth, 
l';^21, notified the tcnanta of Sutro property to vacate their 
i^remloaa at tne end of t^.lrty daya. 
Ordered filed, 
d From City Attorney I,ull relative t^ ♦w. ^««».«4. -* 
__:monthly employeea during abaence on account of lllneaa: 

.. .» 


T^--£^-^. - ii..-JffJLJ 





5 ;").*] 





i I'hii-"! 



^^ '^-^■^^^■M^iH 


- 2 - 

The opinion reads: 

"There is no law governing the question. The 
practice, however, has been for the different 
Departments to continue for a reasonable lensrth 
of time the pay of employees whose absence il 
OMLS^d by illness" 

Curator Penez said that as Mrs. M. Morrison, 
who had lost one month's salary on account of absence 
due to llln«i«,h«d contracted said illness of six weeks 
in the performance of her duties while in the iluaeum, he 
would, under tha City Attorney's opinion, refer her case 
for favorable action by the CoT.miesion. 

On motion of Com, Spreokels, seconded by Com. 
Ciimniings and carried, Mrs. Morrison was granted one month's 
salary, ^65,00, being for the month of May I92I - the rconth 
she was absent* 

From Plant Quarantine Inspector J, M.R.Adams acknowledg- 

Plant Ouii.rantine 
Inw,yector aciiiio^v- 

xedgixifc rec;5i,>t ing receipt of Supt. McLaren's bond of 22C0.0C >o cover his 
-I ro.^ci : 

special permit #927, 

Ordered filed, 
fheft at Museum: From Curator Penez report in.:,' the theft of a walrus 

tooth from the Hatural History Department. The theft was re- 
ported to Police Officer Sam Orr. The exhibit was a donation 
from Mr. W. Noyes, about nineteen years ago, and was valuad at 
approximately ^75.00. 

Ordered filed. 
liett. j.Aft^i-. Yrom the Beach Improvement Association requesting 

^j.Asa 'r*. , 

- - - S5ai;icn 
-■ ^ '-i_'lk^iaz-tnat the comfort station on the Great Highway be kept 

until midnight. 


From Lieut. Col .A.N.WcClure, Quartermiister Corps, 

offerint: liuerciture en what other cities are doing in the 

matter of uuilain^^ briale paths in their parks. 

Kef erred to Supt. McLaren. 
. r . 

^^005 ^s. £. I. Wilson, calling attention to the 

r.aea of a dri-Jcing fountain in Mountain Lake Playgrounds at 
15tn Ava and Lake St. 

Referred to Su^t .McSaren. 

IZariae Lx change 
"Lcck-J^at iitati 

rrcf .Cassasa 

re I n . .1 . i».i >^' ^ X , 
Ccri.c-tlat : 

Lincclri . 


re: Eiii-i-K^at of 

. ca-oont 


r ' .-■ " 


Bo. iia ^ c — I 

i ^l«KO 

rc:L^ .. 


City £,x.g;inear 
rs: Jet :y ilong 
jCsjan 'idwkCU :- 

Request fcr 

w A ^ C IV . i. _ ita , 

- 3 - 

From Ollie W. Tuttle, Manager Marine Exchange 
_n" : Lookout Station, on Sutro Heights, suggesting that 
the buixuing be raised, painted oni repaired as no im- 
provements have been made in twenty years. 
Referred to Supt. McLaren. 

From Prof. Cassasa to whom had been referred, at 
the last meeti.-ig of the board, a letter from A. H. Knoll, 
Cornet ist, who asked fo.' an engagement in the Park Band at 
llOO. per week. Prof. Oassasa reported that he deemed the 
price asked out of reason. 

The Board declined to employ Mr. Knoll. 
From Lincoln Rogers, relative to thn; dlgrlng, packing 
ana otherwise preparing for shipment of roots of Amo hilla 
Aren.i^ria tc Naval Base, San Diego, Cal. 
Referred tc Supt. McLaren. 

From H. T. Cclwel. reply!:. . to Supt. McLaren, glvln*? 
a list of CiuDs using the Lsth iZcver Tractor handled oy 
Carter's Tested Seeds Co. Saij tractor costing III5C. f.o«b« 

Referred to Supt. McLaren. 

From City Engineer O'Snaughnes ,/ %o S\i^t, McLaren 
with enclosure from Richard Barker aj^provlng of a jetty along the 
Ocean Beach, etc. 

l»f erred to Cupt. McLaren. 

From E. P. Smith, Supt. McLaren's Chauffeur, asking 
_ ; for an lacrease of $23. 00 per month In his salary. 

On motion of Com. Spreokels, seconded by Com.Cummlngs, 
Mr. Smith was granted an Increase cf |10. per month, making 
his salary total II85.CO per month. 

Calif. Academy cf Sciences II3.S6 
Indepenaent Paper Stock Co. 2.28 
Sutro Heights tenants f4>.60 

Deposited tc credit of Park Fund. 

Report of Curator Penez referred to Com . C\iffialngs . 





.. ■■'^»::-^ 

^^ :-%<Mim . 

sr* V 







,■ I ' 



'l I- 

I • 






; ! 





1 1. ,i 

- ^ - 

Change of 
olosin^; hour 

Curator Penez reported that several requests 
had been made to have the Museum closing hours for week 
days Changed to 5 P.M., the same as on Saturdays, Sundays 
and Holidays. 

It was moved, seconded and carried that the 
Museum remain open until 5 P.M. daily during the months 
of June, July and August of each year until further 

The repairing of the roof of the Old Museun 
building was referred to Supt. McLaren. 

From the Board of Health relative to the purity 
of Park Watf^r. 

Referred to supt. McLaren. 

Bids to lay 12,000 sq. ft., more or less, asphalt 
on Hand ball Court s in Golden Gate Park and on Tennis Court 
in McCoppine Square: 

Raisch Improvement Co. | ,087 P«^ Sq.ft. 
Fay I;r,.^rovement Co. .0795 " 
Referred to Supt. McLaren, 
.. ectm,- , aa .] o ;irnad: ^here being no further business before the Board 

the meriting adjourned. 

Repairing of 
Old ^^uscum 
r . f : 

Bd. of Hectlth 
report :5 Pctrk 



-I — < — » <- 


• i 


■•^H M 

I > .^^■^ 






i n 

! i 



in ^ 




Ban Francisco, Cal. 
August ISth, 1921. 

Ma.tia K oax.ea ^ At a called .aetin. of the Board of Park Co.. 

mis8ion.^r8, held In the office cf the Board, Park Lodje, 
Golden Oate Park, Thuraday, August ISth, VjP.l 

present vero 

Mlnutea aac,>tcid; 

?Ia,n8 for 

4 ii— 


Prea. H. Flelahhacker 
<^oni. A.B. Spreckeis 
U.S. Cuinr-iint^a 
" J. A. McGregor 
" ^,F, Humphrey 

The minutes cf th.. preti-us meeting, coFleg 

of \irhich -eiv. _>..t to each Conmiiesirry,'^ -.ere, U:>on -tion 

/ xaau, seconded and carried, adc. tea as tt.e minutes of 

thtf ir«.r.x..^ n_^ -^ . ^^^^ ^^21. 

Mr. Le.Tie p. Hobart, Architect cf ^ .e ?t»2inhart 
Aquarlu:-. ....^n,ani Tr. v-i'-ran, representin,; th- Califcrrda 
Acade;-./ cJ Sciences, beins? present i'h the plans and 
eperi-in^.t:i~-3 .•• •-. A^uariu®, "^r. H bc^rt explained the 42- 
taila c: .... "r, iiver?na:-., i.. anawer to President 

Flelahhacker, .eclareci the plam^nl location of 'b - iUing 
were i^urfectly aat iafactcry -.o the Director.- " -. -.1 .• i 
ACttv^w-.;../ cf :ji_..jea. T-: : follo'vini'- r— - -^ . . ^ ^ :■, 


Steinht* •*. 

u 1 . . i L- 

^-^ci-fiun. oe hereby ft0C'.\ - 
^r .r Par/ iaaionera. 


Re I 

lent i/cLaron 
i:.--.' -t of 
-Cir.i ,'n d 

aarrl ■ 


Upon the 

- »i i, I. -» 



rieati.'it; d/atc;:!. 
1 or Mua <:; jm 


1.0. .10 Avc^; 

- 2 - 

Mr. Gllley apoko on *;i - best m«thod of heating 
the JIuseura Buil^inj^', race . . ; . -, , .ri^lovwdnt of a. 
hyatlxot, .n;_ineer. 

It wa^ finally moved, euc n«1#d ani carried that 
'...■ ■.L^x.z^c De rer .• ^ comrit^ . .-ning of Pres- 

ident Fdeiahhac r, Comwlasl finer f ^. ad MoGretTcf »nd 

Saperintenderit I'cLaren, i*h f..., , : rer tc act. 

From tiaigbt »n : Ajhbury I..^ r \' rt C.ib r«latlv« 
tc cvtsr . ^:ng;b«inohe^ :. • t- - .1 ^v •' . Av , ^r<-»»9. 

ing the Paohanile. 

Ref •??€ . ©rlnter - 

Froii J.L.vuilcy ^n^ -^lawiB 

ghaiT, a . 

^*Milt to hold 
t^^BlS. : W8«t Si- ".rlstlwi llbl© 8chc , 

Oolden :-u.z^. -"^r'-. 

Permltsion ^v .1. 



Froa CitfatoJP P«n«2 Tltr. 
i_ . .;. .retakera 1 • V'laaim 

r o*»l, 

«t refu««d. 
:rzx MftV ■' '' ' '. '. ' 

.'^nea r-^^iti. oxtsnaion 

.*^- _^. Park. 

^ ^ : trusted •. ' . 

^•- . ■ •'• • . iana : r • .. ^. , 

* lent McLarun, 


nave a pianio f 

-A-81eda. Tn« 

: , atltlan 

1 :.j;'..-j. I', .^a -a 


aure '*r -r " i* , -, , 
. ;n««r Oftbl; 1 

>-, . • iT'^ 


» «. 


^ -^«i»» 


■'-' 1 

llv > 

•I r J 



- 3 - 

War pig : area 

^lOtt "Soat of 
EeraaA* re 

War ^lc-:ar38 
In ilua-r.^ • 

A^ ...1 t.Gr -w/JLe 
re: Park rsj-r.ia 

1g &*^w>/^ Park 

i.orrT.iK, Uj:^ to 
^8- - .i..fcton 

A» J,Eu 


From P. Schmocr obiecting ,c soma mr pictures 
In the Uuaai^. 

Removed by crdar of aaneral d« v- . . 

From the order cf th^ "q--^ -^^ -j^, - , 
tc fifteen war pictures in the I^.a^ruB. 

Reir^v.d by order of General de Young. 

Trort Auditor Boyle .ho.e re; ,rt nho^, -, j^^j, 
- revenue fc. ... fiscal icoo^xc,, ,, ^,, ,^^^ ,,.,^^^^^^^ 
^n. ^J,« C.i^-..rsa-rent8 ^523, -^IgoO, leavirie a balarc. c' 
$3,771.76. axcoits ..rce .ith ti»« Auditor*. bc:k8 tea 
cent .n. It .iea..s the Auditor to co:^>Un..nt lfl«« Fa;r^. ,, 
acciwu';-, cf har effioi--- .vcrk. 

Froir ?ae3lGn Terrace Iw^rovex^nt Ciu^ - i ^-Iti-^n 

_frc:. their btisln.^s coirTitt.e ^ho will appreciate it if =etM 

are cbtained for ccnstruotlng a Stadius or -her .Ualngg i. 
Bait-- r rk. 

Referred to Su. ■ rintsndent :' 
FrcTT. thfi recr='t r- cf che It / ' 

^' ' ' - - "^neflt/-^ — : ^ .}ln '..gnington 

Sq^rs on Sun^ciy aftur^- ~ -■ - - - 

Permissl.n ^.ra cad. 

Frca. A.J.Kull r^iativ tc Tr. B .:^. 
".fsrrt;- -c Superlntende * cLares. 
yroas Backus 

-'J .ta* * 

rir— k^ r 

* I » 


!>- i. tendent McLaren i 

South : 

R.f ^rr,-; ^ 



L - 

Par/. Presidio Fron : . 

Imp. Glut) r«: 

beacn Conv .Staticn; that th- nomfcrt at — 

i:--- Prealil- I.-r-vor-nt C.ub requasting 
•• >' " -ean Peaoh be kept o. ;: 

From .G.i-itz- 
ha^Luii, itstter of 
thaakd : 

^^:. ...J Duaget 

until IC P.iJ. 

Boarci decided n^ ohange can be f»dt at jiresi-.t. 

Fr-- E.:;. Fitzhu'cn, Goif Dditcr of "The ,.i»tin» 
thanking- Suj . lent UcLarcn ani the T^ft Coe«4»»icn for 

ti.c e,--- r. 'iti::: .' v. ; i- - .r>=c .-. other c ■• 
th« golf«r«. 
Ordered filed. 

^^ ■^^•- •• ■ r-^cr ^-3lr«d a . t ••ti»at# of 


e.i • 

^a.8e of Patrick 
ra2el, injured 
Ar<. fc mplc yee : th 

heferrcwL t . '^ecrtf- 
Froa Cr . A . ; . ' 

le of z:. ^^ry %o V 



Ac-laest ' 

r^ Pc^triok rak.i,ei: 

Acciaent Cc^mlanloa. 

- ^ .a Dr. ' '" . . 

Phf«tclan, rrlatlv. 

. >»coi£Kanilog that 
: atlen for a hearing. 
' ■ : ' * 'tter to %%m 

*ftlog recei, t 

id have a haarlnr m the wi. 

':■. P. 


•««ttt I *cula be notifi#4 gf the 

i -I 



<i..«* j& 

•. acLar,;.»s repcrt al'. ted ai^ r#c 

E-pt .Taylor •. r - rtt fcr '^ 
-r.' * -^a. ;;. .rder«d aent to eac "- 1- 

tere pratented 



> ^t' 




^. ? 

^*''A , 

* ^.. ' JH 



i I 




■N ■ rr *■ '^ '' " 

>i >\ 

V < 

^, .t » 


Curator Penez • 

C-^atcr Per.ez. report ^ae referred to Co=:tl,si.„, 


Mec^tia,., ctajouri^eci: There being no cusin 

the meeting- ad-^ -.-jmei. 

ess before the Ecari 

V K 

1 i: 


Vife ■ t^-^- >-*e^ 

.#3l> ■i^'-^W''' 









. I 1 • ' ' 

1 : ! 

t : F» 

■'V , 

i . * 





8an Franoiaoo, Cal. 
September 15th, I92I 

Meetin g called: At a called meeting of the Board of Park Com- 

misslonera, held In the office of the Board, Park Lodge, 
Golden Gate Park, Thursday, September 15th, 192I 

Preaent were: 

Prea. H. Flelshhaoker 
Com. A.B. Spreckela 

■ M. E. Cumralnga 

■ W. F. Humphrey 
* J. A. McGregor 


/ I 

There being no quorum preaent President Flelsh- 

haoker stated that 411 bualneaa transacted at this meeting 
would be subject to confirmation and approval at the next 
meeting, ahould a quorum be preaent # 
Mlnut e a adOnted ; The minutea of the previous meeting, copiee of 

^ which were aent to each Commlasioner, were, upon motion 

of Com. Spreckela, adopted aa the minutes of the previous 
Vict cry :: _..^.i.unt : From Board of Superviaora with enclosure from 

the Private Soldiers and Sailors Legion relative to painting 
the Victory Monument In the Civic Center. 

Secretary notified the Legion that the work ^ras 
now being done. 

From Mayor Rolph with enclosure frorc the Private 
Soldiers and Sailors Legion, relative to painting the 
Victory Monument. 

Same action as above. 

From the Board of Fire Commissi oners relative to 
the transfer of four horses from the Fire Department to 
the Park Department. 

Secretary instructed to thank the Fire Commission. 

From Mr. Dominiro requesting permission to place a 
ea£n_: wind mill on a wagon, near the Beach Chalet, for about two 

r.-TBtta received 
from_f ird Lept« ; 


' w £^a^ « 

R<3farred to Supt . McLaren. 



Re: P.Brazal, 
Injuria o;r.plcyee : 

Cexand tc be 
dra,vi. ccver 

Dw.:a3 sioia at 
"useum : 

Tcro Motor Tra.c:&r 


From Industrial Accident Comrcisalon - notice 
of hearing in the oase of P. Brazel September 15th, 1921, 
at 10 A.M. City Attorney's Office notified. 


It was moved seconded and carried that a demand on 
the Park Fund be drawn in favor of Gen.M.H. de Young, aruount 
1125.00, in payment of 5OO books furnished by him deacrlptive 
of the Memorial Museum and sold by Curator Penez at 25^ each, 
netting $125. which has been deposited to the Park Fund. 
.: From the Columbia Country Club relativs to Tractor 

il-.tlUg Si^cije 

Mower made by the Tore Man^ofacturlng Co., of Ulnnaapolis. 

Referred to Supt. McLaren. 

From Frea Head ;Tho desires the space on the south 
side of Fulton Street, between Leavenworth and Hyde, planted 
with grass. 


From the Franciscan Monastery requesting perT.lsaion 

Hejueet for uae 

.. :. . j; . ^ ii ^na ^aa t to use Bernal Park October 1st and 2nd for the benefit 

of the church. 


From the North Beach Proa. Asa'n. who requsst a 

"0 . Beac n Pr c .T.Asa' n . 
re: Pioneer ar k : - 

more definite answar to their question as to whether any 

money has been set aside for the Improvement of Pioneer Park. 

Comjr.unlcatlon answered by Supt. McLaren. 

,^i as CAA^ e a lor; The Secretary was Instructed to advertise for bids 

on the Installation of a heating aystem In the Mer.orlal 

Museum. Also, for blda tc fur-* v- hay, afalfa, oats. 

barley, etc. , j ^ ^ 



^ ^ G ^l 
From Burton Gralnober and Fred una Harry Thbmaa, 

tc 8L, . canay at 

f%-^i J^»klng the privilege of selling candy on the raoe track and 


in the Stadium during the racea and at other times when 
games ware on. 

Requeat refuaed. 





o ■■> ~ ^ k' 










■ • •:' fir. ' 




re: Parking 



OollectionB ; Waste paper $ 6. 30 - Calif .Aoademy of Sciences 19.79 

Sharp Park 1375.00 

Mrs.M.O. Mrs. M.O. Severance, former employee at the Museua 

Severunce re: 
Rein8tate:ndnt at pleaded to be reinstated in her position. 

uguaeuit : 

President Fleishhaoker Informed the lady that in the 

absence of three Commissioners nothing could be done at this 

meeting but that her application for reinstatement would be 

referred to Cora. Cummlngs and Curator Penez, 

Mr. T.P.Robinson representing the Point Lobes la- 

: provement Association spoke in favor of parking avenues 

leading into Mountain Lake Park at the expense of the property 
owners, providing the Park Commissioners will accept and care 
for the parked portion free of expense :o the property oTOere. 

Supt. McLaren was opposed to narking the avenues 
and suggested planting trees on the edge of the sidewalks. 

Mr. Robinson was advised to work out some plc.n with 
Supt. McLaren and submit same to the Board. 
' -cr Mr. Harold Sampson, accompanied by two friends, made 

ctt lii:.jzi-i Park ; some suggestions for the improvement of golf playing: let 

Raise tha lues and shut out the undesirables. 2nd: police 
protection is poor. 3rd: G If starter should have an assistant, 
^th: Caddies should not be allowed to sell golf balls, -yth: 
Step any j^layer disobeying the laws. 6th: Five hours is plenty 
time to play a single round. 7th: Pay special fee on Saturday 
and Sunday, 

It was finally decided to let Mr. Saxpson and the 
other two gentlemen work out some plan and submit it at the 
next mei.'ting. 

Mr. Sarrpson is to report violation of rules. 

Supt. McLaren was requested to build a shed, at a 
cost of abcut $100.00, for the accommodation of Mr. Sampson, 
who -fad requested to submit a plan. 

- «-»g, 5. C O - 





- i^ - 

Pacific Union Club asks that two lights be 

Request for more 

Hur-tl:^f;tQn Sq. :placed in the Alley between the Club House and Huntington 

Square . 

Referred to Supt. McLaren. 

Supt. McLaren was authorized to purchase a set 
of hariitjds. 

Supt. Taylor way instructed to have the soda, 
used at the Children's (Quarters, analyzed. 

Harness -^ ^e 
^ ^r cased 

Soaa tc oe 

u. I . MoLarc;:. 's 

revert ; 

Supt. MoLaron's report was adopted and recommend- 

aticna aj proved. 
Sui.t. Taylor's A copy of Supt. Taylor's report oraered sent to 


each Co:?.:i.i68lcner. 


C\JCuZCX Brliez 


Metitii^ a d 

Curator's report referred to Com. Cum.T.lng8. 

'' Tnere being no further business before the Board 
the meeting adjourned. /^^'^ 


• ■■^:'*fc 



" t 


. I! : 

:i * 


I '. 

M. : 

I I 

< i ^ 

p * "I*' 

-I ■■ *i 1^1 - ^ 


Ian Franclacc, Cal* 
October ijth, 1S>21. 

At a regular nneetlng of the Board cf Park 
Co!r.aii8sicner8, held in the office cf the Eoara, Park 
Lodge, Golden Gate Park, Thursday, October 13th, 1921 

Present wtfre; 

Prea. H. Flelshhackep 

Coo.. J. A. McGregor 

A.B. Spreckels 

U.E. Cu-rlnc8 

W.F. Hu:r,i.hrey 

Minutes ad(^te4: 

The nslnutea of tht previcus meet In. , >.opies 
ef which were sent tc each Cojtffisslcner, were, upon 
oction auly aaae, aeccrided ana carried, adopted as th« 
minutes of the previous meeting. 

Titl« tc Si^rlfig Froff Margaret Mahcney, M.T. , notifying the Park 

». ■■■;' - -. ^8 at 
Lsfec Moruca _: Co;ai.leeion that the Spring Vu.iuy Water Comiany has no 

Mclnerney title to Lake kerced ar.i the Lake ierced lands. 
For Park or Golf link i-urj-OBes the Park Coaar.lsaicr. must 
secure these Lake Uerced lanua through ooridemnat Ion pro- 
ceeuings. Neither gift nor lease obviates the neccsolty 
of i.-oiKles-naticn *•-;;;:, Is aue process of law under exist- 
ing ccndltlcns* 
Testwooa Park Fron festwood Park Asscciaticn thanking the 

~ £' G :f ' Khireirbere of the Bcari for the •ffoTt being directed towards 

*cijulslt:cn cf the southerly half of the forty two 
acru -r t adjci^-l^K Westwood Park, in order nhat sufficient 
area ;m,y be had tc construct a modern sighte'-n cle 
Musi. Gcif Course on said property. 
■^ Frcx Jas. E. Addlcott endcrsi . .• refrwshasBt 

ccotr. gpeneu ty Supt. Taylor on the ball gr unds and stadlua. 











'*^ ■ J*^- 

IlllifHle-^i , 




ll i 








f i' I 

'. f 

. ) 





I,' ■♦ 


. lit: 


' ii 


,. : I 



•■ ^ «• 

FroiE fifty oitizena - a petition in favor of 

Petition in favor 

of bocc^i at Ball 

Qrcunus :maintaining the refreshment booth at the Ball Grcunda 


by Supt. Taylor. 

It was 80 ordered, 

Sw.dct Mtrchts. From Sunset Merchants Association objecting to 

Ass'n. ocjecting ^ 

ii at Ball the sale of refreshments at the Ball Grounds by the Park 
Commissioners "at an injustice to those Merchants whose 
place of business adjoins the Park and for the conduct of 
which they must pay a license as well as taxes, to be 
forced to compete with a vendor of the same class of 
merchandise within thd Park, free of any license, tax or 
rent. ■ 

Ordered filed. 

From Police Department reporting as to the lack 

" C<»>Aw ... j- V t, "jy A c . . C c o I 

of a watchiruin at the California Acaderr.y of Sciences. 
From J.M. Wilson reporting a hit col?ection at 

Complaint against 

i*i_d*ii_Crcund6^: the Ball Grounds. Thia vlclaticn of the ParV Rules was 

• rush 

rei^ortea tc the Police Cepart rent vho repll-d that the 
con;plaint would receive prcq t attention. 


Police Dept. rallying t6 a complaint sent rel- 
;ative to burning brush on the Great Highway. Chief O'Brien 
•ays htf will prevent same in the future. 


Fro-". Industrial Accident Coir.mlasion relative tc 

i:.k: ^c*^::t'nt of . lent benefits by employers. £ec*y«^'^*® 

•urites Uo : . . .vs: 

"Pt- U8 to state that thu Act makes it coc;.etdnt 

-* -^ ' . ' r to pay an injured employee -rhat- 

tjvui UuikUii'.u .,ej ^^y x^Q entitled tc -^ithcut the 
necewety cf a formal award by the Comaiseion. tt 
is only tii :.:?e8 where a dispute arises that It 

i m * ■ . /- . * V ' ■*„ 

wiaa.uii icr formal hearl .'^. " 

The ; hovyever, decided that all injured emj.lcye«i 

*^" - ' . ..r a hearing before the Accident Com* 

^' " «i<i 


N^ ^-' 

I • 

Jaa « M • Tho Apson 





- 3 - 

Dr.Kcen^n's From Dr. A.S.Keenan reporting the continued 

rny ' ru ^ n P. hra.zel : 

disability of Pat Brazel from December iS?,1920 to September 

6,1921. During the above period of time Mr. Brazel has 

been unauie tc vvork. 


From Jaa.U. ThompeCn reporting Inj'-jy sustained 
whllri driving a scraper team. 

Since the meeting Secty. de Suc::a Inferred Mr, 
ThoicpBon that he would have tc file tn amplication for a 
heariiig before the Accident Conrrlaaion if ha desired ac- 
cident coa.i ensation. 

From Jaa. McGinn reporting an ac :ldent to himself 
on October 7, 1;^21, 

Ur. McGinn has bsen nrttlfisa tc file an aii-li- 
cation for a hearing before the Accident Cemirlaelon. 

Frc3. H.A, Evens relative to the keeping of Porta- 
mcuth Square flowered with (ki. ifomia blcaaoas the entirs 

Referred tw w^-^crl "^ indent . 

Fros. the Depart,Ter,* f r.i: Health relative to 
: the tollete at 3clden 'Jfete Park, near the Children's Play- 
grcufMia, recomoienQlng that the 0I4 structure be deircllshed 
mtiA a new one eonstruotM. 

R»jferre4(tr Supt .McLaren. 

frcT. itoyor's Office with enclosure from l.S.Smaltz 
ci. e. ..^ : .;• sals a painting of the Old .Cliff Hcuss. 
rur*ds dc n t ,-ermlt of the purchase, 
ftcm M. Colaar requesting the return of .a booklet 
dsscrijtlve of Golden Gate Park. 
Request granted. 
Fro2. the Musicians Union rsQUsetlng that an announos- 





' 570 

*^ mr .4 

iii 1 





I j 

I '.I 

.».f 1; 


* 1 





ment be made on the Sunday Park program of their iecond 
Annual Musloal, Festival & Ball, 
Request refused,' 

ft'!:!t!Sg'peL '''^"^ '"^ ^^^"^^^^ '^-y requesting permission 

^i*sicnjcJolu^^to hoia a concert on the Beach at Golden Gate Park. 

Sunday afternoon, October 16,1921, 

Croqutt C:art in 

Extra concerts 
in Park iuring 
Mutj i c 'e«^k 



■ .*r C. J..— , i • r ; 

Request granted. 

From Mrs. A. D. Norton, President of Hypatia 
Club, vvho petitions to be granted the privilege of a 
Croquet Court. 

Request granted. Referred to Supt. McLaren to 
be put intc effect. 

From Co3.rrunity Recreation League relative to 
.: two extra concerts during Music Week, October 31 to 
November 6,1921. 

Referred to Cor*. Cummings. 

Corrjr.issioner Cummings, to whom was referred the 
reinstatement of Mrs. Severance as caretaker in the Muieua, 
reported unfavorably. 

Secretary to notify the lady. 

Pres. Fleishhacker dictated the folloiring outline 
_:of a Resolution to be sent to him and by him referred to 
Com. Humphrey tc draw up a lagal resolutionl- 

Relative to the purchase of land belonging to Pfrlng 
Valley Water Co. tc be converted into a swlffiring 
pocl at the foot of Sloat Boulevard and the Great 
Highway ana a golf links in Balboa Park and land 
ad^ : u: n^ .; 

A. . .J Cli.OOO. to be taken out of the Park Fund and 
the b.a,^ance out of some other fund. 

Pres. Fleianhacker dictated the foliowinfe outline 

cf a ruaclution to be seat to hiir and by hirr referred to 

Co.... ;•.,., rey tc j.r^,. ^^ ^ xegal resolution: 

Relative tc the- removal of the Nursery plant and space 


J ••— Xos^y to ue i'eii.uuoits-. 

y .. 


A c • ^ u ^ 




It was moved, seconded and carried that in the 
opinlcr of the members of the Board the present 
Stadium is too far removed from the center of 
athletic activities to be appreciated. 

In th^ opinion of the members of the Board the 
present %\%% of the "K'^raery" would make an 
ideal stadium belnt situated on Frederick Street 
immediately op.^osite the Polytechnic High School 
where 1700 pupils could enjoy its facilities 
each day of the week. 

Supt. McLaren estimated that It .T.i,-ht cost about 
ffS'^Si* *° remove the present nursery and about 
150,000. tc rebuild the necessary new buiidintrs - 
tne preeent buildings being useless. 

It was proposed to use about |2C,000. out of the 
Park Fund for the new buildings. Bc^lance tc be 
taj^en cut of acme other fund. 

Tnis resolution is tc be prepared in prcter 
forn- by Gem. Humphrey and submitted at the next regular 

Action on Sos, ^ to 30. Incl isive, on the cal- 
endar was deferred uiitl. tr*e next meeting. 

Here being no further business before ths 
Boara the meeting' adj earned. 



V " 

Supt. l^cLafen. 

-J :va 







f i 





II' il|i 


■ I 



: t 


r '1 


^ 1- 

' li 

:l:i- ■ 

1 U t 

* , . t 

! : ■•• 


- •»• 


' ' 1 ■ 

! '• • •• 


■ fi • • 



1. Li: 

». '1 


^ 1 i 

• -If 

\ y. 

' 1 ' 


■ '\ ■■ 

> ^^H 

ill- ■ 










Ootodar J/th, l.;Jl, 

Uevtir.f- c-*i>;;^jjd|_ At I rofjular raotinR of tha Boi*r-l of Park 

Oomrr.l«aicn«ro, huhi In thy offl;e of th« Boar:, Park 
Lo^ii-w, Qoiau;) Oata Park, Tnuraluy, Octcbor .:7th,l9?li 

Pro aunt .!>ru! 

Pro', n. riaiuhiMioJ-.flr 

Com. A. 3. 3KruoktfI« 

■ H. £. Cu irlngB 

W» F, HuMphrajf 

"■■i I , w 

Aooanti- • j, a. MoOr-ifjor 

Tha mlijutoa ci thj , x-jv '.uitifig, ocj:lug 

I", «»ra, u,,on 

of viilon T^uru »yilt to UK.;;. COf 

by (kHBa Cu i 

• -. u< 1 aw -L • 

.rri d - ifc« oorrtiot#d 

FroM ^4 Ooi. lector of 

Mat«c Co. • tax Mil 

Shiurp P 


^ntiim to 

. ;1. 


i* »« A V ■ . . 

Hydd A L 

c . • / . 

-v^: if i ; i-^u .1 1 ^Buro of 

TO.t of Ft.ltr;n 9tr t, hot #•« Hy<»' wn-^ 

- . • 'Of 

i\ai u 


UoLaj'9n fltli full 

tj «.-•.. , 

i j1. 

F*t L. . Hy - luttjr of ta 
HUttii^ 8t.i lu ' o 

Froa I 




tii«i CAdi 
ploy J r y 

, 1- j.'« 

m«> lio 

■ ■ r-: i 

iut Co- lllffi^t 

,1 / ;'i« thr«JUKii— 
..:iu '^ f Injury- U:'On 

. "vi i > i I y 1^«, 

'Oliif thCiH* ^«0A 

ttlah i . ntrovorsy h^u arisuj 

■ •■ • ^ *,hu In- 

-»"• ^' . i* i»^u Buumitted to 

'* \ 

IT; ' 








;) i i 



■ ... fi I 






Salo 01 oa... arum: 

Prvjeidlc I:r.p. 

Park ?rc!-:i.ilo 
I.-j;. Aoa'n. rs,: 
Me* tit,^: lor 

Dri.jAlA^ Ftun- 
t^ii^ Co. r.: 

- 2 - 

*5? I?^^!?^^.-'" Aooi.iont Com;.iB8lon for form! 

Roferrod to Com. Hurnphroy. 

From Au^^Qt L. Fcurtaor aokno^iadrlTii' ruo<iipt 
of 01p. from Prof. Caamiaa ua puynr-jnt In full for tha 
biiSH drum no / thu i^roporty oi" th.. Park Com:Liw.Uon. 


Fro.n Proaidic I.T.prcvii.-tjnt Aoao;lat;ion relative 
tc wrootlii^; oonvoiilonoe Btatlcn ui 10th Ave ini Fulton 
Strict and at Fulcon raid 3t aiy... Str^^ta. 

Copy Q^ lattdi crderdi! aunt to Prea. FlolBh^.-vokw 
and to Cons. Humphrjy to vhom thu matter fUifi raforrad. 

Frorr. the Park PreelUc 1:^ rovu..:?iit Asoooiiktlon 
diidoralnir tho pl.i.oir^ of i- :i^ .it.iiu: .huru the nursery 
iu a.t pruaont . 


Fpon. Puro Q..,ilu^ry Dri,-..i.i(; FrrOiiSa*. '^c. aoileit- 
In^ Him Inatuii^tlon oi" Puro Liberty Driukiui; Fcantaiai In 
"tiij Parks. 

Roferrdd to Suwt .yoLaren. 

From Thuo. L. Pr^.., Fr.rik Tn , : .n and T.L. Buckley 
r«ji^tiv« to iaicriiutloii »cu.:iit uy Supt. Mclj^rwii 4o jr«gi*rd 


tn,U.i.ku A, TPa.otor, Tn y 
1 ; crk o: ni^ 

^f orr . . 




tr^ct^ r. 

of th..nK.. 




.« . 

V . . 


1 ft 

- 3 - 

Propos«d uiLj of 

Si^rii^urs' li,at.Atui, 

dlttan rtvtia ty to ,>uraau»g a . iccsj oi r rty on %li 

It \Ti4.: ru, ortftd tiiat -Shu Shrlnjr^^ *w*r« nd^^oti&ti^ 

id* of thfl 

Cicuiu^ of 

i-ruBjnt Muraory. Th»j Bca. • udox^r.^ Itawlf ag ubnolutuly 
u, nOdfld t*. a lu... ...x i,. ij, vi^ .ijy gj ^,^y proposed ao-r 


Tho Board ao-aont«d tn - . ru ju .jt o: ... ropurty 
o.vnura In th. vioi.dty ci Bu-lbo;. Park tc ;U«« Phd^n Avu 
and open up y. n«* atruet aero a iha Pafk.t© folioit Circular 

( Im 

»ri t • o - 

Extra caiid 
cc:icer1P during; 
Mufiio Week 

Iricreastj in 
salary ior 
Su, t. Taylor 

Referred to Cok. Hurr.t hray and Supt .MoLaren. 

CoiE. Cu.r.i5lng9 roportdu Ir. favgr of twcaxtra band 
ooncarlh by tho Gol^=Jn Outo Park aami nurlng Uusio feak. 


8u; t .lloLare.., ;o »hok weie rofarred tae queitivH of 
an incrocfcee of v.^-us . cr S 4,.; .Taylor, of the Chlliren's 
Pla/groun^B, r^portad la fi*vcr of granting an ir.oraass of 
$2 J, par month. 

Rec^ . rov#d. 


Caj.if. Safety Lcokar <:o, 
" Aoaae y cf SoluriOee 
Pao. C i:. & Lcck Co. 


Sv-pt. Taylor 'b 


Dtspoaltad tc o.-. i^ . 5'u.rk Funi. 

. liyior's rj, ort imt •»d«3rad 

Repcrte froa 

B,j . of Hoalth: 

A copy oi u 
s«nt tc 'iaoh CoTi'lB. 1 

T-; Boar . 

*ith*» report on vater #a3 referred 
to Supt. MoLaran. T:. r ort on Certified asllk, Ca.unei silk, 
dcttiu milk, I oe ora**.-, Scda titer, eto. t,4» referred to 

Supt. Taylor. 

^aeting uij urncdi- There being no further builnaee before the 

Boa,r 1 thd moating adjcurnod 


'f -m: 



i) ( i 

Minutes .ted: 


• c re: 

Music -a 3k 

San Franolsoo, Cal, 
Novdmber 10th, I921 

jl^etiog palled ; At a re^cular meeting of the Board of Park Coa- 

mlaeionera, held in the offio© of the Board, Park Lodge, 

Golden Gate Park, Thursday November 10,1921 

Present were: Pres. H. Fleiahhaoker 

Com. A.B. Spreckdla 
" J* A. McGregor 

■ W.F. Humphrey 

Abae:it: ■ M.E. Oumminga 

The iBlnutes of the previoua meeting, copleg of 
which were sent to each Commiasioner/i, were, upon motion 
duly made, aeconded and carried, adopted aa the minutes 
of the previoua meeting* 

From Comm\mity Service Recreation League ex- 
preaaing thanka for the splendid cooperation of the Park 
Commiesion Auring Muaio Week* 


From Colt MoKenzis & Aliaon relative to Golf 
Archl^oo■cure and naming the many couraea planned by thea 
throughout the U.S. 

Referred to Supt. McLaren. 

From the Sunaet laaprovement Club requesting that 
more tennia coorta be eatabliahed in Golden Gate Park to 
relieve thc^ preaent congestion. 

Taken under adviaement. 

FroiD the Clerk of Yuba County with enclobure 
of copy of the laat Will of Corinne Rideout, deceased. 


From the Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Co. re- 
questing permisaion to aet up four 25ft. polsa in 
Golden Gate Park, south from Fulton St. to Boat House, to 
replace present poles that have become unsafe. 

Periclaal or. granted. 

e: 3olf ; 



- 2 - 

From the 8. F. Congress of Mothers endorsing the 


C.F. Congress of 

Mothers, re:Ne.f 

Staa iu.-n tpresant Nioraery site for the New Stadium. 

Bd. of Education 

re: Ga,i . - ■. i^-. 

Sc aowl ^^ r . .Id : following reaolutlonl 


From the Board of Education who passed the 

To Kalon Ciuo ret 
lalilao High Scho cl 

"RiasrSD: That the Park Commission 
be and it is hereby requested to 
take full jharge of the grounds 
a-orro'indlnf; the Galileo High 8ohool 
in the Civic Center," 

Request granted. Referred to Supt. MoLaren. 

From To Kalon Club relative to the strip of 


ground mentionTprevlously in the Resolution passed 

Sneriff Kin. 


by the Board of Education. 

Referred to Supt. McLaren* 
: From Sheriff T.F. Finn re^aesting permission to 

aae the well on Park property near the Jail at Inglesido, 
promising to pay for its upkeep, etc. 
Request granted. 

Ttox the Boarl of PuD^lc Works with enclosure 
from the Mualclsins' Union req^astln^- tnat serious coo- 
aideratlcn be given towards the ere^.i^.. of a band stand on 
the Ocean Seacn tspldinade - "that will be both prartloal and 
a oreait to our city". 

Taken under advisement. 

From the Nortn/Beach Promotion Association pro- 
testing agamat granting a permit to Kindale A Graham o 
hold a carnival and fair in North Beaoh. 

As tnere was no sucn requeat before tr.e board 
from Klridai*^ % Graham the communioatlon was ordered filed* 

Froi£ the Board of Fire Commissioners advising 
tnat nine condemned horaea had been ordered tranafarred to 
the Park Commission. 

Ssoretary instructed to tender the Fire Coamltaioa 

thanks of the Park Commission. 


'%^ ■ *i*' 





I 57S 


;|tli!- ■ 


•I ».( 


II, i • 




1 ■ 






IP^ ' 





Calif. A3i*demy of 

Sci : \}~^s> : 

- 3 - 

T. Hanr.on, From Dr. Chas. A. Clinton and City Physician 

Injured eaiployce ; 

•r. D'Aroy Qulnn, a report on the disability of T. Hannon 

a Park einployoa who was Injured* 


Industrial Accident From the Industrial Accident Commission relative 

Co:(jL. Tc;: Jas.M. 

T hoa-psc a :to a hearing of the oase of Jas. M. Thompson, November g, 

1921. Secty. de Sucoa, Assistant City Attorney Hugh L. 

Smith and Mr. Thompson were present. The ruling is now in 

the hands of the Aocldent Commission* 


)^om the California Aoademy of Solences $&,^ for 
Gas and Electricity for the month of September. 

Dopoelted tc credit of F&rk Fund. 

Mr* E.J. Ellis asked for a five year concession to 
run hla paceenger oar through the park from Stsinyan St. to 
the Beach, charging a fare of 10^, the Park CommlBsicn to 
receive fifty per cent of the profits. Or, he would sell 
the care to the Commission for $3000. each* 

Referred to Conimlssicnors Humphrey, McGregor and 

Com. Humphrey reported relative to a convenience 
station being built at Fulton St. and 10th Ave for carir.en. 
The Coaimidsic: er stated that the United Railrcads have no 
oar terminus at that point but that he would confer with 
the Superintendent of the Municipal Railway. 

It was ordered that all standard golf balls be 
placed Qii sale at Lincoln Park by the Park Comrciesicn. 

On motion duly made, seccnded and carried, Mr. 
Sairpacn waa released from paying fee of $^0,^Q P'=jr aicnth - 
pai^ i.r •. rlvilege oi" giving inatructions In golf at Lincc 
Park - unxil further order of the Board., re: 
Permit *- : run^c..e,tr cur 
through Golden 
^ • Park : 


- ^ - 

Mr. C.M.Green, re: 
Park Report 

Mr. Clay M. Greene, who is writing the Park Report 

-desired to be Informed as to the scope of information the 

Commlaaion wished %• the Report to contain. He waa advised to 

go back to 1912 and particularly to Include the donors of 

, - the 

gifts. Also to tell the story briefly from/beginning to the 

present hl^h state of development. 

Com. Humphrey and Supt. MoLaren t assist Mr. Greene. 

Pres. Fleishhacker Informed thnj members of the Board 

rat-Nc.y Jolf Ccure-' t 

tKat after a careful investigation of tha sug eated Golf 


■ "" -/lor 

- ^urant 

at Ch.Qr ta. ; 



A . 


Metit I 

Course at Balboa Park he waa convinced thut It was iapractlcable 
as sufficl<;nt desirable land coull not be obtained* 

The President stated that he w:uld dlreot his efforts 
to secure I50 acres of the Spring Valley Water Company's land 
and if successful saxe would make an ideal Golf Course. 

Supt. Taylor filed a report on the management of the 
restaorant at -he Cnlldren's Qioarters and he was toll not to 
exclude any person from the restaurant. Four or five servants 
shculd be enoagn to serve customers. 

The Board requested a budget report of expenditures 
be given the xezbere avtr/ thr^c aon:.hs, showing the aniount 
expended on the different clasjes of Ixprovemants adopted by 
the Board at the beginning; of the present fiscal year and sho«lng 
the balance unexpended of the different estimates for new 
work adc« t^d by thtj Board at the start of the present fiscal 

Supt. McLaren's report was adopts and reooaraendatlons 

Curator Penez' report wa s referred to Com. Cummings. 

Tnere boi^ng no further business before the Board 
the meet 1.1:5 adj'-.arned* 







iim' '- 

••.' <*. 












Playgrouna In 
Duooua Park : 


- 2 - 

A large delegation of ladies, accompanied by the 
Principals of the Hearst, Dudley Stone and Noe Valley Schools 
appeared before the Board, many of whom advocated the use of 
a pcrtic.i of Duboce Park for a children's playground. It was 
statea ':hat - playgrcand for small children was needed badly 
by 6c;. chilaren at the Hearst School, one block frcr. Duboce 

Dr. Davis of the Franklin Hospital state! that the 
Board of Directors of the Hospital are opposed to the use 
of the Park as a playground, declaring that often the life 
of a child, whose life was hangin^j by a thread, depended ab- 
solutely upon quietness. 

On motion of Co.tit;, Hu:n;hrey, seconded by Comm. 
Cu:r;:;.in^s and carried, a part of the lower portion of Duboce 
t'ax-d. was oraer/dQt aside tc be used as u teinpcri'iry children's 
playground, provided, however, that the Board of Supervisors 
a.^^^rct^tia.tHij sufficlsnt funds to equip the sa:re ^ith play- 
grou.i a^.p.i.r-u', .d suitable for anjxll children only. 

Fror. Dr. ]!ari , """.irasher r : itlve to estaciiahing a 
- -ioglsal garden In Golden Gate Park, :-^;- j.T.i8ei:n fee 

o^ ^'j't, /hici. h-- rlxiajtt v / 1 pay all ex.enses c: u,.kiJ^» 
Taken ur^itfr oonsideraticn. 

Fro- •'•.-. Sargent, Cccty. Calif. Acaderry ^^ ^ .-r.ces, 
to P. '^. ".. ihhacker r-.-laV. \j to excess oi*-/ te^e. hcnea. TtfiCphc 
^i*- ■ '"-..aered t.. •-:_- ?j.rk ^■.-^•igslcn and tri-grr-lt^ed to the 

Aoaueity of Sc; j for ,. 

Seer ' ry /Cuatructeu tc carrv - .t '.r i uet^iild opi'as 


/. wirge;^t. 
Tr-: ■ ' . T' :n IxB & Electric Co. - 
-.■.::,,- '^.^l i f . Paiaoe of ' 
- . '-> P-rk a- "■ * itract i.rioe. 

^1 * • 

.-at to 


-^ -w 





great '*' 

• _ If w . 

j. e c . . 


I ^o 

-i »-. 


iaent ". 




- 3 - 

At the re^uejt cf S-, *. .I^cLaren, Mr. F.Talcott, 
of the Pac. Git & Ele,^. Co.. .»as ln»truet«d to send scmim 
one to call on Mr. McLaren to receive i latructl rel- 

ative tc layi... .at u . .ro. : r ih^ power arcth^oygft 
Lincoln Purk tc turniah power • .e Calif, Palace c: •.. • 
tigion of Honor, 

From the Groat Western r C©., m agreement 

aixxe as above - aubaequently withdrawn. 

From Morten R. ns. Medical Director of the i.\l Accident Corr'ridai :-., report If^ c — . :.r 

P. rri^v., aft;r beln^ ojwAniAued t>y ap s^dloai escaali- 

dr» - t: . Sbp. Mo0o«aa«y and Dr. Den ., . . . 

Glare t?.*t: 

■It Is evi : 

• USt^li ; ^ 

ar. agft-rtva 


a." . 

ary that Bra2«l 

.ua .:*- AT.t 

' cn«, 
era! I 
• r . '. 



ts^* whio^ 





td i-iLares: 


nuausly disabled alr.oa 

" ' «Mi: disabled 
* - - -^••^'iently 

; -• ton id four s * ' - ^^s 

- - .. • to his Injury . The 

heretofor- i therefore fuiiy ccmptin- 

r such portion of his dlaav lllty 
y nis injury and he im not entitled to 

58 ;i 


li 4 .vA i 4 , r . 

to i»..^ 

f ii.e^ 

from th« laduatPlal Accident Coaitiatlcn, : .-irtlf^s a 

. ... c.wee of Jas. II. T^ \ aon, Inj . :./««. 

ry oaua rary ' •. , contlmli^ rro« 

■ • ^ '. "^.1321 
; ^e for sild tlae is 

ne da* t:..:. ^.^y tan a^ .:i .u-::d. 

1 — y - .* / 

i^rjL ordered 

. .id. 

I J 










n «" I H t .. M" f<t i^» 




■i i , , 



I • 


-»»— A-A^^ «->M»-* 


Loctcrs' Lilis 
of P. fir A2 el ; 

M.MahcaQy, M.r.^ 
T's: ris:^ci to 
Spririf^- Valley 
Mdroca Lu,:.a8 : 

From Mcivi*.j.^y 

~ i Asa'a. 

-^5 J .rounds 


- 1| - 

From Aast. City Attorney Hugh L. Smith, encloaing 
du.licate bills from Dr.s Boardman, McChesnay & Donovan, e^ 
ployed by hla in the exa.^lnation of P. Brazel - which tlr- 
minataa in favor of the P.rk Co:.-.laaion. The total of the 
combined bills amouniB to #p3.0C. 

The Board ordered the bills paid. 
From Margaret «ahoney, L'. D.. declaring that the 
Sprins Valley Water Company, has no MoE.ierney Title tc -Lake 
Merced and the Lake Merced Lands". 
Ordered filed. 

From the McKinley School P.irent Teachers Aascciatlon 
r e oo::^ •..;.. a in^ a playground in Euboce Purk. 

The Aaaociaticn was iTifcrmea of the Bcard»3 action 
in the mat?: .if. 

From C.H. Oiinger to C.T?. i^core protesting against 
'^ t-l^/o'round in Buboce Park, 

Kr. Olinger was Informed aa to the acticn of the 





From :.'Cintford S. Wilson to John ^. ?!c.'',ret,'or in 

to eatabliahint' a Playground in Dubcce Park. 
Mr. 7ii3oxi haa te<in infcrmed of the anti— cf the 


A protest ccwteiinin. 

siKnat : - ; f residents 1 

rr....;iaco, in 

"'.ooi of I>abooe Park ^as receive^ .ina tj-jl. 
- ^^ ■: ^^ ij above!. 

:: Pre-. 7c . .. ". • • of 

' reports rcilative * " '^e* facil- 

' 1^ ^ - ' 


j (j,rc ttll 
■ y P-xT]. . 




•,3 u..a 


iU.3 , 


•i • - * ^ 

i,. uui^b ; 


»leh, T*: 

-3 - 

Chlldr-sn's pAayt^r.unie, " which il; -.^^-t v-^ t^^ 

approval of th. "^ xrd .m ,. r. :r-l -, of Coit.-::^ -.ray, 
^Ma ^arrl-i, ;. iurt^-ir piene cf :.-;i till l^ seieotel. 

Upon rsoticr. of Com. Hurnj.hrey, ^c; ■ : • 

Ccffl. Spreckele and camel, :i^'^,-t9 for • '(jrry-ejo-round 
Kidd:;: lar Xeaater, Tcnkeya ar.i Joaia, ,iu be reiuced 
fror. j^ ^cr rli^ ^ 2^^ per ride, t -c effect on and 

after t'ecember I5, 13^1 , 

Fro.t A.J.Rich. Real Estate, aubnrittlnt fcr «iile 
tc th© P;^rk Cox.-Rissi^n }00 acres of ..,:,i.. he Tsrla Petik 
Tr^tct, for golf purpcaea. 

6upt. McLaren in itr. • - •. - ^t Itr. 

Rich :' : .rnlah 1.. v . .. :h# laad. 

Frcr T. Eri^je. 

iesirtia ' 

'oh&ae or lease 

tfO« Oi ^ 


. BfeLar»?n. 

P«i . • 

ho 4«alr« 

ao aoso awinga, -nd 

•^ ^ 

. v»'a 1 
lAran atatad 


i oninicn a con- 

V . 



i ti 



* Tilts 1 

No. Beach 

Krox ::orth Iiea^n Prom.Asa'n. feUtiva to ataynant 
. . *unk at, w..^ . _i , . ",.u'/. ud Ava. 
Uef^rr-.^ . Com. Cun-ainrH . ., ■ . McLaren, 

Kx ;,r:n Baach Merch^:.. A^e»n. r-.atlvo to water 
* "'■ ■ — • :; Ana, recomT.andir*« that 

ba aa43 

*f th 




.(.ii a: 









-« *j' 




Hi I llf, 






if 11^ 
( __■ 



o ''Ml 

, ! 










- 6 - 

P la /ground in 

Player. .unci in 
HcX.y Pi^£k : 

t.,.-.."Aka from 

' -1 from 

From Preclta Valley Com. Club requesting that con- 
sideration be given to the matter of converting Bernal Park 
between Harrison and Alabama Stre.ts into a Playground. 

Referred to Supt. McLaren. 

Frora Bernal Progreeaive Club requaatlng that a 
general playground for email children, tvhere *hey can find 
recreation, be established in Holly Park and protesting against 
a bctse b*Ali di.imondin said Park .vhich wruld be used by men 
to *,\i exciusicn of boys and girls. 

Referred to Supt, McLaren. 

Frorr Mrs. H. Payot acknol-.redging expressicn of 
sym^a^.^-.y from the Park Corr.icisdion upon ths death cf her hua- 

Ordered filed. 

Fror. ai. of Education txtendlnfe- th«5 thanka of that 
t,h..- Board of Park Commissicners for cturtesiee In the 
- .-'aiiting the grounds around the neir Galileo School 


on ?ioAlxi;iter St. 

Rent o' Sharp P.^rk - j rr.oa 
Pic.Coin & Lock Co. 
Cal.Acaari.' :/ :f Fcianceci 

9375* , 




^ in The City Treasury, 




atain Like P.rk. 

•viatic;-. J a; j 
-..-•^' report referrj^ 

.. -. . To.": :r 



4 ' / I • 

or.ijru '. 

.t tc 




irabCtuA' wiariJ 


- 7 - 

Mr. K.E. 2.,. 1. , - ■ ■ ' 

sma^^ sight a««lr;4; car 1, r use i. the *ark - by request 
of Coil, Uxl^.^ i^r^y. 

This matter waa reftrrc : CorLudeslomrt Rumi-hrey, 

The iOi.ic\fing -ids were rucetved In resi^cnae to 
advert iaeiaciit for bids on % tractor: 

iUUuEs Implun.tnt & Engine Cc. oi-^t,' 

G.L.Fedt Trimeter Co. 
Kelt Mar.ufacturineT Cc. 
Yubt. Products Co. 
Jcshua HdHdy /Ircn :7rk» 

The i>ia froB Tuba Pr. 
Wednysotiy Lucettber Jzi, a: 2: ri I ,2. 

^11 bias ware r#f c • . • 

• ■ I Ua 

There be 

, 1. *tt ' i^.^ 

.cv»cr to act. 



"■. . WHS received 

C/He day ia*e. ' ;- ims 

^ . McGr:3^ r A . 
iss before tre Board 


— c 

On Decen/uer 
a . . " 
P-.. ... 

. - -unfitted. 









I : ( 


t > 


■1 ' 

( -- 





_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^ ... 

1 / 

^^B i 

^VW^^^^^^^^^^Bbr * 





I >• 

■ ■ ■ II 


















w. r 

Prea, H. F. 

-• l»l *! •» * » 

n 'Ti'jt. 



J ^ij^, woa; 

Th«; mln 



: r^ J. 










II' ,, 


.1 . ; ■ 




1 : 


,1 ! 




, i'^ ! 

- 2 - 

From the C^^lifornia Academy of Sciences anclosli 

Ca,iif. Academy of 

^ojy_ULv co^rof letter relative to instalUnK excess City t-ilephone 

aexvio*! in the Acaderry'g liaewr. .ni Aquariurr. Pllgsi 

"Pao. T.X.iTe:. Co., ''«c.l?,1921 

333 Srant Ave, 


At a mectint^ of the Board of Park 
Co-T.iKlsalcnere held Dacerr.ber Sth.l'^.'^l, it was 
cracred that the Park Cortoibsionira dho.Ild as8un:e 
Ujv telt;,hone jcrvic- as installed in the Museum 
ox th^allfcrnla Acivi3my of Sciencea. Thia ac^Un 
was taken in via.v cf th- fact that the Muse-om 
DuUaint: i3 the property of tho Oity and that the 
Academy is i-crf crrainj^- a public 8>irvlce In main- 
taining therein a free uut]ic m^aaum. 

« . ., «^^ ^^» -""^--'-^-, re.r.c.,-,;.! nhat the 
Paciiic Tclephcne and Telefcrnph Ccrct an-/ trar.afer 
the two trunk lines and nine local t ' onea now 
Instaalea in said Museum bai:iain£; in the name cf 
the Ci lfcrr.1.^ Academy cf Sciences tc the Park 
CoBUiiistoion ratint, these tuie, hcneu as "excecs 
cit..- twlephones" ana cillinj, thnit in future t& the 
P.ari. Coziiaiasicn. The rating- cf these telephones 
as ''ex:^^**^ city tele.hcnBa* will provide fcr the 
i" , . renti3 cf the PoUne department Thiv?) now 
^- • *■ • ■ -- - . ''i^j.6 turn^'^ U cii '.'.. ^- 

^.' ^uj A^^z permit cf exteniin^ the 

service tc ... ^^^einhart Aq-.rl^- ' - ^-^ " 

va,8 a. _ .-..ed that 2ecreta\,- 

" ' . ■ ^ ..etter t: the ?•?. ^ . "..^ ..y. 

* i^O.- .... '. 

It T . 


he ua\asl *-iii. 

.e in tii;;^ tc 

- 3 - 

Fro». layer's 0ffl3« ^it^ 

irs froa Ordinance 



15ffi.. r, -cri 'I' Soet:, " , . , a -^ 

-" ■ •• -^wMia^ &i.aQi,ets acfci- '•* : 

l-i>» gua, ; ^$jC 

X cam ; , iode . ^ , . •■ " 

Cscline^ :r;. thanks. 

Froa C.i-. :^r.uwl8c \. < . • ^; 

^^* '^^^ ' . -• '^Ifcot Bequest reotntly turned over 

the Park Cc . . .r Ifciseu* ryj., ca-uj 

o£ re. of wi 1 > 




.f the r 


. jen In 




f . 



> I 

> ) 

or^k^ .. _> 






-;'i^' " 



- 4 - 

£a . 02 Heal til • B 

eto. : satiafactcry by Suit. Taylor. 

Board of Healht'G report on mlik, etc., itclar 


: Thar© baln^,: no further ousindsQ befcr. 

thi meeting: adjourned. 



V ) 

' 'J . ~^' 




^^^ ^ 






* Ft ff 




.ry . 




i^ r*t 

. -. i ik 

I- park, 

1 1 

^ t 






"-£- -a^ -, --mi. i««h«. 




V . 1 

-: 1J 

*^ |||:»-''1K 



V M 


f »**••''■ ■■'^"* 


— T+- — - M - i > - 



) I 

Nvjv? Goir Q-. grsa: 

* ' * • w 1 

•» 2 - 

From UiiA H, Duhr vfhc aald . :.;id writ' 

atlv.' '.- . -i ^ro^iosei £uni::ij;iLl golf eoarei; 
Ur. Behr stated th,: . :. ,^ _ • ;...v . ;. - r- 
tulkl. .^ .:! ^uustlo.-. ov-r vic'i tho aamberu 

under c .3 i aeration. 

Froa. '!. F. Cui. ... ^- ; i-. v: .- .- -■- v^ . ,tr' 
©f land - 2C- .. -f.: : i ■; .,cn:tf part of Gcldsii Gate Hrt t 

bit a: 
in . 


■ j#lon _:■.-: ^ , . -odltlent 

From * . r . 31i. ' , . ^ , ' ^. . , V' 

4ucti^ii»" f« tht i»rodaotlon c. e^ Irit cf i^restiit >. 

• - . - - J .^ . ^^ Wc 

Fro:c tt. 

n^i$her t;li"t 


■ — - i' 





Ba. of H '. 




^ • - 


^ > 

^w . . < . 


» ,»» si mi 




^:i 51)S 




>. i 

■ j ^'i 

fli; . 


';l : 





9*a Fr»aoi«oe» Calif . 
Januft-Ff ^3 Pi, I.. ... 

^'' - ■ • ''--^ ■ ' ''ark ^crtBs- 

iasiOn.i-ti, .. . m th CHi i ,. . u -3. ^;.r :->i-3, 

^2 Pino St., aonduy, J.n. , . J. 

Goit. A. J. " - !ck* 

%o ofdtr, .«d ttet bm ta&4 fa9iiiv«4 » %•!• .non« ii#«9«Me« 

froffl Fy.^r. M4^«(^cr in ^... .. i.^ ^n.^ocniwd f«^f«^ ttoAt ha 
»A» tm»bi«« Ci- irto»« tc ac 'oas|,.iny his 

Buoa«««or, Vju, 8nrf*ul« to ♦♦:« noat ^ . Intf'^luoo hla to 

tod mombijra of %hu Boi^d* 


I . 

I . 


ruw Mii/or hoA^ t^r« of 
. . -v. J .n.^ry ?th, 

444 «4{«r««s9dl his t<l'*iksuJ'« 
*. • Board. 
I ^ns 0«rt if I ^ * ' 'h* 
rrooE tf»/6t RoliPh, . • 

y*on Gontimmiemms , ^«rtf, UiO.* ^M / • ••» 

i r rt rielahhvoksr 
of oiitf y«aY» 

•». , 4 ( 



(' ' ' I 




On motion duly nkUe, R.fOciKlofi, ani ourrled, Supt. 
John MoLaran an<i Beo't -lo Buooa vjuj rnap ,olntii;d for a tart 
ol* one year. 

Comrrls.^8lcnur Hurr.uhrMv rj^/Urtd 1h'. t ^ , City Attorne. 
would proo^J-id, 'VK^ilivit 8» Q. Uavjhf to ocll -ot nho racnay iuu 
tha Sha,rps Pri-rk Fuatl. 

Pruaiauut Fluiuhhaokor 'ixprauHnJ .«?n*;i!r.wnts cf 

Ztw liwrobura of tho Boiird flfhen he BUg,,-:in-, . ..'. i-,jr iliite Ikiyis, 
aollity or udttlii^: aslie out o nJis Park Fur.l^ th« vioi of ?«n 
Thouuaad ($10,0,.>) d.jllar -, r,o t-u tj^:)*!!!!'^! on ncoafoarf ^r/ 
of thfc Bouloyarloa. Pt. Lioor Uoad, ant f-.y »lxiy acfat cf ii- 
. rovrjd lHn<i in Liuioln Park, <*lty '^^ : - , in' ' cr 7 blocks of 
City i-ro,:,: ty to cw .'iven ^ •: ^ ; - 4oyd4 of %bi» Oi%i^ • , 
.. ■ : uot cbssalning nu'fioiwnt food to <ioa:iinuQ ^c »!.;*iin Uf«t 
'. t. ^oLuran r*' -a^i .r -.r * - , ana th§ 

m«a pu« to ^erk on 4.;? hln : . rvialcn t^ t« !»i 
i.^y, ^ . u . - i.^ur» (^) ^crk. Pr- n lad ti. ' ' • wU-fe ^^^ »*l 
Chiiir^n of th« Fin.'.AOc ' ittt»f», BcmM of -^f r. till iaf e^ ^ ^^ 

City M%mt u-i ■ Ji. -■ Ol-;/ ,)r:Mi^-/ 

pr it ouniitikm of %Im un^r^^io/ou . 

Suj t. MoLaren puk 
^itlssno "" ittad, a« ' i 

.-• ... ( ) TlHtftt : ya iJ. 

. . . J rt« 

11 br * 


iuOc;wi ' ^ 



Frorr : 

to bo 

prva nt 


Fsom J. 
th« atil. iv 

Bctora ru^tiwu I 
tc the Uni . r. Trj/t 

.. .- ., :*ty Tr.'«, »ar^r 
o» %Ank by «. 

»ln^, unin- 

'tj,?t.^/j 1 th*% tb« B<Hlkifd 0f Park 

im»ionera cf th.j '?lty :. . .nty cf 

- ».* Franoiaoo .T».i.i<w u.nil i.wou*, i •, .c-er 

of ai;tor.i!jy tc t.w Unit n Tr .«•; Cc r' .ny In 
tn« wc. . • .«i f|^nir«» foil : 


D«iOBit Fuiii by it > T UHt-ea, 
Cf 5h • •'!-./ v.:i '^ i' ' 

, F«W tatO^ l?rr*-T— P7 f;», * ^^r.r-e'?^ .- * q..^<,« i 

4-^ iiahc.wu Bond« of it. 
iii, Ij: It..' n .rtc m ".^ 
ja y cnJui ao. " 
ud C . - 


30ni; tu 
OCOf i^it.! . 
•titutva ^ .. . . 

. I 


-galnad, •old. 

- r -in, 

• V / ) 

», , V / 

.-.y or 

8*n yranoiflso »» 

; ' f 

', :■ .- ^ jnt« 

- j,:i t 1 

. .1 

: r ^-^T'AHY 

it ^Ul it . ^ 


.; • -Jn: ■: ?- , rri. 



%0 ff 

•3 . .. i 

■ 1 



' ita%« or ftut- 


. '2. 

- - . t, / 





I I 




• / 

J. I rf 

1 ialf*nHf«, 

r- - Will 













j 1 M ■ . 



! I Hf ^ 




From Chief of Polloo O'Brien ralu.ivo tc atolon tun^e 
Poet. Filed. 

From Cal3l of Polloo 0» ra:.^^. -:. PoUo^ 
protcotion for Park F.mds taken from Ch'^. 0-...-ters to 
Park Lodf^:^, am then to thu off lea of th - CU7 ^wa: Co. 
TrauBuror. Rofarred to 5ec»t. 

From forjrer ConLtlaa loner Gutzko^v rolati/d tc the 
oonditlon of the oroaslnfc ti Hiscnlo Ave. acro.^a the- Panfianile 
during th ^ rainy auaBcn. xlef<;rrdd to the Bo-.m of Works. 

friTT. IiTiperlal Ooun':;il A.A.O.\'..^'\ .h- jasire the 
Staiiuii: for Tedneg.iay an:i Thur^ lay, Juna Itth ani 15th, 1922, 
during' the Shrin;rs Convont .-^n. Pur-niasirn Sr^ntud, by f^. t. 

Thj Sec»t. -.v. a ln<itruct 'd -^ ilt^M^^ ^ 170.C- frcE 
thu Park Fund to :;uy off 37 m.jn at th-j ^te of ? }. r' p«r dv.-. 
tii# autliorisatlon v e a. rovo.-l ani tilKn.Hl by Corjr.lsalMier 

There Doing no further baginaan bafori* tha bo*rt tt 
Moutlnj^ .- ; I" a mud. 

Co-R Cuinninrs, Actiof' Preaiaer.t, at tha 

r -';u • 't -,:' Suot. MoLar-.n o.^nod the '• 
ya.i. of Clay »ish th.^ fcliovlng xuiiuiti 

J. P. Holi .UA 

0, Mjlluu'h 
J. E. McHu;,'h 

.or 1000 Cu. 

.11 four. ~.\i- " ^,z. ry, c 


> *■ * f T 








"'V ' -^- 

.^ ^* 






r-a I 1^ >'« 

V-!- 'Jt^' 

San Francisco, Calif. 
February 23r(i, 1922. 

At a regular meeting of the Board of Park Com- 
missioners held in the office of the Board, Park Lodge, 
Golden Gate Park, Thursday Feb. 23/22. 

Present were: 

Com»er W. Sproule 

* A. B. Spreckeli 
,, ^ M* £• CumriiiKs 

Absent Pres. H. Fleishhacker 

Comber W. F. Humphrey. 
Tha r.^gular meeting of Feb. 9th/22 was postccned 
there being present - Com»er A. B. Spreckels and Com. M. E. 
Cumirings only. 

Upon motion duly made seconded and carried Cos. 
Sproule was elected Chairman of the Meeting held Feb. 23/22, 

The minutes of the previous meeting, copies of 
which vere sent each Commissioner, were upon motion, duly 
made seconded, and carried - adopted as the Minutes of the 
Meeting held Jan. 23/22. 

Tners were present at this Meeting His Honor Mayor 
Rolph Jr. Supervisor Ralph McLaren, Chalrmn of the Finance 
Committee, Board of Supv. , and Auditor Boyle. All of .rhoa 
addressed the Boari in favor of increaslOLr the pay of the ex- 
service men from I3.OO per day to five ($5.0 ) dollars per day. 
The following resolution was -offered for adoption; 

Resolved that she ex-service men employed on work in 
Lincoln Park anl \fh: have heretofore been paid at I'r.c rate of 
three (#3.uO) dollars per day are hereby increaaed to five (Ip'O^) 
doixari par day this order to be retroactive so as to provide 
tie additional payrusnt of t vo ($2.0^) dollars per day to each 
•x-service man etoployed in Lincoln Park, upon the adoption of 
the resolution. Roaoluticn adopted unanimcusly. 

Fro-n ri,.y ^^1 r^o., Treas. J. E. McDougUd relative to 
the sale of five school bonds # 706 tt 710 inciasive to the Union 



Trust Co. of San Francisco, receiving the sua of | ^,S90.60 
plus I 93*75 interest making a total of $^, 9«^.33 all of which 
has been deposited to the credit of the Spreckels Special De- 
posit Fund. Sals Approved. 

From A. A. Rhine with enclosure of a tentative Char- 
ter Amendment which he intenid to introduce by wajp of a resol- 
ution to the Board of Supervisors, but before doing so desires 
an expresaion of opinion from thie Board - action was post- 
poned un:^ll next meetln^^. 

From the Indudtrial Accident Cora.'ciflsion, notice of 
hearing in the case of T. Cody, injared Park exi-loyee of Feb. 
17th at <£ o'clock P. M. Secretary attended the hearing. 

On demand of City Aaiitor T. F. Boyle a demand for 
one hundred and deventy ($^70. OC) dollars was drawn against 
the Park Fund to pay extra laborera ec^^ioyed at Lincoln Park, 
in accoriance with the order of the Bc:.ri adopted at the special 
meeting held Jan. 23/22. Demand signed by Com Cum-ninigs. Action 

From Boar 1 of Edacatlcn with enclosure of Map of the 
piece of Laii i they re.^^ire m Misalcn Park fcr a ter., orary 
school building, Suj.t. McLaren -sale a re4ueat that the Board of 
Education ag^rees to pay t;.u >_„t _: i^sa'^^tifw the Land t# its 
preoant Conaltlon - Action approved. equeut >^ranted. 

Petlticn from the Haight Street Card anix Cnecker Cub 
of Golden Gate Park, requestinr' tnitt tnelr benches an: taoles 
at present near th fid'. , n ■ removed to another ^ocatloB. 
hctsrrna to Su^jt. Mct &ren. 

From Dr. V. C. Quartaparo, Ssot'y of the Hcrth bsach 

i^romotlon Aas'n. voicing t.'«eir disapproval of Street Car:.iv^ls 

t Poffell Q.nd Ci.Sitnut Sts., lo Jurisdiction, plaoed on file. 

From tr.c Ca^l; . Ass'n. of Nursery Men, the establlsh- 
ent of a puollc garien in a^n Francisco. Referred to Su t. McL- 

From the Horthern Life I .-isurancs Co. rscoaasnds that 

gui .e poste bs placed in the Park for tne benefit of thoss who 

M^^ V' .< ^^ 



^pl^*r^-^_ •'- 







i i;!tf|i!i'-' 




. .til 

» • r " 


'W -^w ■ ifcaii 



know nothing of the various attractive features. Ordered filed 

From l£i». 0. M. Stephenson - She desires to sell the 
photographs of Dr. Jos. Powell, after vvhon Powell Street was 

Seot'y instructed that no funds are available for the 
purchase of said photographs. 

From Mrs. E. G. Schmieden, advising the building ef 
'.ctng concrete fire places in the Park for Picnic parties - hef- 
<irred to Supt. McLaren. 

From the Industrial Athleccic Ass^n. of San Fr&nclscc 
advising that the contemplated New Stadium be built at 7th and 
Harrison Ste. Ordered filed. 

From Board of Supervisors. Resolution # 194-16 (new 
series) relative to establishing a playground in the vicinity of 
the block bounded by Plymouth Ave. Sadowa St. and San Jose 
ave. Approved by the Ocean View Improvement Club. Board of 
Supervisors advised to purchase the land and place It under the 
jurisdiction of the Park Corcmiesion. 

From D. C. Pratt, representing Daybreak Outpost 1 
American Veterans of the Worlds War, advocating that the eighty 
thousand ($Su,000) dollars inoended to purchase tne land belong- 
ing to the Market St. railway bet.veen the Nursery ana tr.a Pcly- 
tocnaic High School be spent to furnish work for the unemployed 
ex-service men. Ordered filed. 

From Industrial Accident Comxission, nrtice of bear- 
ing in the case of JohnMaeglin. Injured Park ertoloyse on Feb. 
2^/2^ at 2 P. M. Sect'y. testified in the ca e. 

From Hau-nt and Ashbury Improvexent Club: let 

lag pole in Buena Vista Park shews signs 

of decay 2nd Swlngi 

nd allies should be placed near the ten.^.is courts. 3^ 

n ., R«.* erred to Supt- 
-ennio court, should be proviaed in -his ParK. "^^ 


From Cnief of Police D. J. O'Brien relative to pro- 

,, ,,.... 1^ thi City tr*"' 
tecwiug pay roila and aii money to oe aep^a*--- - 

-ry cy the Park Sect'y. by providing police protection to and 




from the Park Office when necessary. Acti n of Chief O'Brien 

From Outing an1 Riling Club, suggests a runway irith a 
few adjustable hurdles, some brush fen^^as, thlch wouia enabls 
riders to daily pra:tice out door Jumps also a Polo field. 
Referred to Supt. McLaren. 

From Bcara of Supervisors relative to submitting 
a budget estimate for the year 1922 ana 1923 . Referred to 
Secretary de Succa. 

From North Beach Promotl- n Ass'n. declarloK that 
the 1113 ex-solders seeking work on Lincoln Park and to be 
pall at the rate of $5.00 per aay, la totally Impracticable 
illogical, and ridiculous pro,.oBltlon, and comrnendi the 
Park ComT..8sl oners i;lan of utilizing the $ 2->,000Fund for the 
benefit of the greate* nu.Tber ^odssible. 

Increase granted at the request of the Board of 
Supervisors w. ap .ro,.rl:Atcd the Fana, Ma/or Rolph and Auditor 
fhos. F. Boyle. 

Frctt Pacific Coin and Lock Co. Coi-rlssi n on 
locks at Beach Chalet ana te:. is courts, Arrt. $3.*Q, 

M. . Aghley presented the plan of a buliiing to be 
erected in Ll-.^o^n Park, if iie cii.n ottam a concession tc op- 
era ':e a Lunch ana tea room -aer-in. Action deferrea until next 
meet log. 

Re.^ort of Curator Pc.ez - Referred tc Com Cum3:lngs. 
Report of Health aoard- Referred to Su)>t McLaren. 
T.iere being na further business the Board adj Durned. 





/'■' 'J 






f ^H 

#^ ^^1 

1 fr ' 



*. # * 


.• n 




. • 


' 1 


I i 

I t 




! ' Ml 

t k 





w • "^i*. 



.0 return #40,0' 

rtjeoyj. ; 




4 .^* 


,y to 

.•« rf , V ^w • - 











« * 




' I ■ IT ■ ' 


''flfi I'M' f 
It' ■ 

( ,' 

; i 

i 1 






■ < 

" lll'l';!'.^ 

I ■ ' I • 

II i 

Umv ■ 

I t 

< \, 


S » 



- 2 - 

interest thereon, or any part thereof, as aforesaid, said 
City and County of San Francisco has, pursuant tc the au- 
thorization of this Board and o-^ f ^. ::oard of Suijervisors 
of Bald City and County, cormnenced le^pl proceedings £.t:ain8t 
F8id Oainuel '^, Ilur^jhy for the purpose of conipellin;:; hin to 
pay and d-^-liver &aid Bur. of v4C,000.00, together with lawful 
interest thereon, ae aforesaid; and 

WliEREAC, said litigation is now pending within 
the territorial limitf. o' the St^t- of Uew York, and 

V.'._...L.-.- , . . 1 .' .^. .. -"^ "'. :iurphy hr.s offered tc »r.ter 
into a coripromisft '^ttler.ent of said lii.i,ratior. rith said 

,.■-•. -^Qbr'tv o" oan Trftncisco provided, and upon t'e cor.- 



dition, t^-al, h^ he ^■--: ;■ r-^l^ase fror-. v^ •" 
■-:J a:;ainst him hy saiu City .^nU County; end 

\iHS.;EAi;, it is the opiri..:: o^ thiu Lorrd t:-r.t it 
:.: f:. 'he heet interes^tc of the City and County of San f ^i- 

o " "e Pf.rkB of said City and Ccunti' tl.:.- ^- '---' 
'^ttlement o^ said :.iti.,aticn h^ negotiated; ?Jid 

c ; :: o c- ■ 

V/HERSAii, it iz necessary t".-" = 0!:e 

•a reser.tBtivi 

of b&5 d Cit: 

dounty of oc 

"be it 

3c.n Franc proceed tc the Statt 
^.v Ycrh to nasolh •^° ^uch co- -or ir- or cettl#Tt.e h t: 

^ S-.ereof; no^. , there''- r», 

,.uri8 p&i 

pur sua n: 

it doec h^rety, 

r^a^ '■ 

'^'.t of S::i 

,.v/ or in 
■ to 

t'^i ; .:5 1 tiiO -^<-' ^^^ ■ 

•, i ujon t},'^ c j...lition, 
■: -' to t.- ■ ■ - -- ^v 

o F.Rid 

, r 

r, oof , 


o: ..i 

e it 






- 3 - 

HSi^OLVED, t;tt 
euthorire uSOHaE LUL:., 

of 3tin 

" -r' 

rocee . 

ther«^, in tne na.i.,e of the City and Count: 

tc no c*i''to a Dettletnent o'' .<.--:. "-.'-. 

-ty and Hounty 
lew York and 

/ranciiK 0, 

. .*-■•. to 

herei: ' h %%6, ar-; , \ - - - . ■ ■ - 

•nter r. dioirisBal o" - ny wid all »ttlt«. wh«Vn«r in law or In 

equity, now pe:. :: ^-^,ai; • . ^ "'-'»" -• i.'- ^^ ^ . -PO" **^ 

conditions hereir stated, «-« upon Ui» %« : ' *ion» 

to u*?livT to sai'l dtLCUft- j. — --■. , - • 

all claiiTiS hel 

'"■■■'"; r 

consent to a..„ 

' 7 sal- 

by tii« iOf 

.. rvieora of »».ia City 
-. . .by any officlsl or official* 

or tody of offiaalft c d City »na Cour. ., , ; - - .• -r 

proper to carry into tff«c* 

;anii8Bal Of said cu: - • 

tlont h«r«in att f c ■ . " 

S ffiHEL ■: 



aeeti:.,, ul* o. 

^^ ji. ^ . » / ii ^ i . / ■ " > *< ii , ^ 
TV -'ury, • OJ-.f ^- c I' 
""» of tho CiV 



or r.iii- 







# • . 


:^- %' 

(') 1 2 

I) 1:5 




I 1 





■' 11 



!!: ' 

^ m 




; •■»irFr«#ii! 






■i«i..-ii 5 

I I 


- 4 - 

Froni Sup3rintendent Taylor's report on \ ids re- 
ceived "by him to supply Soda V/at9r at the Children's Quar- 
ters, referred to hira at a previoaa meeting, analyeie "by 
the Board of Health proved that Rathjens k E^jers is 8up°rior 
in BUoar contents and flavoring. Ha therefore awarded tl-iat 
firm the contract for '.ix nontha. Approved. 

President 'Pleis/ihacker report^<f th^ aVaence of 
Miss L. ?air.Qan, Accountant, and "iss Campoell, StenOi^raphsr, 
durin-i the past six weekB on account of sickness. The Eoard ' 
agreed to continue th^ -■^y::l^uz of their v/ct^es a reasonablt 

length of ti:::e. 

Th^ Pr?jiaent also H<:;.ounced that Secretary de Succa 
v.oul" " - r^ti'-ed at the -^^^rliest poasiV-le ■ in Apri", hav- 

ing served twelv; years as Secretary. 

?ro::i Pfiul P. Ashley, requesting perniasion to erict 
i. Lincoln Park an a-tiatic Tsa Roon. wherein ^..n l.« Mrv«d 
luncheo. 6i;;.ple meals, hot and col^ drinkn , candieu, nnd 







-: ^rovid«d. It navinu "^9^^ t:;e policy 
conceoGions of ^.H -liri^o i^^ -•'^ ^^«*' 

7rpni A. A, Rhin** , ■ 

;^ ■• " •> ., ."^ JOG? f3 tJ , 

th#r«o , r-:. ■. i.. . to th*> :o 
i' ... :: .. :.:.;3r-^ ov=3r Pu^ 

• ;■' ^ - " - . _ ? of SU'l- 


,nd juriodictiu.\ 0. 



,. . ^:-- '' Tor 

,&a^P roved. 

. , .. -}^ 1 

i jh jaid Park 

v.'ith e-iclosure .r-. 



. aodr.' 

♦■aV.1 4 




dvlBory p'^sltlo" 





. ir*-'j- .i-ij 



1 ()14 



^ .\ 


"• f .. 

■■I :i 


! U 




- 6 - 

Prom L.W. Jenklno to Prasident Fleishhacker, rela- 
tive to a playsround in Baltoa Park, Refirred to Superinten- 
dent . 

From J.C. Hayburn, receipt of ;^12.50, for the payment 
of tond of Secretary d© Sucna, from March 1, 1922 to Harch 1, 
1923. Ordered filed. 

From Mr. S.P. Eastman, Vice President and Uanacjer 
of the 3i)rin;j; Valley Y/ater Coxopany, to Superintendent J. 

McLaren, relative to the dangerous junction of the Sky-lint 

Boulevard, the Gloat Boulevard, with the Great Hii^hway - a 

point of cons3 6te'l traffic. Ur, Sastman says he Ims written 

to the Engineer of the Hi^^hway Coirjnission that this portion 

of the location "be corrected. Ordered filed. 

From LianatiSr Cor.ipensation Departiuent, Industrial 

Accident Comrniasion, re^ardint: case of -.. -lonohan; also letter . 

from Dr. ^uinn. Copy of lett^rc sent to Aasibtent City Attor- 

Fro:.'. I.W. Chrietensen, rec^ardin^ public Tennis 
CourtB. Referred to Cor.unissioner Humphrey to annw-r. 

From ^rs. 'talker, favoring the propn^od n«w Stadiuc. 
Kef erred tg C3Tr;i3nione - Humphrey tc answer. 

Pron-. P. L. :--:• . , relative to t - expondi-.ure of 

Referred to Cosrdesion- 




Asport of oupTinte.ident llcLcren, 

oinn^nde pproved. 

-^ . . . .->ndent Taylor' . 

Adopted and t9( 

3pcrt " a 

31..^ no further ".^usir.ess 

the --oa 

rd aujoarned. 


S*n rrancleoo, C»l. 
Mar oh P3, ^922 

At •, regular meet In.- of the Board of Park 
Coit;;r.i88ioner8 held In the office of the Board. Park Lodge, 
Golden Oate Park, Thursday Uarca 2}:1, 1^22 

Present were: Pret, H. Flalshhacker 

Com. A. E.Sprecke^a 
" U. E.CuTinlnga 


■ W. F.Haiiphray 

■ Wm. Spreule 

Min utua ad .ted: 

The minutes of the last meeting, ooplM of *ht-5h 
were aant to each Con'riaaioner, were, upon motion duly made, 
seconded and carried, adoif^d aa the Blnutee of the meeting 

held March 9th, 1922. 

Fro. • ?tate Accident Sc^isileelcn, awarde In th« 
caaeg of John Ife^eg.lng and Thoa, Coay Park - y«es. 

Referred to Com. Humphrey. 

Froai Su].;. Tayior. a .- -r r-cc.o. . I'rofs 

Cc; . ..^phrey ^. TQ^ir. • 

•cent for war tJ.3C aur . . *..= y<~ • - • 
rertdw ^ fsllowa; 


the Soverr. 
.T. \fti ,'•• letter 


.1^ yo^r letter cf the a^^th l 

Mave a4#c «: 
iiltt • 

due . 

of tax- a 



^r r«i<i&4* 

jn «e aay file 

that tha 


xa *(s*i. »^ 

Frorr, th« Salvation Ar-sy asking psrnlsa 

f • ,. • . ■:e3'" f . , . ........ 

.to, lto.rch d6^- . - -- 
1 stdknd. 




tie c re 



) I 

..^*^^ .^^ . 



>t, ^. 






n . ■* !• 

1 « 

I I 


^ <i 

i Hlliil; t'W 



- 6 - 
Prom L.W. Jonicine to President Fleishhacker, rela- 
tive to a plays^o^i^cl in lialtoa Park. Referred to Superinten- 

From J.C. Hayburn, leceipt of ;j^l2,50, for the paynent 
of "bond of Secretary de Sucoa, from ilarch 1, 1922 to lOavoh 1, 
1923. Ordered filed. 

From Ur, S.P. Eastman, Vice President and Uanaoer 
of the SprintJ Valley V/ater Co.npany, to Superintendent J. 
McLaren, relative to the dangerous junction of the Sky-line 
Boulevard, the Gloat Boulevard, with the Great Highway - a 
point of consested traffic. Kr. Saetnian says he ims written 
to the Engineer of the Hitjhway Coirj-nission that this portion 
of the location be corrected. Ordered filed. 

Prom L^na^er Corapensation Departii^nt, Industrial 
Accident Cornmiasion, re^ardim: casfl of 1^. lionohan; also lett«r s 
from Dr«^^^l« Copy of letters sent to Assistant City Attor- 



•litsnsen, re^^arding public Tennis 
'Co.unissioner Humphrey to anow^r. 
rt. "alker, favoring tho propor^od new Stadiam. 

ly to ansvrer. 
relative to the expenditure of 
ITn.w Stadium. Referred to CoiriBsion- 

of .vaperintendent llcLrren. Adopted and rec 


^Superi .tendent Taylor's report 


- a copy to eacn 

beins no further business the iioa 

rd ndjoarned. f 

Eu a»^et ij22-2i ; 

r^ ^-c, 

PerttiBaicn was also asked to occupy the Sprecksla' 
Band Stand for a sa ^r-^ concert some Sonla/ afternccn. 
Above r.^..ot refused. 
From the Board of Supervisora relative to oudget 

for year 1922-I933. 

Supt. McLarci daornl^^od budt^ot estiiate amounting 

to $1,04^ ;7i.oo. 

SQcre-...r. v%s inetructedr tc seni '. ' Comtlael ~n- 

era Huauhrey ana ^roale for tbelr eeneiueration, Seoretury 
de Suc-a ma aiec matructed/^lng the matter uu tQt Mttleaent 

At tbtf oext meating* 

Fro.T the Board cf .^^..ervUors re^aeatlng a llet 
o: :.U empioyeaa. sa...r.^o. .-..c. .:.. .ength cf aervloe. 
~* Referred - ruoretsiry. 

e ArfLv Cu. 
*■ - r re iira 

r-^^ ^v,H I - Arrow Co. a. bUL for ♦113.?'^ ^0^ 


repeiira on Park tr 


of thid 

v. A recovered 


from the Royal Indemnity Co. 
Orddrea paid. 
/ ProiE- From the Eureka VaUe/ Promotion As3»n. ^r - .e 

u. ^ r . • • . . .^ - i i .n Mlaalon Park. 

•lias. .. PaJPkeire t 

» - -^ 

4.^ I. 

tr^ueat granted provided 4«tai.ia a^et the 

of 3u, ' . ''-^tar^n. 

Frca^ ilr. E.J.' ■ 
ae aesired t- jrmlBSlc v --- 

paaaGd ';:.•■ • "^» 

Permleai ■:. ref .eed. 

J . * seeing cara, 
aa«en«era ae he 

re J. flelahhaeker relative to 

Befer- -•-. 




* ' Secrot?iry . 

V :*, 




I - 
1^ ,:f 



1 " > ; 







tiv« to 

of "bw 



President and Manat-er 
, to Superintendent J. 
•ouB junction of the Sky-line 
Trd, with the Great Highway - a 
Mr. ttaatman says he has written 
iway ConanisBion that this portion 
iitd. Ordereu filed. 

)en8ation Departujent, Industrial 
Igarding case of U. Monohan; also letter y 
toy of letters sent to Aaaistant City Alter- 

^t.V. ChPiBtensen, retiardin^ public Tennis , 

►d to Cor.inissioner Humphrey to answer. 

Mri. Walker, favoring tho proposed new Stadium. 

-IfOBaciesioner Hur.phrey tc answer. 

From P. L. X3ll^r, relatire to the expenditure of 

on the proposed ^-.w Stadium. Referred to Coi;^i8«ion- 

rey to answer. 

Report of superintendent HcLnron. Adopted and rec- 

,tion3 approved. 
f ^ Su^3rintendent Taylor's report - a co^. 


, 4.v« •'ja'-d adjourns d. 

§k Th«r9 l.eine no further tuainess tne ^oa.^ aoj 


-, . each 




h,l,OJl f'J^ 

^'^.\ -i'^i.n ;,'> ■ '5'--'Si 




?Jn-r5^^\o»f»« :- 

% tOTPf 

• if i<j Kffan TO* X 

^ O t V. •"? W T 



Auditor Boyle 'b 
report en funa 
for payment of 
wt-aervice men: 


.Vinamill : 

From Auditor Doyle, autmltting a report ehcflng 
daily wage paid to ex-aervloe men ercployed at the Lar;d'B 
End Boulevard and shoirintj a balance of $^35- out of the 
|2p,000 appropriated by the Supervlaore. 

Ordered filed. 

The Secretary was requested to find out the 
amount of S.a.Murphy'e donation for the ereotlcn of a 
winamill and the cost of saxe. 

1910 Hark Report - page 53 - iJ^^'^a ^le donation 
at $20.G00. and the approxl-r^te coat was |2l.7p7.95- 

From F. Klllani, Kho ieslraa two or three pair 
of red B4ulrrei8 to be placed In the Capitol grounds In 


Granted and referred to Sup' .MoLaren. 

Co...a.ty service Cc.unlty Service asked for a lo.n of the 

cfSiiLl:_ ^°-^^y« -' '--^^'s Quarters. 

Request grantea uaa referred to Sapt. T.ylcr. 
Permission to sell pictures at ^nc Uuaeua. 

.* . . 'I A nm YouHii ^as granted, neoei te of 
furnished i-y aeu.i.H. ae i:)ung, «a« 5 

•aldB to be paid Gen. de Young. 

-^ ^ *4-^n 'f a zc . a.G«P»'*t waa ordered 
Zoo in G.g.Park : «^« ^uaetion uf a zc, - . 

placed - ca.enaar for thn next meeting. 

Torn P-r.l^: -' '-^ 

Squirrela for 


Saie of pftosoa at 


-p.Srtlt:., re^ae^ 

ger.t. : Referred to Sui-t. McLaren. 

"C'.ronloie" re^.e^* -- *he use 


Calif. Safety Locker C«. 
Pacific Cola & Lock Co. 


s aejj 

De^o^ited to credit of Park Fund. 

I ^-^r* «9.^ '•e'irre''. ' ^oiT..Cu.TrrlngB. 
/^ ,r*ter Penes' reiser, was .e.w4»<7 

On •• • . of Com.8precke.« tr.e Board went into •%- 
esutive aeasion. 

■fc-l. t 






-! I 


San Francis cc, Cal, 
April xlth, 1522. 

„ ,. ,.. ,-, «rt' At a called meeting of the Board of Park ComrrlBsUr- 

era held in the City & County cf San Francisco, April 11,1922 

Present were: 

Prea. H. Fleishhacker 

Com. A.P.Rpreckela 

" U.E. Cumin in^8 

• W.F.Hurnt;hrey 

f Wm. Sprcule 

Kinutes adopt eai. The minutes of the previous meeting, copies cf which 

were sent to each Comii.iasicnar, were, upon motion duly nade, 
seconded ana carried, adopted as the minutes of the meeting 

held lAarch 23rd, 1922, 

The 192?/23 ^ud^et .vas finally adopted and ordered 

sent to the Board of Supervisors. 

Fror. th^. Industriii Accident Cci.-rissicn, awards iT> 
favor of J. Maegling, *:. Cody and J. McSinn. Referred to 
Cort. Huir.i^hrey ".vho recomrrended payment cf saxe. 

Frcn C. :/alfc;t.rth, Architect of le* .:.- • "-Uiing, 
with rec^-nmc. -- "^ -ne r-^ ~ *^ -^t ;vd..-. 


Frcr Mr. Edr.ris, relative to c ^ , -n cbeervatcry 
of Laf.y.t-:: C^^ra whicn . .. ^Ive . . -:r.xic view 

Budt^et l':>22/23. : 

Ace i gent awards: 


Observatory on 
t>_^ wi Lciiayette 
S'au>3.rc : 

^•. w - . 


•a J 

Lac/, cf lun^^s 

. A 



nin^ r- 



It f • 

;cr a 'hll«« 

,^ a:2 

410^3^^ relative 


', iT /. 

»',-,T > p. 

r.r^a'g tr... 

.1 i 

S.F.Ydrcnt Cxub 
re; Aquatic Park ; 


, vie 

Frc::. t .F. Yd.aht.C:u! ': '^--.. ^ -- i '. 

A* ^ 

to Aquatic Park ani rmki / • ■ 1 ''^ .. - 

in tho • , -.tlo Par the afcrcdald Ciuo# 
Tr .vsj • -'/J ■ \ t ■. lff«r«nt r- 
vited t' - c'.f-r '*''■*. 

•lioul- -reatad •' jto«» The A^ 

was starte; cy t>;^ ro#lr.^ ;...^. T .- Par> ' teeic. 
acquired t^ ^ r- _ rty ^t •111 be . • ' t^ff 
conveyance of the i. - -^ . ^ ... 

ffered ths -$ f 

.. .e lite 


kl CMk 



To th- ■ .. - - ^ar 1 :f '' " ' 

City a,na Cc-:.'7 cf to.n FraaoiBec?: 

" Tha unrsersi^ne-i, m 

So<ir^ ci Park ^f \ ■■ . ^t the Clt ■ 

Franclscc, fe- it their ^ -; " -■*:■*- 
terma th--lr :'cr.vic* : ' n tn.' - ' * r ' 

citizens rti .ire t * . " " .. 
..-rate .. ferrv haw In^ « t«ra.inu» ss-t ox r.3u.r 

.« to 


KytiS Str- * '' *''^ 

, « »■ 

Ci .-'icn 




hav e 




ex • 

i-t-la ■ 

jlcn, • ■ 

ten Ir.-. 

fc.^ w 


.t w 




. ractlc 

:ce sf the 

< '^ 

*ottent the c'^ntld^ 

this ferry ter^' 
not cnly l: 








-Vm p::i,rk L 

c: ,. 



••f * % 






m CIS 



1 »• 

' V 

I 'J 

ll ' ' ' 

I I .■'■■■. 

i' • '•ill' r 
1 \ » !'■ ' ■' 

* ■' 


!! il„ta 

11 ^ 

' ;i 


'■ \ 


- 3 - 

crailis ...all bo oonatantly In danger and none but the 
oaring ox' foolhurly could finl i^ In venturing 
u^^on thi vmter In any cf theea orafta. 

* To permit a ferry terminal at tihie point asljjht 

dttstruy the uaefulneaa of the j,-re!ient site :cr the 
propoaed Aquatic Park. Wo beli fVij that most careful 
condlci-jration should ce ^iven to the question cf 
availability cf another a-iita"b],j aite for a ferry tart- 
iai%^ is balanced atrainst the a/ai ^ability of another 
bJta fcr'an Aqiuatic Park, the construction of which h&i Icnz 
bedn aay area to the pdclic. 

" When 

net only 
P'irk, Vat 
raters sh 

sider the 
for >*ny o 
park, it 

the Aq-. •. 
pre;i-ai *ji 
pi-ind for 

113VC u.:tl 

fie consider the 
tr acquire the pr 

to remove ae\vers 
litary, and that 

furnish the aaj.e 

^ ' tful posuibi 
:.aer aite in any 
00 our 8 to Uo lihat 

ferry terminal a 
Ic Park :.o v aaaur 
aa ZQ varrii.t the 

San Francisco's 

sx, vUt locate it 
i, • terminal 
, • j^rar.tad. 

exi-enditur .nad'j cy the City 
cposed sit- for the Asiuatlc 

and to re-uer the BurPG-jnilng 
no other s.-ot is 'I'/allable 

advantaged, and .fhen we con- 
lit y of exchanging this property 
degree suitable for an aq*jatl3 

the nf*cea::lty for the egtabllsh- 
t thij iQcatlcn 1 '■ -cnf lict niXl 
od to the peopis la net so 

abar/ '-''nt of the preaent 
Aquat . -rk. Let the ferry be 
u terudnal further eaat. ft b«- 
i8 located else /lere the permit 

(signed by Pci.rV 



rr -a. 


i.a .nu in 

. Park: 

Froifi TnuustrKtl Accident Coftrrisji 
tu H. ^zj.^-- l^ Park .j-.lf.y*"'. 

Bafe.' --. . '^-:' . -^-i ■ '"-/• -^ • 
Fro::^ iir. .^?nkin3 r^^lj- ■ 

> '•-•*' Lai**--*-- •- ^: . . . — ^ 

f :":s- 

. .<* 

,arX3 :i»h«^* 

- 1- 

V ' 

V '.a 


'■i' ' 

SpreckelB' Sp«ci&l 

km^mt at t^reaen*: tr th- creiU of the SpreckelB* 
Special Dai^-oalt Fund - $44,2S^'.>2 w. ' . .-0.*.: -'4.^'* Scnoci 

j » 

Bonds .vorkh f^t.^V^. n^rk-st vaiu'j A^rll 31,1922. 

Ba.ot tt^,ra of fuoiic ^c-tii* i ' ' • 

Planting Jeficr- 

g^n Scu o ol tgrounda; for plant log ftroynd Jeif«ra 

grusB on *- ' ,j;*e«n Sci.wv-, . . >■ 


Frcn Aoad«ny of Bolenoe 

fater Fr-, 

Caiif .Acade!r.y ot 
Scienoe- Q^a 

i^.li - 2 ttonthe ^s and 



Sprlog ?» mter Cc . 

! . ^ ~ *. 

"an Fran el #00 - 

Good FrldAr 
Serviced : 

effective Jul; .,*>22. 


FroB ihe Pretiion' ' "^ - • ; . . 
r«q jaetm? tha* .be granted oet* 

at*. . T" - f aervicea. 


Frc" - a- - • ^re*«ntlnr tels* realrnati&n to t%ke 

: g ^^ _^ t U V !> ^ c ua I 


c., •• r ' - 

♦ i 

t» <• 

Safety ttati-n : 
Ave > 

By reci. 


Cc aW- 

r«*t to toe 

a »b,. 




¥ - 

itftble rs„ 



i » ; w » 




Lf 4! 




! illiffff! 






11::. .:■ 

Expeiiaitures of 
Saarf P&rk Fund 

Supt.Ta/icr 'a 

Curator Penez' 
res x^ nation : 

. . j.aSurt-'hy '• 
nSkUid tea. 
from Rebor^ 

dj.iiy tc aai,La : 



1 vT 

8 : 

- 5 - 

Secretary de Succa was Inatr .cted tc obtain the total 
'amount of expenditures in connection with Sharp Park and 
hcv expciiiuv^u. 

Supt. Taylor* 3 reair'nation accepted to take effect 
Junt; list, 1^2? . Com, Sproule y/as authorized tc secure a 
rear, and wife t- nil the vacancy. 

Curator C.t:. Penez tendered his reaip-nation tc take 

eflect l^ay let, rj22. 

Resignation accepted. Miur. E. Holraoe tras appcinted 
Acting Curator penline; the selectlcn of a permanent Curator 
tc fill the vacancy. 

It v.aa .coved, seccnded and carriad that the name of S. 
G. Murphy, a^i th^- .cncr of the ^120,000. tc -.ill the 'Jariihy 
Wlndmilx, ba omitted from the ne -, Park Report scon to be 

It was moved, aeccndei and carried that the Park %r.hana:e 
,c open to autca.QL.iic traffic e,- .. ^--'^ -^ "'''^ ^^^'^' 

ci "-:.. Thirker" cc -.u^ -:.c ;iite mii:ht b;. .- -d for a site fcr 
th© General Perahing :/.omment if necessary. 
...e Pr^fillent Flelshhacker reported that tlO,GOO. mlg^t 

. ,, ^ . ^v^ - . ,, n ,-. -^ '^;. nj7 and lay tts 
J. i »■ • -Ii " ' ■ ■ 

.. .. ... ,i- ^lakLi :i^ Lake Merced. 

be aaveu 

■ g>4uar e 

. - Ccn.. .-^r„ 

Tuntin.t::, '^ . 

jnested that o 

.ick of ber.cbei ^f' 

oni^ cr^ ^;uns -= *' 


bide oaiied for; 



Aix L id.* on 
pipe rejected. 

- o - 

1^9 Secretary preseate. a c- ' cf iv-r-: U-'^ant 
invltiag geared pre- caala fcr g&lvanl i lecn p . . " ^ 

hcbe, tenches, ultuji.en an. d tractor. 

Pres. Flela^ acker a : r .-.McLaren vfer» authorized 

tc 0;.en ^.-. :^-^d -nd iwar i H,ntra.:ts. 

. ,.•— ...•Bed Itenaay.A^rlx i7.1':^22. ■\-l*h the 

foiloting results: 

liark Lally Co. 
U, Stulsaf^ Cc. 
Crane Go. 

Dyilsiel UcVf-v ^w. . - s., ^« 

i^arahali "e • . Supply C..;,.2- ^rj'+.C* 
Hclbrcok Herri Ij. 4 SteteonSC.Jp 

99.75 5^.3^ i«.^' 
9w.2^ :;1.25 


Pacific? Pipe Co. 
Goc.H. Tay Cc. 


05 JB . 

4-taau-i.-t - - it^ •^- 


9Q.X2^ >*•' i9'?4 

B.F.Goodrich Putter fl-.^ 
Gccdyear Tire ■ -o. 

Railpha ^''^bf* Co. 
' , Gccuyear fiucl cr Cc . 
"* Picnctjr Hubter ^c . 


r - 




• ..^ 


• * 1 



• 'J 


4 i t#s *_, 



W. L.Hugh son Co. 
I. .^ T^&ea 

fiynn 3- Cell ins 

Wuat Ccaet Eq;ltn;er.t Co. 

O'Uell M^t-r Cc. 

E.L.Ha: I 

Hcit llaT.^ . ^ 

Pac. St&te " 
Ci'.y Cciitftr 
Fay Tjr.: TC V 

Ra ". ..^ ■ 

^ •:-... ly ^c 
- _^^ i^ pi 


^CciBt ■ 

W.F.Acarews re. 

: j-i-^rcvea 


- 5'0."f3 








^ .,-1. 




■I ' > 

i' . I 


i; ti 


fi ( 




■■.'i' •■: ^>rfes►^■ 
.;„. mt\m 





8an Franoiaoo, Calt 
Ma/ ifth, 1922 

Maetlng call ed:- At a regular meeting of the Board of Park 

Comolaeicners, held In the office of the Board. Park 
Lodge, Golden Oate Park, Tburaday May ifth,1922 

Preaent were: 

Prep. H. rielahhacker 
Cob* A.B. Spreckela 
M.E. C\iauBinga 
ff.r. Hunphrey 
Vm. Sproule 


Miautea adopted: Tha uinutes of the prevloua neetlng, coplea of 

which were eent to each ConuElaaluner, were, upon Botlon 
duly aade, aeconded and carried, adopted aa the ■Inutea of 
the aaetlng held April 11th. 1922. 
Superviaor McLeran Superyiaor Ralph McLeran. Chalrmn of tha Flnanoa 
££j_„Aauatlc_Park^^^^^^^^ of the Board of SupervlBcra, being preaent waa in- 
vited to apeak upon the aubjeot of the Aquatic Park, In 
part he apoke aa follows: 

•We are all in favor of the iKmedlate in^rovenent 
of tha Aquatic Park. The first thing to do ia for 
the Board of Park CoTJtiasi.ners to acquire juris- 
diction over the Park. Then, there ahouH -e a co»- 
prehenaive plan fcr the permanent isprcveaent of 
the Park. Get ao«e one on the Job at once. As aeon 
aa thla ia accorapllahed, iiutediately there will be 
available $€2,000. to oomicence the work oj/«J'°^*- 

ment whicn will coat »PP«-o»^"**«iy •-'^•^^* V.,^. , 
ooa«>leta. $100,000. aay oe expended aach year until 

003f)leted. * 

It wfce finally moved, ascended and carried that 

a reaoiution be drawn up requeating the Board of Bupervia- 
ora to tranafer jurisdiction of the Aquatic Park over to tha 
BoAXd of Pi^rk Comslaalonera. 

The drawing up of the reaoiution waa referred to 
Co««laaioner Humphrey and City Attorney George Lull. 

The Board thanked Suparvlaor McLari^n for hie viait 

and valuable advice. 
r,o« T— '-'n.. rro. th. Do« To-n *..«i.. .ndor.ln* th. appUcMlon 
^^^^ ^ ■ ■ --It th. ».- Cntur, fb..l..n to bolO M=,cl. r.o.. *. th. 8t.aio., 

Rafarrad to Co«. Huaphray. 






'4,! ill 










, .• j. I • • 


.11 I 







' v' 

I . 

May Da/ Festival 
at Funaton 8q. : 

» 2 - 

Lookout Station; From the U.StTreasury Dept. relative to Lookout 

Station at Land's End* 

Referred to President FXeiehhaoker* 
From 8*P«Robinson relative to holding a May Day 
Festival in Funston Square. 

Dewey ConK. Medal From the Dewey Congressional Medal Men's Atfin. 

Men's Ass n* rei 

Use of Union Sql relative to ceremonies in Union Square April 30,1922, 


From Geo. Filmer, Shriners* Convent ion, relat ire 
to having Hl/ntlngton Falls in action during the Convention 
and changing the direotion of route around Stow Lake* 
All requests granted* 
Cal. Chiropractic From the California Chiropractic Col]«e, reque.t- 

ifG!i!pa;k'''^'° lng permission to hold a picnic in G.G.Park May 2^th,1922. 

Referred to Supt. McLaren* 

From Chief of Police D.J. O'Brien relative to the 
brc?er of the Board of Park Commissioners opening the Panhandle 

Geo. Filmer, re: 
Shrine re* Parade ; 

Chief O'Brien re: 

to automobiles daily. 
Mayor Roxph. ^e: From His Honor Mayor James Rolph.Jr., mt 

^l^S^^mrl ^^ ^^ forwarded to the Board of Supervisors his copy of th. 

set of resolutions adopted by the Park Commission in oonnaotioD 
with the application for the Hyde St. Ferry franchise. 

Wh. V. Aaa'n. From Frank Drury, Hew Century Wheelmen's ABS»a., 

addressed to Supervisor R.J.Welch and sent to Park Offio*. 
containing many complaints relative to the rari. 

Secretary instructed to notify Mr. Drury to oal 

on Com. Humphrey. 

Spreckel's Special Deposit Fund 

re; . ---i 


Total Receit^ts 111S04.11 
• Audita 6^ni.S3 

Cash Balance ^3672,28 

Inveetme:.t. Scnool Bonds kff> 19 I g ^000* 

otai balance 3/>l/22 M«672.2« 


H.E. Butts ap- 
pointed Supt. of 
"^ h. Quarte rs ; 

- 3 - 

from the United Vet- From the United Veterans Counoil, a set of res- 

sriQfl Council, re: 

Hyde St. Kerry : olutions favorable to the granting: of a franchise to the 

Golden Gate Ferry Co. who propose to construct and aalntain 

a publio ferry between San Francisco and Marin County, having 

the 3.F. terninus at the foot of Hyde St. 

Referred to Com. Humphrey. 

From Supt. Taylor of the Children's Playgrounds 
tendering hia resignation aa Supt. of the Children's Quarters 
to take effect June let, 1922. 

Resignation accepted. 

It was moved seconded and oarried that Mr. H.D. 
Butts be appointed to fill the vacancy caused by Mr. Taylor's 
resignation. Mr. Butts will assume the duties under instruct- 
ions of Supt. Taylor who will retire June 1st. 1922. Mr. Butts 
will receive a salary of $200. per month ooaaenolng May 1st, 1922. Succa's The resignation of Seoty. de Sucoa, sent to the 

resigi^tion ao— ^ 

capted : Board April 1.1922, was accepted to take effect June 1,1922* 

Mr. de Sucoa stated he had not taken a vaoatlon during the 
past ten years, althou*;h entities to two weeks each year, it 
was therefore movei, seconded and oarrlad that he be allowed 
two weeks vacation effective May 17,1922. 

Captain B.P.Lamb was, uj.on action duly made, seconded 
"and* carried, appointed Secret vry, offectlte June 1st, 1922. 
Captain LMb is an accountant and la in all reepects well qual- 
ified to perform the duties of the poeltlon. 

Mr. H.C. loeeter of the Accounting firm of Hasklns 
& Sells, will peridBPtne duties of Secretary |,ondlnf^ the 
aesumln^; of the dutlee oy Secretary Lamb. 
Oeo.A.MuUm From Geo. A. Mullln, Secretary Publl: Lltrarles. ad- 

r.:LUrary ^roui ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^ .urroui^ing the PresUlo Branch of 

the Pubac Lltriuries have been planted In lawn and requesting 
that the Park Comalsaion take charge of ease* 

'aptaln :?.P. 
.<^mb appointed: 



u ^ 




n- ;^aS». 








i, . 

•I > 




1 V »■• 1 


I.' I 



I •. 

Mayor's Office 
re: Lights In 
Union Sg. ! 

Bd.of Health Trom the Bd. of Health inviting a represent&tiTt 

r e : Narcotic addiction et 

•~~" of the Board of Park Commissionera to attend a aeetinglin 

the roone of the State Board of Harbor Coounitsionert foi 

the purpose of considering the subject of narcotic addidtloni. 

Ordered filed* 

From the )fayor*s Office with enclosure from Mr, 
Soof ield complaining about the lights in Union 8q. Soae of 
the large globes are missing. 

Referred to Supt. MoLaren. 
T.Skorupa - From Thos. Skorupa application for the position of 

position as' Supt. Supt. of Parks and Squares, upon the retirement of Supt.John 

of Parka :- 

' MoLaren. 

Secretary instructed to notify the gentleman that 
no vacancy exists. 
Supt. Taylor's It was moved seconded and carried that Secty. da 

sScca^s bookl to Sucoa request Supervisor R.McLeran, chairman of the rinance 

Committee, to send an expert to the office of the fan 

Commission to examine the books of Secty. de Succa and Supt. 
Taylor as soon as possible so that the expert may have the 
assistance of both during the rest of the month. 

On motion duly made seconded and carried, it wm 
moved that all bid. to furnish galvanized iron pipe be rejected. 

It was moved, seconded and carried that the pip* 
be purchased from the Spring Valley Water Co. who have the 
pipe on hand mruX can sell it much cheaper than what it can 
be bought for on the market. 

Upon request of Supv. J.Emmet Hayden. it was moved, 
seconded and carried that a few of the '49 relice 
Museum be loaned to the Sacramento •49 Celebration. 
Referred to Com. Cummings. 

Supt. McLaren said he would develop a garden epot 


Pipe b ids! 

Relics to be 
loanea tc the 


Garden spot for 
ghrine Convttutiont- 

.^iA%J^ WA WAAW hrfAA 

CtU-^i «,, 

Change of 


It was moved, seconded and carried that the 
meeting dates b« changed to the firet ami third Thurs- 
days In each month and that the time be fixed at J:*^ P.M. 

A contract datel January 26th, 19^2, was entered 

Km. Watson, Gulf 

Arcnitect, to b* «^ . ,. ■ * /^ w 

paii for eervices tinto between the Park Commission and William Watson, uoix 

Architect, whereby he was to receive the sum of $2300 for 
services in planning the Lincoln Golf Course and for pre- 
paring plans and superintending the work of const ruction at 
the new golf coarse on the municipal grounds and located 
between the north and south arms of Lake Merced, by the terms 
of which contract $300. was to be paid whan the actual con- 
struction work, in aooordance with the completed plans and 
specifications, Is beKun; |!?00 every month thereafter until 
the full amount is paid, provided that the final payment of 
|5(JQ shall not be made until said Golf course is completed 

and accepted. 

Mr. Watscn's statercent for the first two install- 
ment a was then presented with the request that It be paid, 
and on motion duly made, seconded and curried the saxe was 
ordjxed paid forthwith. 

Supt. McLaren stated he woull take up with Dr. 

*>,- -,,hi-rr of vetfetabie seed exterlsent In^'. 
Philip King Brown the BUD.lsct oi vogovau* 

From H.G.McKannay relative to releasing that portion 
of Sharp Pu.rk now occui^led b Deichiarro Co. 

Letter ordereC filed for conslderat icn at a later date. 
Su.t. McLaren's report was adopted and reoomendaticn. 


^..rosil Tt>«r. b..n« no f.rth.r Mfor. th. Boari t.. 

meeting adjourned. 

Vegetci.'>l« se«d 
e t^e rim e n ti nt; : ^ 

H. ;.McKdr...a.y, 
•e: Leasing 

Snar^ Park : 

Sa, t .Mc^ajren's 

Meut> ,. 









■ \ 

San FranolBco, Cal* 
May liitli, 19 £2 

Meetinr oalled t At a regiaar meeting of the Board of Park 

Commlseionera, held In the office of the Board, ?ark 
Lodge, Golden Sate Park, May 18th, 19EE 

Bids Ofi 

Present were: 

Prea, H. Zlelahnaoker 
Com. A.iJ. iipreokele 
rtm. iiproule 
W.F. Humphrey 


Minute a jid: 


The minutee of the preTious meetinp, ooplea of 
whioh were sent to eaoh Conmissioner, were, upon aotion 
duly made, seconded and oarried adopted as the minutes of 

the meeting held May 4th,19£2. 

The representatives of the many lirme .vho sent 
"in bids on clay-motor dutip truck - gra.a seed und stea* 
shovel being present in l>^rge numbers Pres. Fleiaobacker 
annoonoed the following biis rec^ ved: 


A*J«Hteder Co* 

Schultz Construction Zo, 

Owen MoHurh 

S.y.kotor Drayage Co. 

;1»20 oer cu.yd. 


Ho tor Dump Truo ^ 

ilorcland Co. 

Looonobile Co. A*^f^n 

Pierce Arrow liotor Co, tSiA a4 

Mack Intemat tonal i^otor Traok 5714.84 


Sterling Lotor Trucic Co. 
Garford lector Truck Co. 
The ..hite Co. 
Kleiber Lotor Truck Co. 
International Harrester Co. 



/aiow on old oa r 







Union Mercantile Co. 
C.CKorae Co. 

SeTin Vinoent o. : '-'O 
Hallawell ieed Go. 
StTin Vincent Co. 

ftsoue ^lue 

.55 .70^ 

.53i 800f .e&t 
600, .70 




Marion .^team shovel Co. 
Norman k LiTer-nore Co. 
Garfiela i Co. 
BuoyrttS Co. 
8wl th booth Udher OO. 

•8700.1.0.13. uhlo 

IO60O. " o.?.leii. 1^ 

10: ou. 
87*-6. '" "▼- v»viUe 

S950. " i#orain,Ohio 

• 1 » ^ t 








.t> ; 

fi ^f^• 

1 ':«!- 


) ' 

) r 



.t >\ 

. : » 

- 2 


Real Estate Bor.rd 

Owen MoHugh's bid on olay was accepted. All 

other bids were referred to Supt. MoLaren. 

Supt.KoLaren's Supt. MoLaren awarded the contract for the fire 

d e elui on on b ids : 

■" ton motor dump truck to the V/hite Co. at $5838. No allow- 

anoe made for the old koreland truck as the SuperinteMtnt 
•will retain it. 

All bids on grass seed and steam shovel v/ere 
rejected on aooount of the prices being too high. 

Mr. Kelly, representinp- the Real Estate Board of 
San Franoisoo, asked that a design of a bungalow be made 
of flov;er8 on the lawn near the Conservatory, emblematic 
of the real estate business, in honor of the visiting dele- 
gates to the 15th Annual Convention of the Real Estate 
Boards of the U.S., .vho will convene in this city from May 
50th to June 3rd,19r2. ^ 

Referred to Supt. McLaren. 

Com. Humphrey spoke in favor of adopting the plan 
:for a building ror the general use or goli" players in Lincoln 
Park. A sketch of sail building was submitted by Architect 

Geo. . Kelham. 

It was mored by Com. Humphrey, seconded by Coi 
Spreokels that the plan submitted be accepted and that 
the Secretary be instructed to advertise for bids for the 
construction of the tAid building. 

Carried un nimously 

On motion duly made, seconded and carried D. • 
Taylor, Sunt. Children's .uarters, was allo.vea 
vacation of 12 days commencing June l3t,1922. 

on motion duly made, aeccnded and carried, -ecty. 
Eoester and Supt. Butts are to be puid their 
full for the month of May. 


Buil'Un- *or 
.^olf* • ' 


?.etlrfnf*t Of 

l^ ., ,u use 

portion of Port 



fly information received by Suooa from 
^eoty. Nelson of the Retirement tnd .ens ion Board, that 
the Secretary must rot resiim but must be rt tired June lo 
19£2, by the Pension Board, he -ac upon motion duly made, 
seconded and carried permitted to withdrew his re&i^Tiatlon 
previously accepted. 
Prom Col. Ira a. Haynes with revocable liocnae enoloeed issued 

by the Seoty. of War. dettf April 19.192E, for the use of a 

small trit.nriap-r piece of ground at Port Uiley kllitary Res- 
ervetion by the Park ConmlBtiotJ for a Gol^ oourae. 

Secretary in^ rue ted to thnrk Coi. Haynee und tbroa^^ 
hiu the ueoret&ry of Y^ar for the favor. 

Prom the Haight and Ashbury Improvement Ase'n., 
vith a ver- large petition enclosed, asking for two additional 
tennis courts in Buena Tlsta Park, which the Club heartily 


faken under cor.sideratioqity the Board. 
Proc the Uayor'B Office with enclosure from th« 
.u^.^,... Peerless V/eighing Uac.ine Co. relative to in tUlin. their 
'controlled wei^hin^ ecaes in the Ocean Beach Eapl nade 
Comfort ^tationu of this City. 

Permission not granted. 

ProB. C.B.btone, seoty. Hod an Gun Club, request- 
ing a space of open ground - 600 ft. In Ur.,th «li 400 ft. 
in width . in Golden Gate Park or uny other Park to b. roped 
o.f and kept cle.r of epcctators for a period of t.o hcure 
on Sunday mornings from 10 A.^. to IL E durin, Spring.^i 

and Pall. 

aeque.t ^rnnt.*. K.t^ilB r.f.rred t.o .upt.MoL.r.n. 

Kr». Klnr. . r.que.tlnf tiv.t th. -»lk. 1^ um-" 

• .v,«* ♦•hKn the present duety 
.quurc be covered with anythinr "raih.r -han 

germ carrying gravel". 

Referred to Supt. Eci^urcn. 

Pror. C. Clur.ton, Mu8t.-um enployee, req-iefatir-€ ^^ 
inorc.^c in .1^ present salar, i^ .135. per mon x. 



f^^ vjZTsr. 





1 u 



, m ^ ^ i. k 

1^; , 



H ? 


!!,:'i w> 

1 -J £■ 

j»v f' h' 




\A : 


The Board daolded not to increase wages at preeent. 

Condition of Liok from Geo. Strohmeir.N.S.G.W,, relative to the 

statuary in Clvio 

Crnter : -present condition of the Liok Momiaent at 8th & Market Ste. 

Referred to Supt* McLaren* 

Pioneer '/omen re: Prom the Pioneer Women of Oalifomla protesting 

Name of j-ioneer 

Park -.against changing the name of Pioneer Park on Telegraph Hill 

to "Garibaldi Park". 

Secretary instructed to notify the v;omen that no 

communication relative to changing the name of the Park has 

been received by the Pajik Commission. 

^forpedo shells From H.W.Bray relative to selling to the Park 

offered for s; le 
to P'.rk ConimiBaioi. Commission 80 steel torpedo shells. 

Mo fundi available to purchase shelve. 
Bill for heL.tInn ?rom the Pacific Gas & Electric Co.. bill for 

B:-.te»LlnJ.;uaeunu^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^ heating system in the de Young: Museum Build- 

ing - :|11,971.00 as per agreement. 

Payment deferred until the return of Mr. de Yoimg 

to S&n Pranoieco. 
. : . . A copy of Supt. Taylor', report was ordered sent to 

each Coi.jnissionero 
.rator'B Beport of Aotlng Cui«tor Ulas t. Eolmea was 

to Com. Cummings. 
.d joumci: There tein,. no further businese hefore the Board th. 

meeting: adjourned. 




lleetinf* ohileA; 

San Pranciooo, Cal, 
June lat, 19P8 

k regular meetinflr of the Board of ?aA Com- 
mleaionera was held in thn office of the Board, Park 
Lodge, Golden Gate Park, Jime 1,1032 


Pres. E. Pltishhaoker 
Com, A.B.Spreokels 

Wm. Sproule 
•P. Humphrey 




■ d: 


»• • • 


The minute^ of the previous aeetljie, ooi>i«^ of 
whioh were aent to eaoh Goramiee loner, were, upon motion 
duly made, seconded f^n'. carried, n^.n^ntt^A mlTratae of 

the meetinr h- Id L'ay 18th,ic::i. 

CoTrmunioatlon received from Mr. Earry -. / 

requesting extension o-* present leaae on ::hari ' rk landa 

for a period of five yecre r.t a •onthly rental of ^150.00, 

Upon motion duly niade, aeuonded fcnd earr led. the 
lease was ext*-ndcd fur a period nm year at th. inorea«ed 


On motion duly made, .aonded aM •arrie*. ree 

of cottpcn«.*-- pay»«mtB in -. o^^.e of U^omhnn together 

with payment cf bi^ - apeolel rr,cl Isal exwilnatlon, a. rco 

mendei ir letter ^^m ..c.t. City Attorney H.L.Ss^lth, i»« 

3 Eequeat of Ur. M^ln G. Bath for uae o ' ^ 

- "w,^.- fT^(^ -c r oer*"nTi1> 

near ni trti - 

„ . v4.a . * ■ ♦ '.. from aurut^ Q 

i)etaile referrt^ • ^endent KcL . 

yroB. Harvey ... Lvtne pre*- 

:eae in Goide ^at^ .ur^; Ordered 

to ac * ^" 

fr«B Be. Beach Prom. A»b» • 

. • ' ' "ortt;r' 


* • 




until 9: 


;^ef«rr»d to isaperint 

t McLtr 

i ^' ^"'^ II -,-V '""'■» 





-m ^- <• 

,>«r" J*- 






• «, 


He que 2 t for 
Buffalo ; 

Extra a one art 
diirin- Shrine 
CoiiVt t icn 

Pusn Bdl 
at St^aium 

- E - 



From Board of Park Coiraniss loners, Seattle, WaBhington, 
inquiring as to possibility of obtaining a pair f buffalo. 

Referred to the Superintendent with the suggestion 
that a prioe of v500 ^o^ ^^^ pair be asked for sane. 

Prom Leo Bruok requestlnfr extra concerts during 
the Shriners* Convention. 

It was moved by Mr. ispreokels, seconded by Mr. iproolt 
that one extra concert be arranged for at a date eatisfactory 
to the Shrine- Committee - June 15,19g£. 1:30 P.M., selected. - 

Carried unanimoutily. 

From Hacin? & Equestrian Corrjiiittee of .hrinera' Con- 
vention requestinr use of Stadium for a gamt of Push Ball 
durln;^ the Shriners' Convention. 

Request granted provided same ^iH not oorflict with 
parade already scheduled at that place — Jitr.' 1"* , - '- - 

On motion made by Com. Hiunrhrey. duly seooaled and 
'or visf ^%arried use of the Lincoln Park Golf Links. ■ tLcut payment 
""of gr^en feer, was granted the visitinp Shriners. 

Seorc tar^' instructed to comnnmioate with the comsittee 
in oh.rge of entertuinment for a sntisfaotcry arrangement for 
the identification of the visiting Shrlners. 

Identification oari. to be issued by Lntertainment 

3ornr.itt' e. 

com. Ommlnee offered the foUovin? raaolution: 


miai ' 
of said 

su'i : 

b I. ■, 

, • judgment of the Board of Park J obj, 
- ■ ^ leaSt five thousand dollarew^.^^ 

should bf expended to puro^^*^ 
^ ": 1 hloh tapestries hate 
. ted for that purpose, 

..- for 



T '» - ri 

. 3 - 

NC:., TIIEHEFCKi., .■. I .O- LTi:!), That John B. KoDougjld. 
Treasurer of the City and County of San Francisco be 
requetted, auth rieed and empowered to ••11 the fiv* 
4-i% Uohcol Bonds o-^ th' City -ii'l Cciaity of San ?nr. oiaoo 
n^ambered 3111,31U.?ll; ,311^ «mi 2116 at the best price 
obtfeinable, that the proootda of Bald sale be cred- 
ited to the aoaount of the BotirJ of P'lrk COTranlea icnero 
of thp City and County o*" aan Franc luco and thereafter 
•xpended for the aforeSHld puri>oac, under the direction 
of the President of the Board of Park Cownlselonera. 

• lee Mr. Butts, auperlTitendent of the Childrf-nU quarters, 


"' reported that the present sunplibrti of loc ore'iia had IncroaBed 
their price 25^ ptr gallon effective May l^t, I'.t:., 

Com. Sproiile aug -eated that th» coat of making ice 
cream be ascertained und if advisable t^ f*rtr ■amfaoture lt« 
own ice crerjn. Prices are also to be obtained from the iiffer- 
#nt manufacturers or ompetltlTe bacis. 

■6 .it. Butts was instr :ctcd not to approve any biUe 

at an udvaroe over the ol^ prioe. 

Supt.^Laren presented a plan f©r » nmw ©*m^ •tore 
— "t^ be located on the pref .nt site of t>i© ooori aage in the 
Children^* ^^uartera, to col* , roximately vl£00» 

to motiQn ui^ made, seonAed nrd carried, the con- 
stracticn o- thi» gilding wub laced U th* l^ad* of ^upt, 


Eeport of £ • oL^tm for ^7 "ua re^d snd reoM» 
-■ nendatlrr-: . :. *^erein apT^r^t* and'ordcrad a> rricd out. 

, .- ., •»*€ 0^ i«f;«i«VB ent« in 

^ujt. UolarfiB apw*e ■««<» 

: the JapW»eEC Tea Sard ; 


Apprcvai *' granted to %n^ 

MSts out 0" ■ ' ■ '^•^<^* 

• ,• ;,r. Hui:.! i.rcy, 

it w»» r«oo««iiAed ^.. • t o^f«f 
triangular .trl: . : ^••^ ^^"* • * ' 

and the full rerilrer„nt» at ^ 

he tenants ar u-^ble to o«rry 

o Moesb 


rtpart»«nt of » 


r ©Li^uA 

id 6e 

ted upon. 





f"^ ~--rti iiij»ily'" 



■"*r ' t 

i iVM'^ 


:*i I 






h ? - 

.1 <. 




Motion was made by Mr» Spreokels, sec nded by 

Salary increase^ 

illowed Mi3e F'ir- 

ra- n end Miss Mr. Pleishhaoksr that the salaries of Miss Fairroan,aodountant 

Campbell : - 

> ^^^ Miss Campbell, stenographer, be inoreased ii^26»00 per 

month, effective June lst,192E. 
Motion carried, 

Advertiaement for It wae moved by Mr. Humphrey, seconded by Mr. 

bids - p:rt-3s deed: ^ , .^ - ^4^ 
'Pleishhacker that the Superintendent advertise for bids 

for the supplyi ig of grass seed and plaoe the business n\h 
the lo\ve3t bidder. 

Carried unanimously. 
Meeting- adjcumfed; There being no further business before the Board 

the meeting adjourned at 4; 50 P.M. 

i • * I "^ 

San rrftiMitoo, Gal. 
July 6th, 1922 

»«etln^ oalled; 1 regular ■••ting of th« •••»« of Park C«e- 

Aistionort w»« held in tho offioo of tho Board, ?ark 
Lodga, Goldon Oata Park, fharaday, J*ly 6th. 1922. 


Proa. H. Vloiahbaokar 
OflB. A.B.Spraokala 

" Wb* Sproula 


Shelter at lat 

Tee-Iiinooln Park 

a M.B.Cnilnga 

Minutes adopted : The ■inutas of the prtvloua Meting, ooplaa 

of ivhioh were aant to eaoh CoiHBiaaionar, ware daly 
adopted ae the ■inutaa of the Beetiag held Juna lat.l9£2. 

Tha ragolur Baatiiig aobeduled for Jane 16th, 
1922, was oalled off owlnf to the lack of any baslnaaa of 


Upon ■otlon duly aada. aaocndad and earried. the 

action of Co«. Htmphrty in awarding the oontraot for tha 

eonatruotior of Shelter Houaa at Lincoln Park to Taylor 

* Jaokaon at ♦»937.00. wai approved, 
convenience Action on this .attar wa. placed in the hand. 

IJpt'open'inIhe of Supt. IcLaren who wa. aaked to three or four 
^^""^^ Squaraa where thl. aarric. la «o.t needed. Baport to ha 

■Ada at next Meeting. 

nnnklng Fountain. I* »• r»P^"^I ""*. "«<»-* '»* •*"*•« '*»* 

fer^Clrlo C.nt.r ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^ .„toorl..d to In.t.U thr.. *rlnkl», 

fo«.t.ln. U th. ClTlo Cnt.r FUm. m .ooordano. «th 
„oom.nd.tlon. oont.Ui.d In B..ol.tlcn M»MO .f «,. 
Dapartaent of Public Worka, 

I,.Ug.trt to "P«» -"'- <" «-• '•"•'*•"• """••* *' "•"• 

Counoll of Soolal flurried Co«. M. E. Cuiwinga an« Sopt. 

nr^A ffiiaith A ftencie^ :Hqgphray. and oarriea. uc. -. 

,chn McLaren were reappointed .a delegate, to repra.ent Ua 
Park Cc«iliBlonara In tha Council of social and Health 



^- - -^. 





■ <m ■»i »| » 


"%,)0f^ * W '» 









• £ • 

Oonronleationi r«eelTtd from Ittomty Judten 

Claims of Alb«rt L. 

Oaitle and Jas. Walsh 

injured In GoldenW* BatTet presanting olalBB of Albtrt L. Oastle and 

~ janei Walsh for damages sustained on May 14th, 19e£, when 

a dear leaped into their autoBobile* 

Referred to Cob. Humphrey who reached the con* 
olnsion that the Board of Park Conmissi oners and the City 
and County of San franoisoo are not liable, as they are 
exercising purely goTemmental functions in the manageaent 
of Qolden Gate Park* 

Clalmante hare been adrised that the Board of 
Park Commissioners has disallowed their olaims* 

Request of La Honda 
T r outme re for de e r ; 

Inquiry raoeired from La Honda Troutmere ae to 

selling prioe of deer* 

Referred to Supt* XoLaren. 
Thoa. Cody. injured lotioe of Intention to Bate for Pemanent Dls- 
ParK employee ^^^j^^^^y reoeiTed from Industrial Aooident Coranission in the 

oase of Thos. Cody« 

Beferred to Com* Humphrey. 

Report of audit Audit report receired from Pred D. Bullock. 

of teoty. de ^*«<»« «# s«iatv« 

Suoos's and Certified Public Accountant, oorering affairs oi o««w/» 

'ofu^lts^''''' ^' : James de Succa and Supt. of Playgrounds D.W.Taylor during 

the entire period of their employment* 
Ordered filed* 
Reports of Supt. Copies of reports of Supt. of Children's ^uarteri 

D.W.Taylor, for months of April and May, were ordered sent 

to each Commissioner. 

Upon motion made by Com. Cuamlngs. seconded by 
Com. Spreckels. and carried, the rerolring fond in the 
hands of the Secretary was ordered increased from V 


Seot , ' revolv- 

in, "mi 


I i P P 


Rotary Club's 
Outinp" for 
Children : 

. 8 - 

Semoes of Herts Demand of Herts ft Robertson for eerrioee rendered 

& Robertson, Play- „ ^^ * «^ 

ground ^roLiteota in oonneoticn with Ocean Playground and Stadium an4 Play- 
field at Golden Oate Park and the Marina Aquatic Pa* , in 
the amount of feoOO., ordered paid. 

Heatlnjr syateia Upon motion made by Com. Humphreys, seconded by 

at Young „ ^ ^ *. *w.. 

IffeTPorl al Museum: Com. Cuamlnge, and carried, the Superintendent wae author- 
ised to employ an expert to report on the heating system 
Installed at the M.B. de Young Memorial Museuu by the Pao- 
ifio Oas k Eleetrio Company. 

letter reoeiTed froB Mr. F. S. Lange. Seoty. of 
the Rotary Club^Boy's Comlttee, relative to an outing for 
children to be given at the Children's Quarters, J>epte»ber 

1st, 19£2. 

Request granted. 

Supt. of Children's Quarters, H. D. Butts, spoke 
on the necessity of refurnishing the main dining room at the 
Children's Quarters. 

Authorised to make the ohangee auggested. 

Request received from Sunset Conanunlty Improvmaent 
Club for the int'tallatlon of a lavatory at the Playgrounds at 

19th Ave. 

Taken under advisement until next meeting. 
Com. Humphrey offered the following Besolutlon: 

Dinin/? Room - 


Lavatory for 
Playground f.t 
IQth'Ave ' 

ReBolutlon re: 
btipt .McLaren' 8 
salary Increase : 

wm-HEAS by the operation of the Retirement Ordinance 
^Sf 6l^ aSd cSunty of San '-•^^•^^^ JJ* '— 
was originally adopted and approved. John JoLaren 

njerlnJeSSent of Golden Gate ^'^^.T/* f JT^J^IS^ 
aomoelled to retire from the servloe of the City ana 
SSSty on or before July 1.19EE. and 

wffFHFAS after suoh retirement the said John McLaren 

^rthJ rafe Sf liri-So per month for the balance of 
his life, and 

*w rn*. mnA ronntv of Sen Pranolsco ooneHer- 
'^^l^' iS?iSiiJ JSJvlo^as Park uper-.ntendent IndlB- 
iSSsSble'iSd'SSISabirlSSedMirJohS McLaren to Join 
iJ a requlst for an amendment to the ord Inanoe so as 
tS IxIlSde him from the benefits created thereby and 
to continue to serve the City and County aa iupermteBa- 
ent of its parks, and 







I ' 

) ' 










WHEREAS, ••!& John MoLaren oonaenttd to and did in 
faot maka aald walTar on oonditlon that he he asitired 
a oompenaatlon for his aarrioeB equlralent to the 
honefita to irtiioh he would he entitled under the 
Retirement Ordlnanoe, and 

WHEREAS » pursuant to this underetandlng the aald 
Retirement Ordlnanoa was amended to exclude said 
John MoLaren from the heneflts of the Pension systM 
oreated therehy; and 

WHEREAS, also pursuant to this understanding a resol- 
ution. No. £0045 fNew Series), was adopted Ij the 
Board of Superrlaors of the City and County of Sen 
Franolsoo under date of June 19,1922, and wae apprortd 
by James Rolph, Jt», Mayor of said City and Countj of 
San FranolBoo, State of California, on the 28th diy 
of June, 1922, whloh resolution reads as follows, to-wit: 

"Whereas, by the passage of the anendment 
to the Retirement Ordlnanoe John MoLaren, 
Superintendent of the Park, will be excluded 
from the benefits of the pension Bystea; and 

TTii6rt>e»o , ulo uvuvxuuou. «•■>>* v^ ■•«>*" ••* — - 

Park Commission In the City's seryloe le 
deemed Indispensable and raluable, and ae a 
■ark of San Francisco's appreciation of 
orer thirty-five years of faithful serrloe 
and brilliant aohlerement that changed uolden 
Gate Park from a waste of sand dunes to the 
greattit municipal park and play-ground In 
the worlC; therefore 

RESOLVED, that this Board of Superrisors 
recommends to the Park Commission that tne 
salary of the Superintendent of the ?*« 
be fixed at an amount that will oonP®'?"*** 
him for the loss suffered by such «°.^f i2^^-.4 
from the retirement system, the same to be paia 
him for the balanoe of his life. 

AND WHEREAS, this Commission and each member thereof 
has been fully adrised In the premises; 

NOW THEREFORE, pursuant to the f^^'J^*!* ^^^thl"*^ 
and agreement with said Jo^, ^oLaren and to JJ« ^^ 
of said ordlnanoe No. E0045 (New Series), It !■ n 

RESOLVED and determined by this Bo*fJi ^J*^ thrbalenet 
salary of not less than |725.00. WJ^i^ Jj^ea the 
of his life, as long as he '^f^^jM^^f^e? month for 
duties as such Superintendent, and j22&. P ^^g^harge 
any period during whloh he may "^^^ *°^i^!J.iy oo«npen*fttf 
suJh duties, is suoh a salary ". J^iLj^red by hlf 
the sail John MoLaren for the loss •^lyUl Q^ty aP* 
exclusion from the Retirement 3y»^«; *! 11%^^ of aU 
County of San Franolsoo and by his ssia ^^^^ij 

rights and prlTileges thereunder; ano x^ 

. S - 

FUHTHEB RESOLVED that ir cons Iderat lor of the prealees, 
and said waiver by eald John MoLaren of all rlhts and 
prlTllegee under and by rlrtue of said retlrenenjiystem 
and said generous undertaking on the part of said 
John MoLaren to add to hie thirty-five years of faith- 
ful servloe to the City and County ofSan Franolsoo by 
oontinulrn to assume and to discharge the dutiee of 
ite Park Superintendent, said John MoLaren le legally 
and morally entitled to reoe^re eald eom of |72B.OO 
per month from the City and County of San Franolsoo for 
the balanoe of his life, while actively dieoharg'ng the 
duties as euoh Superintendent, and $226.00 per month 
for any period during which he may not aotirely perform 
•uoh dutiee; and, it le hereby 

FURTHER RESOLVED . dlreoted and agreed by the under- 
si^eA as oonsiiiutlng the Board of Park Commissioners 
of the City and County of San Franoleoo. on behalf of 
themselvee ae axjch oommleeicnor* end not individually 
and on behalf of their euooessors in office and on be- 
half of said Board ae far as their suooeeeore may be 
bound, that In oonelderfctlon of the premieee, the eald 
euma In aooordance with the abore oondltlone eh all be 
oald to eald John MoLaren monthly for the balanoe of 
his life by the said Board of Park Coimnlssionere. 

Resolution unanimously adopted* 

::oLaren's Report of Eupt. McLaren for June wae read and reooa 

mendations made th*-rein approved and ordered carried out. 

Meeting adjourned; There being no further bua'neee befrre the Board 

the meeting adjourned at 4:45 ?/U, 




,> '■- -M 

■>i «»i m .^t^rnt 

'•-.'• ' ' ■' •• 4 


»" * 

> ; 

-^* •'- i4"^^ 


■^ - '^' M 

■l^-j. ^-mm 


' ••. <» 



'^-^x .^•^^ fi T ' W - 


Jii'lj' , 





' I 


J-' i! t' : i 1 

II;. i! Ui i -i . \ 

ii'r'iii;,!: :• 




I t 

n ,- 

■ I 


*U i' 






TEcr^HONca !::§';;=••;; 







The regular ireeting of the Park CommisBlon to b« 
held Thursday, August 3n(i, 1922, was postponed 
on nccount of the lack erf a quoruu. 



Meeting Called i 

San franeitoo, Oal« 
▲ti«tt«t X^th, I9S2 

▲ rtgolar Beating of the Beard of Park 
OonBlat loners was held In the offloa of the Boards 
Park Lodge, aolden Oate Park, Thursday, Au^at ITth, 


Pre8« !• Tleishhaoker 
Cob. A.B.Spreckele 
Mm, Sproxile 
V* f. Humph rej 
M* B. OuBBlBea 


Mlnutea adopted ; 

Small Sl^ht-seaing 
oar« ... 

Perl8trl« ^* 

Pa rah Inn; Monument 

Request for red 
T.ulrrels : 


t e nnia aourte: 

The Binutes of the prerloas Beating, ooples 
•f whioh were sent to aaoh Oeanissloner, were dulj 
adopted as the Binutes of the neeting held Julj 6th,19SS« 

The regular meetings scheduled for July EOth 
and August 8rd were sailed off owing to the laok of any 
Dusiness of importanoe* 

Mr, f aged was present and presented a sketoh 
of a Botor-car des'pned for use on the Park roada far 

•ight-aeeing purpoBta. 

R«farred to Cob. Buaphrey* 

Arohlteotural plana were presented hy *ard 
"'and Blohmer. of propoaed periatyle for the Bomment of 
General Pershing, trtiloh is to be presented to the City 
and county of San franoisoo by Dr. Morris Her.steln. 

Aotion deferred until next Besting* 

laquast reoeived froa Park Departaent, City 
of LOS Angeles, for sight or ten polr of red treo 



P,tltlon of Lrre, 1. BT.M for .idltlon.1 

gronnd. «d bulldln,. for Mi. oonT.r.l.M. of t.nnU 

pla7«rs - - »r4orod fllod. 




#■"?"'"■ " 










< V 



Lariitory for 
playground at 
19th Are 

Benohes for 
Telegraph Hill: 

Angora Goate for 
Iftn, KcSweeney i 


lequett rvotireA from Suntet OoflDBanity XaproTeiMnt 
Olu^ for t)k« laatAllation of o laTaiory at the Flay* 
gronndo at 19th Are* 

OppoaoA. by Supt« MoLaren — net approTei# 

Lottor rooolToA froa **Arti8t" ■vggeetlnii 
^at soma hanohea ha diatrihataA on Telegraph E4.ll* 


Oonauniaation raoalTad froa ]>• Wooeter 
Taylor raquesting that the Park itableBan be author* 
isod to torn OTor to Officer KoSveeney two Angora 

Refarred to Supt. McLaren* 

Bid rooeiTod froa Weetem ""ell Worki offtrlng 
to drill two wells at Sloat BouleTard and Great Hl^way 
for the stuB of lEOSS. and |1865« eaoh. 

lo aotioa taken. CompetitiTe. bide to be 

called for later* 

Latter from Eugene M. Lery calling attentloa 
to laok of drinking fountaine in the Ciric Center Plata* 

Inatallation of fonntaine in abore equart 
anthoriEed at meeting held July 6th,19£E* 
tree of Bemal Park Request of the Immaoulate Conception Chnreh 

granted Immaoulate . ^ v^-. *<•.•• ^air froa 

Concent ion Church: for the use of Bemal Park for holding a xair 

Quotation on 

Brinkin*^ fountains 
for Civic Center: 

G . ". Barron 

appoxj^ted Curator; 

September 50th to October 8th spprored* 

Upon motion made by Mr.^proule. eeoonded bj 
Mr, OummingB, and carried, Mr. George H. Barron wai ap- 
pointed Curator at a aalary of #260.00 per aonth. 

affeotire Auguat 1,19££« 

Mr. Barron was present and thanked the Boart 

for its action* 

Promotlon of s: Mr. Barron called attention of the Board to 

Holmea to Aset* 
Curator : the splendid serrioe rendered the Musean by Miss 

Elizabeth Bolmes and requested that she be promoted to 

Assistant Curator. 

unanimously approred. 

Applioation of Application received froa Mr. Philip 2i«rr. to 

Philip 2err fbr 

sight-seeing auto operate a s even -paee eager eight-eeeing auto in Ooldea 
permit ; 

Gate Park and to eetabiiah a stand at one of the gates 

for thie purpose. 

Beoretary instruoted to notify applicant that 

no permite of thie kind were being granted. 

Pared incline Petition reeelTsd from Parkside Boosters 

oonnecting Tararal 

St. with High Road Association and Great Highway Club for a paved inoline 
at Beach - 

conneotlng Taraval Street with the High Road at the 


Copiee of reports of Children' e Quarters for 

Reports of 

Children's >vUarter2 

anu Museum :Jnne and July, and Curator' a Report of Donations fcr 

May, ordered eent to eaoi) Commissioner. 

Use Of Washington Connunioation from lo. Beaoh Merchant's Asa'n. 

So. ftiren the t>.?. 

Federation of waiving protest against the holding of oamlTale in the 

Italian Sooietiea ; 

oaee of the S.f, Federation of Italian Sooieties. 

Acting upon the above the use of Washington 
Square from Sept. 16th to £4tb was granted this Society 
for the purpose of holding anfair. 

Seoretsry Bernard P.Lamb aasumed offioe on 
"Auguet 16th at a salary of #££5.00 per month. 

President H. FleishhacJcer spoke on the splendid 
manner In whioh the offioe was oonduoted by Aotlng 
Secretary B.C.JLoester, thanking him on behalf of the 

Report of Supt .McLaren for July was read and 
reoonmendations made therein approved and ordered earried 

Secty.Ber jird F. 
Lamb E. J 2 times of;> 

t- «j*i ' 

-<• 1% 



| *i *' 1^ 

^- <l»^*^*-»- 

^ i. 








• 4 « 

Meeting adjourned ! There being no further bueineee before 

the Board the nee ting adjourned at 4:30 P.M* 


c-r<? Secretary 


orricE ^;5$57^ii^ or the 

PO ST^Olif-iLjMIlS-^- 

^ fVA Pftrk Conmiaoion to ^ 
Tulnr rn'^etint: of the i'arK ^wcy 

Tn«» r*? (J 

h-ild Thurodny. .^pfn^v^r 7th, 3922, was 

on account cf tr.** lack of a quorum. 


Bepteaber 14tb,19£t 

Keetinp oailed ; A called meeting of the Board of Park Co«. 

mleeionere was held In the of floe of the Board, Fark Lodge, 

Oolden Gate Park, Thursday- September 14th,19Ef . 

Present: Pros, nj Fleiehhaoker / 

CoB^ A^B.Spreokele 

" lb. Sproule 

" H.S.CuBDlnge 

Absent " /''»• Hunphrey / 

Vinutee adopted ; The minutes Of the prericus »eeting. copies of 

which were sent to ea</h Conaiissi oner, were duly adopted as 
the minutee of the meietlng held Aug^t 17th.l92£» 
Keaervatlon of A letter fie the princl/ll of Mission High Sohool 

li;h'schIor ''"was presented requei^lng that thai part of Mies ion Park lying 

^ ■ '^^""^- 'b.tween 18th and 19th Streets and Church and Dolors, 

be reserred. between the hour, of 9 A.M. and 6 P.M., for the 
exolusiTS use of the etudent. qrf the Mi..ion Hign School. 

Thi. reque.t wa. denied by the Board of Park Co.. 
leeioner. on account of beini against the policy of the 

pre.ent Board. I 

»..r.t.p» ln.tru.t»* t. U»l.. Prlnolp.1 ct 1I1..10B 

High School tH. aotlon of tl». Bo.r4. 

P.tltlon fro. th. B..1*-" '^ »"• -''''''' " """*■ 
l„,t.„ par.. r.,«..tin« • oc„„ .ftion .. ..fbU-h.a 

at the Perk, was presented, 

♦««« flf cea. Sproule that the petition be 

Upon •otion or v»e«» ^p*"*** 

4 4 K« CUB Cu»ingt, due to the limited 
denied, duly seconded by Co.. Cu-ing., 

* — i«<L«inlnK a oonveni«noe etatlon. 
park space and expense of suiintalning 

1 fo! ... .ddiuon.. r..o„ .^^ .o.t Of ... «MUr.n ...n. 
U. B.r. r..U. .n U. U..*^t. ^— '• " «" ""* 

4«nied the potion. 

i'ttition for 
Conr. Station 
In Huntington 
Park ■ 


<. « 



O /.: 









t ^r 



it i\\. I , , ^ 



i! ll 



r^r:- 1 


!f 11^ ^ 




Eaight & Afihbury 
Imp. Ass'n. re- 

Phillp Rude-- 
Small oight- 
aeelng cars; 

▲ pttition was presented from the Hai^it and Hhbury 

quests road con-Iaprorement Isaooiation requesting a cutoff diagonally aoroii 

struoted : 

the site of the new stadiini« 

This request was disapprored by the Board of P«A 
CODDiissi oners on the grounds that it would destroy the new 
stadium site* 

Secretary instructed to call personally upon Mr* 
Gee* W* Gerhart, Secretary of the Haight k Ashbury IitproT*^ 
ment Association, and explain reason for the deniel* 

Request from Philip Rude, for permisaion to operate 
in Park motor equipaent similar to Paged train used at the 
P*P«I«£«, was presented* 

Secretary instructed to notify Mr. Rade that 
definite plans were being perfected for the installation end 
operation of such equipment by the Park Commission. 

A letter from the Commandant Coast Guard. Washington, 
©•C*, requesting that the Park Commissioners allot a site 
near Point Lobos for the erection of a suitable Icokont itetlon, 

was presented to the Board* 

- - - . idy sec ended by 

Upon motion of Com, Cunanings, ^^^' 

Com. Sproule. the Board of Park Coramissicners resolred: 

"That all lookout stations in the ▼1°^?^^^ ^^ 
Point Lobos, on Park property, be oombinea 
in one building. " 

Secretary instructed to notify the Perk surreyor 
to draw suitable plans for the alteration of the present 
lookout or the erection of a combined lookout station. 

A letter was presented to the Board from the Board 

^- ;. v«^t«r amendment desorlb- 

of Superrisors enclosing a proposed charter aci 

ing and setting forth a proposal to the qualifi« 

LOCKOUT Station 

--Coast 3uard 

the City and County of San Prancieoo to ameuo. 

t i 




- 3 - 

of said City and County by amending Section 6, thereof re» 

lating to the control and jurisdlotion of the Park Com- 

miseionere orer publio parks and squares, to-wit: 

"It is further prorided that nothing in thle eeotion 
shall inhibit the Board of Park Conmieeionere from 
utilising when publio intereet and neoeseity requires, 
the sub-park spaoe in publio perks and equarea for 
automobile garage or parking station purposee, and to 
erect structures therein for euoh purposes, or to 
leaee for a period not to exceed fifty yeare euoh sub- 
park spaoe for euoh purpose to any reeponaible person, 
fim or oorporatlon, the rif^t to oonstruot and 
operete euoh automobile garage or parking stations, 
upon tenns and conditions to be determined by the 
Board of Park ConmiiSBicnere and approred by the Board 
of Superrisors, proTlded, howerer, that euoh purpoee 
of the sub-park spaoe ie not detrimental to the 
original purpose for which said park or square haa 
been dedicated, and ehall not Interfere witL the ude 
of said park or square by the publio for park-pleasure 

Upon notion of duly eeoondet 
by Com. Spreokels, that due to the loee of Park epaoe and tha 
extraordinary expenee of oonstruot ion tliat^ the utilisation 
of Bub-park spaoe under City Squares for parking purposee was 
at thle time inadrleable. that the Board of Park Coemieeloners 
hereby plaoee Iteelf on record as unanimously opposed to this 
proposed charter amendment, 
^ston AT. ai,d Th. P.rk C«»l..lon oon.ld.r.4 . fro. John 

St.T.nBon r.,«.Ung th.t th. ...t .U. of Fui^aon AT. .n« 
th. ».«t Bll. of 14th i». U p.rk.*. tP... pl«>f* »4 »•!•- 

graph pol.B ellmln.t.d. 

8.or.tary In.tniot.d to fonmrd thl. t. th. 
Bcrd of Puhlic -toAs as th. nrk C—U.l.n ha. no 3.r..»..tio. 
OT.r th. loeallt, ..ntlon.d m th. .wunlo.tion. 

A oo-mnlo.tlon fro. lUTor 1^'» Bolph. Jr.. r.<^..tln« 

.11 P.rk ..,10,... of J.-l'» '•'*" »• """ •"'' '">''"»'""^' 

tor .nJo,ln« '*'^'^ »" ^••" =>•'*-*" "'* "' '*'" "* "" 
of Aton.«.nt O.tot.r £ni. «» pr...nt.d to th. B..r«. .pproT.« b, th. Bo.r* of P.rk C.B.1..1 n.r. 
S-apcrlnt«n4est laetntatW M.ordln.lf. 

14t . ire 

JeBlAHoildu:-.- : 


- V 



^ ^'W • 

lijirmi'miliii i ' 




• ! ' 

t , 



(III r ^ f-H* it' 

|lt.;".i I 

hi '!•■ 

1 1 

■i >(»■ I' ■ 
n ■•'In *:- 


Spring Vall#3f 
**ontrftot3 for 
3olf Lliika and 
SwlramlDjy Pool 


iupt. cutt's 

rapt .Mo La r 

The oontraots for the leasing of lands at Lake 
Meroel for the new Manioipal Oolf Links and for the BwimmXng 
pool and playgrounds was presented to the Board. 

Secretary instructed to obtain the ttsual eignaturea 
when approred by Com. Humphrey • 

In the absence of Com. Humphrey, Pres. fleithhaoker 
presented Com. Humphrey's ideas on the erection of a club 
house at the new Municipal Oolf Course, to-wit: That a suit- 
able club house be erected at the new Oolf Course at a cost 

not to exceed | 70, 000. 

Upon motion of Com. Sproule, duly seconded by 
Com.Spreckelp.the Board was of the un^imous opinion that a 
olub house of this type should ultimately be ccnstructed. 
that for the present a definite plan of the unit system b. 
drawn - that the plan be act.d upon as a whole and that the 

.. ..^ *ve n,mn.<*tion Of both men and women, at 

first \inii, iwr ».i*6 --^ 

. tot.X ooBt not to .lo.ei ȣ6.000. b. pr.par.4. 
Curator Barron'i r.port wae presented. 
8.or.t.ry inetruoted to ..nd oopl.a to e.o. of th. 

CoinBlss loners • 

Supt. Batf report for iu«.t WZ -a- pr.Bent.d 

and duly approred. 

S.oretar, to pre.ent to each Co^l.aton.r 

. con>par.ti« .ontUy report for Au,uot co«rln. la.t 

'""* supt. UoLaren.B report 'or .u,uat «» then read to 

-■ the Board and ucon xotlon .1 Co^.vm. Sproule. *'^)' 
..oonded by OC. Ou^nln,-. «nanl»oa«l, a.proTed. 

supt. UcLaren waa Instructed to enter Into contract 
.Uh ;.v..Kelh«n. Aronueot. fo. t.e d..l.nln, o' a c.dd, 
toa.. al»U«r to the Btarter-e buUUn.^ed b, th. .bore 
mentioned flrm/fow months pr.Tlous. 





# ( 

ft * 


* . 





■ %lt- 


m%\^, . 




^ ..< ' 

r.nual He port : 

• 6 - 

Pr«8. FlelBhhaokep then read a letter from the 
California Highway Conmltelon relatWe to Supt. MoLaren't 
■uggeation to the eald Commies ion effecting the grade of 
the Skyline Boulerard through the new park Bite« 

Upon motion of Oob. M. E. Ctmnlnip. dxay leoondet 
by Ooa. Sproule, the Park Comaleeionere unanimously ap- 
prored Supt. McLaren's efforts to obtain a suitable grade 
for that portion of the Skyline Boolerard through the new 
Children's playground elts« 

The Board of Park Commissioners requested that 
Supt. McLaren continue his negotiations until the matter 
of the grade of the Skyline BoaleTard is adjusted to the 
•atisfaotion of the CoiamiBSlon. 

On motion of Com. Sppoule, seconded by Com. Cum- 
mings. Supt. McLaren was authorised to enter into a con- 
traot with Willits li Burr for the necessary construction 
and grading for the swimming pool at the Children'. Play 


Annual Report of Park Commission for fiscal year 

ending /une 30th,19E2. was presented. 

Secretary instructed to mail copy to each Com- 



Ipon »otlo„ Of CO.. *.. Sproul., .ul, ...on*.. ^7 Co-. 
0»»lnf.. tb. Bo.rd adjoomod .In. dl. 4:15 P.«. 

^iSf 'L 


m^TU^. pop Tjionsa 

Th. -e^ul.r r.'^etlng of th*» Park Cor^ls.lon 
to t. • -1 Thursday. Se^^t. 21. 1^23. was po.t^onel on 

oncount 3i -'•' -^ ^ 




K -J 





md^i^ !ir' 

M r ' l» I kill '' ' 

► ( - • . f • t 


■ ■ 'fen 





Octcb»r 5th, i 

M c t i '.- ofal^ied: 



■s pr 

no qnoruB of th« ^9lvm. «.om» 
10 BMtln^ wk» held on er 


w X P X • 

.,iT.«r f r«*f'r' 

f»A Co 

unt . 

ttii < 

f — .^» i 

fat L 


4 tali' -. 


t • >.... 



or TMC 

»«AKK (U)a\amssiom:i^^ 

S A N F U A N c; I s < c) 

to ^.« 
on a 


- J -.' - - ■ ■ 



t ^- '*^ - * 

i-^lRlMC^ *f. 

^- .r"--'#,^ 




OK^Act agtt^ nF: 

tBcctlnir of the Boar€ of Park Cos* 

siBsloners w&3 hci.' in the of 

<0Ar4^ JPark 





Minutts ttdcptad ; - - - .-V<. ^ 

vfeloh w«r€ lie" ' «»o'a 
ftB the migrate. " »e«tlnr 

7 - .. tt«r wa 

* Cc - tint 

tpon motion of C«i. 
Bar"' '^ ■ 


Ifi of 

. ; September . 
'%r of the . 

jfrr frcr- th** jnflffdletirtfi ef tht 

J 1 \ 




©n Of 



art, * 

f i by fttJ* St. 

J p^,-,.»- ♦■ I 


a taat 




II iilfill iMii*^''^''"'^'-^ "iitfl'ith'i III 


< # 

\ n 

■pr ',' 



^"^ v^w'fi*- 


iiC C t 



... Everet Share, Auditor's ' *" 

|sr. "rom tm .. ^ ' Ibaum, ex-8ol41«r, 

who, ■ : ". . * ' Boarfl o* SttperTlsora en the 

BoiileTurl Lxttr-sloa, wtM iftld-u ' eon v.y, "hm 

Indnc * : „ oident Con . ttWBr4«4 lil» ' ' 

ferrei ' oa, iiurnpl.rey. 


: ing - /optrfctt 

Park, vae ntxt jonaldertd, 

Ht^ueet A«al«d« ^•afeta.r^- 
. . . ole* 

A oOcsa-i^ 

t« Ei"« "rt|m^1«np np- 

1 e 
' ir. ?00i 


Ordered fil* ^ . 



Ar« %WQ fu 


h* wlli preet 



nf thel 


th»t * 





•atlin W%B 


^ % 





y • 

W* : 




>' f 


Offer 1 „-.^teur:.i ^. ^, "Pastenr" U^ic ^i^ 
["o^^j^S^^^-^^-^ T^Vast 0. -c* .„^ ♦•0 notify 


. .- Par^s. offering ^o^ 

lUiQoest for 

n f 'fl'hr- --^ -'• - • 
"Pastenr" Uac ^* T...„<hedienne 

.,...-,,«ted to notify • 
Secretary inoura^^- 

^cr t'''s purpose* 
^^e no funds availa>.le ' .^^te ^iC^^^ 

tl^erearen ^^ ^. 3. neto -, 

GoTninuniaati>n ^ ^^^^^^ ^, ^^,^^, 

engineer.- _,,., Bo^^e.ard at Sre.^ ^^ 
a.proacl. of new . .^i- 

„„..-•'<'?, W* " .. ... -v»n«. 

■ -^ - on xr^''i 


. ^« 

.., e-tri 3on^^ 
aelerre4 tc -»- . . _. 

On . . 

Com. '^P^'^ , ..ei^is^' 

The a^c-^^ 

- 4^y. Crfttt 


inr r"^ "" 

0*^ ■.- -^ 
TTnon mO->-" 

^ '/cliar 

com. ■-*** 

' ♦•■^ 






/» ■-' -V 


i r 




M ji 

' ^a. "fey 

^* com* *^*^ *. ' . 

pr- ;'r«n:. co.^. -^^^ ' ,,^e ««« -^^e^-^ ^, c-.r.. - 

-/J. - ' - 

. of Heal*^ ._^53, 

- ore i-^» , Aa a »• '- t - 





, io« ^ 


— '^' 

/♦ ^ 

; *. -^ • 


" - r - ' 

, t^ • 



J- • » 







•'■ • .■■MHHMwi'*' 

« ik 


. -vr><!^v'-^' •.^..^.. -jlr-^'' 




bf ) i 


The Board was of the unanimous opinion --.-^t 

the Commissioner. ^— ^« 

.eorctary noti'l.i to pl.oe tU. ^o.-^t on 

,.e calendar for eac.,n«. ^ ...,.,._, 
Tue matter o? Armis^- 

on motion of .c ,,, that Con.. -. .".y 

Bourd . . 0' the ur.anv 

. .v„ -^..mmlsslon on ^relatie. 
shov.ia rctresent ...>- - — 

,,, - . mon^^.e■nt of general - 

the Par '. "-• "^ ' ' ^^y seconded *y 

Upon motion o- '^i:.. ^^^— _ 

Com. rprecKels, t^ .•- ^ ^ .^uetnen^ ^ ' ^-^ 

„.,. ,e Young Memorial -^^^"Z .; ,,,a wee r.f.-,« 

V .tin- a-peratuB alread, ia^ 
Ule forheatin^ ap j^r action. 

to com. CUBUulngs «nd -1- - 


f . • 1 ' — 

L t 

curator Barren', r.port ^^ 
rron s 

^.ccretary inatruoted 


', OIS" 

Ihere ^iti-iig nc 

. • 

the Biee 









.t" if-S^'* 






j'tlh:;';-'' ' ■ 

» ti Mil 

V -I 





or THE 

PARK C O V\.W 1 S S I O N K R S 



«««•(« ^ V r« 

POaTx'Ow'^B k-.'^xj^iw 

Tht regular ir-.tin.r of the Park Gonur.iaoion to b« 
h«ld Thursday. .N' 2nd. 1922. was postponed 
on account of the lack of a -Forum. 

r ^P 


r t ' 






.«. * 

t . 


J -' 



Traftsfer of 
Jefftr rson and 
jj'ur. • on wQuare^i 

At a regular meetixi« of the Board of Park 
'c;.m.i8Bioner8. held in the office of the Board. Pari. 
Lodgo. Golden Gate Park. Thuraday. Hoyemher 16.192E 

Present were: 

Absent : 

PreB. H. FleiBhhaoker 
Com. A.B. SpreokelB 
• w,f. Humphrey 


Wm, Sproulc 
U«£, Ctunminge 

Th. nlnut.8 of th. previous meeting. oopUs 
^^^^^'^'-'''^ „, ,,,,, ,„. eent to eac. Co^^ieaicner. -e« .ul, 

adopted as t.e «inut.a of the meeting heU October E6. 


,o». H«, presented t.e foUowing reaolutioa 

^loh «as tmanimously adopted. 

. ,.-«/•♦>. 4 R Board that 
WHEREAS, it iB the ^P^^^^^.^ oHhe' dty and 
it is for the best J^;^^®^J%f the Parka of 
county of San J'^^i^jL? Pulton (Loboe) 
Bald City and ^^^H J^ Q^;?ter of Jefferson Square 
Square and the ^^^ J J^^Lfy ground ConaniBBion 
>»• transferred to the raiygi^"'^ 
0? altd City and County and 
WHEREAi^ the Playground Co^BBi oners ^ha.e 
Tquestid the tranefeyf F^B^ of Jeffreon 
Square and ^he westerly 4 
Square, now. therefore u ^^^^ 

RESOLVED that *^iV3fonlLobJBrSqrare'and 
hereby transfer ^f ^^^ire bounded by Turk 

street on the "est i" 

and he It further ^^^.^ 

HE«OI.m, that in oo»puanoe f.^ity sn*^«-^' 
teotlon (9) nine, ^*^J* (Loboe) Square an ^^ 
8f San francisoo. Funston^^^ Square, be pl» 

Seoretar, inatruoted to ofnol.l 
Playground ComniBsion. 



1 1 








tH «< ( fit I ^ 




I"' "' 

. < 

• Ik 

I ^.'■'li'i 



1 « 









upon -t^"" »* ^^^ ,, Han4el^a,m of i95.£B 

.„m 8St.«1t»"' *''• * .. ^, the Board. 

M COO. =» .oorot** °» „, 

L ..e par. ^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^ ^,,ewe. Secretary of 

tees of J-e ^i<»^ ^^•'' ^^^ Center l>e 
ja&eB I'io'^ *" . ^ a Y>ron«t p 

laljela* at n 
aa foUowB*. 


j^jffib LICK 

3 T»0''» 

ted for 


..on of CO*. HtmP^^^y* 3^. 

upon motion xefrreA to ^ 

>>y °°"'* ^ ^ Board of 

^ for aotion. ^f tbe 3oaru 

3 Taxation ,.„»»e *>"* *" , „., »n -pl''" 

.„ploy.. »* *^ ,„xa.*e grant.* ^^^, 

., tte >oar4 of ^^^^ ^^^ oo-l-l''^*'"- 

"w.* tYie Board 
^aoation W ^"^ p^^lc 

♦■•he Board oi 

»'•""*•'• ou..t wa. 4.»"* "" ,t. a !•*»•'' 

OoBBlaai"""- ,,rta notlfJl 
»,.« of Board 01 

nf tuo Board. 
motion of ^» 

r 16, -f 





LM « 














An extract of the last will and testament of 
H ldeont Be jjaeot : 
' corrinne Hideout, which reade as follow, 

"TO the Park Oommlsa loner* of Solden Oate 
TO tne ro ^^j bequeath 

?;f Ju^ of tS thouJand^♦lO.000) dollar., 
int^t! «id request that the money Ijeex- 
iended In Bome nanner that will add to the 
wntT or attraotlvenesa of the Park or to 
helo defray the oost of a band stand at the 
heaeh - but it la not to be used for any 
kind of a ■•anment or statu*. 

and a oa.hler's oheok on the Anglo fc London Pari. 
Hational Bank for »10.000 was next presented to the 

^6 w \y A 

com. Humphrey then offered the follortng 
„tlon whloh was unanimously adopted by the Board! 
WH1.REA.. by the J-* will and testament of Corrlnn. 
Hideout. deoeaBed. ^^ej« J^® lilt park, the bub 
Park CoinmtBBlor.era o^J^JJ*?.,^ %hich Bum !« 
ofdlO.OOOiTen thousand dollars wni ^^^^ 

represented by a of^^^t 'Xof San Francisco 
& London Parle Hational Bank o. ^^^ that 

. for that «^o^\^;J^^Le pS?poae of oarry- 
eald money be r**^®^!* f^Ls of the decedent; 
ing out the expressed wishes oi ^.n 

HESOLVLD, That the Secretary of t^i ^^^^ ^^^..^ 
in the nJjne of the Commission ena ^^^ 
ind deposit it with tlie Treasurer ^^^^^^ ^ 

Snd CoSnty of San y'^f^^i"^^' o^t to be designati* 

?he Park Commission in an aooounx ^^ ^^ 

the "Hideout Bajuest" to be sub.^^ commisBioner. 

further order o^^^^^^r^J s^n franc isoo. 
of the City and County of San ft 

-. 4.<n« was unaniroouelf 
The following resolution was un 

adopted by the Board: ^^ 

RESOLVED. That Ten i^°^^^;^i*de;oslt with t^ 
the "Bldeout Bequest", now ^^ ^ MoOoiga^^! 
5ity and County treasurer John r city aflj 

S; and la hereby o^tt^o wi?Ir il* d^« ^f^ 
Sounty of San yr^eS^^oLroval of Herbert 
,"ptt ^.«v4»/,t to the approvsi. "^^^.^ noicais^i^'** 

Fleishhaoker, President or t- 

•r 16/? 



* > r \ 







hi) i 

1 I. 




<« u 






r 16,-? 

Lincoln Park 
IRoad ol08ed__i 

Analysis on 
Ice crfe^^rn and 


Supt. 3utt«3 

Balanae Park 
fundp Mot. If 1922 

rt : 

1 ■ from 

i^oar' 0^ Work^t 

A letter from the Llnooln Park Oolf Club 
„,ueetin6 the Park Oonunleaionere to olooe the road 
from the 36th AT. entrance to the Malr ^tU, In 
Llnooln Park for the Installation of the 9th Fare-ay 

and Sraen. was preaente*. 

Upon motion of Com. Htmphr.y. duly ..oond.d 
b, com. .preokelB. this request -as nnani.oualy 
appro,.* and referred to Supt. UoLaren for action. 

A report from the Department of He.Uh sho,- 
ms the analysis of ice cream and he.eraBes used at th. 
ChiUren.s Quarters .as presented and o-*-"*;;;' ' 

curator Barron's report of October 31st.l9.E 

^.^-v. «8 ordered sent to eaoh 

was presented, a copy ^". — 

^"""""Tu;. Butt, report for Ootoh.r.... - - 

°^"'°""* „t„.e Park KBd. fr. l."'^ 

Beoelpts and Expenaitur.e Par. 

«. presented. Ordered filed. ^ 

Supt. ItoLaren'. Report of HOT. 16. 

V i«28 «as presented, a copy of *" 
month of October. 1928. was pr 

„. ordered sent to each C— -^ „.. 

com Humphrey then """"Y I the Board: 
oiution Which was adopted ^^^^^^^'^^^^r ... 
-HESOLTOD. That *^%|S",ran" of hereby exK;f 


City and county EBOO^fee „„ , 


III; ;nd county £200 feex>.^^^ ^,, „„ 

^e^n the =°f *3^f ie^oed. and 
(tolf course at take »» 

^ ^ that 

HE IT FURTH1.K ttt.^J-" " 

be entered upo" *" 

that a copy o; 

Tisor llcueran 

golf coarse at i-»»» ^ ■ i"" . 

* ,^ that' ;.,„» »n» 

HE IT FURTH1.K fJ* th^ ' SlAuteB of ^''"."to Saper- 
be entered upon the mlnu^^ presented /to 

that a copy of tne •«" / i 

•laar itoueran. \ 


' "▼ir"'"«r=if'i 



/«:jlmi,;j«*«l--* J;.. <I«mW- 




If ff 


p^ ^ 

r 16, "f 

M.H. de Tounp 

to Pred.Pleibh- 
haoker res 
Museum '• 

The following 
reeolution .vas 


The following letter from Mr, M.H. de Yowif 
to Prts. fleiihhaoker was read to the Boardt 

" ^ Oot.21,1928 

Hon. Herbert rteiehhaoker, President 
and Golden Gate Park CoimniBBion, 
San ?ranoiaoo, Calif* 


At the oelehration of the Slat 
annlTeraary of the mueeuB - in the preeenoe 
of orer 25,000 people, I made the state- 
ment that I had plans drawn for the noiBeim 
building and would proceed with the work on 
the first unit* Uy idea, as expressed then, 
was that some one else would build the other 
units. At the dedioation of th& first unit, 
in the presenct of the Park CommiSBlon and 
a large audience, I announced that I would 
build the next two units, i.e., the tower 
and the other big gallery* 

It was always understood that the 
entire part of ground, where the front of the 
present building is, and baok to the main 
drire-way, was to be used for muBeum purposes, 

ttuu. Iv una uvexi ov uovu.* 

For your information, and I hope 
your approral. I am oontemplating building 
another wing In the rear of the present build- 
ing • especially to house the bird oollection 
irtiioh iB in the second story of the old build- 
ing, and also to provide a small lecture hall, 
and house temporary loan exhibits. This would 
be only one of the many winga w^ich I hope will 
ultimately be erected at the back of the preeent 

building* , . .... 

Asking for an immediate reply to this 

letter, I remain. 

Respeotfully yours, 

(Signed) M.H. de Toung 

The following resolution was unanimcuily 
adopted by the Board: 

WHERRAS, Mr. MUH. de Toung, o^^? °J ^^J^f !L 
public Spirited oiti.ens, i« »*Ji^i°;J%r^ 
Sther notable gifts generously $««*«!"'* ^J^, 
him on this Municipality has oJ^«ff 5^ Jjjy 
own erpenae to erect and i^^io*^*,^^ *S' .f 
and County of San Francisco an "^^^iJVjg 
the M.H. de Young Memorial Museum located » 
Golden Gate Park; and 



W ; \ 



i m^ 





« <r 



I PACiric I 

r 16,"? 

- c 

oi San ''»"° 4, Tottng'8 f»- 

^" ''^" I; .0.. UCaren. -P--r.r; 

--^'€:rir%S%'rol.r.x.ln.lo»; an. 



generous gixt. 







-t - .-,, 






H3 • 








^B It 



1 jl|A ' 1 ' 




^ Ik 



ciric i*«i 
cine 1 1ST 

r 16,"? 

HES0L7ED, ^^?\^rci?y^2 ^0^^^^ of 
SaaionerB of the Clty^ ^^^ j^^^^^y 

San yrancisoo. do and i^^^^,^,^^ on 
express ^^ Dr. ^^^^ ^^ the people of 
behalf of ^^^^^^tyof San Franc i so o. 
the City and Co^^^ ^^^ of his magnan- 
thelr «^«?P *^Sr°afrloti8m and puhUo 

^*°n "?}on aS expreiSed In this notable 
benefaction ftsexpr ^^^^ 

donation; and he ix xu 

^v 4. *y^\a resolution he placed 
HESOLVED. that this ^J^^^^.e^ting and a 
Spon the .inutes of tni ^^^ j^^rris 
copy of the same preaenxe^ 

Her.stein. swimming Pool 

Plans for the Playgro^^d and 

. .nd Great Highway were presented by 
- Sloat BonXe^ard and a .a ^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ 

superintendent ^^ J^^^/ J^,^,, ,,^. of the 
by t.e conunissioners and the ^^^^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ 

;i /%'««r to UO«« **»**"*• " 

S^in. .OCX ---;;-; „ ,,.^ „.er... 

Th«r. b.lng no further ^ ,. . w 
Board the »eeting aoju 




iUfVtl I 

«« ^»\ 



fm t m ^'^m 

^ifVmm' K,,V' fJIWWo*-" *e-. 




% orricE 





Th-i r-i.Tulnr m««ting of the Park -^omrriBaion to >?• 
h«ld Thursday. I>»cera>:^r 7th, 1922, was po8t?on«d 
on account of th*i lack of a quorum. 






,*« '^ 





4- H^ 




a/zz' * f 

■".i L'. 

At a called meeting of the Boar^ of Tark Co..£.caUed5. president H. n. 

aissionere held xn th« of^lc. o. . ^ 




pres. H. Fleishbacker 
Com. W.J.Kunipl'rey 

Wm. Sprciile 
ii..i3. Spreckels 

The minutt 

previous meeting, oopiet. of 

whloh nere sent t^ fc&cu wu. 
the .dnutea of tuv muctmc -t- 

adopted as 

Kezar LIemoriJ-1 

Agree iT.ent 

^^ . ^-.- .c>-+nd the foUoving: 

oa, Humphrey then pr.^c..-- 

d« ana exeouted on thi^^- ' 

*• . % v«4-w, nn C*. :-■^- 

I'lFGl-, ..ILLI^- -f'^-t^t -'^ 
a^ al individuals, ^at :-•' 

Board or ^-^^ . ^.^_. 

Of 3^ 7a-"' --- • ^-' ,^' 

■ * the 

^ -" » 



loont^ of :^V,/ tr- 
eated m li'' 

appointoi. ^ ■ - -^ - 

t _ 

, 1 ■- J- 

lit o . 

- -, . \ t W J W :^i 

to ^ 


tauted i- 


.-.^ p-i^-i 

It *• • - " 

.. ._..-, lAur/^-£^;-^/t'tat'"th7s8tt^ 

*. 19"" aad her 1-- . , , - ^ 




ms^ \ 






#«Pi^ ^^I'w^ ■ 

' 4k. «r- 



« t i 

^ I 

4.v^^4f'7 to determine the nature oZ 
authority to «^^J^^^,, ^ern.criai* In case 

and -i^--f^^^.,?\:;f caused to*be erected 
However I ciia^:^ wLa my deuth then 

^-\^ Slvtntihl. b^.nest .hall be 
ana in th-t ^;^^; ^^ ^-^^ amount naiaed 

;^B^.. durm. her li^eti.e the aaid^ar. 4. 
i.e.ur lid r.ot cau.e to ^^ f ^^^^^^ count, of 
in Golden Gate rariL^i^ ^;^^.^^^^. ^^ second 

^au Francisco, and -h^ ^'^^'edilj t-^ 
*^ js-r.^..c in erect a^ speeaxi^ - 



^au Francisco, and -n^ ^'^t^^iny t.- posoible 
part desire to erj^^ a. ^P^f^^^^ ^/thc nut__ 

*^ i n ?« an ill Coldcn \Jawe itiix^ , , * 4n 

mciuorial ^n ®^^^ "'"^ „^^,^ i-^ed and subject to 
.nd character ^f ^^^^/^'rfSrth, but at the 
the oonditiona nerein ^1^^%^* sufficient 

Z r^. f *l"ic such execJ-turw na.e " .^^ +.-, 
present, wo^ie oi*^** an-'ti Vary a» i*e2iar --^ 

oaeh in ae estatt of f^^f ^t'^^^^'';-,^ other 

Bcnt ox .jsi- ^ — -^w 

>> w •• ( 

..^-; --- ^ t 

agreed bj^ ai 


between the ^ 

. ^^.- . ;inted and 

U mutua-l, ^-^ ^,uowa, 
the ^'irt^eo ncre^w 

, ^, »- ,.r.+ D'irt hereby 

yi^^;.The^partie. ^;^-. :tl'';ature o: thejem- 
determine that ^f ^^t^Hant to the ^^^orej^aa i^ 
ori 1 ^^ H^"^?^^? --'^ant tc.t-:u^=nt of Ua^^_^*^ 
, of the f ^^ :trbe and take the i^^^^^^^f 

.vui -n.3 ■ ^X t ' *ivv now occupied o^ -^^'^.^^.^at LOB 
,e Golden Sata^^arx now ^^ ,^^^^,.^ ,, ..... 

.d stablfc^, ana .-hich is ^ 

aoationa of^^^i 



' ^tudluHi uha--»- °^^ft/of the second E— ^ 
'"■'' '" " ""/ ■ ■",; ..^d Ov.i ana St.;i-^: -''?.. 


id here 


r. ^^t:; . suitable or^-^J^^"^ ..rmar^ent .^^ . . 
'^ Uachea to nnd ^^^^^^1 for u - - . .. 

.^ .; -- -.ndStadiuinindBh-l^,^^,,. _ 

"be plainly 

V i.*. J. uJ-V • 

V>1 -- 

^ ' - 

I V.I 


- t noiT 


.-1 time '- 


^ t 

-laXw' -O"* 

I^ezar in i^na 


gUi.' -*- - 

ull hoar a ii^^-^ 


des . 


r I 










Bl" " 

* mm 


expressive of such purpose, the text of whioh shall 
read as follows; 



BY lilAHY 







5«-i^TH- Sab^ect to the confirmation of the rrcbate 

shall be paii ai= follcws, to-wit: 

The Darties of the first part shall dero^it in escrow 

ii?th'th^Unlon Co^pan, of San ^r.^'-^^,,,,, 
eecurlties helongine o ea. es ate of^un^a.p^^^ 

e^uivalent^to ^f ,^^«-^^^Itlcs^iuhdia^. provided 
praised vaxue of thu ^ec riLxt _j_4.veLravm at ^ ■ 

that uU of said Becurxties ^^^-\^,r. paid 

into said escrow fund by said PJ:rx ^row aco ./- 

part. The funds aco^xirrixating in^ said e^^ ^^ ^^ 

Saj- be .Ithdra-m ^^^"^.^^^ ^^^^ .replratlon of 
rea-iirf;d to mcc' ^'Fond.tare- i^ -^ t>e iif<:resixd 
^l^v.^ ^o. and 1 ■ ^^'^^^^^l^f of thcoecond purt. 

./JxclueiTely ^or the . :r-^ 
...ytinir the memoriax Ov-x — - 

Ov^l •- ■ "tadiv. , 
■ u^l be used 
pos^to of oreitine tin 

!-• 4- 

referred to herein* 

In the event the 8^1^ P^fVt^^.,^eticn ^U: ' 

^" , .nd 3tad^ i 


,* o*- 





. -^n-"*, 

ur b 

, ^ . . - 


*'**.*"%♦ .Jf':i4 

1 " 



M*"^^ "^ 


^^^^^^_^^g|£ ^^ v^— ^S^^JH 



SIXTH: The parties of the first pj.rt here"b- 
authorise, empower and direct the aforesaid Union 
Tn^c^t CorpMiiy of Can Pranoisoo to pay from 
Siild esorov.' fund, on the order of tLc parties 
of the seocnd part, any and all moneys; tTit may 
from time te time be credited to thtt riind. 

::: -/ithls^ •;I3::aE0?, the 

Buant to an order of th 
State of California in 
Coanty of San Prano'sco 
their n3rr;e2, and Charle 
rcsiiiLury legatee named 
testar.ent of l!ary A. Ke 
hi£ n;j;, , -^ .1 the parti 
suant t^ rtwiolutlon wf 
miaslonera, have signed 
'.:.^ City i-na County of 
Califomis., .h *:. ' r 

aforesaid executors, pur- 
e Sanrrior Court of the 
and for the City aid 
have hereunto i'igried 
■;. "Doe, ae the :.ole 
in tht laat will ti-d 

zQ.r^ deceased, hab signed 
e& of the second part, :■: 
the Boura of P&r> Cc::- 

these pre seats jj all at 
S«i Francisco, 

n4 ^ear first - 


.: e J 

t .111 

ale 1. 

.!_ c.llii-^. 




•♦ f 

M V w >i - 
;.r-tte: or- 

j.r t • 


ry » 


if . ... t 
M r-."* 


)4 ;> 



41^ . .V 




.. -''f: 







Mm-x Gift; 

>v\ . 

Upon noti.:. of CommisatSner OiXiu.JitX^ ^r^l>. 

.bonded by 3on^i.3-.:er H.. ^^hrey the above .sre^.c..J .as 

■onaiiirao^asly adopted • 

Conmias loner Huitiphrey then pre3eated tbe followiit : 

•■X aX.o give to «.o, rar. Co.a^..ionor.__^o|^aoUen 

Bttia kk tL -'.^ of ?i-.-e lUou^and .olxur. (?.. 

upon motloa.of com. H.u..Ehrcy. ' =-. -o^o.^^^ ''^ 

1 n^y v.- unanin:cu3ly adc^jted: 
-» - - v"L -1^ re^olut Lon </-- uaia-*** 


1 " * l-lL. 1 

lrn"'-*ri" deoeased, there wa^ ou*ia^--> ^.^ - 
Pra:-i- -o. the ^^ -/^^^ aid Luedent io ncv. : .- 

-- '^ •- ^^r?t^V .i -.^P-^^'^f ^T^^ 'Vn tie- 

: -^ .-^ , n^ there is not sufflcien- n[i... . -^i ^ 

principal of tU ^''f;^^^^J ,1 v/l^acat x^^^'- 

II.-. -. t* ^■' "'"^^rc Gitv ari County of , ^ 

?^...-. bt ■ ^ h^ i^ ^^P^^. "^lellv^r all ^Sjvf ^- 
neoe. ■, ^ ., -. ^ ^^^t^.^'^of Five •Tbousana ( , . 

." "^ „.^R ^.Ji^^' ^-^^ ^;;^^ . -aeiT-" 'or _ 

^'''^^'' ' uron th« said lof^.y ^6- - " 

•- *-^ > c-c'^'torc lnercw-.« 





^npw^. '^, 

# z' 




The plans for tht Aquat : . i-^t dit- 

oussed. Go . i: mrcy then stated that i:.t;.cr.. . :3uktv;tll 
and 3ro«n, agre.d to prepare for t^ Parle 

prehenL^ive plan or oket ' 

'" *:l-^j I'Tu- 

Cotiffiiiss lor; .-^ u . 

.. - V •^ . '- r with an estimate of ■".' 

Of oc .^" tine tHe eo-^ie. ancl suhmit same to the .u.. :. 
mi3.lon for it:- .- r^cv^l comcil:., at^out -ho - 
Febru&ry,l?r:3. ^Ith^ut charge, unless " - o ■^- 

deteiroinc * - - * "'* 

tL. 3oard of Supervisor ' ' necea. 

ou' ' same. In whi ■ 

ex^r--?e any dlsoretloi^ i.n i. -- ^^ 


uaoftded tiy 



tr ,,. 

^rthr^y, Ba'ceWvll 


.-own, — ^^ 

^H — - 

*-hn ilCl - 

ider the w 

ined in CoimniB-ii^^®^ - 


I * 

4 - ♦ 

^ W -k.»- I 


..a Buto- 

" '^^^ e*:*Huin i.^ 


i..,. i.^ 

, ,, i91i3, without 00. 

t 0. 


■-J I 

Tf ^ i, V ^ 
















--• -a:{ 

t*»mji \ 


Upon motion of Com* Cunanlngs, duly reoonded by 
Com. Humphrey, Ivlr. \/illiB i'olk. Architect, and llr. Shirley 
Baker, Struataral Engineer, wure ii,uthorised to prc^.-.u 
plans for the new stadium uiilex- the conditions outlintl in 
Coramisaioner Humphrey's statfcu,,ut# 

ilans for the playground ut Slcat Boulevard and 

Grea* Highway were next disaussed. Commissioner Euaiiphrey 

then read the following lette- "^ . "Isrenot - ., 


« Deaei*jher 1", 19££« 

Mr. ^loT. 
4S' Call' 


1^ "ornla. 

lly dear "larcnoe: 

'^ Pakk :w ..„x. Ion hu- c* oonprehi -- - ^-^ 
• 4 i - • louinf' ^or the lieatttifiostioB ox 

San Frar. . . - . - ^ 

oitl; . '■ ^ ■ - 

I. T. ir.-.-'^h pi . 

'* • 


xk I 

aesistar -e 

.^« <. 

SWiinralng ^ 

~-- ^ 

1- w- ^ 

, . w*-, v^ 



:- tr. 

_ " the ^ttli 

aOth pi!-. " 


_ w i>* — <* ^ 



* fc^ -^^ 

inn ©Tery .-■• 

. . ' Illi- 

^^ i* ■ 


the t— 

-■ 'CSTT 




(4 twr aw 


< K' ■ 






your servious, but ai; we arc not in a poeiticn 
to finally say v/hether ' .. . rk will bt i.nt, 
we imi2' 1. ' ■ hi-t arrangementt; in acoordL.nce with 
the fOi-w^'. i.-.^ suggetitlona b 'ie, and, if 
sati£jfactDi'y to you, we wil_ -^^rcjiate your oon- 
firuiat: " thit; mnderstc.'-ding. 

aonsiderutiOL ^ 

i* mot 

.._^ ^.ve this le'Ux, : reniain 
Yery trul, ^ ;.'3, 
.^1 -- ) i. .^ . -oiTiplirey 

af Con.. Z a.rmiirifes ^ du-u^ - '- - 


Cw, Hmphrey, Mr. Zlureme , — - ^.^t,was auth -isei 

to , . ,..-. pland for tlie j?laygjrouai ' a t "i,.* . . -^- 

■w » 

. . oondltion:- -- outline 
Eumpiirc^ ■* . letter wicl on tli« Si-t. ba^ 1. -- 

^ , . _. .._r* ^ Bc'f^cr und iteeu. . - >- •• 

. '■ -I. : ' ^rwnarc plan. ". - '''■:^ ''^' ■ 


.rther "biwinej^ it" 

^ •— • 



_ I 

-"fti- iia« 



! ni, ,. 



PACIFIC r<»«l 
PACiric 1 1 ST 


or TH 





The regular meeting of the Board of Park Commissi on ere to 
be held Thursday, December 21.192: . was postponed on account 
of the lack of a quorum. 





^ ^ 



orncc ^^B^B^ or tmk 


SAN I" H A N c. I s < :< ) 

<5AI.IFOH%l A 


|p8T PQirep I03 T I NG 

^•tin|( of the Board of ?ark nomlBBlnnera to 
nmary 4th,19£3. wa« poatponed on 
of • quo] 

V < * 

*»:^r #» '*%♦#* %*,.,►- • 



j] ^ 



1 f 

■ ii 


f 1 


. * '4!1i 

" ■ ;. 




f '' 


^ ■ . ■ 

t ■ ■ ' 

1 . • 

i 1 










POSTPONED ic-:}:ting 

The regular meetlnp^ of the Board of Park Conmissl oners to 
be held Thursday, January 4th, 1923, was postponed on 
acooiint of the laok of a quorum. 

*i t^'i 



#«#s -t^.-' . • V* -'■''* -'•»'g|**Sfc «l*^^ 

J I 





M ♦ 

San PwukO^^z-'Oail 
January 18th,19S2 


IV ^11 


It a regular ■eating of the Board of 

Park Co«i8Bioner. Held in the offioe of the Board. 

park Lodge. Golden Gate Park. Thureday. January 1I.19E3 

4. —Till Pree. H. Pleishhaoker 

Present were: J^^ ^^ Sproule 

« A«B«SpreokelB 


W.P. Humphrey 

The mlnut.8 of th« pr.Tloi» ...ting. coplM 
0, Which -.r. B.nt to .aoh Co«ml..ion.r. -«. duly 
a4opt.4 aB th. -l«at.. of th. noting h.U ».c..*.r 


Th. 3.or.t.ry th.n r.»d th. foUcln* «- 

■^e apt! ointment of 

;o mis 3 i oners H ^.^♦^.nt from Mayor Rolph: 

yiei3bliackej^_„: appointment irom »»/ 

Heeleotlon of 
Pros i dent 
Flei3..htcker : 

i\ivi4 !) I V Lit 


^^ state of California ,„„,.a„,tU«i 

TO all to whom th.». pr..ent. ihsll 

■ p..„,,n. -oeolal^th. f Id.lltjr -» 
Siiity"of HERBERE njSiDnimv-^- 

1 do. by the.. ?""•'"• tS Otorti-Sf thj 
authority^« JJ^^^^o, appoint hta 

City «id Co«>ty^8S»^StioSER . 

in and for th. C"J -^°^rf« tSt tJS 
01800. h. to hold .aid oKio ^ ,f 

sf i:^ r«r.s:-hSS.;?!%.» .xpir.d. ^ ^ 

IB TESTIUOn WHERKOF. Jj^'lJ'o'f^r. t. 

nam. and har. »;»"* J^StSSay of Jan'"?? ""• 
b. afflx.4 »''^^3?^.d)LiSS!«^^ 

y^ml: '"'r!?.L!^lTI th. Mayor 
txeoui Ito Seorexary 

jnrT^ooretary ^ -^ ^^^ 

., ... s,.....i.. c». n."— - ™ -• 

Pr..ldent of th. Board of Park ^ ^,, 

The dlBpo.ltion of th. Bia 

dlBon.sed. ♦.« /th. >''»rt "^ ^"* °"" 

com. Sprottl./R*^-***/*''* \ 

• .#^ ^^- 




„* •■'**■■ »■ i 

•■''MiWw ■•■ • 




M If il 

(|.i.J S- , » I i\ • • ', ■' .1 

ifff:; nil; f; , ■ - ^ 

; - 1 ' * ■ . 

iHil'li'tlill!'' ^ 



CaritiR for 
Island Parks 
10th Ave h 
Lake wStrect 

- 2 - 

Blssioners to InTostigate and euggast a proper dls- 
position of this baquest* 

k latter from Henry Colombat, 900 Lake St., 
and an attached letter from the Secretary of the Pt. 
Loboe ImproTement Club, regarding the upkeep of liland 
parks at the short ends of the iTenuea^ between 8th 
and 13th iTenues, and Lake Street, was next read: 

Upon motion of Com, Sproule, duly eeoonlei 
by Com, Spreokels, this matter was deferred nntil the 
Commissioners would hare an opportunity to confer with 
Superintendent MoLaren upon the subject. 

Seoretary instructed to notify Senry ColoaUat 
and the Secretary of the Point Lobes ImproTement Club 
the action of the Board* 
^ma^ .trip of 1 letter was next presented *«• from To Kalon 

•cusd couth of a-i-r<-n of Kround south 

t)re3ent Galileo Club requesting the parking of the strip oi gr« 

^^ ^^^ present Oalilco High School: 

Referred to Superintendent MoLaren. Secretary 
instructed to notify Secretary of To Kalon Club action of 

the Board* 
Of A latter i»s next pr.een.ed from the Board of 

^ round 

Tri e 

Supervlsore requesting the Park Oo^isslonere to expeo* 
»*00. for the repairing of .ida^lk- around Onion S,u.r.-. 

Bequaet denied. Seor.tary Instruoted to see Hr. 
Dunnlgan. Clerk of the Board .f Superrlsors. 1» P«"» 
and advise him of the action of the Park Co».lB3ion.r.. 

1 latter ras next presented from the Hatlonal 
rirat Aid lasoolatlon raqresting that a Clara Barton 
MeHsorlal Tree be planted m 8. 0. Park: 

Request granted. Bef.rr.d to Superintendent 

KLcLaren for action* 




A l«tte' 

Abdlll. of'c- ' ^^^^^ ... 

^,,9) with desorlpt..: 

.t Monterey: . . bAII'i 

tortor at 1.0 .„3tr:Mf» " '^' ' 

secretary 1""*"° ^^ ,„, the P ' 

,.t there are no f-*" ^ . . . *. • 

--••me ft^^ *^" ^' * » . ftf^ttt 

jald ma|» p„»,nted fro:. 

A letter «• "«* ^ ,„,y, toh'.cl 

taeoolatvcn of -l- - _^ _ _ . 

..rtCO.»U»l»^"» ,„ .„i ether ^.>'^ 

^ln« olu^.e at -^• 

loatrueteA „„„»n 

„nt aqaatlo P-rk 

"•"""""■ li ^ ft. "••» 

*>.«> pttbiio 





■ -. ' t 




A letter was next preaented from W,V, 
Abdill. offering for sale an old mapanine (June 
1759) with description of voyage to California and 
hcrbor at I.'onterey: 

Secretary instructed to notify W.V,AMill 
that there are no funds available for the purchase 
0' Sftid magazine and tn refer him to M.H. de Youne. 

A letter was next prespnted from the Parent 
Teachers* Association of t} e Polytechric Hi^h School 
calling the Park Commiss '>->rcrs» attention to the 
need of boating clubs nt Polytechnic ani ether hiph 

Secretary instnicted to notify the '"orres- 
pondinr secretary of the Parent Teachers* A8a-.'ir>='r 
that plans foi tho present aquatic park cite ure belnf 
developtd hy the Par> Corrmisj ' rn^rs, 

A letter was next presented from the ' » j*^ 
' --.-t nhemicnl Comr.f^^ny mqueBtirr th- -oari o^ -'trK 
Comir.issi'-. •. • > rco-^naider the inBtnllation of "Pay 
f'-T J :. ; ■ .'.btr 7o.;rl Ha^'l-ct.^ in the public 
oonvr n ■ . nee staticns: 

.'.o.i„t ^t d»jnied as it is against the poll-, 
*' 1 "^o grant ccncoes ' '•ns. 

Upon motion of Commissioner iiproule, 

-' r '^(reGke''a, +*'-< — •'*«»r " '^ 





th' 1 r ■^^ ndi 

. ^,- ... . . .'.:asu? ^orjn^ 

f. until the retiim of Commisa i' —f r 








^ ,. ^^i 





Holfliea ani "f 









67 i) 








It:; : 


S ' 



Request for A letter was next presented from J, J, McDade 

laTatory in 

Franklin Square: requesting the installation of a laratory in Franklin 


Request denied. Secretary instructed to so 

notify Mr. MoJ>ade« 

^ C.B.Luiidenl)ergcr, A letter was next presented from C.B.Landenberger, 

T7.S.N.. request 
for 7'jO Cyprest Commander, U.S.Naval Training Station, San ?ranoi8oo, re- 

tre^^ : 

questing a donation of about 300 snail Cypress trees: 

Request granted # 

Sunt. Butt's Siipt. Butts' and Curator Barron's reports for 

and Carat or 

Barron's retrortat the month of December, 192£, were next presented and copies 

were ordered sent to each Commissioner with the exception 
of CommiBBioner Sproule« 

There being no further business before the Board 
the meeting was adjourned sine die at 4:30 P.M. 

^ '.'K ting ad ^]o jrnfcd : 






T*I.K^MONe« i 

PACiric timrr 

OrriCE ^Vi . or THC 

V\ R K C ()A\M I S S 1 ON K RS 



fhe f'ni^l n*t<?tlng of the Park CormlBBlon 
to V," held Thur«duy, Pebruury lat, 1923, was poat^onei 
on account s *" t e lack of a quorum. 



;h Roll 





tfmm<mfmt» -*«« 












iV t 



p*ci«'(c i<i«r 
PACirrc i,«7 






•eiSular ;/!«»«» ting of the Park Commiaslon 

li Thurdday, Pebruary lat, 1923, was postponed 

on account of the lack of a 





h 'olMCB nnl 

'^w \r*8t' 






jg jte 





f ^ 




San Tranclsoo. ^^^^ 

V .t a resuxar .eet.n. o. t.e Boar. o. Pa.. Co.- 

^iBBlcnera. held x5th,19E3 

r 4-0 Park. Thursday Feoruu ^ 
Golden Gate Part, ^^^^ ^^ i-ielshhaC 

Present were: 

T. c. T? rietshhacker 
III 1:b; SpreckclB 



Wir.. Sproule 
U.F. Humphrey 




I' ' 

We= or the previoue .eetlr^. oopie. of 
lUe minute- ^^^ ^,,^^.4 

X *^ oacl- coitmlsEi loner, 
wMoh «ere aent to - ^^^^^^ i8tt..l923. 

,l.e dlapoaltion of „„„,,,3loner 

S^^^^^^^^^"^ , ^Ul t.. return fron. t.e Baat 0. 

over unw-tJ- 
H.™p.rey. attorney for t.e Boar . ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^ ^^ ^^,^^,^,, 

e. r4- .. . .e S.... --^;;:::;.. ..r 0. e,..e. ».o. 

for eras, plot- i>» .^.^tendent Kai"^'^ *^* '"^ 
Hef erred to Supcrinte..a 

povier to act. ^o^oU wa^ pr ^ 

i Resolution ^^^^ „,eds oT . 

»v. jark Con-J»iseion«rs ^^ 

requesting the Jarl. „elgl>»orbcoa -ark 

^.eslon 33Utrlot «it. re.pect 

Pl.,ground«. s,,„i.ter.dent Hol-aren *« «^^'J° ^^, 

Referred to Siper ^^^ corrnAeei 

,,)( oresent a repo.t r,.j«iot 

,,,. the Bituation and pre ^^ ^^^ ^^^^^,., 

^ letter waa presented ^ ^^^^^ ^^ ^,„. 

..^,,,,e that an additional ten 

Jilt fL^-G-^^ "^'«- 

— "at 


,, m KoCoppm square. ^^^^^ ^, ,,11 1°» 

referred to ^^^ ^^^'"^'^^^ ,,„. 1. t.^^ 
.,.rth.neede for an additional _ten^^^^^ 


Ity and report 

'., »v,P OoitmUe'-^"*'^' 













A Resolution was next presented fi'om the 

Reouest for "hacc- 

*^i^?^t]Sl_"°""«* ^«*^^""' °' '*'' '''''"^''° (Oorpor.1 Harcia 

VV. Roberts, Unit No. 6 ). requeeting the oor.struotion 
Of a suitable Isaseball club house and grandstand in 

Golden Gate Park. 

Secretary instructed to write a letter to tbe 

Adjutant of corporal Harold ',V. Roberts and notify him 

that the matter of a suitable clubhouse is now being 

taken under oontideration by the Commissioners and plans 

for sane are being drawn. 

A letter was presented from Thomas Arthurs 
Aeoueat for per- ^ 

^^trcilu^^r"' r.,ueatlng pe.-.,ie3lcn to rent umDrellaa on the Ooe« 
r-'fa n Beach _. : 

Heiue.t denied hy th. CommissioncrB. Secretary 
instructed to notify Mr. Arthurs of the action of the 

Board • 

4. ,^-^o"prted frcir. the Board 
A Resolution was next precentea ir 

' ' ■ ^ .^^ that a stable be built adjacent 

o ..u ...^sc: of Supervisor, reque^^tmr that a 
'^^ ;o the present Stadium for housing trotting and pacing 


owing to the ahsence of Co™..iBS loners Hur.phrey 

.nd 3prou.e th. Board deferred action on this HesoX^'.cn 
^Ul their r.tum. Secretary instructed to so notify the 

Beard of SuptrvlBOrs. 

Uton Motion of Ccnmlssioner Cm»B.ings. duly 
— ■ „,ed hy Co..iSBScncr Sprec.els. the Board .as of the opinion that the heating syet™ now in the 







: W'. 

Exit Bim^ 
in IH^ 

, wae presented fron, noya C.S.a^ 

^v. Park be lal)elea with 
^n — 4+p from tne r»rK w^ 

hie valuable sugge superintendent UoLar.n. 

iRnad m the handi. o^ ="!■ 
has teen placed in ^^^^ ^^^^^^ 

i letter fro. Cif^ Attorney Ge.rf 

_.. fl Pmmt',' ox 

^cfty^n'-''^--^-'- d .ree..ent between the Olty ar.d Count;, 

°St?Ballvmy for proposed .gree. „„^et Street Eallway for t 



proposed .gree..ent betwee. - ^^^ ^^^ 

.... =r,a the Uarket Street 
San ^ranc.B... -.• ^^^ ^^^, p,„.nt to 

, ^^ n-^ the stadium site pr y 
lease O;. xae 

the Boardt sprectele. duly 

Ut)Oxi motion o. ^ 

.a«icner Cumminge. this ^gx 
eeoonded hy —^ ;'^;'^^^ ^^^,, ., p.r. Oo™..133i oners 
,^^..ously approved y ^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^..^loner 

euhject to iegtij. 

^ -pnr the Board • 
Humphrey Attorney for ^^ 


E^T.enhtures; ^fil*-^^- '^£74. ^•--"-'■^ 

^^^""^ , .or the month of J-roiary 

,upt. ButtB' rerort ^^^^^^ 

, v.. .^q. Ar.oroved ana 
^e reua to x..w , conoiA- • ■ ■ 


:,,,.ren'. r,.por. „„, and 

, to thr, oo-maiseicnera: m 

" * " +rt "he sen' ' 

ordered pxt^vjt . uu 

tJ-aut* i-'-'-i- 







'^m '^^M'- 



l ()S4 




'1 f 

U.on motion 0. s.perWtcrient 

-— ^.on motion c super interment 

^^^^^^ ' • - ^Becondod ^y ^^°^^'''' , ,, enter into an ^E 

t'-^T.';^: ground . ^^Laren v/&e ^ ge of t..c 

^^-^^^''l-t Vucreto. ^. ^'^'^ for tUe ^ -^ ant 

,.v. -nll^" * ^ tv. new swV'^^^'^-^^ *° , 

'" . g,o.>na aal.e^-* ,, between 

Great lU?t>'«^y ''^' , ,, j, sorr t= *« '"^ 
and tli'« °' „ and '.nlK^** *■ 

jeot ^0 ^^'^ the Boara. uP 

S«mi*r<=y' . -ore tlie 

-V.ere ^eing ^^ ^^^ 4;40 ^. 
Board tUe meetiA- 


1 1 











or TH 





The regular mating of the farlc Conmisalon 
to h, h.M Thursday. Baroh lat. 1923. ,a. postponed 
on account of the lack of a ,uoru,.. 




44 f 

agMpt* *•■'•• --•<.ffl<^»»» . •-»• 


:j^ f I 

8axx yranotsoo, Cal. 
MaroU 15. 1«5' 

n.. meeting of tHe Board of Park 
It a regular meexinB 

. >.eld in the office of the Board. Park 
Co^iBSioner. .el ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^.^^^ 

.edge, aolden Gate park. 


I tj i 

present were: 


com. Wm. Sproule 
S A. B. Spreoicels 
• U. E. CunmingB 

PreB. H, neiBhhacker 



t to .«oh CoMDlBBloner. wer« 4ulJ 
0, .-nic. -er. s.nt ^^^^^^^ ^^^^ ,^^^,^ 

«4ortea as the mlnuteB 

16th. 1923. ^^^^^^, 3.,^est .ae 

Heiguto .ap-- referred tu ..upx. 

The matvcr "«*" 
UcKlnley Square. i" ^ 

UcLaren «lth full POwer to ec . ^^^^^^^,,„„ „f tw 

eatste of Johanna Auguata E»Uy ^^^^^^^^ ^„, 
,0 the oo:» aa. ordered filed 
etracted to ao^owled.. reoeip ^^ ^_ ^^^^^^ ^,,,,. 
, letter -ae pre-ented^r ^^ ^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ ^„, 
,„, to waterproof certain por ^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ,,. 

.V, « H BeYoung Memorial » ,„ 

of the U. B. B« ^„I.aren -ith « 

Batt«r has heen re-crr 

to act. ^^^^^^ „<;ue.t- 

, letter was preeented from a. . ^^^^,,„ 

™itted to rent a ^^^^ *"' ^,t,r 

1„, that he he p.r.iUed ^^^^^^^^ ^_^„,. ,,. 

purposoB. upon motion cf 

,.„ referred to CO»«iBeioner Spre 






■ .«NW?!k!«*mW(%'^. . itm**- '«*' ' - ■-*??«*• 

II. T 



\ * 




'i » 


▲ letter was presented to the Commies lonert 
from the Department of Pu"blic Works stating that the 
sidewalk on Jackson Street fronting Alta Plaza was In 
need of repair* The Park Commissioners decided that 
the^ had no jurlsdioticn over the aidewalks bordw-ring 
any of parks or squares. Secretary instructed to notify 
the Board of Puhlio Works. 

A letter was p^resented from the Polk-Yan Wese- 
Larkin Distriot Assooiation regarding the statue of the 
Aquatic Park Project located at the foot of Van Nese 
Ave. Secretary to notify Polk-Van Nesa-Larkln Diet riot 

A letter was presented from William Corbln re- 
questinp that the park prorlde one more tennis court 
in Buena Vista Park. Upon motion of Commissioner Cummingi, 
duly seconded by Commissioner Spreckels. this matter was 
turned over to Superintendent McLaren with full power to 
act. Secretary instructed to notify William Corbln. 

A letter from the Bay View Promotion Assoc lat ion 
was presentea requesting the extension of water to Bay 
Tiew Park. Secretary instructed to notify Bay View 
Promotion Association Park Commissioners are awaiting 
the extension of water mains to that locality. 

A list Of budget suggestions by Mr. John UoLeren. 
superintendent of Parks and Squares was presented to the 
Board. Upon motion of Commissioner Cummings. duly 
seconded by Commiesioner Spreckels, this matter was lai« 
over until the return of President Fleishhaoker. 

The matter of the award for the punps for tb. 
fresh water Bysten at Municipal Golf Links. Lake Kercd. 

was next considered. The bidders were: 

Simonds Machinery Co. ^^Z^i[ 
Byron Jackson Works rqro. , . 
Krogh Manufacturing Co^_ 8960. ^^^^^^.d 
upon motion of Commissioner C^in^. ^^ {,, crC 

by Commissioner Spreckels, the J^J° "' 

Manufacturing Company - lowest bidder. 



"^ v 

:) f 





. h'. 

Ill tmHTiK I ^ ^ "* 

mi :^h|ii' 

f .: '. J 




A letter was presented from the Golden Gate 
Kindergarten Assoc Utlon requesting that the Park 
Oo^nlBSlonerB set aside a date for the presentation 
ceremonials of the Sarah B. Cooper Komorlal Fountain. 
Dpon motion of Conmlssloner Spreokels. duly seconded 
hy OonunlBBloner Cu»mlnfrB. the morning of Wednesday. 
April 4th. was designated. Secretary instructed to 
notify the Golden Gate Kindergarten Association 


A letter was presented from the Olympic 

S„lt water Company requestin. permission to croe. 

Golden Gate Park from 7th Arenue to site of the 

4»r.,. the T)urpoae of laying a oast 
Stelnhart Aquarium for the purp 

-«+«»T to the aouarium. Upon 
iron main to eupply ocean water to xub 

/« ..^*y-ira Aulv seconded by 
notion of commissioner Cunoings. duly 

OommiBSioner Spr.ckels. this request was granted. 
the exact location and depth of this ™in to be 
designated by Superintendent Uotaren. 

A letter ^s presented from the Point Lo.o» 
Xmpro,em,.nt Cluh requesting that the Board of .ark 
OoliSBioners maintain island parks in.titu e^ ^ 
property owners from Sth to 13th 

>. » oi- the unanimous opinion that this 
The Board was of the un „„r,.ren «ho 

,U1 temporarily maintain the.e island P ^^^^ 

v««« Of same is aeoertainea. 

nnal disposition of this request wi 

, letter was presented from the =»^ „ 

, tion of Nurserymen recuestin, the coope 
Association ol kuxbc*/ ^^^^ ^^ 

„, ,.e park Cc™»i.Bioners in connection ^^^ 

™u n,.tter was referred to 
to ^8tb. 1B23. The matter «a ^^^^ ^^ ^^^ 

superintendent McLaren with full P<>*« 





1^ Hj 

/ /^ 



- s 


'^ « 

I H 




Heoeipts and BxponditureB- Uaroh Ist. 19ES. 

■ ^.. 4706.841.84 



^. read to t.. Co»n.i..ionerB: Approved and ordered 

copy to be eent to each Conmiss loner, 
placed on file. OOP? ^ 

curator Barron's reports for the months Of 

.„d February were read to the Commissioners: 
January and lebru > ^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^ 

Approred and ordered plaoed on file. 

eaoh commissioner. p^eented 

Board of Health report on -ater .ao P 

,, par. co^als.loners and ordered plaoed on file. 

to rarjt owuun ___t for the montn 

superintendent Molaren-s report i-or 

«,B read to the Commissioners. Approved 
Of .ehruary «.s read ^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ 

and ordered placed o4 ^i^^' 

. ■r^.rtrer IsuBiness before tne 
There being no 

A Bine die 4:30 P.M. 
Board tne meetinp adjourr.ed sine 





4 .... 

«Jl- i»^ 




i.iy *\\t iiij 

r' >9 






\f 1 

3 r r. 1 an, S nayX _L 


San Francioco, 
April 5th. 1923. 

««*,tinp; of the Board of Park 
At a regular meeting o^ 

^v, r.rfAc» of the Board, 
v,*»id in the oil ice 
Coz^i.eion^re. held ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ 

park Lodge, Golden Gate Parle. 

192?. ^ ^^ FieiehhaoVer 

present were. ^ ^^^ sproule 

« A. B. SpreckeiB 

N M. E. CuEcmingB 

« W. ?. Humphrey 

^■r t^e previous m-eting. 
The minutes of the pr 

«.nt to each Cornniesion^^r, were 

+ -ri ftB the minuteB wa 
duly adopted as 

Uarc. X5t.. ^^;;-^- ^^ ,,,, ,,,eou. Bluest «, 

The diBpotiition 

referred to Coi3r.i->Bion-r , . „. i:iU«r 

^ ,,,,er «a. P-aented rro» J. 

of a Ser«iHn Sha^l frc» the 
«^ueetins the return of a 

i'-«-nriHl Muaeuffi. 
U. H. de ^oung ^en.r^.l ^^^^_ ^_^^^ 

«t4on of CoinmxeBione. 
"'°".„-.H.^pnrey. curator Barron 

. A to r'turn said snawJ . 
,a. instructed to ^ ^^^^^ 

,i„r.d .y the Con.,i.olonera ^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^_ 

^ eo..unioatio. fro. A. ^- ^^ ^^^^ 

, _- froir. trie i-'*''' 
oented re^uestinK P*™!"^ ,i,, roc«r 

*-T» fiji escalator 
Co.,mi.eioner. to In.taU an ^^^^^ ^^^^^^_^^, ,„ 

poir.t on the Sreat Hl«..ay to 

S.tro H.i^t.. ^,^,„.,oner Hu.p.rey. ^"^^ 

upon motion of thlB request 

ond.d ^y CcanU.lo"" SpreoKels. 

,ag denied. jfj, a.I- SP'""' 

8,oretary Inetruoted ^^ _ ._^,,„ 

,. ,, vn. parte Co:™iBBlonerB .. ■ ^^ 

i„ jer.on tn. _ _ __^,, ^,„ „.ltMr a.- 



over the Sutro p 

,s fh«» 

ranting o^ ^^*V / 




^^^'» 13 



i t •* 

Spanish Kites 
at Beaci^i,. 

ei I 

ii .(J I' 

lilt Mhi 


Drinlcing Fountains 
Haight Street En- 
t ranee.;. - 



- Honolulu 

.w«e?^ ^ 

A l.tter wa. presented from Ed«ard Kaeca 

4„»<«n t.o flv Soanlah Kites at the 
requesting permiesion to iiy "V 

Beach for advertising purposes. 

Upon motion of Commissioner Sproule. duly 
eeconded .y Coonissioner Sprec.els. this request .as 


secretary instructed to notify Edward l^sss 


„ r,^«B«nted from the Grand Jury 
A letter was presentwi* 

o + *^ that mor* drinking foun^aine 
in which it was requested that mor 

, . .t the Haielit Street entrance of Golden 
■fee placed at tne nmsi 

Gate Park. 

upon ..otion of Cor^lesioner Sproule, 

V, r„,m,iBE'oner Cumnines. tl^i" "»" 
duly seconded ty Coraiise.oner 

r.ferred to Superintendent i:oUr.n .Uh 
muni<:ation was referrea ^ 

full power to act. t, m« 

<• „,. \^vor Janet. Rolpl^, Jr. »»• 
A letter from Vayor ja" 

^ .H nf Park CoirmlBSicMrE. in i^hK* 
presented to the Board of Park 

letter from the Honorable El^.n ^ !*•■ 
he quotes a letter ^^^^^, 

supervisor =f Honolulu, asking for any 
«.t .h. park com^iseionera .ay hav^. 

Upon motion of Coraniesloner sp 

, ^«n«r SBreckel.3. this r*4"«»* 
duly seconded ty Commissioner Spre 

was not granted. panor, 

secretary instructed to notif> 

.he l^ayo.. there were no animals to spare 

* «vr w A. Bvans was r^ - 
A letter fror. H. a. «• ^^ 

f, ^pound ^'® ^'*" 
,n Which he requested '"^^^ ll^^' ^ ^^ .....nin.. 
,,,,,, ,.,„. children coul. do thoi 

upon motion of Co..ission,r .^ ^^^^^^^ 

,.d V," Conmieoioner Oummint^s. 
duly seconded b^ i-o™ 


• r 

was referred to Supe 

„^„ioner .--. ^^,„ 

rlntendent Kcl*ren with 

to act. 






*' » 



"^-"I^--- ''Iff" 




ii^^ 8 4 






r i I 

Marjc -pj 




ie at 


There was next presented to the Board of 
Park conrniissionere a conmiunication fron Jeesie 1. 
Hooke. Head Care-taker at the «. H. de Youn, Eemorli 
Uueew... and also one from W. E. Dennis, General 
Utility Kan. requesting Increase in salaries. 

Upon motion of Commissioner Sproule. duly 
seconded ty Commissioner Humphrey, the »,atter of 

• „ o+ fiiA r. H. de Young Memorial 
increasing salaries at tlie L.. n. 

o. -rpferred to CornmisBioner CumminfeB with 
ItusemL was reierreu uu 

full power to act, 

A letter was presented from D. L. Beard. 

■pwiniz the date of financial 
Napa, California, fixinb tne 

^ ♦>,• Marx Bequest as May 15th. 1923. 
distribution of the Uarx i^equ* 

Ordered filed. 

A letter was presented from the Board of 

f th. City of Oakland requestiniS 
Park Directors of the Lliy <" 

t,o female silver pheasants. 

upon motion of Commissioner Cumminss. *uly 
.eoonded .y Commissioner Humphrey, this request 

was granted. furnish 

superintendent Hcl^ren instructed fu 

. of park Directors with two femal^ 
the Oakland Board of Park vi 

silver pheasants. 

The »-*tter of erecting a 

♦ „ttln- and pacing horses «aB ne/t 
stadium for trottin. and P ^^ 

aiscussed with th. Health Committee of t.. 

'"""r"*motlon Of co^lssioner Humphrey.-'- 

Upon motion oi „,ttor ^as 

•t- this matv«i 
„oond.d .y co^lseioner Sproule. t ^^^^ 

„f.-r.d to superintendent Mol^ren to. 
,iaeratlon and a detailed report. 






. ff 

«e»m» ■ Ji— 

xvnweiO'v -f-». 







1 '**•%•' 

ll > 




LeavQ of A\)3ence 
qimt. McLaren ;_, 



. n 



Budget for the fiscal year 1923^1^24 w " ' i 
discusBed by the Board of Park Oommlasioners. -. ^ 

Upon motion of OoramisBioner Humphrey, 
duly seconded by CommisBioner Spreckels , it ifas 
unanimously resolved that the budget be held in abey- 
ance until the consultation with the ilnance Committee 
of the Board of Supervisors at 12:40 P; M. Wednesday. 

Ipril 11th, 1923, 

Upon motion of Commissioner Spreckels, 
duly seconded by Commissioner Humphrey. Superintendeiit 
McLaren was granted four months Leave of absence from 

Jime 1st, 1923, 

Receipts and expenditures - Ipril let, 1923 

Receipts: *''^^»l!Mt 

Bxpenditures: Bfgfgof'Py- 
Balance ifin.UiM' 

Above ordered filed. 

Ouretor Barron's report for the month of 

M«ch presented and a copy -ae ordered to be eent 

to each Commissioner. 

superintendent Mciaren's report was read to 

t.e Ocmnl.Bloners. ApP-ed and ordered filed. Copy 
to te sent to aach OoramisBioner. 

Oonmiasioner Bumphroy then offered the 
follo-mg resolution -hich ,.s nnanimously adopted 

"^ *'" ""'^^.HBiS. Mr. ana Mrs. Herbert neishhaclur 
in addition to the many other notaUe ^fte beeto.ed .y 
• t.e; on the City and County of San .ran.isco. pre^ente 
to Golden Gate Bark eight hundred ra» orchids o 
.l,ty.eight different varieties, a splendid addUio.^ 
the orchids no- in the Pari Conservatory. « ^ ^^^ 

estahlishing the conservatory collection as one o- 
.... _..,.,-Ki= i„ c«lifomia. now. therefore, be . 






I' - * > T i w p i 



'4tt« -,f 





.. ( 


If t. 

BE30I.VBD, that Mr. and Hre. H.rterx 

^,t t. and the aar.e la herety gratefully ac 

^ ^^ nf Park OommlsBloners for and on De- 
copted Dy the Board of Park 00 

^ rnnntv of San Francleco. and be it 
balf of the City and County 01 

further ^neetjting this collection of 

RESOLVED, that in accepting 

orchids. ..e Board of Park Corn^iaBionerB of the C ty 
r tv f San Fr..ei3C0 ackno.led^ their appreciation 
County of san jo- -^ , ^ +Vfiir 

. interest in GoUon Sate Park and their 
of the donors' interest 

.„^ Ata Institutions , and oe ii* 
loyalty to San rr« and its 

'^*'"'' .V . this resolution he entered t^on the 

HBSOLVED. that this resoiu 

eented to Hr. and Urs. Horhert 
, . ,he matter of, transfers a, Sloat ^d 

Ihe matt r oi „ " ^ ... -.-vet Street Railway 

,j.,,,far^ to Hen Boulevards hy the MarKei; 

gu-...lP'-l 3«in-.>r,in«Junipero Serra B j^^eisco. t-as nert 

rooli „a the MunloipaX Eail^ay of San Franci 

« ^ /N-p Park ConanisBionera. 
discussed h, the Board of Bark ^ ,, .^ 

Tlpon aotion of Co>»issioner Hu^hrey. duly 

nrr^irxffR the Honorahle 
seconded hy Co^nissien.- o^in«. , ,^^,3,,oners. 

», . v>,.^tBr President of the Park i-o 
Herbert neishhac^or. P ^^^^^^^^^ ^..^d 

,.s requested to present this matter 

.f.v. their consideration and s'JPP" 
of supervisors for their con ^^^^^ 

,here heing no further business before 
the meeting adjourned sin. die '^*^^f-j^ 


.W ".^^ 



^ 'I 








mm> '^^ 






•■ i 







»; ' ' 


'• ! 

'' 'l» 

MaoMJ... ca~- 'A' 


Minute? adopted 

/ tj ^ = Vfc'^ 


1- 1 

«liw#» "^ 

San Pranciseo, Calif. 
April 19th, 1923. 

At a regular mietlng of the Board of Park 
Commissioners, held In the office of the Board, Park 
Lodge. Joldon Gate Park, Thursday, April 19th. 1923. 

Present i»ere: 

Pre 8. H. Plelshhacker 
Com. Wm. Sproule 
* A«B. Spreckels 
" M.E, Cunralng-s 
" Y;.P. Humphrey 

The minutes of the previous meeting, copies 
of which were sent to each Commissioner, were duly 
adopted as the minutes of the meeting held April 5th. 


The disposition of the Hideout Bequest was 
held in aheyance until the next regular meeting of 
the Board of Park CommlFSioners. 

A letter was presented from the Point Lotos 
improverr-ent Jluh requesting peml.sion to hold a picnic 
in Mountain Lake Park some time during the month of 
June, and the occasion to he known as the official de- 
dication of the completion of Uountain Lake Park. 

Upon motion of Comissionor Humphrey, didy 
seconded hy Commissioner Cummlngs.the request of 
Point Lohos Improvement Cluh was approved. 

A letter was presented from krs. .^ary Salter. 

j_ pAiory^ 
Clerk at the Museum, requesting an increase 

Upon motion of Commissioner Humphrey, duly 
seconded hy Commissioner Sproule, CornmiPsioner Cumm c 
and Ou^itor Barron of the d. H. de loung Muneur. were 

... ..... ^rsfl -^r^rrt Gt the 

appointed a Committee to inv«oi»x^.^-- 

A «-p P«rk Co-.Tii^sioners 
next regular meeting of the Board of ParK 
on the subject of salary raises at the Museuii,. 





Hflxt was presented a request from Miss 

M. B. Falman, Accountan' , for six weeks' leave 

of absence. 

Upon motion of Commissioner Humphrey. 

duly seconded by Commlsoloner Sproule, Miss m.B. 
Pal mm was granted nix weeks' leave of absence 
with pay to take effect Monday, April E3rd. 

Corrjnunicationn frc" Rev, Joseph McQualde 
and Chief of Police Dani 1 j, O'Brien were pre- 
sented to the Cc^miasloners requestin.]- the re- 
moval of the statue erected In honor of the 
Spanish American t7ar Veterans situated in the 
cent'^r n-^ the terminal of Van Hess Avenue at 
Market Street. 

Commissioners Humphrey and Sproule were 
appointed a committee by ' resident of the 

Board of Park CorimlrtBionerB to investlratt the re- 

motil of all statuaa from Market Street, and to 
ocate a fiuitatle oite or sites for all statues so 

A Itttor was presented to the Board of 
Park CorailsB loners ro- th o Material Teamster's 
ion ino. .16 encloslTi, a • ; , ^mw 

iBters and Chauffeurs wa^e sca'e, and a copy of 
ir froa tba Indurtrlal Assoc iation of San 
• roving this now iBage scale, 
Michael Casey appea eraon'^lly 

and made a strong plea • .,.n i^,^^ 
[tent and Ohtafftore' wu 's. 
OoiaralBeleBcr USB&ph: - 
^nor CymmiMgB, the matter 
^tom mxA ahatiff*^r.g 

•ith full 




ilPWii¥ ifiM 

•I!' ■ • 

i »!i'\. 

' • •■||;Stl•^' 


Mia- M» B. F nj^r^n^; 


lert nae presented b request from Misa 
M. B. Pairman, Accountant, for six weeks' leave 

of aljsenoe. 

Upon motion of Oommlsaioner Humphrey, 

duly seconded by Commissioner Sproule, Miss M.B. 
Palrman was granted six weeks' leave of absence 
with pay to take effect Monday, April 23rd. 

Communications froTi Rev. Joseph McQuaiae 
and Chief of Police Daniel J. O'Brien were pre- 
sented to the Commissioners requesting the re- 
moval of the statue erected in honor of the 
Spanish American T7ar Veterans situated in the 
center of the terminal of Van Nees Avenue at 

Mark -it Street. 

Commissioners Humphrey and Sproule vsere 

appointed a committee by the President of the 
Board of Park Oommlflsioners to investigate the re- 
moval of all statues from Market Street, and to 
locate a suitable site or sites for all statues so 


A letter was presented to the Board oi 
Barl. Oo"i.l.slOT>er8 from tha Material Teamster's 
union „o. 216 onclostog a copy of the new 
TesBstars and Chauffeurs wage scale. »* - ^^ "' 
a letter fron the InduBtrlal Association of San 
Sran-lsoo approving this new ^r-age scale. 

Hr. Michael Oasey appeared personally 
V-o- tv. -Borri ^nd »ade . strong plca for «n in- 
,r.^... in the lea^sters and Chauffeurs, wat-o. 

upon motion of Oom^l^sioner '^^^''''' '^^^^ 
duly seconded hy Co^insloner CummlngB. the natter 
of increase in .ages to Teamsters ar.d Chauffeurs 

^ -« -iiTiprint indent McLaren ■."i-B - 
was rc^-Ti'-jd to oupcrinu-u -•-' 

T'O^or :o act. 

^ o . 







J I I i iwr 


I I 



# > 



<> I 


A porov-r. proT^ofl^lJ 

proposals were presented to the Board of Park 
Coniinissioners for the following material: 



12-, 000 

H 3 E 

Pacific Mill & Mine Supply 
Pioneer Rubber Mills 
Ralphs -P^e^ Company 

Ralphs-i?u€^ Company - low Bidder 

;^,21 par foot 
.188 " " 
.17 " " 

n , 


lo. sr^-ro^a 

L, ^o -' 


110.000 sq. ft. Edward L. Soule Co. 
•^"^ • „ S « Wiclcwire Spencer Co. 

5.13 T)er 100 sq.ft. 
5.20 « " " " 

Edward L. Soule Company - Low Bidder. 

' 1 


34rftrd L. Soul6 Co. 

raad bi^: 

i / .S. Blocsri 

c 'Jo, 



156.000^ TrucBon Steel Company 

» Badt-Falk & Company 

•• Edward L. Soule Company 

« Metenhall 

3.571 per ICO lbs. 
3.57| ■ " " 



Edvrard L. Soule Company - Low Bidder 

E. S. Burgess 

We&tinghouse 31ec. Mfg. Co. 

3«^airbinlc8 -Morse Company ^ 

Butte -Electrical Equipment uo. 

Alii s -Chalmers 

General illectric Company 

U. S. Eloctric Company 


U. 3. Electric Company - Lor Bidder 


SO.OOOf Hjd rated Lime 
C. I. Chubbuck 

• Co-ellB . _^ 

* Holmes Lime & Cemnnt Co. 

ex. Chubbuck - Low Bidder 


'jlrac^on Laboratories 
Dwan & Company 

20.00 per ^^J 








^ „ T,4 ^ Jiay 

Trucson l^iboratories - a^' 




GUm BID .^3TO«e<Ll025 




|2.90 yard 

.pon motion of Oo^iselor.or H»pT>rey. duly 

..sionar 3prao^el3. Superintendent Mo.aren 
Booonded ^y o ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ ,,, 

,aa authorised to enter 

+«T.^ftla required at tno p--^^ 
bidders for the materials 

..p.rlnt,ndent«cLaren.3.un-=t.B. .- 

fcr the 11 - •' 
board : 

rrti<^an Oate Park 

Imall Pa^- ^^Squares 

?reaiaio Parkt;ay 

ireat m&^^o^i 




Lairc Merced Golf Li^^^- 

Balnea Par.^.^Conetruetion Orour.s 


Widening Great H-C^^^ Boulevard 

HeatinE ttuseuffl 
Con^p-ni nee Stations 

Meadows v 

Planting UB^oln ParX ^^ ^^^^^^^ 

•ftlV - "rd Ave. ^o iwi' 
**"^ Parle 

BeacV cnia 3t 

Watnr Pipe 

Bath House . nerced 

Itlf alu^H.^« -^^T.*3.eEerc 


— 59 5* OCT" 








Roaas ^w --" "i construction 


0.nd .otal rarlcB ^^^,,3,, H»»pV.. 

.pon -otlon of ^^^^ ^^, 

.>„^ w Gom>r.iPBloncr Sprout 

^3,i,,to «aB approved V t^- .... 

.., ordered preeentod to t.e Board of 






• ! 



• /' 


( t 

%4:A?i ^vfe^Wf «f^«" ■■ 

M i*^' 










Superintendent Butt*s report for 
March 1923 was Bubmltted to the Boara of Park 
OommlsBloners and imenlmously approved. 

Ordered filed. 

A proposal was presented from Mr, 
C. W. Parker offering to install a spiral slid 
at the Children' s Playground for the sum of 

$1000. CO. 

upon motion of Connniseioner Cumminga. 

duly seconded hy Commissioner Sprecl^els. Super- 
intendent Butts was authorized to expend .ith 
Mr. C. W. Parker the sum of *1000 for the 

^-^,^■r^ flPlivery. and installation 
complete construction, delivery, » 

of the proposed spiral slide, provided this 
spiral slide he made safe for small children. 

A letter was presented fro. Hr. Edward 
Eransten, President of the Lincoln Park Golf 
Glut requesting that the present tules no. in 
use at the Municipal Golf Links at Lincoln Park 
he officially approved hy the Borrd of Park 

A -vpt an additional regulation 
Corrmiasioners, and ohet an aaax 

he ported prohihiting caddies or other un- 
authorized Individuals to sell ha^ls on the go^ 


upon »on<,n of Oo^l.^lo"- Sproule. ^ 
luly aeoo.aod by Oo^i.eion.r Cu^mee. t»>«^B^oar 

of Park Co^lseloners uBatdmously aioptal th. 

fo: lowing golf regulations: 

m players »uetpro=ure^*^f^,Lr''iU 
monthly. carlBfrorn^tbeJ^art 

he periDAwwC" ^^ -••- - 


Players must be "8iE*«" reclster' ■ 
so-es or roursoTnes. Any pls?" ■»»? "6 ^ 

.6- \ 







' *••{ b,n ^"f« •«« 

•T^^fs may 



« a^ 


. ^ 






(.S. >J 




Golf J.eigulation! 


ralhirrer he IB regletenne. 

nnTTRSB HEG\3LA'rX01ii3 

the course. 

Wome:, wearing hl^h heeled shoes ^ill not te 
peraitted on the course. 

4.v« -p-i -rnt and fourteenth fair- 
,^3 ,e^X:iroImt:ro"rJu^a.e. su^aaye an. 


n-rsoftTTie or jj'oursorie losing 

^pfa^e?l%oUof-rnrt^o co.e through. 

Bach pla.-er of the ..oeo.e or .ourso,e ha^n, 

. nr,o or "lore clear holes ahead 
Any match having; J^^ °',,?in to fO i:hroue;h. 
of ther.7nust alio.- match tollo^.in. 

l^j^^jH rinal Hule 

...Chase Of e^-^^^J^^.^^^^ 
!??rte"suecrtrt;spfnefor. fro. the course 

„u^ he'^r^ct'^o^i^rpfnff f^ti^rrou^"- ^ ^^^^^^ 

..eept .here local rules »a, ^^^ ^^^^^^ 

letters were presented from 

-«^i-oBtin the coara 
casual:, Conp^i" re^ueetin ^^^^ _^^ 

4-^ ^^-ficially release aiJ- 
ComTr.i..-:oner8 to officially 

- u flt» Youafe i^iemorlal »ue 
employee, at the «. a. de Yo , 

for .hi or, the .e. Amsterdan. Oasualt. Co.. 





.^. ^9' 

i . 






i ! t *<-. 







I; r 





> r 


Con^i.slOT,or Humphrey t^.oB offera' 

aaopted ty th« B"^"^*' 

mS-EAn. for t,h purp^^ of thl« :o.>- 

mission '"^i**"'^,, l„a aceeptlr.f a suli^titU 
"^rSot^cS^an^o ?o./for all o -"-^ 
and not a^^r!^,^ conmifrlon on o ^^-^^ 
employee, thx. ^^;;^^,., i92n. approv^a 

ana a^c-eptea ^^^^^^^^^ept ^ adorers, for 
tie ^aitV-ful perforrn^.oe^^ ,,^.^ 
in such sum ae ''^°,;^^^« ^,tth sureties 
med hy this ^^^-^^^^^^^i^v/saia bor.3 rae 
as provided ^y^^^'Ji/Ml-or of t>o City 
till approved ^y^^^^^,.^^f,eo ur,.^ fil^^a ,^ 
S't^e"o^^-oftL Auditor 0^ saia Oit. 

ana GouTty; and 

WHEPKA.. said Be. ^^^te^aa. Ca^aU. 
Coinpany has A^^^^^^.^rof the said Vends 
I'forZl -^ll^i:,\fl.U company -;e; 
l^eretofore J^^^t^i^ e^loy-^B of thle com 
half 0^ ar- %.^!^4,orS i,e it 
ffilf.sior., nor the.-o.oxti 


i. +-vn tiflc'^otsry 


ooisnlF^ior. ^e an«^_ ^ ^^a rieouta o' 

,1 «..- 

^^^^^..^^^ciUvrvlT^ of eisployeps ),' c^^.^,. 

coTrMo^ioTi hy -^^^,,f execution o- _,. ^ 
company and upon the ^^ ^^.^ 

ths City sJ^a Coun .. o ,, ^, fi ^ ^ 

his approval ard the- -a^ ^^ Q^^y ■ 
^UMththc J-i^- a'certifiea/op. 0. 

the marVo or sai^ pomri-"- 
Hoeter'- ". = ,.,.11. Co...p. 

IZ. C^^-ity CO.P.-.: 

f Corani ? " ' '' 

Upon motion o 

dul; seconded hy Co-n 
.,,yurTTpha^l'ope«a8 appoin 

lior.o^ , - 

^I'om Jul. 

"I T 

(^ - P. 

a " 



of *; 


r atn^^' 




4 ^-^ 4- rt ^ as 


^t eu^Ji 

^c*- ' a 

^-000 per annuiT! 






' «?!■ V r.; »»«*j»*K«««*^' -t- aWU l M 




?., m. It 


liilii' ^ 

i ■ 




il } 


■ V 

1 'k 



T' ll-ot Boojieil: 

4 • 

. > ' » '' 


«»,». appointments are to temlnate at t> . 
pleasure of the Boara of ParV Co~,,nie3ior..,-3. 

preeiaant HorVert n^ls^hacl^^"- ^ ' =■ 

that tVo Board of Pa-V Conmissloner- - ul8 

pur<.>,a.e frcr P. W. ITer.l. fc Corpany of Ke. 

YorV on- e:<traor4inar7 ntxtecnU. c.ntu:? 

.,ranl->^ Alt^r ?rontal of red vrlvt. .1-- 

., \ - 'I I A" f o r S500G, 
7110" ride I; -' ^ -ui * 

Upon motior. ^ - .onuni 

^.fl hv Coininissionc- OurjnindS, ^fcc 
duly seccuflofl oy uo^juio 

loara of Pa-V Cc-.misaic- 

I) a - • 

V »-, r? I 

.T V,' -^Von offereS the 

-.v-irtVi ff'ftS vmaTiiTnoualy 
- - T,' r^jsolution. ??TilcTi 

aaopt ' ^ the Board: 

tequ-^athe^^: sum ^^^Z^^^^'.^^, ^ to the 

"^°y^^'"tfS''o'^ "ho^olra of par'. CO.. 
authorization o. .^^ ^,^^.,^. . ,a 

misaionern of th' ciiiy » 


FranelBCo; an* 

the Taltot PGquc3t of Si9.^'f » 

TaiilHEAS, it ^^.J^;,^^^at"^'- ;^f 
Board of Park Oo:^-J^^-, ,, . -M^ 
16000 Of said ^alar.. ^^0^ ^^,, y^^,-.u 


16000 Of said ^^^?^;^s"fo^%al3 K-o^.i^ 

to pu-Thase tapaetrles 

now '^liREFOKii, B^ ^*,':*;"v*'o"^ -' 
Cit^ ana County of ^m -J^ -- • 

..:,, school Bon^s o^^the^Cl . ^^ ^ 

^^^•^'^ ^"^4lt the proceeds '^ 
qv,Tn ar<^ that xno i" ♦ 

^.^"to the aff^Jop-tj" ^ 

*- 3 

of ^ar Franw.-.- . a^" ^ 
Tor the aforesaid punP^i 
alr-etion of the Pre^i-^-' 








'^i 4 





^^!5P '• *>»«.», ■. 

I -^ 




^> 1 ' It 


'. n 



' 1 


< I 



nd pacing 



."■V,,; >..,; 



Supervisor Welch eni a 
Oonunlttee fro^ tv,c «^an ?ran=ls.c 
BMvine Clu^. appeared before -■- 3card 
of PaA Co^ls^io.ers ar.3 requ-st- that 
a BtaDlo for tlic acco'^.oaatior. of T •' ': 
ana PaolnE Horse, te p.-orldea ^^- V . 
Park, adjae-rt tc the 


Supervisor WalcV. and tU 

= arr«d l?v th3 Prasiaent 
Co.riBittee i»ore assured t^. 

^ .^ - ParV Co-ral68iorer3, of 
of tV'3 Bca-^ - fai 

^^n-n ^^ the T'oara, and 
the cooperation .-^ ^^ 

. ..Humplray and Super in t^t^^ent 
Co-^jniBFionor Huiapi.>«j^ 

MaLaron i^er. appointed 

T.,..- '-'ParV COD. 
th9 PreBifl^n. c t 

■»-« ^-vi s maw v3r 
w»-«e-oionorB to inve» 

®"^^ ,v, ^- "' of ParV com - 

^a Import IsnV to tho 

4.V.T '-nv-i-tieation 
„l..lo..rB aa -co. as tv.o.r -n 

,ae completed. , ,,ipv. 

His Honor, »a*" 

^ n- ParV Co-^issio^^^ 
visited wr.f .^ ^ ^ . v, 

at 4-.4C P. M. a"" •- 

pen-ltted to o'fer the fol". - _^ 

eolutlon for *e .on^Uor 

neldat areatmG^-^^^.,..,^cn 

BowAovard ^^.^^H^rl. Cor..- , . . 
^y the Board of Pa^ ^v. 01-. :: 

county of ^^an ^r^ e^f^^t , , 

of P^ - 


of the poopl« " _' 
)f <ian Frfr.cieoo, -^ 
4.y.n* the numerous . - 






X «^' ^ ^ 

A* ^» 



A .. ..-.- , 

•^*li(.»<W»1fc*.- HjWPWiWWW 

t^t \ 





jjS^^/ ^^ ^ i^ 

i^^ij^t— ■■* " - ■ " ' » » ' 

^N ^ 

'J. m 







Vi', k 



_,i ^ 




|l**5lBP^:»r^. '"iw-'- 





> ;. 




anfl there "by faoilitate tho movar.ent 
of traffic at thst point. 

Upon motion of COTfimipeioner Sproule, duly 

Becon?.ea "by Commissioner Cummin£:s, tha m-?.ttor of re- 

locatinr this statue was heia in aloyance until Coi:- 

missioner Hvmphrey consulted with ?.qi7, Joseph Mcl^oade. 

CoirjQissionar Oumminrs presented lolloping 

revised wa^o scalo for th- employees of the II, "ri. Se 

YgUTib^ Ma:aori£l Misauni: 


Bureau of t3uppli&8 
City and County or 
3ar ?rnncla_o^» 

San Diojo_Sooj_ 


Barron, Gso. H# 
Holme fl, Bli:-aheth 3. 
Kert^in, O^r.- -rlove M. 
Trost, He .. ^. 
Clanton, Oh-:.::. A. 
De'.nis, ?/m. 3. 
Walter, Mar^^ 3. 
Xgron.^, 3l9ancr M, 
Hooke, J'3 rio L. 
Leonard, Marie 
Morrisor, , Mar, are t 
Feterson, Jannie 'd» 
Kemp, Kathr-^n A. 
MoPayaen, Mar;- 0. 
Rci?£, Mario ii, 
'lannor, Sarita C» 
Severance, M* 0^«11 


150 ,00 



85. CO 

75. CC 



loner Cu 



ITpon 'riot 'or. of Co 
' ' \ i ionnr Sp' 

v- ar^nrovoa tha ehcva ra„8 




a -> 

1 1 

T> - -V rjo-ni-'^ioT^Grr r^i^ 
• a Coo ill ^ol-^ ■ ' ' 

Upon motion of Go .^.^i - - '^■' 

^ - ... 1 . 


.„ referred tc Br.eld.nt 

n>, 9«. mncLco PurohW. Ordln«.e, 

14.. «Afl dl8Ctt88«d ty tfi* 

ere.tlB8 • B«e.« »* 3»ppll»- — 


Opon -OUO. of Co»l-.lo»er 3pr.=X.l.. 

„a,« *y Oo»la.lo»»r sproul,. this -tt.r 

Board of Park CormisBioners. 

. «r-B«iit«d to the Board of P»rK 
Ibere wM pre sen*"** 

*. #*««, the Honorable John 
0.»laBlon»rs . r., from tbe 

M«or of th. City of 3« Dl-go. ""*« 
C^xiromla. r„u,.tln. tte .i« o. «», -rp 
or .««.lo.. fro» the San .r.noi.oo ^oo. 

Upo„.o..o.ofC.™-l»— ''— • 

a^, eeconaed by Oo ^^ o-ing 

„, denied *y th. board of P^k 

.. offlo-1 notific.Uon of U. receipt of fire 
of the official ^j^, 

. donare (#6000.00) pay"* 1» ^' 
thousand doUare .« a.ceaaed. to 

,,,.., of ..*ann.*^"H.U,«arx. 

the Board of Par. 0.».leelon,r.. 

u««m>trpv then OTierea wuw 
Cei-lBBioner HW^^^y 

v4.>. .ae uneniaously adopted 
following resolution .hieh .as un 

-* A* Park oonaii««^<>°®^* 
b, the Board o. Part t.,t«,.nt 

-f Johanna Au«u»ta B«1V J oorali el oners of 
::.\e,».athed ^0 the Part^^ f^rt^lnf h'S- 

S°"n'clsco for th'^'"'"! o7«" tSoJand 

"TJaid rx^'rs'etd'.ishe. of the decedent, 
out ■aid «^ ^,^_ ^v.^t t 

aid expr«ao^- 
P.r* 00»i:afn"%: JiJ 'Jd ere.t. .,r»n to h 

Parle consni °*«"7- ^ ^» and crea*" • - — - 







.- -.:*♦-■--; 

.** _^Tftr- 





2j j^ 


mSQVn^D, that the Secratar; of this 
Commi«:aion, in tho naine of the Con^.isaion 
endorse sai'i check and flGposit it vjitr the 
TrriEBurgr of the City arid Gourty of San 
Franc5«co to the credit of the PLrh CoTEiBsion 
in in account to he desif-nated the "Marx 
EeqU(3St," to he suhjoot to tho further order 
of the Be. :"■' f' Pa"'"'- Co "'■.1 rsionars o ." tho 
City and County . '^an Franeisoo, 

The following- resolution T.'as unrJiiT.ouely 

adopted hy the Board 

R7.S0I7ED, That I'ive Thousand (.;'5C00.„O 
Dollars, the !Jar:: Eocxuest" no*', on de- 
posit 7/ith the City and Count;y Treasurer, 
John Z, r.:cI)outMl3, he and is herohy 
ordered invested in C" V- and County of 
San Prancisco School • 'uj March l^t, 
19 4C, 3uhje?t tc the approv:^ " Herhert 
Flsishhac'^ier, President '--^ ':■ ^; ' -f 

"D,,^"'- n 


.-f T5 ^ r> V 

There was present.' ' "' ?^ 

C^ • -^) ^'^: .. of #1268*80 fo:- thr instal 

lation of rnirrilng hot water ^ ';^'j 
' ~ . ' . *_ .... Jourt Cl-^. -ac- 

cural or 

Barron' s 


Pol ■ - Huntin.-ton 

S. ^• 
Cli.h : 


;■. :o1"j:. Date 


Go ireio 


.ieeionor ^p- 

i r«,,p.. 

:^„ ,..-^ V 


j^.^\jr '^ • 


Upo . 

Co r 

.J ^. »■ - I 



J ^ 

Upon motion of Connaieetoner Oumnsinf-s, 
duly BecondeA ^ Qoi=oi6BioLu. 3proul^ , Curator Barron 
«aB granted tv^o re^'-^' vacation, aff^otive June 11th. 

The Bo- " '" Park Comr^iBaionyrr ordered 

the electric Ht.i*' P*- '■ • ^ 
romoTed and an on.sment-l one euhatitvt % 
Agsietant 3up ^rint' - ' •- '^^•- 

latlo! . 


- ^,,^,r - '.i:ore . ^ ^- PnrV Oott- 

..^ requeetea the Be urn ©▼•r tba Baafih 

Stahlos to the 3an TrRr . 
of th^-lr tro'tir 

St rue ted 

aib? c ' 

Hr. 7. -. '-' -- 

n that thl« 

■ TloncrL . ' 
should he held In 
t» 1 Mctaren f: 

nsa u 

April wt. . '- 
aa cid«r©4 tan'- 

\tSi i' A 





«« ordorf 



-f." ' 

a - 

ifc ■ 

•k • 


,% / 



7 1 T) 

Meeting Cglled: 

Minute 8 adopted: 

Removal of Spanish 
American War 
YAtflrnna* Statue; 

aetabl i * niflnt of 

Soo : ''^ ' ''- te 

San Trancisooy California, 

June 21, 1923. ! 

At the last regiilar meeting of the Board of % 
Park CoiamiflBionere, held in the office of th« Boart, 
Park Lodge, Golden Gate Park, Thursday. June 21it. 


Present werei Prea. H# Fleiehhacker 

Com* Ita* Sproule 
■ 1*B» SpreckelB 
• M«E« Cummings 
" W,F. Humphrey. 

The minutes of the prerioua meeting, 

copies of which were sent to each GoTmlssioner. 

were duly adopted as the minutes of the meeting 

held June 7th, 1923, 

There was presented to the Board of Park 

Commissioners a letter from the Rev. Joeaph P. 

McQuaide, Chairman of the Committee of the Spanish 
iiBerican War Veteran Volunteers, in i»hich he re- 
quested that the California Volunteer Monument no. 
at the terminal of Van Bess ivenue and Market Street, 
when removed, he relocated at the point on the higb- 
way now under construction, connecting Lincoln 
Park with the Cliff House Boulevard. 

Upon motion of Commissioner Sproula, 
duly seconded hy Commissioner Humphrey, the re- 

^ ,f i««^Aflrfl of which tha 
quest of the Committee of Volunteers, 

Rev. Joseph P. MoQuaide i» chairm... -s grante 

hy the Board* 

The ..tahlishment of a too in Goldsn 

Oats Park was next discussed. 


Conn true t Ion of 

Ho ' • -n3 P^th-fiayfl 

3, , .rt Aquarium-. 



Statements from the Philadelphia loo- 
logieal Park and the Xoological Board of Control 
City of St. Louis showing the annual cost of 
naintenance of their respective zoes were pre- 
sented to the Board of Park Oommissionore. 

Upon motion of Commissioner Sproule, 
duly seconded By Commissioner Humphrey, theee 
l.tters were referred to President Pleiehhacker. 

I letter from Mr. C. 8. Crunsky, 
Preeident of the California Academy of Sciencee. 
was presented to the Board of Park Conmissioners. 
IB which he requested that the Superintendent of 
Parke construct the roade and patb-.aye adjacent 
to the new Aquarium, and that the actual expenees 
of same he hilled to the California Academy of 


upon motion of Cornmleelonar Cuamings. 

duly seconded hy Commissioner Spreckels. the BoaH 
of Park Con^iesioners unani-ouely approted the re- 
quest of the California Academy of Sciencee. 

superintendent instructed to conetru.t 
the roads and path-.ays and hiU cost of same to 
the California Academy of Science.. 

fhere wa. presented to the Board of Park 

. ^- . mtter from Mrs. Annie O'Mara re- 
CoamiiBsioners a letxer xrwo' »* 

questing an increase in salary. 

the Board of Park Conr^iHSlonnrs were of the 

♦v.t tUP matter should h*« h«ld in 
wianimouB opinion that thlfi maxi.« 

^ ^ «-^ Superintendent McLereu 
abeyance until the return o. Suparmw 

from hlP leave of ahsence. 

^ - Mr. rn'^F Stathie was pre- 
4 letter from Mr. Gr.r.c a*-. 

.V »/»«rd of Park commiesloners requesting 
tented to the Board ox rarr. v. 






f-r Vfr 





■!^'!^ it 

i *■■ 

1 ■ ■ '' V. 



pexttlBBlozi to Isase a tea room frith o-^i^y and ice 
ore am priTilcgee at the Herbert lleiehhaoker Play- 

Upon motion of OommiBSioner Sproiile this 
request was denied* 

Secretary instructed to notify Mr. StatMe 
that the Board of Bark CommisBioners would operate 
all revenue producing enterprises at the Herbert 
neiBhhaoker Playground. 
Instillation of There was presented to the Board of Park 

S^ic!fl*l)?rCourse, OommiSBioners a letter from the Spring Talley later 

T.nVfl We reed: . -_ .. ^^ _* 4.- 





Incre^'"^ in Sal'^riee 
Curator Barron and 
Seretsry Lamb; 

_ lldRl 


Company requesting the installation of an adequate 
BBwerage system and toilet facilities in the new 
Municipal Golf Course at lake Merced, 

Upon motion of Commiesioner Humphrey, duly 
seconded by Commissioner Sproule. the matter of the 
installation of the sewerage system and toilet 
facilities in the new Municipal Golf Course, lake 
Meroed, was referred to Assistant Superintendent 
Clements with instructions to c«ifer tith City Engineer 
M. M. O'Shaughnessey and Mr. G* A. Blliott. Chief 
Engineer of tiie Spring falley Water Company. 

fhe question of Increase in salaries for 
curator Barron and Secretary Lamb was discussed. 

Upon motion of Commissioner Sproule. duly 
Beoonded by Commissioner Cummings, the Board of 
Park commissioners were of the un«iimous opinion 
that the following -alary Increases should be .ranted. 

effectlTS July iBt, 1925. 

curator Barron tH-^ -<^»i^'^ 
Secretary Lamb 26.00 

proposals were presented to the Board of 

, ^ -...-,«.-.«*.*• #Qy the furnishing of one five 

passenger sedan. 

- i 


■ »*.• J^-^iA 

• Hughson Co. Mnoola 

• « • 



Locomobile Co. 

Piercs Arrow ■ Pierce Arrow 

Cadillac Motor Cadillac 

Pac. lash * 












Supa rintem ent 
ButtB ' Rapoi't: 

SodaTTater Bid?: 

Itpgtinr A^^ourned; 

Upon motion of Commiee loner Sprec):elB, 
duly seconded by CoramiBsloner Sproule, the Don Lea, 
Inc., the low bidder, was inetrueted to furniBh one 
Cadillac Sedan for use of the Parir ConOTisBlonere. 
Superintendent Butte' report for the 
month of May was ordered filed and a copy sent to 
each of the CommieeionerB. 

Superintendent Butte presented the 
following proposals for^soda water to the Children b 

Quarters for a period of one year: 

landau Iconomic Syphon Co. per case (24) §.69 

Maieetic Bottling Worke ! . , -JR 

Orange Crush Bottling Wks. " ^ , *Vi 

The Club Bottling Co. , « . 6B 
Rathjen-Bggere Co. 

Upon motion of Comic el oner Humphrey, 
duly seconded by CommiPBloner SprecValfl. Superintendent 
Butts was authorlied to place a contract with the 
Landau Bconomlc Syphon Company, the low bidaer. subject 
to the agreement of the Purcbaaer of Supplies of the 
City and County of San Prancieco. 

-mere bein^ no further buslneaB the meeting 

adjourned sine die 4:30 P.M. 









«b . 


It IS 



•r •*" 





m \ 

l^ If* 


• m^ 


I' T 




1 ^», 


_1 , 

Mae*^l^^B Q"_- :.i_-L 

PAR K l_0 D O 



PACiriC ll«T 


or THE 




The rerular mpetiriL- '^■f the Park CommiPBione-e 
to ha held Thursday, July 5th. 192?. was postpor.ed 
on acccimt of the lack of a quorum, 

' Secretai-y • 


Mtmiolpal Golf 

J4X»« •" • ___ 

« Ik • 



:v ^lar Beet lag of 
-" rjo -^-lalono a, held at 

t^.n Boar' ^' ■?-■'"■ 

1240 Pin« Bttn^t, -^ar PrancHeo, Thursday, 

Jul, ir^^', l-^s:^. 

irrsient i».'r-: ^. '•■ S-^-c^- 

• A.B. Srrn-*- -^T 

• W.P, Hv ' 


the »1^^i 
eopl«» of ^hleh ii«»re ttr 
•.^.f** ^ 1 • adopt 

. • « *-^ ^ .. 4^ i ri 

irr h«14 Ju^e • . ■^• 

%9 mlnut«a o" ^ *' 

mv ft-Mnr: of tt» 

ooBplatiMi of tV" Munleipal Oo^ L*-- ^t 

•c ^iB«lon-ir C- 


f p r*"' ".i 


URanloiOki* op*"* 


to ■« 


irti^ of ^h« 

^ n«p Muni 
^ aetinf Sv 

' t forsnaji 




'.r' Cf 



— •iAi 

■■< f 

f<*-^ ;^ 

*hN -dlh^i% 

*c* v^ -» 

-m^-~^-A M^ 





i:y i 




i. ^k 


/ 1.. ' 

l\ Ua .. 

i[ ^M 


convenience Station^ 
Halght Street bh-'. 



■ !acu; 

5b9 aueatlon of OonvenieT-" Statione 
at the HaleM Street e.tra-nee to t.c par^ 
«.a in the vo^-^^ro. waB oonsiScred hy the 
Board of Park OonmlBSionere. 

Upon motion of Oomiss-:or..r Hur.pV.roy. 
4^y3eoor.aeahyCon.i-ion.-3proule. the 

Board of Par. Cow.iealor.ors authorised .he 
,^e»aiture of $6000.00 for *o eo.etrucUon 
0, a rnodcm Convenience Station «itV fu.1 
.e,era^ connection m the vie-:nit:_o-K 

iTfi-'crV.t Stroet ontran -c 

^ ' ,,0 Convenienco Station in the 

= a-aer-a "opalvod and plM^i 
janhanale iias o.aer a 

.^„'i-n."- condition. 
1,, a san.ta.. „., elements «»s 

10tir.o Superintend. 

-^or a -itort oa all 
instructed to render a - . ^ 

. „ .^.,, station, in the pa- a , .^- 

°°^ .tinr-ofthe -card o-?<i-^ 


-,^ the ?arl:-We3'*'^ 
• xettff from the r 

. , . ■ -on «8 present. a .o 

laproTemcr. a--- - re*i<>B"»E 

the Boai*4 c- ^» ^^^-j ■ 

«*«#nft " ^ "i**** ^^ 
that t)-; comfort ,^ ^ ., ,- r: 

tept open until 10 -.-C ■ • 



■ . .■» ■>-■.-■ ■* 


-, A -' *■ ' ' 

' V 


Gi^eralk around 

trlaii^'ular "■ ■'- 
Po?;eli St: 
SuroG t, *i -f 
A"vanufi : 

-i.,u Oolur;li^ 

1- : : Man 


i > II 

1 letter fraa the Korth Besob 
Fromctlon Aeecclstion requesting tbat a side- 
walk t.^ laid arcur^ th- triang:ular park at 
Powell Street, Union *?tr^et, ar.a ColumtuB 
Avonue, was present ^9 ^S^ o f Park 

CODiiiiissione rs. 

Upon — ^io^ '' Co ^.w jr Sproult, 

duly aaeon«!?a "bj' Oo-nmieeloner CusiEi , Tha 
Board r f Pari: Qo-i^mionevm ptferre^ thle 
CO nsnuni cation to -"oard " P- i? fcrVp, 

«• '" 'Tound fffff'TVfi* ' ' -n^er tfce 


Par': ^c^J^lSBlor.ers, 

Store ^/ar^ inu 
Horth Boaeh Aeecciatlon an* tc trtu^ncJ-t latter 
to the Board of Public fo-Vs^. 

There was praeon^ ^ ' -» ^»r* »* 

Park Co-J^lPBlonera a -• - * * >©» »• S, loiii 
In .^hlehtoo requ Bt'^^ tv -n^V. 't o^ ar 

aSdltional d: fc 



ttlOI " !*'- 

Court n. " ' 
t; rjon-l rlon- r Hu^pl^-'jy* 

i' ■ Ti«ttonel 
rjo 'oa«n of the 

^t« t^«f raqiMBt that a 

^ * <• w 

ro; ■ '■■• ' 

■ • co»T,ntlc: -.-attl. to b. U'-i lu^ust 

3rs aEo » - • • 

of Park Co *• 


■r ' ' * ■ ■ 

r f 

> <« 


' m,** %ii 

->•■ .-r 

V- -4 






: -v 








■ ifH'i: 


> T 

IB 1 , I , 

11 r- ■'' 





Duoce r 

Secretary Inotructad to so in form 
the intomational Association of Park 


There was presented to the 

Board of Parv Con-isoioners a report froir. 
Thonas H. Bo.l. . Auditor of thn City and 
county of San Franciscc, .tatinr that he 
had 3ust checked tho receipts .nd expenditures 
of the ParV. Co.mi..ion for the fiscal year 
ending June 50th, 19... and that the auditor 
chool^ed .ith the statement rendered ^y Miss 
V, P;.-v '-^ourtant, to th • cent. 

ordered nied. 

A letter rror ?>x^^v--ov Ralp-. 

McLeran Tsan present'-a to t^ ^ Bor.r' 
Cor^i.eione^re,.«atin, improvementoin 

Dttboce Park. 

w^.-^-'or o'' ConmiEsioner 
Upon ttowi.oT» u- ^v 

gprec^nlB. auly sgcor ■. '^ 

e...o.Ue. t.e e^..aiture o' .1000.00 -o- 
pa.,,rou... i«prc, at Bu.oce P.r.. 

T- •'»q.Ufl?t :or oa- - ■ ■ >' 

. -tra- 

'.••-r.^ o^ a^?ourt 

orair.ary eTP-r.s. of craSlr.r t' 

xr> -V - c "T np ?; ae ri e r , ac c ^' 
f^uporvi^^ors *20obo, nc 

Wa .tern Adaption Bi ^ 

^i 565 was nert ccn^ 

^4,^ -^ ^u miBslon^r 
Upon fflotior ■' -^ ^^ 

- ;, y., r^Q■ , 1 '■'•-• on jr 
Fujiphre:;, d^i^ »-^ 

o v..^^ in aheyan^" 
SprovQ.e, Uhis ...auu, 

\j- 1 i ^ i • 


BasecJill Cround: 

T»i Ic r: 

^.1^ 1 

A l^ttor fro) the Halght and 
Ashtury laprove'snr. t AEBoeiation was 
presen*:"'' * "> *• P.; nr-* ':^.f Park (3on- 
oipslor-ers reqtt»8ting that • grandetand 
t)e «r»-^''' "i* "■> r*^^'^ liaeeball f^urii. 

Upon motion of OorrimlfiSlon-r 
Sproule, duly BQCon«^*^1 by 0©TOml«f»i©n«r 
Cunmlfitr, *-'• ' rflquesit wafi d«Bl«d« 

There t-b" pro sen ted to tbc 
Board of Park ^o ;o— -" •• 1 '*■ r 

froT- Boardelcy, He - -ont and Taylor, 
Attorrseye and ^oursp''lo'*r at La , fu. 
fall Street, lew York, vhich was 
r<3ferr»4 tc Cor«1sator,*»r Humphrey. 

Secittary instructed to so 
ttotl^ BearflBley, Hu ' Ta^" " • 

Board of Parx Co ■l^•Pl0'■ ^i ' ^'^n 

f !V r V ; ' . - , . . ,J 

of 4rrd ' • and Fulton Stntt, re^uBBt- 

I • ' ■ ^ ^ ^olflwri Mt« 

Park at that puln ^ ' ' ' 

ITpor. OB of (^ loner 

Sp:-OUle, ',- ^ ^ ' ' • ^o 'OT^^T 




!« m 



- • 


f _ 




i^^i-.tftW^nT* * "■ 

T J. 





^ % 

'n «. 

■*" ''^ 


_* ► *■ 



< I 


ti i 



11' ■,:;'-'^#? 

^ "I 


it : ii^Mk 


Mg mo rial Entrance 
19th Avenue nnd LI r. coin 


f?a3 It Women's (golden 
^,tG Bowling giu^; 

Mcv... Pictur -6 

Wlnl-TTini- - Golden ^n 

Secretaiy Instructed to notify 

Mr. Treat to confer with CommlBS loner 

OuncBlngfl regarding same. 

The Board of Parle Ceamleeloners 

disoussed the erection hy Mrs. C. Brian l 

of a memorial entrance to Golden Gate PaA 

at 19th Avenue and Lincoln Way. 

Upon motion of Commlesioner Sproule, 

duly aeconded by Commi as loner Humphrey, the 

Board of Park COTnmleai oners were of the 

unanimous opinion that the Memorial Gate 

offered by Mrs. Brian ^be accepted by the 


The design, architecture, and 
aaterial to be used in the construction of 
this memorial gate to be subject to the 
official approval of the Bo^rd of Park 

Conmiis si oners. 

A cornmuni cation from the Women's 

Golden Gate Bowling Club requesting that 
gas be carried to the Bowling Cluh House, 
was presented to the Board of Park Com- 

missione tb. 

This matter referred to Oof.- 

inl3Bioner Humphrey. 

There was presented to the Boari 
of Park oonmlselonen, a letter from the Pethe 
Bxehange, Inc. requeotlne per^leelon to 
taka pleturea of Wind-niUB In Golden 
Oate park -1th glrle .trapped to one of the 


Opon motion of Oo™.i^8ion6r5prou-., 

duly aaconded hy Oomiseioner Humphrey, this 

St. M— ? 




««ueat ,ae denied by the Bo.^. of P..V 


'■ '■" ^*® P^ent. ' ^o the Board 
Of Pa- Comalealon,^ a i.,,,.. ,^,^ ^^^ 

Tod Hu^elns o- -.-.>, -^ . , 

^ ^ - wo af uon. (xny request* 

^^^t 5t. Mary. Park b. mai, axi Oriental 

t^on motlo: . '^ 
'P-o>-> , duly 8.00- ■ by ao™i.,lo„,r 

fer with m . « * p * 

•eport fi* 

Wi«re was prostr ■ ^^^ 

of Park Co'wleffio-t' .^p r. 7 -- 

■ ■ 1* 

parking epaea f rw winat Bo 

■ ,g 

new Mu- ^ '-,, - ^ . 


Upc- on of GenmilBsic 

- * *- *p * L r ■ n 

HwjnpLreyg t' . 

wore of 



6 't^ »' - V»s I 













! i 


Curator Irtiiu. i:p:.<3un Popt 
and Asriatant 
Phyllis Ack 


There f»a8 aiacoaeed ty the Bward 
of Par:^ CorsmlRBlc- "- "''■ ' -'^t^ of" th« 
serviess of Arthur Upbar^ Pope and Dr. 

«iylllB Ackemen. 

TJpo. motlc * CoBmiHBlosor 

HuEp^^T-ey, duly se80««t4 1^ Oo-mlasioner 
'^prackols. the Board r- p^r/ Oo^i 
authorized the 1. ' ^▼ol^i*! 

f\ai3 in the handi c " " 

Y ■ " 

* U' , ' -'- 

.,_... to iscFcrc. 

Co - 


'■ '^ 

offered *^^j^ follot^l'^t 

Rea. ' 

•»t 1 3h 

was unanimously a'^'T* 

■I by tt 

!• B©*r4» 

PC "' • 




A,-—. - . 

alBBler " , ^ 



Parte, r^. :•- ^ 
BOW in Europe • 
for Alpnent » 

l- \ : ■- ... 


■ Mri' . 

-'», are 

Pilaea of 

• ' r. . ^ • 


ftr ran *:«!*« ''^' ' 


■ ■ oa 

EIW1I3- " ^" 




1 , . r"^ 

P- ^ 

Coiii- '^^i* i'i - 


R ... •■• 


^' 1 

' . . - ' ■" , » 



• .. pe ur 

i I 








1 •* 

Jf ^f -tL- 









t w 





v'< il 





') k I 

jt I 



;i ^ 





Meeting Cal led' 

orricE ^»SrTsi555^ or TH 


Minutes ftdoptefl; 

The regular moctlnc of the Park ConunisnloT^ers 
to be held Thursday. August 2nd. 192?. was postponed 
on account of the Iccl- of a quorum. 



^ t'*^ vvs^ 


protection of 
Fedegtnme - Gr^at 

H " ■ 

San franciico, Calif* » 
Ittguflt 9th. 1923. 

of tha Board of Park Commia-ionari. bald 
at #240 Pina Street, San Francisco. 
Ihuraday, iu^uat 9th, 1925: 

praaent-ere: '/• "* Jl-'it'r^Sr^'' 

Com. !■• Sprouie 
" l.B. SpracVcela 
ft n, 1, Cummlng* 
• f. P. Humphrey. 

n,e .inutee of the prerloua aeet- 
mg. copie. of which were aent to each 
ComalB.ioner. were duly adopted aa the 
„lnutea of the seating held July 19th. 


1 coimunloauon w»» pr...nt«d 

f™, th. BcHrt of9up,rTl.or. r.,u..tln, 
th.t th. P.rt Oo™lB.10T..r. proTlie ao- 

th» lo«r «rlT. .f th. Or..t Blgh.ay .t 
Bight tl». f«» P-"^* .utomoMl,.. 
Bettor r.f.rr.4 to Ohl.f «« 

FoU8« Danl.l J. O'Hrfn. 

Th.r. »W priB.nt.! to th. 
»,.rt of F.rt Co».l^.l.n." . I'tt.r fro. 
,r. Ibom«. 1. t«rnbull. r.,u.i.tln, t...t 
h. *. p.n.ltted t. ..rr. 4rlnV. «.« » =• 

er.» .t». •» «>• "^""' '"" '"* 
St«4tun.. I'.qttPiit'.-'.. 

8.or.tary Instruct.* to notlfj 
Br. Tumbull th»t hi. r.quo.t I. not 

..lip.tlbl. .1th tt. P01107 of th. Bcrt .f 

fark Corraianiener*. 




L ■**■.*"' 


»- I ti l L I ■m,--^ 



^ - -'•,^-*. 







(! ir 


loon day "Registration 
■Day* - Tfalon Square; 

Brian Me \m n «3. gata ; 

_ M 


fh«r« was prtstnted to tht 
Board of Park Comml a ■loners a letter 
from Mra* Rose B« Wallace, Publicity 
Chairman of the San Francisco Center 
of the California OItIc League, requiet- 
Ing permission to use Union Square Tuastay, 
September 18th, for a noon-dn^ "Regletrt- 
tlon Day" celebration* 

fhe Board of Park Commlsslonen 
were of the unanimous opinion that this 
raqiMBt should be denied because of tha 
unusual amount of repairs and replace- 
ments that were necessary to part pro- 
perty after the last ceremony of this 
nature in the same park* 

Secretary Instructed to so 

notify Mrs, Rose B. Wallace* 

The plans for the Brian Memorial 

Gate at 19th Avenue and Lincoln fay were 
presented to the Board of Park Con- 
■isaioners: Inspected and approved of 
individually by the Board of Park 
Commlsslone rs* 

The McGilvray Granite Company 
was then authorlied to proceed with tba 
oonstruotion of me Brian llemorlal Gate 
at 19th Avenue and Lincoln Way» 

Upon motion of Commiesioner 
Spreclrels. duly seconded by CommisBion.r 
Sproule. and unanimously approved of by 

the Board* 

A letter was presented to the 

Board of Park Conwlsslonerfl from Mrs. 

C. B* FhiUipi. 781 Gibson Avenue. Paeitio 

In which ihe requested 
Orove, California, ^^ ^^^^ 

Use of Wftshln^tcm Square 

that her Alaskan Curloe be pieced in the 
M. H. de Young Memorial Mueeun for three 

years or more. 

Secretary instructed to Infora 

Mrs. C* B. Phillipe that there wee no 
Btorage space available for tiiie purpose 
in the M* H. deToung Me»orlal Museum. 

A letter from the Italian 
federation of California was preeented to 
the Board of Park Conmieslone re in which 
they requeet the uee of Waebir^bton Se«re 
for September 20th, 21et. 22nd, and 22rd, 


The Italian Federation of 
California. Incorporated, was authorl.ed 
to uee Washington Square September 2Gth. 
21.t. E2nd. and 23rd. 1923. for t^.e purpose 
of a public baaaar and dance with the 
«nderetandint' th.t th. Square would be 
left in the same condition as it was re- 
eeived prior to the celebration. 

Upon motion of Comoi.' "loner 
sproule. duly seconded by Con»i.-ioner 

CusoBingB. and unanimourly approved by 
the Board of ParV Co«mii^BionerB. 

ipsi.tant superintendent element.' 
report on Convenience Stations wa. read 

to the Board. 

lft.r . al«cu.«lon of thU r.fort 
th. .xp.ndltur. of ♦1000. rorr, 
to tb. 0.nT.„lonc. Station .t »"»«"> 
Sqwtro »•» •utV.orlMd. 





*4i,*i- 'T 




V. *■• 




k« ♦ 




* » 


i'. * . 


f . : •■ ■ « 






San FrenciBco, Ca^JJ** 
Sept. 6. 1?£3. 

At the last regular rae«tlne ^^ 
the Board of Park Conffiif elonerf^, held at 
#E4. Pine Street. Sar, Franeiecc, fhurfiaa>'. 
September 6th, 19i:S» 

PreBent. Pres. H. FleishhacVer 

" M. 2. CummintB 

- W. F. Hunphrey 

.V ^♦. " Wk. Sproule. 

Ahaor.t; " • *^ 

The minutes of the previous 

4„« rt' -vi^V nen' ser.t to each 
Btetine, copies o. .hi.r. wei- 

Co-nmiEBioner. i.ere duly adnpted as the 
.i.ut.Bc't>. . «ti.rheia Au,u.t Otv. ItES. 

A corrur.l.--tion fron tha <»lef o^ 
foUee, Dai^ie^ J. O'Brien, encloeine oo«- 

« , u^^^ft*-?} Al'bany, Cor.tra 
plaint from Mr. M. -.. M..-a.a, ai-^^. 

r-^n " ' T tha iwtallatlaft of 
Coeta Courty, r-^q^ •' *»« 

a firinkine fountain m 

.;,,.. .> P n -' '* park 
Mureun. «a« praegnt-a wi - '^ 

Conroireione !«. 

geopata-^ inatructed ^ ^-^^ 
the Chi- c^ Police tv«t a«a te tb. Sunday 

, J ♦^v H Hue* '>■ 

Aft«!mcon crotsa 

' QXDoct the 
the Park Cormier: on- *' 

police rov- ^^ b« ir^^rrupt.^ " - '' P"^" 
^o^^et of in«ivlflual aerrlee o " - 




;it .i 



♦ % 

1 «>*' 

Inatftllatlon of g?i'du!?t 
Pit and faeklinr; Gallowo 
in linsion Park: 

Irrigation Ba^ Tier 
f ark : 

InatallJition of "^t^ieX 
Iiockera Slen'? Club 
House ferniB Oourta: 


fhare was preaentad to the Board 
Park OoQiniB alone rs a oorantmieatlon from Mr. 
Wlllian J. Drew, Principal of tba Miaaion 
High School, requeatlng pamlaaion to inatall 
a aavduat pit and tackling galloaa in Miaaion 

Referred to Oonmle alone r Unvphrey 
and Superintendent McLaren with full power 
to act* 

A latter from the Bay Ti«i» Pro- 
notion Aaaociation waa praaented to the Board 
of Park OomniaaionerB requeatlng the irrigation 
of Bay View Park and tte Inatallation of aigna 
prohibiting the dee t ruction of park property. 
Bafarred to Superintendent MoLaren* 
Secretary inatructed to notify the 
Bay View Proaotion iaaociation. 

A cooBuni cation from John P* 
Craaalia, Sacratary of the Golden Gate Tennla 
Club, requeatlng that the Tennla Club be par- 
■itted to inatall thirty-elght steel lockera 
and aract a partition in the men'a dreaalng 
room in the Tannia Club Houae In Golden Gate 
Park, waa preaented to the Board of Park Oob- 


the Board waa of the unaniaoua 
opinion that the thirty-eight ateel lockera 
be inatalled and operated by the Part Co«- 
■Ipalonera and the partition erected and 
authorited the expenditure of not over 1360.00 
by Superintendent McLaren for thla pun^oae. 

Upon motion of OominiBeionar Sprackela 
duly aeconded by Coniralaeion«r Cuominfa. 








Aqiiatlo Park : 

5olf Links - IiAke 
Jle rcefi! ____«. 



eor.T©Ttl9nc« Station 
" t«r at lOth 
• V • - of 

'5^ i dun C ^^- .r:-^J 

There was praeented to the Board of 
Park CocuniBSlonerB a letter from th« 
Moderation of CItIc Organltatione of the City 
and Cotoity of San Trancisco, urging the 
completion of the construction of the Aquatic 


Rsf erred to Commloeioner Huaphrey 

for reply, 

i letter from Mr. U. 3. Catlett 
of San iTranclBCO applying for a position as 
manager of the lei* Eunlcipal Golf Course at 
Lake Merced, was presented to the Board of 
Park Commissioners. 

Ordered filed. 

A resolution of the Board of Fire 
Com is si oners requesting that a fire-break 
■Imllar to the Park Presidio Drive be con- 
structed in the Sunset District, was pre- 
sented to the Board of Pmrk CommlssionerB. 
Referred to OoramiBsloner Humph re;. 
A letter was presented to the Board 
of Park CommlESlonerfl from Mr. H. MoGenle, 
requesting the erection of a JonTenlenos 
Station and Shelter at the Uth ATenue Kn- 
trance of Oolden Gate Park. 

Referred to Superlr tendent McLaren. 
The dedication of the Stelnbnrt 
Aquariuin was dlscuBBsd by the Board of Park 
CoinmiBSloners. -Jhe aervices of the band for 
Saturday. September n9th, at 2:30 P. M. at 
%h» Steinhert Aquarium, was authoriied. 






P«rti Willie *?p-'oule war roquf8t«€ 
by the Bonra of Pnr': Comnlaeioners to repreoertt 
th« 3orr;i"?'lor. at thl«* fled lection. 

*nry instructed to so no 

«-•#•. r^ 



miaslor.^r nproule. 

Upon motion of Comiri "'. on^-r Cununln^s 
duly BGCond.3fl >;y Con-ni^sion.^ r «?pre?V^lBv^ 

RoEolutlon No. :47L, Bo-ra of 
-.upenrlBore iUev *Jerles) requoatittg tk« P»r^ 
Co — I--I0- i!- -ur^'unnion rLt). other City De- 
p^rt-sntB to get tog«tto«r «r -^ ^^ t rort^; 
represnntatl^e of •i-n Pr-r iteo, w%8 prewfitod 

to tb« Bo«x^ '^ '^' 

R«f«riw' ".. -*rtat«B4«Bt McLiren, 

fhe ^^-oKtior ^ i«out B.quct 

mns heVI ov ^^"^ 

- " Hag of tl^ .owpl-t«a portion 

.f tha Eppl%n«ia« wna r«f«rt^4 to "- ^'^ '4«^ 

McL- -■ with ^-^ "— ^^ *° *'^*- 

Co-nmlBS loner vufflphre^ "^ ' o- ' 

adopto^ Bc«ir3: 

"... ■'. Wr.^. Gf • 


our most pu' 
her Int'jr-Rt, . 

•md It" r-'-;'^ 

own " 

r- d to ere:t nt 



Fi • 
Cow ■ 





— • « 


i. . 





R2S0LV2D, that the Boird of 
Park Gonimiasionars do and it does heraby 
express to Mrs. Christine Broon on le- 
hplf of theiEsalves an5 the people of the 
City and Oo\mty of San, th^^ir 
deep appreeiation of her generosity, 
and be it further 

RE30L^/'ED, that this Hesclution 
be placed in the minutes of th" 
«Y^fl a cox)v of same presented t 

hi s meriting 

and a copy o 
Christine Breon, 

;c Mr: 


- — 

M'3 - " ^nr i ^ 

Receipt? and expenditures as of ^ 
September let. 1923, approved and ordered ..le.. 

There being no further business bafcre 
the Board the meeting adjourned =ine dien: 1:20 


«,, « 'n^ *o •»"• . 




, , ,.. .,, . 


PA U K < (>.N\>\ I S S I ON K K S 



V «' i 

r aft«* 

to b* 

^ • ^- 

*. n' 




' •-..>>' 


i >? 



r\ — 



i \ 

U. •' 

:! i 


• \ 



J *- 

mi^uttiF idOTited 


J . r: 

San Francisco, California. 
Ooto^or 4, 19^3« 

It the l«Bt wgulHT «e«ting of the 
Board of Park Comni.Bionera. held at P.rlc I^^ge. 
Golien Oate Park. Thursday. October 4th. 1923. 

•r-AB B. Fleishhackar 

• i, B, 3pr8CK6lB 

• II, B, Cumming« 

• 1, K, Humphrey 

Th« .iTiutea of the preTioue meeting, 
eopiee of which ware sent to each Oo«.i-Bion.r. 
.ere duly adopted ae the -inut.a of the «eetin. 

hoU Sep-tsater 6th, 19-S. 

«,, aieposlUon o' th, Wa.out J.^ueat 

,„ ai.c»...4 Vy th. Bo.rd of P»r. C.»l..lon,r.. 
^e BcM ..B of the «n»l-ou. opinion th.t tM. 
.one. .. utUi»* ^or t.e ...uUfi^.^on of Ool.-n 
3.te P,rv .y t.e eonatructlon of . in 

C....3ione. Sp.o.e a.. C.^-«- »* Sup^.in -n.-nt 

.V .f«raaaid CoaaaieBionere and Super- 
John McLaranj the aforesaid w> 

l„t.,na,nt -.r. .«PO.ore. to t.. .on- 

3tn.ot,on of tM. without ivnh.r .cUon 

of the Board. 

r.^^nn o^ QomLiBBionBT Hufflphrej 

duly secocaed h, cornmi 

Acor^unlcatiorii*spr««e^t.3 fro. 

Curator Barron o. tie M. a. -.^^ o^ 

in which he re<iue8ted pemiwio 

- , -.ow of no ..1- -.0 the mme^, 
jtrchere ho* -^.'c a.ow. ox 

1-v* orli- donor, 

to Dr. S%xton Popo . the orlt 



-» -*•'. 

... :ji*^.. 

-^ ^ 

■ .ifc*- 

■i^^Mi..]^ ^^ ^^ •* 





— ;»f 











c ■ 

•E I 


'* l/'l . I « 







« I 




T- .fa 





^^.. ^.Jt-ii:- A^ / 

Dr. gopQX 


1 ■ 

I I 

1 I 

Cor^lreloner Humphrey then offor-d the 
followlT^e reaclution which n.a aflop 
^y the Board of Park CornmioBionere. 

^WLI3, Dr. Sa^-S^^f.fal'S^e:^'' 
to the M. H. if °"^tf!!i arrow, but 

before the Board o. ^^^^^ ^.^ed per- 
ftccepted paid Sy^ '"I). ' U OonanleelonerB 
luBicn of the Board 0. Park 00 ^^ ^^ ^^ 
to nUhdraw hie offer, now 

.uthorit. *. °"":"*°r;tt™ th.Vi'-'^- 
ae„ .as pr.=.Bted to th. Boar* of Part 

3,„ue .e«.Uo„ .a^ -«"»- •".«".«- 
Ooto^or £8th to H0T,»b,r Jra. 19... 
0.. .a.UU.aX concrt .« «.».n Oa. .^r. au.n. 

"'"" "'";,o. »oU,n 0. Co..U..on.. SP^- «-^ 

..con^ei *y Cu^lnB- 

1 c.».u>'.eatlon ... P«""*^' ^» ""^ 

..„ Sax Prrvnelpco. CalUoml.. «q 

jr. a porucn 0. Ue at.^- - --" 

- 4.« ■D.T'k three titttJB a »» 

aate ParH ^^i^ouPly pranted t1^ 

Bo«re of park CommlFB.onerB unan 

request o. M^jo. w. g-roule duly 

upon motion of Commi.'iion^^Spro 

Beconaed h; ^^^ ^^^^^.^ 

Copj of aeaolutlon Ko. -1- 

i.cra 0- the CiW '^^'^^ ^^^^'-^ '^ 
Boari of 9up«rvi3ora 

San I'rai Cisco, dat'- 




^^ \ 





7 11 




1 ' ;';•. 

,'' i* 










!■» »■ 



Uunic . 

nn^ " 

ro " 



naming the Bcenlc boulpvard nofr unfler conetruction, 
extendlne from Lincoln Boulevard to Cliff Hou£e, 
in lOTlne and perpetual memory of Wirren G«inall«'l 
Harding, the twenty -ninth preeldent of the United 
St.tes of Unerica. was preaentod to the Board of 
Park CcmnisBioners for their consideration. 

The action of the Bo-rd of Supervisors 
«ae unarlaourly accepted hy the Board of Parte 


Upon motion of Co^leeloner Humphrey duly 

tecondod by Co-nr^lsB loner CUBaningB. 

fhara was presented to the Board of Park 
Cc^lBsloners by the Spring T^Hey Water Company 
a license for the construction of a foot brldt-* 
„d foot path on the Sprlnc Tall.y propertUa for 
access to the new Municipal Golf Links at Lake 
Marced. and an easen»cnt deed for a road nn. parking 
space fron Sloat Boulevard to Lake Merced. 

Referred to Conanlisionor Hucphrey for 
le(ral app-oTal and secretary Instructed to secure 
the necessary tlgnatures after legal approval by 

Co-^Tni p r i one r Hu'Tlp^ rey • 

I letter was presented fror. Mr. JtJ8«« 
McKenna of 643.10th Avnue . San frar.clsco. in which 
,e requested pe^^.l.elon to operate a Merry .go- round 
m the Herbert nel-^'h^.-^lrer Playfleld. 

fhls req^Bt was denied by tV o Board of P.rk 

CorranlEBlon*! "B» 

,' ,.rV CO- 1.='. one:, fr<., th. irtlU.ry KnelB..r of 
tK. Oo.,.-,t of 3»n fr-T. • . r„u..tln« 

p.™ieelor. '-c crooB th. Great HI., ^^i' .'■« " « " '^ 
clrcul t. 



« /- 


K** ' < S. 




* i 


Zi fill 



' t 





t^a poon L' ndg 



i '^i.'ji^ 


Inferred to Superintend^-- Jo^^n McLaren 

with full poner to act. 

frarfcl. t^^'^^' PraBiaent of tM 

rvtlor Lc-'f^e. aPP«»^«^ pertonally 

. ^^ p-rlc Co'nrr.l^ sior.ere 8n3 reqijao 
before the Bonrd of ParK uo 

. ^«t*ln Western MditlouBlockB, 

the Bo-rfi to maintain wes.. 

^ t^e^f. i"iiiF m front ox tne 
r^nmbere 563. 564 and 565. l.l^e 
niiinbere . streets. 

Palace of ?lne Arts het.ecn B-Jcar an i^ 

««„ being maintained hy the 3ar, Tr 
the B«me no* Dexnb 

irt Institute. ^ . v4. 

*^ , T iHi-Ter ntnted hlB 

After Mr. Trank I. 'fume. 

. gun«-lnteniert John McLaren 
^lef^B or this matter ^d 9up«.in 

^ « n' -Vi probahle coat of 

notified th. OcmmlBelcner. c -V- P ^^ 

«f ^yo aforesaid hlocV.e. the Bo 

p,,. Co:^.leBloners were of t ^^^^ 

-v<-nTd h" held ir. %v^i 
t..t tblB question -touia ^ ^^ 

e,BBlBei.n.rHu»pV.r., brt.m 

. ^y-t the tecre-arjf 
, opinion -r.a ^^^ eonBtruetlo» 

4. i-v« necessary' penalta ^« 
td request the nec« * 

4^^*r Humphrey. 

..conae* ^.5 -1.CU....4 tt. .»^J«» 

^, p,rV»loM« "^ 

*"■•• ' to «POlnt » ."i'*«* 

' ! : 






A % 



f.^ ,rt J. 

I.** *-. X 

* -fc 


,-^ %ik\rf' 




4 m 


" '■) 


t|! i 



111' • 



Movinp pictuuss 


to have onargu oi emaxi pirVe ar.d Bqu&ree and to 
airactly report to Suparlntandent McL«r«n tb« 
condltioii of email parke Md aquaree at Uaat onoe 

% Bonth* 

Upon motion of CororaiBB loner Hu«phr«y duly 

eaconded ^ CeinmisBloner Sproule. 

fha Board of Park Comr.ieBlonerB dlBCUSBed 
the grtJiting of permleaiOT. to Tnotlon plcturi com. 
panieB to take moTlng plctureB on park property. 
It nae the wnanlmoue opinion of the Board 
that the action of Preeident Pleishhacker in 
granting permlBBlon to Hary Plckford to take .o.lng 
pictures in Gciaen Gate Park ae stipulated by her 
m her letter of October End, 19£3. be ratified. 
Upon motion of OommleBioner Humphrey duly 
seconded by OoramlsBion^r Cunminga. 

Freeident Flelshhackor stated to tha 
Board of Park CommieBlonerB that it .a. the dealr. 
of the Citizens Harding Memorial Committee appointed 
by hlB Honor, the Mayor, that the Spring Talley 
propertleB at Lake Merced on .hich the nep Ilunicipal 
Gclf course iB now being constructed, be named in 
Bemory of the late Preeident Warren 0. Hardlne. 
Commission. r Humphrey then offered tha 

i,.-n«r, ifVleh wan XinHnimoucly adopted 
followii g rejclution whicn wb" *" 

hy the Bcar^ " PnrV Conrrin«l oners. 

Warr«r ^». Hardinp; and^^ t^e northern ^^f J*^,,^,,, 

of the CJ^y,«^^f S^^-^/.^i!^ of lt« .iti.ena. 

?reBld«nt. Abrahar. Lincoln; and 

wrr :r'»2 at LaJ:a Merced n^ar the Boutherr 
V ^";^ «' *Vo City a-nd County of San 

?ranciaco a ?«"^"^''^iPJvoSVbr given a nam. 
nearing completion and ahouli g 





>'■ if 

r r 

i i I 

.«r»«l* - 





i. i 


1^ if'./'Mi*;:. 


£• 9f 


i' r 

•hicli •111 laaplrt tba « 
patriotism %nd Ioti; mi 

WHSHSiS, onl7 r«c«i3"?ly ©ur l%t« 
FreaiiaTi: larr^-. '^, E&riiag, p*a««d way w^.thin 
the gates of the "31*:" ir.l "ic-ar.'rj if San 
franciaco, hlaia-ilf a aarii^yr to hlj Muatry 
by raaaoT: cf the U2i3tlntei ou.tpoxri!ig if Ms 
▼ital en^arglaa in the iamsa of the lipttbll*; 

WH2HSAS, ae MPI ilsttnguiatet te patjll? 
life haa aora natablf reaogcisad ted n!con™.«-la4 
th» re?raatlT« ralud :f a-olf than au? Inta ae- 
loT.?i Pr-::3ii4Et, ani t^j 3ar. Fraseiico "larr^a 
'5^, Hording Meaorlal Co^itt-j?" r.n.a \irff«4 thli 
Cooasisaios to nsuaa the adw fol' ^ra.i 1b 
honor of his seiacry 1111, ae an , -il -a^cr.iiL. 
to plan the addition^ f^atara hereinafter aet 
forth; ao«, therefore, 

m IT !»3SCL7:£2, that t-a a.?* aiizililpal 
golf Jdursi at Laka Marced be and tha anmm^tm 

hereby naae i in honor »f t*^ late President, 

the •SA-'OI^l PAHS,* «nd 

n II! FUP.TEZa S.3. LTE:D, that It akall ^ 
the purro3« of *-.i' ^OTani-aljr., as soon a« 
fundf therefor are avallabla, to uonatr^et 
th^r«-- *i clsih hcii3« »lth n'JL 2o4«fB «?9«lst- 
aists where tha citlsena 3f San Fr-- ■ "' ""^ 
tnjoj all th^ cocTeanao^J o'fflred ., --.ia 
ho--ae3 on privately otosI ?olf :oar»«a; aa^ 

12 I? FI3-112 ?-i3:Lr53, that '. ' ill b« 
the puiDOJe of t::i3 :ot-3 laUa to c .^^=« 
with tna Board :f 'uperrlaort of tka (Hty «* 
County cf San ?rnn':'^o tn cr«atln? a 9*f* 
to-ol^-^ard to be kn wn aa tr.e niS ^CLI 21-t^JG 
-C'vXZ'^iHI) * unit:-.- I^s^-^ls Par* with *Ear3laf 



The So a 

p,-f 2o'-»ni isioaera iiS- 

petition to he he 1 the «▼!# ^d in fro. 

5. - r 17 :h to > - - -»«1. lH#tWtt». 

fhfl Bc^r-l -f Park Cocaii 3 al oner's w*f re 
of -r-e usanlao-J optalor t apaw te Wl« «- 

position - :• aeciu^d next to the Board of WW1« 

fcrka ipace. f — -^^^ ' '^^'%lirJ«- 

eoratei tui tha Park Sonoisaion'i exhit.t -hoald 
eaMlat of •!»%«*••, nap-. lllMt^ntlima and 4ra«la«a 





y^W -•>. 

7 Hi 







•• I 



. nt dedicitto; 
; pilica of tha 
ion .-.f t-onor: 




^ "mp ' ^ ^- ^,^ *** ' 

of the nortt now being tmd«rt*v,n b^ the P%rlc Cotn- 
mlesioner. and the proposed plane of future eort. 

Tipon tnotion of ComBleeloner Euaphre;: 4uly 
eeconaed by CommlBB loner Ownalng., 

The final dedication of the Pelece of the 
X^glon of Honor at Lincoln Par. .as dlecuaeed h, the 
Boara of Park Commlseionerfl. 

preeiaent Flei.hhacVer wae«a to 

r. ir^ orde- that the City of 3*n 
confer rlth the mayor In orde. 

-t the oartlcipatlon of the 
PranclBCO request the pari.i^ y 

^n.nt m the dedication of the 5preelcelB 
govemnenx in wwo 

Memorial Museum. 

^ -a,t fli«?eu?eed the John 
the park Commissioners next ai^cu 

♦■« fY» p<aace of the 
D. spree- elB' gift of .n organ to the P 

. I^^lon of honor in Uneoln park. 

• ^»- « «^^«r«d the follow- 

Comml.Bioner CwnmlnRe theno..ered 

■ 4.V ras urnnlEOUfly adopted by the 
lnf5 reBolutlon wnleh »?afi ur. .ni 

Boird : 

gprec.olB has o^^'^^f,' eity ^^^ bounty of 
Corrir.i?8loner8, *.^.^\'*«t%nation in the 
3an Frnnciseo. ;^^ r.^Q i^gion of i.onor 
California P^^?'\l^ ielnrerectea throueb 
m Lincoln ff ^; "i^.^liS'Mre. Adolph E. 

nufiical litraiy, and 

■--lo tendered this 

beautiful ?i^*„^^ in ir^. iiaolph B. 
generosity of ^r. ^^^J^j;-^,^ ^. thair 
lorec^-el" ana in ^^'^ ' ^"" ,- huiiaing a 
Splendid Pa^^J^^^^^o haJ aacriliced 
^^'^r^^/tT^^^r, now. therefore. 

'' 'LsoLV.D. th.t thia^pWia^gin^ 

and the "^%i!,^::;S^f tie City and County 
of park 3omn>i^Piot.e^8 o^ ^^^^^^^ 

of San FranciPCO. ano o« 

RS30LVKD. that Bone ^^^Tft^rtbl. 
penr.anent ^''^^^^^..Itio^ o^ the fine 12ealit«. 
aorrmiraion'B ^PP"^J*„ t^4 ,^nerouB public 

fcroVtrelU^-^cnonor. «.^" 
further _^^ 










^ A 

RESOLVriD, th^t In further evidenc* 
of their gratitude on ^ehnlf of tV.emBelvei 
ana the citizene of the :ity and Oo^mty of 
San ?r»inclBco, the Pari? Coral? ^i one re caused 
this reaolutlon to be placed in iti permanent 
recordB an^ caueed an enproeeed copy thereoi 
to be presented to the hfl.norable John D. 

Superintendent Butte' report for the month of 
Auguet was read to the Coi!iml?9lone re. ipproTed and 
ordered filed. Copy to be sent to «ach of the Co.- 

mi 9 Bl one re. 

There being no further businesB before the 

Board the meeting adjourned sine die 6 P.H. 

B.P. L^^t:b, 



^ • 





',» I 


F>A R K l-O DOC 

Maating 0«ill9dt 



or TH 





Minutes ndopted 

Tha rQ^ular mooting of the Pnrlc ComTniss loiters 
to bo hoia Thursday. Octcbnr IBth, 1923, w»i3 poatponQd 

C-. ftceoiint of tho licl: of n quorum. 


tiun -in. 

3Q c r-3 1 a ry . 

Oc -h ; ■ 

Oow. il : 

Go: rrinil^ 


t — 



K^ J*»JM^' 



San PranolBco, C»llfoml», 

IOTtBb«r It 19 B3. 

it tha l>*t r«§ul«r muetlng cl tfct 
Board of Park 0«miBlBBloner«, h«ld at Park lodg«i 
Oolfiin Oat« Park, Tburaflay, loTtaber Itt, 19E3. 

Pr«B«nt wara 


Pre a. H. flalabh^ekar 
Com. 1». Sproula 
" A.B. Spreckala 
■ M. B. Cunning* 

« l.P, H\»phray 

The alnutee of the preTioue ■aetlng. 
eoplae of uhlch ware iant to each CoamlPf loner. 
«are duly adopted aa the minutes of tha .aetlng 

held October 4th, 1923. 

A letter was presented fron the realdenta 
m the Ticinity of Huntington Square askirg tha 
Park ComniPBlonera to exclude do^ either laaBhad 
or unleaBhed fro» that portion of the Square 
Vy B«all children. R«fTre« ^° Secretary L-b 

for InTustle^tlo"' 

1 oo«*tlon from th. Oe..n.l«. Oo™.u«ny 

Com>cll ,n«or«lnB S»pertnt.rd.nt Jota MeL.r.n'. 

r,co....n4atlo«« for boul.T.ri. In th. 9»»..t 

Mstrlet. .« Pr..»t.d to th. Bonr. of P.rV Co- 

,lBBlon«-«. Ord.r.4 flL*. 

B„r. ... ««t pr...nt.l fro. th. «em.r.>. 

P,rk, Club . r.,-.tln« th,t locV.r. 

b. i..t.n.. in th. «-'••"• "^ "• '"■""""' 

Hou., .l.U- to th. ln.t,n,ti,n ,uthor...« for 

Th. Bo.ra ••» oi th. un.nt.ouf opinion tUt 
tt. .t,el locv.r. -ho.H b. lo.t.U.d in th. .o=.n.. 



'j- * 










r f' 


r. ■ 





•T * 

r I. 

I " It 

Streot entrance 
Golden Q^te pqrk 

SolTj Increase 
Henr:- J. Troat : 

lQu"ti(? P'^rk 


■lt« •< tb« Olub HouM and op«rftt«d by tht fark Con- 
■la8lon«ra and authorlsad an azpandlturc of not ovtr 
$550«00 by SuparlBtendant HoLarazt for thle purpoeo. 

Upon action of Comal sal oner Sproulo duly 
Boconded by OonmlBBloner Otmmlnga* 

A oenBiinleatlon froa Wllllaa 0. Saseler, 
Health Officer, ooaplalnlng of the lnB«axltary 
condition of the laYatory at the Page Street entranoe 
to Golden Oeite Park, was preaented to the Board of 
Park OommiaalonerB* 

Superintendent John McLaren Info rued the 
eomnlBBlonera that thla laratory was torn dotm and 
a new one under eonatructlon. 

Seoretaxy Inatrueted to ao notify Dr« 


The Board of Park Oonaale alone re diBcuseed 

the aalery of Henry J* Troat, taxlderaiat. 

They were of the unanlmoue opinion, that 
Henry J. Troat, Taxldermlat at the M* H. deYoung 
Memorial Muaeum, ahould receive an increaee in ialary 
of flO.OO per aonth. effective loveaber let, 192». 

Upon action of OomaiPBloner Cummingt 
duly aeeonded by CommlBaloner Sproule» 

A notice from the DlBtrict Bngineerffl 
Office regarding the eonatructlon of piera «nd bwek- 
water at the Aquatic Park waa diecuBBed by the joerd 
of Park OommlBBionera and referred to preeident 

fha retirement of Mre. Sererencd wft« die- 
cuBBed by the Bo^rd of Park OonmiBBl oners and referred 
to OommlBBloner Cummlnga for lnveatig«tlon# 



I I , ■ 





Tl I 




Salary Increffsar 
Mrs. A. O'Marif 

payment Willi'»m 
W«^tS!aii - Golf 
Arcfcltoct. . 

Worth Eeqch 

AsPocl ''tion: 

5croan & Grnnastnnd 
B«<nebqll Grounie: 


A l6tt«r vai presented from Ur%* izmle 
0*Mftra re que ft lug that the Board of Park OonoiieiioneiB 
inerease her Balary from I664OO to |86«00 prr month. 

fhe Board of Park OommlsB loners were of 
the unanimous opinion that this request should be 

Upon motion of Oommlssioner Sproule duly 
•econded hy Oonmlssioner CvmDings* 

There was presented to the Board of Park 

Oommissleners the final hill for the oenstruetlon 

of the Munlcipil Oolf Links hy Willism Wateon, 

Golf Architect* 

The Board of Park OonmlsBlonere were of 

the unanimous opinion that this final payment he 

held in aheyance until the return of Oommlesloner 


A oommunlcation from the lorth Beach 
Promotion Aseoclation approving the removal of the 
fountain at ColumhviB Avenue and Union Street, fae 
presented to the Board of Park Oommleslonere. ^ 

Ordered filed. y 

Supervisor Warren Shannon appeared lefore 
the Board of Park CommlBBloners and re quae ted the 
Commiesloners to install a granditand and screenB 
for the protection of spectators at Diamond Mo. 1» 

Big Hecreatlon Park* 

The Board of Park Commissioners referred 
thle matter to Superintendent John McLaren an* "- 
quested a report on Supervisor Shannon's stt^«*ioa"« 

Upon motion of Commissioner Sproxa* diOy 
seconded hy CommlBSioner Spreckels* 



J _ 

tr t 


.i J" 





>*' " # 


Oomreni ence 

Xq ap on L'^nds 

Hotel Woman's 

11 tn gl^'A^J. 


4 eoamunlofttlon •»• pr.Mnt.a from Mr, 
»a«l M. IlpP'rt ra9«"*l"e *« Station , 

.t th. B.«h y» .P" ~"i " « "'»° '•»• ' 

B.f.rr«i to S» John Molawn. 
1 USB pr88.nt.d fron. Mr. Walt.r S. 

Martin r.a«..ti»« « ""^"^o" " *° ^'^^ '"""' " *"" 
,.rt Co».ls»lon.r. with r.6.rd to the car. of tta 

isgoon Lanae. 

Ih. Board of Park OomlB.lon.r. -ere of the 

^„l.o,^ opinion that th. Park Oo^le-lon o,^d not 
..intaln th. Lagoon Land, until auch tl«, a. the 
,ntlr. tract eonte-plat.d for a par. In thl. Tlclnlt, 
,a. eo«,.y.d to th. Olty and Oo,mt. of 3«.lranoi«o. 
fte petition from the Hotel fomen'. TJnlty 

-ti„<r «alka in Union Square he pared, *»« 
Oltth roque.tlng wai^" "^ 

pr.B.nted to th. Board of Park 0« 

^, Board of Park «.nled * 
re,u.Bt hecan.. no fund. -.r. a.alXahl, at thl. tl». 

for that purpoB.. 

„pon -otlon of Oo^lB-io-r Sproul. 4»ly 

..conded h, Com-lsBloner Cn>»lngB. 

A comunlo.tlon from Mr. H. 

^ .-.*. Pl««a h« Bet ailiB *» 
requoBtlng a portion of ilta P1b«« m .XC1UB1..X, for th, ... of »-"- ' 

.^anl.d h, their .... or for -^^^-^-^.^^ 

BisolonerB. ^f 

The Boftrd of PatK w>ni» 

.«4nn that Jesee H. Stainhart • 
the unani-ouB opinion that 

,ue.t h. granted and r.f.rr.d th. m.Uer 
lnt.nd.nt ,ohn McLaren for action. ^^ 

upon -otlon of 0.«.i«Bloner Spro 
eacond.d hy CommlB.loner Cum-mg.. 



^'wf^B^Hp*** ' 




:i'tt • 





<i » 


prasidont Herbert FleisM-ocker stated to 
t.e Boara o f Par. Co^^l.sio.era t.* a COMnittee f ro» 
t.e .a. mncl.oo Mu.e»r. of Art oalled upon M. a.. 

re^uaated tV.e San Trancieco» of Art be 

.ouso ana diepla, part of tV.eir art treasures ,.iXe 

,„i Buliaine near the Civic Center 
Prt^nciBCO War Memorial Buliaing 

was belni; constructed. ..„„„.aea 

, „ . -^ pa'-v Connlnslonora aiscussed 
The Boarfl o . ra- 

rollo«in.. resolution .hie. «as ur.ani^ously aaopted 
^y the Board of Park Conmiealoners. 

wiiEHEivs. the ''™ r^^rn-r'ais^ry °' 

Art has "1'^«i^?,f ff t?e Sai?fcmia 
part of itf ""^'-JL "' Konor in Lincoln 
l.lace of the Legion 0-1^°^°^^ '^^^n three 
ParV for a parloa of not ^°/l ^ prnn^iaco 

y-r. ""^^^ f l3-j;,r;ion^t^:tiS in the 
^r;r:.o;iai%uiirin, near the Civic Center. 


.T,snEAS th„BoajaofP-l:Co.-^ 

fe^rfafn^rarrs o^' ^t^e Salifon-.ia P. -o^- 
"the Leeion °f ,!;o!!°^/_.^^J ."°ov therefore he 
by it durlno- that per.oo, ni 

RE^OLT^O. hy the Boara oJ^ParV^ Com- 
Blssior.or. p^""-" °"/:4:;'l' ™reh:;5r»r.tca 
Tranetsco that P6=™^"- '°„- * „" Krl '.c u-e 
*°..r ;Mr? or the Califorr.ia ^^^/^^^ 
Leiic: ■ Honor ^-i^^^'^.^Ii.'-fr . ti- to 
aa th. pari. °°™l'f ^"^^'^^^.tl? Kovo,:-. '.; 

I8t. 1926. -^v ^Y.e ^^%l'^\l' .i: " A& Beard 


sL::. ir. .--tin,, i^f"^V^rcit:-na 

fark commissioners an^. ^^'-^irnt t> • V 
County of '.an Francisco. a,.^i -^ 
or thoft of an;- m.rt. or a^- 
BO axhitlted ar.d alGO again ^ - 


tV.oreto fro"i "1 - 

* 4- •'•rt 

:^ H.rt uy'biMtcd pui:-^- 


I I 






ill It 





Hi.;* ' 

1 !!■ 

It ' ' ' 



'' i' 

:^P0 j?T; 


the pormiBslon hero "by granted shall 
be inf^tallod and maintained in the 
Cali fomia Palaco o" tho Legion of 
Honor, Bub;5ect to such rules and 
regulationr, as nay be from time to 
timo, preacribed by tho Board of Park 
Oonmin si oners and only in auer places 
as may be deaif^rated by said Board of 
Park Oommlesioners. 

Superinterdr-^nt Butts* j-eport Cor the 
month of '^optenbcr was read to the ComniBS loners , 

Approved and ordered fllod. Copy to be sent to 
each '^ tho Cpmmlsriicncrc. 

Super inter. -lent McLaren's report for tho 
month of October was vep.5 to the GOfrimi^sloncrc, 
Hocommcnaationr contained therein approved '^nd 
ordered filed. Copy to be sent to each of the 


Heceiptr and e>n^rndlturos as of November 

1st, 19':r-^, approved and ordered filed. 

There bein^ no further buslnerp ^afore 
the Boar'' the meotinr adjcurr.od eine die 4:30 




, til 




■vr if' 

|::i«'L .Hi 



u Hill; ,- 








held Thursday. IoT,ats«? U--i:. If-2, •*- ?«•»- 
of the lack of • qxw 






I ; 

'ii0. 'itA.:l *^. 

iMiHHBfa ; 

fci «' 




« I 




' I ' 


♦' I 




Mag tin ? Q.qlled • 

Mlnutas vdontaa- 

San Francisco » Oalif,, Dec. 6, 1923. 

At the last regular meeting of the Board of 
Park CommlBsionere. held at Park Lodge, Golden Oati 
Park, Thursday, Decemtar 6th, 1923, 

Present were: Pres. H. Flelshhacker 

Corn. Wnj. Sproule 
" A* B* SpreckelB 


■ M. E# Ciumnlngs 
" W. ?• Humphrey 

The minutas of the previoic raaeting, copies 
of which were sent to each Commissionar, were duly 
adopted as the minutas of the meeting held Hovemler 
1st, 1923. 

The preliminary sketch of the Club House 
to be erected at Recreation Grounds in Golden Oate 
Park, was presented to the Board of Park OoEmilssioners 
for their consideration and approval, m^e Board of 
Park Commissioners ajj proved the praliminary sketch 
and description of Club House tc be erected at Re- 
craation Grounds, Golden Gate Park. 

Upon motion of Commies loner Sproule, duly 
seconded by Commissionar Spreckels, 

A oommunication from the Oalifoniia Club 
roquasting that the Academy of Sciences, Aquarlun, 
and Museiira be open to the public one nirht a week, wai 
presented to the Board of Park Comrair.sion'^rs. '?hi* 
request was denied by the Board of Park Co-ni-p^onerB, 

Upon motion of Commissioner Sproule, duly 
seconded by Commissioner 3preckels# 

i'here was presented to the Board of t*ark 
CommlssionorF the follo?;lng '•Deed of Gift** froa 
Mrs. Ohrietine Breon. 






•Thli m£3> OF GIFT, made 
HovoraVer 192S, WITI.i:n3i:TF: 

thii £6th day of 

That GHhISTIIlE BKEP5, of the City and 
County of San Pranclico, State of C'Uifnrria, 
having heretofore offered to erect arid give 
to the City and County of flan Krnr.ciBco an 
ornamental pate w a;- w.d a ooluan Bunaounted 
by a bronze fi^^re holding a laip.p to be 
erected in ^K)lden f^te Park, 
having; been Butisltted to and 
Honorable Park CommiBFi oners 
the charter of said City and 

and the eald offer 
approved by the 
afl provided by 

HOW, ?}.Ki.."c:;L, 8 aid Chi*iPtine Breon in 
toVen of her loTe and affection for thie City 
an? Itr people, does hereby rive anf rrant 
unto the said City and County of •'an Franeleco, 
a raur.iclp«4l corporation, all her rle'ht, title 
and interest in ncd to that certain gate? ay 
and column which she is erect in, at the 
entrance tc the Tcl-^en i^atn Park at 19th Avenue 
tuQ.& Lincoln Way, 

TO HAVE MID TO HOLD the aaaie forever in 

tniet for 
the same* 

all tinja to keep, pi-eaerre and naintaln 

lU WirSESn m^PZOTt the saia ChrlBtlna 
Breon has hereunto eet her haai md aaal the day 
andyear firet ahove written. * 

Co"'mi"«'ion9r *?proule then off^i^/* t>ft followtnr 


WEbP^AS, Mrf. Christine Praon h«8 eructe^ 
in '"roldan 'lato Park at lOtY Av*nui; and Lin^lB 
Way, in the City nn^ County of Ian ?'• ■■"•- 

an oi'namental gateway and colunn nurt -i . a 

bronsa ftfurfl hol-^tr,- a lar-i . nn^ 

f o r 

n- _« « t 1 ^ 

WHEOTAH, leing deeirouf of fecwr*r., 
all time fcr t> e pecple of t>« City %na County 
of San Franelico the free • f *•• «f 

thle ornamental rstew- • . 

j Breon has 0:: . = ^ '• " "o- 

•8 cf th« City and Cour*. 

••ty Phe undert^^ea to 
* '.' and tc t-hle 

. • to tVe ParV Coi- 
:ity ana Courty of *lan 

PranclPJc ^ 
r a 

transfer all 

n. . 

and pv '" 
for *> 
the • 

San . 

J * 

Xlf of 




« 1' 



■IK :•-.-.. 



"* . 



in? Called ; 

Minutes -taoTStad: 

San ?raiici8co» Calif,, Dec, 6, 1923, 

At the last regideur meeting of the Board of 

Park CommiBBionors, held at Park Lodge, Golden Gatt 

Park, Thursday, December eth, 1923, 

Present were: Pres. H. Flelshhacker 

Com, Wis, Sproule 
" A* B, Spreckel8 

Aheent : 

■ M, E, Ctmnnlnga 
" W, ?• Hiinphrey 

The minutos of the previoiJB m-ieting, copies 
of rfhich were sent to each Coimnissionor, were duly 
adopted aa the minutes of the meeting- held Noverater 

Ist. 19£3. 

The preliminary sketch of the Club House 

to be erected at Recreation Grounds in Golden Gate 
Park, was presented to the Board of Park CoiraissionarB 
for their consideration and approval. T).e Board of 
Park Commissioners a: proved the preliminary- eketcfc 
and description of Club House tc be erected at R«- 
cr:}ation Grounds, Golden Gate Park, 

Upon motion of Cor::niE?ioner *3proul^, d\ily 

seconded by Comni^sioner Spreckels, 

A comr-unicatlon frcrr. the California Club 
roqueatir. t} i" tie Academy of Sciences, Aoui.-.- , 
ojifl Mup^uj* te open to the public cn^ nii-ht e 
presented " "" ^ Board of Park Goramiesicnj :. 
request was denied by the Board of Perl: Co ' 

tpon motion of Corjniss ioner Spr-ule, ^ w. 
cocr--_ ^^ Gomraissioner 3preckel3, 

There was presents- " the roarc o 
Conimissior.j.T ^i • rollorinr "Deed of Gift" 

^ »J 

i^v - a 

^ i»6ri 

i'rs, ahrietine Broon 





•t-^i-n lor 
1 on ' 

administer the eania ae a Benorlal gateway 
un-fer and pursuant to the powere and duties 
prescribed by law for their official conau<rt 
as aforoaaid; and b« It further 

RiSOLr..D, that the Board of Park 
Cominii-slonore of the City an'! County of 
*^an Francleco hereby erprees to Mrt, 
Christino Breon on bohalf of theapelvae 
and the people of the City and County of 
3an Francisco their appreciation of her 
spirit of ^'oneroBlty and unpelfleh endeaTor 
to enrich an2 beautify- the City; and be it 

RKHOLViD, that thle resolution b« 
spread upon the minutes of this Beet log ant 
that a copy of the ssj^ be pnstBted to 
Mrs, Christine Breon, 

The above resolution duly Peconded by Co«- 
mlBflioner *?preckels, was unaniaousif adopted Igr *"'''' 

Board of Park Co mmlePl oners* 

A comnunlcatlon from Mr, 7, Appla request- 
ing a hearing before the Board of Park ComiBisfi loners 
for the purpoee of presenting the suhjeet of ths 
construction of small bathing houses for awi. ^Ir. 
and sand baths on the b^-acb near the Cliff House, was 
diocusBSd by th« Board . -f i?ark Co»lr»^loT^«'^. 

^pen mc.'.io : :!onRl!i8loner SprecVe* , 
duly se^^r ^-- "nroula. Mr. AoplW. 

re • waa denied ^e »o«rt of Park Connlf slonwrw. 

mx ,.,o vr«f^fln%^-i ■. ■' ' ^ar« of Part 

Co-r lealonerB a U fro« ««• »*^ Prinple r«- 

jlant a tree la Molten '^te 

he flieaory ©^ *l^"' ' ' • 

mn —ante': 

Vi" d 

Pa" ■' '-"' 
deceased. Thle req 
park Co ei^ra. 



I 1 

if '^r.' 

'-*»:,■ - 








P -^'ir 




.) / I ! 



Mlnutis :\dox)tod 



San Pranci8oo> Calif,, Dec, 6, 1923, 

At the last regular meeting of the Board of 
Park CommlBsionerB, held at Park Lodge, Golden Gati 
Park, Thursday, December 6th, 1923, 

Present were; Pres, H. Plelshhacker 

Com, Wm» Sproule 
" A. B, Spreckela 


" M, £• CummlngB 
" W# P, Humphrey 

The minutes of the previo\B meeting, copies 
of which were sent to each Commissionar, were duly 
adopted as the minutes of the meeting held Noveraber 

let, 1923, 

The preliminary sketch of the Club House 

to he erected at Recreation Grounds in Golden Gate 
Park, was presented to the Board of Park Comnilssioners 
for their consideration and approval, TKo Board of 
Park Conimissioners ai-proved the preliminur;- skotch 
and description of Cluh House tc be erected at Re- 
creation Grounds, Golden Gate Park, 

Upon motion of Commissioner Sproul-^, duly 

seconded by Gommigsioner Spreckels. 

A comr.iinicatlon from the Califomin Club 
roqiisstin that the Academy of Sciences, A:iui.-.^.. 
an^ Museum be open to the public on? night a ^.^^'^t '^'^- 
presented to the Board of Park Comrainsic" -^ ^*^. -"^^ 
request was denied by the Board of Pari: Co nlrslc ' • 

Upon motion of Commissioner Sproula, duly 
seconled by Commissioner Spreckels, 

i'her: was presented to the 5oqr>' of t^nrl: 
Commissionerp the follorint: "Deed of Gi-^'t" ^ " 
Krs, Chris tine Broon. 




Retlram-jnt oi 
Mrs. Sover'-'.ncQ: 



Pic:tin lun Square; 



Upon Taction of Cos . ■^ ^pr«oV:«li 

duly seconded by Oon^niPflioner Sprcule. 

The Board of Park Corrjaleaionar* dlt» 

oussed the "pricr eervice" atatua of Mrs. 

Severance, caretaker at the il. H. fletoung Menwirlal 

MueeuiE, and were of the unanlBoua opinion that 

Mrs, Severance should be granted her salary for 
the aonth of March 1922, and so ordarad. 

Upon motion of OOBBisBloner Sproule, 
duly seconded by Oonunlpsioner Spreckela, 

4 comnninication froa the Taylor Straet 
north of California Streat IiBproTerent eiulj wm 
present^^d to the Board of Park Oonralf slonera re- 
questing that a ladiea' rest rooa and tennla court 
be placed In Huntington Snuare, 

The Board of Park CommlsBloner* denied 

this reqittst owing to the lack of fundi* 

Upon notion of Cofflolp alone r Sproula 

dvily seconded by Commi8Blon«r Spreckela. 

There was next prasented to the Board 

of Park Connnlepionere a coamunlcatlon froa A. 

J, Cloud, Chief Deputy Supflrlntendent ©f Schools, 

requesting 1500 pamphlets entitled, "Park 

Development in *?an Francisco- for dletrltutlon 

to teachers of elementary schools, 

Secre-^ary instructed to 'umlsh »«•• 

Upon mi tlon of CofflalBslonar SpreckaXt 
duly seconded by Conalssionor Spnule. 

Resi'ientc of t> a Sunset District at 
48th Av.nue and Taraval Street . appeared befor. 
the Board o; i-ark aonmlrnlonere and requested 
p , - Blon to remove sand on the S^t H«. of 
G.. • jU.y, ay. this sand to be wed for street 
work in that Imoedlata wicinlty. 

fheir request was referr»d to Super- 
intendent McLaren with full power to act. 



ft ' 



♦ I 




) ' 




i \A 

il. ; 

• ■ . 






Me -3 tin - O-illed : 



San Francisco^ Calif,, Dec, 6, 1923, 

At the last regular meeting of the Board of 
Park CommisEionere, held at Park Lodge, Golden Gata 
Park, Thursday, December 6th, 1923, 

Present were: Pres. H. Flelshhacker 

Com, Wm« Sproule 
•* A, B, Spreckels 


" M, E. Cummlngs 
" W, P, Humphrey 

The minutes of the previous ra(,eting, copies 
of which were sent to each Commissioner, were duly 
adopted as the minutes of the meeting held November 
1st, 1923. 

The preliminary sketch of the Club House 

to he erected at Recreation Grounds in Golden Gate 
Park, was presented to the Board of Park ConrnjiBsionars 
for their consideration and approval. The Board of 
Park Commissioners approved the preliminary- Fketch 
and description of